Unstoppable: Prelude—The Rarest Kind (musc)

Only a few places stank worse than the Unspeakable Market on Kawyra-Säab with its typical funk of human wastes running in open air mixed to the unmistakable odor of putrid meat under the relentless summer sun.

Every season, thousands of merchants came from all over the world to sell their most valuable products in the City of Opulence. But if those abusively high prices paid by the vain nobility for exotic products attracted so many ambitious entrepreneurs, most of them were simply unaware of the almost insurmountable risk of such commercial venture, not to mention the greed of the rulers of Kawyra-Säab, who charged over 80% of associated taxes from merchants who desired to install their vendors in the Square of Undisturbed Serenity.

For such reasons, the most significant bulk of the city’s real trade happened under legality, conducted by dangerously vicious criminals secretly and closely controlled by corrupted authorities. This unofficial ironclad Trading Guild commercialized everything which was considered prohibited, immoral or too dangerous within other Lands.

Since the Emirates of Kawyra-Säab were officially bound to the Commonwealth of the Freelands and its precious rules against Black Marketing, local govern vehemently denied the existence of The Unspeakable Market. In fact, it was considered high treason to be caught speaking of this alleged criminal trading network happening in the City of Plenty.

In truth, The Unspeakable Market stood very far from the beauty of the Square of Undisturbed Serenity, taking place in the Rubble Quart, the oldest part of the city which has been nearly destroyed and abandoned after the last earthquake over 200 years ago.

Although everything could be found in there, customers who dared to venture into the Unspeakable Market were mostly looking for some of the nastiest goods for the darkest purposes possible.

There was a particularly suspicious gathering that day, instead of the usual minor criminals, many local Crimelords dared to appear personally to a very special auction. The masterminds protected by their dangerous goons seemed very interested in the contents of the next lot, the speculation about ridiculously high biddings already started; most of those filthy rich bastards were ready to spend real fortunes to own something so wondrous as the announced item.

The bulky bare chested bald man got up on the improvised stage, where a medium sized cage stood covered by a thick black cover. The sweaty man had small fat lips, his rotten teeth had huge holes, and every now and then he cleaned the constant string of running drool from the right corner of his mouth.

“Gents, this next item is just unique. I know many of you have come from far to see with your own eyes if the promises were true. So, here you have the most delicious candy of them all.”

The fat merchant pulled the cover to reveal the contents of the cage for his unfriendly audience, composed of burly fellows with dark expressions and darkest intents in their dangerous minds. A few of them smiled imagining if the fat dealer actually delivered what they have been announced, but vast majority remained skeptical.

“Here you have, gents, a genuine male nymph!” The fat merchant was used to sell loads of dozens of slaves together, still he knew that one single creature like that was worth more than hundreds of slaves.

“There are no male nymphs, they are all female sprites!” A big gutted man grunted as he drank another mug of warm ale.

“There’s some sense on your words, but you stand incorrect, noble sire. There are nymphs of many kinds, and the rarest among them is the Phaedrus, the Male Nymph, whose beauty surpasses the fairest damsel and still, he carries his manly proud higher than most men!”

The creature inside the cage was almost naked, except for a small piece of loincloth covering his crotch. It matched description people had in their minds: a young, fair skinned young lad with slender built, delicate features and big eyes of a vivid color, emerald green in the case of the little lad.

“Why covering the goods then? Are you scared to show your Phaedrus is just a little boy between the legs too?” The other skeptical client boasted.
The dealer knew the workings of his job, no matter how valuable the merchandise was, he had to build interest in the audience to make them fight for the highest bid, so he just used his long stick to rip the ties of the loincloth, which fell on the ground to reveal a very thick 7 inches long totally soft cock resting over huge pink hairless balls.

“See how deliciously delicate this little guy is, can you imagine what kind of stuff he can do in the sack? Having a sex slave is something that any rich man can have, legendary leaders were believed to have a few nymphs among their harems, but only Drokul, the Conqueror of the Eastern Seas, had the glory of possessing the male nymph Vaelon as his lover, and his Strength is unmatchable until this very day, all because of the blessings of this rare kind.”

If anyone bothered to actually look at the “merchandise”, he would notice how scared that young lad was. He tried to hide in the corner, but the fat merchant kept poking him with his long stick, to make sure his potential customers took a great look at his flawless porcelain skin, his nimble slender muscular limbs, his big pink nipples and the strong almost feline like muscular legs.

“Let´s start with 50 thousand crowns, gents. Who gives me 50 thousand for this precious little gift?” The fat merchant smiled when someone raised a hand in the back, accepting his promiscuous offer.

“It still looks like a regular boy to me!” One tough looking guy barked from the audience, followed by others who made fun of the promised “wonder”.

The dealer shook his head. “And don’t all nymphs seem like young lasses too? The only difference is that they can be deadly if they want. I have 60 thousand, does anyone gives 65?”

“So, how come this guy isn’t harming us?” Another one asked.

“Ah, this is an excellent question, my noble sir. You see, gents, nymphs can make one man blind by the mere sight of beautiful presence, and many believe that no man can ever resist to the true beauty of a nymph’s naked form, and these beliefs can become truth unless the nymphs are bound by the right technique that only my Master Eilonius possesses.”

The bald merchant then pointed to the chains bounding the young boy, which actually seemed a bit too strong for such a small fellow, there were some symbols glowing over them.

“The Great Eilonius is a powerful wizard, he is the Master of many secrets, including the formula to bind a nymph and dominate its powers, he is kind enough to let you acquire this very special gadget that will make this nymph into the perfect slave and avoid more problems with this delicious Phaedrus you will purchase.”

“I give you 70 thousand for the boy and an extra 20 for these magical chains!” The short man surrounded by hairy muscular goons smiled with arrogance.

Most of the potential clients remained skeptical, but the fat dealer knew how to get his job well done, because the richest clients were already beginning to wonder how it would actually work.

“Perhaps I should enlighten the gents about the benefits of owning a male nymph. Unlike his lassie counterparts, this pretty boy here is not just good to fuck; he has this great ability as well, the same reason why his kind has been hunt down for so many years. Look at his chest, noble sires, notice how he has big muscles, bigger than one might imagine for a boy of his size, and there is a reason for that, discovered by the Mighty Drokul. The Phaedrus emissions give strength and power to the man who brings him into pleasure.”
“I give you 100 thousand crowns!”

“Did you bring us here to hear stupid folk’s lure?” The tall dark haired thin man in dark robes sounded truly irritated.

“It was never my intention to make you irritated, sire. Perhaps you should need a proof of my words then? Master Eilonius provided such treat for this noble audience.” The fat dealer retrieved something from his pocket, and the little lad inside the cage suddenly hissed. The merchant revealed a small vial, which he broke and brought closer to the lad’s nose, and soon the youthful cock reached a full foot in length and his strong chest seemed much, much bigger.”

“The juices of the Phaedrus will bestow physical strength and power upon the one who makes him horny, but this too is not included on the initial offer, my gents. If you want to enjoy the delights of this merchandise you will have to pay my master for this additional trinket.”

“I give you 120!”



“You promise the world, you fat alley cat, but so far I’ve only seen a little boy with huge man-parts getting a boner over some silly herbal mixing. Why would your master sell out the same kind of power that Drokul once had?”

The question came from a voice in the back, and initially nobody seemed to bother, but once people noticed who had asked it, the space opened pretty quickly to make room for the tall man wielding the shining black full plate armor, keeping his fearsome Twin Dragon helm closed.

“The Impure is here…” The murmur grew louder as most of people vanished, fearing for their lives.

“N…Noble Sire, I would never lie about something so serious. The merchandise is genuine!”

The fat merchant seriously considered fleeing the stage, but he knew quite well that his greasy fat thighs could not outrun Konstantin Blackmore, Slayer of Dragons, Killer of Giants, Destroyer of Demons, also known as The Impure Knight, because he forced Old King Benolis to knight him before Konstantin decapitated the sovereign and disbanded from the Commonwealth forces, killing every single knight who was sent after him to make justice.

The huge knight opened his helm, revealing his raven dark hair. Those grey eyes seemed to belong on a dreadful wolf drank on fear he caused on beings like those who now surrounded him.

“So, who is this powerful wizard Eilonius that you claim to be your master? I’d sure want to compliment a guy who can control the innate powers of a nymph.”

The audience remained silent; none of its members had any intention to stand against the most wanted and deadliest criminal of the Freelands.

“And why would he give up on such precious commodity huh? Wizards are usually just a sack of bones, he could sure use a bit more mass on his body, I feel particularly intrigued about it, why don’t you summon him to my presence?”

The rest of the audience was just restless as well. They were dangerous outlaws, but no one was more dangerous than the man who shad slain so many soldiers and monsters, and The Impure was known for his merciless taste for blood.

Konstantin easily went upstage and placed himself right at the side of the dealer. Most people commented on the size of the Impure, who was told be taller than the tallest man by at least one head, and wider than three of the brawniest soldiers together.

His brilliant black armor was so huge; it seemed so heavy that the Knight’s strength had to be phenomenal just to support such heavy plates of the finest steel. The thickness of the arms, legs and chest only increased the overall feeling that The Impure Knight was a

The fat merchant shook his head. “Master Eilonius…does not…” The swiftness of Konstantin’s blade resting right at the jutting jugular of the dealer made him instantly quiet.

“I am not talking to you, puppet. I want the stinky bastard who’s controlling you. There’s a price on your head, Cadmus. So you’d better come down here and deal with me, or I’m going to take your precious merchandise.”

The eyes of the fat merchant showcased his shock, he couldn’t understand the intent of the fearsome knight, but suddenly an unmerciful pain blistered through his mind and body. The fat dealer shrieked in agony with the explosion of the heart inside his chest, but before he fell lifeless on the ground, a tower of dark miasma left his throat, reaching for the unprotected face of the famous knight.

But Konstantin was more than ready. Moving with a feline agility, despite the heaviness of his armor, the Impure Knight danced around the stage, escaping from the attacks of the dark vapor cloud that left the stinky guts of the fat merchant.

An ethereal shape resembling a gaseous human form hissed out of frustration because the Impure Knight simply avoided all his attempts. Meanwhile, several members of the audience were instantly carbonized by the scorching heat generated by the dark miasma when it touched their skin.

Just like expected, Cadmus had also hired some muscle to protect him, and those imbecile goons were just too slow in attacking the Impure Knight. Konstantin easily killed one by one with a single movement of his sword while he still danced around the stage to avoid being hit by the miasma attacks produced by the deadly gaseous wizard.

Two huge burly bald men rushed towards The Impure Knight, but he simply ran towards them and with a single arm he punched through the thick layers of the belly of the first man, sending him and his companion over 30 feet away, while he picked a third one by his feet and threw the attacker even further.

An even bigger half-giant foe roared as tried to hit Konstantin with a humongous with an immense club, but the mercenary just held it with a single hand and lifted the enormous enemy from the ground with such ease that the poor bastard never realized he was sent against the rest of Cadmus’ little army, crushing their miserable weak bodies under the impact of such monstrous projectile.

The Unspeakable Markets were deserted in the next seconds; people fled carrying everything and anything they could carry. Several were killed by opportunist assassins while trying to run away with valuable merchandise.
Meanwhile, The Impure readied his sword.

“Give it up, wizard. Your little tricks won’t stop me this time. Besides, we both know you can’t cast spells in this shape.”

The gaseous enemy seemed scared, he did try to flee but it was then he felt something compelling him, it was a powerful magic, and for his own surprise it came from Konstantin!

“I still have a trick or two under my sleeve.” The huge knight pointed the enchanted red blade of his sword, the legendary Damnation, which he allegedly conquered after killing three Demon Brothers with nothing but his bare hands, had such powerful magic imbued on its fabrication that many considered Konstantin a warrior with wizardry finesse.

“Let’s see if you are so brave when my blade can cut you, Cadmus!”

Konstantin focused and a red beam hit the dark cloud of miasma, and the magical effects were cancelled, leaving a thin dark haired man dressed in blue robes crawling for freedom.

Cadmus used to be a feared Renegade Wizard, despite his young age. He had committed several crimes to unearth sources of ancient magic to become more powerful, he was so dangerous that many Wizard Councils placed high offers for his head or any valuable information that would lead to his hideout.

Konstantin had to be quick, or the bastard would escape him again. The Impure Knight quickly threw a bottle at his thin body, soaking the blue robes in some kind of stinky oil, and the wizard screamed in pain as he felt the effects of the preparation working on him, his mind went feverish, his body felt cold and he vomited profusely.

The massive knight chuckled. “This is a gift from your friends from the Council. They promissed me that you wouldn’t be able to cast a spell for a whole week.”

“Cursed be you, Konstantin the Impure!” The red haired wizard spat right at the eye of his capturer, but all he obtained was a loud laughter of the humongous warrior.

“For someone so intelligent, you could come up with a better threat. Now let’s get going, I have two packages to deliver now.” The immense mercenary knight quickly held the prisoner in his strong grip, from where he would never escape without his magic.

The Impure walked towards the cage, where the pretty blond lad stood like a little frightened puppy.

“You know what delivered your scheme, Cadmus? You got too ambitious. Using a love potion to seduce this lad and kidnap him from his family was clever, I must say, though. But trying to sell him as a male nymph? Come on!” Konstantin rolled his eyes as he easily broke the lock on the cage with his enchanted sword.

“Come on out, lad. It’s time to go home.” The frightening mercenary said in a gentler tone, but the caged lad seemed even more afraid to get out of there now.

Konstantin noticed that Cadmus was indeed apprehensive, probably because of the huge chains around the lad’s wrists, which he first thought to be fake, seemed authentic from a closer distance.

“Did you really need such strong chains for a little toothpick like him?” The Impure Knight questioning his wizard prisoner.

Cadmus blew a bunch of his red hair that covered his face. “You fool; can’t you see he’s truly a Phaedrus? Why else would I risk being caught to sell a slave boy in the Markets?”

“Don’t take me for a fool, you little trickster. I am not a stupid soldier. I have been raised by Alchemists and had Wizard as tutors; you wouldn’t be able to catch a nymph without careful preparation and support.” Konstantin’s tone was deadly serious, which made the lad inside the cage shake in fear.

Cadmus laughed, though. “Oh, forgive me for being always prepared, Impure Knight.”

Konstantin considered the idea for a second. “So, if everything you promised is true, why didn’t you use his abilities on yourself?”

The wizard stopped laughing. “Don’t be stupid! The Phaedrus’ emissions are powerful, and they bring strength upon the man who drinks them, but only if the nymph is overwhelmed by pleasure and lust, only then his true capabilities will blossom.”

It was time for the Impure Knight to laugh. “Oh, so you got him hard and all, but you can’t get him to cum huh? Heh, that is typical, nymphs lust after manly powerful men, after all you’re only a lad who learned a few tricks, with a flabby doughy physique and a meek tiny cock between those skinny legs of yours.”

Cadmus seemed really offended. “This damned creature is a teaser! He was always begging for more and more, I’d fuck him every night and day and still he wants more! I couldn’t bring him to show me his true power!”

Konstantin took a second glance at the little lad, noticing how his cock was indeed big with huge balls, and his beauty was almost ethereal, and for some reason, The Impure Knight felt a mix of lust and pity of such innocent creature.

Cadmus had to cease the opportunity; his clever mind already traced a plan that could make him free.

“I’ll exchange him by my freedom. He’s yours if you let me go.” The red haired wizard looked at the monumental knight.

“What makes you think he’s not already mine?” Konstantin arched his manly eyebrows.

“Don’t be ridiculous, the moment you release him from those chains, he’ll escape. This wicked creature is just using his powers to make you think he’s defenseless. Male or Female, nymphs are all the same, treachery and seduction are their weapons of choice.”

“And how did you bind him at the first place?” The mercenary showed he knew a thing or two about supernatural creatures.

Cadmus suddenly looked more worried, the Impure was not just huge and strong, he was clever, and it was always a dangerous quality on men-at-arms.

“I used the arts of divination skills to search for his real name. He can’t hide from summoning when his name is used, but the chains are still necessary to block his powers outside the room to which he was summoned, otherwise he would just use any other method to escape.”

“Do you see now how important it is to be honest?” Konstantin eased the grip on the wizard and Cadmus felt relieved that his despaired last measure seemed to be working.

“So you will tell me the name of our pretty boy, and I can handle myself, right?” The Impure Knight asked.

“Of course, once you know his real name, he will be bound to you and won’t escape.”

The wizard shook his head. In his mind he was already free; he would just get back to his precious hideout and use the same enchantment to summon the precious little nymph back on his presence.
It was then Konstantin held the wizard’s skinny neck and lifted him from the ground.

“I told you I am not stupid, little fellow. You have this creature bound to you, and the only way to break this bond is to have you killed.”

“Arghhh…no…please…I can let him out of the bond. I have everything ready on my laboratory. I can release him, please, just don’t kill me!” The wizard begged gasping for precious air.

The most wanted criminal of the Commonwealth chuckled as he eased his deadly grip.

“Cadmus, don’t underestimate my intelligence, you skinny dweeb. I won’t let you escape here alive, you are promising something you can’t deliver.”

“No, wait…I can take you to my Lair. It’s not far from here…” The wizard was so despaired he didn’t notice he was falling right into the trap set to him.

“Am I supposed to believe you are gonna take me at your Wizard lair and just set this nymph free of your control to pass it onto me? Wow, are you a wizard or the Last Good Samaritan?” The massive knight laughed out loud.

“I can give you everything you want, please…I have valuable stuff, anything you want, just ask! Please don’t kill me!”

“For someone who once claimed to be the most dangerous enemy of the Wizard Council, you are starting to sound like a coward.”

Cadmus just reached for his inner pocket and retrieved a talisman from inside.

“Here, this will lead you to the my Lair. It will deactivate all traps and magical protections, you will be free to take everything, I don’t care, just don’t kill me!”

“Fair enough, this is a good bargain.” The knight said as he dropped the gagging wizard on the ground.

“Now there’s only pending detail.” The immense man in the armor said in a casual tone.

“What would that be?” Cadmus asked still recovering his pace.

“I am Konstantin Blackmore, bastard by birth and knighted by King Darius right before I took his criminal head off his shoulders. Even an Impure Knight is entitled to chase and kill those who put a threat to the innocent people!”

The young criminal never had time to protest, at the next very moment the red blade of Damnation beheaded the red haired wizard with a single swift movement.

The blood from the Renegade Wizard flew high, reaching the soft pale cheeks of the beautiful lad inside the cage, and he seemed particularly happy to clean the red liquid from his face.

Konstantin kept the talisman Cadmus gave him and held head of the wizard while he casually toyed with a ring with a green emerald on his left hand. The very next moment a portal opened, from where two tall men dressed in the same blue robes appeared.

The Impure Knight threw the head at their feet.

“It is done!”

The two men exchanged looks, they seemed surprised. “We promised you three times more if he was taken alive.”

“He wasn’t very cooperative, but you will pay me full price in any case, right?” Konstantin just touched on his precious blade and the wizards gulped.

“Full price, just like we promised.” The younger wizard snapped his fingers and a hefty bag filled with gold coins and precious gems floated in front of the mercenary.

“This is just a minor setback.” The older wizard said as he picked the red haired head and placed it on a crystal box, leaving the body behind.

“It was great doing business with The Council. Next time, I might not be available for their hunting game. I have bigger goals to achieve.”

Konstantin casually announced as the wizards disappeared through the portal.
The Impure Knight looked at the silent prey inside the cage. He took off his famous helm, revealing the legendary rugged handsomeness of King Darius’ slayer.

His raven black goatee framed the manly lips, but he kept the top of his head shaved because most of the hair there was already gone. The thickness of his muscular neck was the proof that the body underneath the enormous armor had to be indeed very huge. Konstantin Blackmore had recently turned 54 year old, but that was considered an advanced age for one with such dangerous and risky job.

“So, what am I to do with you, pretty lad? It would be much easier if we could talk, but then again I can just let you here chained. Those guys would like a treat like you.” The enormous man said as he cleaned the sweat of the top his head.

The blond youth would remain quiet, but after considering the recent deeds of the immense mercenary knight, he decided for the obvious option.

“Thank you for helping me, sire.” The voice on the lad was sweet, yet still very manly and polite.

“Oh, look at that, the pretty can talk huh? I was wondering if you were everything our red haired friend said you were.” Konstantin grinned as he towered over the lad, he loved showing his size to younger men.

“He lied to you, sire. I am just a farmer’s son, he kidnaped me and wanted to sell me as a slave.” The boy seemed really serious, but Konstantin enjoyed the feeling he had on his guts about such pretty boy.

“Oh really? Do I have to believe you are a farmer’s son with perfect skin, without any cuts or bruises? Even with these chains, I can notice that you’ve got the finest hands, and also such delicate features that not even the prettiest damsel can hold a candle to your beauty? Even after being held in this stinky cage for many days still smells like lilies?” Konstantin said as he gently sniffed the neck of the naked fellow, noticing the youngster seemed to enjoy the gesture as much as he did.

The lad sighed. “Fine… I am not a farmer’s son, my name is Justin Sandstorm, the grandson of Baroness Cassandra, there’s a really high reward for anyone who finds me.”

“Baroness Cassandra Sandstorm? I must confess you chose a particularly important family that most of people don’t remember, but you could never be her grandson, because her only child died the day after she got married.” The Impure Knight gently caressed the cheeks of such nervous kid.

“What do you want me to say then? I can be anyone you want but I am not a nymph! That stupid wizard was lying to you! He would sell me for the highest bid to those bastards!” The blond lad was getting nervous, but Konstantin’s joy augmented.

“Tell me your name.” The massive knight held the lad’s chin delicately.

“My real name?” He asked suddenly nervous.

“Well, I take you are not still Justin Sandstorm right?” The Impure knight devoured the boy with his grey eyes.

The boy looked at the powerful knight with his big emerald green eyes and just begged one last time.

“Please, noble knight. Save me from my prison, and I will show you pleasure beyond pleasure.” His voice carried a tone that filled the mind of the Impure Knight with lust.

Konstantin shook his head for a second. “Oh, you’re no farmer’s son that’s for sure.”

He said at once as he crushed the magic chains with his bare hands. Not even the hardest hammer would be able to break the magic imbued into the metal, but still the Impure Knight’s strength proved to be simply outstanding, which impressed the prisoner very deeply.

The Impure Knight adjusted his stance. “Aren’t you going to escape? You’re free from his bound; I don’t have your real name. You’re just free to go!”

“Why, why did you do this?” The blond lad gently rubbed his sore wrists.

“I did it because you asked me to, and this time you weren’t lying to me” Konstantin said, turning his back on the pretty lad.

“I didn’t lie when I thanked you.” The lad said, for some reason he didn’t feel that he should flee from his immense savior.

“It doesn’t matter, you are scared, afraid. You were entitled to lie, but how come such a stupid wizard managed to bind such a rare nymph?”

“I gave him my name of my free volition. I want him to bind me, I hoped he could…” The huge knight seemed more interested in the story, even with his back still turned on the lad.

“He was so dedicated, every night he summoned me. At first, I’d just toy with him, frustrating his plans, but it was so interesting to see how humans are hungry for power, he never realized I was falling for his cute clumsiness; he just thought I could make him more muscular so he could beat you down.”

Konstantin chuckled. “He was that desperate then huh?”

The green eyed lad of epic beauty nodded. “I felt sorry for him, he was so decided, so determined, I thought that if he got what he wanted he could become something more, so I played his game, I gave him my real name and hoped he could…”

“Dominate you? Damn, boy…you really thought that skinny guy could be a real master?” Konstantin quickly approached the lad and cupped his pretty butt cheeks with his cold gauntlets.

The blond lad looked at Konstantin and smiled. “I can’t help my nature.”

Konstantin laughed. “Damn, what a waste, a Phaedrus being fucked by such a wimp like Cadmus.”

“He never dominated me, he was obsessed with my emissions, he wanted me to fuck him, he sucked on my cock and drank my juices, but he didn’t grow. He would never grow, and he got mad at me, so he decided to sell me as a slave. I gave everything I could to him, it is not my fault he didn’t deliver what he needed.”

The Impure Knight grinned. “And why didn’t you leave when I freed you?”
The lad remained quiet; he just blushed and stood there, until Konstantin gently lifted his chin.

“I could easily dominate you little lad, but what good would it bring me?” The immense older man asked with disdain.

“The legends are true, I can bestow unimaginable power upon you, sire. Please let me be your Vaelon.” He begged with such a lustful tone that Konstantin felt his own cock getting harder inside his armor, but instead of giving he just grabbed the boy and turned him on his back, gently whispering in his ears as he easily manhandled him.

“I hunger for power, young one. My own Father King Darius once denied me the right to rule his reign because of my bastardy, even though he knew I was the most powerful and suitable to command. I took his head off his body just like he took what was rightful mine. I am not your paladin of shiny armor; I am Konstantin Blackmore, The Impure Knight!” He said with a vigorous tone that made the little young fella shake, his enormous cock grew hard and those massive balls felt better than ever.

“All I can do is to make you more powerful sir, all that you want shall be yours.”

Konstantin chuckled as he kissed the hot lips of his little Phaedrus. He squeezed every ounce of that kiss, making him feel that his nymph tricks were useless on a real man, with more ambition than anyone could imagine.

“I want it ALL, pretty lad, starting by your real name.”

“Lysias is the name of your servant, Master.”

The Impure Knight laughed out loud, as he carried the male nymph away from the hideous place.

End of Prelude

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