Omoi Wars


Koudo: The Known Lands, which is not located in our Earth, or perhaps a parallel version of it.

Capital City: The political Center of Koudo, its modernity contrasts with the delayed development of the Provinces subjected to its domain. The Capital City is currently governed by the Council.

Kaigi (aka The Council): After Emperor Shinji died without pointing his successor, the Warring Clans established this transitional organ that would govern until the Clans reached an agreement about the next ruler of Koudo.

Enforcers: Military Forces who currently follow the orders issued by The Council.

Heirless Emperor: A former local king of the land currently known as Capital City whose name was Shinji Takenaka. The Heirless Emperor brought all the battling nations of Koudou under his control, but in order to establish Peace, Shinjin abdicated the right to enthrone his next of kin, upon his death a new Emperor should be pointed by him.

Omoi: Giant men with uncanny size and musculature, they are feared and revered by their inhuman strength.

Rise of the Fearsome Hordes: Historical event which took place many centuries before Shinjin Takenaka united the People of Koudo. According to reports the Fearsome Hordes were composed by furious Omoi peasant who rebelled against a tyrant who wanted to enslave their kind.

Seikou: They are fearsome stealth agents who carry a peculiar mark: their astonishing beauty and fresh juvenile looks.

Warring Clans: Former Noble families who used to rule the other Provinces. According to the Armistice enacted by Shinjin Takenaka, they should follow the Ruler indicated by the Heirless Emperor.

As the opulent war aircrafts took off towards the Capital, I could tell the villagers were both relieved and worried to finally see me going away, but I didn’t blame them. After all, people truly believed in those dreadful stories and nasty rumors about Omoi– they have been taught to respect the humongous beings of enormous musculature and uncanny strength through an utmost fear of the slightest movement we make.

I wasn’t born there, Grandpa Fusao brought me along with my older brothers Teru and Itsuki to that village in the Old Province back when I was just a little boy…(Well I was little compared to my size today but I wasn’t actually little…by that time I was just as tall as most of the adult men and more muscular than the strongest ones).

Townspeople completely ignored that the old man named Fusao has once been one of the most influent scribes of the Heirless Emperor, but after losing his only son and daughter-in-law in subsequent conspiracy plots, he decided to take us as far from the Capital as possible. The wise scribe preferred live a simpler life at the country than having his grandchildren victimized in such dangerous political games.

Since most of the noble Warring Clans were simply terrified with the open predilection the Ruler-with-no-Future displayed towards his most loyal advisor. They would do absolutely everything to prevent the sick ruler would to choose Grand Keeper Fusao Ichikawa as his successor instead one of the many candidates available in the Warring Clans, and they grew increasingly impatient with the silence of their Emperor about the announcement of his successor.

Most of people would spend their whole life without ever seeing Omoi, because there are very few of us. History tells that Omoi used to be more numerous before the event known as The Rise of Fearsome Hordes – in which a small army of Omoi peasants easily crushed the forces sent by the Warring Clans to enslave them. However, upon bringing the arrogant Noble Casts to their knees, the humongous fighters displayed no will for ruling, and without any explanation they have simply parted and were never seen again, only a few Omoi were born for many centuries.

Beings like me are feared as the massively muscular monsters but at the same time, we are seen as brave protectors of the oppressed people, there are even wicked prophecies foreseeing that Omoi would return when the cruelty and unfairness became unbearable. For such reasons, rumors of an Omoi living among farmers in the Old Province soon spread throughout the lands and people came from distant places to see my unnatural size, strength and musculature while I did menial jobs.

As you might have guessed, I never understood the reasons for my size and strength. According to Grandpa’s explanation, Omoi are born regular baby boys but as soon as they leave the maternal womb, their bodies start growing so much faster and more intensely than the rest of men that with just a few months, most of them can walk, talk and lift heavy objects. And I had been no exception to that rule.

My body developed in such amazing pace that my older brothers were always smaller and much weaker than me, regardless the 6 year difference between me and my eldest brother Teru. We used to play outside in the fields, me carrying my brothers like a father would carry his toddlers, if that father was half as muscular or strong as I was back then, people would already be impressed, but being an Omoi meant that my body was far bigger and more muscular than any non-Omoi could ever become.

Of course, that also meant I ate much more in one meal than the rest of my family would consume in a month, so we had to work pretty hard to have enough meat and vegetables to support my ever growing physique, but thanks to Grandpa’s great knowledge, we always have used the best techniques to optimize production and since I am stronger than any bull, I could do the heavy work very easily.

As time passed and Grandpa grew older, my brothers and I assumed most of the work in farm.

At 22 years old, Teru was the eldest and for that reason he was responsible for managing the finances and getting permission from Grandpa to sell our excessive products in the town fair (although we never actually had excessive goods since I ate like a monster).

Twenty year old Itsuki took care of the kitchen, and he loved to cook all the food I needed.

I have been doing the heavy duties around the farm ever since I remember, and in fact I was very happy to release my delicate siblings from such hard work, they were so tiny, delicate and weak…I always felt I should make them safe and comfortable, and my increasing strength meant I had no trouble to do the job of thirty men in half of the time they would take.

The house grew smaller as I grew bigger. At some point Grandpa ordered us to build a new isle, where my humongous frame wouldn’t be so tight and uncomfortable, and my brothers would finally have a fair space to sleep instead of being cornered by my grotesquely muscular bulk taking all the space in the one room we used to share.

I have to admit that being an Omoi is not always easy; especially when I notice the burden my enormous size has been on my family.

I didn’t want to be so different, I once tried to starve myself to see if my body would decrease in size, but the hunger eventually ravished me and I attacked everything that moved. I practically devoured the entire month’s production in one meal, I ate with such voracity that Grandpa forbade me to ever try that again. It was the only time he ever raised his voice to me, nonetheless I could tell he was truly worried.

Perhaps the most uncomfortable part of being an Omoi was the effect it caused in the tiny men around me. They were always insecure and afraid that I could crush them at any moment, I could see it on Teru’s behavior – my elder brother was a good hearted man, but he feared me to such point that he never truly looked me in the eyes, he even called me Shuhan (leader) no matter how I asked him not to do that.

Fortunately, Itsuki didn’t act like Teru. He was always calm and never complained to cook for me whenever he heard my growling stomach. He gently served the table and sat along with me during my near endless feasts.

Many times he spent the night awake to make sure that my inhumanly huge breakfast would be ready by the time I came back from my work in the farm. But even Itsuki didn’t see me as just his little brother, he called me Yuusha (superior being) and I could tell he truly believed in the prophecies.

The shocking contrast of such paradoxical behaviors always got me insecure about my future. The bigger I grew, the more my muscles developed, the more my appetite increased, so did my fear. I didn’t want to become an evil brute, neither I wanted to be some kind of savior to the rest of men…I just wanted to live my life in peace.

One particular day, we heard the unmistakable noises of the flying vehicles of the Capital’s armies. They landed in the outskirts of the valley and came in town in fancy vehicles to boast the famous prosperity in the capital of the Empire.

Although these men were very well armored and their guns intimidated me (because I have never seen them before), I could also tell they were visibly shaking inside them once they took a peek in my size.

I had just turned 16 years but already my body excelled any possible expectation: I stood at 7 and-a-half feet tall and weighed more than three adult male bulls together.

The width of my shoulders and the thickness of my muscles covered only by this sheer layer of simple fabric most of which was used in attempt to cover my humongous manhood, the monumental stance of my glorious physique that I poorly try to disguise by arching my back could not be hidden.

We allowed them inside the house and they spoke to Grandpa in the official Imperial Idiom, a very truncated and polite dialect that we have learned from the best teacher possible and for that reason the Imperial sounded very natural to my trained ears.

After the leader of the soldiers spoke, I noticed that the look on grandpa’s face was a mix of frustration and mockery.

“Kenta, why don’t you answer that man?” He looked at me and I suddenly lowered my eyes in respect, my entire body flushed with shame. I didn’t want to seem nosy, it was impolite and not the manners Fusao has taught his grandchildren.

“There’s no problem, Kenta. Since these men assume you and your brothers are uneducated peasants, you have my permission to respond in the proper tone and grammar I have taught you. Their ruthless treatment to the delicate elegance of our national idiom is a real sore for old ears like mine.”

Grandpa smiled at me, so I knew I had permission to speak freely.

“I…am Kenta Ichikawa, son of Daichi. We have been living here for eleven years now…” The sound of deep voice was manly and low, but their guts still reverberated with the echoing of my guttural husky tone.

“The man you have called peasant is Fusao Ichikawa, the Grand Keeper of the Language, and it upsets me to witness a guest to his house speak in such impolite manner. I ask you to apologize and conduct yourselves in the proper way an Enforcer is expected to act.”

The Enforcers’ eyes widened. They never expected such an enormous figure to have an elaborated vocabulary, but the tone also delivered a very explicit message authorized by Grandpa. If they tried anything against us, they would know the fury of my humongous muscles. I didn’t really like to sound so menacing, but it was necessary and grandpa had given me his permission to protect my family.

“W-w…we came here in the name of the Council, Master Ichikawa. It has come to their knowledge that your grandson is an Omoi, and according to the Law he is required to be trained with the others like him in the National Dojo, where he will learn to be loyal and respectful to the Nation…” The Enforcer said, trying to ignore my immense figure.

Grandpa waved the head in sadness. “My grandson is not a criminal, officer. This place where you want him to go is much like a prison. He is supposed to be live there with other Omoi under strict surveillance of the Mercenary Forces.”

My eyes widened, and I just said. “Are there many others like me…in this Dojo?”

My grandfather shot a disapproval look at me, and I instantly regretted my question, but the Enforcer seized the opportunity to satisfy my youthful curiosity.

“The National Dojo is a respected institute where the Omoi will be properly treated, and we’ll make sure you will learn how to control your strength and to use your immense power to the Good of the Country…”

“In other words, you just want him to become a spoiled mindless soldier who will never dare to question the Council’s expansionist cravings.” Teru intervened. My eldest brother had inherited my grandfather’s free spirit, and under my protection he could speak whatever came to his clever mind.

The Enforcers exchanged looks. Normally, they would have arrested Teru for such behavior, but I wouldn’t allow those tiny weaklings to hurt my family. I simply my neck and they dropped their guns on the ground.

“Young Kenta, you have to understand that the Nation needs your services. Our rivals are gathering powerful allies among the Omoi, your strength and power exceeds any technology and military power we have. You might see us as threat to your family, but what if enemy armies invade helped by their own Omoi? You might even protect them, but what about all the innocent families that live across the nation? Who is gonna protect them?”

That little man was very clever. He knew exactly how to break through my initial distrust. I looked over Grandpa and he just sighed, but it was Itsuki the one to calm my internal turmoil.

“Little brother…You have a tremendous power within. Maybe this village is far too small for it. You must consider the idea of protecting the most you can.”

Teru seemed shocked with such advice.

“Are you crazy? If that war truly comes, we’ll need him at our side and not far away in the capital!”

Grandpa Fusao finally decided. He spoke calmly but with such authority that those soldiers now truly believed he was the Grand Keeper.

“That’s enough, boys. I can tell Kenta wants to join the Dojo, and he shall do it with my blessings. But first we must prepare, he’ll meet you in the sunset. ” He said at once, which caused general shock among us.

Grandpa insisted that I should go with them so I get to know other Omoi like me, to answer all the questions I still had about myself.

I didn’t want to leave my town neither my family, but this was the opportunity of my life.

I showed up at the Enforcers’ camp and they flew me in those huge vehicles all the way to the National Dojo which was a complex of palaces that covered the size of dozens of villages like the ones I used to leave.

The Enforcers only joined me to the front gigantic wooden doors, but once they were opened I was on my own. I followed the long corridor all the way to this amazingly huge wooden room where another massive man like me dressed in rich purple silk robes sat in a heavy chair and took notes in different machines and books.

“Welcome to the National Dojo, fellow Omoi. What is your name?” I was talking to another Omoi like me, for sure. His dark tan, massive muscles and the unbelievable size of his physique proved to me that I was not alone.

I was so amazed to see someone who had similar gargantuan proportions that I failed to answer such a simple question.

“Hey there…I know you’re admiring the looks, but would you mind answering me? I don’t want to spend the whole morning here.”

I blushed intensely. “I am Kenta Ichikawa Master…”

“Damn kid… …I am not your Master, my name is Roku and I’m another student here at the intermediate level.”

I stammered, how could I have been so stupid? “Oh… I am sorry…I didn’t mean to upset you.”

I noticed the fellow huge muscular man was indeed taller, but he didn’t seem quite as massive as me. He actually bobbed his head once he took a better look in my skimpy clothes around such enormous features.

“Don’t worry rookie, you were just shocked to find another Omoi. Most of guys do the same. Now, here’s your card… get yourself ready for the orientation. Your room is in the West Wing of the Palace.”

I shook my head and tried to obey as fast as I could, the place was actually much bigger than I anticipated, although most of my life I’ve been squeezing my humongous frame in the tiny house we had.

At least now I could walk comfortable inside the enormous palace which housed the National Dojo.

There were several Omoi there, all massively muscled and incredibly handsome as well. For once, I felt that the bronze tan of my muscles and the thick greenish shade of the thick veins covering my chiseled physique fitted in perfectly.

I have shaved and cut my hair very short to make a better presentation, because the curls made me look boyish (although I’m only 16), but most of the men in the Dojo liked to display facial hair.

The other thing that struck me was the number of regular guys probably much younger me that also walked freely around the Dojo. They all seemed so happy, bubbly, and very much comfortable, which was not expected compared to my previous experience. They didn’t seem to fear Omoi like the rest of people I’ve known.

“You seem new here, can I help you?” One boy asked in a very friendly tone. He wore big round glasses that framed his petite face. He had such cute expression; his features were so delicate and fragile, but at the same time he had a confidence that was not expected in such little skinny guy.

“Oh, erm…I’m sorry…I am looking for my room. The Omoi named Roku pointed me towards the Western Wing…but this place is so huge…”

The little guy shook his head. “Let me see your card…Ah…Like I’ve anticipated. Roku sent you to the wrong wing just so you wandered aimless around the place. He just loves to play tricks on the newcomers. The beginners’ quarts are not far from here, I can show you the place, if you want.”

“That’s okay… I would never want to disturb you…” I was so red and nervous my skin was covered in sweat.

“Nonsense, it’s actually a duty of another Dojo member to help a fellow student.” He smiled and gently grabbed my hand. “You have to move along, Kenta-san. I can’t drag an Omoi you know?”

I just blushed again and followed the beautiful tiny boy; it actually took me a few seconds to realize what he meant by “a fellow Dojo member”.

“So, you also study here…I thought this place was for Omoi…” I was actually surprised at how harsh my assumptions sounded, but the little guy just chuckled as he looked up at me.

“That’s okay; most of people think the same. Omoi are accepted in this dojo but not exclusively, you know? In fact, for each Omoi we have about twelve Seikou around here.”

The little guy didn’t even need to hear my obvious next question to answer it.

“Heh, Seikou is just a nickname you Omoi came up for guys like me. I think it’s so cute, and…naughty at the same time.” I clearly didn’t understand why he blushed, but it also made me go even redder.

“Yoshi? Oh there you are! I’ve been looking for you all over the place!”

The thundering voice was soon joined by an equally tremendous muscular bulk. He was clearly the biggest Omoi I’ve seen so far, but then again I haven’t seen many at that point. A man with long dark brown hair down to his massively thick shoulders dressed only in silk pants and sandals approached. His porcelain skin made his muscles look so beautiful in their pearly tone.

Yoshi suddenly let go of my hand, but made it in a very discrete manner, almost like he didn’t want the other Omoi to ever notice we were holding hands, as task in which he clearly failed.

“I’m right here Naito, just helping our friend Kenta to find his room.” The little man said without ever losing his calm temper.

Meanwhile, the Omoi seemed a bit nervous and distressed, he just looked at me from head to toe, and I could tell he immediately stuffed his amazingly powerful chest.

“Greetings, Rookie. I’m Naito Suzuki, Welcome to the Dojo!” He said in a military tone and shook my hand.

“I’m honored to meet you, Naito. My name is Kenta, and Yoshi was just giving me a little help, because this place is so big!” I have to say that was the strongest handshake I’ve ever had, but he also seemed impressed with the strength I shook his hand.

Maybe it was an Omoi thing, but I felt that I should not let that guy think I was just a silly young boy.

“Is that so? Well, you’re in luck. Yoshi is the sweetest and most helpful Seikou in this whole school.” There was something in his tone that made the little guy upset, he just looked to the ground like he was ashamed for something.

“Don’t worry, Naito. Yoshi was just telling me how he admires your strength and power; he truly admires your accomplishments in the Dojo.”

I didn’t know why exactly I said that, but it had the impact I desired. The expression in the Omoi’s face changed immediately and he opened a big smile.

“Heh, you have to forgive the little guys, they’re easily impressed with any strength demonstration. Sometimes we have to make sure they don’t get too overwhelmed, if you know what I mean.”

He carefully kneeled and picked the little guy in his massive arms and gently nested him. Yoshi seemed very happy with that and when I looked back at Naito, the guy just blinked at me, and I pretended I had understood.

“Erm…your room is just over there, Kenta-san. Thanks for letting me join your company.” The little guy pointed to the corridor I had to follow and I smiled at the two of them.

“Alright then, I’m sure I’ll find it now, thanks for your help Yoshi.” I said while turned my back on them, but I could still hear them whispering.

“Naito-san, you know that I only have eyes for you.”

“Well, that guy is just a rookie, what will happen when he start growing? Will you prefer him over me? You might as well…Yoshi…Yoshi stop that…you know it tickles me…don’t…Yoshi…oh you little rascal…” I didn't understand what they talked about but for some reason I knew they would be alright on their own as well.

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