The Supplement

“Hey dweeb, I brought you some souvenirs from my trip!” Chad announced from downstairs, throwing a hefty sack of dirty laundry on the kitchen floor. The 6’1” 225 pounds muscular tanned dark haired blue eyed wrestler opened the refrigerator to grab a soda which he downed in a few seconds only to savor the loud burp that made the windows shake.

“Where the fuck is that dork?” The big muscular jock got angry because his little brother didn’t come to greet the great captain of the State Champion Team. “Get your ass down here and do my laundry before I put you in the washer along with it!” Chad yelled from the staircase just to remember the little dweeb who was in charge when their father was not home.

“Yeah, yeah I’m coming…I was just getting my own laundry to spare time…” Billy climbed down the stairs carrying a basket with his own laundry. Usually, he felt humiliated of being forced to do his brother’s laundry, but Chad noticed right away there was something different about his meek 5’3” 110 pounds geeky brother.

“What’s the problem with you? It’s 90 degrees outside and you’re wearing sweatshirt?” The dumb jock said from the couch, noticing how weird his little brother looked on such baggy clothes. Billy’s shaggy light blond hair and his usual pale skin were not really healthy looking, he also wore thick reading glasses and unflattering orthodontic bracers, the very contrary of his big brother’s all American gorgeous idealized look.

“Oh, I was just working out on my room and didn’t want to lose the warming up prep.” The soon to be 15 year old replied while he picked the heavy bag with Chad’s clothes from the ground without the usual effort his meek physique would need to make. “I hear you guys won the State Championship, the whole school was commenting on that… congratulations brother!”

Chad just ignored his brother’s compliment. “Heh, of course we had to win. I am the captain and I don’t play for lose!” The cocky jock flipped through the channels. “And you’d better iron that black shirt I like. There’s this party to celebrate my victory at Harry’s and I want to get as many pussies I can!”

Billy rolled his eyes, Chad had simply ignored the hints he’s dropped his speech. That stupid jock was so self-absorbed that he would need to be more direct. He got down to the basement and started filling the machine. “Chad, could you come down here please?” Billy knew that he needed to call at least five times before the dumb jock got pissed enough to move his ass from the couch, and a few moments the muscular sibling was at the basement with his typical mood.

“What the fuck you want dweeb?” Chad showed clear signs that he was not pleased to be there.

Billy continued to fill the washer “Well, I was wondering if I could borrow those heavier plates from your old home gym equipment. I’ve got one from my friend Kyle but I’ve already outgrown the few weights he gave me.

Chad frowned, but then he just started laughing out loud. “Oh, so that’s why you’re wearing the sweatshirts? Damn you’re such a dweeb! Please don’t tell me you’re working out listening to “Eye of Tiger” and pretending you’re Rocky!”

“Whatever, dude…can I borrow those old weights of yours?” Billy asked again as he threw the last piece of Chad’s clothes in the machine.

“Heh, if you can move them to your room…Don’t expect me to carry them for you dweeb!” Chad replied and Billy knew his attention was already fading out, which meant he had to act quick – the younger brother sniffed his own armpits and pretended they were very stinky.

“Geesh…I guess I’d better throw these there as well!” Billy took his sweatshirt off and Chad suddenly gasped when he noticed the unexpected developed muscles on his weakling brother.

It seemed like Billy’s head was detached from his saggy pale body and replaced on top of a teenage bodybuilder’s. The wide ripped back, the wide toned shoulders and traps, the hard thick pectoral muscles, the thick veined arms, the 6 abdominal packs showing on his washboard stomach, the thin waist.

“Well, since we are already doing laundry I guess I should take off my pants too…” The younger dude removed his sweatpants only to reveal the thick fibered thighs and those calves, and the unexpected bulge on his crotch, his kid’s underwear seemed overly stuffed. Everything was so ripped and developed that Chad almost didn’t recognized his little brother.

“What the fuck? You’re all ripped and bulging! How did this happen?” The jock approached his blond sibling, seeing all that ripped definition on his younger brother.

“Oh, so you can tell I’m working out already? That’s cool, I’ve been busting my ass to get in shape for summer, I feel very flattered that you think I’m muscular now, bro. Of course, you’re my role model! I found your old bodybuilding magazines in the basement and decided to give it a try, I know I can’t hold a candle to your body, after all I am only 165 pounds, but still it does feel great!”

Billy hit a double bicep pose that really took Chad off guard; the big brother could tell he was still much bigger but the shape, definition and hardness on that teenager was impressive! Chad needed a few seconds to process all the information he was being given. “So…how long have you been working out?”

“Oh, it’s been a while…I guess six or seven months…why do you ask?” Billy seemed sincerely curious about Chad’s reaction.

“It’s just…you’ve got so much bigger too fast. You’re not doing steroids are you? Because if dad finds out you’re on the juice I don’t want to be in your place…” Chad alerted his young brother about the one restriction their father Roger had imposed to let his older son to work out a few years ago.

“Yeah, like I’d poison my own body with that stuff! I’ve just been working out focused, eating properly, resting plenty and taking some supplements. Pretty much like you, Chad! Trust me I am not doing anything illegal!” Billy crossed his muscular chest.

The jock brother still couldn’t believe his eyes; he finally noticed that the little was growing not just more muscular. “Damn…how tall are you now?”

Billy grinned “Heh, can you tell that as well? Wow Chad, you have eyes like an eagle huh? Well, I am actually 5’6”, which is nothing compared to you but 3 inches on my former short frame is a great gain for me! I guess my puberty is finally starting huh? And all I can say is that it was about time…”

The brothers returned upstairs, but Chad didn’t seem in the mood of torturing his little brother anymore, it just got weird now that he was in such great shape. Billy, rubbed his hard washboard stomach

“Damn…I am starving, you want me to fix you lunch while I wait for the clothes?”

“Thanks, but…I’ve already had lunch.” Chad knew he could still take down the little shit, but Billy seemed more cooperative now than when he was just a silly weak dork.

“Yeah, me too, but I’ve been eating like crazy ever since I started working out. I guess muscles do need more fuel to work out.” Billy said as he fixed a huge lunch for himself.

Chad was overwhelmed with so many shocking news– he had only been traveling with the Wrestling Team for two single weeks and now his little brother seemed someone totally different! Sure, he was still the same dork but now he had muscles on the side. Truth to be told he never did pay much attention to Billy to know for sure if he really had been working out for seven months.

“Well, you’d better be careful little shit…if you get hurt I am sure the old man will find a way to blame for this! Anyway, I’m going to Greg’s. ” Chad said before he walked outside, got in his car and drove to his friend’s house, leaving a very happy Billy at the kitchen.

The geeky kid couldn’t help grinning, it had been so easy! He quickly finished his fourth lunch and returned to his room. Billy could barely contain his excitement as he put the headphones on and continued his conversation with his friend Tommy.

“He fell for it!” Billy said euphorically and they both laughed.

“Of course he fell, Chad never paid much attention on you anyway, but things soon will change. You will see… it was just like me and Brad.” Tommy replied. The image of a very muscular teenager on the other side of the connection surely inspired Billy to continue with such crazy routine.

“And to think that just two days ago, I was the same skinny loser. Damn…I’ve added 53 pounds of hard muscle and got three whole inches taller in just two days, Tommy! When you told me it was powerful I’ve never expected it to be that effective!”

“Don’t worry bro. I felt the same way when my cousin Bobby ordered my first case of the stuff. Just remember that when the time comes you will need to find another guy and buy him the first case as well. It’s part of the rules.” Tommy’s voice was so much deeper than it had been just last year, which meant he should be very huge now.


Tommy was the son of an African-American man and a Polish woman, resulting in a very handsome kid with light caramel skin shade and hazel eyes, he wasn’t as skinny as Billy, more like an average built for his 5’5” frame, at least until he started taking the Supplement. They had been best friends since elementary school, and even after Tommy’s father moved all the way to Canada with his family, the geeky teenagers still continued very close, and often spent some time together during their summer vacations.

Coincidently, their big brothers Chad and Brad were also friends, although they were very competitive between each other because they both wanted to be the greatest sports star on school, since Brad was the 6’ tall 215 pounds very talented quarterback who surely would have a future in college football, and maybe the NFL.

When Billy went to Tommy’s house last summer he noticed that his best friend had changed a LOT! He was 5’8” tall and weighed over 250 pounds of strongly toned muscles, his shape was just amazingly manly and he even had a furry chest and needed to shave at least once a week!

Tommy explained all about this secret Supplement that was not to be sold in any store, the only way to get access to the product via this weird internet address, but they actually don’t accept you to just place an order. It was actually his cousin Bobby who got him in the thing, because each new client needs to name someone right when he fills the online application form. If his application is accepted, the customer will be able to buy one case of the stuff per month, but at some point he will have to buy another case for the friend he had previously named when filled the application.

Billy just couldn’t believe that Tommy was taking the shit for less than two weeks, but the friend proved with pictures. He was growing bigger and more muscular each day but he still had to follow a pretty strict work out routine and a very intense diet routine. The changes on Tommy’s body would actually turn their family’s hierarchy upside down. Since Brad was spending the summer on the US with their grandparents for College hunting, that was an excellent timing because Tommy wanted to get even with his big jock brother for all those years of humiliation.

Tommy showed Billy this huge dark glass jar that was filled with something weird looking, almost like a gel, when the lid was removed Billy noticed the Supplement had a brilliant green color. Tommy actually had to take it several times a day. The weirdest part was that once Tommy mixed it with his protein shake, it just disappeared, leaving no traces of the green colored gel.

The host quickly explained that he would share it with his friend, but the case had the exact number of doses for one month and it should not be spared, besides, Tommy alerted his friend Billy that he would soon find out that the preparation would only work for the customer to whom it was originally designed, which actually sounded very much like a lame excuse, but the blond skinny guys would never argue over it with a muscular hung friend.

Needless to say, Tommy and Billy had the hottest summer of them all. They both had strong feelings for each other and when Tommy’s cock grew so much bigger and the caramel skin lad was so much muscular and horny, it didn’t take long until they were fucking like bunnies. Their mutual passion was a mixture of excitement and curiosity since they were still discovering the potential of that Supplement.

In just two weeks, Tommy became a 6’3” 366 pounds massively built, looking like a muscle powerhouse, his cock got so huge and thick, it was almost impossible to have it inside anyone, but Billy gladly wanted to try each time a bit more. Sadly, they had to be apart since Billy had to get back home, but they still talked via Skype everyday – Tommy would often pose and flex for his friend and also showed him pictures of the things he lifted, bent and literally destroyed.

However, at some point Tommy stopped camming with Billy. The huge guy claimed that he had broken the thing accidentally with his humongous muscles, but he actually never replaced the gadget, they still talked through their computers but Tommy simply used a very hot picture of him as an avatar since then.

Although Billy constantly asked Tommy if he was already asked to buy his case, that moment didn’t happen until last week, and the actual package arrived two days ago. The blond teenager was so excited when he opened the heavy paper box to find out a dark glass jar filled with some finely granulated powder with no smell or taste at all, there were actually four other vials, one was empty and the remaining three contained liquids colored in red, blue and green.

Billy followed Tommy’s advice and read the thick instructions manual thoughtfully. Before he could take the Supplement he would have to fill an online application form and answer the questions honestly, only afterwards he would be given the final step to finalize the Supplement, because he was warned that the initial kit was not a finished product and would not work at all until being fully enabled.

He went to the site with the ID number which came on the package and a dialog box promptly asked for that weird number before he could proceed. Billy quickly informed the number and then a very long application form prompted into his screen; the questions were just weird and so intimate. It actually seemed like people has been investigating Billy’s life, and although it felt a bit creepy, he just wanted to have the same miraculous Supplement that changed his buddy into a muscle monster.

Billy answered the questions with utmost sincerity because Tommy had specifically guided him to do so. When he was asked if he had anyone to indicate to be part of the Supplement network, the blond geek simple wrote down one name that seemed the most logical.

The little guy finally clicked the send button on the form and almost immediately he received an e-mail containing the final steps to enable the product. Billy was instructed to place the fine white powder in a large baking dish and put in the oven for 40 minutes, and then he should take it immediately into the freezer for three hours.

After the elapsed time, he would mixture the three vials in a litter of cold water in the precise order – red, blue and green – he should dump the liquid content in the black glass jar and add the powder. Finally, for some wicked reason, Billy had to add the content of his ejaculation inside the empty vial and finally dump into the mixture.

Before that last summer, Billy would never do such thing, but after Tommy fucked him so many times he actually became one little cum pig, so the fact that he would soon be drinking a diluted mixture of his cum didn’t feel so disgusting. The blond teenager quickly milked his tiny cock to produce the few amount of cum he needed to drop along with the voodoo thing.

For Billy’s total surprise, in the very moment which his cum dropped inside the mixture, a green light emerged from the top of the solution, and it rose up like fresh dough and it eventually became the very same green glowing gel that Tommy kept secretly safe on his room. At that moment, Billy officially had the exact same power that changed his best friend into a muscle stud – and he wanted to become exactly like him.


“Well, just remember that you have to renew your membership every month and then place an order for another case in the right day so you will always have your supplement. There’s no minimum number of cases you can order, and you can also quit at any moment you want. You will notice that it is very cheap and you can buy in many different forms. Anyway, Billy I’d love to talk more but there’s something here that requires my attention. Follow the program to the tee and soon you will understand it all, brother. I must get going now. Peace.”

The deep voice of Tommy sounded so sexy, Billy wanted to be there with him, but he now couldn’t wait until his voice sounded like that as well.

“Okay, buddy, I’m sure we will have fun!” The blond geek smirked before he hung up and decided to work out, since he wanted to make the best of that marvelous program.


Brad parked his car at the driveway and entered the comfortable huge house. The day was very beautiful and the weather so pleasant, but he had to work on Tommy’s lunch right away. The college student brought the many bags of raw beef into the kitchen and started the preparation – fortunately for him, it didn’t require much more than peeling the vegetables and preparing some kind of carb source.

Meanwhile, Tommy was pretty aware that his brother had arrived, and he also knew that the football jock was busy preparing his meals, just one among so many of daily obligations. The 15 year old muscle guy chuckled as he continued talking to his good friend Billy – he actually wanted to see him going through all the changes until the moment his own awakening, but he also understood there was a reason he needed to keep secrecy. Tommy couldn’t help that feeling like he was betraying Billy’s trust by not letting him in the full truth, but he also knew that he would love the changes and if he didn’t like them he could just quit, although it would be an act of a real coward.

Brad knocked at the door of his younger brother to let him know that lunch was ready.

“You can come in, Brad.” The deep voice allowed the muscular quarterback to enter the domains of the muscle monster. For all purposes that was still a regular teenager’s room – posters, action figures and all kind of memorabilia on the shelves and tables. However, the difference is that such bedroom used to be Brad’s but that past now felt so distant, although it was barely one year ago.

Normally, when the older brother moves to college, the younger inherits his room, but that was not what happened in their family – especially because Brad attends college less than an hour drive from home.

“Your lunch is ready, Tommy…sir” The muscular athlete said formally looking at the humongous form which sat with the massive back turned to him.

The brutal muscle man chuckled while slowly removed the headset from his head, taking care not to ruin another one, since his strength increased within each day. He could hear Brad’s heartbeat so accelerated, his body was drenched in adrenaline, and it actually made him much more attractive to the colossal teenager.

“That is very nice, Brad. I liked that you knocked at my door to not disturb. It seems that you are finally learning.” Tommy stood up from the ground; he didn’t have any chair because they would simply break under his humongous bodyweight. Normally it would be very uncomfortable but since his body was beyond what just beyond what most people believe to be monstrous, he actually enjoyed it.

“Thank you sir, it’s my pleasure to serve you.” Brad kindly waited for his reward, and Tommy chuckled, then he gently lowered and said “You can cum now, my slave!”

Brad just smiled before he lost his own balance, because he had been neglecting his own his orgasm for so long and he couldn’t cum without his brother’s permission, and being close to Tommy was the hottest thing he could ever do in his puny life. Tommy just picked his tiny brother in his monstrous arms and held him as he came fiercely.

“Heh, you are such a weak, my slave. I hope you have a second breath because I am gonna take you after my lunch!” Tommy said as he helped his tiny servant.

“I will be at your service, my master!” Brad announced between breaths.
“Good, good, now let me put you back and let us have dinner!” Tommy placed his tiny brother on the ground and stood up.

Brad would never get used to the sight of his younger brother as Tommy rose to his feet, the very ceilings seemed to get lower and lower as that creature stood up. If Tommy had become a truly muscle monster within the few weeks he took The Supplement, his growth certainly didn’t stop when Billy returned to the US.

Actually, Tommy could tell you that his growth had barely started back then, it was just the early stages of the uncanny development he would soon experience. Muscle growth and bodily augmentation were just but the very first steps into his own awakening. Everyday his body grew more muscular and stronger. Soon, his body hair was so thick and manly, he had to shave several times a week, and then he was shaving at least three times a day when he gave up that annoying activity and embraced the sheer masculinity of his hairy muscularity.

By the time Brad returned home he found out a 6’8” 570 pounds muscular little brother, who embodied the very ideal of monstrosity – his muscles were so overdeveloped, so grotesquely thick that he no longer seemed human, the girth of those veins and the strength that body possessed was just out of mankind’s standards.

But that also belonged to a distant past.


After Billy left, Tommy expected that he would have to force his brother into submission by showing him who had the bigger and stronger body, a real clash between the siblings, but when Brad arrived it was just clear that the younger brother couldn’t take that fight seriously; he could kill Brad easier than the little guy could crush a bug. Their confrontation was more emotional than physical.

Tommy forced Brad to worship him, he made the older brother to surrender to his superior strength, and he tortured the little guy by flexing those humongous hairy muscles and sucking on Brad’s cock, but never actually allowing the guy to release his orgasm. The humongous monstrous brother just kept teasing his little Brad until the guy was at the verge of passing out, then Tommy simply took the tight virgin butt of his older brother by assault. He inserted the enormous cock inside Brad and at the same moment he released the pressure on his tiny cock, which allowed the guy to scream at the top of his lungs while the giant 22 inches long cock entered his butt.

And that was only the very first day of Tommy’s domain over his big brother. Thanks to the supplement Tommy soon grew much faster and much more massively muscular – he continued ordering the cases, realizing that each new shipment had further instructions and explanations. Tommy could then understand what was going on with his ever growing body – and he loved it from the bottom his heart.

His muscles continued growing, but his body was changing much beyond that. Not only he grew taller and wider by the day, his very anatomy was changing. His shoulders and deltoids increased, his neck muscles engorged and created truly monstrous mounds of muscle that surrounded his head. At some point his boulder-like shoulders and traps were peaking higher than his head.

His body hair got even denser and darker, his manhood grew thicker and longer by each day. Soon no underwear could contain his cock and he simply gave up on them, he just wanted to stood naked, because that was the reason for his glory.

As his muscles increased daily, he also noticed the change on his skin shade, if Tommy previously had this beautiful light caramel tone, it slowly grew to something darker but different from any other human skin color – it looked like his original skin was tainted by a strong green shade. He just developed this different skin color that only made his muscles seem even more inhumanly fantastic.

Tommy developed even further as he continued to dominate his big brother and force Brad to submit to every single aspect of his superior condition. Tommy worked out using Brad as part of the immense weights he used, or just forced Brad to worship him for long hours without ever touching the hard pecker on his own body. Brad learned the hardest way that his pleasure no longer belonged to him, but to his ever growing 15 year old brother, and Tommy was loving that power he had over his brother so much that it didn’t take long until he dominated his father as well.

It was a natural step to become the alpha male of their household. Although the 42 year old widower Jack was a 6’6” 230 pounds former basketball player, he just couldn’t resist to the ever growing mass of his youngest soon. When Tommy reached 7 feet tall and 895 pounds, he just decided that his father should also become his submissive bottom, and that’s what he done, but in a very romantic way.

The teenager simply broke into his father’s room in one night and easily overpowered him, making sure he didn’t try to fight the inevitable conquer for a superior male. His father was a proud muscular man who had to be broken down like the stallion he was, which was not hard at all for someone who was even more endowed than real stallions.

Ever since the first time Tommy dominated him, Jack felt it was his destiny to serve his master and son. He never felt more sexually fulfilled than serving the ever expanding forms of his monstrous son. Together, Brad and Jack were the support for Tommy’s growth – Brad decided to go to a local college so he could be close to his master, meanwhile Jack knew he had to work even harder to bring more money for their humongous master.

Meanwhile, Tommy continued to grow even faster thanks to The Supplement, which now he took without any fear of being caught. In fact, since he knew no one could benefit from it but him, the jar with glowing green gel was kept in the pantry like the necessary nutrient it was. Brad was responsible for pouring the right servings into his master’s portions, and he obliged very happily because he knew his master was growing because of his help.


Tommy was feasting in the raw beef banquet his brother-servant prepared for him. The little guy stood carefully at his side, caressing the massive arm which was at least five times thicker than his own muscular body.
“You are so manly, so massive, so muscular my liege…” Brad spoke sincerely, his will had been broken such a long time ago that now he only watched Tommy as his ultimate leader, and all he wanted in his life was to please that monster.

The younger brother chuckled, cleaning his white tusks. Despite his continuous growth, he couldn’t just believe his luck to be changing so fast, his body getting closer to his destiny. Tommy’s jaw was so wide and his teeth showed the strength and the power of his glory. The teenager flexed his arm which reached past the size of Brad’s body. Then, the slave just took his hint and climbed the flexing muscle of his brother and rode it like a bull.

“Thanks, my little brother. I am very happy that you feel this way. I was talking to Billy just before you arrived and he’s already started on The Supplement. It won’t take long now.” The enormous being chuckled as he devoured the enormous ham piece in three bites.

Brad blushed. “I hope Chad knows what’s best for him, milord. That guy surely deserves to be tamed like I was.”
Tommy laughed out loud, devouring another piece of meat which was fairly glazed with a thick coat of The Supplement, because Brad knew it was the most effective way to make the body absorb the growth power.

“Yeah, he definitely has it coming! Billy’s in for a treat, he will be a great addition to our clan!” Tommy said as he considered the upcoming future.

“Do you really think he’s going to take the whole change like you sir?” Brad asked while humping the giant peak of that muscle with his own tiny pecker.

Tommy flexed his arm just to give more room for Brad’s humping. “I think so…”

Brad just loved to worship his brother’s massive arm “But don’t you think he might freak out if he knew exactly where he’s going to?”

“You think he wouldn’t go the first change if I told him that he’s gonna become a 10 feet tall, 8 feet wide weighing 3,500 pounds before he turns 16? Don’t forget that I have fucked that guy in the ass…he’s got the same kind of hunger for size and strength that I had back in my weakling days. Once the power kicks in he’ll want more and more, soon he will be asked to initiate his pledge and from that point there’s no return. Billy’s gonna become a brother like Bobby, myself and the other members.”

“And once that happens?” Brad asked even more excited with the size of Tommy’s growing muscles.

“We’re gonna move back to America, and have lots of fun with another orc! I am tired of not fucking anything because it might split! I can’t keep on just having you jerk my cock, my little servant!” Tommy felt Brad came yet once again over his biceps.

He then cleaned the table by sweeping all the crumbles and bones to the ground and placing the full grown man side by side with his semi-hard cock and showing his little brother that his cock was just as long as he was tall, and twice thicker than he could ever be, his own cock had muscles that could be flexed to make it even thicker and increase sex pleasure.

“Do you think, Billy will be huge enough to take on your manhood sir?” Brad said trying to catch his breath, but Tommy just kissed him passionately.

“No, my tiny man. If he follows the advises I gave him, he’s gonna be much bigger than me…but I won’t go down without a fight. It’s time to train hard, because soon I’m gonna be fighting for Billy’s ass with Bobby and the other brothers. Although…I sincerely hope he might just be as hungry for our alpha essence.

“What…do you mean sir?”

Tommy chuckled “Never mind human, just use your tiny muscles to jerk my cock…” Tommy grunted as he closed his eyes and started to wonder how hot it will be when Billy becomes an orc like the rest of them.

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