The Supplement 3

The story so far...

Chad Steven's little brother Billy had gotten his hands in some weird Supplement with the promisse from his friend that it would certainly change his life forever.

After taking the amazing stuff, Billy is quickly changing into a muscular hunk, although his muscle growth also shows some very peculiar features like the change of his skin tone and quite impressive hair growth.

Nonethless, Billy's growth is just incredibly fast and the once skinny lad realized that his once big brother was not much of a challenge for his ever growing size and strength.

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It was a little past 5 in the morning when Chad Stevens felt really sore when he woke up on top of the enormous body of his engorged little brother Billy – the wrestling jock felt so relieved when he realized the amazing moments of last night were not a product of his imagination. Billy had somehow grown so fucking huge, muscular, hairy and so manly.

That humongous teenager had not only dominated his older brother, he actually forced the once proud and brutal Chad into complete submission and the greatest proof was that look of admiration on Chad’s handsome expression. Albeit his sore body after hours of intense fucking and all the struggle to please his monstrous master, Chad was more than delighted and excited to be lying on top of that humongous beast whose enormous chest easily lifted the combined bodyweight of his older brother and Mason.

Speaking of Mason, the chubby guy was also awake, his glaze met Chad’s and they both grinned.

“He’s gotten even bigger…and so hairy…look at that! He’s got a blond beard! He looks just like dad…I mean it’s more like he’s our dad’s daddy” Chad chuckled as he laid his head on the muscle freak to listen to his breathing.

“Well, I’m glad! After all, we’ve worked so hard to keep him cumming while he snored like a log!” Their naughty minds had the same ultimate goal, which was serving the amazing Billy the best possible way. Each teenager started sucking in one of the finger-sized nipples of the golden muscle beast underneath them.

The impact was almost immediate – the gigantic phallus became erect in no more than a few seconds after their provocation. They knew Billy’s cock had a will of its own since they have taken the whole night jerking it and sucking that monster, savoring the amazing copious orgasms that fountained from the immense slit; however this time they wanted to wake up that beautiful monster.

Both of Billy’s helpers moved slowly towards the imperial phallus, worshipping the immensely developed muscles on their way. Chad started at the hairy thick base of those and Mason started licking the enormous cock from different parts and they both met in the middle of such vascular thickly muscle cock, because that was the most precise word to describe Billy’s endowment, it was just a muscular penis, just another one of the many wonders in that incredible blooming physique.

“Heh, that’s a proper way to wake up a monster!” Billy groaned, his voice had gone so much deeper that the windows shook as he spoke. The teenager took his time to absorb all the changes in his glorious body while he slept, his servants had worked devotedly to keep him growing during the few hours he had stopped fucking them.

“You guys did a tremendous job! I’m even bigger than I remember!” Billy spoke as he rose to his feet, towering over his servants with a legitimate satisfaction for their efforts. “Now let’s see how much bigger I’ve gotten!”

Billy couldn’t stop grinning while his very excited boys circled the enormous girth of his bulging physique to take his massive measurements.

“Shit, he’s 7’1 and ¾ tall, that’s pure NBA material.” Mason commented stupefied.

“Forget NBA, he weighs more than twice of the biggest NFL defense liners! That’s 840 pounds of super massive muscles!” Chad jumped up and down as he summed the results of the combined scales.

“64” biceps! That’s so powerful!”

“Fuck…he’s got 160 inches chest! That’s more than two whole strips!”

“116” thighs, and 56” calves”

The two boys then stared at the tremendous python that demanded proper acknowledgement; they silently wrapped the strips around and along the monster only to gag at the result of their combined measurements.

“No way…his cock is 26inches long? But that’s over two whole feet long!”
“Well, it’s also 20” thick…I guess he’s becoming a very chubby dude in the cock area!”

“There’s no way we’ll be able to have this inside us again!” Mason concluded with undeniable disappointment.

“Come on dudes, aren’t you at least tempted to try?”

Billy easily picked his boys and started making out with them, his libido had no limits, he could simply fuck them in whatever way he wanted and for how long he desired, his cock would be always hard and aching to be released. Chad and Mason also realized that something on Billy brought them to their feet. Although they were exhausted from the previous night, the slightest display of Billy’s desire for them was more than enough to renew their spent energies, they soon were eager to be used to please their ginormous master.

However, after only one hour of hard morning sex, Billy noticed his lovers were completely burn-out, they literally collapsed over his immense hairy physique. The freaking muscular teenager realized those little guys needed their so desired rest, so he just let them sleeping on his bedroom and went downstairs to get something for his even bigger body, Mason and Chad would have even more to measure after they rested properly.

The oversized teenager loved the feeling of his boulder-like shoulders destroying the hallway walls as he waddled to the bathroom. It felt like he suddenly had moved into a dollhouse, the thrill of his humongous hands squeezing and breaking doorknobs without any effort whatsoever got Billy’s steel cock to get even harder which took him quite a while to take his so desired monster leak.

Eventually, Billy noticed he had to get something to wear, and the only available options were Chad’s clothes. The augmented younger brother went through a great deal of Chad’s clothes, but his body had no mercy on them, the massive muscles simply shredded and ripped through the XXXL shirts. At some point Billy felt sorry for Chad, but he continued his search until he managed to find some sweatpants and a wife beater that looked like they were painted over his phenomenal physique.

Attending to the monstrous call of his wild hunger, Billy devoured all the food left in the house, stuffing his face with all the precious nutrients he needed to foster his growth, along with a massive dose of the Supplement.

Although the instructions precisely told him that the case would last for a month, Billy didn’t mind taking much bigger doses of the stuff; he could actually feel that his body worked the growth supplements so fast that he would have to ask for more anyway.

Billy went upstairs to wake Mason for school and ordered Chad to do a massive groceries shop with the emergency credit card their father gave him. Although he didn’t contest Billy’s orders, the wrestler noticeably hesitated to disrespect their father’s strict orders to never use that card unless it was absolutely necessary.

“That’s alright, Chad. I’ll deal with the old man, he’s not aware of the changes but once that happens; he’ll be collaborating with us. You should also pick some clothes for you as well, I’ve ruined most of your tiny wardrobe anyway.” Billy ordered as he took a final look at his glorious reflection.

His golden hair was much longer and shaggier now, along with that full beard and all the thick golden fur over his mountain sized muscles. Billy could also tell that his facial features changed radically overnight. It felt like he’s gotten way more masculine, his new rugged features were hard and intense, his eyes suddenly became so determined and intense, and his jaw got so squared and thick, the cheekbones were higher and protuberant, his fangs looked so much longer.

The augmented younger brother finally placed his thick reading glasses and felt so much more powerful with them, he could now devise the powerhouse he was becoming. Billy picked Mason on his arms and ran through the door so fast that he literally destroyed the frame on his way out, but Chad already knew that the repairs would be tabbed in the credit card as well.

“Are you sure this is the way to the school?” Mason asked while they were cutting ways through the forest area behind Billy’s house.

“I’m pretty sure. I can already smell the cafeteria’s food; we’ll be there in just a few.” Billy said as he jogged through the forest with at an incredible pace, it was like his massive trunk sized thighs were made to walk in that hard terrain, the reflexes on that humongous lad were also sharpened exponentially because he anticipated every single oddity around them.

“Billy…You are changing so fast, and growing so massive and powerful!” Mason whispered but Billy heard it perfectly, so he decided it was time to reveal the big secret. The youthful behemoth carefully rocked the chubby teenager in his arms.

“I know, and you will be part of that soon. Do you remember Tony, don’t you? Well, he was the one who named me for the Supplement, apparently that’s a requirement, and I named you, Mason. You will get your own case of the stuff, and then you will change like I did. We’ll be in this together buddy!”

Mason gasped at such great news. He hugged Billy and kissed the lips of his friend, and the monster sized lad warmly welcomed such vivid display of affection.
“You’re more than welcome, buddy. Just be patient, when your time to change comes, we’ll have double the fun!” Billy commented before heading to school carrying his friend.


It goes without saying that Billy caused a commotion once they arrived at school. The fellow students couldn’t believe in the powerful image their eyes watched, a monster of golden fur paraded down the hallways, filled with manly pride and glory. He just towered over the tiny jocks and their puny muscles.

The students took a long time to realize that powerful lad was no other than Billy Stevens, the same little nerd who had the nerve to stand against the tyrant Coach Sanders. If his growth had surprised many yesterday, that morning it was just shocking.

People stared, screamed and some even fainted once the brutally augmented Billy waddled down the corridors, he was so freaking wide that his shoulders covered the distance between the two walls, and those mammoth sized pectoral plates were so thick and hard that his nipples were at the verge of ripping the flimsy fabric, the shirt neck was already shredded to give space to such humongous deltoids and shoulders that stood much higher than Billy’s ears.

Nobody could focus in the class; the students could only but stare at the immense new Billy Stevens who now towered over people. Even the teachers were shocked and could only but stare at the immense behemoth sat in the very end of the classroom but looking so massively muscular that the whole room seemed to gravitate around him.

Billy certainly enjoyed this new perspective, he kept smiling and flexing for his shocked audience, and even flirted with the hot jocks who gasped at the sight of his engorged manhood. The image of that blond bearded monster with thick reading glasses and wearing sportswear that looked painted over his humongous body was just too distracting.

At some point, though, Billy felt bored because the guys were so scared so he decided to get to his own studies, picking the books and solving the most complicated problems with extreme facility.
“Excuse me Mr. Shaw, if you are done gawking at my muscles, I want to report that I’ve finished the whole chapter. Since no one is paying attention as usual, would you mind going to the next already? I mean, this stuff seems even easier now.”

The Teachers were used to the fact that Billy was a good student, but now he just seemed unstoppable. The classes were actually directed by the needs of the uncanny Billy who coursed through knowledge offered with the same facility he cleaned the entire cafeteria buffet during lunch time. His body seemed to grow bigger and more muscular while he downed food that would serve hundreds of students.

“Wow, Billy the whole school can’t stop talking about your growth!” Mason commented as he watched the enormous friend eating like a savage beast.

“Heh, things are gonna change in this school, buddy.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, I am gonna talk to the principal, the classes are far too easy for my needs, I want to be in more advanced courses, and I want my own private time in the gym, those puny dudes might also help me to pack more muscles. My home gym is not nearly warm-up material anymore; you can actually start working out too, buddy. Might help in the process before you know…”
Mason blushed. “I don’t know Billy…I’ve always been like this, don’t think I have any muscle underneath all that fat of mine…”

The humongous monster simply picked Mason and kissed him in front of the whole school, they both made out like they were in the last row of a bad horror movie.

“Trust me on this, little dude. Soon you’ll see! Now…why don’t you go there and bring me some more of this “Beef Surprise”? Cafeteria food never tasted so good before…”

Billy actually had a very productive meeting with Principal Tagger, the shorty bald man was so scared at the sight of his student that he simply kept nodding to each and every “suggestion” Billy made to improve the school method. He got everything he wished and much more, which included a complete makeover in the Physical Education program.

“Oh yeah, this is gonna be good!” Billy rubbed his massive hands together.

Meanwhile, the sadistic Coach Sanders was secluded in his office, taking a nice deep nap until his next class. Suddenly someone put the door down and this colossal behemoth filled the doorframe.

“Come on Sanders, get up at once!” The thunderous bark made Sanders fall back on the ground. He was about to scowl the bastard when the mountainous bulging bulk of Billy filled the small cluttered office.


“What’s the matter, Sanders? Cat ate your tongue? Oh wait…you’re not scared of little Billy Stevens, are you?” Billy crossed those enormous arms at his chest and laughed out loud so strongly that the windows shook.

“What…the fuck happened to you kid?” Coach Sanders asked but Billy had no time for explanations, so he just picked the smaller man by the collar and easily lifted him off the ground.

“Let me do the talking now, okay runt? Things are gonna be different from now on! I am taking over your ridiculous class!” Billy dropped the man back to the ground and enjoyed the scared look on his face.

“Good, now let’s shake things up! You’ve let those skinny dudes get away so easily that they lost the hunger for victory. But I’m gonna fix it!” Billy chuckled as he massaged the immense bulk of his cock that was almost ripping through his shorts.

“You’re insane! They won’t let you do this!”

“And who’s gonna tell them, Sanders?” Billy picked the man once again and this time he held the burly man in a powerful bear hug. “You’re gonna love my new rules, Coach. I’m gonna turn your ridiculous boys into my massive men. Well, not nearly as massive as I am, but big and strong enough to win all the sports they play.”

Sanders gasped for air, his face was pressed against the hairy sweaty rugged pectorals of the augmented teenager, but although he struggled to break free, the coach sprouted an instant boner that poked Billy’s hard muscles.

“Heh, that’s okay, Sanders. I know you’re hard for me; you can’t help it, puny man!” The immense teenager said as he brought the shocked coach from his pecs to his mouth and kissed him so roughly that it felt like Billy would suck his face from the head.

“Oh, fuck…” Sanders gagged.

“Heh, don’t you mind if I do…but you’d better be a very stretchy ass…” Billy smirked as he placed the Coach on his humongous shoulder and managed to get off the office by knocking down the remains of the wall.

Despite the commotion caused by Billy Steven’s transformation, the football athletes were getting ready for field practice when the wall to Coach’s office simply came down with a mighty blow. The jocks were astounded to notice Coach Sanders laid over the immense shoulders like a small sack onto those boulder sized mounds of manly hardness and strength.

“Gather around, you little wussies!” Billy announced, crossing his ultra-mighty arms at his mind blowing wide chest, letting the little dudes realize that Sanders’ body rested perfectly balanced at his shoulders even in such position.

“Listen up, ladies! Things are gonna change here because you’re far too lazy and weak to get this school the trophies it deserves. But I don’t blame it totally on you little shrimps, this little piece of shit you call Coach is worse than all of you, and for that reason you need a new working out routine, so get your sorry skinny asses to the gym!” Billy ordered at once.

The students obliged, partially because they were so scared of the enormous muscle monster who seemed much bigger than earlier this same day, but mainly because they were dying to see what those enormous muscles could do in the weight area! They followed the lead of the humongous Billy squeezing through the hallways carrying Sanders on his shoulder.

One might think Coach Sanders was in some kind of pain because he moaned and groaned so loud, but in truth he was just so ashamed because he couldn’t stop cumming! He was so embarrassed because his pecker soaked his pants and the warmth spread all over the incredibly hard surface of Billy’s muscles.

The jocks entered the room and Billy placed Sanders back on the ground so he could squeeze into the gym double doors. He was not that much taller than the frame but his monstrous muscular body now was undoubtedly much wider than such “tiny” space, so the glorious new Billy enjoyed as his monumental figure managed to get inside the place.

“Heh, I guess I’ll have to show you how puny you are, now…who’s got the best record for bench press?” Billy asked to the little jocks, and after they exchanged looks for a while, defense liner Jake Adams raised his hands.

“That would be me…sir. I can lift 350 pounds on my best day.” The lad was a thick 6’3” 260 pounds, but that was just ridiculous for Billy now.

“Heh, okay runt…load up in the bar, let’s see if Coach Sanders can do 5 reps with your max cargo, right Sandy?” Billy poked the limp figure of the full grown man who tried to cover the wet spot in his red sweatpants.

“I…don’t know if…” Sanders just looked at Billy and obliged; the coach went to the bench press and tried to perform as he was commanded , although he knew pretty well there was no way he could actually lift that cargo. Coach Sanders gasped and gaggled, he thought his arms would just fall off his body; the weight came down violently against him, but suddenly the weight was stopped in midair.

“Do you see my point now, dweebs? How can you be inspired by that puny old sack of potatoes?” Billy rolled his eyes while holding the bar with his pinky finger. That unexpected of inhuman strength had a tremendous impact over the young athletes, most of them couldn’t believe their eyes, and the rest cheered up for the amazing new Billy.

Stevens smirked down at his shocked audience. “Are you impressed with this? Fuck you guys are so lame. Stack up these four bars with all the weight you can find!” Billy ordered and the athletes obliged with tremendous excitement.

A few minutes later the lads had stacked all the plates they could find in the weight room for Billy. The four bars were placed in the ground for safety reasons, but Billy didn’t seem that much worried, he just pointed at some random jock and asked how much weight they had there.

“Erm…each side has…close to 700 pounds sir.” The lad finally announced after summing up the many different sizes of plates they have added to follow Billy’s directions.

“More like 800, sir…this dumb shit can’t do math!” Another jock corrected his teammate and Billy chuckled.

“Okay, so that’s 6400 pounds in the four bars huh? That might be a good warm up.” Billy said as he picked two bars on each hand and started lifting them like they were mere 5 pound dumbbells.

“So much for a decent warm up…but at least you see my point huh, dweebs? Looks at these muscles flexing and focusing on each rep, it’s not because it’s a fucking light cargo that you can’t condition your muscles.” Billy explained as they all looked at the freaking monumental display of manly strength flexing and relaxing in the monstrous arms of the wonder muscle hunk.
The colossal teenager rejoiced being adulated by the same guys who used to pick up on his former little size. Now there were not only dwarfed and humiliated by his strength and monstrous size, they were actually enjoying themselves.

After what seemed 100 perfectly focused repetitions, the behemoth stacked all the impossibly heavy bars in one hand and started doing even slower and more focused bicep curls on those mega sized arms of his. Billy was getting off from the blood rushing through his engorged veins as he completed countless reps; he looked at the crowd and quickly spotted Mason among his worshippers so he just barked. “Let him pass!”

With such compelling command, Billy parted the group of muscular lads like it Moses did with the Red Sea and Mason was able to get close from his best friend/lover. The amazing Stevens just grinned down at his chubby friend while Mason hugged his ballooning biceps, Billy simply helped him and soon the guys gasped to the fact that Billy had a guy sat on his very huge arm while he performed insanely amazing bicep curls.

Meanwhile, Billy and Mason suddenly felt like they were the only two people in the room. The ever growing lad just flexed harder each time he curled the astonishingly huge peak of his gargantuan bicep close to the base of Mason’s chubby cock, and the little guy just groaned with excitement.

“Heh, is it too much pressure on you, little guy? Maybe I should put you back down…”

“NO!...I mean, It’s so freaking good…don’t stop…please?” Mason begged and Billy melted inside, although he still kept the tough façade, especially because he still wanted to prove to his former bullies that he was in charge.

“Listen up, runts. Mason here is all MINE, and if anyone morons dare to even talk to him I’ll crush your skinny bones like THIS!” Billy ended the sentence by squeezing the bars into his powerful paw and the metal suddenly looked like fresh dough, the heat emanating from his grip melted the solid steel and it squirted between Billy’s fingers, but the monstrous lad didn’t feel a thing.

The loud sound of the plates falling on the ground scared the hell out of the jocks. They just gulped and nodded nervously to assure Billy that they would never mess with Mason ever again. Mason blushed intensely when Billy opened their relationship, and the fact that he was sat on Billy’s arm suddenly hit him like a ton of bricks.

“Shit, Billy…You’ve grown so much bigger!” The chubby lad gasped while Billy simply chuckled.

“Took you long enough to realize it shorty. I guess I’m getting even more fantastic and much faster than we thought.” Billy’s deep low voice tone was so sexy, so guttural, so husky and somewhat feral.

Mason nodded. “You’re amazing…so freaking amazing!”

The two of them exchanged sweet looks, and Billy brought him up where they kissed passionately, which made all the jocks shocked, every single one felt humiliated by the fact Billy had chosen the chubby geek instead of them, including Coach Sanders.

Stevens finally stood up and carried Mason in his arms. “So, enough warming up, let’s get serious. Follow me!”

The class didn’t need to be ordered, they’d follow Billy to hell if he wanted. They marched to the parking lot where Billy spotted the school busses parked in the shadow, which was just perfect for his next trick.

“Alright pussies, time for a field trip, get your asses in there NOW!” The monumental Billy ordered and soon the two busses were filled with the muscular jocks.

Billy wasn’t sure if he could actually accomplish what he was about to do, but something inside him had broken loose. It was a wild, savage inner strength. There was this feeling of being undefeatable; he could do anything he wanted because his power would never leave him; so he simply walked to the busses parked side-by-side and squatted his humongous body to get a better grip.

Mason was right at Billy’s side, biting on his nails because he feared his enormous lover would hurt himself or others while attempting such uncanny stunt. However, when Billy looked down at his friend and blinked playfully, Mason’s worries vanished at once.

“Alright, ladies, buckle up!” Billy said before he achieved what was certainly humanly impossible.

The students suddenly felt the bus rising into the air, the angle increased so fast that if they weren’t buckled as Billy ordered, they’d be thrown out of their seats. The sound of the vehicle’s metalwork being lifted into the air was very loud.

Mason couldn’t believe he was actually watching Billy lifting two school busses from the ground! The chubby kid’s cock got so hard and released a gush of cum that warmed his underwear. Meanwhile, Billy continued to lift the vehicles into a wider angle.

Inside the bus, the jocks were in a mix of shock, fear and ecstasy. All of them were hard and most of the teenagers touched themselves because of Billy’s unbelievable strength. Sanders was petrified he couldn’t stop screaming.

“Stevens, you proved your point, please put us down now…please!” He begged, but his plead only caused the powerful teenager to laugh.

“Relax, Sanders. I could hold you in a 90 degrees angle, but that would probably be too much for your heart, so I’ll just stop in halfway, so you guys can enjoy more comfortably.”

From a frontal view, the amazing Billy held two busses over the ground in opposite directions, then he alternated the movements between them, making sure the jocks could feel just how powerful he was by the slow descending and ascending pace he applied, his muscles were in total control of such amazing stunt.

“You guys need to understand that I do what pleases me from now on. And if I want to play with your skinny little asses, you will just oblige!” Billy grunted, his muscles flexed and bulged with each rep. He moaned as his body packed in new exciting and stronger pounds of massive muscle.
“Damn…you’re not getting any tired at all, are you?” Mason asked in awe. By now, many other students had come from inside the school to witness the most impressive feat of strength of their lives.

The crowd now cheered for the amazing Stevens while he continued to curl the busses crowded with the strongest guys in the school. It didn’t take much longer for the Principal to come out and beg Billy to low down the busses before the police was called. Since he wasn’t actually looking for trouble with the law, Billy decided to cooperate, although he could keep doing that for all day long.

Once the doors were opened, the smell of sweat, pee and cum was actually so strong that most people immediately understood the reason why the jocks didn’t come out of the vehicle at once. They were actually in another kind of mental state, intoxicated by Billy’s manly strength, they had surrendered to the lust and the interior of the vehicle instantly turned into canned orgy.

Billy picked Mason in his arm and marched towards his home.

“I hope you guys have learned that I am gonna make champions out of you!” The behemoth said with great satisfaction.

The walk back home was very pleasing for both Billy and his Mason, they kissed and felt each other’s passion, but the greatest bond between them was the worship of Billy’s muscles, which had grown up considerably because of the recent events. The monstrous Stevens couldn’t wait to get measured by his servants.

Suddenly, Billy noticed something else. There was a strong stench in the air, a fowl yet very powerful smell that overwhelmed his senses and it caused disorientation. The huge muscle monster grunted as he approached his house.

“Billy, are you okay?”

“I am…it’s just shit I am so fucking horny!” He replied, holding the gargantuan manhood and feeling the burning pleasure in his groins.
Billy managed to overcome his unexpected lust and got back in the house, only to find a very scared Chad in the living room.

“Billy, you gotta leave now…” He whispered but the bigger sibling had no time for charades.

“What’s the matter, you little bug? Can’t you see I’m busy?” Billy quickly tried to shut up Chad with a big kiss, but for his own surprise his older brother managed to slip from his grip.

“No…you don’t understand, you have to RUN!” Chad shouted.

Billy was about to scowl his dominated brother for such insolence when this immense figure broke through the sidewall of their living room.

“So, if it isn’t the bug who ordered Chad to burn out my credit card on clothes for his skinny body.” The ginormous bulk seemed even wider than it was tall. The monstrous sized green muscles were covered by this dark hair and the fierce look was complimented by huge horns and impressive tusks.

Chad gulped. “I…I’m sorry…I tried to tell him…”

Billy was shocked, that monumental colossus put him to shame, he felt tiny, humiliated, even worse than back when he was still a scrawny nerd.

“D…DAD? What the hell happened to you?” It was all the monumental lad could moan.

The beast loomed over the smaller guys with an evil grin.

“Heh, like you were the only one who had connections to get The Supplement!” Roger announced as he flexed the unimaginable thick muscles. Right then, noticing how humongous that cock really was, Billy noticed he was in serious trouble.

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