Omoi Wars 7

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“Kenta-san…can you hear me?” The beautiful voice of the nameless chronicler sounded like a whisper amidst the turmoil of events running inside my mind. I was living in-between past and present, the secrets of Seiryoku revealed themselves to me as I witnessed their very creation.

“Yes, puchi (little one), everything is fine now.” Although Osamu would tell that I didn’t spend more than a few moments in that catatonic state, I felt exhausted once the experience ended. I had lived thousands of lifetimes in thousands of different bodies throughout the centuries ever since Dawn of Omoi and Seikou.

“You got me scared for a moment…” He sheepishly giggled while I reassumed my usual portliness.

“Heh, don’t worry, Yuri. You were right, the Jinchi Scrolls were indeed meant for an Omoi, I just didn’t expect to experience such powerful connection…” I noticed Osamu still blushed when I spoke to him.

All of a sudden his beautiful eyes were filled with immediate horror.

“The Scrolls!” Osamu noticed these ancient vessels for knowledge were quickly turning into dust, he rushed to the tables and tried to avoid such terrible loss, but the paper was gone before he could try anything. I felt the energy rushing through my body, my muscles hardened and thickened as I quickly grabbed Osamu in my humongous arms to comfort him.

“Worry not, pretty flower. The Scrolls survived for one reason, there’s no use for them anymore, since I have unlocked the secrets for Seiryoku.”

“Your voice sounds different…what have you seen, Kenta?” Osamu’s voice was so tenderly low and delicate, yet I knew the sorrow in his heart was like a powerful venom that would corrupt his soul permanently if I wasn’t careful.

“You’re still not ready, Osamu. But don’t you worry; I will take care of everything.”

“Can you really put an end to my suffering?” The chronicler embraced me, I could tell he was eager and anxious, but at the same time, a faint light hope in his eyes fueled my actions.

“I have been with the Ancient Dragons when they bestowed their power upon humans, creating Omoi and Seikou as brothers to protect mankind from itself. I have battled along the first Omoi and their passionate Seikou, I have seen and felt each and every enko established throughout countless generations, and I came back to bring back Peace.” The powerful tone of my voice made the walls shook violently.

Osamu’s body shook gently. “What about my visions?”

“You were right, for most part, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Trust me and never lose hope!” I gently kissed his forehead and hugged my pretty Yuri once again, before I left the Temple carrying the prettiest Seikou in my arms.

As I ran outside, my body experienced an unfelt hunger, something that was beyond physical carving for nutrition, it was indeed a spiritual urge that boiled inside my heart. The other students noticed the difference on my behavior – from the shy, hesitating freshman I now moved like the master of their own masters.

Instead of luring the little and lustful Seikou, I could tell they did not dare to approach me. Not because they weren’t attracted me anymore, quite the contrary. They now behaved towards me like the young boys who trying to stare at the Sun – a power so great that could not face – and yet they would keep pushing themselves for longer periods of direct contemplation.

Meanwhile, now fellow Omoi came towards me. Unlike the previous times when we all took foolish parts in this silent competition for size and strength, losing our true purposes in this irrational struggle, now they came to me like brothers who had recognized their wrongful deeds.

“Kenta, is everything alright with you? You look different…” Satoru said, his hand touched my shoulder and we both felt the impact of such simple gesture. I just nodded and replied.

“I am doing great, Satoru. I am sorry if I tried to make you feel small, I was just a fool, and we don’t need that anymore. Soon, blessed size will make all of us even bigger!” I replied in a very excited tone.

“Wow, Kenta-san, you sound very happy. I am glad you feel that way…” Naito approached very calmly, he had learned about yesterday’s events and still felt unsure about me and especially the little Seikou I carried in my arms like the most valuable treasure in the world.

I smiled at my fellow monstrously muscular lad, sharing a tremendous happiness to be close to someone so strong and good hearted. No longer had I felt that inner anger for seeing that he was truly blessed with the same humongous brawniness.

“I am happy for the first time in years, brother, but we have to be quick. I need to find Haruki.”

Naito was surprised to see my truthfulness, it caught him off-guard, but he reacted in a very sincere and friendly manner. “Haruki is training at the fields, you will find him easily. Is there anything else I can help you with?”

I grinned, hugging my fellow Omoi and whispering in his ears. “Spread the word, Naito, Omoi and Seikou will rise again to save this world from destruction!”

I knew Naito would take a few moments to process the message, but I had no time to waste, so I ran towards the training fields, quickly tracking down the Dojo’s most respected student.

I could tell in advance Haruki was very worried about the previous’ day events. He was practicing bare chested, punching giant boulders and pulverizing them with each single blow. His enormous body moved so graciously that I once again remembered the reason for Seiryoku.

“You wait here, yuri.” It was all I said to Osamu as I put him back in the ground, and for the first time he obliged very quietly as I headed towards the Senior Dojo Student.

I didn’t need to call out for my fellow Omoi, he knew I was coming and just opened his eyes, which seemed very preoccupied.

“Kenta-san, I am sorry, but I need to train…” The bigger, taller and most impressive Omoi sounded wounded and really upset, so I simply kneeled and picked his hand, begging for his mercy.

“Forgive me, big brother. I’ve been a fool to even suspect of your intents. Fear consumed my heart, but I no longer fear now.” I said very calmly, noticing that Haruki felt very uncomfortable with my excessive politeness, so I stood up and hugged his even bigger gargantuan physique with all the enthusiasm I could mutter.

The hug was at first very awkward, but soon I felt Haruki hugging me back, he was indeed a very good hearted man, a noble example of a gentle soul inhabiting the most amazing and muscular body among the Omoi. Haruki’s body language lightened as we finally broke that meaningful embrace.

“Kenta, I am the one who needs to be sorry. I couldn’t imagine that you would feel so serious about Osamu…”

“It doesn’t matter anymore, big brother. Yes, I love Osamu and I’ll make him my Ichiban, but I need your help.” I couldn’t help but blushing, since Haruki knew about my condition.

The bigger Omoi gently smiled and punched my shoulder. “Then, I don’t see how I can help you in other way than saying “Go for it!” Osamu deserves someone like you.”

“I know Akimitsu wanted you to enko with the Chronicler, he hoped you would be the one to recover the power of Jinchi Scrolls. You are his best pupil; it was the most logical choice.”

“But it was also not the correct one.” Haruki grinned. “I don’t deny I tried to take on your flower, but it was before you arrived here.”

I grinned. “And I don’t deny I feel glad he’s still oboko, but that’s precisely why I need your help.”

Haruki looked at me puzzled, so I gently held his arm and laid it on my muscular chest, letting him feel the beating of my powerful heart, Haruki’s face grew excited and yet very anxious.

“Kenta…there’s something different on the beating of your heart, there’s no more hesitation, you feel sure…what does it mean? Oh…don’t you tell me it is …”

“That’s it, Haruki. The secrets of Seiryoku once again belong to Omoi, my brother. I have been with the Dragons and understood that we have to protect mankind from itself!”

“Kenta, if you now possess the Secret of Seiryoku, what are you waiting to unleash it?”

“Your help, brother, I need you help because Omoi are not nearly the size they can be, and Seikou are far too corrupted to be empowered without proper cleansing.”

“…I don’t why, but I feel you’re right.” Haruki nodded, his beautiful smile once again adorned his manly handsome face.

“I’ve seen the Origins of Omoi and Seikou, and their existence necessarily meant balance, but once the Hordes disbanded and Omoi became rare, Seikou grew lonely and bitter. Without us to attend their need to worship our muscles, they became dangerous. They were corrupted by evil men to do their nasty crimes as a form of excitement.”

Haruki nodded. “Yes, most of Seikou have committed despicable deeds for adventure, serving the Warring Clans as stealth agents, toying with politics is a very dangerous game, but they’re still noble, it’s like Akimitsu and Kazumitsu…”

“You love them both so much that you don’t know to which one you will give your heart huh?”

Haruki’s eyes grew wide, but he didn’t deny. “It’s complicated…”

“I’m sure it’s simpler than you want to believe.” I quickly replied. “I know for a fact that they both enko with you, and that your strength made them more powerful, but you’re worried because they have too many issues among themselves to even love you back the way you deserve.”

Haruki nodded. “You have grown wiser…”

“I know, but I need you to grow even bigger to put my wisdom into good use. And you are the key for that. I want you to take me, brother. Make me your Ichiban!”

I felt Haruki’s arms reacting to my request faster than his mind could process the idea; he just hugged me so manly, the powerful hands groping the hardness of my muscular butt. Our bodies got so much closer and we both felt the lust increasing, but still Haruki hesitated.

“Wait…I thought you wanted Osamu to be your…”

“I do, but my Yuri is terribly tainted, and I’m afraid his darkness might poison Seiryoku if he receives it directly from me. I need a strong moral anchor to strengthen Good within me, and you’re the one who can do it.”

“Kenta, I’m honored, but I’m far from being perfect, I’m as flawed as anyone else.”

“And this is exactly the reason that brought me here, brother. You are humble to accept your flaws and noble to try your best in overcoming them. This is the first and most important lesson for unlocking Seiryoku. With your help, our bodies will soon be as big as your noble heart, my brother!”

The excitement in my soul made me jump into Haruki’s arms, we kissed so passionately, feeling our lips almost melting into each other, we took several moments enjoying that intimate bond, that I barely noticed Osamu poking the hardness of my physique from the ground.

“Did you bring me here to watch while you two fuck?” The red haired Chronicler still had the flaming spirit that I loved so much.

We both laughed and Haruki looked down at the fiery Seikou.

“You were certainly right, brother. This yuri needs to be properly tendered.” Haruki gently kneeled and brought Osamu closer to us.

“I…am not afraid of you!” At this point, Osamu’s words didn’t mean much, we knew what he needed.

The little red haired flower of mine was surrounded by the biggest muscles in Koudo. I picked the boy from the ground and gently pressed Osamu’s tiny figure against Haruki’s humongous chest. I kissed his forehead briefly before replacing my hand by my own monumentally massive bare chest.

“Don’t be afraid, Osamu, for you are safe now, little flower. Nothing will ever harm you because Haruki and I are going to protect you. Our muscle is your strength, and your love feeds our bodies.”

Osamu was overpowered and obviously overwhelmed, he just gasped and moaned while the veins of my body grew harder and thicker. The curves of Haruki’s even bigger chest surrounded him; the contours of our mighty sinew easily engulfed the little boy inside them. Soon we had gently encapsulated the tiny Seikou between our powerful muscles.

Haruki glanced down at me smiling, we managed to touch our lips together, compressing the uncanny hard thickness of our monstrous pectorals, and we once again kissed very passionately, while Osamu was comfortably nested in the cocoon of our invincible muscle. Each one of us could feel

“It is time, brother. Reach for your fate and never fear, because I’m here for you.” Haruki said as he groped my butt and lifted me from the ground, my thick legs wrapped around his thin waist, the huge cock of him pressed between the massive muscles of my back, I just grinned and climbed higher into Haruki’s massive frame, taking all the care to protect my delicate Yuri.

The immense head of Haruki’s cock pressed into my oboko butt, and I felt so proud to be pure and immaculate for my Hero of Noble Heart. I blushed just before Haruki gently blew in my ears.

“Kenta-san, I’m your Ichiban.”

The cock of my immense brother penetrated me so gently and yet so roughly at the same time. Pain and Fear dissolved into Pleasure and Hope as he managed to enter my hard, massive virgin butt and pressed that cock inside me with unmatchable skills.

My mind fevered with the excitement of the first enko. I could feel each part of my body anticipating the epic pleasure I was about to get. The thousands of lessons locked in the depth of my brain soon erupted into my conscious mind at once.

“Kaihou Seiryoku! (Unleash the Might!)” I half-consciously said, triggering the thousands of lessons and secrets which now dwelled inside my mind.

I instantly felt connected with the whole world, the Power was channeled into my body, and I could see the mighty expansion of my muscular frame happening so simply and yet so magnificently intensely. Throwing my head back, I noticed that the very air I breathed was carried with more of that amazing power that now fueled my growth.

Haruki felt my body increasing as he fucked me, supporting the rapidly augmenting weight in his might trunk sized thighs. He also moaned and hissed as my butt muscles thickened around his giant powerful python.

The muscle grew so fast it was not a delicate scene to watch, but at the same time it was overwhelmingly exciting to feel my muscles increasing so intensely, gaining the Power of Ages, earning the Strength of Skies and the Might of Earth. My body soon matched Haruki’s incredible proportions, and in that moment, I knew my noble hero loved me so deeply that his bright heart flooded our bonding with unselfish tenderness.

“Kenta, you are growing so fast…so much heavier…so much sexier…” He moaned as his cock went deeper inside my expanding body, and I made sure I clenched my butt cheeks so hard that even his unbreakable rod felt the strength I now carried.

“Yes, but we’ve just begun, brother. I need your enko to purify Osamu.” I gingerly said, making sure to let the little red haired Seikou slip between the sweaty hardness of our immense physiques.

The nameless Chronicler looked so precious, he was quiet and overwhelmed with all the muscle surrounding and overriding his senses. It was then he noticed the immense size of my own Omoi obelisk pressing against his pure little body. The wildness of my newfound manliness flooded his Seikou core and Osamu’s fiery eyes now showed the languid lust of his peers.
“Yuusha, I wanted you to be my Ichiban…” He barely whispered, while his little thighs tried to hug the body of my growing cock.

Haruki chuckled. “He’s all yours little one, I am just making sure your Ichiban becomes the biggest Omoi of all times!” The voice of the Dojo’s elder student filled my ears with joy and pride. I could feel the strength of our enko actually touched all the members of our Dojo.

Soon they would share the same blessings, but for now I had to focus in purifying my delicate boy.

Osamu’s pretty eyes looked at my expanding muscularity. I was getting so much bigger than Haruki that he no longer supported our weight; he just realized my legs were now touching the ground, my impressively thick thighs flexed like the two most amazing oak trunks in the world.

My noble hero then used my much thicker thighs as his own support to keep fucking my growing body with increasing pace. We both hissed and roared as the intensity of our enko augmented along with my muscles.

The red haired Seikou gulped, he was so excited, and yet so afraid because his rational mind struggled to accept the physical impossibility to house the immensity of my manhood inside him. I used to feel the same way, so guilty to be so immensely endowed and desired. But now I knew better, I was born to be like that, and fucking my little yuri was actually my reason to exist.

Feeling my growth accelerating, I quickly embraced my pretty flower-boy. His tiny frame felt so right protected in the expanding contours of the ever growing cleavage of mine, our hearts beating so fast.

“You don’t have to worry…I won’t hurt you, my body and yours are meant to be together, bonded in the enko. Our love needs it, Mitsuki.”

“That’s not my name.” The Chronicler replied automatically, but I could tell that single word had a deep impact over my red haired Seikou.

Meanwhile, Haruki’s cock was all inside me, and the brave hero used all his might to make me grow faster and wider. The new dimensions of my muscles surpassed our previous difference, and as my expansion continued, my clothes already destroyed by the flourishing new muscles in the monumental augmenting forms of my chosen form.

“I am here to protect you, Yuri, my pretty flower-boy, so tiny and frail and yet so sharp and dangerous.”

The red haired Seikou was blushing so intensely, and I felt proud for acting like a true Omoi for the first time in my life.

“Still, you called me Mitsuki for a purpose.”

I closed my eyes, feeling Haruki unplugging his immense cock and climbing on my back to get a better grip so he could fuck me even harder. The idea of my body getting so much taller and thicker, wider than Haruki was tall and so much more muscular than my noble Omoi brother made me so very horny, my cock now served as a very moist seat for the ass my little Seikou.

“That is the name I’ve chosen for you, my love. You have been through much suffering wintery darkness in your life. You were denied the very right of your own name, because no one loved you enough to name such a pretty innocent boy. Now, you shall be known as Mitsuki, the undying Hope brought along with the first Light of Summer!”

The little Seikou was indeed surprised. “That is…how did you…how is it even possible?”

I chuckled and caressed his hard little flower-boy cock.

“It thought you already knew it! Back in the days Omoi possessed as many Seikou he wanted. They belonged to him like the flowers a peasant picks in the garden. Omoi were the ones responsible for Seikou, to love and to make them happy, and by naming his Seikou, an Omoi claimed his preference over him.”

“I…knew that…but you have chosen the very same name I dream to have every night!”
“Seiryoku runs through me. There are no secrets for me now. I claim you Mitsuki, my Light of Summery Hope – your body, your pleasure and you love are mine. I shall protect you and make sure no one hurts ever again.” I picked him and the little red haired flower-boy smiled.

“I’m yours Yuusha” He muttered, his body shaking of excitement, fear no longer dwelled in our minds, for love have filled them beyond mundane comprehension.

I gently pressed my enormous cock into Mitsuki’s little butt and it opened like the bloom he truly was. We both felt the energy of Seiryoku flooding us. Even Haruki’s massive body suddenly felt the completion of our triple enko.

The long haired Omoi’s cock filled my virgin butt with his noble essence, drenched in his manly mighty and the powerful seed cleansed Mitsuki’s soul as my cock went deeper inside his tiny yet marvelous body.

At that moment, I could feel that Haruki grew along with me. His muscles increased and his body enlarged because we were together in the Power. I felt his tenderness and bravery guiding me as my own cock penetrated more of my little flower.

“Back in the day, an Omoi was the fortress of his Seikou. They are fearless because nothing could harm their protectors and imbued of such bravery they moved forward and accomplished the impossible!” I heard Haruki’s voice reciting the same lessons I had uncovered and he grew more muscular as he quoted that powerful lesson.

We heard the gasping and the moaning of our fellow Omoi brothers who were gathered around us, admiring our heroic fucking. We noticed that we were the pride of our kind, and we should share the knowledge because it was the only form of true power.

“An Omoi must grow stronger and wiser, but he shall never forget that his heart is the source of his power. Seiryoku runs through the heart and feeds his growth, no Omoi shall fight in vain or for vanity, for that weakens the nobility of his purpose!” I said with a deep thundering tone that echoed all over the Dojo.

Our bodies continued to grow even faster now. Haruki fucked me while I fucked my little flower-boy, and we both expanded so freakishly more muscular that even our fellow Omoi seemed scared.

“An Omoi must always look after his Seikou, for they are like the precious flowers. They must be tendered and comforted when their hearts are heavy with sorrow. Every Omoi is responsible for any Seikou even those he never claimed for himself.” Haruki preached, his muscles increased within the very pronunciation of the sentences, and he soon was the closest of my monstrous sized body that he would ever be again.

We flexed our muscles in synch. The other Omoi grunted and moaned, their smaller yet powerful muscles flexed in the same way. I noticed Satoru was nodding vigorously. The words made total sense even for his less dedicated mind.

When Naito gasped out loud, I could tell he already benefited from the Power we shared – his muscles increased and augmented as he copycatted the movements he saw in the much bigger limbs of Haruki and me. Soon, all other Omoi would follow him.

It was then we heard Mitsuki’s voice for the first time. He moaned so languidly and yet so very innocently, he was surrounded by light and his tiny figure shone like the fist star in the nights skies.

The red haired boy said with a firm, sturdy voice tone.

“I am Mitsuki, claimed by Kenta and you hear me, brothers in the Might. Back in the day, the value of a Seikou was measured by the honor of his Omoi. The noblest the warrior, the stronger and more muscular he would be, and the more intense his enko would feed the Seikou he claimed. It was the duty of a Seikou to be there for his Omoi, for their strength is not to be wasted with evilness. While Omoi were the Protectors, we Seikou were the watchers! ”

In fact, I could tell my pretty Mitsuki’s soul was cleansed, and he now could embrace the Power in full. His once little wired body also seemed taller, his shoulders were broader, and his limbs seemed longer, stronger. It was so beautiful how he could talk to the people still impaled on my much bigger cock, he could barely hide one small fraction of my head, but he did it so wonderfully that I felt all pleasure by pressing deeper into him.

“You lie to us all! A Seikou must be measured by his own deeds!” The voice of Kazumitsu tried to question the lessons from the Jinchi Scrolls. The swordsman appeared among the Omoi followed by other Seikou as well.

Haruki was right behind me, but I didn’t need to see his expression to know he was very disappointed by that fact. So I concentrated deeper and suddenly we both grew so much more massive that all Seikou were dragged into the splendor of our growth, including the preposterous brother of the Dojo’s founder.

“The ruin of an Omoi is the corruption of his Seikou. Like the blessed warrior shall not abuse his strength, the Seikou he claims must not give to the temptation of his beauty. The vanity of a Seikou shows that his Omoi is growing weak!” Haruki pronounced with a serenity that only accentuated the immensity of his growing muscles.

The Omoi grew bigger as they acknowledged the teaching; their expanded muscles now ripped the confinements of their attires. I could tell Yoshi’s pretty face smiled sweetly at me, his body suddenly was involved in the same light that surrounded my Mitsuki.

“Omoi carry the Strength to Protect but not their hearts are noble and their intent is to keep balance. They only attack when they are attacked first – Seikou exist to watch over evilness and prevent Omoi to use their strength for their power is far too great! But when evil men corrupted Seikou to interact with Fate and The Hordes rose against tyranny, Koudo was nearly destroyed in the process. The hearts of Omoi were heavy with sorrow because they had to kill for the first time, and that heaviness forced them to turn their back on Seikou, ending enko and the flow of Seiryoku.”

Such revelation caught my Brothers off guard. Kazumitsu still tried to say something but he was suddenly silenced by the powerful presence of his twin brother, who also was involved in the same bright aura that surrounded Mitsuki and Yoshi.

“Your heart is tainted with sorrow and guilty brother. I am sorry for everything. You only acted because I asked you to cover my mistakes. Our greatness is not to be measured by the prowess of our skills, but in keeping our Omoi from interfering with Fate, for their strength is meant to destroy and renew.” Akimitsu’s voice was so serene, so tranquil, and yet very loud and determined.
Haruki’s cock inside me got even harder and I felt he truly loved those two Seikou in the same intensity, his heart wasn’t torn between them. He wanted both of them, so I allowed my body to grow even faster, which only affected Haruki’s growth and brought Naito and Satoru along with us. Every Omoi in the Dojo felt my order to grow and their bodies reacted, getting bigger and more muscular within the following seconds.

“Hear me, pretty Seikou, for you are the True Balance of Koudo. The Strength of an Omoi must grow forever but seldom be used, for it is the meaning of the Universe. You were blessed with the sharpness of mind and the nimbleness of body to be precise and stealthy, impeding evilness to spread among mankind. When you failed to do so, Omoi were forced to attack and it simply destroyed balance, that’s why Omoi disappeared. Once again, mankind is in the fringe of a new War but this time they want to use Omoi and Seikou as weaponry, they have maculated our very honor!”

The tone of my voice sounded like the thunder sent from heaven to strike an evil foe. I noticed that my growth had reached such impressive pace that my muscles built wildly, getting thicker and wider with each beat of my powerful heart. Mitsuki was deeply impaled in my giant cock, and his flower beauty only increased as his figure also changed.

The boyish innocent looks bloomed into mature perfection. His tiny body augmented, he grew longer and taller, leaner and his muscles acquired a feline quality that surpassed even Kazumitsu’s uncanny dexterity. My Yuri blossomed into the amazing Seikou he was meant to be, his name crowned the nobility of his heart, and my seed now gave him the strength and confidence he needed to be at my side.

Meanwhile, Masaaki and Fumio also seemed to understand the mistakes of our past, for their pretty tiny bodies also glowed, and Satoru knew they needed his blessed seed to join my beloved Mitsuki’s transformation.

I felt my cock getting harder and thicker inside my blooming Seikou. The lessons of Wisdom and Strength now revealed inside my fevering mind, I needed to share Seiryoku with my brothers, but at the same time my body developed beyond their capability of understanding the Power I now possessed.

I took a deep breath, I couldn’t let fear overcome my growth, because that would corrupt all Seikou and Omoi, I was the Vessel and for that reason I needed Mitsuki and Haruki with me. They were my anchors – Haruki’s wisdom and Mitsuki’s sharpness were mine to use. It was time to wake up the Lost Omoi.

“Brothers, I call upon you once again, for it is time to be united against Evil!” I shouted as my cock filled my pretty Chronicler with its powerful seed. Mitsuki’s body also grew much larger and more muscular than his usual skinny figure. Meanwhile, Haruki’s seed filled me with even more mass, and every single Omoi in the Dojo now grew faster to join their leaders in the new Rise of Fearsome Hordes I called.

But my call was not limited to the Omoi in the Dojo. All over Koudo, the Omoi serving enemy legions were touched by my pleading. They realized the wrongness of the situation and soon they parted towards the Dojo, with their bodies growing bigger along the way, getting more powerful as they approached the Source of the Might centered in my expanding figure.

My call was not limited to the Omoi fighting in enemy legions. There were Omoi still disguised in the size of normal men. Their sorrow and shame overcame their minds and forced their bodies to revert into smaller, harmless sized men, they have resigned their Might and the very remembrances of their former glorious past, but that changed with my battle cry.

All over Koudo, forgotten Omoi were awakening, and their bodies reassumed their enormous standards once again. Older peasants grew more muscular and soon they regained the size of a true Omoi. Small medicine men soon outgrew their offices, filling the walls with their increasing mass. Old masters grew more muscular than their pupils, beggars assumed the glory of Lords. The secrets of Seiryoku filled their noble hearts with Strength and their bodies with the vigor and the muscle of their prime days.

Even Master Nobuo attended to my call. His older limbs soon filled with vigorous muscle. His tired wrinkled expression rejuvenated as the Strength of Ages invaded his small older figure, changing him into a powerful war veteran. His shame was replaced by the Pride of being a Forgotten Omoi; he once again could wield the inhuman sized muscles and the Strength to change Fate! Nobuo flexed his expanding muscles, he embodied the figure of an experienced Omoi, the invincible muscle, the ageless Strength and the wisdom of a well lived life, a man with the experience and the might to do what needed to be done!

I continued to expand, feeling everything in my surrounds feeding my uncanny growth. My beloved Mitsuki’s transformation increased as well, and my fellow Haruki just enjoyed our love-making that fed an entire revolution. He just smiled and kissed the back of my expanding monstrosity.

“Brother…they are coming for you! The Forsaken and the Forgotten, they all come to join us! We grow together!”

I nodded, but it wasn’t enough. I flexed my muscles even harder because I knew we needed an Army of Omoi even bigger than the Fearsome Hordes, and for that reason others would have to step up and assume the role of True Omoi.

“Listen to me, little brothers! I need you to embrace Seiryoku and accept Fate of Strength! Each one of you is being called to join us! Brave souls and Noble Hearts join my side, for I carry the Might!” The words of my call were meant for those who were never big outside, but who have been giants in their hearts.

The Brothers around me gasped as they saw Sensei Takeshi growing more muscular, but he wasn’t changing like Mitsuki, Yoshi, Fumio, Masaaki, Akimitsu or even Kazumitsu. He was changing into an Omoi! The Seikou who had bigger muscles in the Dojo now embraced the path of an Omoi, his heart filled with joy as he expanded, he claimed Seikou for his growing figure and he was very happy to finally understand the Power of an Omoi.

“You are changing Seikou into Omoi? How is that even possible?” I heard Masaaki asking me while Takeshi already claimed his flower hole; the growing Sensei quickly matched the proper standards for his new position.

I just laughed because Masaaki looked so much smaller now. I noticed that Haruki was even taller than the tallest building in the Dojo complex, which meant that I was nearly twice that height now. Haruki wasn’t as tall as I was wide; because Seiryoku ran so deeply inside me that I housed the Power of Ages as the mightiest Oak tree. My body was the Temple of Jinchi now, and I wanted it to be even bigger to accommodate more within me.

My orgasm continued to spread the Might all over the world, and I felt particularly pride when my Battle Cry reached all over Ichikawa property. The wisdom of my grandfather joined the Might and all Omoi grew tremendously bigger as he gave us the honor of becoming one of us.
“With Fusao at our side, the Balance will be kept, a new Era of prosperity will reach us!” Akimitsu’s eyes widened as he noticed that even Seikou were growing more muscular in their own way, but the mere presence of my grandfather among us made it so much more intense, it was like a collective synchronized orgasm.

I grinned deeply anticipating the pleasure I would feel bonding with my grandfather and his new Omoi muscles! We will be able to re-write and re-set the Jinchi. He’s gonna complete my hunger for knowledge the same way Mitsuki filled my heart with love and desire.

Mitsuki’s groan suddenly brought me back into the marvelous present moment. I realized my powerful Seikou managed to unplug himself from my monstrous cock and he jumped into the humongous width of my pectoral plateau. He was so beautiful…so manly and yet…he was more beautiful than anything I could have ever imagined.

“I am here for you too, Yuusha.” The voice soothed my heart at the same it enticed my manhood, the slight chuckling tone of his manly voice made me proud of my monstrous size. My cock continued to fountain the powerful Seed all over my Dojo brothers, because I felt that my growth would never stop without anything shorter than divine intervention.

Mitsuki was a bit taller than I had been when I came to the Dojo, his body was indeed much more muscular than any man at that height could ever be, but he still reminded me of a Seikou because of the feline grace of his strong limbs. His beautiful flame shaded hair was now longer and silkier, with delicate locks that adorned his muscular long neck.

His alabaster skin was so perfect; the cutest reddish freckles delicately sprinkled over his cheekbones and his wide strong shoulders, his naked body displayed the potential of Seikou, with his long thick cock now so hard and throbbing for my monstrous proportions.

“It is time for all Seikou to reach their true form!” Mitsuki said as he shoved his cock inside my mouth and I felt the power within him entering me. My body’s growth only increased, my both lovers were making me so much bigger than their own great bodies felt each time smaller rubbing against me.

I felt the Seikou brothers reaching for the power within me. The delicious taste of my lover’s cock felt like every single Seikou was feeding on the pool of strength and power within the Jinchi Temple of my muscles. They all benefitted from such glorious enko. I was growing and claiming all Seikou mine as I expanded, my fellow Omoi knew that it wouldn’t interfere with their own bond, but it was necessary for Seikou to overcome the former sins and grasp for their true destiny within the power.

One by one, Seikou all over Koudo changed into their ultimate forms. The once tiny, boyish delicate men blossomed into incredibly tall, broad shouldered, gracefully muscular angels of glory and strength whose beauty could make the sternest warrior cry. I watched as the Dojo Seikou members developed into the same marvelous aspect of my beloved Mitsuki.

“Kenta-san!!!!” He screamed passionately as his cock flooded my hungry mouth with his emissions that I drank savagely. The growth on my muscular temple of wisdom increased so dramatically that all Omoi came at the same time along with Mitsuki. We all shared an infinitely crossed enko that shared our love and thoughts all over the brothers.

I sucked on Mitsuki’s cock until he was completely dry, then I gently held him against my giant chest. He was such a delicate, yet powerful flower-lad now. Looking down at the ground, I noticed Haruki hugging me in a powerful brother embrace. He was the closest from my monstrous size, yet he couldn’t even reach the lowest part of my stomach.

Our hard cocks were so immense and thick, each one of us gently smiled, realizing we would be lovers for the rest of time, regardless the nice little Seikou we claimed for ourselves.

“You were amazing, brother! You are now a walking Temple of Omoi Strength!” Haruki said proudly as I blushed intensely. The rest of my fellow Omoi surrounded me, each one carrying a bunch of beautiful Seikou to make sure they were all close enough from the warmth of my protective muscular monstrousness.

The twin Seikou Akimitsu and Kazumitsu nimbly climbed onto Haruki’s shoulder. They looked even younger now, their tempers have melted into each other and they looked so much calmer and yet determined and happy to have the noblest Omoi as their lover.

“What is our next step now, Yuusha?” Kazumitsu respectfully asked while I checked the rest of my little flowers. Each one of them had matured and perfected into different versions of my delicate Mitsuki, they followed their Summery Light and became powerful warriors and yet gentle lovers who needed to worship the enormity of their Omoi lovers.
“I’ve already assigned the rest of the Omoi to act, my little friend. They are already taking care of things within each side of men forces. They will make sure that neither Kaigi nor the Rebels do anything until we get there.” I explained as I looked down at my fellow brothers.

“Brother…won’t you stop growing like the rest of us?” Roku asked as he noticed the slight and yet constant expansion of my forms, and all of us chuckled at that.

“Wisdom dwells in me, brother. I am the Source of Strength and so since our power is always increasing I must keep growing to share more Strength with you in the next time. Don’t worry, you can pretty much say we’re always growing!” I kneeled and flexed my arm to fellow Omoi, who was much bigger than most of normal houses, but he still seemed like a strapping toddler next to me.

Once again Omoi and Seikou were united to protect innocents, but this time instead of Fearsome Hordes, we would be known as the Unification Force. My brothers and I marched towards capital, making sure that every single weapon was properly destroyed.

Sure, it was not as smooth as I wanted it to be, mostly because evil little men insisted on fighting our peace. Fortunately, my Seikou brothers were there to nullify their attempts of firing those dangerous machines, and my Omoi siblings destroyed the menace faster than the armies could ever imagine.

Their technology was indeed superior, but united as we were; the power within us only grew stronger after each battle. The Glorious March towards the Capital was not violent, but it required strong, necessary actions. At each new battle, Omoi were more massive, Seikou were even more gracious and the innocent people were freed from the unnecessary suffering.

I have to say that I’ve never felt so proud of my Seikou before. They were our scouts, making sure we didn’t have to hurt the weakling men, while we crushed their threatening fortresses and plummeted their dangerous flying machines and the lethal weapons. No Omoi could be harmed with those, but still we would not let the scared little guys hurt innocent lives.

Halfway through our march we have met our fellow forces. Forgotten and Forsaken Omoi had cleared their way towards the Capital City; they have nullified the threat of mass destruction weapons in possession of little men. I was more than thrilled to see older Omoi among us, they were so proud and happy to have rejoined the Forces of Fate.

There were also who had never been Omoi, but attended to my call. They were honest, good hearted men who wanted to protect their children, so they embraced Seiryoku and developed into Omoi to fight Evil, and among them there was Great Keeper Fusao Ichikawa, my beloved grandfather.

I have to say I was impressed with the transformation of my grandpa. The once aging frail body was long gone, and his muscles had enlarged into glorious proportions. In fact, Grandpa Fusao only seconded to my own monstrous figure. He actually came to face the level of my humongous lower chest, which made me so proud. His serene look matched the grotesqueness of his thick hairy muscles; he mixed Strength and Wisdom in a way that I could only aspire to do someday in a near future.

“Your will was done, my son. The threat of War won’t happen after all.” The deep, stoic voice tone of my grandfather soothed my heart, at the same time my cock got harder as he pressed his own monstrous obelisk against my harder tower of manhood.

“Our people will be safe once again, Grandpa!” I said very emotionally.

“And it was all because of you, my son. You have proved that I was right in protecting you.” Grandpa carried my brothers on his left shoulder. They were not scared of Omoi anymore; they just felt so proud and thankful for Grandpa to have embraced that path. I hugged my family with tender emotion.

I realized my family was safe, my enormous grandpa and my even tinier brothers. Teru and Itsuki jumped into my humongous arms and we all laughed at the peculiar situation, so I looked down at Grandpa and said.

“I know you were the rightful King, but no Omoi can impose his ruling over mankind. It would break the Balance.”

Grandpa Fusao chuckled. “You are once again right, my son. I guess that we’ll need to back off once this is over and make sure to reset the Balance. Mankind will need someone to lead them.”

I picked one brother on each hand. “Teru, you are my oldest brother and your straightness of character is necessary. You are entitled to step onto the throne in the name of our family.” My elder sibling gulped, realizing the extent of such responsibility.

“Still, Koudo must not be governed by one voice only. People must be free to take new paths, and they need a caring wise leader as well. For that reason, Itsuki, you must also be recognized as the next King of the Unified Land, Brother Kings to rule over the brothers of all Lands!”

The tiny humans looked at each other, while Grandpa Fusao gave his blessings.

“This is another proof of your true wisdom my son. Both Teru and Itsuki have been taught on the Arts of Leadership, but each one adds his own qualities to the position. Together they will bring the Unified Land into prosperity, while we Omoi and Seikou protect their House!”

That’s when I decided it was time to end with Kaigi. Deprived of their weapons and their soldiers, the Warring Clans soon were convinced to recognize the joined ruling of Teru and Itsuki Ichikawa.

On that night, people celebrated the salvation of Koudo, they chanted songs and fireworks shone in the skies to mark the End of the War which never Started. The brother Kings were enthroned and their first rule was to share the knowledge. Scholars were invited to the Capital to learn and pass the knowledge ahead.

The translation period lasted exactly 3 days and 2 nights. Omoi acted like they were meant to be – unstoppable Forces of Nature that might only keep the Balance, while Seikou were the ones to Watch over balance. Our mission was accomplished, and once again we needed to step back and let mankind follow its course.

We set towards the Vast Oceans, following the direction of the Unseen Horizons across the world.

“Are you sure about this place, my love?” Mitsuki asked as he gently held on my neck while we marched towards the Rising Sun.

“I’m just as sure as I am that our love won’t ever stop growing, Yuri.” I looked at my sides and saw the hundreds of giant muscle beasts following my even bigger figure. Our precious flowers carried in our massive limbs. The mighty cocks hard and spewing glorious seed as we marched.

“What exactly do you expect to find there, brother?” Haruki asked right at my side. He now carried the twin Seikou in his arms because they were his precious flowers.

“Troubled Lands, that’s what I feel, brother. Mankind in that part also needs our strength, but this time we’ll be stopping a War that lasts for ages, it’s time to establish Balance.”

“I can also sense we’ll get much bigger afterwards right my son?” Grandpa Fusao chuckled as he gently punched my humongous giant shoulder, and I chuckled.

“Bigger than mountains, grandfather, but it will be necessary, because we’ll build another World for our little brother men.”

The Seikou moaned, their lust to worship our size, strength and muscle was the greatest mark. Meanwhile, Omoi felt prouder. We all wanted to conquer more power, and the bigger we grew, the more our delicious our enko would be.

Universe was made out of Seiryoku and we would never be fully satisfied, our hunger for muscle and strength kept Life in motion, after all.