Überteen 4

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Since nobody answered at the phone number printed in the paper I found in Richie’s bag, I must have checked the address on that oversized business card at least a dozen times before I finally had convinced myself that such decaying building was indeed the headquarters of Über Youth of America – it was actually an abandoned warehouse taking nearly an entire block of the main street of the industrial district of our town. The ceilings were very first of all there were no signs or plates, the façade was all covered in graffiti, not to mention that the own building seemed to have been condemned.

Like I had anticipated, there was no sign of doorbell, so I just walked around the building trying to find a way to enter, but all I could find was solid brick walls covered in moss, even the highest windows were heavily shut with nailed wood planks – suddenly, while I still investigated the back part of the enormous storehouse, out of nowhere came this very loud noise of metal scratching, it was indeed so annoying that my senses went all crazy at the same time, the unbearable screeching tortured me, yet I managed to drag myself back to the street.

“STOP IT! PLEASE!!!!!” I screamed at the top of my lungs, covering my suffering ears with my hands, I actually was so disorientated that I couldn’t see where I was going, until I suddenly hit a wall and fell heavily on my ass, only then I noticed that I haven’t hit a wall, well at least not any wall – it was a massive, rugged, phenomenally huge and steel hard…butt.

I gasped in awe when I noticed the wall was actually just the lower part of tremendously huge buttocks, my head was only high enough to reach the impossibly hardness on the glorious ass cheeks which belonged to the BIGGEST man I’ve ever seen so far, a man that would make my own Richie seem rather modest, because the stranger whose butt I ran into was just crouching, and yet his body already looked bigger than my Richie fully standing, the size of those muscles was just overwhelming, if I haven’t already fallen over my own ass, I would probably need to sit down in order to fully absorb the impact of such powerful sight.

Given the sheer potency on that unbelievably huge body, the humongous behemoth only needed to push the metal gate with his index finger in order the seventeen hundred pounds of steel along the corroded iron trails, in fact I could tell the behemoth was actually being very careful, probably he didn’t want to simply rip the old gate out of its frame, still, the loudness of the sound produced by his “gentle” attempt was almost deafening, mostly because that rusty gate should have been closed for ages. However, at the moment I couldn’t care less for the horrible sounded produced by such simply executed feat of uncanny strength.

At first, I thought the gargantuan figure simply haven’t noticed that I had ran into his Über solid muscles, then after successfully forcing the gates to open, the amazing muscle giant gently let the old object resting at the corner, his muscles flexing and relaxing as his gargantuan body turned around.

When he finally stood up, I simply couldn’t believe the humongous size on the man that casually moved those heavy metal gates. The huge man was dressed in some kind of giant jeans overalls and nothing else, his marvelous baby smooth humongous pectoral muscles were glistening under the afternoon sun, each nipple on him seemed bigger than my own hard cock, the size and the protuberance of his abdominal knots resembled real life bricks, only much harder. The width of his shoulders, contrasting to the narrowness of his wais, I noticed he could only tie one side of his overall, mostly because of the combined thickness of his shoulders, lats and deltoids simply made it impossible for him to properly dress even that giant piece of clothing.

The features on the towering muscle god that eclipsed the sun from my tiny figure were very different from my Richie; nonetheless I couldn’t tell who could be actually the most handsome between the two of them. The only thing they had in common was the sheer and unearthed muscularity, even though that stranger was by far much bigger than Rich, I could see the resemblance on the way their veins wrapped themselves around the stone hard muscles, like vines spreading over the walls, climbing the rugged surface of the uncanny muscles on these fantastic muscle freaks.

Unlike the hybrid ethnical features on my own beloved Über, that enormous man probably had, before his own transformation, the typical “All American” look, however the absolutely stunningly stud at whom I stared at the moment had taken this stereotype into unheard standards of perfection; starting from the strikingly tanned complexion, joined by the steel blue depth on his captivating eyes along with his luscious, natural shining blond short hair, not to mention his awesomely square jaw line, the high cheekbones, angular nose bridge among other Caucasian features increased by his Überman condition. I was just looking at an enlarged barefoot Adonis dressed in huge denim overalls and red cap turned backwards.

“Oh…sorry buddy…I didn’t see you there…I hope you didn’t get hurt” The tremendously powerful muscle freak casually said as he turned his attention to me. Soon, the golden muscle monster easily helped me by grabbing me by my waist using only two fingers and placing my light body back in the ground. His bubble-gum chewing grin and pearly white smile only evidenced his notorious youth.

“You alright there lil’fella?” Once again the behemoth checked on my personal safety, so I nervously nodded my head in approval.

“Good, now you won’t mind telling me what you were doing back there, will ya?” The gorgeous Über lad asked me with justifiable curiosity; after all I’ve been sneaking around the building. Although I wanted to tell him all about Richie and the horrible things that happened in Hamilton High, I wasn’t able to mutter the necessary courage to address to such mind-blowing powerful figure.

“Erm…yeah, I'm sorry…I was trying to…” Suddenly the words failed me, I suddenly considered a terrifying hypothesis – what if Übermen would act towards regular guys like me was the same way bastards like Smithson treated Richie? That wouldn’t be good at all, however, just looking at the intense color of those eyes and the joyful smile on that humongous fellow, I simply felt like I was talking to Rich – despite all the massiveness and sheer muscularity expressed by their uncanny bodies, there was something incredibly inviting and friendly at the faces of Übermen, especially if they were smiling just like the huge fellow.

“Don’t worry dude, just relax, I know it can’t be pretty scare talking to a huge guy like me, but apart from the size, we are not that different at all …” Then I felt his huge finger pointing at my shirt’s emblem – “See?” he said taking his cap off his gorgeous head to show that he also supported LA Clippers, given all the things that happened on that horrible Monday, I had completely forgot that I was actually wearing precisely that jersey.

“Go Clippers!” The humongous Über he closed his hand, because he knew his team was not doing so great, still he made a fist to demonstrate his support for the team, which forced an immense ball of brawn to erupt even with such light flex on his monstrously huge bicep, which produced a furious shockwave that spread all over his immense body, it was like all his muscles became harder and fuller with just such a simple movement. I didn’t want to disappoint the huge über lad that had been so kind to me, but the truth was that I just liked to collect several team jerseys, something that I actually have learned from Richie.

“I am sorry, sir, I was just trying to see if I was in the right place…” I said retrieving the same piece of paper, which the humongous lad recognized instantly, gently taking the trashed oversized business

“Oh so you were looking for the Über Youth of America Headquarters huh?” The massive man stood up again assuming a very proud stance, which only made him even more glorious to my eyes. “Don’t worry anymore, buddy, this is it. I know it’s not much right now, but after cleaning and some paint covers, this will be the place where our fellow Übermen will come after help for their problems…”

I listened to his emotional statement, convinced that such young man actually took his mission very seriously, which only made me feel safer to explain the real reason for my unexpected visit.

“Erm…actually…I am not an Überman, you gave this card to a friend of mine… I guess he never had the courage to look for your help, but you guys gotta help him, they are doing horrible things in the school…” I suddenly vomited all the words at once, fearing the huge man would not care to listen to me once he found out I was not of his fellow Übermen, judging by the puzzled face on the blond muscle god, such tactic didn’t work out exactly as I thought.

“Whoa, whoa…slow down buddy…If you want UYA to help this friend of yours, you have to explain everything calmly…” the huge hand covered my entire chest as the massive über lad tried to comfort me.

“Sorry, I just needed to get some help for Richie; he’s just trying to prove them wrong, but…” I could tell my voice was getting higher and more emotional; I would just start blabbing unintelligibly all over again, however, the humongous guy just patted my head.

“Let’s take it by parts okay? First, I don’t believe we have been introduced yet huh?” He said trying to make me feel more comfortable, despite the intimidating size of his, that guys was indeed very affable. “So, what is your name, buddy?”

I took a deep breath and tried to conceal my ideas. “I…am Nate Briggs, I am almost 16 and study at Hamilton High…” I stopped before I started blabbing like a crazy again.

“Well, nice to meet you Nate, my name is Peter Jacobsen, but you can call me Pete, that’s how my friends do.” The behemoth grinned, his huge paw totally covering my hand as he gently shook it, despite his massive size, he actually didn’t hurt me, which only showed how well he could control the sheer strength of his gargantuan muscles.

“It’s…nice to meet you too, Pete…” I replied still very intimidated by the size of that Überman – if Richie grew closer to surpass the 7 feet height mark, Pete had probably done it a long time ago, because he just looked so much taller than Rich, not to mention so superhumanly MUSCULAR, he should be around feet tall, and probably just as wide, because the anatomy of his muscles simply challenged everything I had seen so far, including Richie. Jacobsen was nearly a store-high monstrously muscular Überman, but then I pondered how long it would take until Richie looked like him.

“Come on Pete…we still have a lot of work to do, did you get to open the gate without destroying the thing?” From behind Pete’s hulking body a deep, yet soothing voice filled my ears just like a massive figure soon filled my view. Up until that Monday I only had Richie to get the real life size of Übermen, after it, however, I would definitely understand Richie’s concern about growing too big for me.

Although the approaching colossus was visibly not as tall as Pete, he certainly had nothing to be ashamed about his Überman status, because their superhuman muscularity rivaled, just like Pete this other guy was enormously huge, wide and thick (even though Jacobsen still had a considerable muscular advantage over his friend), however, what attracted me most in his overwhelmingly handsomeness was the casual, easy going way of how his monstrous brawn moved sinuously, that man had a natural rhythm that instantly got me going.

The delicious color of his colossal muscles, a richly dark brown flimsy skin, covering the wild rugged edges of his massive muscles and the beauty of his African inheritance increased by his Über transformation, just like Pete and Richie, that man also looked so utterly beautiful that his features challenged words to describe them – the ample base of his nose, and the wide nostrils seemed to belong to a powerful Panther, the thickness of his sensual moist lips, the hazel tone for his big eyes, his perfect teeth flashing me a blindingly shining smile, the coolness of his long dreadlock hairdo carefully protected by a woolen hat that only made him look like a mixture of Reggae singer and bodybuilder, amplified by a thousand times.

The Nubian Muscle God was also dressed in that oversized denim overall, only his one wasn’t tied at all, showing the brilliant, smooth bouncing surface of his pectoral powerful plates, conducting the sensual movement of his enormous body. Pete’s friend actually served as a walking scaffold, his massive frame carried dozens of cement bags, an impressive amount iron bars, not to mention at least two dozen wooden planks and several different boxes of tools, it was just impressive how strong those guys were, they all made it look so damn easy.

“Chill out, dude, it’s all taken care, now let these on the ground and say hello to our little buddy Nate right here…” Pete told his immense buddy. The African-American Überman just noticed my tiny presence and immediately placed his cargo down the ground, cleaning his hands on the denim cover of his amazingly massive butt before he offered the huge paw to me.

“How are you doing, man? My name is Nigel Morris, glad to meet you” The musicality on his deep voice tone matched the sensual movement produced by his phenomenal muscular body, that muscle freak was a walking melody composed by muscle and strength, yet it was soothing and serene just like the sweet Caribbean rhythms. Nigel shook my hand every bit as gently as Pete had previously done. “I'm sorry if UYA does not look like much right now, we still need to do a lot of work, but soon this will be a place that will make Übermen all proud…”

“Yeah, I wish we could take you inside and make you comfortable so we could talk about your…erm…your friend’s problems as recently discovered Überman…” Suddenly I noticed Pete didn’t believe a regular guy would come to the UYA to talk about his friend, so they should still believe I was another boy who had been found to be a homo sapiens fortius.

I could tell both Jacobsen and Morris were genuinely concerned about the problems I wanted to tell them, those young massive lads also had a very sincere and strong feeling for that foundation, so I really trusted they would actually help Richie with his problem, but first I needed them to believe I wasn’t there for my own problems.

“Guys, I…really am not an Über, but I know one that really needs your help, and I think he already knew about your foundation, because I found this card on his bag…Anyway, Richie has just found out he was an Überman nearly 2 months ago, and he’s still trying to figure things out in his life…”

“Wait…Richie? Do you mean Richie Costa who lives in Aurora Drive? He’s the poor guy who got in the mess all the papers were talking about huh? ” Nigel asked gently as both he and Pete crouched down to listen to my report.

“Yeah, that’s him, but I can assure you, Pete, he’s not like that at all, he was just nervous and disorientated” I automatically replied, trying to justify the misfortune actions committed by my beloved Richie, however, the two giant lads comforted me.

“Hey it is okay buddy; we never said we believed in those tabloids, we both know how things can be pretty messy when we get nervous…” Nigel tapped my head gently, and then I looked at him with my eyes filled with hope.

“You said you remembered Richie Costa, did he ever look for you guys?”

Nigel just waved his head “Unfortunately not, I was there at the Medical Center when the results for his test came, we try to provide some early help to the families, but it’s pretty understandable most of them just need some time to digest the information, especially when policemen and school teachers need to be told about the results…”

“Yeah…I know what you mean; my father told me he is forced to disclose the results to the authorities, but I never thought it would have such disastrous consequences…”

Jacobsen held my shoulders for one second “Wait…you’re son of Hank Briggs aren’t you?” I suddenly nodded my head in approval and the humongous blond lad’s face seemed much happier “Then, you must be cool just like your old man, Dr. Hanks is a very supportive doctor, he’s been calling us to meet the new found übers ever since we started this work…”

“Yeah, Dr. B is a great guy, if at least there were more doctors like him, it would be much easier to tell a little dude that soon he’s gonna become an Über…” Nigel agreed with his pal.

I already was very proud of my father, but realizing those enormous muscle guys actually revered his work and personality, made me feel a bit bigger in front of such enormously huge incredible guys both physically and emotionally.

“Gee…thanks.” I felt my cheeks blushing, but I haven’t gone there to talk about my great dad, I was there to talk about the horrible things they were doing to Rich, so during the next couple of minutes I explained my new Über buddies all about the events which leaded into the horrible incident on Richie’s house and how it resulted in the creation of the despicable S.M.U.T program that simply meant that Über students would be just separated from the rest of the students, like they were animals.

After hearing my report, Nigel and Pete exchanged looks for a few seconds, their massive bodies were so close, that each slight movement, from my point of view, seemed like the clash of two massive Titans, yet, those guys were just considering their options.

“It seems they have resuscitated those old “preventive measures” again, only this time, they have taken it even further, I’ve thought they would never divide students inside the classrooms in this country again…” Pete concluded with a heavy sigh, Nigel just patted his humongous shoulders.

“Yeah, man, you know most of guys are so scared of our bodies they just forget we are young men trying to figure out what is happening to our bodies…” Nigel added as he looked at me. “Fortunately, there’s still guys like you, buddy. We could use your support back in our own University; those Deans really know how to make things harder for us…”

“Wait…you’re still students? But…but…you…look so huge!” I exclaimed, suddenly realizing that, despite all their physical immensity the founders of UYA were not much older than Richie and myself.

“You bet it, Nate, we are both 19 and still going to college. Nigel and myself were one of the first identified Überteenagers in America, so you can say we have pretty much seen most of the stuff they are trying to do with Richie and the über kids, fortunately, there are still decent people that decided to trust not all Übers turn into violent monsters, that we all need guidance and comfort during that phase of our lives, regardless if we are Übermen or not…” Jacobsen explained as he walked around me and Nigel.

“Well, we can’t just sit here and let they discriminate the poor guy, we have to do something, let’s just go there and talk to the Principal.” Nigel suggested, flamed by the unfairness of the situation, though Pete seemed more rational about this.

“It will just look like we are trying to threaten the little guys; what we really need to do is to make the rest of the students realize this program is not for their protection, it just perpetuates fear and incomprehension…” Jacobsen explained his reasons, and he suddenly sounded like Richie.

Nigel was still puzzled “So, what are you suggesting?” The glorious Caribbean muscle monster asked, although I noticed a grin in his strikingly handsome face.

“Well, we’ve been trying to change our image in the media and this can be a great opportunity, Richie’s problem and how he reacted is the example we have to follow, we will demonstrate our support to Rich, so the community will know that UYA does not support discrimination neither violent retaliations…”

“In order words, we will just make more of those pamphlets and distribute them? You know no one reads those, they’re just too fucking scared of us to even take the damn things…” Nigel vented his frustration, but Pete just hugged him firmly, their monstrous muscles rubbing against each other, then Jacobsen just kissed the juicy chocolate lips on the humongous partner. At the moment, I could tell they have forgotten all about me, turns out they didn’t.

“Come on Nigel, we can’t let a fellow brother down, besides, he already has a great friend on his side. All we have to do now is getting to Hamilton High and charm all those teenagers, the minute they realize Richie is not a monster, they will pressure the Headmaster to drop the stupid program once for all…” Pete seemed so hopeful, yet , he didn’t see how the other students have reacted towards Richie.

“Well, Pete, as much as I would like to believe it would work out like you have planned, things are not that simple, most of the students are just too scared of Richie too, none of them took our side.”

“That’s because they are still impressed by all the things they’ve heard and seen on the news, what we need is to remember how Richie was before he started changing, and the best person to tell them is you…” Pete said touching my chest, and then I felt the responsibility to once again stand for Richie.

“Alright, what do we have to do then?” I asked, suddenly very excited by the possibility of helping my beloved über lad.

We spent the rest of the afternoon planning on the pacific protest we would start to support Richie, suddenly it was already very late, but fortunately Pete had already phoned my dad and explained the whole situation to him, so my father actually drove to the UYA headquarters to pick me up.

It actually felt very cool realizing that the Über lads actually liked my dad a lot, it made me realize no matter how huge these guys were they could still recognize and respect their elders, unlike most of sensationalist tabloids alerted, the Über youngsters wouldn’t suddenly disrespect their parents and authority figures just because of their immense size, they could perfectly respect authority from a reverence point of view, regardless if it comes from someone smaller than you. What felt more important to me was that my father totally supported our idea, he even offered his help, he would talk to his fellow doctors to get all adhesion possible.

When we finally headed home, I asked dad to stop by the Costas, so I quickly returned Richie’s bag, taking care to put the UYA card back where I found, when the humongous lad asked why it had taken me so long to come back home, I explained that my father had taken me shopping so I spent all afternoon at the mall. Although he still looked a bit suspicious, Richie finally thanked me when I returned his bag.

“You’re welcome, dude, see you tomorrow, oh, by the way, I’ll be pass by to pick you up…” I casually commented as we said good-bye.

“Nate…you know they won’t let me get inside the bus…” Rich said in a lower voice tone.

“Who said anything about taking the stupid bus? I’ll go in my bike, I know your huge legs can run pretty fast, but if you slow down your rhythm just a bit, we can go together, after all, it is not like I don’t need the exercise.” I grinned, which suddenly made Rich smile.

“Okay…but only if you don’t feel too tired when we get there”

“Don’t worry, if that happens, I’ll just let you carry me and my bike down the road” Although I was just joking I knew for sure Richie wouldn’t think twice to carry me if I needed me, that was the reason why I would try everything to stop his silent misery.

Once again, I couldn’t sleep at all, but this time it was because of the thrill of the upcoming days, our plan was good, although I felt really uncomfortable about waiting for nearly three days until all the preparations were done, the worst part, however, was having to let Rich out of the whole thing, because I knew he just wouldn’t let me act, in the end it could take a little longer but we would eventually break through those stupid heads, so they would realize how cruel they have been.

Besides, although I still thought Richie was the most beautiful man in the world, I couldn’t deny Pete and Nigel really made an incredibly hot couple; at least they really complimented each other, Pete’s beauty only seemed enhanced by Nigel’s gorgeous looks, yet they really seemed best friends above everything – I just wished Richie and I could be like them, a true partnership, equally powerful to support one another…


During the days that preceded our great protest, Richie simply continued on his silent misery, walking all the way to school, watching classes inside that stupid plastic box, having lunch observed by those stupid “Übermen surveillance group”, it actually hurt me to see Richie suffering and still having to remain in low profile, but the success of our endeavor depended on preparation time, so I just acted like I supported Richie’s decision to let those motherfuckers treat him like shit..

When the day finally arrived, I just played cool, even though I was very excited by inside, I rode my bike while he just walked in a slower pace to school, I must confess it was not very easy to keep his pace, even in my bike, however, the huge lad knew when I got tired, so he just gave started pushing my bike until I recovered my breath, and he would just pushed all the way to the school because it didn’t mean any effort at all for his huge muscles.

Since Richie had to be the first one to get to the school, we had to be there pretty early, especially since we had to walk to get there, it was usually empty at that time, today, however, it was really different, there were television vans were parked at the street, there were policemen patrolling the area. A bunch of reporters passed through both us on their way to the school patio. I could see Richie was just puzzled, so I just acted according to the plan.

“Gee Rich I don’t know what is happening, the last thing we want is television coverage on your daily suffering huh?” I felt bad for lying to my Rich, but I knew that we had to make some noise in order to help him.

I remember the look on Richie’s face when he noticed Pete and Nigel standing tall and proud at the full height of their gigantic bodies, he had never seen other Übers, not to mention much bigger Übers, although Jacobsen and Morris were indeed three whole year older than Costa, the even bigger behemoths carried huge banners saying things “RICHIE COSTA IS OUR HERO” or “ÜBERMEN ARE NOT MONSTERS” or even “WE SUPPORT RICH’S PACIFIC RESISTANCE” and “DON’T HATE ME, I AM YOUR FRIEND”.

Along the colossal young men towering over the crowd, there were also regular guys from civil rights nongovernmental organizations, and other members of our city, like the doctors from the Medical Center, including my father, even Richie’s parents were there with their friends to support our protest.

“What is going on here?” Richie asked scared.

“We are gonna make them see how wrong they were when they treated you like a beast!” I said to Richie on my way to the center of the crowd, I stood in front of him, grabbed the megaphone Nigel was holding for me, then Pete Jacobsen just lifted me on his hands and placed me on his enormous right shoulder.

“Dear fellow students of Hamilton High School, please listen to me. For three days you’ve witnessed how this S.M.U.T Program is nothing but veiled discrimination, we can’t let them separate us according to sizes; it just goes against everything America represented…” I repeated over the megaphone for my colleagues inside the building.

The students were all looked at me, especially because I was being held by the biggest man they’ve ever seen. Pete and Nigel both wore jeans and humongous sleeveless shirts with the UYA logo printed on them, our supporters cheered and applauded to my statements.

The reporters all gathered around Richie, they all wanted to know what was going on, so I just used the mega phone to denunciate such horrible actions.

“Ladies and gentlemen from the press…You are here to witness how Hamilton High is going back 100 years in time, they are discriminating one single student, Richie Costa has always been a good student, a fantastic athlete and a great colleague, but just because he was discovered to be and Überman, the direction of Hamilton High decided he suddenly became a menace to the life of the same students that Rich Costa always respected and cherished!” I just felt the words coming out of my mouth, I knew I was not the cleverest guy in school, but I guess I had the gift of speech, the more people listened to me, the better I felt.

Meanwhile, Richie was just perplexed, he never thought so much people would care for him and all the horrible things he had done.

Soon Headmaster Edgar Smithson appeared at the patio, he was also carrying a megaphone and, boy did he looked really pissed.

“Attention, students, all of you who are not inside classroom in exact five minutes will be suspended for the entire week” The Headmaster announced furiously.

“What is the matter, Principal? Are we in the middle of your medieval pedagogy? Oh yeah, the students can’t enter their classrooms before all Übers are locked into the right sides right? Well the only Über student we have is right here and he wants to come to class, but he can’t join his own colleagues because this school considers him to be a menace…”

“Don’t listen to such nonsense accusations, the Board of Hamilton High is just acting according to the authorized provisions of the Überman Safety…”

I started booing the Headmaster, joined by all the supporters. “This is just bullshit, you are all committing a felony – Richie Costa is entitled to be respected as the human being he really is and not like some animal to be watched inside his cage…”

“We just want to make sure all the students are safe….” Edgar Smithson continued on his hatred rampaging about school safety, so I knew we had to do something.

“I ask all of you, Hamilton High Students, when was the last time Richie Costa ever been threatened you? When did he ever treat anyone like an animal? When was the last time you ever seen him defending that people should be discriminated just because the color of their skin, their beliefs or the size of their bodies?” I knew the guys were starting to see things clear for the first time.

“Listen, students, teachers, people… don’t think Richie or any other Über is an aberration, they’re just like you or me, in fact, don’t forget any boy in the school can be detected as Überman, that’s Smithson’s master plan, he wants to get rid of all the Übers, today it’s just Richie Costa, but what if the next one happens to be your son, or your little brother or even you? Would anyone like to be seen and treated as a ferocious animal?”

The audience suddenly reacted to my words, realizing that the S.M.U.T Program could suddenly be applied against someone they actually cared about, not to mention that it was just unreasonable to consider someone like Rich as a possible menace. The members of the soccer team were the first to join us, since they were sure about Richie’s noble character, followed by the rest of the athletic part of the student body, soon after the girls thickened our lines, most of them still thought Rich was the sweetest, and hottest guy in school, even if he happened to be über, then, a few teachers adhered to the movement, they started protesting with us, which made Smithson really pissed.

“This is unacceptable! The Program was approved by the Board of Education, and will continue to be implemented, regardless of your stupid opinions…”

“OH I WOULDN’T SAY SO!” The powerful voice of Pete Jacobsen easily overpowered Smithson’s megaphone, the giant blond lad easily drew the attention of the crowd towards his magnificent figure.

“We represent the Über Youth of America, an non-profit oriented organization that was founded to support teenagers who are discovered to be Übermen, and we are here today to support Richie Costa and all the teenagers who happen to be recognized as Übermen, and we will not tolerate any kind of discrimination, for that reason we have reported such aberration to the State Highest Educational Authority, who have kindly agreed to comply with our request, which means Headmaster Smithson, that you will be getting a very unpleasant phone call right now…” Jacobsen’s contacts were actually much better than I anticipated, not only he had gotten what he promised me, he had made things to taste even better especially because of the document Nigel distributed to our audience

In such document, which Pete had smartly distributed to the press, the Governor himself excused for the “horrible atrocities that have been committed in Hamilton High” and he announced the closure of S.M.U.T. Program and the immediate restoration of the previous situation, so even before we had started protesting, the program has been closed, however, the clever UYA founders managed to hold that information from everybody including the school administration, to make sure such discrimination measures wouldn’t be resuscitated by another dictator Principal, because thanks to our strategically pacific protest, not only we have conquered the respect of public opinion, we also got the students to stop fearing and hating Richie just because he was different, now we were sure the other guys looked at him the same way they had done before, at least they wouldn’t think he’s a dangerous beast which needed to be locked away.

Just like Pete had anticipated, Edgar Smithson indeed got a very unpleasant call, no one actually knew what happened, but the despicable man soon crossed the teacher’s parking lot, got inside his car and simply burnt the road, nobody ever heard of him, no one actually knew if he got fired or he had resigned, and frankly I didn’t care, that was the last time we had ever seen Smithson.

Meanwhile, Vice-Principal Huerta announced the S.M.U.T. Program had been cancelled and all the new measures were revoked, exception made for the Physical Education one – Given his continuing growth the Board of Education decided that Richie could not take place in competitions against non-über students, and for my uttering surprise, that was indeed something with which Pete and Nigel agreed, they felt it would be safer for Über kids if they didn’t carry the burden of having severely wounded a fellow student.

There was a great commotion outside, even the same students who have supported those ridiculous segregating measures now cheered for their extinction, which only proved how volatile public opinion can really be. All the students commented that Richie was such a great guy that he just didn’t deserve to be treated like that. The teachers also recognized the measures were extremist, not to mention that they only fomented hate inside the school.

However, I only had eyes and ears for Richie, from up there I could see people gathering around his massive figure, complimenting the noble lad for his exemplary behavior, so, when Pete finally remembered that I was still sitting on his shoulder, he gently picked me up and lowered me back to the ground, from where I immediately looked for I wanted to know if he was still mad at me for pretending that I didn’t know about the whole thing, frankly I expected a whole cornucopia of reactions from Rich; I just didn’t expect for one thing.

“How could you do this to me Nate? I trusted you, I thought you respected me, but you just treated me like a circus freak, you even brought other Übermen here so they could just promote themselves at the expense of my suffering?” Richie said very harshly, looking down at me, suddenly I just wanted the ground to open underneath my feet.

“Rich, you don’t understand I… just tried to help you, then I found the UYA card in your bag…I thought you were seeing them…”

I wanted Richie to get mad, I wanted him to scream at me, but instead, all he did was shutting down, his muscles were trembling, his veins popped out, his whole body seemed even bigger, he was definitely very frustrated, however, he just bottled everything inside him “Thanks a lot, Nate, you are a great hero, you just made the huge guy pass by a dork in front all school…”

Rich was about to storm out of the school patio, although he just walked less than 10 feet away from me when Nigel’s huge hand kindly cupped his strong shoulders. “Hey Rich, do you remember me? I am Nigel from the UYA, listen, I just wanted you to know that we admired your tenacity, dude, you’ve got some balls man…”

“I had no choice; I couldn’t let them think I was a monster…” Richie had repeated the same thing all morning, although this time he suddenly found someone who could actually relate to such need – someone that also felt that people usually considered him to be some kind of irrational, raging muscle monster.

Nigel just smiled “Of course you had choices, man, we all do, but you’ve chosen to be above these little things, and that was the greatest motivation we had to come here and support you, Rich. You’re pretty lucky to have such a good friend like Nate, did you know that he was the one who came looking for us at the UYA claiming for our help?”

Richie just looked down “Yeah, I'm lucky indeed…” The Brazilian Über lad repeated, suddenly regretting the harsh words he had just said to me, however, Nigel continued.

“You better believe it, dude, when I found out I was an Über, all my friends suddenly avoided me, they didn’t want to hang out with a “freak” like me, I just wish I had a little guy like Nate for my buddy, things would have been a lot easier during my transition…” The gorgeous Ebony colossus easily buttered Richie, smoothly depleting my best friend from all his anger towards my nosy behavior.

Meanwhile I remained still, trying to overhear their conversation, fortunately Richie was so distracted with Nigel that he didn’t notice me, suddenly a huge shadow towered above me.

“I saw what had just happened Nate, I know you didn’t mean to hurt Richie, I guess we can’t really guess how what’s on the mind of our friends…” Pete said, gently comforting my small figure.

“I only wanted people stopping hating him, now he is the one who hates me…” I said fearing that our friendship was ruined forever, but Pete just picked up and hugged me in his humongous embrace.

“Oh come on, it’s nothing like that, Richie is just shocked, after all we have done a lot in his name without his approval, so it’s only natural to be a little angry, but he will come around, especially after Nigel talks to him, he’s got a special way with people, you’ll see…” Pete comforted me, pointing to his hulking partner, with whom Richie now talked casually, I knew these guys were very kind and they only meant to help guys like my best friend, but deep down I only wanted to run and talk to Richie, I believed we could solve anything just with honest talking.

Jacobsen placed me back in the ground “Don’t worry, pal, I know exactly how Richie feels, but we’ll talk to him, and he will say how sorry he is for arguing with you, it is very normal for an early Über to feel an outcast in all social circles, he is just too big to be just a regular guy, yet he still feels too small and intimidated by guys like Nigel and me, but don’t worry, once his growth increases, he will soon figure out his place in society ”

Pete hugged me once again, then he just proceeded towards Nigel and Richie, right then I could see my beautiful Über lad was actually smiling again, Rich just looked at me, then back at the huge Nigel, until he finally kneeled and hugged me very warmly.

“Sorry, dude, I was just so confused, all these people just made me feel nervous, I guess I just dropped it all over you, can you forgive me, buddy?” Richie asked me sincerely.

“Only if you forgive me for creating all this commotion…” I replied in a teasing tone, which just made things lighter for my humongous best friend, he hugged me once again.

“I can only thank you for everything, Nate, I had no idea so many people cared about me, plus, you’ve had the courage to do what I’ve been meaning to do all this time, going to the UYA was the best thing, Nate, these guys are really cool, and they want to help me go through this…phase” Richie smiled as he stood up, both Pete and Nigel were at his side now, and even though the Brazilian Über looked a tad short compared to them, I knew it was only a matter of time, before he became a perfect match for their amazing towering duo.

“Cool…” I smiled back at the older Übers, I felt weird for some reason, and suddenly it was like Richie cared more about those giant guys’ help, I was the one who had the idea to look for them in the first place, not to mention that it was my speech which have convinced the whole school to go against the S.M.U.T. Program.

“Thanks again guys. I don’t know what I would have done without your help; I guess I’ll see you after class huh?” Richie happily thanked Pete and Nigel once again.

“Hey buddy, you’re an Über, and we always stick together” Peter announced when the bigger behemoths hugged my Richie at the same time, they had even lifted his enormous weight from the ground, it was literally a muscle monster sandwich, their combined figures concentrated more muscle that I could ever imagine, the way each massive arm flexed in order to show some affection towards the other musclebound, provoking the equally abnormally huge muscles on the hugged Übers to flex and expand involuntarily, the veins popped out and the thickness on those inhuman bodies just increased enormously – a mutual hug among Übermen was definitely an epic event of unheard muscular proportions.

After several moments, Pete and Nigel decided to put my beloved Richie back on the ground, and finally parted. I didn’t want to sound so nosy, but the curiosity was just killing me.

“Where are you going after school is finished?” I tried to sound as casual as I could, when in truth I was dying to get a direct answer from Richie.

“Oh…it’s nothing really, Pete and Nigel had just invited me to pass by the Headquarters, they are organizing a support group for transitioning Übers, I guess I need to support their noble intent, besides, it’ll be a great opportunity for me to talk about my own problems…”

“I… thought you were counting on me to talk about those problems…” I know it would sound jealousy, although I couldn’t help but feeling a bit unappreciated.

Richie looked surprised “Oh no, I know I can count on you, buddy, it’s just, well…we’ve been so intensely close for the last weeks that things got out of our control… besides, those guys have their own experiences to share, I really need to know how the other Übers feel about their condition…”

“Okay then, can I come along? You know for support?” Although it sounded needy, I just felt that for some reason I needed to be with Richie when he was surrounded by those gorgeous behemoth lads.

“Erm…don’t take it wrong Nate, but I…kinda preferred to go there alone, I know I’ve chickened out all that time, but trust me, after today, those guys taught me that an Über cannot be afraid of his own condition, we just have to accept and to focus on becoming a better person, regardless our size, besides, you and I were boyfriends and things might get awkward again, you understand don’t you?”

“Erm…sure buddy, you need your own space after all, we’ve always done everything together so far, it’s only natural that you find your own place…”

“Thanks, Nate, you are really the best buddy I could ever have, dude” Richie, hugged my shoulders, dragging my little body inside the school, we still have a whole scholar day ahead of us anyway. While we entered I remembered of Richie’s happy face, his smile was just resplendent, and I have promised to myself that I would never do anything to make that beautiful smile go away.

I suddenly considered the words Pete told me – once Richie’s growth made him more like an Über and less like a regular guy, once he figured his place in society, would I actually have any place on his life as well? Could Richie’s increasing growth also mean that we were doomed to grow apart?

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