Überteen 5

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After all the commotion caused by the pep rally, things soon returned back to normal at Hamilton High, now that Smithson and his S.M.U.T Program were banned, although a few changes still happened, especially those suggested by UYA to make our school more “Über friendly”.

Soon, all the doorframes were considerably enlarged, in order to provide easier access for the much bigger lads, steel reinforced customized desks, bigger silverware pieces, and even tailored P.E. uniforms and sneakers – even though Richie Costa remained as the only beneficiated, Jacobsen always told new Übermen could be identified in a daily basis, so it was just a wise providence to be prepared.

Meanwhile, Richie continued growing bigger each new day, to the point that my Brazilian best friend rarely took the school bus, not because he was prohibited, Richie actually felt his enormous body was actually growing too heavy for the old vehicle, not to mention that his expanding dimensions only got tighter inside the bus, especially when he was a burden on the nearly 50 other students; in order to give Richie a bit more space, they had actually ripped the last rows of seats, which only made the rest of us feel even more suffocated by Richie’s humongous body. In fact my Rich got so massively wide that his figure occupied practically the entire back of the bus, still he needed to travel in a very uncomfortable hunching position, and therefore it was understandable when he decided he had definitely gotten too big for the old school bus.

At first, I still tried joining him, riding on my bike, it was a really great morning exercise to keep up with his pace; Richie’s muscular legs were growing so longer that each day his steps covered an increasing distance, my own proud helped me from appreciating on Rich’s muscular impulsion, I didn’t want Richie to feel like I was always in the need of his assistance.

Curiously, I was going through my own transformation, nothing so significantly and dramatic as Über transitioning; I was just a chubby boy turning into a slenderer lad, the remaining baby fat on my formerly overweight body was quickly leaning down into a new shape that felt completely different on me, for the first time in my life, I could actually see my abdominal muscles, sure it was not nearly as marvelous as Richie’s ten pack – each one the size of a beer can, still it just changed my own self-perception – my clothes got roomier, my body didn’t feel so exhausted during the daily trip to school, suddenly Richie was not pushing me for the final mile of our ride, everybody seemed to have noticed I was definitely no longer the same chubby soccer goalie, my defenses got considerably better because my agility increased, even Coach Sanders complimented me on the fact that I had slimmed down to a more athletic condition.

I didn’t actually lost the final 15 pounds that, according to my dad’s annoying charts, separated me from an ideal weight/height ratio, in fact I had gained 2 or three pounds, but there was a total change in my bodily composition, increasing my lean muscular mass as my body fat percentage dropped noticeably – soon, when I took off my shirt, I was actually very lean and ripped, although my muscles were not the Über kind, most of the school athletes simply had nothing on the new me.

Although I was improving my shape and endurance, riding along Richie soon became increasingly difficult, not because of the physical challenge, though. Every single day, I had to listen to the same “UYA” crap. Each new morning, Richie would just rattle about the exciting things he had learned on the meeting, the breakthroughs he had while talking to his “fellow comrades”, nonetheless, he never actually explained me what exactly happened in those meetings.

I had to fake some enthusiasm while Richie happily commented how Pete was such a tremendous guy, or how sensible Nigel was, suddenly every little thing I said reminded him about something that happened at the UYA, still, whenever I asked him if I could go along, he repeated the same speech about his need for a personal space where he could just “be himself” – like he needed to be someone else when he wasn’t hanging out with those Übers.

However, as hard as I tried to overlook them, such details actually made Richie’s life a lot of easier – suddenly, despite his increasing muscular and bodily growth, Richie was no longer breaking so much stuff like he used to, his coordination improved incredibly, suddenly my friend could accomplish very complex “tricks”.

He could simultaneously do something that required lots of strength joined by an act that needed extreme delicacy, like crushing enormously wide steel plates like they were tin foil, or lifting the rear part of his car up to his chin with one hand, while he held a very delicate porcelain dish or a crystal champagne glass with his other hand, there were times where Richie juggled with bowling balls and regular eggs, to my amazement there was no noticeable difference in their movement, because Rich could apply his strength in such exactly way that no matter if he threw an egg or a bowling ball, they felt equally light for his body – and this fact actually meant a great deal for my friend, now he could just perform “normal” things without the risk of breaking/smashing/scattering/crushing the objects.

The muscular mass increase on Rich’s body only got more obvious and intense over the days, it was almost impossible to believe his muscles could actually continue growing, however, according to my father’s medical reports, Übermen cells were actually always changing their anatomic and physiological structures in order to foster the growth on the individual, Richie was soon gaining over a dozen pounds per day, which was indeed scaring for me, as much as I have tried to understand that such impressive gains would eventually diminish over he approached maturity, the mere idea that Richie would just continuing growing bigger and more muscular over the course of his whole life suddenly shocked me.

I have to say that watching Richie’s growth from distance was something entirely different than it had been so far – there was not the same pleasing sensation when he admitted he got taller and much heavier, Rich always blushed when he asked me to measure him, there was a mutual bond between us I was the one worshipping his growth, and he adored it, our relationship only grew more intense and romantic along his enormous muscular growth. Nonetheless, ever since Richie joined the UYA, he no longer asked me to measure him, his amazing gains were now documented solely by his suddenly “fellow Übers” Pete Jacobsen and Nigel Morris – I bet those guys would spend their afternoons weighing, measuring and doing all sorts of weird feats of strength.

Richie only continued to grow immensely huge and muscular, and while he grew bigger, so did my jealously over him, I felt like Rich no longer needed me to share his feelings, even his clothes now seemed different, Nigel and Pete have convinced young fashion stylists to design tailored clothes for Übermen which didn’t look like they were made for Big and Tall stores – Richie now wore very modern and hip clothes, at the same time they gave a sensation of normalcy to his massive proportions, yet they only enhanced the sheer size, thickness and definition of his muscles, the special “Überwear” looked like a mix between bodybuilding clothing and teenage wear pictured in several pieces proudly paraded by my monstrous friend who used to dress very simply with jeans and soccer jerseys.

If Richie looked like a toddler when compared to Jacobsen and Nigel, everything indicated that he would soon match their humongous standards, because Rich had just exceeded the 7 feet mark like it was something casual, in less than 8 days he had actually passed such height, although his muscular mass increased so intensely that not even his Überwear clothes could help but being accidentally ripped with any harsher movement, and by that point, I wasn’t sure if it was really true or just a twisted perception of my disturbed mind, but I definitely noticed some changes in Richie’s behavior as his growth made his body each time more gargantuan.

For instance, when his clothes seemed so tight they would rip with the slightest effort, Richie no longer felt embarrassed by the mere possibility of getting exposed in front of people, in fact

I could just swear he now enjoyed when his clothes ripped, revealing even more of his humongous body; on a few occasions, Rich just hit a most muscular pose – something that he only did for me at first – totally hulking out of his remained piece of clothing, that enormous lad suddenly appreciated to notice shock and awe in the faces of his fellow students, to my own surprise, people now actually admired Richie’s unearthed proportions, it became not uncommon for someone to ask Richie to flex or do something incredible with his muscles – even the jocks that once called my best friend a freak now constantly offered their cars to be lifted off the ground, then held nearly 10 feet by just one incommensurably massive extended arm, while they all posed around Rich’s towering figure.

Not even the most inconvenient of becoming such hugely gifted hyper masculine being seemed to bother Richie, if he before was very self-conscious of his humongous cock, especially when no pants or underwear seemed to control the powerful monstrous member when it decided to stiffen, many times Richie just ran off the classroom when his cock threatened to rip through another pair of jeans.

Nowadays, Richie’s cock never stopped growing, but he wasn’t so worried about the enormous bulge on his crotch any longer, in fact I could tell Richie enjoyed when all guys looked at his enormous cock and gulped, feeling suddenly intimidated and undermined in their own masculinity, the new underwear especially designed for Übers was much more resistant than the regular versions, yet it usually stretched to the point of rupture, which made Rich’s obscenely bulge so obvious, that the immense guy just stood up to give some space to his epic erection, sometimes he even petted his massive cock a few times before he finally left the room to take care of that huge problem, I have to confess that in such times I felt very inclined to offer my help, albeit all that happened between us, however, this new and improved Richie seemed so confident, so uttering superior that for some reason I caught myself having unexpected feelings like that teenager muscle god suddenly was no longer the Rich Costa I knew and loved.

However, the utmost annoying fact about those incessant changes in our formerly perfect lives were the sudden discovery of more über lads in our town area, since Richie now worked for the UYA, my father contacted him whenever another lad was reported to be an Überman, so my huge teenager friend would be the perfect type to gently enter such delicate issue, because he knew how those boys felt during the intimidating procedures for such testing routine.

Added to the fact that Richie’s former shyness had evolved to a very polite, gentle manner to communicate with people, the new UYA spokesman not only successfully approached these scared guys, he also got them to become “fellow Übers” – soon, there were several new members to that organization, which soon required Richie to spend even longer time at that building now that he “had his own experiences to share with the newcomers”.

A certain Tuesday morning came when I saw Richie’s enormous bulk already reaching the next corner, although I felt it was too soon for us to get to school, I just yelled for him to wait for me, it took me a few moments to get there on my bike, however, to my surprise the enormous Überteen’s face indicated he had other plans for that particular morning.

“Gee, Nate, I am sorry but I am not going to school right now, I still need to get things done at the HQ for our meeting, we’ve got some guys coming from the nearby cities, they want to create their own UYA centers and we are providing the necessary instructions and tips…”

“It’s alright then, I can come along and go to school with you from there…” I hated interrupting Richie, but his UYA speeches were just getting on my nerves, especially when he still didn’t let me participate of those stupid meetings.

“Well…no offense Nate, it’s erm…just t-t-that I really could do it much faster if I went alone, you kind of holds me back, I can actually get to UYA in less than 10 minutes if I run…” The huge boy finally let me know of his intents.

“Oh…I see, so you were just sneaking away before I went to your house? Couldn’t you at least phone me first?” I asked while crossing my arms at my chest, which made Richie very sorry of his bad choices.

“I…erm… would phone you from the UYA, it’s still much sooner than we usually meet.” Rich tried to explain me, but I could only take that he meant to ditch my company on that particular day.

“It’s okay then, buddy, I’ll get the bus today, there’s no reason for me to ride my bike if I would just slow you down…” I said with the precise amount of bitterness to cause the damage I really meant.

“Nate, please….don’t take it the wrong way…I never meant to hurt your feelings…” Rich apologized while I turned my back on him.

“I know that, you never mean it, which doesn’t mean you don’t” I mumbled as I left Richie drenching in guilt and remorse, because I knew he was always so worried about offending me, maybe then he would notice his latest facts, however, I suddenly felt my entire back being cupped by Richie’s enormous paw.

“I’ll make it up to you ok? I promise… What if we go to the movies after the meeting? I know you still haven’t seen the new Indiana Jones movie… There will be plenty of time for you to get back home, take a good bath and then meet me at the mall” The Richie I knew would prefer staying home and renting a DVD, so I sensed he was trying to please me, facing the crowded multiplex and their small seats just to spend some quality time with his best friend and former boyfriend.

I sighed “I guess…we could see it…” Richie new I loved Indiana Jones ever since I was a kid, the reruns of his movies always fascinated me, on Halloween I usually dressed up with the typical hat and a fake whip, my mom even used to paint a fake scruffy beard over my chubby cheeks, I didn’t care if I were too heavy for playing the adventurer archeologist, in my mind I was Dr. Henry Jones, at least for that magical night.

As usually, Richie’s charm always won me over, so I forgot all my anger and just smiled at him. “So are you calling me on a date?” I asked teasingly, but the humongous Über froze.

“Erm…no… you know it’s not that dude…we are best friends, there’s nothing wrong with that, and I really don’t want to jeopardize our friendship…”

“Relax, big guy, I knew you would react like that…” I playfully punched his enormous forearm, feeling how hard those muscles really were. “We will be just two teenager friends enjoying a good blockbuster movie, nothing romantic on that…” I knew the horrible events were still too fresh on his memory; the best thing was just trying to get back to our normal lives, if that was actually possible.

“Cool…so I’ll be waiting for you at the mall around 6 ok?”

“I’ll be there…don’t worry” I replied sincerely hoping things would finally be cool between us again.

Richie indeed got in school in time for the first class, which proved his enormous Über physique was not just growing stronger and bigger, it actually got so much more powerful that even running with all that weight proved to be not only possible but much faster than the fastest regular sprinters, however, not even the most interesting classes could make that day pass any faster, so I just dragged through the hours like a zombie, even though I was really excited on the inside, I guess the best part of that day was that Richie didn’t talk about his UYA meetings the whole time we were together, not even during lunch, he just grabbed his enormous plate (and the several others which would follow it) and we talked about the tests, the upcoming soccer championship, although Richie couldn’t play with us, he still watched all our matches, he even told me he could almost tell Coach Sanders would make me main goalie because my skills have improved a lot, it all made me so warm and comfortable, it felt like we were back on track, Richie was my best friend and he really acted like that…

When it was finally time to leave, before he went to his UYA meeting Richie remembered me about our appointment, which made me feel butterflies flying in my stomach, suddenly I wondered that maybe, just maybe, he was just trying to find a way so we could get together, even making out during the movie – I know I loved Indiana, but I loved Richie above everything…

It wasn’t even 5 o’clock when I got to the mall, the anxiety to hang with my best friend felt nearly uncontrollable, I just wanted time to move faster so I could be with Richie again.

I stood up in the front of the multiplex, knowing that given his humongous size it would be very hard to miss his approach, almost an hour later I noticed some commotion, people suddenly gathered to see something, and I recognized the typical gasps as people suddenly watched an Überman walking among regular guys. I smiled as I looked his head standing above the little people, even though he was over fifteen minutes later than he had promised, Richie had finally arrived, although I didn’t expect to see an even bigger party – my heart suddenly beat faster as I noticed Pete and Nigel also walked towards my direction.

It has been barely a month since the pep rally, and Richie now looked like he’d always belonged to Über gang, my Brazilian Über was nearly the same height of Nigel, although he seemed nearly as muscular as that deliciously huge guy, Jacobsen was still the biggest among them, but considering that he had over 3 years of growth ahead of Richie, my best friend was really developing into one massive Über. The view of the powerful young men suddenly stopped the whole mall, guys and girls all wanted to see the still uncommon event of three giant muscular men parading all their uncanny size and handsomeness among the rest of our little people.

It only needed another month for my once shy and scared “little” 6’7”444 pounds muscle behemoth to develop into someone that I feared that soon I wouldn’t recognize – at 8’2” tall and simply humanly impossible 785 pounds of the biggest, hardest, most solid and ripped muscle in the world – Richie had grown so huge that he just looked every as bit as Über as Nigel or Pete – not only the size of his muscles, but especially the way they now filled his body, Richie’s anatomy changed even more dramatically over that month, if before he looked like the biggest men in the world, now the meaning of his physique was something beyond mere words, starting by the amazing width of his shoulders, the thickness of his legs, the gargantuan length of his arms, the sheer density of his pectoral shelves could sustain not just fully grown men, they looked so thick they could hold an entire house.

Those veins entwining all over the uncanny rugged edges of those ultra cut muscles only made his body look even more impressive and powerful, Richie just looked like one of the super-hero characters he admired so much, his body was just unattainable for any men, his features have only gotten more handsome, more powerful, more perfect, Richie’s smooth face only contrasted to the thickly dark fur covering his muscles, maybe he had given up shaving his body nearly every day, perhaps he started enjoying the fact that he looked a few years older with all the body hair, nonetheless there was a natural glow in his features, something that challenged description, a certain aura that I didn’t feel so strong even from Nigel neither Pete, I guess you could call that personal charisma, whenever I looked at Richie, there was this strong vibration, like he could solve all my problems, something that until then I only felt that happened in those comic book stories, he was there, real just like my own now much slenderer figure.

Of course the view of three humongous muscle behemoths dressed in extravagant giant sized pieces of very hip and modern clothing seemed like something pulled of the craziest fashion designer’s heads, yet, the visual impact of their indescribable proportions. Jacobsen and Morris acted very naturally, they knew they were the center of all attentions, yet, they enjoyed when little people looked at their gargantuan sizes; my greatest surprise was noticing the look on Richie’s face. If it had happened before, I knew for sure Richie would be totally embarrassed his cheeks would turn into an intense shade of red; however the look on his face now showed me that he had definitely changed a lot from his early Überteenager days, his winning white smile, the kind of calm only incredible strength and power can actually grant – Richie knew he was being stared at, still he didn’t flinch, he didn’t hunch, he didn’t try to uncover what was impossible to hide, his gargantuan proportions were out there to be admired.

When the mall transients noticed the impossibly muscular trio approached my own little figure, some of them just couldn’t believe, others decided to carry on with their lives, still many others still amused themselves as the giant Übermen talked to the blond little guy with a noticeably shocked face, although it was not a totally shocked face, I could guarantee that.

“Hey Nate, I'm sorry we are late, I hope the movie didn’t start yet…” Richie casually said as he petted my head – something that he grew fondled to do in the last days – pretending he hasn’t noticed all the people stared at us. “Look, who decided to join us!” The smiling behemoth announced like it was possible for me to overlook his equally humongous companions.

“Hey little buddy, Richie told us he was going to see the new Indiana movie, it’s been ages since I’ve been to the movies…” Nigel’s shook hands with me; in fact, the huge paw just engulfed mine.

“Yeah besides we are great fans of the cool Dr. Jones, I used to dress up like him for Halloween…” Pete commented as he crouched to hug me, I noticed they have also growing bigger just like Richie, which only made me feel even smaller.

“Just like you huh Nate?” Richie chuckled as I turned beet red.

“Well, at least I didn’t dress out like Clark Kent…” I came back very quickly, playfully revealing some embarrassing moments of his childhood.

There were powerful laughter from both of the other Übers, while Richie enjoyed the feeling of turning beet red in front of those behemoths.

“I told you…what’s the purpose to dress up like Superman? If something happened I had my superman costume dressed underneath the first costume…” Richie whispered to my ear while Pete and Nigel just laughed even harder.

“Dude… that’s what I call entering the character huh? So you just wore two costumes for one single night? That’s preparation…” Nigel commented as he looked at Richie with an amused expression.

“I think the word you’re looking for is obsession, Richie is a compulsive comic book reader; he just devoured everything and even had the annoying habit to look for story failures, I am telling totally annoying…” I told Nigel while Rich just shook my shoulders. “Duuuude…” He whispered as he felt totally embarrassed, meanwhile I can’t deny I had some pleasure to tell those huge guys that I was the one who actually knew the real Richie.

“Well I guess we should buy the tickets huh?” I commented, then, to my uttering surprise the three Übers just exchanged looks, their mutual grin revealed something was up

“No need for that, Nate, today you are our guest – the multiplex manager is actually the father of one of our most recent members, and he granted us free tickets for the whole month, he wants us to test the new Über friendly system of the house until it is totally approved for the summer season…” Pete casually explained, however he couldn’t imagine the impact such words would have over the rest of the evening.

The theater manager, Mr. Gibson, soon appeared to greet the über trio and their little guest, he thanked the huge guys for all they have done for their son and invited us to meet the new “Über designed accommodations” of their theaters – at the very last row of seats on each one were especially designed for the über lads, the seats were over three times the width of the normal ones, and since they were much taller, they had to be on the last rows otherwise no one would be able to see, despite the arena accommodation of the modern movie theaters.

Mr. Gibson announced the Über lads that they had much more space for their legs, and there would be also enlarged pop corn and soda vessels to suit their larger needs, then he showed us a gallon sized cup and a giant popcorn bag that could easily hold an adult dog, not to mention that the manager also announced that the cafeteria menu would also offer protein shakes and other healthy foods to please the special nutritional needs of their Übermen customers, even the bathroom was being especially adapted with higher urinals and sinks, even the toilets were specially reinforced to accommodate the enormous mass of eventual Übers that suddenly decided to take a dump.

Nate, Pete and Nigel thanked the manager for their kindness, remembering him that soon a lot of Über lads would also feel very thankful for such caring details, the movie was about to start so he gently conducted us to the theater where Indiana Jones’ fourth movie would be projected – Richie and his friends were carrying tons of food inside – another advantage of superhumanly huge size is that you can carry literally everything and still be able to keep one hand free to open the doors and climb the stairs all the way to the “Über accommodations”.

Nate and Pete sat on the enormous places, enjoying all the room they were given, it actually was very uncommon for those giant lads to feel comfortable in any public place, then we noticed that I would have to seat in the regular seats, because I would just look ridiculous if I attempted to sit on those oversized seats. Only then Richie realized we would have to spend the whole movie separated by at least two rows.

“I-I can cc-compromise…those other s-seats are not so bad at all, maybe I can accommodate with you in here…” Richie suggested, although everybody else suddenly started feeling very uncomfortable with his massive bulk covering their view of the screen.

“The manager just came here to show you the über seats, now you tell me you are gonna squeeze yourself in the regular rows? Besides your weight will probably break those chairs, go there with the rest of the giants…” I said at once, since everybody else in the room looked at us, so Richie just nodded his head as he gave one giant bag of popcorn and a bucket of soda that felt so heavy I thought I would just drown myself.

“Those are great seats guys, I am really happy Mister Gibson decided to make his company Über friendly…” Richie commented.

“Well, he just realized Übers are teenagers, and they spend a lot of money, you just have to offer them a product they can actually use.”

“Let’s just hope they also open some work positions for Übers, we all know it’s really expensive keeping our life style, plus teenagers learn to be independent when they started earning their own money…” Nigel pondered.

“Yeah, it was like that article I showed you…” Richie started, and once again the whole Über crap would take keep them talking really loud, even if they were trying to whisper, their powerful voice tones thundering inside the theater. At some point, the trailers started and I thought they would finally stop, however when the new Hulk trailer was screened, I couldn’t help but hearing the Übers giggling when General Ross describes the menace as being 10 feet tall, 1500 pounds green monster – Nigel’s beautiful deep tone could be heard all over the room.

“Sounds a lot like you during the last spring break huh Pete?”

“Shut up!” Jacobsen said throwing popcorn at his friend, Richie’s giggle was also recognizable by my trained eavesdrop ears. Then as the trailer continues, their talk was not the most discrete thing.

“I still don’t know why didn’t they cast an Über guy to play the Hulk? All that CG would be unnecessary – if Lou Ferrigno played the green monster, an Über guy would be much more believable, don’t you think Rich?” Jacobsen’s voice was loud and clear.

“I…don’t know, Hulk is not just big, he is a beast…yet he is very childish, those expressions require a lot of acting training, the CG can make this a lot simpler…”

“Let aside the acting skills, man, the Hulk is hideous, no Über looks that ugly, and no one believe a dazzling hunk could play a monster…” Nigel added and they all started laughing, a few voices tried to shoosh their excitement, including mine, but they simply ignored all of us.

Sometime between the end of the trailers and beginning of the actual movie, suddenly, I realized Richie didn’t actually invited me to spend some quality time with me, he just thought quickly and tried to fix the situation by inviting me along on his already scheduled appointment, Nigel and Pete didn’t decide to join us, I was the one joining the übers in their “night out” – I have never felt so stupid in my whole life, there I was all dressed up and even wearing cologne, thinking I would be on a disguised date with the boy who used to fuck me, turned out I was just a spare tire, not even a decent one, because their vehicle only ride with giant wheels.

I felt so dumb, so miserably insignificant that I just dropped the popcorn and the soda, storming out of the theater, I couldn’t care for having fun now, and I have just spent my whole day hoping for something that would never happen. I thought Richie haven’t noticed me leaving the room, so I casually walked out of the theater and headed outside the mall, I just wanted to get in a bus and head home at once.

“Nate…Nate, wait up!” I heard the unmistakable voice coming from behind, but I simply pretend that I couldn’t hear Rich calling for me, so I just walked faster, maybe if I just entered inside a cab he would eventually stop following me – I didn’t need to pay for all the way back home, just to get rid of the humongous pursuer of mine.

I waved for the cabbie and he fortunately stopped for me, but before I could accomplish my perfect escape, I felt my feet suddenly leaving the ground, my whole body suddenly felt like it weighed not a single gram, then my arms raised because Richie just held me by the back of my shirt, easily supporting my whole weight, the huge yet sweet face of that dazzling gorgeous Überteen suddenly met my gaze.

“I think we need to talk…” He said at once, then Richie just told the cabbie to hit the road, the poor guy didn’t even think twice, after all he was pretty aware of the Überman rampaging rage episodes, he wouldn’t dare to provoke the behemoth lad who held me like I was a mere toy. It only made me feel madder at Richie because he just manhandled me like I wasn’t a person who deserved respect.

“Okay, so you can lift me, big deal, I am not that heavy anymore in case you haven’t noticed…now can you put down?” I asked with such a furious look, so Rich obliged immediately.

“What’s the matter with you Nate? Why did you leave all of a sudden?” Nate sighed as he looked down at my much smaller figure.

“Did you actually notice me leaving the theater? I thought you were too busy checking the new Über friendly accommodations!” I said in a very bitter tone that showed how disappointed I was at Richie for not coming completely clean with me about the true reasons for our ruined date.

“Come on Nate, you’ve been acting so strangely lately! What is going on with you dude?” Richie asked, I couldn’t help but feeling a genuine concern on his tone, still I was still very pissed.

“So, all of a sudden I am the one who’s acting strange? Get a clue Nate, can’t you just see that you’ve been ignoring me for the whole month?” There was an undeniable pleasure to twist the meaning of his question in order to attack Rich.

“Ignoring you? Richie we see each other every day, we go to school together…”

“We used to come back from school together too, now you’re always too busy for that?” the tone of my voice indicated how irritated I really was.

Richie’s eyes widened. “Nate, I only go to the UYA meetings twice a week, you know I still can’t go to P.E. so I just enjoy the free time…”

“Twice a week? Fuck off Richie, you’re always going there, you just left before 6.30 this morning then you went there after school, even now you just had to bring them along with you huh? Oh wait a minute…they didn’t tag along you, they were supposed to come ever since the beginning huh? I was the unexpected guest for your massive party huh?”

Richie knew I hated when people tried to make a fool of me, so he just sighed “I am sorry, Nate, I really thought the four of us could really have some fun, after all you three are my best friends…”

Poor Richie, he never guessed but that comment of his only served to flare my temper even more.

“Oh…OF COURSE, you only have time for your “new” best friends Pete and Nigel, you only talk about those stupid meetings, GOD how boring all this Über crap really is!” I suddenly exploded, which made Rich suddenly pale.

“Nate…from all people…I thought you would understand my needs…” Richie nearly whispered to me; I should have considered my words, but there was just too much stuff chocked inside me.

“Don’t you dare saying I don’t understand your needs! I’ve been there since the beginning huh? I know you are changing very fast, I was the one who tried to explain it to you when that big head of yours still couldn’t accept the fact that you are an Über, and now you accuse me of not understanding you?”

“Well, I guess you forgot then…you know there’s a lot going on with me and I need to talk to my guys to feel better…”

“What guys? Pete and Nate, they’re NOT your guys, I am your guy remember?” I asked very angry, punching the hardness of his immense muscles.

“Nate…you don’t understand, Pete and Nigel, they can actually understand what is going on with me, during the meetings we connect, we share our worst moments and our happiness, it helps me venting all the things bottled up inside me…”

“Oh really? If they actually can do all these wonderful things, then for Heaven’s sake Richie, let me go there with you, I know I am not an Über, but I am willing to help you…” I asked, using all my emotion to convince Rich to satisfy my curiosity.

“Erm…sure buddy, we c-can t-think about that, maybe we can foster a special day where we can bring our parents and friends…” Richie said trying to patronize me.

“I don’t care for any special day, I just want to see what those guys do to you that make you feel so special, so good about yourself, I thought I used to make you feel that way…”

“Y-you d-did, you…do Nate, it’s just something that only another homo sapiens fortius would a-a…a-actually understand, it’s n-nothing very different from w-what you d-do, trust me…” Richie crouched and hugged me very tightly, looking at my face with his emerald green eyes hoping to win me over with his charm once again.

Richie could have been nearly 9 feet tall and humongously muscular, yet he still just seemed noticeably embarrassed about those meetings, even his deep voice tone got a bit higher, many times he actually stammered upon very simple words, or he just used very complex synonyms for no apparent reason, I also noticed his eyes never really focused on me – all the very signs that my mother had taught me to search for to see if someone was telling you a lie.

“Rich, for the last time, why can’t you just let me go with you to these meetings? What happens in there that makes you feel so special but you can’t show me? Don’t you like me at all?” I knew that it was emotional blackmail, which just proved how desperate I really was, although Richie Costa also realized that I had no stronger arguments to convince him, so he just held my shoulders delicately.
“Nate you have to trust me, I need some space from you, that’s all, if we want to be in each other lives as friends, I have to learn to be independent, you can’t be always taking care of me buddy, we both don’t want that horror to happen once again…” Richie said very calmly this time, which only served to make me furious.

“Oh yeah? Well you an all your Über friends can go to hell! I don’t give a fuck for your meetings, so you might as well never talk to me again!” I wanted him to feel sorry for being condescending and patronizing towards me just because I was a regular guy, however before I could storm out, Richie crouched and hugged me so tenderly, yet his face was serious.

“Don’t you dare saying that, you hear? I am your friend no matter what! I know you are pissed and nothing I say can make you better, but don’t you ever say that we are not friends, because you know pretty well this isn’t true.” The humongous lad stood tall, turned his ample back on me and slowly waddled away.

“If you say so…then why keeping such secrets from me? I thought we had something special…” I said in a very weak voice.

“There are some parts of an Überman life that tiny guys won’t ever understand…”

Richie replied without ever turning back to face me. The impact of such behavior was devastating I suddenly felt like I would never be able to fully comprehend my friend’s problems. My whole body suddenly felt much heavier, I thought my feet had been bolted to the ground, each step felt like a tremendous effort.

Inside the bus, I could still hear those words echoing inside my mind. It was undeniable that Richie and I had grown apart, and I felt it would be easier to blame it on the Über guys, rather than accepting my own responsibility. It was true that Richie’s behavior changed a lot ever since he started hanging with the other Überteenagers, however they have also helped him to accept his own identity, something that I had been trying to do ever since he was reported Überman.

At first, Richie didn’t want to deal with his ongoing transition; he just tried to live a normal life, even though his body demanded such constant attention and the torrential growth spurts always provoked inconvenient side effects. Nonetheless, I used to think Richie was happy with me; all of a sudden he vents out that I will not be able to fully understand him just because he is an über and I am not?

What made an Über so different after all? They were gigantic and tremendously strong, virtually monstrous so muscular their bodies were, not to mention their uncanny sex drive, yet all those qualities didn’t make them very different from all men, maybe more extreme, but not different.

Then I remembered all the amazing things Richie could actually do after his UYA meetings, it suddenly seemed he wasn’t just only bigger and more muscular, he actually looked superior in several aspects, even the feelings he had about his condition changed drastically, Richie not only have accepted to be an Über he now felt proud of such thing, and he wanted to help the other lads like him to reach that same potential inside their own massive bodies. The science always reported new medical breakthroughs thanks to the study of the Übermen condition; their standards indeed supplanted everything mankind achieved so far. Since no one actually has ever seen the limits of the Übermen standards, they were definitely nearly all powerful beings that could easily start a new world order if their number grew considerably bigger.

Suddenly, I recognized I was thinking just like Smithson, could his fear actually be understandable from a rational point of view? Then, to my own muttering disgust, I noticed my horrible and prejudicial behavior towards all Übermen, Richie included – was I getting so jealousy of the time Richie spent with his fellow Über lads that I suddenly indulged the cruel measures like those created by Smithson?

I had to take a long shower when I got home, I felt dirty, I felt putrid, and the mere idea of seeing Richie just like Smithson did made me sick. I’ve known that boy for most of my life, he could have changed physically, but I was more afraid of the interior changes, what if Richie wasn’t anymore the one for whom I fell in love? Then, I finally realized the obvious reason why Richie didn’t want me in that meetings, a thought that scared me to the point it actually hurt.

I took the bus to school the following day – I didn’t want to face Richie, still fearing that I could at any time confirm my newest theory – what if Richie had indeed grown over me, after all there was no way I could compete with guys like Nigel or Pete, what if he had found another Über to replace me inside his heart? Could he be trying to keep this new lover hidden from me? Could be this the meaning of his last words to me?

In class, the enormous über didn’t avoid talking though “Good morning buddy” Richie said as he petted my head like he’d been doing for the past time, I suddenly felt like he was actually trying to compensate me for the fact he no longer loved me, so treating me like a cute puppy or a proud kitten. I was very mad but I had to keep my calm, soon I would be able to confirm all my suspicious.

There was only way to find out, I would break into their meeting, I knew where they assembled, I also knew Richie religiously stopped by after class, so I had to play my cards right.

Since there was no P.E. on Wednesdays Richie would just need to leave at the same time as the rest of us, which would be just perfect. I made sure Richie saw me catching the bus back to home, then a few blocks away I asked the driver to stop, inventing that I had forgot something at school, as the old yellow bus was gone, I quickly ran towards the UYA headquarters. Given Richie’s incredible speed he should be half way across the way to his so important meeting…

I almost didn’t recognize the once decaying storehouse, there have been some amazing improvements – the façade had been reformed and now the entire thing was painted in white, with the occasional red and blue, a big sign reading “Über Youth of America” hanging at the top of the main door – but I knew that wasn’t the place I should enter.

Remembering the last time I’ve been there, I just sneaked to the back part of the immense building, remembering those doors were much smaller than the front ones, since it was an emergency room, fortunately the Übermen had left this one opened, so I just needed to be really careful, now. I couldn’t care for any ethics or moral codes, right now I only needed to find out what was going on inside that place

The interior of the immense warehouse was very spacious, the high ceilings and the lack of internal walls only augmented the impression of its amazing ampleness. I noticed several phrases painted around the surrounding walls, those were encouragement mottos such as “You are stronger than your urges” or “Übermen are not monsters” – things that Richie now repeated all the time like he had been brainwashed. Fortunately, the interior of the Headquarters was so vast that noticing my tiny figure moving inside its poorly lit interior was indeed not very easy, so I just took my time and sneaked around, trying to find out more about the mysterious Headquarters.

The interior of the UYA Headquarters was indeed very bright and happy, there were also incredibly huge containers and gigantic boulders placed all over, only then I realized this should be their own version of “home gym equipment” – I heard some voices and noticed their meeting should have already started, I took the advantage of my smaller frame and carefully hide myself behind one container, so I could watch to their conversation.

The Übers were all sat at the ground, probably because no ordinary chair would hold their weight, or perhaps they were trying some kind of intimate dynamics, since they were all sat forming a huge circle. I counted a total of seven, including Richie, Pete and Nigel – the remaining four I didn’t know, although judging by their significantly smaller proportions I guessed they were the newcomers who have just started transitioning period.

“So you’re saying that jerking off 15 times a day is not a problem?” The question came from a hefty Asian-American lad, the size of muscles already impressed anyone who wasn’t used to über standards, over 6’tall and already well over 200 pounds of hard massive muscle, his hair was silky straight, and very dark, although his features were somewhat western, probably coming from a multi-ethnic marriage, I noticed in his face genuine concern.

“We’ve told you Kevin, the number of times you need to jerk off will reduce once you start having proper sex…” Pete replied with a warm look in his amazing features.

“Speak for yourself, Jacobsen, we both fuck all the time and I still need my daily 10 sessions” Nigel said laughing out loud “Seriously now, dude, we Übers are male, very young at the outcome of the puberty, we have to be horny all the time, so it’s only natural that you feel weird about such necessity, the bright side is that as soon as you start getting some real action, you will just know why it’s so good to be so horny!”

The Kevin kid didn’t seem too content with the answer, so he just continued.

“Well erm…I am getting some action, you see…there’s this friend of mine, we were very close, but when this über thing started…things kinda got weird between us…he is always asking me to flex for him, and he more than once asked me if I wanted to jerk off with him…do you guys think it’s cool?”

Pete and Nigel exchanged looks and then looked at Richie, who just blushed deeply.

“I think you can help Kevin better than us, don’t you think Rich?” Pete asked and my former boyfriend sighed.

“I guess…there’s nothing wrong about it, you’re just exploring your sexuality…the question is, how do you feel about him?” Rich asked seriously.

Kevin also blushed “We had made out a couple of times before I found out I was an Über, I guess…I have a crush on him…”

Richie seemed more serious at each moment. “Does he feel the same about you?”

The younger Über shrugged “I guess…”

Rich then said something that I’ve never expected to hear “If you actually care for that boy, you should not let things go any further, übers need a lot of sex, and regular guys may get hurt sometimes, not just physically but emotionally, it’s just very hard for a tiny guy to understand that sex is something so powerful…”

Nigel suddenly exploded “Dude, how many times we’ve discussed that, there’s nothing forbidding you guys from being together…” I heard Nigel’s voice thundering inside the room.

However Richie continued on his speech. “Just one piece of advice Kevin, if you really care for this guy let him follow his own way, things are very cute and exciting now that you just look like a superhero or a very huge bodybuilder, it is just amazing, but when your further changes take place you will find yourself fearing of hurting this guy, and even though you don’t intend ever hurting him, you will most likely cause something that will hurt him, so bad that you will wish to be dead.”

Pete reached for Richie’s shoulders “Buddy, I know it’s hard, but we’ve told you there’s no actual rule forbidding Über to be in love with regular guys…”, but my immense former boyfriend was firm about his opinion.

“We don’t have the right to demand so much from regular guys, they can’t live their lives around our growth, adjusting their lives to the size we reach, we can’t live worried that someday you might accidentally crush your lover when you are sleep, I know I don’t want to face Nate and tell him that no matter how many times I fuck, no matter how hard I work out, I can’t forget him, I can’t take the chance of physically hurting him if we are in the heat of passion, I’ve already made up my mind guys…If I can’t forget Nate, I will make him to forget about me…” Richie confessed to my uttering surprise, then Pete fondled his hair and massaged his enormous deltoids.

“We are lucky to have you here, Richie, no one has a heart bigger than yours dude…” Jacobsen said as he leaned forward and kissed my Richie with an incredible passion, and Costa wasn’t shy about kissing the UYA leader back, their massive hands exploring their glorious bodies, and suddenly my whole world seemed to be crushing underneath the immense weight of the huge kissing duo.

Right then, I couldn’t help but gasping, I needed to get out of there immediately unfortunately I haven’t seen the iron bar right next to me and ended up the improved hearing senses of the Übermen suddenly noticed there was an intruder among them.

“There’s somebody else in here…” Nigel said as he stood up and started looking, so I knew I had to be quick. “He’s got to the back door!” Kevin shouted as I ran outside the building, I could hear their huge bodies getting too dangerously close, so I knew I had to run faster, I spotted an upcoming bus, if I just could get inside in time, the übers would never find out I was the one who had broken into their HQ.

I crossed the street like a maniac, the cars all stopped before they could run over me. Unfortunately, the huge truck didn’t have time to stop like the smaller vehicles; I suddenly felt the cold kiss of Death coming for me…

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