Omoi Wars 3

GLOSSARY: (continued)

Genkai: Limits, boundaries. It is believed that an Omoi’s strength is capable to break any limitation his conscious mind has established over his capabilities.

Isei: The polar opposites of which Seiryoku is composed; they’re named Kinniku (sinew) and Aiyoku (love, lust). It is believed that through enko, an Omoi grows bigger in size and strength while a Seikou benefits by getting even more agile, precise and beautiful.

Jinchi: Knowledge, wisdom. The greatest gift to mankind has been kept and tendered by the wise named Keepers. The most important Keeper of the Heirless Emperor was Fusao Ichikawa who has mysteriously forfeited his duties in the Court and parted towards the Old Provinces.

Osamu: Chronicler, the title granted to the shiju (scholar) specialized in the Keeping of records and data in a Shrine.

Seiryoku: The Might, expression that designates the inhumanly powerful capabilities developed by Omoi and Seikou once they establish enko. Sexual intercourse creates the physical channel through which they can feed and develop even further.

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While Haruki helped me to find something to dress and he guaranteed that Akira and Tekuno would clean my room, and since I had no time left to ask how he would accomplish such promise, I just left my room dressed in black pants and a sleeveless white kimono (because the sleeves simply busted when I tried to squeeze my freaking thick arms into them).

Those huge sandals still were tight on my feet, but I should at least try to look presentable to meet the Sensei who accepted to teach all the things I desperately seek to learn.

I followed Haruki’s directions to quickly find the Lotus Hall; which stood behind the immensely large wooden doors carved in rich detailing.

I took a deep breath and opened the doors, expecting to find an Omoi who looked even bigger and wiser than Haruki, an Omoi who would give me the same wisdom than my Grandpa Fusao.

The room was very wide and spacious, minimally decorated with plants and a water fountain with this humongous onyx stone standing right in the middle of the room, but there was no sign of my Omoi Sensei.

I looked around and found this young man taking care of the garden.

“Excuse me friend; I’m looking for Sensei Akimitsu…” I asked politely.

“And I’ve been waiting for you, Kenta.” The man said without looking back, seizing his time to tender the rare beautiful flowers. After such moments, he carefully stood up and turned around.

“Are you my Sensei?” I asked in a very impolite mix of disbelief, disappointment and fascination, because I was in the very presence of beauty incarnated.

“I truly hope to deserve that honor, young Kenta. “ Akimitsu was just as bright as the light of an autumn day.

The tall lean physique still had very broad shoulders for a regular sized man, his long neck was poised and elegant; the face was simply astonishingly beautiful.

Perfect shaped with the big almond shaped eyes which had the prettiest light pale green tone in the world; his long light chestnut hair was very long, kept in a neat pony tail. His thin lips were framed by a well-trimmed shaved goatee which seemed to be painted by the most skilled artist.

He smiled at me and I didn’t know what to do or say, so I just dropped to my knees and paid my respects to the man in front of me.

“I am sorry, Sensei. I was distracted with all the novelty and lost track of time, it won’t repeat again.”

“Good, one doesn’t like to wonder if the other doesn’t consider their meeting important enough to show on time.”

The charming man was dressed in black silk kimono with cherry blossoms painted over it; he lectured me as he resumed tending to the garden in the Lotus Hall.

A few moments passed but I remained quiet, knowing that wise men listened before they talked, but I was actually very puzzled, how come this beautiful man could be the Sensei of a Dojo specialized to teach Omoi?

“I can attest you were very well educated, oshiego (student), because most of young lads simply can’t bear to listen to the loud sound of their own ignorance. But then again, one wouldn’t expect less from someone raised by Grand Keeper Ichikawa.”

Akimitsu gently started while keeping his tools away; but he still seemed to be busy with something else.

“I have the greatest fortune, Sensei, but I am afraid I don’t do justice to his knowledge.” My eyes couldn’t disguise my surprise, although I shouldn’t be so surprised because the Enforcers probably have told Sensei about my grandfather’s past.

“Humbleness is the greatest of gifts, and if you have already learned that, I am very hopeful about your future in the Dojo, young man.” The master washed his hands in the clean water fountain, and he started to prepare some tea as well.

“Nothing would make me happier, Sensei. I came here to cast light over the many shadows that dwindle in my head.”

I was being truly honest and it seemed to have a great impact over the young man who gently nodded as he set the cups for our tea.

Akimitsu smiled while he handled me the cup in the same way my grandfather told us.

“Shadows only exist in the presence of light, oshiego. We need some enlightenment to be doubtful, which means that your quest is noble. But first things first; now, tell me, how is my old friend Fusao doing?”

“Y-You know my grandpa?” I stammered, almost gagging with the hot bitter beverage going down my throat. That man should be just the same age of Teru, perhaps even younger.

Akimitsu smirked a bit after he sipped on his own cup.

“I sure do, young man. Grand Keeper Fusao taught me the most beautiful poems of our people; he also helped me to unveil some mysteries of the beautiful world surrounding us. And he did all these things back in school, so I knew back then he would become a masterful man of knowledge.”

I didn’t know if he was testing me, this man implied that he knew my grandfather in such tender age? That could only mean that…

“Forgive my manners, Sensei…but how old are you?” That question showed just how confused I was.

Akimitsu sweetly smiled and poured us another round of tea.

“This question actually implies three things you seek to clarify: my age, my truthfulness and my sanity, which tells me that you’re indeed a clever boy.”

“I’m sorry; I’m just a stupid boy from the Old Provinces without knowledge.”

The young man gently touched my hand.

“I have actually met Fusao when he was still a brilliant student. I am not trying to deceive you Kenta. The reason of your shock is that my looks truly are not the same of most well aged men, but that is part of the burden carried by Seikou. Our beauty and freshness remains, and though life teach us, no one expects to find wisdom from a face without wrinkles.”

My mind refused to process what my ears have just listened. If Sensei Akimitsu was a Seikou, that fact alone certainly changed everything I hoped to find in the Dojo.

The Sensei smiled very beautifully as he gently lifted my huge paw to admire its calloused surface, the harshness caused by years of hard labor and heavy lifting.

I was ashamed because his soft skin felt such asperity.

“I know that you’re probably wondering why a Seikou would run a Dojo for Omoi, but that is perfectly explainable. Seikou stand for Omoi as mops to the flames. We seek your warmth and power, although it might even destroy us. At the same time, we feed you and make you stronger, because that is ultimately our goal.”

Akimitsu stood up, and yet he still was much shorter than my sat figure. He placed our hands together and I blushed because my paw was over three times bigger than his perfect smooth hand.

“Even being so different we still exist for the same reason, though. We are just beings seeking for a meaning and our lives are touched by immensely powerful gifts. We have our burdens, but my philosophy is that we can go further and faster if we go together.”

I still looked very unsure, there were so many answers I seek, but my Sensei smile showed me that he was truly wise regardless the age he appeared to have in such heavenly features.

“These questions you have will be answered in time. We are gonna make you blossom into the amazing Omoi you can become.” Akimitsu smiled kindly.

“Now, would you help me with a little problem I have, Kenta?”

“I’ll do anything to help you, Sensei!” My answer was so ready and automatic I didn’t even know what kind of problem it was.

The dazzling charming man’s smile bloomed even more beautiful and he gently lead me to the center of the Lots Hall.

There was this massive onyx stone monolith over 40 feet long and probably 60 feet around, a black shiny massive rock with a small metallic plate with some inscriptions that couldn’t be read because of the rust and corrosion.

“I think it’s time to rearrange this garden’s energy flow. We’ve got the water over there and the fire is to the other side, but this heavy rock is blocking the flow, I wondered if you could help me by moving it to the other side.”

“S-Sure…but that rock seems really heavy…maybe we should call other Omoi for the task.”

Sensei Akimitsu just shot me a clever grin and I finally understood that was my first official test in the Dojo. I stuffed my chest and inhaled, that rock seemed heavier than anything I’ve lifted in my life.

“If you think you’re not capable I’ll call Haruki. My first pupil never once disappointed me.”

I didn’t know why he said that, but I felt very much challenged. Although I considered Haruki a very noble Omoi, the idea of him being bigger already bothered me, but the idea of him being Sensei’s favorite just burnt through my veins.

I didn’t think and I didn’t prepare myself to sustain that incredibly heavy stone either. I simply got closer and lifted it over my head at once. I didn’t feel its heaviness at all, although my muscles were indeed shaking, but not because of any excessive struggle, they were actually complaining the challenge wasn’t hard at all.

I looked over my arms, noticing the thick veins pulsing with blood, strength, and such exaggerated power imbued into them. I suddenly noticed that my body felt outraged because the challenge purposed by my mind proved to be incredible menial, and I wanted to show Sensei that I was truly dedicated to overcome my limits.

“Are you alright, Kenta-san? This rock isn’t too heavy is it?” Akimitsu gently asked with his dazzling looks.

“No, not at all…Where do you want me to put it, Sensei?” I said shifting the entire rock to my left hand and using my right arm to gently keep the little man protected in case the thing lost its balance.

“Oh, I can see you’re hardly struggling there huh? I knew you are much more capable than you credit yourself, we’ll have to work on self-assurance, lad.” Akimitsu was serious, despite the kindness on his tone.

“I never thought I could lift this rock, Sensei. And I still can’t believe it feels so light…my arms are shaking because I was prepared to deal with something much heavier than it actually is…”

“Well, you can take it to that spot over there.”

The master pointed to the left corner and I followed the direction, feeling that at each step the object grew lighter. There were perhaps fifty steps to cover the distance, but I ended up running across it, feeling the strength increasing inside me.

By the time I got to the spot, I tried to place the rock in the ground, but there was an enormous surge of power through my muscles, it was like I wanted to prove that I was much stronger than Sensei could ever believe, I applied such tremendous power that my muscles now shook as they flexed harder and bigger.

I grunted, trying to stop the strength flow, but it was an incredibly pleasing sensation.

The onyx monolith felt like a tiny snowflake to my hands, and the pressure caused the stone to crack, which spread all over the surface and within seconds the enormous rock was to be destroyed.

The monolith turned into dust, failing to resist the incredible pressure of my strength.

I was astounded and really disappointed to myself. I have failed the very first test given to me.

“I’m sorry Sensei, I didn’t mean to do that…I can go outside and bring another piece of rock if you want.”

Akimitsu just grinned. “And what good would that be? It is just one dumb old rock you’d be bringing inside, anyway.”

It took me a few moments to realize that I’ve just been played by my own Sensei, and then I lowered my gaze, feeling incredibly ridiculous, but the gracious lad-looking man just came closer to comfort me.

“Tell me Kenta, did you believe at first that you could lift that rock when I asked you?”

I shook my head rapidly, still feeling like a total failure.

“And what exactly convinced you that it was not impossible to lift it?” I could tell he knew it already but I felt ashamed to say it out loud, but eventually I decided honesty should be the best.

“You’ve mentioned Haruki, and I felt jealousy…because I didn’t want to seem inferior to him at your eyes.”

Akimitsu nodded. “And why didn’t you want to seem inferior to Haruki?”

My eyes grew wide. “Because you’re my Sensei and I don’t want to disappoint you, sir!”

“This is the answer your mind gives, but not the real one.”

The Seikou laughed ever so gently, his melodic voice filled my ears. Right at that moment, his robe opened just a little bit and I caught a glimpse from Akimitsu’s naked right shoulder.

It was so gracious, so delicate the skin so firm and fresh, with a few freckles resembling like the first stars in a bright summer night, or the very cherry blossoms falling over the ground in the autumn sunset.

Suddenly I imagined myself kissing the delicate softness of that shoulder, and Akimitsu laid naked on top of me, twisting in pain and pleasure as my cock went deeper and deeper his beautiful ageless body.

I immediately panicked, my heart raced and I tried to remind of the tricks Haruki told me about controlling my reactions.

Meanwhile, Akimitsu approached and caressed the mountainous curves of my rugged musculature.

“Was it only my disappointment you were trying to avoid, oshiego? Or was there something else that bothered you about Haruki and me?”

I forced my eyes to shut, but the image of his naked freckled right shoulder soon became the image of his perfect tiny body going down my sinful monolith of manhood, his sweet looks were languish, luxurious and seductive.

He wanted me to go even deeper and rougher, he needed to feel dominated and crushed by my much superior monstrous frame.

I sighed, realizing the battle was over and my cock had won again.

The beautiful silk pants were easily ripped by the monstrosity of my manhood rising ferociously, like it screamed the real reason for my failure at the test.

Sensei’s sweet eyes softened as he rested his head against my arm.

“Thank you, Kenta-san. I was beginning to think I was not beautiful enough for you.”

That statement caught me completely off-guard; I looked down at the gorgeous man and gasped.

“Sensei, you’re so beautiful, how could you even consider the idea one could find you anything but gorgeous?”

“Well, back in the day an Omoi would be hard before he even exchanged two words with me, but it actually took you very long to attest my beauty.
“But…I didn’t want to disrespect you with my…naughtiness…”

Akimitsu smiled as he gently tapped my arm.

“You didn’t fail, Kenta. You succeeded in more ways than you imagine.”

There was no immediate answer from me; I just stood there speechless watching while Sensei retrieved the little plate that used to be in the giant stone which I had just crushed with my bare hands.

Akimitsu cleaned the plate with his robes and handled it back to me. I could read the ancient word Genkai (limit) carved on it.

“We can only break our limits in the face of doubt, Kenta. When we are sure something is under our capability we don’t fear it. Limits exist to be broken. Omoi and Seikou have their own limits, but together we can break them.”

“Are you telling me that I only felt stronger because of my fear of disappointing you?”

“We both know that was only partially correct, you were trying very hard to seem bigger and stronger to Harumi so you could bed me.” Akimitsu said honestly and I froze in panic once again.

“I am not worthy of you, Sensei.”

I said in a low tone and Akimitsu just rested his head on my body and hugged me so tenderly, he seemed to ignore my hard throbbing cock which just ached even more.

“You certainly don’t believe that, Kenta, your body wants me and I feel much honored to be desired by such a great mountain of youthful muscle that will fuck my ass with the vigor and strength I so desperately seek.”

“Sensei…I can’t do it…you’re…”

“Too small huh? Yeah I get that a lot, but you will learn that Seikou were made to please Omoi, our slender, delicate bodies offer great flexibility and once one masters the correct techniques, housing an Omoi cock is not only a pleasure it is a task we are truly grateful to perform.”

That conversation was getting very embarrassing for my taste, I just tried to play along and get out there before I started doing the things that already popped in my dirtiest mind.

“So, I broke the limits I had until that point because I refused to accept that I could be inferior to Harumi…and that made me leap forward right?”

Akimitsu grinned and walked closer my humongous body, I acted instinctively and kneeled before the Sensei, but he kept coming until he was looking at my eyes.

“Correctly, your body challenged your mind and won. Omoi grow stronger and bigger as their bodies realize the mind is not their final bound. That’s when Seiryoku (The Might) manifests.”

“I didn’t know that…” I whispered, totally fascinated.

“Seiryoku is composed by two parts named isei, and both Omoi and Seikou represent the extent of its meaning: Seikou are agile, fast and very sharp. Omoi are strong, impervious and enormous. Separate we’re just raw power, pure aggression, but together they become the Might, which is the perfect harmony within the universe.”

I didn’t know it was possible to blush even deeper just of hearing my Sensei pronouncing such a word like isei, which can also mean the wet dreams of a naughty lad. At the same time, I could tell Omoi and Seikou never sounded so complimentary, since each one was the opposite of the other.

I nodded, though a bit confused. “Why are there Omoi and Seikou, Sensei? Why are we so different than the rest of mankind?”

The Sensei smiled.

“I can’t respond to that, my oshiego. Maybe that reason is the greatest secret of them all. I can only tell you what I have learned over the years. Omoi are strength, power, and masculinity. Seikou are delicateness, agility and tenderness. Separated we seem aberrations; together we complete each other, thus producing Seiryoku.”

“Is that why we Omoi and you Seikou are so lustful for each other all the time?”

Akimitsu grinned.

“That would be an easy way out huh? Truth is nobody knows, but the power we have must be used with wisdom, especially in times of uncertainty.”

“You mean…the rumors of another age of War are true?”

The Seikou Sensei nodded.

“The Heirless Emperor left behind a divided nation, and Kaigi is not gonna hold Peace for much longer, soon there will be War, and we need to make sure innocents are not gonna be victimized.”

The mere thought made my entire body flex with renewed determination.

“Sensei…I want to protect my family and all of those who need me!”

“I know you do, Kenta. But first you need to accept what you are in order to become what you were destined to be. So far, you’re still an oboko Omoi who is afraid of facing his own sexuality and desires.”

He was right, and I felt ashamed. My hardening cock was throbbing and I still didn’t have the courage to claim the beautiful man as mine, even though I could only think on that.

“What can I do to reach my potential, Sensei? I want to take you and share Seiryoku with you and all the other Seikou…”

Akimitsu nodded.

“You might just do that, Kenta. But first you will need to accept yourself for who you are, and that is harder than it might sound. You’re in this personal journey and we will help you. The power imbued in you is immense but it still is restrained.”

I took a deep breath, but when I opened my eyes again Sensei Akimitsu was holding the door for me.

“You will find out that overcoming your inhibitions and throwing yourself at your fantasies is the best path. Now, go look for enlightenment in the Scrolls Sanctuary. They hold all the knowledge on Omoi and how you should treat your body. We’ll see you later in the Great Hall for dinner.”

“Does it mean I’m not worthy of having you as my Ichiban?” I asked although not sure if I wanted any answer.

Akimitsu’s eyes were so sweet.

“I am the one who is not honorable enough to be your Ichiban, Kenta. You must be ready to Enko (bond) and not just forced into it, I am sure you will find in your heart the way to accept yourself as an Omoi, and then you will find that special Seikou who will make your heart and body feel different”

I nodded “I just wished I wasn’t a waste of your time, then”

Sensei shook his head and came closer to me, ordering me to lower my face as he kissed my cheeks so softly.

“You will not be an oboko for too long, I can tell that, but even when you find your Ichiban… that doesn’t mean you can’t bond with all the rest of Seikou…because the Bond between our kinds makes us both more powerful!”

Sensei Akimitsu noticed the light in my expression and just smiled.

“You are in your way to self-taught my pupil. Go find Osamu in in the Sanctuary and ask him for the Jinchi Scrolls.”

I nodded in respect and left the Lotus Hall, but right before Akimitsu closed the doors he just stuck his head outside and gave me one last piece of advice.

“Kenta-san, be very patient and polite, you will find out Osamu is one very peculiar Scroll Keeper.” I didn’t know exactly what Sensei meant by that, but judging by his grin, it wouldn’t be very easy to convince that guy to let me study the Scrolls.

I walked down the halls, finding many Seikou and Omoi taking care of their own businesses.

For the first time since I got there I could actually see the dynamics between the delicate little lads and us monstrous behemoths.

Because we are so massive, muscular and physically aggressive, Omoi are simply fascinated with the tender delicateness of Seikou, I could see that in the very embarrassed way one humongous bronze skinned Omoi offered this beautiful flower to a small Seikou lad, who accepted it very humbly.

Meanwhile, Seikou amalgamated the best features of male and female, their figures were slender, athletic and also very soft in the eye; their expressions are always serene with big round eyes and such delicate nose lines and gentle rosy thin lips.

Although I’ve learned they are not defenseless, these lads seek in our immense physiques the strength and hardness that burns inside their lustful hearts.

I got out the main building and found myself in this immense Garden, with several different plates indicating series of different centers and places in the Dojo, but none of them seemed to point towards the Scroll Sanctuary.

I noticed a group of three Seikou and one Omoi happily talking under a cherry three – the little lads were entranced by the gargantuan size of that Omoi’s muscles, and the way he flaunted them, flexing and stuffing his chest as they continuously asked for further displays of manliness and strength.

There was another trait of the Omoi-Seikou interaction that I was learning very quickly: I felt really annoyed when a beautiful Seikou looked to another Omoi instead of me.

Although I recognized it reflected selfish behavior, at the same time it felt like they preferred his smaller muscles towards my bigger, harder and stronger ones!

I took a deep breath and walked towards them with a newfound calm, trying to make sure I looked big enough to be respected by the Omoi. Before I reached them, this tall green haired Seikou quickly stepped up and walked towards me

“Hello there, friend. My name is Masaaki; you must be the rookie Omoi from the Old Province huh?”

Apparently, my arrival stirred curiosity among my fellow students.

I quickly sensed the cold stare coming from the Omoi who visibly seemed disturbed with my very presence, especially because I was much bigger and muscles looked far more impressive than his smaller, weaker ones.

“Hi Masaaki, I am coming from a meeting with Sensei Akimitsu…”

“Ah, I can tell the Sensei has made a great impression on you.” Masaaki commented very discretely about my ruined pants, but instead of being ashamed, I was actually proud.

“I’m sorry for my clothes, I just hope he felt half as good as I did…” The little Seikou could not find out the Sensei rejected me because of my oboko condition.

“Pay no attention to that, we are so used to Omoi busting their garments.”

We both chuckled to that, I felt more comfortable so I gently asked a little louder, allowing the other dazzling friends to overhear us.

“Anyway…Sensei has sent me to pick up an item at the Scroll
Sanctuary…Can you point me in that direction please?”

“Poor rookie, it’s his first day here and he’s already dealing with the henshu (freak)!”

The Omoi busted into laughter, while the other Seikou blushed, but Masaaki seemed more respectful, so he quickly looked back at me and gently picked my hand, which seemed to be a thing Seikou did to establish a more personal approach.

“Forgive their manners, Kenta-san. That big buffoon is Satoru and he’s also a freshman in the Dojo, but he seemed to have forgotten how hard it was on his first week here as well. The Seikou should also know that we do not treat our new member with mockery.”

Masaaki looked at the humongous blue haired Omoi dressed in some kind of chest plate armor and leather pants with big metallic boots.

The Omoi stopped laughing and stood up, quickly joining us along with the other Seikou.

“Sorry about the joke, I was just trying to sympathize with you…”

Satoru was very impressive, but it was clear now that he wasn’t a challenge to my physique like Haruki, so when we shook hands I made sure he felt that I was stronger than him, which he clearly understood and lowered his gaze.

“Satoru is just another rookie like you, Kenta-san, but he meant well. My name is Fumio and this is my friend Hitoshi, we’re sorry if we made you feel uncomfortable.”

Fumio had raven black hair and very pale complexion, although he dressed in bright red clothes and shiny accessories.

Meanwhile, Hitoshi had died his hair in a rich purple tone, currently dressed in black leather jacket and pants with this yellow woolen scarf around his neck. Such edgy modern look meant these Seikou and the blue haired Omoi should all come from Capital

“Yes, we are sorry, Kenta-san. It’s just, we have learned that Osamu is a very strict Scroll Keeper and although he’s a fellow student, he behaves like he was some kind of authority in the Dojo.” Hitoshi tried to excuse their previous behavior.

Masaaki shook his head. “Don’t you guys have anything better to say to our fellow student than gossip?” The green haired Seikou looked up at me and tried to compensate the lack of manners of his companions.

“Osamu is actually a legend when it comes to Jinchi (Knowledge); he claims that he will have studied all the scrolls in the Dojo in a matter of short time. Most of people consider his manners a bit eccentric, but he is a dedicated self-proclaimed Keeper of our Scroll Sanctuary, with Sensei’s accordance of course.”

I nodded my head. “Well, I am actually happy he’s so zealous of the Scrolls. They’re supposed to be preserved. My grandfather always taught me that any knowledge is far too precious to be lost without being passed forward. I hope Osamu understands my pleading and let me study their contents.”

“If I know that bastard, he’ll probably slam the Sanctuary’s doors in your face before you even say what took you there!” Satoru laughed out loud again, but this time it clearly wasn’t well received by the Seikou.

The way I spoke certainly caused a good reaction in the Seikou, especially Masaaki who never let go of my hand.

“You speak wisely, Yuusha.”

“Thanks, but it’s not my merit. I’ve learned that wisdom reveals itself in simple and humble deeds.” I felt each time more confident, especially because now Fumio and Hitoshi also grabbed my other hand and have totally ignored the poor impolite Omoi.

“We would be glad to take you to the Sanctuary, Shuhan.” Hitoshi spoke as he tried to pull my hand closer to his chest, although Fumio clearly resisted that attempt.

“Oh, I would be so honored, my little friends, but it would hurt me to cause you any stress, for that matter do you mind if I carry you three while you guide my steps with your wisdom?” I said kneeling my humongous body and feeling them blushing, although I was also very red.

Masaaki, Fumio and Hitoshi just giggled as I easily lifted them in my arms and casually continued on my original direction.

“Bye there, Satoru, my friend. I hope you don’t mind about me borrowing these beautiful tenshi (angels) for a moment.” I gently thanked him with a slight bow and the Seikou all giggled as we left the shocked poor Omoi all alone.

Masaaki just leaned his head on my chest “You’re a true masurao (gentleman).”

“Oh, I’m still learning how to behave around you Seikou. It’s all new to me, but so exciting at the same time. I just hope to make everything in my power to make you feel as beautiful as you truly are my little flowers.”

Fumio and Hitoshi blushed even deeper, while Masaaki already fondled with my nipple, but for some reason it didn’t bother me, I just felt really peaceful.

“You can follow that path and turn left in the next building…Everybody is talking about you, Kenta-san. It seems you have quite a busy lunch with Akira and Tekuno…” Hitoshi insinuated, but instead of feeling ashamed, I was actually proud of those moments now.

“They were so warm and welcoming to me, but I fooled them…lead them to believe I was oboko…poor lads were just trying to help me.” I knew I was lying, but both Haruki and Sensei Akimitsu have taught me that I should protect Seikou from their own naughtiness.

“No they weren’t, they just wanted to be your Ichiban, and thanks heavens Haruki prevented that. They’re already too full of themselves, if anyone of them were to be gifted with such strong bond with an oboko Omoi they’d be just unbearable!” Masaaki truly seemed to have some pending issues with the other Seikou
“Don’t do that, my friend. You know we are here to grow more powerful and defend the innocent. Akira and Tekuno are honorable Seikou and so you are, I’d be more than proud to honor your beauty…like that on Fumio and Hitoshi.”

“Yuusha…you’d make us so, so very proud!” Masaaki cheered and I simply smiled sincerely. There was something about a Seikou sweet voice tone that sent me into instant happiness.

I proudly carried the three Seikou towards the way they pointed me, until we reached a very beautiful place, with a calm lake and comfortable gardens, so I just moved towards there, but Fumio gently moaned.

“There’s the Sanctuary on top of these hills, but do you really have to go meet Osamu now? We really wanted to spend more time with you, masurao…”

I gently carried the Seikou to the margins of the lake and laid my enormous body in the soft grass, making sure the three of them were lying across my hulking chest, with the fearsome size of my arms gently supporting their backs.

“Believe me, my little flowers, that would please me a lot too, but why should we rush something that can be taken calmly and so much more pleasingly?”

Masaaki blushed as he caressed my cheeks.

“Is this a promise, or are you just sweet talking us like you’ve done with Akira and Tekuno? Don’t take me wrong, Yuusha, but you’re far much more intelligent and flattering than the average Omoi, it would be easy for someone like you to fool innocent lads like us…”

I smirked. “Masaaki-san, don’t undermine your own qualities. I can tell you’re not easy to be fooled, besides…even if I wanted to fool you…wouldn’t you just play along rather than losing the opportunity to go even further than Akira and Tekuno?”

Hitoshi giggled. “Kenta-san, you’re one dangerous temptation…”

I shrugged. “Perhaps, but not nearly as tempting and dangerous than three delicious Seikou joining me for a really nice time…maybe I’m really an oboko trying to find his Ichiban among you.”

The three Seikou laughed in a very seductive melody, and I kept my naughty façade, although deep inside I felt really uncomfortable for not being truthful with them.

“Tell you what…Since Akira and Tekuno have provided me such amazing lunch, why don’t you guys show for supper?” I chuckled as they blushed intensely.

“Are you sure you want the three of us at once?” Fumio asked in disbelief, so I kissed him in the lips very passionately, and soon he was out of breath. In one continuous gesture I continued kissing Masaaki and Hitoshi, and soon the three of them were kissing my body while we made out in such a beautiful scenario.

“Do I look like I can’t give you three beautiful tenshi all the attention and tenderness you deserve?” I teased them by flexing my humongous arm right in front of their adoring faces.

My gigantic cock rose from the ruins of my pants and the three Seikou gasped as they hugged and caressed the rugged veined surface.

“Trust me, friends, you make me feel very special. I want you to know how beautiful you are to me, but I just can’t disappoint Sensei Akimitsu. He told me that I should get the Jinchi Scrolls at the Sanctuary.”

The three Seikou suddenly ignored my throbbing cock and came to my support; I could tell by their expressions they were doubtful about the success of my mission.

“Then, you will really need to convince Osamu. He had never let anyone borrow these, and for some reason Sensei Akimitsu has always been on his side. Many Omoi and Seikou have tried, including Haruki, and all of them have failed.” Masaaki explained, but little did he know that knowing about Haruki’s failure only encouraged me even more.

I smiled and kissed their foreheads, gently placing them in the ground; I stood up and stuffed my chest, towering over my gentle little friends with tenderness.

“So, I guess we’ll definitely see each other later huh? Rather if I fail or succeed in my task, I’ll need to celebrate or comfort my sorrow right?”

The Seikou jumped up and hugged my tremendous body to express their happiness. I let the hug last for a while, but then I gently parted them, since I had an apparently impossible task ahead of me.

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