The Truth of Myth 2

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Darren returned to his apartment, still not believing in what happened that afternoon. Professor Kotsiopoulos actually got interested on his theory, and would be willing to spend his free time to help him! It would give a tremendous credibility to his work, not to mention that he could get many important contacts for his future projects.

Once he entered the room, his enthusiasm faded away. He looked to the messed room, all his belongings were trashed – “Oh my god! I’ve been robbed!” Darren exclaimed as he tried to put himself together, all his drawers, cabinets and shelves were searched – “Fortunately, I don’t keep my money at home!” he thought as he tried to contact the building’s security service to report such an outrageous breach at that very expensive condominium. Then, a sharp blow on the back of his neck knocked his senses out…

“Wake up, Darren, we want to have a word with you…” the voice came from a speaker – Darren opened his eyes, feeling his whole body sore, his vision blurred, the whole world spinning.

“Where am I? Where have you taken me to?” Darren said assuming he had been kidnapped for his family’s wealth.

“We are not the criminals here, Darren Worthington, you are!” the voice said in a harsh tone. The young man feared for his life – “I wanna get out of here!”

“As soon as you give us the book”

“What book? What are you talking about?!”

“You work as a library keeper; recently you received a large amount of books donated from Winston Burn’s personal library. There’s one missing volume there, and we are sure you took it!”

“I didn’t steal it! I just got it as a reference for my studies! I was gonna return it!” Even Darren thought how ridiculous that entire situation was, they had broken into his house, trashed his belongings, and yet, kidnapped all for just one lousy old book?”

“Your University had been informed of the error which happened when the books were sent to the library, before the books were catalogued and put into the student’s service, you were not supposed to take the volume with you – therefore you are a criminal!”

“HEY! I demand to be released, I didn’t commit any felony! I can take the book back to you, if you just let me go get it!”

“The book is not with you anymore? WHO HAS IT?!” The voice now sounded really violent. Soon the door opened and tow big guys dressed in elegant suits grabbed Darren’s chair, taking him to another room with strong lights pointing right into his face.

“Listen very carefully Darren, who has the book?!” He felt a big hand holding his chin with a firm grab, it felt like a velvet glove against his skin.

“I will bring it back with the Professor! I promise!” Darren tried to get rid of the strange hand around his chin.

“WHO HAS THE BOOK?!” the hand held strongly and shook his head.

“I, I lent it to Professor Kotsiopoulos, he would help me working on some stuff!” Darren finally said, feeling just like a wimp boy whose lunch money had been taken. The hand let go of his chin, Darren heard the man standing up, and walking around the room – “Any one else ever heard of the book?”

“No, no, just me and the Professor, he didn’t even want to take it, I was the one who insisted!” Darren didn’t want to put the noble Professor in any kind of trouble, well not into any more trouble.

“Farewell, we’ll make a deal, I’ll let you go get the book with this Professor, but you bring it right back to your place, I’ll have men waiting for it returns…”

Darren felt the face very close to his ears, but he couldn’t turn around to see the man who spoke to him – “If you are not back within three hours, I’ll make you and whoever you like suffer from an infinite pain…”

When they took the blind off, Darren just had the time to listen the brute henchman grunt – “Three hours, bookworm, you have three hours to retrieve the book to us!” Darren gulped down as the car left. He feared for the worse, if he called the police, what would happen to him or Professor? He had to get the damn book back and get rid of that nightmare!

The student grabbed the card on his pocket, and rushed to the next phone booth, fearing that they should be listening to his cell phone. He dialed the numbers and waited to the answer – “Hello?”

The voice at the other side was different from Professor’s – “Who is this?”

“H-hello? Professor Kotsiopoulos, it’s Darren Worth…”

“This is not the Professor, Mr. Worthington – My name is Julian Archer, I’m his personal assistant, can I help you?” The voice was also very polite, but Darren had no time for this now – “This afternoon I let a book with the Professor, but what happens is that I need to return it to the University tonight!” Darren said at once.

“Mister Worthington, why are you calling me from this number? This is not your cell phone neither your house home. Why you sound so nervous?” the man asked very calmly.

“Oh, well my cell ran out of battery, and I’m calling from a phone booth, please Mr. Archer I need that book right now…” Darren tried once more, feeling his heart beating at an incredible pace – “Listen, can you please get the book with the Professor?”

“I don’t see any problem in that, Darren” Archer said in a soothing tone – “Please meet me at the Institute in half an hour, ok?”

“Thanks Mr. Archer, I’m really grateful!” Darren said before he hung up – “I still have two hours left, that’s very nice!” he thought as he managed to get a cab and to drive him to the Smithsonian Institute.

Julian hung up and looked to his Grandmaster sat at the table, they were both smiling – “I guess they noticed just how stupid they had been, huh master?”

“Exactly, my precious boy, our enemies are acting desperately now, and this is the opportunity to strike them with all we got!” the elder said as he brushed the head of his muscular pupil – “We had been lucky, but now what matters is the power to keep the leverage we achieved – they don’t know who we are, but now we may know who they are!”

“What about your discovery? The volume young Worthington wants to retrieve?” Julian said caressing the massive forearm of his master.

“It is a very good attempt to disguise the information. No one would ever look for ancient secret mythology facts on a book which reads “Notes on Greek Mythology” and I would certainly not either, if it wasn’t for this tiny mark here” the master said showing his pupil the perfect symbolism, and Julian went silent – “Is it that obvious?”

“Sometimes, my dear student, we refuse to see the most obvious things, and those who betrayed us were counting on this truth fact…” the grandmaster opened a big smile – “And Zeus, as punishment for his crimes, sentenced the Titan Atlas to bear the whole sky on his massive shoulders, for all the eternity he would support the burden of his betrayal” he recited the old poem by heart – The letter T on the word “mythology” representing the Titan above mentioned, and the letter “o” on “notes” precisely atop of the capital T were the clear reference to Atlas and his heavy duty.

“Those who betrayed us have hidden something very important in this innocent book cover, and I assume Winston Burns was one of their leaders, I’ve been suspecting of him for quite some time, and when that boy showed up with this book from the personal library of such man, I knew our Protector smiled on us!” Alexander concluded showing Julian the little piece of paper hidden between the covers of the book.

“But it is written in a language I don’t know master!” Julian said as he read the paper.

“Yes, dear boy, but fortunately I am very familiar to this language, and I have already translated the document” Professor handled him a sheet with seven names –“Yes, all the remaining traitors, those who protect a part of the secret, which had been split into seven seals – we were right since the begging, the traitors came to the new world trying to hide from our merciless fury, but now their failure is just inevitable!” the professor wrote down the name. We just found out the first seal, Alexander showed Julian the ancient Greek coin, with the picture of the statue of Zeus in Olympia at one side, and some other words carved in the metal on the other side – “This word means “liars” in Greek idiom.

“Why would they say that master?”

“They didn’t say that, my precious boy, we did! This is our old sacred alphabet, only the true believers knew about that, only the elders are taught this language, the person who made this, wanted to spread that this Zeus Statue was nothing but a myth, a lie!”

“In that case what was in the temple?” Julian asked curious.

“Tonight, we shall reveal it to the whole group, at the Ceremony of Power, and you will be helping me this time.

Julian just gasped – “Me? But Master, I’m barely an initiated! We have many honorable members…”

“Don’t you argue with my orders, Julian, I’ve made my mind, from now on you are my closest pupil, You will be trained to become an elder when the timing is right!” Alexander said towering over Julian, his true form is simply breathtaking – “I choose you Julian Archer for your bravery and your inner strength, you shall lead my other children when my time comes”

“You mean I’ll watch over the brothers…”

“When I am to fulfill my destiny, don’t worry, Julian, I truly think you have the power to become an elder…”

“But I don’t have the wisdom, I don’t know the rules and the duties, the rituals, I can’t be honorable of such important task…”

“Don’t worry, beautiful boy, I’ll teach you everything you need to know, but first things first – I believe we have a frightened little boy you should protect!”

“Yes, Grandmaster, I’ll go meet him!” Julian said smiling.

“Once you deal with the henchmen, make sure you bring the young Darren here, I want him to be near me now all the time, this child has more knowledge than many sages in the ancient times, we shall use his mind in our favor…”

“As you wish my Lord” Julian said as he grabbed the hand of his master and kissed it respectfully.

When Darren got off the cab, he saw a brand new sliver Porsche parked in front of the building where Professor’s office worked. He saw figure of a man leaning at the expensive vehicle – very well dressed in light blue jeans, and a dark brown leather jacket, the student wasn’t sure if this was the personal assistant to the Professor or just another of the goons who were tailing him – “Excuse me? Are you Julian Archer?”

The man turned around him with such grace and power, Darren felt like he was actually dancing, so fluid and sensuous his movement was – “Mister Worthington, it is an honor to finally meet you” He extended his hand and greeted Darren. The man was one of the most impressive male specimen the short graduate student had ever seen – 6’ even, and probably something around 200 pounds with wide shoulders, slim waist, long full blond hair tied in a neat pony tail, a clean shave, striking green eyes, white teeth, impressive manly square jaw line – the ideal of classic beauty standing right there at the new third millennium, greeting Darren like he actually somebody who was worth to meet – “You sounded so worried on the phone I had to come here for you…” Julian said putting his big hand over Darren’s shoulder – “Is anything wrong?”

“No, not at all, I just need to return the book to the Library, apparently there had been a mistake, and the book I gave to the Professor wasn’t supposed to be sent along with those which were legated to the University…” Darren tried to come up with a plausible excuse.

“Well, Darren, I’m afraid I can’t give you the book right now. Professor Kotsiopoulos took it with him to the airport today after you left; you see he had a meeting in another state, but he’ll be back tomorrow night, so you can return the book by then…”

“He did WHAT?” Darren exclaimed in surprise, as he felt short of air, he grabbed Julian’s shirt and pulled him closer as he panicked – “They’re gonna kill me! I am doomed!”

“Darren, what you mean? I can write a plausible excuse note, I’m sure the board will understand the reasons why you can’t take the book tonight…” Julian said trying to comfort Darren in his crisis moment.

“No, they kidnapped me, they want the book back! They’re gonna kill me if I don’t return the book in three hours…” the poor student said between deep breaths trying to regain his calm.

Julian said nothing else, he just grabbed Darren under his knees and put him inside the car, rushing down the street – “Don’t be afraid, I have my contacts, they won’t mess with you anymore!” Julian said as he grabbed his cell phone, but Darren couldn’t pay any attention, he was just freaking out, fearing for his own life.

Julian asked Darren to get down in the passenger’s seat as he drove through the street of Darren’s building, they spot a BMW parked at the next alley, with two guys walking around it. Julian simply kept driving and stopped a few blocks from them, making sure no one noticed his intent.

“What are we doing here? They’re gonna kill us!” Darren whispered as he noticed what Julian just did, but the assistant was pretty confident about all of this – The blond guy, got off his heavy brown jacket, revealing his very well sculpted forms underneath the flimsy white fabric, grabbed something under the seat, which Darren thought was a gun, but then he noticed it was a leather volume very similar to the one Professor borrowed “Wait here; I’ll go talk to them! And don’t even try to look outside this window, stay here and everything will be fine!”

Darren would ask why Julian risked his own life, but since time was short he simply nodded and hidden himself as best as he could, hearing the steps of Julian getting each time farer… soon Darren listened nothing but his own heart beatings.

Then all of a sudden he heard gun shots. Darren wanted to check on Julian, but he never felt so scared his whole life. He just covered his head with Julian’s jacket, feeling his strong manly scent, praying nothing bad happened to his sudden protector. A few moments later, he heard footsteps getting closer to the car, Darren closed his eyes as anticipating the worst happened.

“Don’t worry bud! They’re not gonna bother you anymore!” Julian said as he entered the car. Darren looked up at him. His hair was all messed, his shirt had been ripped into shreds and even his pants were ruined. “OH MY GOD! What happened to you?” he exclaimed in shock.

Julian simply grinned – “Don’t worry, I’m used to that stuff, besides being Professor’s personal assistant, I’m also his bodyguard, I can take care of situations like those. He started the car and moved it closer, where the big goons were lying unconscious at the ground.

“Did you beat those guys up? But they’re huge!” Darren said looking at Julian’s condition. Besides the ripped clothing, he had no hurt at all, while the guys looked pretty bad – “as bodyguards we learn that being big doesn’t necessarily, means being strong “ he commented as he answered the phone - “Yes Lieutenant, I’ve handled the situation, nothing worse than we expected, I’ll be here waiting for your men.” Julian smiled – “I had my back covered, the police was not far from here, they’ll be here any second now! Can I have my jacket now? I’m pretty much a mess!” Julian laughed out loud while Darren held the thing like a baby holds to his favorite teddy bear – “Sorry!”

The police arrived in just a few seconds. They took the goons to the Police Department, while Julian kept talked to Lieutenant Brooks and Sanderson, Darren was introduced to both of them – “You should have trusted the Police son, we could have protected you just as Julian did!” Brooks said shaking his hand.

Lieutenant Brooks was really a big man, at 6’1” his smooth flawless black skin, shiny bald head, his well trimmed mustache and goatee gave him an austere look, while his partner, Lieutenant Sanderson was much more casual, 5’10”, dark brown short hair, and a five o’clock shadow, but the two of them were remarkably fit and muscular, quite different from that fat image we have from movies. Those two were big strong men around their late thirties, but with the physique that could make them pose for any men’s health magazines.

“I’m sorry, sirs but I simply panicked, and I still don’t know what would have happened to me without Mr. Archer’s help!” Darren concluded.

“Yes, Julian is an old friend of ours, he used to be a cadet at the police academy, before he decided to get rich and work for the Professor!” Sanderson said punching Julian’s muscular chest and the three of them busted into laughter.

“Listen, Darren, since they searched your house, and we just caught tow of them, we would like to check for any left clues of who might have done this to you, do you have anywhere to stay until then?” Brooks said looking to the still frightened student.

“Don’t worry Bill, he can spend the night at the Professor’s house, I’ve already contacted him and he insists on this…” Julian said looking at Darren’s face – “It will be all arranged for your maximum comfort, Darren.”

“Okay then, I guess I’ll take that kind offer” Darren said felling embarrassed for all the troubles that he caused everybody.

Darren still had to go to the Department to report all that happened to him, he told them all over the creepy guy with velvet gloves, the reason why they kidnapped him, and all the details they could ask him, were reported. A couple of hours later, Darren left Brooks and Sanderson’s office to meet Julian, already dressed in fresh new clothing, waiting for him – “So can we go now?”.

They took Julian’s car and drove to the Professor’s mansion. Darren remained quiet, ashamed and embarrassed for all the trouble he had caused, but Julian was just smiling, listening to all those apologize requests – “Hey, Darren, you have no fault those guys were after the book? How would you know?” he said putting his hand on the thin leg of Darren – “It is alright now, don’t worry!”

“I just can’t thank you enough, Julian, you saved my life! You risked your own life for me, and we barely met!” Darren said in a low tone.

“Don’t mention that, please! It is my job, I protect the Professor’s affairs and you, my dear friend, now became part of those!” Julian said as the gates opened – “Here we are!” he said as they drove to the particular road for the Kotsiopoulos property.

“WHOA! I didn’t know the Professor had such a huge mansion!” Darren exclaimed because even to his personal background, that mansion was the most incredible property he had ever seen!”

“Well, he lives pretty comfortable, that I can say” Julian grinned as they parked the car next to a dozen of other equally expensive vehicles, from Mercedes to BMW, all the great rich people cars were lined beautifully on the patio.

The house was huge, with many isles, built in the way to simulate an old Greek temple, in rich marble stones and classical architecture, the pools of crystal blue water and the gorgeous gardens all over the place indicated such intent.

“Come on in!” Julian said pointing to the door, and Darren simply stood still.

“Julian, how come you could take care of those big men, without even using one gun? And your clothes, how come they were all ripped? They didn’t have time to react to your attack!”

“We can discuss it inside don’t you think it is better?” Julian simply touched his shoulders and Darren went silent “okay, okay, sorry for bothering!”

The blond bodyguard said nothing, simply tapped the fragile shoulders on Darren – “Don’t worry buddy, you’re in good hands now…” he opened the door and they entered the enormous room.

Darren was still not ready for the biggest of the surprises. When he entered the mansion he saw no one but Professor Alexander Kotsiopoulos himself, dressed in a rich purple robe, reading the book he had been looking for in order to save his life.

“Good evening Darren!” He said in a friendly tone.

“Professor? But you were traveling!”

“Well, I wasn’t really traveling but I sent my dear Julian to help you in any possible way, since I already suspected they would come after you to get their precious First Seal” He just spilled at once.

“What?” that was all Darren could say at the moment.

The professor gave no answer, gently making Darren seat on the comfortable sofa – “Would you care for a drink?”

“Yes, I would, but first, what is the thing with you?”

Quickly Julian poured a glass of cold lemonade to Darren, who gulped it down as fast as he could – “Professor, I demand to know what is going on here?’ why is everybody after that damn book anyway?”

“Because that innocent book of yours is one of the Seven Seals to the Amphora!” he said at once, and Darren got even more frightened.

“But, but you said the Amphora was a novel invention!”

“Well, let’s just say, the author based in truth but completely invented whatever he had published, because he has no idea of the Amphora really is”

“I believe it was the place where Ambrosia was kept isn’t it?” Darren asked feeling dizzy for such rush moments in just one day.

“In more ways than one…” Professor said mysteriously.

“What is that supposed to mean?” Darren asked not recognizing the tone on his own voice.

“Well, young boy, all that has been told about the Greek pantheon is nothing but a lie – based in the actual memories of my people that’s it.” Professor now looked even more mysterious and enigmatic, but Darren couldn’t keep his eyes opened, he was falling asleep quickly.

Alexander grabbed his tiny body – “take him to the Room, I want him to be bathed, and properly dressed, after the ceremony he’ll be initiated, bring on the Sages with you after the ritual, they’ll help with the preparations”

“Yes, master!” Julian obeyed.

“And Julian, be careful, this is your most precious task, Darren will be your very first initiate, he will mean to you the same as you mean to me, my dear boy!” Alexander said caressing the muscle man like a boy.

Darren wakes up feeling very energized, he never had such a peaceful sleep in all his life. Then he notices the weird smell. He’s naked! His body is covered in some orange dust, the smell, it is so strong, so pungent.

“ARGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHH!” Darren screams in horror as he sees the rest of the room! Dozens of muscle men covered in fresh cum, sucking, fucking each other, in the most powerful orgy scene he could never imagine in his life. Then he looked back and saw two HUGE men sat in a throne, the huge marble throne, covered in symbols. Suddenly Darren realizes what is going on and he stops screaming as the two massive figures tower over him.

“Welcome to the rest of your life, my dear son!” a huge elder says in his deepest voice tone – “Don’t worry little buddy! We are here to protect you from the traitors!” Julian – or at least a freak monstrous version of Julian says leaning down to get him, kissing his mouth with such energy, with such ferocious appetite, Darren could simply moan in ecstasy, hugging the enormous neck of his kisser.

“We must haste, the initiation ceremony shall be completed” Alexander says as he notices Julian’s new pupil had already been placed at the altar.

One by one the Sages gather around the altar and Julian places himself in the middle of them, Alexander enchants the words – “Atlas, greatest of the Mightiest, please send upon this child the power of your blessings, make us the way to retrieve your maculated glory! Allow us to gather one more servant to help recovering the Amphora!” As the Elder spoke those words, all the Sages and Julian, started to moan and groan, their might massive cocks growing harder without them even toughing themselves.

Darren felt pure bliss; he was surrounded by the hugest, the biggest, and the most powerful men he ever dreamt of. Their size and incredible massiveness was just too much, his mind could never trick him into an hallucination like this.

As the sages were ready to spew their load, Julian grabs Darren in a warm hug – “Listen Darren, you and I are now bonded, linked forever, I share with you the blessings of Atlas, the Greatest of the Mightiest, and we shall together grow in size and power, you and I are gonna retrieve the glory of our master!” he says a little nervous, but still very comfortable – “I take you as my pupil, my student, my son, my brother and my lover, we are together in life of power and muscle, growing bigger and stronger is our only goal”

Darren says nothing, he just nods, he understands the meaning of all these symbols now, he embraces them, he wants them – “Yes, Julian, I’m your to teach and to guide, I’m your to love and respect, I accept the blessings!”

Even Alexander is touched by such a powerful bonding between master and pupil, and he joins the chanting, letting his biggest and mightiest cock spews the first load, quickly being followed by all eight dripping cocks. The Nine biggest cocks on the world covers Darren’s body in thick cum, which is quickly absorbed and turned into muscle.

The once fragile body grows in size and definition, the symbols shine with the growing muscles, and the ecstasy is really out of this mundane world. Darren screams as he feels his limbs growing bigger, his chest filling with muscle, his legs thickening, his abs popping out, his shoulders broadening, his biceps getting bigger and bigger, his neck thickening, his whole body changing.

The Sages, Julian and the Elder watch in great pleasure as their new pupil is growing bigger and bigger, faster than any other initiate in many years since the Seekers of the Amphora started.

Darren reaches for Julian, embracing him, and kissing him back – “You saved my life, and now you give me a new meaning, thank you master, I swore loyalty to you!” he says feeling his muscles growing faster and bigger, he enjoys every moment like it was eternal, his muscles expanding at each heart beat, his muscles are now bigger than he could never imagine, his once fragile body now is just as big as any middle weight bodybuilder – 170 pounds of lean built muscles, glistening with power and imbued with the blessings of Atlas.

Darren grows bigger, beyond the expectations of the Sages – “His spirit seeks for power, and it is a great thing we have him for our side, we need all the power he can gather!”

Darren’s muscles are now in the verge of humanly possible, 245 pounds of lean massive muscles, with absolute no fat over them, his cock had grown from 6 to amazing 12 inches in length. Julian hugs him tighter and breaking all the protocol rules he begins inserting his massive pole into him.

Alexander smiles in approval, he know that if such passion happens between two of the generations, their bonding is truly powerful, he wants that, he deserves his pupils to grow stronger, he can’t resist anymore. The Elder gently grabs Julian’s ass and starts fucking the huge muscle freak as he fucks the initiate. All the Sages are in awe, as Julian fucks Darren they both grow bigger and stronger, more muscular than ever, and once the Elder joined their growth increased tenfold. Each one of the three grows so freaking massive and veined their bodies struggle for more and more space, more power and definition.

The three of them reach a new conscious mind – In synch, they look up, and flex their muscles, in a muscle trance they came together, their cum feeding each other’s growth like a unison accord. Their orgasms are simply flooding. The three of them pass out as their bodies suddenly stop growing, falling heavily one over another.

“Oh Mightiest, I promise you will have your glory back!” Alexander says as he remembers what just happened, he looks at his two pupils, growing into muscle monsters like himself and cries of joy and happiness. He now is sure he will get the Amphora back.

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