The Supplement 4

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“Have you been nice while I was gone, guys?” The powerful voice thundered. provoking a mix of anxiety and lust in Chad, Mason and even the now powerful Billy. Their young cocks all went hard to salute the monument of manliness towering over them. Roger was 18 feet tall and his muscles seemed even wider, the thickness of his glorious physique, the dark blond long hair and his wild beard. His powerful long horns adorned his head, the poweful tusks reminded of his deadly skills.

Billy couldn’t run, he was just too marveled. He looked up at his father and his cock went so hard. Roger’s new size and features made Billy realize he was still a pubescent, just a shadow of the glory his body could actually reach – all of a sudden Billy remembered that his father has always been the greatest man in the world for him.


(Three weeks before)

Roger Stevens has always been a massive guy ever since his early teens. Gifted with marvelous genetics for size and strength the kid soon pursued a carrier in sports, which seemed very promising until that unfortunate knee injury at his sophomore year in college. After nearly two years going in and on surgeries, the doctors told him that his chances to compete professionally were very low at this point.

Roger was frustrated in the beginning, but he was forced to overcome that because his girlfriend was knocked up and he needed to find a way to support his soon-to-be-born son. Fortunately for them, once Roger got his degree in Civil Engineering he managed to channel all his strength and dedication to start his own construction company. He worked hard and wisely; soon his business took off and he could provide a decent life to his wife and kids, but he wasn’t quite happy yet. Roger had always been a closeted gay man, and the guilty for cheating on his wife with many different guys consumed his soul, especially when he found out that Melinda had a very rare type of cancer, which soon took her away.

The young widower had a major reality check, after all he still had to raise his two young boys on his own; and for that reason Roger tried his best to be the “Mister Mom”. It certainly was challenging and demanded the most of his energies. Thus, the young dad slowly gave up on dealing with his own sexuality issues and focused on “putting food on the table”.

Stevens loved his sons very much and knew that each one demanded his attention in different areas. Chad was almost a perfect copy of his younger glory days. The kid was strong, handsome and so fucking talented that all coaches said that he would become an Olympian medalist before he graduated from college. Roger happily obliged to support Chad’s blossoming future, but at the same time he questioned if he was doing so as a way to compensate his crushed hopes and dreams. On the other side, Billy was such a brilliant young boy, that it was not impossible for him to get his PhD before he was old enough to legally drink alcohol.

Realizing that both his sons would need his financial support to reach their full potential, the muscular young father made it his personal quest to get all the money he thought would be needed. He personally supervised the projects to make sure everything was perfect and delivered in time, and for such excellence in his services, his reputation soon rose tremendously which resulted in the substantial increase of his fees.

But Father Stevens didn’t stop there; he soon was hired for important projects all over the country.

Although such jobs were highly paid, it meant he needed to be constantly on the road, leaving his kids with sitters at first, and soon Chad and Billy learned how to take care of their basic needs on their own.

Of course, Roger knew that Chad took advantage of his bigger size to boss Billy around, but he considered that to be part of “brotherhood life”, so he still tried to keep Chad on the leash for most of time, after all he was still a magnificent specimen of muscular father: at 6’4” tall he weighed whooping 275 pounds, and most of it was still solid, ripped muscle.

Over the years, Roger still managed to dedicate time for his physical training; it actually became the best escape valve to vent his repressed sexuality. His main turn on was self-enjoying his rugged physique, savoring the overwhelming muscularity of his amazing “muscle daddy” look. Thus, his sex life consisted of sporadic escapades in which Roger would literally fuck a hot young man until he was too exhausted to even lift a finger, and such fact usually brought more guilt than pleasure to the enormous muscle man.

A few weeks after Billy had gotten back from his friend’s house in Canada, Roger received a very interesting work proposal to conduct this huge research complex which stood coincidently in the Canadian forests. The details of the project were impressive and monumental, the kind of once in a lifetime opportunity, but it also meant that Roger would have to spend most of the following years supervising the amazing project.

On top of the outrageously high amount of money they were willing to pay, Roger still considered the best part of the deal was that all accommodations were provided by the client, which meant one less thing to worry about.

After meeting with the big shots coordinating the operation Stevens was sure that such project was very serious and important, so he talked to his kids and explained that such money would give them the kind of comfort he always dreamed them to have.

Chad exulted with the idea of getting rich but Roger knew that Billy probably feared that with his father’s absence periods augmenting, he would literally become Chad’s little slave.

After a quick pep talk with his youngest son, Roger tried to make the young lad feel more confident to stand up against his brother’s abuse and to ensure Billy would have his total support, and the youngest kid seemed more confident for the first time in his life, and it finally made Roger comfortable with the idea of taking the ambitious project.

Roger kissed his boys goodbye and headed to the closest airport from where he was flown into the project area, a very isolated area in the Canadian rich forests. Then, the muscular engineer was driven from the heliport to the construction’s crew encampment, where he soon acknowledged the peculiarities of that exclusively male work group.

The first thing Roger noticed was that he looked rather small in that particular context. Each and every one of those workers was much taller and more muscular than Roger’s 6’4” 275 pounds, and they were also in peal condition too. Roger could tell that by the immensely muscular workers carrying very heavy steel beams like they were made of foam.

There was no one to introduce Roger to the construction crew as the new head of project; but he simply noticed the burly, muscular, manly massive workers could tell he was the new guy because he was certainly the smallest, shortest and scrawniest member of that unique group of men.

The new boss called the workers in the yard and made a speech for a quick self-presentation, which made him feel rather nervous and unsecure, since those massively muscular workers caused him a rather suffocating and dangerously hot excitement. Roger tried his best to seem the “cool” supervisor but judging by the lack of sympathy from the behemoths, things were not going to run as smooth as his employers first affirmed.

Stevens was briefed about the delay on project, especially because their workers were particularly undisciplined, and they needed a strong leader to make sure they would fulfill their expectations. If only Roger knew back then these men were also the biggest specimen of the human species, he would certainly understand the reason for their lack of discipline.

The experienced engineer quickly realized his employers have not only undermined the problem, they actually have sent him to some kind of mutiny. No wonder they have also furnished him a gun and his own panic button, which was discretely installed in his wrist watch.

Judging by the way those monumentally muscular men looked down at the blond muscular guy, and their constant smirk whenever he approached to inspect their work, these guys demonstrated they were not accepting the new boss, and it surely bothered Roger, especially because he was used to be both respected and especially desired by his immense size, but at that moment he was none of these things. Regardless how many times Roger talked to them, each worker just continued in his unproductive routine like they didn’t have to give any satisfaction to the “little guy”.

By the third day, the crew simply behaved like Roger wasn’t even there. He issued new assignments but they didn’t care, he called those huge workers for a quick meeting, but they didn’t stop doing whatever they were doing to attend their new boss. Roger even found a classic rock thrown against his office’s window with the customary threatening note.

“Get the hell out of here or else…”

Needless to say that Roger understood he was being challenged. After checking the surveillance cameras, he was fortunate to locate the guy who threw the note. He just called the massive employee in his office over the radio. He was actually very lucky to notice that this one the smallest worker besides him, although it did mean a 6’9” 450 pounds mountainous man with strong Texan features and thick dark beard.

The burly mountainous dude squeezed and maneuvered his physique to enter Roger’s office in the construction yard. The enormous man seemed so much bigger inside those four walls, for one moment Roger really feared for his safety, but he knew the situation demanded drastic decisions.

“What do you want?” The massive man said, barely rolling his eyes. He was so muscular that his clothes seemed painted over his body, but his tan was a bit weird, almost greenish, but Roger just assumed that up there in Canada they wouldn’t get as much sun as in desert.

“Oh nothing much, I just found your little note… I need your name so I can fire you, you’ll be sent back to the US in 20 minutes.” Roger threatened the massive guy, and it actually worked. The huge fellow’s eyes widened and he quickly changed his despicable behavior.

“I didn’t write that note!” The guy immediately defended himself just like Roger had foreseen.

“Who cares? You threw the rock, I’ve got in video. I will just fire your ass, unless you tell me who had written it.”

“No, don’t send me back home…not now…please…I need this job so badly, please sir!” Roger felt bad for rejoicing that tiny victory; he knew he had used the lowest trick on the book.

“Well, start by telling your name and I’ll see what I can do for you.”

“The name is Rhett Cruz, sir. I swear I didn’t want to do this but I had to play along the plan...” The immense worker took off his safety hat, inhaled and scratched his head.

Meanwhile, Roger just typed the name in his tablet and pulled the records of that worker, but he soon realized there must be some mistaken information, because the data indicated Rhett Cruz was a 5’8” 167 pounds man, which clearly was not the case since none of these guys were anywhere near that size.

“And whose plan is that Rhett? Tell me if you don’t want to be fired, and I’ll make sure your grandsons will be senior by the time you get another job!”

The muscular behemoth stood quiet, it was clear now there was someone orchestrating a plot against the new boss.

“Look, I can’t tell you much…but if you want to know more about it, you…should talk to Bubba.”

“So, is this Bubba your leader?”

Rhett went quiet for a moment, but then he sighed. “He calls the shots here…but if I were you I wouldn’t mess with him…”

Roger felt a bit sorry for the huge man. “Don’t worry, I am aware you guys are huge here, but I ain’t a little kid anymore. Now get back there and do the new job I assigned!”

The worker quickly nodded and squeezed his immense bulk out of Roger’s office while Roger pulled the records of any guy named Bubba, but since there were no results, the blond engineer concluded that it must be a nickname.

Roger went looking for any sign of Rhett, but the guy simply had disappeared, so Stevens spent the rest of the work day asking each worker where he could find this Bubba dude, but they were just very scared to answer that.

The new head of project felt really tired after that frustrating day on the new job, so he went straight to his apartment in the encampment, which was a very comfortable place. Stevens phoned home and felt much better after talking to Billy. At least, things were going well back at home especially because Chad was still on touring with the school team, although Billy seemed particular very excited with Chad’s regress.

Roger opened his suitcase and picked the gun. For one moment he considered packing it along with him, but he eventually dismissed the idea, deciding he needed a nice warm meal after such horrible day so he took the car and drove to the nearest town. After a few minutes driving on a small road crossing the forest, he arrived to this village with a nice little dinner that seemed clean enough. Stevens felt instantly better just by noticing that guys were much shorter and skinnier than him once again, it reassured his manly ego for a while.

The engineer ordered a hefty meal and was halfway through his dinner when this short old creepy guy approached his table.

“You must be the new guy at the construction yard right?” The old man had a strong accent but Roger understood his advantaged muscular physique was an obvious clue, so he just nodded, trying to be polite.

The geezer shook his head and placed his wrinkled dry hand on the firm muscular shoulder of the much younger man.

“You should get out of there before they get to your head just like my nephew Vinnie.”

Roger dropped his fork and quickly picked his tablet. “I’m sorry, but can you give him his name?”

“Vincent La Rue” The old guy simply sat down with the newcomer. Roger typed the name and pulled the records for that employee.

“It says Vincent La Rue is 5’9” 173 pounds, but I don’t have anyone so small up there…I’m the smallest among them!”

Surprisingly, the old man was not shocked with information.

“Heh, that was Vinnie’s size alright…before he started working in that wicked place. He just got bigger and bigger…his father told me they were giving them drugs to make them stronger and more resistant but that shit fucked up with their minds! Vinnie simply won’t come back home, he became one of these muscle monster, he just wants more of the stuff…they all got hooked and so will you if you don’t get the hell out there!”

Roger remembered how frightened Rhett got when he thought he would be fired.

“D-do you know anything about Bubba? One of the guys told me he was their leader.”

The old man sighed. “Yeah, Vinnie told this Bubba guy wanted their boss to give them more of the stuff, I think he got fired, but never left the place, he became their leader.”

Roger had completely lost his appetite; he just thanked the old man and got back on his car, driving as fast as he could. He now regretted he wasn’t packing his gun because it felt like he had come to work in some kind of thriller movie: workers given steroids and turning into muscle freaks and then rebelling against their employers to get more of the stuff…it was just too bizarre, he had to get the hell out of there!

Stevens was so lost in his thoughts when he just saw the gargantuan bulk of an immense animal getting out of the woods, it was the biggest thing he could ever imagine! The frightened driver still tried to avoid hitting the enormous unidentified creature, but instead he just hit its immense leg and the car lost control, headed directly into a tree! But the crash never happened, when the engineer opened his eyes he was still on the road, well…he was above the road.

“Heh…better keep your eyes on the road, little bug!” The deep powerful voice tone joined by such vigorous laughter made Roger shake with almost supernatural fear. The 2-ton-SUV was just being lifted over the road by the immense figure.

The engineer suddenly felt the door being ripped, one colossal hand picked him out of the vehicle with such strength that the safety belt snapped. Then, he heard the immense car being tossed into the woods. Roger was brought closer to the most amazing man he had ever seen!

“I hear you were asking about me, little bug!” The moonlight shone over the immense man and Roger couldn’t help but getting hard at the sight of such powerful creature. He must have weighed over a ton of hard, massive glistening hairy muscles!

“I’m Bubba, and the pleasure is gonna be all mine…” The man had to be over 8 feet tall of immensely massive hairy muscles. The red tone of his beard and vast mane only made his look even more impressive, his skin was so pale it just looked almost green with so many thick green veins crossing the vastness of his body.

Bubba wore nothing more than some kind of denim pants and leather boots, his monstrous chest fought with the incredibly thick lats which forced his humongous arms to rest in a 120 degrees angle, and those thighs were so thick they barely fit in the pants, not to mention the humongous bulge in that crotch.

“So, you are the one they sent to replace me…that is just pathetic!” Roger was being held in the air, his dangling feet and despair just amused the enormous red haired monster.

Bubba looked into Roger’s eyes and saw fear, he saw hate and he saw lust, which was exactly the combination he expected to find, so he simply held Roger over his thick shoulders and walked into the wood. Bubba was so powerful he simply ran down the narrow paths, knocking down woods and creating havoc as he crossed through the forest.

After a few minutes, they were in some kind of clearance. Roger was still dizzy; he had indeed vomited a couple of times while Bubba carried him in such uncomfortable position. The engineer heard a familiar voice.

“He was the one who forced to tell on you, Bubba!” The kidnapped guy recognized Rhett’s voice. The muscular monster spoke almost like a little boy pointing the bully kid to his avenger big brother.

Roger realized the rest of the workers were there as well, in some kind of muscle lust cult. They basked in the pride of their glorious naked muscles and immense strength. Roger thought they were the biggest men in the world, but they all paled in comparison with the truly monstrous Bubba.

“Don’t worry, brother…this little bug is just another poor attempt to break our unity, but they are running out of options because they sent this scrawny little dude to deal with us!” Bubba laughed out loud, and soon all the other joined him. Roger felt really scared by that point.

“Please, don’t…kill me I have children…” Roger cried for the future of his boys, and Bubba just humiliated him even more, by picking his sobbing figure.

“And you think we don’t have families as well? Are you stupid, little bug? We just want what is ours by right! You will phone the guys who hire you and tell them we want all that was promised, the real deal, or we will start giving them some real trouble!” Bubba looked into Roger’s eyes and grinned.

“Damn, brothers…it will be even easier than we thought! They have sent one that is already hard because of our bodies! He is just wanting to serve to our plan, aren’t you little bitch?” Bubba squeezed Roger’s body like he was a mere puppet.

Roger just had enough strength to spit on Bubba’s face, but the guy just laughed with such attempt. The immensely massive red haired muscle monster threw his head back and literally threw Stevens to Rhett.

“Here, little brother, loose him up for me…and all those who want to greet our new “boss” are welcome…after you are all finished, I’m taking him into the ride of his lifetime!” Bubba said while petting the immense phallus which ripped through the last remains of his denim pants.

Roger fought his best, but even Rhett was by far heavier and stronger than him. The Texan worker just laughed and ripped Roger clothes with extreme easiness, but the worst part was that he reeked in some kind of pungent smell that seemed to burn his nostrils.

“I told you not to mess with Bubba, little bug!” Rhett pinned Stevens and easily forced his immense cock inside him. That beast was over a foot long and so desperately thick; Roger screamed at the top of his lungs as his felt the force tearing his butt. He couldn’t help but shooting a huge load, which made the workers laugh out loud.

“Damn, Rhett, if this guy got so hard with your little pecker, he’ll have a ball with mine!” Some random muscular beast commented as he slapped Rhett’s muscular hairy butt.
“Don’t mind about Vinnie, little bitch. Once you help us getting more of the stuff, I’ll be bigger than all of them...” Rhett whispered, continuing his assault on Stevens’ muscular butt.

Roger was in worlds of pain, but at the same time he felt really bad because he couldn’t help but adoring the whole situation!

After Rhett filled his butt with lots of cum, he just tossed the engineer to another monster and the process continued. Roger got raped by those immense guys, and he came fiercely over and over. The workers took turns in abusing him, treating his muscular body like some small sex toy. One of them even noticed that regardless his screaming, the blond hunk was very hard so he forced Roger to fuck his massive muscular ass, and Stevens just screamed with the uncanny strength of that monstrous butt squeezing his cock.

Roger didn’t understand how on Earth he could survive such abuse on his body. These monsters have worn him off, but the worst was yet to come! One of the immense workers just carried him into the center of the clearance.

Stevens looked up and saw Bubba was actually fucking three of the immense muscle workers. They all seemed so passionate about their muscles, their über manliness. Roger could tell they all worshipped Bubba and follow him wherever the immense monster told them to go.

“Heh, thank you little brothers…this little shit will soon bring us more of the Supplement, aren’t you bitch?”

Roger shook his head. “What are you talking about? I never heard of this…”

Bubba chuckled. “Of course you haven’t, you wanted us to believe you were naturally just that muscular? Hah, they just gave you one shot and thought it would be enough to handle us! Those fuckers at ChemTech should know better than messing with me!”

Stevens realized his word was as good as shit, so he changed strategy. “Please…sir, fuck me…I’ll do anything you tell me…just…let me feel your manly super cock!”

Bubba fell for it, his enormous ego felt so massaged he just laughed. “See, brothers? This guy is just our now…and to prove my point, we’re gonna bring him into the brotherhood!”

The other muscle monsters cheered for their immense leader. Bubba held Roger and spread his legs; his nearly two feet long monster was so thick and veined. Billy’s dad closed his eyes and cussed like a maniac as the biggest cock in the world forced its way inside his abused body.

The pain and the pleasure Bubba inflicted on Roger was unparalleled, the leader of the muscle monster cult just fucked him for hours without ever stopping. His cock was constantly hard and didn’t stop pounding the abused ass not even when it flooded the interior with manly thick seed.

Roger felt like he had passed out and came back at least three times during the epic raping of his ass, he lost track of time, but he could tell Bubba was literally fucking him through hours nonstop.

“Heh, are you ready to cooperate with us now?” The red haired monster asked stroking Roger’s sweat hair.

“Yes…please…let me go and I’ll do anything you want!” Roger was so weak he thought he had some kind of internal damage to his organs.

“Good, because we also have done some research on you, buddy. Your sons, Chad and Billy? If you don’t help us to get more of the stuff…I guess we’ll have to leave this forest and go pay them a little visit huh?”

“No…please leave my kids alone! I’ll get you more stuff!” At that point Roger would say anything to put an end to his misery.

Bubba chuckled and pulled the victim of his cock. “Take this loser back to his room. ”

“But what if he decides to run away sir?”

“I’ve searched his room, there’s no hidden stash for him to grow. The ChemTech bastards are getting cheaper with the supplement. Besides, there’s no way for him to leave the complex. We destroyed the chopper and the cars; he’s not in condition to walk in the forest. He will just call ChemTech and ask for help, that’s our cue to attack the rescuing team and get more information on the stuff.” The immense red haired leader grinned.

Roger was in too much pain. He feared for his boys, at the same time he felt so disgusted and disappointed about himself, how he could even lust about the same fuckers who have hurt him for no reason at all. The goons dropped Roger in his room, which was totally wrecked and destroyed.

The blond man looked at his watch and laughed out of despair. He had pressed that miserable panic button a million times ever since Bubba captured him, and there were no signs of help. These bastards on ChemTech must have tricked him with a false of confidence.

Roger took off his watch and was about to throw it away, when he noticed a secret compartment in the back. It was tiny enough to pass by the battery pocket, but once he opened there was some kind of mini flash drive. The engineer dragged his body around the room and found out his laptop was not destroyed by Bubba’s attack.

He installed the thing and the computer turned on by itself. The screen showed a message.

“Roger, you don’t have to worry, we have chosen you because your incredible genetics. We need you to take care of Bubba’s menace. We’re willing to provide you the power to accomplish that and much more, if you accept this new arrangement, type your personal security code.”

Roger was stunned; the fuckers wanted him to take care of those monsters? How could it even be possible? Then, he realized the true meaning of their offer. He remembered that none of the workers was nearly as big as him before they took the stuff ChemTech provided; the muscle freaks believed Roger was one of them, only in the earlier stages of the growth.

The blond man felt rage and lust filling his body again, renewing his spirit and strength, so he keyed the code and the screen changed to a very detailed map of his room, and there was a red spot blinking at some point in the small bathroom. Roger found that one of the tiles in the shower room was actually a small squared box with disguised a very particular kit with three vials of a thick green gel inside, and further instructions.

“This is the undiluted version of our enhancement agents we have provided our crew. One shall make you stronger than all of them combined; two will make you the strongest man ever born, but if you take them all, you will hereby accept a lifetime position in ChemTech with full benefits. Congratulations, brother.”

Roger was in pain, he was scared and he was furious. He clearly wasn’t in the most appropriate conditions to make a reasonable, rational decision. The three vials were drunk before Roger even finished the letter.

Stevens’ body grew in violent spasms of massive and very graphic muscle growth. His shoulders ballooned, his chest augmented, his biceps exploded with size, his legs grew longer and thicker, his cock lengthened and thickened at the same time a primal roar escaped from his throat.

Billy’s father continued to grow so much more muscular that his skin felt like it would rip from his expanding frame. The thickening veins covered his enormous physique, bringing more fresh muscle growth blood into the hungry muscular fibers, and they quickly responded by expanding so much longer and thicker, the striations carved Roger’s body from head to toe.

At the same time, the man could feel his organism healing and rejuvenating itself from the previous abuses. The bruises healed, the swollen areas receded, and his pain was replaced by an increasing strength that burnt his spirit. Roger could feel his blond hair growing longer and spreading over his amazing fortress of growing muscle.

The feeling of muscular and bodily growth was phenomenal; it was so intense and intoxicating that Roger understood why these stupid workers got so easily addicted. However, that engineer was used to having hard huge muscles, the feeling of a nice pump at the gym burning his hard exhausted muscles.

The numbing sensation through the strong limbs as he walked back from a killing work out, was one of the best feelings besides orgasm, and yet, this growth caused something that marvelously combined such powerful states and made them last so much longer especially when joined by fantastic manly augmentation provided by the incredible instant cock growth!
Yet, there was something else happening to Roger and he could feel it was much more than he could expect. The muscle growth happened in ways that human anatomy could not support and it continued to change even further. The pressure of his new muscles made his body so much stronger, wilder, and manlier.

He noticed the size of his limbs increasing, the incredible wideness of his physique and the glorious monstrosity of his expanding proportions. Roger could look in the shredded small mirror of the wrecked bathroom that his body no longer was human. It had evolved, developed, changed and perfected itself beyond anything Homo-sapiens could achieve.

His already marvelous manly rugged features grew harder and manlier; his jaw became solid rock of authority, his neck engorged with thick ropes of muscles framing his head, along with mounds of huge deltoid muscles towering over his ears, with humongous thick shoulders that looked like boulders on solid mountains. Roger noticed his hair was much thicker, especially in the top of his head, where it was getting thinner.

The dark blond mane now looked so amazing wild and powerful, it reached down the humongous shoulders, but Roger noticed his features were primal, they were not human anymore. His nose changed and assumed a wider, rounder formation. It got harder and much thicker, like it could take a punch and break the hand of its aggressor.

The changing man was shocked, but he enjoyed the change so intensely. He now understood true manliness was only achievable with such change, his muscles brought him to a new stage where his body needed more power and strength.

The interior of that room was getting tighter by the second. Roger grunted and enjoyed the increasing pace of his transformation process, his muscles augmented beyond his imagination, his very physiology changed in such dramatic ways, especially the development of his manly tusks and the respectable set of horns growing under his blond mane. He was feral, monumental, powerful and very, very monstrous.

Roger felt his mental capabilities increasing at the same time. He had never been the dumb blond musclebound people sometimes imagined him to be, he was an engineer after all. But now it was like his thoughts were much clearer, even the things around him seemed lighter and the sounds were louder.

He smelled the goons who had brought him back into the camp were halfway through their hideout, not to mention the strong smell of cum and musk odors from the manly workers and their leader Bubba.

Roger felt the rage filling his muscles with renewed energy, making them grow even bigger and faster. The memories of the previous moments flooded his mind, mixed feelings of anger and lust fuelled his muscle growth, the spasms continued to change his body above and beyond. At some point Roger felt his shoulders pressing the opposite walls of his room; he just focused and enjoyed as the muscles forced their way, the struggle between his growth and the strength of that building didn’t last long at all…

A few moments later, the 6’10” 485 pounds brown haired Vinnie and the 6’9” 450 pounds Rhett returned from the camp, while their immense leader known as Bubba stood in the center of their hideout while four massive muscle freaks worshipped his muscles and glorious cock.

“It’s all done, boss.” Vinnie grunted as he joined the guys worshipping the biggest freak in their group.

“Nice…the little fucker learned his lesson. He’ll stay out of our way, and ChemTech will be forced to bring the huge guns, and that’s when we’ll strike, little brothers!” Bubba chuckled.

The workers were about to resume their orgy when a howling sound filled their hearts with sudden fear. The muscle freaks stood up and quickly looked for any sign of animals, but at the same time they could tell no animal could have produced such loud, powerful howl.

The left side clearance suddenly exploded, immense trunks flying everywhere, immediately knocking some of the augmented men in the area. Bubba, Vinnie, Rhett and some other workers watched in shock as a true monster emerged from the forest.

“You shouldn’t have let me alone, boys…” Roger chuckled. His towering size was just beyond anything they had seen in Bubba. He was much wider and thicker than the leader was tall! In fact, that monster had more muscle in his left pectoral than Bubba in his entire body!

The workers didn’t have time to realize it was the new and improved Roger talking back to them; they just attacked the menace with all their might.

Roger knew they weren’t strong enough to hurt his massive and still growing muscles, he just laughed as each guy tried his best attempt. Punches were thrown, trees were used to hit him, and enormous boulders were launched towards his expanding fortress of muscle, but everything proved useless.

The monstrous creature continued to grow more muscular and so much more powerful; it simply picked each one of the workers and raped their muscular ass one by one, while laughing at the pitiful attempts to defeat him. However, at new of the muscle freaks he dominated, Roger’s monumental body grew wider, thicker and much more muscular.

Stevens felt these weakling men lusted for him, they wanted to be submissive and servant to his very needs, even if their minds considered him an enemy, their hearts had already surrendered to his utmost muscular power. The monumental behemoth just proved them he was their alpha, the only one they should follow.

At each new guy he raped, Roger felt the urge to possess his very essence. The very manliness of his spirit should belong to him; he was the superior, the stronger, and the most powerful. Roger kissed each one of the guys he fucked mercilessly, and he felt their breath carried the very taste of their alpha essence.

One by one, the former invincible muscle freaks were conquered by the augmenting wild beast that consumed their very manliness as he claimed their muscular asses with the strength and determination they deserved. Unlike the imbecile monsters who just abused him, Roger enjoyed the strong bond with each one of the guys he conquered.

He didn’t just fuck them; he made them feel desired and conquered. Each one of the workers enjoyed the most fantastic orgasm of their lives, feeling incredibly horny to be finally overpowered by the uncanny source of manliness that consumed their much weaker bodies.

Bubba could have run away if he truly wanted, but he didn’t move. He was immediately drawn into the hulking beast of manly power that enlarged at each new guy he fucked senselessly, so he stood there watching and jerking his own immense cock.
Roger looked down at Bubba, a glorious feeling of superiority rushed through his mind. He paced, his monstrously huge cock throbbed and desired the next vessel of manliness and strength.

“I knew it…they have given you more of the stuff!” Bubba asked very bravely to the 15 feet tall and 12 feet wide monster of green muscle, powerful limbs and tusks glistening of sweat and cum under the rising day.

Roger wanted to be mad at the guy who treated him like scum, he knew he could easily split his puny body in two with the monstrous cock he now had. But in truth, Roger felt pity for Bubba. He was just desperate to have all the mass and strength he saw in Stevens’ new body.

“You belong to me now, little man. You’re mine to do as I please, and pleasing me will be your only job. You and your pathetic skinny friends are my sex miniatures and tiny helpers. We will finish the complex and you will work harder than ever to please my growing body!” Roger attested very calmly as he lifted Bubba’s weight and prepared him to be finally conquered by his cock.

“Yes…yes master…but…what have you become? And why are you still growing so huge still?”

“I am not human anymore, puny man. I am an orc and my brotherhood will return to conquer this world once again. Humans had their chance and almost killed the planet. It’s time for the stronger race to set things in order again.” Roger grunted as he positioned his cock to go into the much smaller musclefreak’s ass.

Bubba didn’t scream he was in such a blissful state that Roger’s manly obelisk didn’t cause him pain; it was intense pleasure that connected their very souls. The smaller freak felt the essence of his manliness leaving his muscular body; the air was leaving his nostrils was drenched in his alphahood and Roger quickly inhaled those vapors with gusto, savoring the burning in his big nostrils.

“Yeah…this is it…give it to me, tiny man…you know I deserve your alphahood much more than you!” Roger moaned, his body growing faster and more powerful as he channeled the power emanating from Bubba’s dominated figure. His cock pounded the tight ass of his current conquest and the poor muscle freak realized his leadership, his rebel and bravery no longer inhabited his soul.

Roger continued to grow and to develop further, his glorious revenge was more intense than anything he could have imagined. These men were now his servants, his betas, responding and serving to his alphahood, his manly dominance would make the tiny freaks his very obedient sex toys, servants to every order of his braver spirit.

The reborn Stevens patriarch howled as he reached the most amazing orgasm of his life, his manly eruption flooded Bubba’s guts and shot him hundreds of feet in the air. Roger laughed as his body reached yet another growth spurt, his mind blowing proportions ballooned even further, giving him more muscle, more strength and even more power.

“Karnak is the real power of an orc!” Roger grunted as he admired the beautiful scene of his conquered slaves crawling and moaning his name, begging for a bit more of his immense power, ready to follow any desire of his heart.

The massive orc heard the humongous military choppers landing, from each one, another massive orc like him exited. They were all powerful and monstrous like Roger, and they all rivaled in size and strength. They were actually fighting the instinctive reaction to attack and Karnak each other, because they knew their race now depended on their collaboration.

“Welcome to ChemTech Labs Board of Direction, Roger. I am glad you’ve learned the basic principles of our life.” One of the hulking glorious monsters spoke in a language that Roger recognized it was not English, but sounded more comfortable than his native idiom.

“We do have lots to do, brothers. The Complex will be finished, and later I will get back for my sons.” Roger spoke in the same language so easily it felt like he had always spoken it.

The rest of the orcs nodded.

“Your youngest one is already changing; the other might become a good servant if he doesn’t prove his worth to be an orc. We have chosen you because of your genetics Roger, the brotherhood will grow stronger under your advisory.”

Roger nodded. “Don’t worry, I never drop a project!”


Roger just stood there and opened his arms. “So, doesn’t your orc father get a hug from his orc son and the weakling human?” The monstrous creature grunted, his tusks and horns look so manly, so powerful. The green shade of his muscles only accentuated the unheard level of his power and strength.

Billy hugged his father; feeling quickly overpowered by his more immense, more powerful, manlier muscles.

“Dad…how did you get the Supplement?” The teenager monster asked, but Roger just kissed the face of his curious son.

“All in its right time son. Right now we have to take care of the moving.” Roger announced as he carried Billy like a toddler in his monumental arms.

“Where are we moving to dad?” Chad asked trying his best not to be stomped by his now gigantic father orc.

“Oh, sorry Chad, it is hard for me to see past my pecs, especially tiny beings like you. Don’t worry, boy. You are coming with us. We need humans to worship our muscles, and you’re my human son.” The bestial father snapped his fingers and then six huge trucks parked by their driveway, they all had the ChemTech logo.

From inside these trucks, huge men, some of them even bigger than Billy got down. They were all dressed in huge tailored suits and wore shades and gloves. One of them had thick red hair and addressed the gargantuan Roger.

“Master, you and your noble family can go to the new house now; we’ll take care of everything!”

Roger grinned. “Thanks Bubba, we just need personal stuff like pictures, and books, the other house is already completely furnished. Billy is gonna take his stuff too right son?” The immense father blinked and Billy understood the Supplement was the one thing they had to evacuate from the house.

The enormous teenager quickly went inside and got his precious possessions.

“Ready to go boys?” Roger asked in a very nice tone.

“C-can Mason come along dad? He’s my boyfriend…” Billy affirmed, realizing his father now was totally aware of their amazing sexuality.

“Heh, I wouldn’t want it any other way, my son. Our new house is just outside town. It took me a while to get it ready for us because I have some really lazy workers, but now that it is all ready, we’ll enjoy some luxury for our super massive muscles.

They got inside the huge ChemTech 18-wheeler truck, Roger was so massive that he needed to place Billy in the ground and accommodate his son inside, so he could actually squeeze his monstrous physique inside, which almost crush the other guys.

“Don’t worry, boys, just lay on daddy. We’ll be in our new house in no time.” Roger said as he felt Chad and Mason sitting on his right monstrous left pec, while Billy adjusted himself on the right one.

Roger noticed his boys were quiet, for the first time they knew they were under his total command, and even Billy who has clearly tasted the power, already realized they needed to listen now.

“Billy, you are in your way to become a full-fledged orc, but you won’t get that just by taking the Supplement, you will have to learn the value of manliness and alphahood.”

“Can you teach me that, dad?” Billy asked, but Roger laughed out loud.

“Well, son, I’m afraid I can’t, especially because I’ll be trying to steal yours!” Roger grinned as he kissed his son’s forehead. Billy realized that he still lots to learn about his new life as an orc.

To be continued