The Truth of Myth 3

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(after Daren left with Julian)

When Lieutenant William Brooks saw the lawyer who showed up to represent the two guys Archer had caught near Darren’s building he knew something was suspicious – this guy was no one else but Raymond Hooks – the best criminal specialist in the state, famous for winning many cases when his clients were sure to be convicted. Brooks just tried to remain calm as the tall thin man approached him with the judicial order to release his clients. Brooks said anything else than strictly necessary and once he saw the lawyer leaving his office – he just grinned at Sanderson who was playing with a nut cracker on his desk

As soon as the paperwork was checked, Biff and Many were back on the street, but they weren’t happy about this – Sat aside the lawyer Raymond their boss looked at them with a serious face – “How come you two can be so stupid?” he said as lighting his expensive cigar.

“We are sorry sir, we had no idea the geek would bring backup…” Many, a 6’5” 280 pounds Latin-American replied trying to excuse himself.

“Yeah, boss, this guy came out of nowhere and he was HUGE” the bulky 6’4” 300 pounds Caucasian guy added but to no effect.

“Why are you being paid for? You imbecile muscle heads” he said at once

“No boss, we mean HUGE!” they said in chorus to emphasize their argument.

The man stood for one moment – “You mean he could be a Seeker?”

“Yeah! He just lifted the two of us like we were school kids, we couldn’t stand a chance against them!”

The man looked at Raymond and suddenly the limo stops – “You two go to that University and try to get more information on Darren Worthington – “Yes, boss we’ll do it!” They said happy to oblige to their sinister employer. The car continued its trip along the desert road in the middle of the forest, about to start to go up the hill which lead to their destiny.

“You think Darren is a Seeker? But his family…” Raymond started

“Yeah, I know that – but the main fact is that if we have Seekers in this city, it means they brought an Elder with them – to establish their territory, which makes things much more dangerous to our interests…”

“Darren said he left his book with that Professor Kotsiopoulos, our sources are sure that he is not a Seeker…”

“That’s true, but again we can’t be one hundred percent sure, the Seekers are very clever, they are spread all over the world and their influence field is much greater than we can estimate…” the man concluded with a sinister tone – “If a Seeker stood up for Darren, it means he is now with them, and since that Archer guy was this Professor’s assistant, we can just conclude…”

Loud sounds of clashed metal scared them, the car suddenly couldn’t move anymore. Raymond and the man next to him just felt their limousine being lifted from the ground and thrown against the rock wall.

Huge hands tore the roof like a piece of paper – “Raymond, ask for help!” The man ordered as he tried to open his door. But it was useless, soon the massive hand which tore their reinforced car, got both of them out.

“Well, well, well. Look at what we have here, the Bishop and his Knight!” the freak muscle man said with an incredible sarcasm look at his face.

“The lawyer tried to say something and get his gun out of his pocket, but the enormous black hands simply threw him against the wall. The other muscle freak simply grabbed the Bishop’s fragile figure and shook him violently – “We got your precious Seal, and now we got you tow, little wimps!”

The man was not that defenseless anyway, as the massive freak spoke he managed to slip between his hands and got into the ground. Quickly, he jumped so high he could almost make to jump over the massive enemy, but he didn’t, the same big guy grabbed him effortlessly by his ankle, laughing he simply spun the man at an incredible speed and BAM! He hit a wood trunk, falling unconsciously to the ground.

The two freaks looked proud of their catch; kissing each other passionately they felt their enormous pressing against each other – “What do we do with them now?”

“The Grandmaster told us to keep them “amused” while he handles the preparations for their punishment…” Sanderson said as he grabbed the bodies of the driver, the Knight and the Bishop over his freaking wide shoulders, while Brooks took care of the limousine, crushing the entire car using his monstrous muscles to turn it into a ball of scrap metal, he just tossed the ball and the rest of the stuff into the river and they both ran back to their parked close from there – “We’d better hurry, the ceremony starts in less than one hour, they’re gonna have a new initiate tonight!” Brooks said as they ran back to the vehicle.

The next morning, Darren woke up feeling really great. He was just energized and ready to take the world – quickly he stood up to see his new muscular body at the mirror he had to be enormous…

He looked to his new body in a mix of disappointment and deception – the body was completely ripped and veined, bigger than he could ever imagine, but still human standard – he could swore that last night he was bigger than any man could ever be!

Soon, Julian’s big hands embraced him, he still looked much bigger the other night, but this morning he is definitely looking like a powerful bodybuilder. Darren would open his mouth to ask about his doubts when Julian just started talking.

“What you saw last night was your new true form, the size your body will achieve whenever you command it to grow, but be careful, we still cannot reveal our true size to the unfaithful, they would not understand and since we still don’t have our maximum power yet, we have to be discrete about this you understand?”

“Yes, Julian, I do”

“Excellent, you’ll notice that whenever you get hard your body will grow slightly bigger, if it occurs while you’re at the presence of the unfaithful ones, you’d better focus to regain control, but don’t worry, since you’re just a child to our society, you will be always escorted to get out of the Temple.” The blond muscle Adonis just smiled and flexed to the mirror as well – “The ceremony you’ve been trough last night causes our true and also disguise forms to grow bigger and more powerful, as well as our senses and capabilities, we draw the power from Atlas and grow bigger, but this ceremony has to be performed by the Elder, our Grandmaster, Professor Alexander Kotsiopoulos, he is our leader, and you shall obey me like I obey his orders, I’m a Benefactor, chosen by the Grandmaster to assist him in any possible way, it’s an honor very few ones have, at least with my very few time of brotherhood…”

“I’m sure you deserved it, Julian!” Darren said coming closer to kiss his new big brother into that society.

The couple kissed passionately, and Archer felt his protégé growing under his massive arms – “Easy, boy, try to control the size as you feel it!” he said with tender voice.

Darren listened to him, he focused on controlling every part of his body, and it worked! Soon he felt how bigger his chest inflated, how thick his legs were now and just how taller he could get – from his original 5’7” he focused to gain another six inches in height and he grew to be 6’1” tall, his muscles inflating to make him be over 270 pounds of pure massive beef.

“Gee, kid, you’re really mastering that stuff! It took me one whole week to figure out how to control height and weight at the same time!” Archer said in a complimenting tone.

“Thanks!” Darren said as he pulled Archer into the bed and started kissing his impressive muscle body.

“So how big can you get?” he asked with a sensual tone in his new voice, whispering hot stuff on Julian’s ears, teasing him to see how big he could get.

“Don’t worry, Darren we’ll have lots of time to get acquainted; now we need to prepare you to the meeting.

“What meeting?”

“The Elder and his other assistants are now waiting for your formal appearance to the Society, I know it all sounds a little too formal, but it has been done for centuries of years, we have to keep the tradition” Julian said standing up and quickly growing to his enormous muscle freak form – 7’2” over 800 pounds of pure massive muscle with a 25 inches long cock.

“WOW!” Darren just took a few steps back to see his superior brother at his full glory – “As much as I wanted to enjoy my whole day with you, kid, we have more important stuff to attend” he said holding his chin gently – “Now grow for me!”

Darren needed no further encouragement, he simply relaxed his minds and his body immediately started growing monstrously big, huge massive mountains of muscles, his veins popping out through his flimsy skin, his forms getting each time more similar to his enormous superior. Julian felt himself getting harder and even a little bigger just looking at Darren, but he was the Benefactor, not just an initiate, he had to keep the protocol.

As the huge lad grew to his full size, even Julian got impressed 6’5” over 500 pounds of premium massive beef, 40” biceps, 83” chest, 52” legs and a 20 inches long cock! – “Fuck, Darren if you keep this pace, soon you’ll be bigger than anyone else in this Brotherhood!”

“Really? I just did what you told me, and relaxed, I didn’t even tried to control the growth…” He said placing his hands at the tiny waist of his mentor – “You sure we can’t have a moment for us?”

“I promise I’ll give you a whole tour around this mansion, fucking you and letting you fuck me in all those rooms, but please let’s focus now!” Archer said gently leading the way. Darren followed him noticing that even the large arches at the doors were still narrow to accommodate their huge bulks.

They walked to the patio; there was a large pond of crystal clear water and a cascade, the elders stood there, in their smaller form, dressed in some kind of toga clothing, ancient scrolls and symbols aid at a huge round table. Alexander stood in the middle and the other Sages around him.

Julian and Darren entered the beautiful place, and the bigger blond freak placed himself behind his enormous pupil massaging the mega sized muscles on him – “Now please remember that you are special that’s the reason why they choose you among many others”

Alexander stood up – “Darren Worthington, can you please step forward?”

Darren did as told, for one second he considered kneeling or bowing, but then something occurred to him. He stood there naked, in front of those powerful men, Darren simply flexed his muscles showing all his power and definition. The sages looked to each other and then to the Elder who simply grinned – “once again you proved why I was right to bring you into our brotherhood, young Darren, you can relax now.”

One of the Sages stood up, he had a really short disguise form – 5’4” with Asian background, bald head with a pointy goatee – “Darren, do you have any idea what kind of society we are?” he asked in a serious tone.

Darren could come up with lots of theories, but he sensed from the begging it was really a matter of basic principles – which are much harder to please – “WE share the love and passion for muscle and male power, we live to fulfill the desire for more power, more muscle, more sex and love!”

The short man pondered those words – “Is that how you feel? That we just care for muscle and size?”

Darren felt scared, but then he just decided to follow his heart – “What we do is just natural for us, no guilty, no complex, just passion and sincerity, we care for sharing our love for muscle and power with each other”

The short man smiled – “This was really a frank and direct opinion, young man, I’m very pleased to notice you’re a man of clear words” he walked closer to Darren, growing bigger and bigger as he walks, his muscles augmenting, and his toga tearing apart, reaching something around 6’4” and 600 pounds, he embraced the initiate and kissed his mouth passionately, showing all his admiration.

Then, another Sage, no one but Lieutenant William Brooks himself stood there, looking at Darren with his investigative look – “Darren, are you aware that being a Seeker, is not just an endless orgy, that we have commitments to those we call brothers, and especially that we swore loyalty to the Great Elder?”

“Yes, Sage, I am aware of that, and I feel that it is just needed this bonding to keep our society alive for so long…”

“Very well, so you understand that our Elder is the one who rules upon us, deciding which ways we are to follow, sometimes listening our opinions though, others at his pure discretionary decisions?”

“Yes, Sage, there’s a reason why he is the Elder, we must follow his experience, and I accept it even before I joined the brotherhood!” Darren looked at Alexander and he blushed, remembering the circumstances in which they met.

Brooks stood up, crossing his arms at his chest, and started growing more muscular as his smile opened about 6’8” and 750 pounds he stopped growing and hugged Darren, also kissing him very tenderly, then he walked to Julian and did the same thing – “Congratulations on your pupil, my dear friend, he is a really great acquisition!”

Finally, Alexander himself stood up and asked Darren and his responsible to get closer – “Now young Darren, you will know everything that has to be known about the Amphora”

“When the world was new, the Titans ruled over the things. Khronus, the merciless force of Time, and Rhea, the Mother Earth, became united creating a powerful kind of beings. But the father, afraid of one of his sons would destroy him, decided to eat all his children as soon as they were born. You are familiar to that story, as most of the world is – Zeus was indeed a powerful entity, but not nearly as powerful as one that had already existed – the Titan Atlas, the strongest creature that had ever stepped over this world a Titan who represented the true POWER of muscle, of Strength and Glory.”

“So all that story of saving his brothers from his father’s stomach wasn’t the original myth?” Darren asked and Alexander simply nodded.

“You never asked why did Zeus burry the other Titans but gave another destiny to Atlas, making him hold the sky for eternity? It is because one simple thing – all other creatures were under the power of the time – WE are all sons of the Time and the mother Earth, we multiply over the ages, we are born, we reproduce, we die, just as well as everything gets old, and becomes weaker, obsolete, less powerful – Khronus is the unstoppable force of time, and he affected everyone except for one being – Atlas, the eternal Strength, Power and Muscle – he was the only that resisted to the effects of time. He was the key for Zeus victory over his “Father Time”.

“You mean that Atlas has something to do with Zeus becoming the God of Gods?” Darren asked fascinated by such mythology facts.

“Well yes, but that’s just the myth – what we seek here is the truth” Alexander said cleverly – “We all know from those stories that Gods and Titans belonged to the same kind, but we believe that Titans were some kind of superior beings, probably from another planet and galaxy.

“Not that “were the Gods Astronauts?” theory!” Darren protested without even realizing, but all the Sages were serious – “Our beautiful glorious bodies reveal that we know much more than common sense culture, dear child, so bear with us for a moment, and you’ll find out the “Truth of Myth”. Brooks said without taking his eyes from the Elder.

“I am sorry, please continue…”

“Most of this theory is actually true, the ones called Gods were extremely gifted beings, and being among mortals like our forefathers made them extremely powerful and prestigious, to the point that their bloodlines were traced for generations and generations – demi-gods, monsters, mythical creatures, all those myths, legends and stories reveal us one naked truth – those Gods were actually living beings – Pay attention to the Greek Pantheon, they didn’t act like Gods, they could be extremely powerful but their behavior was nothing but human. They loved, hated, they were excessively jealousy about their deeds and accomplishments – they just didn’t express human nature, they WERE human in nature!”

“So, you say that Zeus and all the other gods were humans? That could be a possible explanation, so their powers were just make believe?”

“No, they were indeed powerful, because the base of those myths is true” Alexander said with a grin in his wrinkled lips.

“And how is this?” Darren asked interested.

“Ambrosia – the nectar of the Gods, which only an immortal could have, the most powerful substance at Olympus…”

“So you say that after Ambrosia, Zeus was able to finally conquer his throne?”

“Well, there wasn’t actually a throne to conquer…”


“You’re thinking too much about the story and less in the meaning, dear boy – consider this, Zeus, defeated Khronus, the merciless Force of Time – reigned over humans as well as his brothers and sisters, his entire kind prevailed over the Titans which were buried under the Mount Olympus…” Alexander smiled.

“If Khronus is time, we can understand that by defeating it, Zeus he became immortal right?”

“True” Darren agreed.

“And then we have the image of Zeus throwing a whole mountain over the Titans, so the Earth was safe – all Titans but one – precisely the one he sentenced to bear the sky for the whole eternity, crowning his absolute power…” Alexander looked a little bigger and more muscular now.

“What is the point, Grandmaster?”

“Olympus is the residence of the Gods, Greeks considered that because most of the time they couldn’t see its peak given the clouds and the mist which covered that mysterious mountain, by all means, Olympus also is “Heaven” a celestial residence, we can only understand it as something which is unreachable for mere humans.”

“So, if Atlas holds the sky, he is actually holding Olympus?”

Alexander opened his arms in happiness – “Precisely, me brilliant student, but this is just myth, what truth can you extract from those images?”

Darren considered those images for one moment, and then his eyes were wide opened – “No way!”

“We are the living evidence, my dear pupil!” Alexander said growing fast to his glorious true form, his muscles even bigger, even more massive and ripped, he is over 10 feet tall of pure incredibly solid incredible muscle with a 40 inches long member, completely hard and glistening with its mysterious secrets of pleasure.

“Atlas was the one who brought Ambrosia into the world?”

“Precisely, just remember that the Pantheon was composed by many Gods, but no one of them actually produced ambrosia – they all savored its powerful effects along with Zeus, and so they reigned over mankind” Alexander said with his voice much lower and deeper.

“Our greatest evidence is the character of Ganymede – think about his role into the Pantheon – He was the one responsible for bringing Ambrosia to the Gods…”

“but what was this nectar anyway?” Darren asked with a naïve tone, which made all the other members, including Julian and the Grandmaster himself grin for one eternal second – “Just think, my dear Darren!”

“Ambrosia is the SEED of Atlas? His spunk?!”

“Exactly, the true essence of POWER, Atlas, the Greatest among the Mightiest shared with the earthling Zeus his omni powerful essence, turning him into the so-called “God of Gods”, the once common man, turned into an immortal powerful being, but he was never nearly as powerful as the pure source of the POWER, that is the reason Atlas is portrait as a giant bearing the whole globe on his back – he is nothing but the true basis of the whole mythology built at immemorial times...”

“But why would Atlas submit to such a minor role?”

“Who said it was minor? Atlas just didn’t care for Zeus mundane affairs, even having that incredible power, he and those he choose to share Ambrosia still kept their minor human aspects, making the life of the mortals nothing but an amusement park, and so it lasted for Ages. Zeus and his bloodline spread the wonderful gifts of Atlas among mankind – all those heroes, demi-gods and mythological beings were nothing but results of the wrong usage of the Ambrosia’s effects – as it passed forward from generation to generation, it got weaker and weaker, only those who actually had the original nectar kept their youth and power…”

“But why would Atlas share his essence? Wouldn’t he be the omni-powerful?”

“Atlas was above everything, a lonely being, he was here lost in this planet, with no one to share his moments, no one but…”

“Ganymede?” Darren concluded at once – “that’s why he was the one responsible for bringing the Ambrosia – he and Atlas were lovers!”

“Once more, you astound me with you cleverness! That is right, Ganymede and Atlas were partners, their love was mutual, and as a gift to mankind for bringing him the most precious thing Atlas could have – a companion – he gave them his powerful seed and so the Pantheon was born from those beings Ganymede saluted. We believe Zeus would actually be some kind of elder for Ganymede but our sources can’t be that precise.”

“So the Amphora was the special vase which Ganymede filled with Atlas’s seed and gave to the Gods at Olympus so they could be “Gods” – but how…”

“How we fit into the whole story? It is simple, Darren – As mankind multiplied, even those powerful as Zeus and his pantheon were forgotten, because they simply didn’t have the power which Atlas had himself – so the “Gods” became myths, passed forward by generations – because at some point Atlas simply refused to share his seed afraid of what would happen if the stupid mortals spread his gift without any control – he and Ganymede choose those loyal and faithful to share the Amphora and its secret content, when Atlas returned to his original place taking his lover with him he left an amphora full of his seed to be spread among the believers – that’s how our Brotherhood was born – having Atlas and Ganymede as the first master and pupil, we started sharing the power and growing bigger and more muscular…”

“Just one Amphora would last so much?”

“No dear boy, the Amphora is not a common vase; it has an eternal supply of Atlas seed, but only those loyal to learn the summoning ritual will gather the powerful juice from its sacred interior.”

“But then what happened? Who took the Amphora?” Darren

“Even among those chosen ones the bitter aspects of men showed very soon, many ages after Atlas and Ganymede had left we still shared the enormous glory of our freakish muscular bodies, but we had to be more discrete now, only the sacred walls could witness our true forms… until the day where we were betrayed.” Alexander’s voice got really deep and sad now – “We had members all over the most important Greek cities, Athens, Sparta, Olympia and Mycenae – we were brothers and our love for muscle and growth prevented the wars which would bring us apart, but it didn’t stop the greed and anger little men carry in their vicious hearts, even among our members there were traitors, who couldn’t accept our severe social structure, the wanted to be the most powerful just because their so-called royal kind”

“You mean that Pericles…?” Darren added and Alexander simply nodded – “He claimed to be descendant of Zeus, and so he bragged all over the world his bloodline was stronger than anything else, such fact brought fury among our Elders, but yet they decided to forgive and bring the still very powerful and skilled politician into our society – that was our biggest mistake.”

“The traitor was brought into our brotherhood, but he couldn’t accept that he was just an initiate, and his elders would be much bigger and powerful than their king for many years ahead – considering this single fact as an attempt of usurpation, Pericles, instructed his men to steal the Amphora!” Brooks added.

“I was right! Pericles sent the Amphora with Phydias to Olympia, everybody thought the artist hidden the Amphora under the statue of Zeus, but he actually convoked a Symposium where he instructed the artisans to hide the Amphora?”

“Pericles and Phydias were the first Bishop and Knight of Betrayal, their names were cursed upon the seventh generation – we used our influence to make them pay for such deed, but since Pericles was noble we couldn’t actually hurt him, but all his vicious little friends would work almost as well as his own skin being punished…” Alexander’s voice got filled with anger.

“And all these years, you were never able to retrieve it?”

“After the loss of our most precious treasure, our society almost collapsed, but we were after the Amphora, we searched every where, wars were fought to get any possible information, but the traitors were really clever, they used the commercial routes, and underground contacts to keep the Amphora going from one place to another, never settling down, and they weren’t loyal, they killed those who actually could mean a possible unreliable member – During the Ages, we were always close, but never actually managed to retrieve our Treasure without causing a commotion.”

“But we also found out that the enemy founded a society to get the secret of the Amphora, and finally conquer its power for themselves, but they still fail into this attempt, we can almost say this game had been tied for the last 4000 years, until now the day you arrived with the First Seal under your arms!”

“The first Seal?”

“The traitors spread all over the world, always into Bishop and Knight, each duo has one Seal, a code that reveals where to find the Amphora only the Keepers of the Seventh Seal know that” Brooks said smiling “Last night, we captured the Keepers of the First Seal – Raymond Hooks and Winston Burns IV”

Darren exclaimed “Son of a bitch! That’s why they wanted that book so desperately – so Winston Burns was a traitor? But why did he legated the book to the university?”

“Winston Burns III was just a Philosophy professor – he had nothing to do with the Betrayal, but his son, the despicable Winston Burns IV was the actual Bishop, he had hidden his Seal among his father’s library, many years ago he was caught in surprise when he realized what his father had legated to his alma-mater” Alexander grinned – “sometimes, we can only rely at poetic Justice”

“I see, so before they could act, I had the volume on my hands, and that’s why you got interested on that?” Darren grinned this time.

“I’m sorry dear kid, but I had to take that chance, besides, you know now that nothing bad could happen to you having Julian at your side, different from us, the traitors have NO special power, they’re just angry bitter little scrawny men…”

“Our power to grow was really disturbed by the lack of the Amphora, but even so, we were able to keep performing the rituals over the ages, those who savored the original power of the Amphora will remain powerful…” Julian spoke for the first time, in his deep tone, Darren looked at him and then to Alexander.

“Grandmaster? You mean that?”

“Yes child – I’ve been Alexander Kotsiopoulos for many years, but I’ve been many others many other years, always changing, always seeking, always spreading my gift with my children, but I’m too weak to make them grow like the Amphora did to me, I’ve been suffering with the death of my pupils, because my seed isn’t strong enough to keep them strong as I am…”

Alexander cried copiously, Darren and Julian went to his side, quickly the three of them engaged in a mix of comfort and sensual preliminaries, but the young initiate had stop once he realized where they were, the massive throne which Alexander occupied, the symbols, the construction details – how could he be so stupid?!

“You were the rich politician who bought the Zeus statue at the Olympia Temple?”

“Yes, little boy, once more you are right!” Alexander smiled – I’m almost 2600 years old, still growing, still desiring to make you my children grow, but we have to find the Amphora soon, for I am afraid my powers won’t last that much…”

“Don’t worry Grandmaster, we will get our treasure back!” Darren said hugging Julian – “We will find it for you, I promise”

And so kissed and starting another steamy hot muscle orgy again.

To be continued?