The Supplement 2

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Billy used to hate Thursdays because of P.E., the poor skinny dude felt so humiliated in those baggy shorts and the roomy white T-shirts, which only accentuated how scrawny and flabby his physique was.

But that was already in the past. The blond teenager was eager to show off his improving physique, he applied the same sweatshirt strategy that he had used on Chad. Since only few people actually cared about asking about such unusual attire, Billy managed to keep his developing body concealed until the exciting moment of due revelation.

When Billy showed up for P.E class dressed in tight spandex shorts and a white fit tank top, most of guys were completely shocked to such dramatic change. Billy’s been taking The Supplement for whole three days now – his once meek body now packed 187 pounds of solid ripped muscles and he was almost 5’8” tall, which actually made him look a massively hulking teenager whose thick pectoral muscles already displayed a respectable cover of blond hair.

Billy paraded his enormous new muscles, keeping them slightly flexed as he walked from the lockers to the gym court, taking his time to notice the dropping jaws and the surprised stares from his colleagues. The contrast among his nerdy look (with the thick reading glasses, the dental bracers and his shaggy blond hair) and his hulking new rugged physique with rock hard muscles pressing against the flimsy fabric of his skin-painted clothes was an incredible display of manliness, and Billy knew exactly how to amplify this feeling by playing completely dumb about his obvious muscular augmentation.

“Oh, gee, thanks for the compliment, dude! I don’t have any secret actually, but it’s nice when people notice all my hard work at the gym is finally paying off!” The teenager repeated the same speech as several guys who had never even spoken to him suddenly asked for tips and advises about muscular development.

Even Coach Sanders, the 6’3” burly barrel chest muscular middle aged man who had always solemnly ignored Billy’s presence in his class almost choked with his whistle once he saw the massive new student that now stood in line.

“Holy cow, you’re freaking huge Stevens!” Sanders exclaimed, lowering his shades to take a better look at the new and improved muscular Billy, who simply smiled back at his coach.

“Thanks sir, I’ve been working hard! Totally steroid free, I can take all the tests you want!” The blond teenager knew the first thing that would come to their limited minds would be steroid abuse, but by that time he knew The Supplement was not a steroid or any other kind of illegal substance, so he was not lying at all.

“Let’s see if they are as strong as they look. Everybody to the ropes!” The evil grin on Coach Sanders used to terrify Billy, especially when he mentioned the ropes. The skinny teenager used to have nightmares about that, but today he felt much more confident.

Billy took a deep breath and started climbing up the ropes. Before the change, he knew all the theory necessary to perform the exercise, but his lack of strength simply helped him from being successful. Now, even Billy was surprised when he was the first to get all the way up in the gym ceilings, he then climbed down showing incredible control and strength over his muscles.

“Heh, that was a nice start, what about a second time?” Billy said and climbed up again even faster than his first time, he actually preformed the exercise five flawless times, until all the students were just watching the amazing technique displayed by the muscular teenager.
“Heh, enough with the showing off, Billy. Let’s play some dodge ball.” The Coach seemed determined to break that new confident attitude on the teenager, but Stevens was actually having the best time of his life.

Instead of resourcing to the customary selection where two of the best students picked their teams, leaving the skinny, the weak, the fat and the saggy for last, Coach Sanders himself divided the students in two groups, leaving the strongest and fastest kids in one side, with the clear exception of Billy. The blond teenager suddenly felt compassionate for his scared teammates, they knew those balls hurt like hell.

“Don’t worry guys, just stay away from me; we all know who’s gonna be their favorite target!” The muscular teenager said as he picked his ball and looked back at the evil jocks who stood at the adversary team, they all looked hunger to hit Billy’s newfound muscles as hard as possible.

When Coach Sanders blew his whistle to start match, no one expected that Billy’s muscular frame would be so agile and fast. The rubber balls flew from all directions, and still Billy managed to dodge, grab and escape from each and every attempt to hit him. Meanwhile, the other members of his team had the chance to hit the jocks right in their faces, since they were all distracted to hit Billy.

At the same time, Billy continued with his display of strength agility, he threw two balls at the same time, and they both went incredibly fast, hitting the jocks so strongly that most of them crashed on the floor or hit the wall with the impact. The whole match didn’t last more than a few minutes, which was a record victory for Billy’s team, who celebrated his triumph by removing his tight shirt and displaying his muscular, and unexpectedly hairy torso and washboard stomach.

“Wow, coach that was so fun! Thanks for that!” Billy casually complimented the Coach and tapped his protuberant belly, which just made Coach Sanders really pissed. The other jocks still tried to catch their breath or were feeling sore for all the hits, but Billy seemed invincible.

“Okay, you little weasel! I want your team to run 50 times around the court!” The mean coach sentenced. The rest of Billy’s team was immediately sad, they had never won and now they were being punished.

Billy just grinned and felt his courage building. “Look, why don’t you just let me do the running? I bet I can last longer than you might expect. Besides, we all know you’re just trying to see all my muscles bouncing as I run.”

And with that Billy ran 50 full times around the gym without even breaking a sweat, he actually made sure his teammates marked his time which was a new school record. The teenagers were simply excited to see that Billy had turned into one perfect physical marvel without actually turning into a ridiculous imbecile jerk.

“So, Coach, that’s 50 turns around the gym and we still have some time left of class, what should we do? Do you want me to go ahead and keep all the balls in the storage room?” Billy knew the best way to get even with that brutish guy was to be totally nice to him. In fact, the coach went so furious that he just dismissed class and told Billy to go straight to his office.

“Listen here, you little man. I am your coach and you must respect me! Guess what? I’m calling your father here and telling him that you’re clearly showing signs of steroid usage. Let’s see who’s gonna laugh last.” The muscular man expected to send horror into the teenager’s heart, but Billy simply crossed his meaty 16” arms at his muscular chest.

“Heh, you can try, but when I come back with negative for all the drug testing you will not only have to apologize to me, you will lose your job because I’ll tell everybody that you bully your studies, and I’m sure lots of my friends will back me up on this. Let’s see who’s got more to lose…” The blond teenager continued just as smart as he was before, he only had the courage and self-esteem to stand for what he believed to be right and fair.

Coach Sanders fumed; he surely couldn’t call for Billy’s bluff. The teenager adjusted his glasses remaining very friendly. “Look, I must admit that I was a bit cocky today, but it’s just because I’ve been treated like shit for years. I apologize if I was disrespectful to you, and promise that it won’t happen again.”

The burly man scratched his broad chin. “I must admit you’ve got some balls, kid. I guess I could let this pass, and if you promise to play by my rules I’ll make sure to make up for you. I’ll even let you train in the school gym with the rest of the school athletes.”

Billy smiled. “That would be awesome, coach. The school’s gym is way much better than my home-gym equipment. I’ll be able to grow much faster here!” The teenager flexed his muscles for the coach, and Sanders seemed really happy to see how big that teenager was becoming, although he had no idea that was not even the beginning.

After that quick meeting with the Coach, Billy went straight for another moment that he now seemed to enjoy intensely: the muscular student gladly ripped those tight shorts from his thick physique, revealing an incredibly massive bulge on his crotch. The size of that cock was so obvious in that tight jockstrap; still Billy removed the thing, to free his 9 inches totally flaccid cock.
“Wassup guys? Nice day for a cold shower huh? I don’t have any problem with cold water, as you might imagine.” The blond guy chuckled as he went for his shower. There was this amazing feeling of soaping his rock hard muscles and feel the water hitting them, the harsh rugged angles of his muscles, the feeling of his wet body hair and his improved manhood slapping against his thighs with his slightest movement.

Billy just pretended he wasn’t noticing the staring and the gasping at his new body, he also tried to focus to stop his boner to sprout at once, but it was just impossible. The whole class gawked at the nearly 13 inches hard cock that Billy displayed in the shower area, and he certainly didn’t mind about that.

Suddenly, he noticed the protests of someone saying “No…please…not again!” The former bully magnet noticed right away that the mean bastards were getting even on the weakest one they could find. So he simply went totally naked to the lockers only to find a bunch of jerks high fiving each other for some reason, but right at the moment they noticed the muscular marvel they went completely quiet, except for one.

“Ok, who were you guys tormenting this time?” Billy asked harshly.

“Hey, Billy, what is going on? Now that you have found your brother’s steroid stash, do you think you can take on us?” The muscular Kevin Banks – the biggest guy on 9th grade – said from the back of the room without looking back at Billy, and he surely regretted his words, when he faced that super thick massive cock hanging between Billy’s humongous thick thighs.

“Do you really think that if I used steroids, I’d have such humongous dick and balls, you moron? Now tell me who were you guys annoying? What have you done to him?”
“I…don’t know what you’re talking about, you freak!” Kevin protested as he gasped for air. Billy realized the poor guy might have escaped before he got there, so he decided to get even with the same guy who had always given him a bunch of crap.

“Maybe you’re right, I guess you were just trying to find and excuse me to take a closer look at this cobra?” Billy laughed out loud as Kevin went silent.

“Get off me, you queer!” Banks said, but he soon noticed it was a bad move, since despite his taller 5’9” frame, Billy outweighed him by at least 15 pounds, and he was strong as an ox. The blond teenager picked his classmate by the neck and forced him to smell his tremendously hard cock.

“Listen now, little man. If you call me that again I’ll fuck your ass until you bleed, you hear me?” Billy threw Mason at the other side of the locker room and then he addressed to all jocks in the place. “From now on, you will call me WILLIAM or better, you’d better start calling me BIG BILL, because it won’t take long until I become the biggest guy on school, you little twerps!”

The guys went silent since no one wanted to be the next victim of that ultra dicked muscular teenager, they simply evacuated the lockers without even finishing their showers, which left the teenager growing muscle hunk almost alone in the place.

Billy went back for his deserved shower, he was just happy because he truly scared the hell out of the biggest guys on 9th grade, his sweet and revenge for years of being picked had barely started. As Billy soaped his engorged massive dick, he actually really regretted the fact that not a single guy was there to witness such manly beauty. It was then he noticed the panting and sobbing, he followed the source of the sound back to the lockers and noticed there was someone trapped inside one of them, a typical idiotic prank.

The now muscular Billy had enough strength to open the right locker by himself without need for any tool, and there he found his friend Mason, a somewhat chubby fellow little geek. The poor kid was forced inside the tiny place, he was naked except for the towel that barely covered his thick waist, and his little cock was totally erect.

“Why didn’t you tell me you were there Mason?” Billy’s asked puzzled, but judging by Mason’s condition, the guy was also very afraid of Billy’s little show to say something.
“Mason…are you alright? You’re not hurt are you?”

“I don’t want to about this, please…” That guy had always been so nice and kind to everyone else, his curly hair and chubby pink cheeks with those big blue eyes were so cute. How could anyone try to hurt such nice guy?

“Those guys are gonna pay for putting you there, buddy” Billy gently helped his friend out of his confinement. Mason’s soft body was warm, slick and sweat, he just nodded his head quickly and tried to get out of Billy’s sight, but the blond muscle hunk with thick reading glasses held him by the arm.

“No…please. You know how bullies act…or have you?” The guy found the courage to ask what has been tormenting his own mind.

“Is there something wrong, buddy? You’re not afraid of me are you? We’re friends!”

Mason took a deep breath, his curly brown hair and chubby cheeks always made him almost too girly to be a nearly 15 year old teenager.

“I used to think so, but…you just changed so fast…you don’t look like the Billy I knew…” Mason said trying not to look at Billy’s incredibly body and his humongous manhood. It was only then that Billy noticed that his little act might have been too convincing, so he just smiled and hugged his chubby friend, kissing him in the fat soft pink cheeks.

“I might be growing bigger and more muscular, but I won’t change at all, Mason, at least not on the inside. We’re still friends remember?” Billy’s new smile was just as stunning as his new muscles and with that he just broke a bit of Mason’s resistance.

“Okay…I guess you’re right…” Mason said, but he was still blushing deeply. “But we’d better change into our clothes, what if someone finds only the both of us naked and hard next to each other like that?”

Billy smirked. “I don’t give a fuck, I like being hard next to you.”

Mason was surprised at such blunt declaration. “You’re so much braver, Billy…I wish I were more like you.”

Billy had to bite his tongue. He didn’t want to ruin the surprise for his friend, besides didn’t want to put Mason through the same torture as he waits for his case of the Supplement. The blond muscular Billy pressed his cock harder against Mason’s soft pink complexion.

“Why don’t we have some naughty fun?”

Mason gasped. “Billy…please not here…If they catch us they might kick us of the school…”

Billy chuckled. “Okay, but we can go at my place. My dad’s still traveling and my brother never comes back until late at night, we’ll have the house for ourselves.” The blond teenager didn’t even waited for his friend’s answer, he planted a passionate kiss on the 5’7” guy and carried him to his locker where he gave Mason his baggy sweatshirt since the jocks had disappeared with his clothes, Billy knew he would never hide his muscles again.

“Damn…Because of you I’ll have to ride my bike with this massive boner! I think I’ll have blue balls until we fuck!” Billy said as he got his bike ready. Since Mason missed the school bus, he figured he’d have to walk all the way to Billy’s house, but the blond friend just told him to sit on the front part of his bike.

“But Billy, I’m too heavy, you’re gonna get tired and there’s all those hills until your house.” The 180 pounds chubby kid alerted, imagining that their combined weight would put too much stress over Billy’s body;

“Dude, did you take a look at my fucking thighs and calves? I’m really craving for the work out. Besides, I am already heavier than you, so just shut up and hop on little dude. The sooner we get at my place, the more time I’ll have to fuck you.” Billy’s expression was changed; he was so transfixed with the idea of fucking his friend that he just couldn’t wait.

In fact, Billy just pedaled so fast, he didn’t even felt the extra weight of Mason’s body as he easily climbed the hills on the way to his home, he just exercised his muscles and whispered on Mason’s ear. “Damn dude, it’s so fucking hot to be that strong, I am so horny and excited…you’re gonna have to take all my meat inside that big chunky ass of yours.”

By the time they got at Billy’s, the blond muscle guy just picked Mason in his arms and ran with him upstairs, he ripped the clothes from his chubby friend and kissed him so intensely. Mason was not exactly virgin, he had actually sucked a lot of jock dick, but he never had anyone actually turned on about his chubby thick body. It was not that he was too fat, he actually carried some thick muscle underneath his baby fat layers.

Mason gasped as he tried to suck on Billy’s python, it almost felt like it had grown bigger, in fact even Billy seemed bigger, which was just weird. However, Billy didn’t give him any time to consider the oddness of his impressions, they just started making out and feeling each other’s bodies with growing passion.

Billy purred as he finally positioned Mason on his back and hoisted his thick thighs on his wide shoulders, he rolled one condom on his huge muscle cock while his friend got his butt all lubed, then Billy kissed him gently before he inserted half of his cock inside Mason’s tight virgin ass, they both screamed and moaned, although Billy wouldn’t be satisfied until he had his giant 14 inches muscle cock inside Mason.

They fucked for nearly 2 hours non-stop; although Mason could have stopped after the 4th time he came, he knew Billy still had a lot of stamina to burn, and since the over horny blond muscular teenager continued so hard even after having such mind blowing copious orgasms, they went over and over exchanging positions – Mason was fucked on his fourths, on his back, on the side, they 69’d and did lots of positions that the chubby kid never see, it seemed like Billy had way more experience than he ever imagined.

After such incredibly time, the teenagers were just pacing, their bodies electrified and basking in post coitus sensation. The blond muscular kid was still incredibly hard and jerked his cock slowly. “I’d fuck you again but I’ve ran out condoms. Don’t worry I’ll have more by tomorrow…”

Mason blushed “So, will I be here tomorrow too?”

“Of course! You’re the best butt I’ve ever had…” Billy chuckled before kissing him.

They were interrupted by the sound of Billy’s growling stomach. “Shit, I am so hungry, I gotta eat to keep my muscles growing!” The blond guy said as he stood up in the glory of his naked body and it was then Mason was caught off by surprise.

“Shit Billy…you’re BIGGER!” The chubby kid pointed at the obvious augmentation on the guy and for his own surprise Billy just smirked and answered.

“What took you so long to notice? You did feel my cock growing inside your butt and my muscles swelling as I flexed them for you, fuck I even told you that I was growing bigger when I came for the 7th time! Now let’s go, I want to eat so I can grow even bigger!”

Billy ignored Mason’s questions and assumptions while he prepared a hefty dinner for his muscular expanding body – he had steaks and mashed potatoes served for nearly 10 people, but in the end he ate most of it, which just made his chubby friend even more astonished with the new and improved Billy Stevens.

However, the most shocking news was the fact that Billy seemed to have orgasms as he ate the food, he just grunted and paced, savoring each second as he flexed and rubbed his body up and down, it was then Mason could see with his very eyes the reason for such weird behavior, Billy’s muscles were indeed growing bigger and thicker by the seconds! The teenager expanded as he finished eating the enormous amount of food.
Billy’s clothes were already so tight that it didn’t take much until they simply shredded from his expanding figure, revealing the monumentally shredded hard and rugged muscles covered on a light layer of blond fur that made him look even more amazingly huger. At the end of such incredible display of manly muscle, the chubby guest was simply overwhelmed, he couldn’t understand what happened to his usually skinny little friend who now looked more like a professional heavyweight bodybuilder.

“Shit…Billy can you please tell me what’s going on here? How come you’re growing like this?”

“Don’t worry dude, I’ve got everything under my control!”
Despite Billy’s undeniable sureness, Mason remained very suspicious and confused, but Billy tried to make him more relaxed by asking him to take his measurements. Soon, Mason realized Billy was almost 5’9” tall and weighed whooping 232 pounds! At the sound of such excited novelty Billy jumped high and screamed at the top of his lungs.

“FUCK YEAH! I’m still 3 inches shorter than Chad and already outweigh him by 7 pounds! I gained fucking 40 pounds today! That’s even better than yesterday!” Billy celebrated by sweeping Mason from his feet and planting a hot kiss in the lips of the shocked guy.

“Billy…what is going on here?” Mason asked but Billy had already decided he would not tell him about the Supplement until the moment was right.

“Can I you trust me when I tell you that I know exactly what I am doing and there’s nothing to do with illegal drugs or anything dangerous?” Billy asked sincerely serious and Mason just nodded.

“Good, then when the time is right I will tell you everything, just don’t get on my back and just let me handle everything until then okay?”

“Will you keep getting bigger?”

“Oh, that’s for sure babe…” Billy kissed once again and they remained their measurement session: Billy’s arms were now amazing 19 inches cold and his chest stood at 50” around, his thighs read 28 inches and his waist was incredibly 25 inches around which gave his body such an impacting new look. Most impressive of all, Billy’s cock was 15 inches hard, which was an actual legend for the very porn industry.

Billy just picked Mason in his arms and told him.

“You will call your parents and tell them you’re gonna spend the night over. Then, I’m gonna work out really hard to pump those muscles so much bigger and harder while you’ll be worshipping them, and between sets I’m gonna fuck your ass and make you blow another load. I’m gonna keep doing this all night long while you can take your deserved rest. I have to optimize my growth!”

“But you said you were out of condoms…shouldn’t I go get us some?” Mason didn’t know if he really meant that or he was just making an excuse to get the hell out of that madness, but the enormous blond dude just smirked.

“Oh don’t worry. I know where Chad keeps his stash.” Billy just forced the door to Chad’s room and went straight for the third drawer from where he retrieved this metallic box filled with imported condoms.

“Heh, Chad’s such a show off…look at those Extra-Extra Large condoms” like he really needed extra sizes…although they’re gonna fit me just well, don’t you think?” Billy asked while he picked the whole box with him.

“Don’t you think he’s gonna get mad when he notices it?”

Billy shrugged. “So what? I’m already heavier than him and much stronger than he could ever be! Just let him try to do something and he’ll learn his lesson once and for all!”

After that, Mason decided he also wouldn’t agree with Billy. He just surrendered to his own lust, phoned his folks to let them know he would spend the night at Billy’s and became the very sex toy of that blond growing muscle god for the rest of the evening.

In fact, Billy was very loyal to his word. He worked out using all the plates he got from Chad’s old equipment and still he needed more to get a great pump, so he had this great idea to put Mason on the bar along with his plates, which gave him the extra nearly 200 pounds he needed to work out those massive and growing muscles.

Soon, they both realized it was such an intense feeling that Billy needed much more of it. He pumped his muscles until he could just no longer move them. Then, Mason worshiped him, licked and sucked them with his desiring tone, he worked Billy’s finger sized nipples and kissed his hairy muscular body. Billy would instantly recover his strength as his libido fired up such muscular wonderful body, and with that he started another mind blowing lifting session with his human added weight for the longest time possible.

When Billy could no longer resist, he would just carry Mason to his bed and fuck his brains out, his growing muscles and cock increased the pleasure he felt while blowing load after load. After three hours of such intense routine, Billy let Mason sleeping (the guy deserved some sleep after all) and made sure he took more of his daily dose of the Supplement without waking him up.

As usual, the glowing green gel always had a great kick, he just didn’t feel tired at all, but instead he was more energized and hungry than ever, so he went downstairs and prepared on yet another enormous dinner for him.

Chad could smell the food all the way from the garage, he went instantly hungry and thanked heavens for being such a push over little brother to make everything easier for him. It was true that Billy was much bigger and muscular these days but he was still not on Chad’s league.

“Hey it smells nice, bro!” Chad announced from the living room. However, when he got to the kitchen he almost fainted once he saw the enormous naked figure. Billy’s new enlarged frame was glistening with sweat and cum, and his blond hair covered his enormous muscular body so sexily. His tight muscle butt was striated beyond imagination and totally ripped.

“Thanks, Chad, but don’t even think on having some, it’s all for me!” The amazingly muscular teenager said as he turned around and his huge cock was still dripping lots of precum all over the kitchen floor.

“Billy, what the fuck is happening to your body?” Chad choked as he noticed how immensely muscular his little brother had become.

“Heh, I told you I’m working out…” Billy rolled his eyes and served a giant portion on his plate.

“You’re doing something really nasty and I’m gonna call dad about this!” Chad decided, but before he could move, Billy grabbed him by the hand and pulled him closer to his sweaty smelling muscular frame.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you, I’m 5’9” and 266 pounds, which is 46 pounds more than your puny little body, and I’m much stronger than you will ever be, dude. Just cool down and let me grow bigger ok?”

Chad tried to retrieve his hand but Billy’s grip was too strong. He moaned and threatened.

“You’re all worked up because of the juices! I’m gonna call the cops and have you arrested!”

Billy laughed. “Why don’t you cooperate? If you play nice I might even let you worship my muscles tonight.”

“WHAT? I’m not a faggot like you!” Chad regretted his words immediately because Billy easily lifted him from the ground holding him by the collar.

“And what If I’m a faggot? I’m still more of a man than you are, skinny!” Billy savored the rush of lifting the same guy who tortured him for all his life. The feeling of being stronger and more muscular than Chad was so thrilling that his cock gushed volleys of precum like a geyser.

Chad couldn’t help but gasping at the realization that his little brother could simply clean the floor with him. What was even more shocking was the fact that Chad was completely turned on by that very reason, and Billy immediately sensed that.

“Damn…you’re all hard for my huge muscles huh? Seems like being a faggot runs in the family, brother!” The enormous Billy chuckled as he put Chad down and watched the big brother become totally horrified.

“It can’t be true… I’m not a queer, I fuck pussy!” Chad repeated so disgusted to his own bodily reaction.

Billy had heard enough. He just forced Chad against the wall and held him with the sheer force of his enormous body. “Stop being a weak and face reality, Chad. You’re horny because I’m freaking hot!” The teenager flexed his now 22” hard biceps and held it in front on his brother’s face.

“Look at that, little man. Feel that muscle! It’s much bigger than yours and I’m not even 15 yet! Soon I’ll be even bigger and stronger; I’ll be the true muscle man that you never were! You really think that repeating that you’re not queer will help you from boning up every time you see me?”

Chad gasped at the sight of that flexed muscle, he tried to resist looking at Billy’s manly face but eventually he just shut them up and said “I’m not a queer”, Billy looked at his brother Chad for a long time before his expression changed from menacing to pleasured.

“Damn…you’re so into my muscles that you can’t even admit, huh? I guess you will need to be broken into admitting that I’m superior to you…Farewell.” Billy sat at the table started eating.

“I´ll have to break your spirit then. You will start by doing the dishes and cleaning the kitchen.”

Chad looked furiously “The hell I will, I ain’t your made!” The older and still taller but no longer heavier brother reacted strongly, but Billy calmly continued eating.

“You will do the dishes, clean the kitchen and then you will bathe me. Afterwards, you will move your things from your room because I’m claiming it mine now.” Billy totally ignored Chad’s protests.

“You’re fucking mad! I am not doing any of this shit! You can’t take my room! You’re just a little bit heavier than me, but I’m still the top dog, you can’t beat me!” Chad exploded, but apparently it was exactly the kind of reaction Billy was expecting and the timing couldn’t be better.

Billy knew that after each single dose of the Supplement he was supposed to work out, jerk off and eat, and that’s what he had been doing religiously. However, today, he had optimized everything thanks to Mason help and it was a sensational day – his results were far more than the previous days and it could only be because of the way he interacted.

He finally showed Coach Sanders that he was no longer a push over, then he taught the bullies a nice lesson, and he even saved Mason only to bring him home and fuck him until the guy literally passed out of exhaustion. Those previous deeds only made his growth more accentuated, faster and way more intense than it had been so far, and getting even with his bully big brother was the ultimate feeling!
Billy just continued eating all the food, he knew it was close now. He felt the rush of the muscles growing again, the Supplement was kicking in much faster because the adrenaline running on his veins.

For one moment, Chad imagined that he’d managed to scare his little brother like he had always done, but it was a very short lived relief sensation. He actually noticed that Billy was not regretting, he was just looking at his own massive hairy chest.

“You realize I’m growing right in front of you, huh dumbass?” Billy said as he looked straight at his big brother’s shocked expression. Billy stood up and flexed his expanding muscles.

“Yeah, you’re so stupid that you can only notice it now huh you moron? I’ve been growing all through this day, and now I’m growing even more. I’m right here in front of you becoming the man you will never be!” Billy flexed his muscles and his cock was so hard that it slapped the 8 pack washboard stomach on that freaking teenager. The blond hairy balls were so heavy and they moved up and down with so much cum inside them.

Billy approached his shocked brother and hit a most muscular pose that actually scared the older teenager.

“You’re so damn lucky, Chad. You’ll worship my muscles, you will help my very needs as I grow bigger and more muscular. You’re gonna be my little bitch that I’ll fuck whenever it pleases me. You’re gonna do exactly everything I tell you to – because if you don’t I’ll just crush you like the bug you are!” The growth suddenly went up several notches as Billy felt the immense joy of being able to scare the shit out of Chad.

“Please…shit…please don’t hit me!” Chad instinctively covered his face with his hands, but Billy just threw his head back.

“You damn coward! I thought You were the man of the house! Come on, let’s see if you can keep your word! Let’s wrestle!” Billy challenged knowing that his engorging muscles were boosting his own courage.

“Y-you can’t be serious… I’m the state champion!” Nate still trusted his skills, he had fought bigger guys, but never in such clear weight difference.
Billy savored each moment. “Shut the hell and let’s do it. If you beat me, I’ll never stop doing your chores and you can have all my money. But if I win you’ll do all the things I’ve told you and much more!”

“You’re mad…it’s not…” Chad never had the chance to finish the sentence, because Billy quickly grabbed his shoulders and forced down to start the match.

“Come on stop talking and let’s see if you can beat this little nerd of yours!” Billy grinned, feeling his augmenting muscles feeding on the thrill of the classic brother fight. Chad’s instincts assumed control of his body and he acted automatically, slipping from Billy’s sweat grip and taking advantage of his still taller frame to turn the situation.

“You’re …not gonna turn me into your slave!” Chad resisted bravely and it just made Billy even more focused in the growth feedback.

“That’s it, Chad. Fight me, show me who’s the alpha…it will be my pleasure to bring you down brother.” Billy said while the older sibling used his best movements to finish that insane fight at once, but the growth on Billy’s body just made him so much stronger and resistant that even if he actually didn’t know much about the wrestling techniques he could just counterattack based on pure raw strength that soon proved to be much more effective than Chad’s overly trained movements.

Billy was actually buying his time with Chad, he savored every single second of his growth and he knew he had to milk the best from that situation, his growth was linked to the feeling of dominance and taking over Chad was the thing with which he always dreamed.

The monumental blond teenager just moaned as he felt his muscles augmenting despite his big brother’s efforts to make him choke, the thickness of his engorging neck muscles simply prevented that from happening. Meanwhile, Billy was lost on a paradise of growth induced feelings, he just could feel his big brother’s muscular body all hard and pressing against him.

“That’s it, little guy, try to break me…You want to conquer me right? Well, guess what you might just accomplish it…try harder!” Chad had no idea why his little brother cheered for him, but he couldn’t care less, he wanted to put that guy to sleep and get off that house as soon as possible – or at least that was what his conscious mind believed, when in fact his hard cock told a completely different story.
Billy just moaned as he felt his growth was reaching its apex – the fibers of thick muscles built on top of the previous ones, his body expanded to accommodate new layers of muscle, his physique augmented faster now, the thickness of his shoulders and the size of his pectoral muscles only emphasized his gargantuan proportions.

The blond muscular guy felt his body shaking as he felt the ultimate pleasure blessing him with even more strength and new muscles for his magnificent manly massive frame – the rush of power surged through his physique and unleashed a torrent of cum through his 18 inches hard cock that hit the kitchen ceiling and still gushed thick warm volleys of thick cum.

Billy roared, totally aloof of Chad’s attempts to suffocate him, he simply stood up and rose to all his magnificence.

“Are you quite done there? ‘Cause I’ve already blow my biggest load today!” Billy asked in a fake casual tone, but it actually took a few moments for Chad to realize that all the effort he made so far was simply useless.

Chad still had his arm firmly pressed around Billy’s insanely thick neck, despite the fact he could never actually apply enough strength to close his trachea. In fact, Chad had his legs tightly crossed Billy’s tiny waist, but given the width of his humongous back it was an almost impossible task to accomplish.

The older brother looked around and noticed he suddenly felt like a bug trying to suffocate an elephant – a very muscular sexy, youthful strong elephant with a giant trunk between his legs. Chad felt didn’t feel angry, he felt silly, like he finally realized something that was under his nose the whole time.

Billy just smirked. “I gotta tell you that it was hot, bro. I can tell you were picturing you were fucking me huh?” The humongous new Billy said as he easily broke free from Chad’s grip and the guy fell on the ground, he was suddenly facing up a tremendous new monster, his own little brother.

“Damn…you’re so hot for me aren’t you Chad?”

Chad was frightened, he was so scared, but on top of everything he was hornier than ever, and for that reason he just nodded his head rapidly – he couldn’t move, he just needed to look at that marvelous sight that took his entire view.

Billy rolled his eyes “I told you I had to break your spirit, but it was even easier than I imagined.” The younger monster brother said as he picked Chad from the ground and smiled.

“Now say it.”

“I’ll do the dishes, clean the kitchen and bathe you, then I’m going to move my stuff from my…I mean your new room.” Chad admitted quickly, thinking that it was better to just rip off the Band-Aid at once.

Billy didn’t seem convinced.

“You do realize that from now on, you’re gonna be my bottom right? I realized that I need real sex every day to make my body grow the way it’s supposed to, and you’re the hottest guy on school, even you can do the math by yourself.” The engorged muscular teenager said as he felt how light his brother’s body was.

Chad blushed. “Do you really think so Billy?” It was amazing how easily Chad submitted to him.

“Heh, it’s not exactly truth though, you’re the SECOND hottest guy on school.” The monumental Billy chuckled as he kissed his older brother in the lips and they made out in the kitchen.

The grotesquely huge brother simply ripped the clothes of Chad and forced his cock inside Chad’s butt without anything but his insanely huge cock’s own natural lube and the truth was that it went smoothly thanks to the amazing amount of lubrication and the sheer strength applied by the humongous top, but it still didn’t help Chad from screaming like the victim of a predator.

Meanwhile, Billy just wanted to savor his triumph – he conquered his big brother, and now his manly python inside him was pushing deeper and Chad just purred like a little kitten, so hot, so tiny and tender. Billy realized that he still loved his brother, even more than before – he knew now that Chad also needed him to be bigger and stronger.

Once Billy felt that Chad came and screamed his name, he just unleashed an even bigger load inside him, then, as he finally removed the insanely wicked cock, he still continued to savor his cream from the delicate butt of his tiny brother.

They were both overwhelmed with the realization that their relationship was moving into something much more exciting. However, Chad was not released from his duties. He did the dishes and cleaned the kitchen under Billy’s close supervision, and the former little brother made sure he was teasing the wrestler by flexing his muscles and pressing his enormous cock against his butt.

Afterwards, Billy carried Chad to the bathroom, noticing how much smaller everything seemed, especially Chad, who had always been so much taller, now he was so shorty and skinny, and it felt amazing for the tremendously huge muscular Billy.

“Damn…I didn’t recall the bathroom door was so narrow!” The enormous blond muscle monster chuckled and managed to enter the place without causing too much damage on the doorframe.”

“Shit…how big are you?” Chad asked at once. Billy was more than happy to find out as well, but he knew it was important to keep his orders.

“We will find out after I’m bathed, little guy.” The monstrous guy easily ripped the glass door on the shower since it would never allowed his humongous frame to pass through without being destroyed. In fact, Billy’s head reached so high it barely touched the shower head, so he simply managed to keep his head out of the water jet and let Chad do the hard work of soaping his humongous body.

“Damn…I can get used to this…” Billy moaned while Chad took extra care to clean between the fjords of his muscular enormous body.

“I…will never get used to this, but it’s just amazing!” Chad replied as he continued to explore every single inch of his brother’s enormity. They continued in a watery session of muscle worship that suddenly became much deeper than either of them could have anticipated.

Chad was so careful, so delicate, so tender with bathing his little brother’s humongous muscles, he took the care to soap the blond hair that covered them and rinse it thoughtfully, which obviously indicated that he truly enjoyed such wicked experience. At the same time, Billy felt that so excited and powerful to have his big brother dominated like that, he actually started wondering if it was enough for him. He surely would appreciate to have more guys in such position.

After that mutually delicious time, Chad took his time to towel his master little brother, but after the 4 towel he just had to realize the obvious.

“Damn…I am dying to know exactly how big you are Billy!”

“Heh, me too, Chad, but it’s not fair to poor Mason. I’ll go fetch him and you can both measure me!” Billy told his big brother/slave and went into his old room and picked Mason in his arms. The chubby little guy woke up at the sight of an even much bigger Billy, which almost caused him to blow again, but eventually he joined Chad on Billy’s worshipping squad.

“Damn…I just went for a quick nap and you simply ballooned!”

“Watch your words, buddy. Those aren’t balloons, they’re hard, rugged, hairy, massive manly muscles and you know how badly you want to worship them!” The smile on Billy showed his dental bracers, but that was the only trace of the old little guy that still remained, everything else inspired authority and superiority.

They measured Billy at 6’7” tall but it was harder to estimate his weight, since the scales didn’t go so far. Mason came up with the solution of picking two scales and adding up the results which ended up on whopping 566 pounds!”

“DAMN! I am over three times heavier than I was this very morning! That’s just amazing!” Billy grinned at Mason and flexed his 52 inches, which was much bigger than Chad’s own chest. They found out those amazing thighs read 78 maniacally large inches.

“Holly crap! Your calves are 44 inches around! That’s insane!” Chad commented as he gently hugged the diamond cut striated muscular perfection.

Billy bounced his chest and the two helpers had to join efforts to measure his tremendous chest, which ended up being at least 97 inches around, the size of each hard nipple was 8 freaking huge inches, which was bigger than most of real cocks. Finally, the most powerful cock in the world read 19 inches long and nearly 10 inches around, which caused both Chad and Mason to gulp, realizing that they had a nearly impossible task ahead of them.

Billy just smiled at them and hit a most muscular pose that was so intense that caused the two smaller guys to cum without even touching themselves. Chad was just incredibly aroused by his own former little brother he simply couldn’t take his eyes of the monumental boy.

Billy noticed he totally owned those guys, but he especially enjoyed dominating Chad while he wanted to share everything else with Mason, and he knew that it would eventually happen, because that chubby little guy would soon be receiving his own case of the Supplement.
“Well guys, we’ll have a long night ahead of us. I want you to be organized. We are going to work out and fuck at the same time. You two will be my extra weights, and later you’ will worship my pumped muscles. Later, you will go down and prepare my meals, meanwhile I’ll be working even harder. Then, I’ll fuck your asses so hard that you probably pass out of exhaustion, so I’ll go down there and eat all the food to come back here and pump some more iron.”

The boys gasped. “Billy they always say you have to rest to feed your muscles…I know you’re excited about all of this, but trust me, if you eat and rest properly the results will much stronger.” The older brother had a good point so Billy decided that he should listen to him.

“Okay…we’ll all sleep together after some point. I want you tiny guys on top of my muscles and telling me how fucking huge and massive I am becoming, then I might even let you jerk my cock while I sleep…yeah that’s a good idea. I get to sleep and you two take turns to jerk me off!”

Mason sighed “Looks like it’s gonna be a looooong night!”

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