Omoi Wars 6

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I knocked at the Sanctuary at the break of dawn, and my anxious heart filled with joy when Osamu’s pretty face showed up, all grumpy and sleepy.

“Are you crazy? It’s still night, go back to your room and get some sleep!”

I just grinned and hugged the tiny little Seikou in my arms, and given his sleepy reflexes, I could hold him next to me for a few moments, which were enough to calm all the bad things I’ve dreamt about last night.

“What was that all about?” Osamu finally got back to his own mind, but at that point I had already calmed down by kissing his rosy cheeks, so I headed straight for the Jinchi Scrolls.

“Oh, I just wanted felt like doing it, you can’t blame a guy for being affective can you?”

The red haired chronicler just shook his head and mumbled something, but he surely seemed impressed with my own interest for unveiling the Scrolls.

“I’ve made some notes for you; after all I’ve been dueling with these scrolls for much longer…”

“Yeah, I’ve noticed. But that’s not much more other the Deimei Revelations. Where to go from there? The rest of the scrolls need to be placed in a certain order to complete the sense we’re looking for.”

“And you’re telling me that? I’m working day and night to get this right, you big buffoon!” Osamu slapped my back but it clearly only hurt his tiny hand. We continued to study the scrolls, trying to find a way to rearrange the parts so they could reveal something new again, but as time passed it proved a very difficult task.
The chronicler then started chanting something to calm himself down, and I noticed how sweet and angelical his voice sounded, soon I was totally focused on his amazing singing, and forgot all about the scrolls in front of me.

“I’m sorry…I shouldn’t do that, but it helps me passing the time…you have to understand I spent my days all alone in here.”

I smiled “I am not complaining, in fact you have the most beautiful voice…it’s also a very soothing song, but I’ve never heard it before, is it something from your hometown?”

Osamu’s face got serious. “It’s just a lullaby son, nothing important. Now, let’s get back to work.”

I gently lowered my humongous chest closer to the little Seikou and whispered.

“I am here for you, Osamu.”

The little guy was suddenly shocked. “What the hell do you mean by that?”

I was very calm. “Exactly what you heard, I am here for you. I’ll protect you.”

“P-p-pro… p-protect me from what?”

“I’ll protect you from anyone who might try anything to harm little my friend.” I replied casually looking back at the scrolls, but Osamu remained puzzled.

“What…what did these gaishou tell you about me?” His tone sounded worried and somewhat angry.

“Should we really lose our precious time to discuss such minor details?” I knew that Osamu was the kind of guy who needed to feel in charge in order to be comfortable about his personal issues.

“Look, I don’t know what that annoying Masaaki told you, but they’re disgusting gossipers, you can never trust them…” It was Osamu who first reached for my hands, and that particular detail made me so happy.

“They said some worrying stuff about you, my friend, but nothing that I couldn’t handle. I don’t care if you have your reasons to remain pure, that’s your choice and I respect it.”

Osamu looked a bit more confident, and yet even more puzzled. “Was it all they have told you, Kenta?”

I shrugged. “Well, the rest did not concern you as a matter of fact…”

The little red haired chronicler shook his head. “That’s okay…if you want to talk about it…we can give a break from the scrolls…”

I took that slightest opening and gently told him all about the events of last night after he left me with Masaaki and his friends. As the story unfolded, I could tell Osamu’s worries grew more intense, and when I finally told about my confrontation with Kazumitsu and the intervention of Haruki and Sensei Akimitsu, his face was noticeably blushed.

“You…got into a fight with Kazumitsu because of me? Kenta, that’s foolishness, that annoying swordsman is protected by his brother, he can make your life here very miserable, believe me…”

“Well, he’s got more important things to do, like forging another sword for him, because I broke that thing with my bare hand. I’m not saying I feel proud of it, but I admit I do not regret doing such thing.”

“You broke his blade with your hands?”

I blushed. “Well, technically I crushed it with one hand…I know it was stupid, but I felt so angry, and the thing didn’t even scratch me, I think my skin is tougher than I thought.”

Osamu searched my enormous hand with his pretty fingers, gently touching the harsh skin of my palm, looking for any signs of cuts, but the calloused surface of my gargantuan paw was intact. Noticing that I was adoring to be touched so carefully, the little Seikou quickly stopped and tried to regain a distant posture.

“Well, in any case you were a fool. Kazumitsu is one dangerous Orochi (snake) and you just got him angry at you for no important reason. He’s gonna make you regret your choices.” The scholar looked at me apprehensively.

“Believe me; Kazumitsu’s disappointment towards me comes from other reasons. In fact, last night I discovered that both he and Akimitsu saved my family from being killed by conspirators.”

Osamu dropped his brush, his hands were visibly shaking, but he remained quiet.

“My parents were murdered in the same night Grandpa Fusao was chosen by Shinji as the next ruler of Koudo. Sensei Akimitsu was the chief of the Emperor’s Personal Guard at the time, and he sent a task force to stop the assassination plan, but they only succeeded in rescuing me and my brothers. The pressure was too much for a man like Grandpa; he forced Akimitsu to destroy Shinji’s will and ran away to the old provinces with us.”

I felt I could trust Osamu completely, even after the dreadful attempts to depicture him as a traitor of Koudo. The little red haired chronicler was speechless, but I wanted him to feel safe next to me.

“That’s why I told you, I’ll be here for you, Osamu. I’m not letting anything bad happen to you.”

Osamu tried to leave the room, but I was prepared for such kind of reaction; at the slightest sign of tension in his muscles, I quickly picked the tiny figure into my arms and hugged him was gentle as those monumental pectorals of mine allowed.

“Everybody is convinced that you have seduced me, that I’m blind because I’m in love with you, Osamu. I don’t know if they’re right, but I know one thing for sure. You need protection.”

“Let me go you moron! You don’t know me at all! You’re just a stupid kid trying to save the world just because you’re so big and strong!” He kicked and screamed but I remained calm.

After the initial moments, Osamu’s energy quickly dropped and soon he was quiet, but I kept hugging him as tight as before, we were quiet all the time and that moment soon became very cozy and comfortable.

“I am fine now…why don’t you let me go?”

“I’ll never let go of you, Osamu.” I giggled, trying to make that moment last as long as possible.

He sighed, and to my surprise, he no longer tried to escape.

“Why do you trust me so much, when I’ve done anything else but trying to keep you at bay?”

“I can’t explain why I trust you, but I can tell you that I honestly trust you. I know you’re keeping a lot of important details from everybody in the Dojo, but something tells me that your search for the Jinchi Scrolls is just as noble as your heart, Osamu.”

The chronicler seemed much more comfortable in my arms.

“I…dreamt of you Kenta. Not just once or twice, you’ve been in my dreams long before we met.”

I tried to act as surprised as possible, but that smart Seikou just rolled his eyes.

“Yeah, I can tell you Akimitsu has probably told you that too huh? Damn, these Seikou are such gossipers! Well, I guess it’s useless now…”

“He…told me you have dreamt about me, but he didn’t reveal the content of your dreams, he said that I should get it from you, Osamu.”

The chronicler went quiet and pensive for a moment, and then he just shrugged.

“Oh, what the hell…now that you know there’s no reason to keep it a secret, anymore. I dream of you almost every night, well let’s make that more precise. I’ve been dreaming with you for the last 4 years of my life. In each night I have several versions of the same dream with you bringing the end of Koudo.”

“WHAT?” I nearly dropped Osamu because of the shock.

“I dream that you will lead Omoi and Seikou united as a Kaigi General, your strength and power will surpass any Omoi ever born. Under your command, Omoi and Seikou will rise against the Inoue Clan’s forces and the battle will be quick. You will crush the rebellion and put an end to the Age of War much sooner than expected.”

I gulped, feeling my heart sinking in my enormous chest, but Osamu continued reporting his dreams to me.

I shook my head. “Is this some kind of joke? Osamu, you…can’t be serious.”

“I knew that you would eventually end up here, the feelings you kept in your heart were too clear, you wanted answers for your questions, and I knew the Jinchi Scrolls were keeping them, and I only wanted to make sure I’d be here when find them.”

“No…wait…this doesn’t make any sense! You have made it almost impossible for me to even look at the scrolls!”

Osamu laughed gently. “Did you really think I could make it easy? How could I be sure that you were the one of my dreams? I mean…you were, but so could every other Omoi, you’re all massively muscular and manly, my own lust could play tricks over my mind. So I announced that I’d never enko…that would keep Omoi away from me, but hopefully not the one supposed to find the Scrolls, and you didn’t disappoint me…”

“Do you mean that you and Sensei Akimitsu have been playing with me?”

“No, Akimitsu was honest with you, he truly hoped that if he encouraged Omoi to come here and look for the Scrolls, I would eventually find the one of my dreams, the one who would win the upcoming Age of War”

“And here I thought I had to protect you from the anger of those who believed you were a traitor…”

Osamu chuckled. “Akimitsu is so hopeful to avoid the war; he believes you will bring Peace to Koudo. I had a plan all along, Kenta-san. I pretended to have dropped my clan and infiltrated into the enemy forces to find out the Omoi who would become the Ruler of Absolute Nothingness.”


“I am not Osamu; it was the name Akimitsu chose for me because I wasn’t given any name by my family.”

“I…know that, but you said you dropped your family …” For some reason I felt sorry for Osamu…he was denied the right to be called by his own name.

“But if you have been dreaming with my victory, why did you run away from your own family and came here, exactly to the enemy Dojo?”

“My plan consisted in coming here to seduce you!” The little red haired Seikou simply explained. “I’d become your Ichiban, and through our enko I’d share the power you will soon unearth. Together we’ll be unstoppable, the Inoue Clan wouldn’t stand a chance!”

“Why would you betray your own Clan?”

Osamu shook his head. “I never had a family; I never even had a name to be called. I was raised as a leader, ever since tender age the servants called me majesty, I was taught everything to become a powerful king, how to keep people under my control under adverse times. I was supposed to take my own name only after ascending to the throne! Who denies a child the right to be a child? I don’t feel they’re my family, and my heart was so filled with that I didn’t realize I was on the way of unleashing mayhem…”

“Why do you say that?”

“My dreams with you changed upon my arrival in the Dojo, and they indeed revealed what would happen if I followed my intents. I’d use you as my own weapon, seeding hate and distrust in your trustful heart, and reaching for higher goals. I’d become Ruler of Koudo even it meant using you as my puppet.”

“NO! NOT YOU TOO!” I screamed in horror.

“I was raised to rule, Kenta. And in my omen you would steal it from me, how did you expect me to react? My mind was set to seduce you…Seikou are created to do it, and you Omoi crave for dominating our bodies. I’d just make sure to play the cards swiftly, and soon all the power would be mine, and so would be my name!”

I was silent, that could not be the same little guy I wanted to protect so desperately.

“Wait, what about my family?”

“Seikou are meant to be stealth agents. I’d use your own weakness to bring you under my control. Your family’s murderer would be the perfect chance to turn you against Kaigi. You would never believe your beloved Ichiban was the one who committed such sinful acts!”

“Are you really telling me that in your dreams you would kill my family and blame it on Kaigi ?” I didn’t know how to react. Osamu told me such horrible things, yet, they were not real, at least not yet, and I still couldn’t understand how could it be possible for me to feel so attracted to a little man with such evil ideas!

“Yes, but there’s more yet. Following my expectation you would declare war against the Warring Clans. Although your fellow Omoi and Seikou will try to dissuade you from the idea, your anger will make you blind and deaf, forcing them to run far from your revenge. In the end, it will be a war of one Omoi against the entire Koudo.”

“YOU’RE A MONSTER!” I punched the ground and created an immense crater in the floor. That was just an empty attempt protest, but Osamu was determined to finish his speech.

“And yet, you’re the one in clear advantage because your power had grown so immensely that no Force can defeat your strength. The result is not only the destruction of Koudo, but the very devastation of Life was we know it and you will become the Ruler of Absolute Nothingness. From the remains of our Dojo you will be a monstrous muscular Omoi with ever growing power and hatred, with a burning rock for your heart, you will bring death and destruction upon the lives of many!”

“I can’t…believe I’m hearing all of this…How can you even…I suppose in this dream of yours you’d finally get your revenge huh?” I cried copiously, I never felt so hurt like that, it was much worse than Kazumitsu’s offenses, these were just my worst nightmares reported by someone I’ve just met.

“I am not saying it would work perfectly. Throughout your War against Kaigi, the truth about the assassination of your family would come to the light, and then Hell would finally turn lose. Your ever growing powers would turn against your own Ichiban. I would be doomed, but your anger then would burn forever…”

“Osamu, why are you telling me this? I…thought we were friends! I thought…”

“That’s your problem, Kenta. You think the best of everybody, you trust everybody even without any reason. You trust this Dojo is the solution for your problems, but that’s far from being true. They want to make a weapon of you; Kaigi has plans for you and all the other Omoi. They will use you as their invincible weapons.”

“But…your visions, do you think they’ll become true? I…don’t want to become the monster you described.”

“And yet, your cock is harder than ever. You dream with that power, Kenta. That’s the essence of your very existence, and no one will stop you from becoming the most powerful Omoi. That’s why I gave up my family and my name. I will challenge my fate by dropping everything that has been planned for me by others!”

I noticed my humongous erection and felt so dirty, so filthy, and so disgustingly monstrous. How could I get off on such horrible omen?

“You can’t expect me to continue this! I’m out of here!” I simply dropped the tiny Seikou and stormed out of the temple; nothing would stop me from running away from that madness. I should have listened to my brother…

I looked back and realized that I actually felt a little disappointed because he didn’t even try to stop me. After all the horrible things he said, he could at least try to feel sorry for hurting me like he did, but instead he just stood there and even had the nerve to laugh out loud. I felt so mad that I was back inside the Scroll Shrine.

“I must be really funny to you huh? You little horrible man…” I spoke loud, but Osamu continued to laugh so hard he even cried. I was about to shake him out of that, when he just raised his hand to me.

“You don’t understand? I confessed everything to you! I finally did it! I’m free!” He was laughing less hard now, but the giggling still annoyed me.

“Are you mad or something? How can you be laughing at such horrible omen?”
Osamu cleaned the tears from the corners of his pretty eyes.

“That’s the funniest part! How can people believe in dreams and judge people based on them? How can people expect you to be a savior or a monster from the dreams I’ve had? I’ve dreamt about me doing such despicable things, and because of that I’ve carrying this guilty inside my chest for so long, feeling the worst being ever, when in truth I didn’t do any of these things!”

It was then I realized I had full sympathy for Osamu’s feelings.

“I felt the same way…the guilty felt too heavy. I never thought anything could hurt so much.”

“And why did you just accept everything I told you will become true? You’re supposed to be the master of your own destiny, and that’s why I intend to do. I won’t live my life in fear of my own horrible dreams!”

“If that is true, then why didn’t you give up? Why didn’t you leave the Scrolls and their malicious power at once?”

“Their power is the last chance to save Koudo from destruction, Kenta. The Scrolls are revealing themselves to you. You know that, and with or without dreams, I can tell you are the one meant to unearth their lost power.”

“Are you crazy? Why would I dare to continue on this path and destroy everything around me? That’s just a stupid hunger for power that I don’t share with you!”

“Power in itself is not good neither bad, it is neutral. It is the use we make of it that determines goodness of evilness. I think that my dreams are not telling me the future, they might be telling me one possible future, but we won’t ever know until we act. Running away won’t solve the problem at all.

“You’re very cunning, Seikou. You’re just trying to convince me to unlock the powers so you can set your horrible plan in motion!” I grunted but Osamu approached me very sincerely.

“The Scrolls tell the story of the Rise of Fearsome Hordes, and probably the reason for the existence of Omoi and Seikou, if you can uncover these mysteries, then we might be able to understand Seiryoku and use it wisely instead of just probing with the perils it contains.”

“I…don’t know if I want to do that anymore. I…don’t want people to suffer or die because of me, and if I just leave now…I won’t become the things you have dreamt. How can I ever trust you again?”

It was Osamu who gently placed his face against my enormous body.

“You can’t help that, Kenta. You’re already unveiling its secrets, I can tell the Scrolls are somehow trying to communicate with you, they’re gonna make their message clear for you, because you’re the one entitled to receive it…”

“And how can you make me do that?” I asked in disbelief.

“I actually can’t, but you’ve just promised me to protect me…I thought you would keep your word.”

“Protect you from what?”

The red haired Inoue smiled and said. “You need to protect me from myself. I don’t want to become the monster of my dreams, and I think you’re the only one who can do it! If you truly master the Scrolls, you will know the true essence of Seiryoku and the nature of Omoi and Seikou, you will be able to protect me and make sure that the power we get won’t corrupt us!”

“Corrupt us? You mean…”

“I know you want me to become your Ichiban, Kenta. I was afraid at first, but now…I just feel that it’s inevitable…”

I just felt dizzy. “You’re not making any sense now Osamu. You said the other day you were yuri, and you would never enko with anyone!? You don’t even know me, how come you will become my Ichiban?”

“Did you think you were being dishonest when you felt charmed by me even when I was trying my best to being repulsive? You were much more affective towards me ever since the beginning, I was the one trying to keep a cloak of disinterest towards you…”

“Well, no…but you said you were yuri…”

“And I am…I’ve never enko because I didn’t want to mix my omens with reality…you see…in my dreams I am at your side all the time. We are gonna master Seiryoku and grow more powerful from its benefits, but it’s also the cause of our decay. We need to this the right way.”

I gulped. “Osamu…I am…oboko.”

The little red haired chronicler blushed and then he did something I never expected. He jumped into my arms and reached for my lips, he kissed me so passionately, and so intensely. I didn’t know how, but we locked our lips and kissed so intensely, the world seemed to disappear, I could only feel his tiny figure groping my muscles while I continued to savor the sweet taste of his lips, like the very balsam of life.

Eventually, I had to break the kiss, not because I wanted, but to make sure Osamu could breathe.

“Why did you stop? There’s no need to be scared…I want it…so badly. You’ve been saving yourself for me and you didn’t even know!”

“Osamu…it’s not that…I’ve tried to enko ever since I got here, Akira…Tekuno…Haruki…Akimitsu…Masaaki…Fumio…Tekuno, they all tried to take me…and I never felt I could…I don’t want to hurt you.”

The chronicler blushed and just kissed my cheeks, whispering in my ears.
“I want it, Yuusha…”

“No…please…Osamu…you’re not like them…you don’t need to call me like that…I don’t want you to feel inferior to me, not you.”

The red haired Seikou was surprised, but he smiled sweetly.

“You really feel you’re gonna hurt me huh? I guess I understand your feelings. I mean…despite the obvious hard evidences that Seikou can actually take the enormous cocks of Omoi inside them you still are such a gentleman…”

“It’s not about being a gentleman, it’s just the way I feel…but I really wanted to be less of a coward and just be able to fuck like a true Omoi.

“Then, maybe what you need is encouragement. Why don’t we continue to explore the Scrolls? If you find more evidence about the importance of Seiryoku, then you can be more confident of yourself, my love…”

“It’s so weird to hear you calling me like that…” I said blushing deeper but my cock certainly didn’t feel that way.

“Well, part of you seems to enjoy…a big part I might say…” Osamu chuckled and pointed at my humongous phallus totally erect.

I nodded. “I don’t know if I’ll be able to concentrate with this enormous cock of mine so hard…”

“As weird as it might sound, I don’t think you will have problem to perform anything while you’re hard. It turns out Omoi always perform better when they are hard, maybe you have some kind of heightened sense when you’re in such state.”

“Well, there’s only one way to test your theory, Shiju.” I grinned as we both went back to our studies in the Jinchi Scrolls. I still struggled with the idea that my rebel Seikou Osamu was in love with me. He was the only one who didn’t try to get me enko yesterday, and now he suddenly wanted the same thing!

However, it quickly became clear that Osamu was right. The moment I laid eyes on the symbols they were making more sense now than the previous day, it was then I realized these scrolls were meant to be read by an Omoi, although most of them knew nothing about the old language and grammar.

“Do you understand it now, Shuhan? These scrolls were meant to be read by Omoi. You’re doing some interesting notes on the side, it’s like you don’t even need to translate them, you’re seeing the images as they are told, aren’t you?”

I tried to reply, but there was nothing I could do at the moment, something else happened – an unexpected mental link that dragged my conscience into a different time and space.

I saw it all.

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