Omoi Wars 5

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Common Halls were easily the biggest part of the Dojo, mostly because it had to house the immense figures of the Omoi students at the same time, not to mention the necessity for a humongous kitchen area which would be capable of producing the insane amount of food our massive bodies can consume.

All eyes were drawn immediately to me in the moment I stepped into the ample space, but these were friendly, warm, brotherly looks. I could see the Omoi and Seikou I’ve met earlier, but there were also a lot of other students that equally greeted me silently.

Each massively muscular Omoi was surrounded by a bunch of deliciously beautiful Seikou, the diversity of the group only made me wonder about the mysteries which might be kept in the Jinchi Scrolls.

“Kenta-san, come with me, there are important people who want to meet you, brother.”

Haruki approached me with his ever gentle manners, despite the monumental brawny size, even for the standards of an Omoi. He just hugged my shoulders and friendly guided me through the canopy of muscle monsters and their delicate admirers.

The tables were displayed in several rows surrounding the main table, (which stood against the back wall) like rays irradiating from the Rising Sun, and such arrangement provided that all the students could have a nice view from Sensei Akimitsu and the other masters of the Dojo.

Fortunately, Sensei was not there yet, so Haruki seized this opportunity to introduce me to the other masters, and for my surprise none of them were Omoi. They were actually normal looking men, but their skills were far from that. I could tell these should be the most skilled soldiers, martial art champions, philosophers or mathematicians in Capital City.

“Honorable Masters, this is Kenta Ichikawa, son of Daichi.” Haruki announced proudly, and I felt my cheeks blushing.

The five masters stared at me with their silent gazes; I quickly bowed and showed my respects the beast way I could, only hoping to meet their expectations.

“It’s very rare to see such a young man who knows the proper way to greet an authority…I am truly impressed.”

This tall bald man said as brushed his long mustache with his thin fingers. Such serious demeanor matched the dark grey tone of the ceremonial robes of the Order of the Crescent Moon, which was one of the most influent in Koudo.

Haruki tapped my back like a proud father. “Your feelings are correct Sensei Nobuo! In fact, Sensei Akimitsu is very hopeful about his potential, especially because he is the grandson of Grand Keeper Fusao; his education is just as polished as noblest Houses in Capital City!”

I went even redder as the masters exchanged looks between themselves.
“The grandson of Fusao is a powerful Omoi; it sure brings strength and wisdom together. You are truly blessed, young man, and I hope to attest your excellence when you come to practice tomorrow.”

Sensei Nobuo never smiled, but I could tell by the intensity of his look that he was indeed impressed, which only made even more nervous.

“Nobuo, don’t scare the boy, can’t you see he’s already too nervous?”

I heard the calm voice tone and suddenly noticed the muscular man with bowl-shaped hairdo named Takeshi was sat at the right side of Sensei Nobuo, the consternation in my mind was so visible in my expression that he also blushed, smiling back at me.

“Hello there again; I know you must be confused by the fact I delivered your clothes earlier this morning, but that’s just the way I am, I don’t like to bother people to do things I’m perfectly capable of doing.” Sensei Takeshi explained.

“Oh please, spare us of the bogus explanation. You just love the musky smell of an Omoi by the morning. You might be bigger bodied, but you’re definitely Seikou in your heart!” The blunt affirmation came from a blue haired man sat at the right end of the table.

The man gently rested his cup of tea at the table and although all the other masters seemed deeply disturbed by such inappropriate demeanor, I was even more shocked to realize the familiar look on that absolutely handsome sword master.

“Hello, Kenta. I am very happy to meet you. My name is Kazumitsu, and I’ll make sure you develop skills to make your huge body as decisive as my sword.”

“I am most honored, Sensei.” The dazzling handsome sensei had long blue hair and such a gentle face, but for some reason I quickly lowered my gaze to avoid meeting his because my cock decided to cause even more trouble.
Haruki whispered in my ears.

“In case you didn’t notice already, our Swordmaster is Akimitsu’s twin brother, but he doesn’t like when people talk about their amazing and similar beauty.”

“Please ignore Kazumitsu’s lack of manners, Kenta-san. He should know better by now; I’m Toshio and it will be a great honor to my humble to teach the grandson of a former master of mine.”

The friendly voice tone belonged to the man who seemed the older among the masters, though I knew I could be deceived by my senses, since Seikou could be much older than they looked.

“Sensei Toshio is the Capital City’s Magister, the current Keeper of the Laws of Koudo.” Haruki explained me, although I could already tell me this was the man assumed one of the rules that once were given to my Grandfather.
“I will do my best not to disappoint you, Sensei.” I said formally, noticing that the only remaining Sensei was Akimitsu himself.

“Tonight, you will have the honor to sit aside Sensei Akimitsu’s left side”

“B-but it is your place, isn’t it?’” I asked a bit confused by the usual etiquette rules.

“Heh, not really, brother; there are two seats reserved for students in the main table. This honor is reserved for the first night of the newest student; the other seat is for the one with best scores.”

Haruki smiled and pointed to the spots at each side of Sensei Akimitsu’s place, and judging by the difference between the tableware on each side, the other student should be a Seikou.

I thanked Haruki and took my seat, feeling a lot uncomfortable because of the size difference between me and the rest of the people sat at the table. It looked like I was taking most of half of the long table with my humongous musculature, the width of my shoulders pushed the other masters into much humbler positions, but they didn’t seem upset to be eclipsed by my monstrous frame.

Sensei Akimitsu entered the room with his usual delightful grace, but I also noticed that people seemed very surprised to see he was followed by Osamu.

“Good evening, my fellow teachers and students. Tonight we celebrate the arrival of our newest student, Kenta, and the very first time that our current best student of the month decides to honor us with his presence. Kenta-san and our honorable Shiju will join me at the table. The rest of you please salute the congregation of our Dojo.”

The students stood up and greeted us enthusiastically. The powerful Omoi and the graceful Seikou all joined in a very energetic display of joy.

Each face shone with a great pride, each individual seemed very happy to welcome my presence among them, like an equal and it actually felt very important to me.

Osamu, on the other hand, just rolled his eyes seeming already very bored. I noticed Sensei gently corrected his disrespectful posture. I waited for them to have their seat, trying my best to give them the proper space given the massiveness of my muscles.

“Thank you, Kenta-san. I’d like to thank you for finally convincing this little redhead that joining us for supper is not such a bad idea.” Akimitsu quickly said to me, but apparently Osamu overheard that.

“This humongous brute hadn’t done anything to convince me Sensei, I just felt like I should take my rightful place since none of the others would qualify for it.”

The little red haired Seikou said in his usual arrogant tone, but none of the Sensei seemed impressed at such statement.

“I wouldn’t be too sure about that, Osamu. It seems like our boy Kenta is a great candidate for the place at the right side of Akimitsu.” Takeshi swiftly implied, and the other masters agreed, which made Osamu very irritated.

“He’s not his grandfather, he might know a few tricks, but it’s not any true knowledge!”

“Is that so? Well, if you decided to show up for supper in the first time since you were pointed as the best student, I can only imagine that you’re enjoying this spot while you can “shiju”…” Kazumitsu’s comments seemed sharper than his blade; because Osamu simply went red and so upset he decided to ignore the blue haired Swordmaster.

“Osamu is a very wise and generous scholar. I am much honored to work with him in the study of the Jinchi Scrolls.”

I didn’t expect that the whole hall would be quiet after I said that. Even the masters seemed shocked to hear such thing. Osamu shot me a furious look, but Sensei Akimitsu was simply calmer than ever.

“Yes, my friends, that’s exactly the truth. Kenta-san’s skills bested even our bright yet self-proclaimed Shiju, and for that reason Osamu agreed that they both would be in charge of the noble task of unveiling the Jinchi Scrolls. The knowledge they both will uncover will help us to become more powerful to act in defense of our values!”

Akimitsu stood up and rose his cup.

“I purpose a toast to Kenta and Osamu, may their bright minds come together in the unveiling of the Secrets of Seiryoku!”

“KYOSHU!” (Salute) The students and masters rose their cups in our homage, and I felt so honored, and yet very worried to realize now they expected so much from me. It was then, I looked at Osamu and his grin clearly meant that he sympathized with my concerns.

“Now we shall eat and rejoice, my friends. Let the food and the drinks comfort your noble souls.” The Lead Sensei announced as the servants brought enormous treys of delicious food which kept coming despite the quickness they were consumed by the hungry Omoi.

I didn’t know I was so hungry, but soon I was eating like a famished monster, while the Seikou elegantly savored their shares; happiness filled the enormity of Common Halls, each place I looked there was an Omoi eating or flexing for a little audience of enchanted Seikou, most of them were visibly excited, and the Omoi were not ashamed to parade their humongous cocks.

The other masters asked me all kind of questions about my family and my upbringing as an Omoi, which I answered between ferocious bites on the several different kinds of roasted animals that were served in the feast.

Meanwhile, I never let my eyes drift from Osamu; the Chronicler just tried to shut himself back in his little world, I already knew he simply hated any closer contact with Omoi, so I decided to respect his wishes, but unfortunately not everyone felt inclined to do the same.

I noticed that while most of Omoi were eating, Seikou were drawn into the rich beverages, and despite their tiny bodies, they seemed very fondled of heavy drinking, not even the Sensei were an exception of that rule.
Despite being very drunk, Sensei Kazumitsu still moved with the same dexterity and grace towards Osamu.

“You must be very pissed at yourself huh, little shimi (bookworm)? You finally found someone who taught you be a bit humbler, maybe there’s hope for you after all.” Kazumitsu asked in his husky dissimulated tone, seizing the opportunity to mess with Osamu’s red hair, who tried to ignore his teasing comments.

“Leave the boy alone, Kazumitsu, you know the Jinchi Scrolls hold unimaginable power, my brother. Unfortunately their translation is beyond our capabilities, but I have great hope in Kenta and Osamu!” Akimitsu tried to argument but the blue haired Swordmaster just shook his head.

“Oh, I’m not talking about that, old man. I meant that perhaps Kenta-san will finally be able to show the true meaning of Seiryoku to this pathetic little yuri (lily).”

Osamu acted like he heard something really offensive, his eyes tightened; for one second I thought he would slap the Sensei, but then he simply ran away, leaving behind a laughing Kazumitsu who seemed not even slightly upset for causing such thing.

“Why did he leave?” I asked the blue haired Sensei, but he just couldn’t stop laughing to answer my questions so Akimitsu gently touched my arm and whispered.

“Why don’t you go talk to Osamu? My brother’s tongue is much sharper than his sword, and his heart is cruel sometimes.”

“He…doesn’t like me, Sensei.” I really didn’t know how if I should do such thing, after all the little Seikou already scowled me for attempting any more intimate approach.

It was Takeshi who gently approached me this time.

“Believe in us, Kenta-san. The Chronicler cares more about you than he shows, because he never cared to show for supper before.”

The rest of the students seemed aloof about the whole scene; something told me no one would actually do anything for Osamu and it made me feel very angry because he could be a little difficult, but he was still a fellow Seikou.

I respectfully left the table and headed outside to look for the little chronicler, but the dark night was the prefect cloak for someone who clearly didn’t want to be talk.

“Shiju, please talk to me, Sensei Akimitsu sent me here because he’s worried.” I spoke loud and clear but there was no answer, which was not unexpected. I just focused on my surroundings.

It was then I heard a very faint sob, and tried to move my humongous body the most silently to avoid scaring the little Seikou. “I am sorry if you were hurt…I just want to talk to you, Osamu.”

The sobbing disappeared; I feared he had left for good, though it didn’t take long for me to spot the little figure of the red haired Seikou appearing from the middle of the bushes. It actually hurt me to watch him cleaning the tears from those big beautiful eyes.

“And who said I wanted to talk to you? It’s your fault they’re mocking of me…all of them students and masters…all Seikou are just bitter gaishou (whores)!” I let the little guy vent out his frustration, an uncomfortable silence once again grew between us.

“I am sorry…but I don’t know what made you upset…Sensei Akimitsu called you a flower didn’t he?”

Osamu noticed how clueless my question was so he simply shook his head.
“And they still consider you a better scholar than me…You only look for the literal sense of the words. Sure, yuri is one of the names of the lily bloom but in Seikou slang it is the same as coward.”

“I never thought there would be such thing as Seikou I take it might be really offensive, despite the fact I still think it’s quite an adorable word to be associated to coward.” I was so curious that I simply didn’t notice that it might be inappropriate subject for a conversation.

Osamu took a deep breath. “How old are you Kenta?”

“I’m sixteen…and don’t you go calling me boy!” I replied almost automatically.

The chronicler chuckled. “You’re old enough to imply the meaning of coward for a Seikou…”

Osamu replied looking at the enormous body of my cock hanging out of my ruined pants, and it still took me a few moments to make the correct association, but my face blushed the moment it hit me.

“Oh…you’re afraid of…them? That’s okay…I’m very afraid of mine as well…”

“You still don’t understand, do you? It’s not that I’m afraid of your cocks, yuri stands for Seikou as oboko stands for Omoi. It means I’ve never enko before…which apparently is the most despicable sin for a Seikou, because they all feel like I’m some kind of freak!”

“I know how you feel.” I said at once being completely honest but Osamu didn’t seem so impressed.

“Heh, no you don’t. You Omoi are even worse; you think everything comes to enko. I don’t need to fuck every living creature to understand the extent and complexity of Seiryoku! I know my body will develop in time but…I am not gonna become a little sassy whore for Omoi just because your humongous cock will make me eternally young and vigorous!”

Osamu’s anger built progressively as he spoke to me, at some point I felt like he was talking to Kazumitsu instead. He actually poked and even punched the ridiculous hardness of my muscles, but I didn’t care, I felt like he was just letting it out so I just took his punches to help my little friend.

“Osamu…I understand you, trust me…I…” At that moment I really didn’t know if I should tell him that I was an oboko.

The chronicler was about to run away again but I reacted faster this time, engulfing his pretty little body in my humongous muscles.

“You’re not running away, my friend. I don’t want you to hide from shame because you’re pure. I mean…it only means that someday you will find somebody to enko…if that’s what you want.”

Osamu didn’t freak out like the previous time, he simply embraced me and we both stood there quiet under the moonlight for a few moments, until he slipped through my arms again.

“Why do you do this to me, Kenta?”

“Do what? Did I hurt you? I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to squeeze hard…I just wanted you to feel protected…”

“No, you didn’t hurt me…it’s just…you keep messing with my head! I thought you could be easy to scare off, like the rest of Omoi…they all wanted to flirt with me at first, but I didn’t have any trouble to make sure they soon forgot about enko me, but you…for some reason you just keep coming back!”

“I know…It’s complicated but I like you, and believe me I’m more used to the fact a little guy is scared at my size, my brothers love me but they’re both so scared that I grew used to make sure they understood I’m huge but I’m not gonna hurt them…I guess I’m just doing the same about you.”

Osamu sighed.

“So you don’t care about the fact I keep saying that I will never enko with you?”

I just chuckled. “Believe me; it would just keep things easier. I…am not used to the whole Seikou etiquette as well.”

“What do you mean?” Osamu asked in shock.

“Things go really fast here. In my very first day here and almost got into a fight with Naito because he thought I tried to steal Yoshi from him; Master Takeshi pretended to be a servant just to see me naked, Akira and Tekuno teamed up to be the first fucked by me, and even Sensei Akimitsu seemed upset because I didn’t fuck him right at our first meeting!”

We both laughed at my report. For the first time, Osamu didn’t feel alone in the Dojo.

“Heh, they’re all crazy gaishou who only want to fuck all the time! How is it possible for an Omoi to train all that he needs if he’s constantly fucking? I mean, sure you guys get bigger and stronger, but still you need to focus at some point, we are here to prevent a war!”

I cleared my tears. “I totally understand you, but the feeling of Seiryoku is very luring…I just hope I don’t end up like the over horny Omoi.”

“I hope that too, for you own sake, because you won’t be allowed inside my temple with one of those erections!” Osamu said as he produced something from the pockets of his robes which he threw at me.

I unfolded the sudden gift which turned out to be some kind of long tube made out of a stretchy fabric with a few strings that served for tying the weird piece.

“What exactly is that?” I asked, still clueless of his purpose.

“You’re all about wordy explanations huh? This is something to help you keep at least some dignity if that monster of yours gets out of control again. It is sold in a few parts of Koudo to keep Omoi’s shames under control, you tie that thing around your waist and stick that obscenely large thing into the stretchy part and even if it ruins your pants, you will still retain some dignity… hopefully.”

I blushed intensely when I noticed the size of the long tube and how stretchy it promised to be.

“Why…thank you, Osamu…I mean…I appreciate your care to me.” I said very embarrassed.

“If I am forced to work along with you, at least let’s keep some level of decency, I don’t want to stare at your balls and cock all the time!”

“You know, for someone who claimed that all Omoi are dumb and all Seikou are whores, you’re being awfully nice to me Osamu…”

I said while gently holding his tiny hands on my massive paws, but he didn’t retrieve it this time; I felt a comfortable awkwardness installing between us.

Osamu blushed. “Well, it’s not that hard being nice to someone as gentle as you…”

I still tried to figure the meaning of that weird feeling, an ever-lasting moment which was completely destroyed when Hitoshi appeared out of nowhere looking for me.

“Kenta-san, is everything alright? Y-you left supper so abruptly…” His sweet voice tone was enough to bring back Osamu’s fowl temper. The little red haired Seikou once again was filled with his unexplainable anger.

“And you came here to make sure he was just okay right?” The chronicler asked very upset, but Hitoshi didn’t seem as consternated as I; the purple haired student just crossed his arms at his chest.

“This supper was a tribute to Kenta-san’s arrival. You tried to steal his thunder, but no one cares about you anymore, yuri.”

Fumio caught up with his friend to join in the mockery.

“Yeah, yuri, we all heard when Sensei Kazumitsu put you in the right place! Kenta-san is much better than you, and he’s gonna prove that soon!”

“What in the world are you saying? Starting a fight with Osamu in front of Kenta? Don’t you have any respect towards our new student?” Masaaki said in his more political tone, but Osamu wouldn’t take the same offenses again.

“The three of you are the same, Masaaki. You can fool that mammoth over there, but I’m keen to your intents.”

I could tell there was a tension between the red and the green haired Seikou, for one split second I noticed the kindness leaving Masaaki’s eyes, they exchanged fiery stares for a moment, but before I could intervene, it was the green haired Seikou who simply broke the little confrontation.

“I apologize for this inconvenience, Yuusha. The rest of the students noticed you left abruptly and we all felt like you were offended by something Osamu might have said to you. But it seems that you were just being the same kind noble soul who helps those in distress.”

“That’s okay, Masaaki. I talked to Osamu and he seems to feel better now, we can all return…”

“I am not going back to that horrible place, Kenta.” The chronicler said in a bitter tone.

“Do you see this, Yuusha? The little yuri truly has no respect for you whatsoever!” Fumio accused Osamu, but one look from Masaaki shut his mouth.

This time the little shiju didn’t get so offended to be called that way; instead he just turned back at me and grinned.

“I am going to my chambers now, you do whatever dirty things that your putrid minds desire, but remember Kenta-san…you should not indulge yourself because if you get late tomorrow the doors on sanctuary will be forever closed on you.” He declared as he left us.

When Osamu was out of sight, I shook my head and said.

“There was no need for you to offend, Osamu. He is a friend of mine.” I told the three remaining Seikou.

Masaaki lowered his gaze, although his face read soft and apologetic, he still seemed a bit condescending towards me.

“You are just too kind and innocent, Kenta-san. That little reckless Seikou is nothing but trouble. The only reason Sensei Akimitsu lets him pretend to be a proper scholar is to get him out of our way. He never takes part in the Dojo’s projects activities, he never trains with us, and he openly hates his very kind and even you powerful Omoi.”

I sighed. “He might be different than most of you, but that doesn’t change the fact that he’s a fellow student, and you should try to be more comprehensive. There’s a lot resting in his frail shoulders.”

“I didn’t know you two were so close…after all you just arrived and that annoying Seikou has gotten on my nerves for quite so long.”

“We…are not close, but still it doesn’t matter, I don’t like when people are disrespected.”

Masaaki noticed that he wouldn’t get any kindness from me if he continued to trash Osamu for me, so he quickly changed his attitude.

“Kenta-san, I’m sorry, it won’t happen again…” The beautiful Seikou approached me and reached for my hand. At first I didn’t want to let him touch it, but the feeling of his warm soft skin against my harsh muscular limb was so pleasing that I didn’t mind indulging myself.

“Oh, no…what have I done? Now, you’re upset with all of us aren’t you, Yuusha? I’m sorry…it is so clear now.”

“What is clear?” I asked nervously.

Masaaki grinned so sweetly. “You are stuck with Osamu to work on the Scrolls and I can only imagine the kind of hard time he had put you through just to accept you…and we ended up making things even harder for you…I’m so sorry for being petulant…can you ever forgive me?”

I knew I was blushing now. “Masaaki…just promise me that you will be more like the gentle, understanding and peaceful angel you were earlier today…”

That particular Seikou understood my hint and sighed gently as he looked up at me.

“I am none of those things, Shuhan. It’s your kindness that inspires me; unfortunately not all of us can be so graceful. Forgive me once again, but I thought Osamu had ruined your evening, and I selfishly feared our plans took the same way…”

Fumio and Hitoshi joined their friend, looking at me with those big, languid, lustful eyes. Their delicate features shone under the pale moonlight. Once again, my better judgment was being overwhelmed by the boiling lust of my groins.

“Oh, yeah…I remember we had made plans for tonight…”

Fumio immediately reacted. “Y-you still want us, right Shuhan? We are still beautiful at your eyes…aren’t we?”

I gently embraced the three of them in my arms, and it felt so damn right – their tiny fit bodies confined in the immensity of my monstrously hard muscles.

“Of course you’re beautiful, my pretty tenshi! You’re all beautiful like the stars!”

Their giggling made me breathe faster and warmer, I could tell my features quickly assumed the same languid, lustful aspects of my little fellow students.

Hitoshi palmed my abdominal muscles while he explored the immensity of my physique.

“I can’t believe we’ll be the first in the Dojo to enko such a powerful Omoi.”

He whispered to Masaaki, who just pretended to ignore his impolite manners.

“You wouldn’t mind carrying us to a more private place, would you Yuusha? The supper is already finished and the students might be coming out any moment now, especially other Omoi…”

I still didn’t know what got into me, but I just felt so possessive about the three Seikou that I quickly picked their light bodies and carried along with me. Meanwhile, Fumio and Hitoshi kissed my nipples while Masaaki rubbed his soft cheeks against the hard mounds of muscle on my neck.

We eventually were back at my rooms, I gently lowered my Seikou in the enormity of the padded floors and we started making out vigorously. Fumio and Hitoshi reached for my left arm and kissed the mounds of my relaxed and yet raging hard muscles, while Masaaki gently rested on my chest and carefully rubbed his body against mine.

“Kenta-san, you are so manly, so powerful…you will soon be the biggest Omoi who ever walked on Koudo…”

I didn’t think such an obvious flatter would be so effective, but the truth was that it actually made me feel so special that my cock once again emerged from between my legs and this time it demanded immediate attention, and the green haired Seikou felt it all the way to his butt, the enormity of cock poked Masaaki in his firm bulbous behind.

“Oh, Shuhan, you’re so manly…you can’t wait to enko with me do you?”

I just nodded, although it wasn’t entirely true.

I was crazy to enko but it was not Masaaki who lingered in my mind.

The images of Osamu flooded my mind. The cuteness of his face which seemed to grow exponentially more beautiful when he got angry or sad; yet the shine of his smile rivaled the very sunrise.

“Oh…Yuusha, your cock, it’s so thick…so manly…look the three of us can hug it at the same time!” Fumio whispered so low, but it was sufficient to bring me back to such hot reality.

I moaned as they played with the enormity of my manhood.

“You are so manly, so virile, Shuhan! I doubt we’ll ever be able to seize this manly fire of yours, but it’ll be so nice to try again, again and again!” Hitoshi giggled as he helped his friends to jerk the glorious rugged veined surface of my cock.

Masaaki rubbed his body all the way back to my chest and I hugged his thin figure, his pretty eyes looked at my soul and I feared for one moment he could tell that it was not him that I truly wanted to be nested and protected in my muscles.

“Kiss me Kenta-san…” He mouthed to me and I unleashed the lustful beast inside me.

I never expected to be such a great kisser, especially because my experience was so limited, but having someone so beautiful, gentle and especially sexy like Masaaki helped a lot. Our kiss now felt comfortable and tender, but it started very roughly and aggressive, like the cry finally released after being muffled for a long time.

Masaaki gently made me realize that he no longer could breathe, still I kissed him for a few extra moments, until he was finally released.

“Kenta-san!” He paced with an excited horny look in his face, but I was very serious.

“Get back to my cock now.” It was the first time I ever spoke like that with anyone, but to my uttering surprise Masaaki actually enjoyed the harsh, authoritarian way in which I spoke to him.

The green haired Seikou obliged quickly and the three pretty little guys were all worshipping the immensity of my enormous phallus.

I just threw my head back and enjoyed as the three of them were actually standing on my body, but even their combined weight felt as light as a grain of salt.

The Seikou were very dedicated to their task. Fumio, Hitoshi and Masaki hugged and jerked my cock as I felt new heights of pleasure; my limited sexual experience made every second feel so special and outstanding that it was almost to think about something else.

Then, I remembered how cruel Kazumitsu sounded, and the impact his mockery had over the chronicler, who I considered to be a very brave little lad. If being a virgin meant such a disastrous thing to a Seikou, what would the other Omoi think of me if they knew I was oboko?

Haruki was the first to notice my condition and quickly acted to make it seem like I was fooling Seikou, playing with their very emotions, and Sensei Akimitsu did his best to encourage me to overcome my oboko condition in the name of Seiryoku, but if Osamu was also a virgin, would that mean they were using him to get the Scrolls translated?

That thought suddenly made feel cold. Why did everybody seem to hate Osamu, just because of his option to remain pure?

I stood up, not realizing the little guys were still clinging to my cock. It took me a few seconds to make them understand that situation had changed dramatically.

“…you’re leaving us? But why? I thought we were having such a great time, Yuusha!” Hitoshi protested, and Fumio just looked very angry.

“He’s just playing with us…like he did with Akira and Tekuno! He’s probably shacking with the Masters, so he sees no advantage in enko with students.”
Masaaki seemed the most distressed of them, his hair was a mess, his sweaty pale face showed how much dedication he was putting into pleasing me, but for some reason he just took a deep breath and told his friends to leave us.

For some reason, they didn’t complain and simply left me with a calm, yet very serious Masaaki. At that point, my cock was still throbbing and dripping ridiculous amounts of precum on the floor; yet, the little Seikou seemed to regain his composure.

“Kenta-san, your body clearly wants to enko with us, but I fear your heart is not in the same place.” He smiled as he got dressed, and I felt so humiliated for bailing out sex twice in the same day.

“Masaaki…it’s not that I don’t want it, it’s just…”

“You preferred someone else was here with you, Shuhan. Too bad you’ve seemed to favor the one Seikou who hates the world with all the force of his heart.” Masaaki said so sweetly that it made shiver of anger.

“Explain your meaning, Masaaki!” I ordered once again, but this time the Seikou wasn’t so cooperative as before.

“There’s nothing to explain, Kenta-san. Osamu hates both Omoi and Seikou, he can’t accept his true nature, and he will grow old and weak in time, like the yuri bloom itself.”

“Why do you keep calling him that? He’s not a coward just because he’s a virgin.”

“I didn’t mean that when I called him yuri, ignorant fool. He’s such a delicate, pure flower that lasts oh so briefly, without Seiryoku he’ll perish very fast, and I am mostly sorry because none of us will actually feel sorry when that happens.” Someone else said, but it was so smoothly that my mind took a while to register we were not alone.

I was so shocked, it didn’t even occur to me that I picked Masaaki by his collar and was almost shaking the small lad.

“Why do you hate him? Is it just because he’s a virgin? Are you that shallow Masaaki?”

A gentle, soft, yet very aggressive laughter invaded the room, I felt something pressing certain parts of my arm and before I even noticed, Masaaki was not only free from my grip and leaning against the wall, next to Sensei Kazumitsu.

I blushed deeply because of the sudden situation, but the blue haired master kissed Masaaki in the forehead and they both hugged very sensually.

“You should pay more attention to those who actually care for you, Kenta-san. That little chronicler of yours is the snake my brother decided to rest in his bosom.” Kazumitsu explained as he protectively placed himself between me and Masaaki.

“That makes no sense! Osamu earned a very trusty position from Sensei Akimitsu!” I protested, but the two Seikou only exchanged grins of mockery.

“By the Gods, you’re an awfully innocent mammoth puppy, aren’t you? Wake up and get your defenses ready, Kenta-san! We are in verge of a new war era, and if you continue to be that stupid, no matter how powerful you are, we’re doomed!” The master spoke with such assurance that I caught myself kneeling, desperately apologizing for my previous behavior.

“I am sorry Sensei, I…”

Kazumitsu rolled his eyes and held my face.

“You are in love with Osamu, silly boy!” The way he spoke it sounded so clear and yet cut me like a sharp knife through my heart.

Masaaki just shook his head in agreement. “Poor, Kenta. So much muscle, so much vigor and yet such little brains, you’ve fallen for a traitor.”

The tears rolled from my eyes, but they made me braver, so I stood up and towered over the Seikou, and for the first time in my life I felt the anger boiling inside my chest.

“You have no right to judge me, neither Osamu. He’s a fellow student in this dojo and you should pay him the due respect, Masaaki. And you, Sensei, I thought I wouldn’t have to preach about the importance of being earnest to someone who was supposed to be my role model.”

Kazumitsu’s eyes widened and it felt like he was slightly less mocking of me.
“How dare you speak to me like that? I’ll have you expelled…”

“No you won’t. You might be a great swordsman, but you’re clearly only tolerated here because your brother runs this Dojo, and it doesn’t need to be a genius to realize he’s ashamed of your behavior.”

This time, I could tell by the way Masaaki’s eyes reacted that the blue haired Sensei was pissed.

“Oh, so I’m the evil twin brother of your beloved Sensei Akimitsu huh? That’s so typical of him, twisting everything to make it seem like he’s the perfect one! If I remember he tried to milk your power in the very first time he met you huh? And what did he do when you rejected his courting? He sent you looking for the one Seikou that he knew would reject you for the very reason you breathe! How does it sound huh?”

“These are the words of an envious child!” I knew I couldn’t reveal the real reason to that shallow Seikou so I tried to change subject by appealing to his obvious weak spot.

Kazumitsu looked into my eyes with profound despise and whispered. “If only I knew back then you’d turn into such spoiled brat…”

I pretended I didn’t hear these last words and continued on my speech about the many differences between the twin brothers.

“Sensei Akimitsu sent me after the Jinchi Scrolls because he knew of my training with my grandfather would be helpful” I shook with anger, my muscles flexed harder and bigger, and it clearly was scaring the student Seikou, but Kazumitsu was not so impressed yet.

“Oh please….how can you be so stupid? Akimitsu is the very reason why you grandfather left Capital and went hiding in the country!”

Those words actually caught me off guard. I acted so fast that even a Seikou swordsman like Kazumitsu could be prepared. I reached for his body and crushed the blade of his sword with my bare hands, breaking it in several pieces while I held him in the other arm.

"Speak the truth which lies beneath your fowl tongue!” I said without realizing I was threatening a legendary warrior of Koudo.

Kazumitsu was afraid, regardless his attempts of remaining impassive, I could tell he feared for his life.

“Your grandfather was to be pointed the successor of the Heirless Emperor, everybody knew that but the Warring Clans feared Fusao more than anything. His uptight education would make him an ironclad ruler, immune to the corruption of the Noble casts, for that reason they had to make sure Ichikawa would never accept being the next Emperor…”

I felt my grip around Kazumitsu’s neck tightening as the anger mixed with pain inside my chest.

“Speak at once, devil tongue!” I shouted and it actually spread fear in the heart of my sensei, so he just went quiet, his body shaking violently.

“Put my brother down, Kenta. He’s not the one who lied to you.” Akimitsu said firmly. The Sensei followed Masaaki to the room but it suddenly felt so small when Haruki also entered, I couldn’t care how mad I was, the vision of that enormous Omoi made me feel angry and horny at the same time.

“Don’t make fight you, brother.” Haruki pleaded and I noticed the tension in the room, but I was able to let my mind to relax, so I let Kazumitsu free.

“I demand to know the truth.” I said looking at Haruki, not feeling intimidated by his bigger frame.

"That's the least I can do for you, child." The Sensei said in a very sad tone.

“Your grandfather and I were friends back when were students, but our friendship grew during our lives. He followed a path of academic excellence and became the Grand Keeper. Meanwhile, as a Seikou I just became what was expected of me…I was the leader of the Heirless Emperor’s personal secret guard, and my job was to make sure none of the conspiracy plots reached Shinjin, but I couldn’t help when they killed your mother and father.” The light of Akimitsu’s beauty faded out when he confessed.

I felt my stomach aching. “You…knew they were in danger?”

The Sensei nodded. “I did, but there was nothing I could so because I had to protect the Emperor and his successor; as pointed in the Royal will. I sent some of my most trusted men to protect your parents, but they were only able to save you and your brothers before it was too late.”

I looked at Kazumitsu and noticed his mocking grin vanished from that porcelain face. I could tell right then he was among the agents who had saved us, but there was no regret for my latest actions because I still remembered how he intentionally hurt Osamu’s feelings.

“When I delivered you and your brothers to Fusao, the poor man was destroyed; he cursed me and the Emperor and demanded to be dismissed from that duty, not because of him, but he feared for you. He never wanted to be Emperor, he was a scholar, and his family was his most precious treasure…and I owed it to him. Shinjin was very sick and his mind already going weak. We destroyed the will and any evidence of its making, and so Grand Keeper Ichikawa was released from his duties and took his family to live outside Capital City.”

The sensei seemed relieved to tell me such events, but I couldn’t feel more restless.

“Osamu was right…you’re all crazy gaishou!” I shouted from the top of my lungs, and the walls shook intensely. The anger in my spirit boiled beyond my control.

“You’ve claimed to be my grandfather’s friend and yet you didn’t tell him about the plots about his own family!” I pointed at Akimitsu but right then I just turned to face his blue haired twin.

“And it’s not because you saved me in the past that you have the right to toy with my feelings with your poisonous tongue!” The swordsman just stared at me with the remains of his sword.

“At least there’s some fire inside you. I feared that living in country had gotten you soft.”

I looked at Haruki and the bigger Omoi actually sympathized with my pain, but it was his duty to stay at Sensei’s side, he was the only one I actually understood at the moment.

It was only then I realized that all these revelations made me forget about their open hatred about Osamu.

“Brother, why do these Seikou hate the chronicler?” I asked Haruki and the humongous protector just took a deep breath.

“Kenta-san, there has been too many accusations tonight. Let’s try to sleep now, the whole Dojo might be hearing us now.”

“I don’t care! They all hurt Osamu on purpose, and they call him a snake! What has he done to be treated like that?”

“They hate the chronicler because of his origins, Kenta-san. He comes from the same land of the Inoue Clan, which claims dominance over Koudo after the passing of the Heirless Emperor, despite the lack of consensus from the Council.”

“You just hate him because of his birthplace? That’s ridiculous!”

Akimitsu sighed. “That’s just what the students know, Kenta-san. The traces of his origins are obvious in his accents, but what most of students ignore is the fact that Osamu might be the very reason for the upcoming war. Though my brother might have exaggerated, I did offer him shelter at the Dojo because of his Seikou condition, but his family members claim that he’s been kidnapped and kept hostage by Kaigi. ”

Akimitsu declared at once.

“Is that the reason for the secrecy of his name? But he is paying a price far too high…”

“Don’t be stupid, boy. The Inoue Clan ordered the assassination of your parents! That little bastard has been prepared to assume the throne for years, but for some ridiculously foolish reason, my brother believed when he came asking for protection! Now he’s been studying our precious scrolls and collecting as much information for whatever sinister plot he’s been planning!”

“ENOUGH!” Akimitsu shouted at his brother, his voice sounded much more powerful than he usually let it sound. I watched as the Sensei held my hands and explained.

“Despite the fact he’s never enko before, Osamu’s senses are very keen and his mind has an opened eye for things that cannot be seen. He told me about his dreams, and I believe they’re linked to the Scrolls. The moment I felt your potential, I knew the two of you were meant to work together…and I can tell you already feel that in your heart.”

“You don’t mean I’m in love with Osamu too do you, Sensei?”

The Sensei grinned. “I think we all should follow Haruki’s suggestion. It has been a day far too agitated for your first, Kenta-san. Tomorrow you can continue with your search.”

The room was empty before I could protest, but Akimitsu remained there with me for a few more moments.

“I just want you to know that I did everything to keep your family protected, but I obviously failed on my great friend Fusao, and for that he can never forgive me, but I assure you that keeping the Peace is my way to excuse me for previous faults.”

I sighed. “Sensei, if you know Osamu’s name, then why don’t you just tell me? Why keeping this secret?”

Akimitsu smiled and kissed my fingers.

“Ah, Kenta-san, you never cease to amaze me. That is the very reason I let him to hide in the Dojo. The heirs of Inoue Clan are never given any names, to keep their identity safe from their enemies; they just never imagined it would backfire on them. The dreams Osamu has are all linked to mysteries of Seiryoku, and for that reason he studies the Scrolls so hard, he is the search of his own name.”

“Why doesn’t he just pick any name?”

“Because, he is looking for a meaning to his life, he doesn’t want the burden of a War in his shoulders, he’s tired of all the blood his family has spilled, he rejected his very name in the search of his own fate. That is the proof of a noble soul, and that’s why you’re in love with him.”

“Stop saying that, Sensei. How can I be in love with someone I just met? Someone who openly despises everything about me, my size, my strength...”

“There’s no justification for love, young one. We might find reasons, but nothing truly explains how we end up loving someone. Osamu feels so abject to enko and the Omoi because of the revelations of his mind’s eye. He fears they might come true…he fears they’re bad omen.”

“Bad omen? What are these dreams, Sensei?”

Akimitsu just shook his head. “They’re not mine to reveal, Yuusha. But I can tell you that both of you have come to this place searching for answers. I don’t know if you ever will find them, but the questions afflicting you are the very same.”

After that, the Sensei left my room. I felt my heart pounding inside the chest. So many questions, so many doubts, but there was one thing that rested sure.

I had to protect Osamu (or whatever his name was) with my very life.

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