Omoi Wars 2

GLOSSARY: (continued)

Enko: Connection, affinity. The link established exclusively through penile penetration by the Omoi in the anus of the Seikou. It is believed that both of beings are strongly rewarded by such event.

Houyou: Embrace. This is a special kind of enko which can only be established between two Omoi.

Ichiban: The First One. Designates the first Seikou with whom an Omoi has established enko.

Oboko: Pure, virgin, untouched, immaculate. When applied to an Omoi it actually means that hasn’t yet penetrated the anus of a Seikou with his penis.

Shuhan/Yuusha: Two of the terms used to designate an Omoi assume different meanings when pronounced by Seikou. The first one indicates submission or perhaps excessive respect, and the latter establishes a sense of admiration or adulation towards the gifts of the Omoi.

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I followed the incredibly wide corridor and noticed several massive doors displaying the names of the students, so it didn’t take me long to find the room designated for me. I opened the doors and was gladly surprised to find very sumptuous accommodation.

It was much bigger than my old house, and with all the modern facilities that only could be found in the Capital province, I actually didn’t have any clue on operating such modern appliances, but I’ll have lots of fun while learning.
After taking a few moments to let the novelty sink inside my own head, I decided to unpack and get ready for orientation.

I looked at my skimpy peasant clothes and for one moment I wished I had something better to dress, but I should better get myself refreshed, so I carefully took off my clothes and turned around just to realize there was someone else in the room.

“OH! I’m sorry, I didn’t see you there…” I tried to cover my immense physique in a very awkward position, but it was even more pathetic than being caught naked.

“Heh, don’t worry friend. It wasn’t anything I hadn’t seen before, although yours is quite respectable, and I mean in it in Omoi terms.”

The man was not an Omoi, but he was clearly one of the biggest regular men I’ve seen. Probably as big as one Enforcer, he had straight dark brown hair in a bowl-shaped cut and a distinguished mustache.

“My name is Takeshi and I’m here to deliver your Dojo uniform. You have to wear it in formal ceremonies like the Orientation or the Evaluation, in the rest of the day you can dress with your regular clothes, although most of Omoi students prefer to keep these because of practical reasons.”

The man smiled as he handled me a huge pile of enormous kimonos, pants and sandals.

“Oh, thank you…I’m really glad to get those…I don’t have much clothing…” I said kind of embarrassed.

“Don’t worry, I know how it is. I’ve got two Omoi cousins, and clothing is always an issue. I talked to Roku at the reception and he told me that you were actually very big for a rookie, so I got you a bigger size to make sure you won’t outgrow them very fast.” Takeshi blinked at me and discretely moved towards the door.

“Thanks again, Takeshi-san. I appreciate your kindness.” I replied very politely like grandpa taught me.

“You have really nice manners, Kenta. I’m sure you were well educated. Now would you like something else?” Before I could reply we both heard the primal roar of my grueling stomach, and my immediate reaction was to go deep red and totally quiet.

“Oh, I am sorry, Kenta-san. That was so inconsiderate of me! Of course you must be starving, you’ve missed breakfast at the Great Hall, but I’ll have someone deliver your meal while you go ahead and freshen up.” Takeshi said as he left the room.

I thanked even though the guy had already left. Looking back at the beautiful clothes I felt really excited and decided to take a bath, in a tub which was big enough to fit my gargantuan body, and the warmth of the water coming from thermal springs helped me to relax…
“Hello Kenta-san. We have come with your food.”

A sweet voice tone announced but before I could tell them to let it in the corridor, two skinny lads had already entered my room, which caused me another embarrassing moment, since my humongous manhood was pretty much hard.

The monumental python sized cock bobbed up and down and there was nothing I could do to get it down. For some reason the two lads weren’t afraid of my erection.

They were in fact quite impressed, but not scared at all. One blond little lad dressed in light green silk robes pushed the enormous catering cart with an incredible amount of food, while the other long haired young man prepared the bowl and the sticks. It was only then I noticed they were about to serve me in the tub like I was some kind of baby!

“Erm…there’s no need for that, my friends. I can eat by myself.” I said trying to lift from the tub but I didn’t want to scare them with my enormous cock hard bobbing in their faces. I knew the cock was almost longer than they were tall and twice thicker than their slim bodies, so I tried to stay as calm as possible.

The long dark haired lad gently touched my forearm. “There’s no problem for us, Kenta-san. We are here to serve you as part of our training. A Seikou must be ready to provide comfort and warmth for a noble Omoi.”

“Oh…so this is part of your training here? You mean the Seikou training?” I didn’t know why, but those little lads exchanged quick glances and smiled back at me.

“Yes, you can say that. We do anything possible to make sure you’re comfortable in here, sir.”

The blond boy smiled and handled me the huge bowl with a smoking hot noodle soup and generous thin slices of juice beef, which made my stomach roar even louder. I grabbed the thing, which looked much smaller in my hands actually, and devoured the contents.

The food was delicious, it was well prepared and seasoned, which made my stomach very happy, and when that happened, my cock responded by getting even harder (Actually my cock responds to everything by getting even harder).

I finished the first bowl and the blond boy served me another.

“Here you are, Kenta-san. Don’t worry, take your time and eat as much as you want.”

While I finished bowl #4, I suddenly felt something else in the water, and it was then I noticed the two Seikou boys totally naked and joining me in the tub.

I didn’t know how to react, so I just let them immerse such tender lithe physiques, although the tub was not that big, so we ended up sitting very close from each other.

“It does feel nice here huh, Yuusha?” The one named Tekuno asked as he played with the warm scented spring water.

“Y-yeah, it does…” I blushed, trying to hide my enormous figure from their eyes.

“You have such huge muscles, Kenta-san. You’re the biggest rookie Omoi we’ve seen in the Dojo…” Akira said as he gently caressed the flimsy skin on my rugged monstrous forearm.

“Th…Thanks…I guess. I mean I hope I fit in this place. I’ve been tired of being an abominable freak.”

The two beautiful boys were shocked and it suddenly felt like I’ve just said something inappropriate.

“Why did you say such a horrible thing, Kenta-san? You’re not abominable, you’re so sweet and kind, and so beautiful in this magnificent size of yours.”

Tekuno said as he hugged my arm and brushed the back of my hand very gently with his own cheekbones.

I didn’t know what to reply, I was being honest about my feelings, but it seemed Seikou had a very different view about my grotesque size.

“I know that most of people don’t feel the same way, but here at the Dojo you won’t have anything but admiration towards your glorious muscles, Shuhan.” Akira was standing very close to me, and yet he was still much shorter than me.

I simply stood there completely frozen as he smiled and hugged the humongous wall of my stomach and I could feel the warmth of delicate body surpassing the water in the immense tub.

“You are very gentle and kind…I wish there were more like you.” It took me a while to articulate an answer.

The Seikou smiled, but if these smiles blossomed pure, I couldn’t help but noticing something had changed in their aura.

“You wouldn’t mind about showing your muscles for us, huh Yuusha?” They asked in unison.

“C-can’t you just see them?” I was so confused; I couldn’t tell their true meaning.

“Oh, we can, we just wanted to see them getting bigger and harder…can you flex for us, Yuusha?” Akira asked very gently, his eyes seemed those on a boy who is about to gain a piece of candy.

“Oh…I guess…I could do that…but don’t you think it’s grotesque…I mean my brothers never liked when I accidentally ripped my clothes or break stuff with the sudden flex of my muscles.”

Tekuno closed his eyes. “Hmmm… those must have been glorious moments…Care to share a few more with us, Kenta-san?”

I giggled and brought my arm up, but before I could flex it, Akira just stopped me.

“No…not the main attraction first…please give us a full tour, Yuusha…why don’t you start with a glimpse of your humongous pectoral shelves huh?”

“Okay…” I sighed and started flexing those heavy shelves of muscle. For some reason they seemed to follow each pectoral plate individually, the boys came closer and just placed their tiny hands on them and carefully caressed the parts around my very sensitive nipples.

“They are fantastic, Yuusha! Can you make them bounce?” Akira asked.

“B-bounce? Oh…you want me to flex one at a time?”

They simply nodded in happiness and I shrugged, they heavy halves of my chest flexed and relaxed alternately and their big puppy eyes seemed to do the same as they giggled. For some reason I was starting to enjoy that so I flexed the both parts at the same time and held it really tight, because that didn’t tire me at all.

“Wow…Akira… his chest is so amazingly big and powerful!”

I just smiled, these boys were so bubbly and happy; they were actually starting to make me feel better about my tremendous physique.

“What do you guys want to see now?”

Akira just smiled “Anything and everything, Yuusha, please surprise us.”

I shrugged and flexed my abdominal knots. The incredibly muscled wall of my abdomen popped even more protuberant, and they were counting the 10 huge knots that could be climbed like steps by the tiny delicate soft feet.
Like they could read my mind, each one climbed in one muscle and easily pulled themselves up to my humongous chest, and the boys were suddenly sat on my pectoral plates.

“Wow, Yuusha, you are so powerful!” Tekuno said as he leaned forward and hugged my immensely thick neck.

“Do you guys really mean it?” I asked honestly.

“You most certainly are, Kenta-san.” Akira added and then he whispered in my ear. “Can you show us your amazing arm, Shuhan?”

I nodded and brought my arm up, and then the other, I flexed them so hard, I guess I never had done it with such desire before, the result was violently muscular, the peaks soared high and so veined they scared even the hell of me.

“Please don’t be scared okay? I swear I didn’t know they were that BIG!”

I kept flexing harder and they bloated bigger and harder, to the point both Akira and Tekuno couldn’t resist and threw themselves at the humongous peaks.

“Oh, Kenta-san you’re so powerful! I love how massive and kind you are!”

Tekuno screamed as he pulled himself up to admire the size of my biceps. Meanwhile, Akira managed to climb my arm and was sat on it, rubbing his rosy butt on my veined muscles.

I really liked the idea of having two Seikou admiring my muscles, and I suddenly understood why Naito seemed so worried about Yoshi liking my muscles better than his, and deep down I also wanted to see what he would do if I really started growing more muscular…

“You feel like a mountain Kenta-san!”

I smiled, hearing their giggling, feeling special for the first time in my life, but then I felt something naughty stirring inside of me, and it didn’t take long until my perverted monstrous cock grew envious of the attention those little lads gave to my muscles, it too demanded attention and grew ferociously hard rising above the water.

“I’m sorry, guys…I just couldn’t help it…” I apologized for such inconvenient, but the lads didn’t seem that offended at all. In fact they simply jumped from my arm and landed on my crotch where they both hugged my super hard giant cock.

My first reaction was to get up but it was for not good. The boys were still holding my cock and I just lifted them along.

“What are you doing?” I asked in utmost shock.

“Is there anything wrong, Kenta-san? Are you mad at us?” The blond boy
asked with his big puppy blue eyes, and I felt immediately sad for hurting his feelings.

“No…I’m not mad at you guys…but this…is new for me…I didn’t expect you would do…well this…”

The boys exchanged looks and their faces showed understanding and tenderness towards me. They slowly moved back into my humongous chest, and I embraced their little bodies, feeling their warm clinging into my wet hard muscles.

“Kenta-san, you don’t need to worry. A Seikou does what he wants, and our main goal is to keep you happy. We just wanted to welcome you at the Dojo, and this is how we do it here. An Omoi needs to release himself many times a day, and we know exactly how to do it, right Tekuno?” the dark haired boy started and his blond partner chuckled.

“We sure do, Akira. Now, you just relax Kenta-san, and let us Seiko take care of you.”

They both started giggling and returned back to my even harder cock, which simply ignored their combined weight. I gasped, there was no possible way to get out of the situation without hurting their feelings, but at the same time it was the best thing that ever happened to me!

“Okay then…I’ll let you enjoy…” I slowly sat down and served me another bowl with food once again, I tried to focus on the delicious cooking while they hugged my cock and rubbed their bodies along the immense sensitive body of my veined manhood.

“That certainly is one mighty Omoi cock you’ve got there, Kenta-san.” Akira said while he continued hugging and rubbing the shiny wet rugged surface.
“Yes, the biggest rookie cock I’ve seen around here…of course that is only the beginning right?”

I just nodded, because I didn’t know what to reply, but the feeling of those boys totally outgrown by the thickness and muscularity of my cock just made me really horny.

“We think you will be one powerful Omoi, Kenta-san. You have potential, right Tekuno?”

“Oh yes Akira…look at that monstrous cock almost ready to blow…Kenta-san is a Force to be reckoned with”

The two little lads continued to play with my hard manhood, rubbing the rugged veined surface with the help of the warm scented water from the tub, and I couldn’t help but moan in pleasure.

I never felt comfortable with my size and especially about the monstrosity between my tree-trunk sized thighs – I was self-conscious about the mighty huge phallus which had caused far too many embarrassing moments, breaking free of the weak confinements of my skimpy clothing.

Perhaps the greatest inconvenient of being Omoi is the easiness to get aroused. Most of the times I sprouted one of my monstrous erections I really wasn’t thinking on dirty things, but the little details are capable to awaken the ferocious beast within me.

I remember times where Teru and Itsuki barely touched me and just the slightest contact with their soft, delicate skins made my disgusting phallus to become fully erect in just a few seconds. The poor little guys felt so ashamed while I was totally devastated.

It didn’t matter how many times I took care of my disgusting urges, there was always naughtiness inside me. Teru usually screamed at me, he got so nervous staring the monumental one eyed monster that he ran away from me most of the times, which made me chase him in desperate attempts to apologize.

Meanwhile, Itsuki behaved in a less sensitive way, he usually blushed intensely and pretended he hasn’t noticed the monstrous cock throbbing right at his face.

So in respect at his consideration, I also tried not to address the humongous problem, but no matter how hard I tried to conceal that stubborn manhood inside it always broke free, usually causing some kind of messy destruction.

But none of these lads behaved like that, they adored the shameful size of my manhood, which was practically as long as they were tall and probably twice thicker than their slim innocent figures.

Akira and Tekuno both hugged my cock and combined their little strength to create the necessary power to jerk the unbelievable weight of my manhood, which just resulted in overwhelming waves of pleasure that increasingly weakened my better judgment.

“Please, I can’t do that…you’re just too little…too innocent…I’m a monster…” I paced as the lads used my phallus as a might peak they climbed before jumping back in the pool. Their giggling and bubbly behavior sent me into new heights of horniness.

“Oh Kenta-san, are you saying you’re not enjoying our little party? Are you sure? Because it seems to me that your big friend seems to be having a great time. Look at it, all red and veined…it’s so beautiful. Can I play with it some more, Yuusha?”

Tekuno asked in a tender voice and I just nodded, and the beautiful lad them clamped his legs around my cock and hugged it tight, forcing his tongue into the enormous piss slit and literally kissing my abnormally sized cock-head.

“Oh that’s not fair…if he gets to kiss, I should kiss it too, Kenta-san. Please, can I kiss it too? I promise I am way better than he will never be!”

Akira begged me with his pretty eyes and I didn’t have strength to deny, a naughty grunt came from my insides and it seemed to be the answer the little Seikou expected.

“Yay, thank you Shuhan!” The boy kissed my cheeks and jumped into my cock where he fought with Tekuno for the better spot to fondle with my throbbing piss slit. Their tongues kissed the interior of my cock and probed the very sensitive areas.

The boys rotated around my cock in a very sensual dance, from time to time they looked up at my monumental chest and chuckled, then they even made out with other, using my cockhead like a third man, and they knew exactly when to increase the fondling and when to back off so I didn’t explode too soon.

“Oh yeah…look at you Kenta-san. You’re a real Omoi…so big, so manly…please let us see this beautiful Omoi cock busting!” They said in unison and the melody of their soft tones sent me over the edge.

I roared like an encaged hungry beast, my huge cock exploded as the orgasm brought the so deserved relief to my humongous body. I felt the flood of man milk exploding from my cock like a geyser, the warmth of my emissions sprayed all over the place, I could actually feel them dripping of the ceiling, while my cock continued to spew its rich thick warm load.

Meanwhile, Tekuno and Akira were hugging my chest, shaking so intensely. It took me a while to notice they were sobbing. I immediately woke from my orgasmic trance, thinking I have hurt such little guys.

“Tekuno? Akira, are you okay?” I asked, ignoring the torrent of cum that still flowed from my enormous cock.

“Oh, Kenta-san…it was so intense…I never though anything could be like that…Your cock never stops cumming…you scared me…I thought I’d drown in your cum…” He shook like a little rabbit about to be killed, and Tekuno didn’t look much better.

“Oh…it’s so much…you’re too much for us to handle Kenta-san. Sorry for making you so angry at us…”

I shook my head, trying to sound as gentle as possible.

“No, you guys didn’t get me mad…It just happens like that with me…I’m sorry for scaring you guys like that, but I’m a monster. You pretty little boys shouldn’t have done that.”

I said rubbing my nose in their sad little faces. “I am not mad…I am so happy with you. That was the best thing I’ve ever felt!”

The boys seemed totally recovered from the shock. “Was that the best thing that happened to you? But we didn’t even…” Akira started but Tekuno just interrupted him.

“What he means is that we still have other things to do with you, Kenta-san. After all that’s the purpose of a good Seikou…We want you to…take us master.”

My eyes widened. “What do you mean?” I asked out of pure innocence but when I realized what their meaning was, I simply freaked out. No…I can’t do that, you’re too small, too frail…I’d never do it to you, my pretty boys. I am not gonna hurt you.”

Akira seemed a bit shocked with my answer.

“So, does it mean we are not beautiful enough to you? You don’t feel the urge to take us as yours?”

I felt their sorrow, I didn’t want to hurt their feelings, but at the same time they were so frail and weak, they couldn’t survive the impact of my cock inside their little bodies. Besides…I really wasn’t sure if I wanted to that, I was particularly afraid of enjoying too much and become similar to the stories the villagers told.

“You don’t understand, I’m too strong for you, I don’t want to hurt you little lads.”

The Seikou duo looked up at me with their big puppy eyes and hugged my immensely thick neck, kissing the veins and stroking the sides of my manly rugged face.

“Kenta-san, you have a heart of gold. We are so flattered because you’re worried about our well-being…” Akira said as he kissed my hands and rubbed his delicate face against my hard finger, which truly made my heart sink inside my chest.

“But that also means you don’t think we are beautiful enough for you…” Tekuno stated in a disappointed tone.

“What? No…you’re so beautiful, you both are so delicate and beautiful. I’ve never been with such beautiful people before…it’s just…I don’t want hurt you delicate beings.”

“You lie! You don’t think that at all, because you don’t want to take us like we’re begging you to do!” Tekuno screamed as he punched my chest, I was just so sad because he felt rejected, I’ve always felt like that for my most of my life.

I hugged them both tighter. “No…I swear you’re so beautiful…I just don’t want to hurt you because I…don’t have any experience on doing what you want me to do.” I confessed my own virginity and they were suddenly shocked, but only for a split-second.

Akira was the first to react, his eyes were even more languid and he just moved his delicious slender body around my face until I was looking at his wet smooth little bubble behind.

“You mean you never tasted a cherry like mine before, Kenta-san? Go ahead…smell it, I’m all clean and smooth…I just need you to feel how much I eager for you.”

Tekuno just grinned and gently spread the firm cheeks of his friend. “Go ahead, Yuusha, see how warm and nice we are on the inside, just waiting for your monstrous cock to claim our little bodies as yours.”

I gasped; the twitching man-cherry on Akira was so tiny, so perfect, and so beautiful. I was drooling in anticipation. The boys really knew what they were doing, Tekuno gently moved towards my neck and whispered.

“I know you want to protect us, Yuusha. You’re so good for us, please let us show how much we appreciate your kindness, just move closer and insert your tongue inside Akira, he wants it so badly, look how his rosy button is twitching for your caress…”

I couldn’t resist anymore, so I picked Akira around his waist with just one hand and inserted my thick, harsh tongue inside him, I could taste the sweetness of his ass so clean and so fresh, so smooth and it made my cock get even harder.

I moaned louder as my tongue went even deeper and Akira twisted his body in pleasure.

“Oh, Kenta-san! You’re my hero…you’re my giant savior…please show me your power!”

I was lost in my own turmoil, because Tekuno was suddenly rubbing his own butt against the immense head of my cock, which was obviously much thicker than his bubbly little butt.

“You need to take us, Kenta-san…We are gonna be so sad if you leave us like that…you don’t want to see us sad do you, Yuusha?”

I couldn’t reply, I felt my body twitching and the beast within me was about to take control of my actions, I just closed my eyes and prayed not to kill these little boys.


The thunderous voice echoed around the room, but I couldn’t care less, so lost in the mist of their seductive web. I only realized there was someone else in the room when the sweet smell of Akira’s butt was not near my nose. My senses were dizzy; I was so horny and so desperate.

The Seikou quickly jumped back to the ground and looked like two boys caught doing something really naughty.

“We were just…welcoming the newcomer, Haruki! There’s nothing wrong with that!” Akira protested.

Meanwhile, I finally looked at the second Omoi in the room. He was truly a monumental specimen, even more muscular than me; he stood at least a whole foot taller than me as well, but so much wider and thicker.

His dark cascaded hair seemed like a black lion mane, and his features were so strikingly handsome and clean.

“You Seikou need to understand that Omoi are not here just for your personal amusement. This rookie here is expected by Sensei Akimitsu to his orientation, and you are just delaying him with your charms!” That immense Dojo member was dressed in blue silk pants and nothing less, his looks were serene and yet very powerful.

Tekuno and Akira exchanged looks and grinned to the immense being.

“You seemed to have enjoyed our charms earlier today, Haruki-san. You of all Omoi should know better that Seikou have urges as well.”

“Besides, we were just doing Kenta a favor. Can you believe he’s still oboko ? A massive Omoi who still hasn’t experienced the Bond? He’s gonna cause havoc in the Dojo because now every single Seikou will try their way with him to be his Ichiban!”

Haruki giggled as he looked at me and hugged my shoulders, we were so massive and muscular, dwarfing these little men that my cock grew harder once again. I just blushed as my fellow Omoi disheveled my hair in a playful tone.

“And you guys believed it? Come on! I thought Seikou were the smartest among tiny men. I can tell by the mess he caused that he’s pretty experienced, besides…who can assure you that he wasn’t just getting you two to play along? I could hear the things he made you guys do…do you really think an innocent oboko could play two of the most amazing Seikou in the Dojo?”

I felt the urge to defend myself; I didn’t want to let them believe I was as liar! I really was a virgin, but Haruki held me in such a way that I realized he wanted me to play along with him.

Akira raised his eyebrow, he looked back at Tekuno and the other Seikou suddenly didn’t seem so sure. “You’re not a virgin? But…you were so torn and hesitating…” He looked at me, but Haruki just laughed.

“Well, and look at his cock now, do you really think he wasn’t just playing you guys to do every single he wanted? You know Omoi just can’t spend long times without fucking your perfect little asses, Akira. The newcomer probably wanted you guys to feel that he was special, so he could score even more favors from you sweet charming Seikou.”

Following the cue I just said. “Don’t worry…I’ll make it up to you guys!”

“Kenta-san…You almost fooled us. You naughty massive boy, but don’t you think we’re not gonna get back to solve these little pending situation. And we’ll demand full compensation for your little charade.”

Akira stared at me for what seemed an eternity, but finally he just chuckled while Tekuno hugged his fellow beautiful lad and they left room.

Until the very last moment, I wanted to apologize, to explain them that I was a virgin and I didn’t know what was going on, but Haruki just whispered.

“Trust me, friend…it’s for the best!” He continued smiling until the Seikou were gone.

“Heh, that was close!” He said looking down at me. The immense Haruki looked at the mess I’ve done and just laughed.

“Are you sure you’re oboko?” He asked in a playful tone, although I could just tell he believed in my apparently shameful condition.

“I’d never commit such reckless act of violence to such innocent lads!” I protested and Haruki almost couldn’t believe that I really meant, he just busted into laughter.

“Oh boy…they were right, you’re gonna create havoc in the Dojo!” He managed to say.

Haruki noticed I really was clueless so he made me sit in the bed in front of his enormous bulk, the gargantuan paw gently rested on my boulder-like shoulder and I felt a friendly aura in the fellow Omoi.

“My name is Haruki and I’m a Senior Student here, I have the honor to be the first Omoi student of this honorable Dojo. I know it’s been hard to be so powerful, and have all these urges in our immense bodies, but you have to understand that these we call Seikou are nothing like the little men you’ve met before.”

I could tell Haruki was not joking, he was so much bigger and more muscular than me, I’ve never felt tiny before, and I have to confess it didn’t feel good at all.

I found myself stuffing my chest and flexing my muscles all the time, and the worst part was that Haruki caught me checking out his physique and he was flexing back at me!

“What do you mean? They were very gentle and so caring; no one had been so kind to me before!”

“How old are you, Kenta-san? I’d say not more than 18 huh?”

“I have just turned 16, but I’m old enough to serve the army in the Old Province!”

Haruki nodded. “I believe that, I myself am 20 years old. We Omoi are manlier and more powerful than our real age would imply, so our bodies emulate more mature signs such as bodily hair and early sexual matureness, therefore bestowing more power and authority upon us. Meanwhile, Akira is 25 and Tekuno is actually 30 years old!”

“WHAT? But they…they look so young and so…boyish!” I couldn’t believe they were that much older than me.

“Yeah…that’s because they’re Seikou, it’s their gift and curse. No matter how long they live, they’ll always look juvenile, but they’re not eternally innocent, that’s for sure. In this Dojo we have a whole lot of Seikou, and only a few of them are about your age.” Haruki explained.

“But…they acted…they said things…why would they…” I was so stunned I couldn’t even ask what Haruki already guessed.

Haruki chuckled. “I know how you feel, brother. Seikou are simply amazing! They’re kind and sweet, they do everything we want, they’re generous and very affectionate, but they’re not defenseless.”

“How can you even say that? They’re so frail and delicate, they need us…don’t they?”

Haruki smirked. “Oh, they need us, just as much as we need them, my friend. But personal protection might not be the first thing on their list.”

“What do you mean, Haruki-san?” I asked, very confused by his smile and the dubious expression on my fellow Omoi.

“These guys you’ve just met are the most dangerous stealth agents of the Capital forces; they can do the most unimaginable things!”

“Are they bad? But Akira and Tekuno were so nice, they brought food to me, and they just wanted to welcome me in the Dojo…” I mumbled, refusing to believe I have been fooled by two little cute guys.

“Heh, trust me, brother, they were welcoming you in their own particular way. There’s a reason for us to call them Seikou. Like the word states, these men are delicate but very, very sharp. And they’re also always hungry for sex…just like us Omoi, that’s what makes us so attracted to each other!”

“So…they were just using me for their own pleasure?” Even Haruki couldn’t hold his laughter to notice I was suddenly offended.

“Erm…no offense, Kenta-san, but you were eating a man’s ass when I caught you here, and judging by the mess you’ve caused, you were enjoying it just as much as them…maybe a tad more, don’t you think so too?” He poked my arm gently and I blushed.

“So…tell me more about Seikou, why were they pretending to be something they are not?”

“Because that’s the way we Omoi prefer to believe they are. Our immense size and incomparable strength can make us look down on our regular sized brothers. We just assume every little man is weak and powerless, and we get all horny to show off to the little guys! They just have to play that role and we’re under their spell.”

“So…is every Seikou basically a liar?” I asked in frank disappoint, but Haruki tried to comfort me.

“Of course not, you’ve just met two of the sneakiest and horniest little men in the Dojo. They are like hungry wolves and you were the immense new sheep that came to their territory unaware. But most Seikou are truly noble souls and all that delicateness and warmth is real.”

I remembered Yoshi and the way Naito seemed distressed just to see him close to me.

“Are we allowed to take Seikou as lovers in here?” The question was unnecessary, but Haruki seemed to understand the reason for my doubt.

“We are free to act as it pleases us, brother. You can take Seikou as lovers, and most of us do, but it doesn’t mean you can’t have great deals of fun with other ones. Seikou understand Omoi need sex from different partners and in much more frequency their little bodies can handle.”

It really made sense. If there were monstrous men of humongous physiques and catastrophic might, there should also be ones with the gifts of Seikou, and since our bodies were the opposite of other, we really found each other extremely sexy.

“So, Kenta-san, I’m sorry if I made the Seikou believe you were not oboko, it was just an instinctive response, I am responsible for advising my fellow students…you forgive me don’t you?” Haruki asked with caring in his voice.

“I understand your worries, Haruki. It will be better if they Seikou ignore that I am oboko. It’s just…I’ve never felt that way before…I keep my nasty habits to myself.”

“I know what you mean, Kenta. I’ve felt the same for years, but here in the Dojo you will learn how to accept the gifts that make you an Omoi, and in time you will know how to deal with your urges.”

His hug was friendly and warm, like I finally had found a big brother who was truly enough for my standards.

“So, I’ll be able to control this monster?” I said pointing at my humongous cock whose head now stood in the muscular cleavage of my freakishly muscular chest.

Haruki sighed. “You might, but it’s not an actual control, because at the slightest thing it might just…

I heard Haruki moaning, and the rich fabric of his pants was easily torn apart by the gargantuan manhood which rose harder and seemed just as hungry as mine. He looked back at me with rosy cheeks this time.

“Omoi and their cocks are enko, and our cocks can’t be ignored. Besides…you are the biggest rookie I’ve ever met, and you’re only gonna grow bigger with your training.”

“Wait…I will grow bigger? But I thought we would control our gifts?” That part caught me unprepared.

Haruki grinned. “Believe me, I felt the same way, but in time you will learn that the bigger and stronger you get, the more you can control your strength and I hope someday I’ll be so huge and powerful that I’ll open my own Dojo to teach more Omoi how to become everything they can be!”
Haruki’s cock got harder and a large string of clear liquid from his huge head hit me in the lips, and he gently cleaned it with his thumb and licked his own emission.

“Just letting you know that besides Seikou being such naughty little ones, Omoi can have lots of fun amongst themselves…” Haruki said softly and I leaned my head to rest on his even bigger chest.

The older Omoi gently held my chin up and kissed my forehead, then he picked laid his hand on my cock and conducted my hands to grasp his equally monstrous python.

“We’re Omoi, our enko is special too, and it’s called houyou because it goes much beyond physical, brother. Each Seikou and Omoi have a special trait to share with you, and discovering that wonderful path ahead of yours is the best part of learning, so I won’t take the joy of the novelty from you. I am just inviting you for some lessons once you’ve decided you’re ready to learn more.”

I nodded in happiness. “Thanks Haruki-san! Now…I should get ready for orientation right?”

Haruki nodded. “You certainly should get ready, Sensei Akimitsu doesn’t like when students get late, and he is waiting for you in the Lotus Hall."

I hugged the bigger Omoi student and tried to find something decent to wear among the mess I’ve caused.

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