Unstoppable: Chapter 1 — Fatherlord Blackmore (musc)

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Not even the hardness of the heavy armor pressed against his soft youthful flesh could make the young Phaedrus uncomfortable. Lysias gently snuggled against the cold surface like it was the actual chest of his new enormous Master Konstantin Blackmore, the Impure Knight, the most feared enemy of the Commonwealth of the Freelands.

The huge Knight carried his newest prey away from the Unspeakable Market, and the heavy trot of a humongous white hairy creature became sounded each time closer. A few moments later, the impressive animal stood still at the outskirts of the Rubble Quad, although it resembled a War Horse, his size and muscularity were simply uncanny, it was just as big as a water buffalo, with an oversized endowment, the thick white hair was wild and silky, the powerful beast was just the kind of animal that could serve such a massive rider.

Konstantin gently placed the male nymph on the ground, swiftly getting up on the saddle, and then he just reached for the blond lad, easily supporting his modest weight to place him delicately in the saddle, wench style.

“I am used to horseback riding, Master.” The young Phaedrus chuckled, as he adjusted his stance, but the huge hand over his shoulder stopped him.

“It’s a long ride until our next stop and I don’t want your legs to loose sensibility. You are my little nymph now, and you shall be treated like one, Lysias” The bulky Impure Knight whispered in his ear, and Lysias quickly returned to the wench riding position.

The Nymphlad felt the warm rich dark red fabric of Blackmore’s cape involving his delicate fair skinned body.

“This will protect you from getting sunburnt until we find some clothes for you, not that I want to keep that cute little body of yours covered.” Lysias giggled as his new master gently covered his body with the sumptuous cape.

“Come on, Quake!” Konstantin ordered, closing his helm. The sound of his deep voice echoing inside the armor made the little male nymph giggle; he was so pride for finding a huge brave man who promised everything a Phaedrus could wish for – ultimate domination.

Soon they put Kawyra-Säab behind them, venturing through the Old County’s roads to avoid drawing attention from local militias. Although the Nymphlad was still amazed by the recent changes in his life, he couldn’t help being bored after hours of riding in complete silence.

“What kind of animal is this, Master?” The young nymph actually missed talking to his enormous savior; still there was no answer from the Impure Knight.

“Can you hear me sir?” Lysias couldn’t guess if his master could actually listen to his melodic voice amidst the heavy gait of Quake, and the loudness of Konstantin’s armor clanking as they rode.

The massive knight quickly signaled for his talkative companion to shush.

“Quake is a Gargantuan, the only kind of horse big enough to carry the weight of my body and my cargo, now shut up. You are not allowed to talk while we ride, boy. These roads are dangerous, and I need full attention. When are safe, you can sing and recite for me, until then, don’t make me mad at you, pretty Lysias. I was not even mad at Cadmus and you know what I did to him.”

The blond lad remained silent and looked down, in a sign of shame, but the same enormous hand caressed the side of his cheeks for a few seconds before they continued, and Konstantin’s prudence would soon prove itself worthy.

The Impure Knight stopped abruptly and got on the ground with a single movement, drew the Red Blade of Damnation and carefully examined the surroundings, while the immense horse stood perfectly still, ready to strike anything remotely suspicious, although the little lad could just hold his breath.

Konstantin saw something ahead of them, and Lysias took a few moments to devise the Commonwealth soldiers camping in a clearance across their current position. The humongous Master just signed him to remain quiet.

“It’s been ages since I had roasted chicken. It beats the hell out of traveling ratio!” A dark haired soldier savored the greasy warm food while another group laughed, enjoying flasks of strong wine and expensive platters of dried fruits.

“Heh, I’d rather savor those wenches, but captain said we could only raid their goods, not their women, all because of the Peace Treaty!” The barrel chested corporal replied, noticeably upset.

“We were lucky to find the little village, they already closed the Gates of Kawyra-Säab because rumors of the Impure lurking around, and I doubt they’ll open them for a scout squad without a safe-conduct.” The captain snapped the back of the grunting soldier.

“S-sir, do you really think we can take care of this goal alone? We were so lucky to have tracked this beast crossing our frontiers, shouldn’t we send for help? If he is here alone, that would be a great chance to rally our forces to increase our chances of successfully capturing The Impure Knight” There was good-sense in such words, but that is not a quality appreciated by boastful young men.

The broad shouldered captain just looked at his rookie and laughed.

“Come on, soldier, don’t you want to be known as one of those who helped Captain Valliant to put an end to the greatest menace of the Commonwealth? I’m sure all of us will be knighted when we bring his ugly head plunged in a lance to avenge King Conrad’s murdered father!”

Konstantin heard such empty blustering many times before. Every boy in The Freelands dreams about killing the Impure Knight and becoming the Avenger of King Conrad, the precious only child of King Darius, the Conqueror, beheaded by his most trusted commander right after knighting him.

“The Impure Knight is much stronger than all of us together, sir. He single handedly lifted the War Elephant mounted by General Wilhelm and threw him from the Danalian Peaks!” Another soldier told the rumors like he had been an eye witness.

“Are you soldiers of The Commonwealth or a bunch of whelps crying for their mothers? Those events happened more than 30 years ago! The Impure Knight is an old man over 50 years old now! He’s not the same powerhouse madman who beheaded his beloved king, just a grumpy sack of bones hiding behind his armor! We can easily take care of him!” Captain Valliant boasted as he took another sip of his wine flask.

“Yeah…I bet he’s just an old fart with a small limp cock, running like the coward he is!” The dark haired soldier said, throwing the dry bones of his roasted chicken at the fire.

The rest of the men joined the youthful bluster, most of them had never drunk strong wine and even one single mug of this undiluted beverage can instantly make a newbie drunk.

From the top of Quake’s saddle, Lysias felt immediately outraged. He just couldn’t wait to see his immense Master destroying each and every one of them, to make them pay for such blasphemies.

Konstantin, however, just carefully stepped back, quickly returning to Quake’s saddle, much to the Phaedrus’ surprise.

“Master, aren’t you going to punish them?” The nymph whispered so slightly, used to the dangerous of the forest.

The immense knight opened his helm and waved his head slowly, something that made the nymph’s heart heavy with sadness.

“Taking the lives of young foolish drunkards is not worthy, they’re already wasted, we are safe to go, and we’ll be in safety by the time they sober up!”

The blunt wisdom of the Impure Knight caught the little blond lad off guard.
“They said horrible things about you, sir! You should avenge your honor!” Lysias insisted.

“A PARRICIDE HAS NO HONOR!” Konstantin’s thunderous tone was filled with rage, and the blond lad just seemed to shrink as his enormous Master’s anger flared.

“Who’s there?” The sentinel soldier quickly came to check such loud screaming, and soon his vision filled with horror.

“IT’S THE IMPURE!!!” He screamed at the top of his lungs, trying to alert his brother-at-arms, the loud clumsiness of drunken inexperienced nervous soldiers filled the silent sunset with horror while the handsome behemoth rolled his eyes and closed his helm again, noticing the smirk on his pretty lad’s face.

“Let’s see if you‘re still happy when this is done.” Konstantin said as he quickly jumped back in the ground to take care of the battle he tried to avoid.

From the top of Quake’s saddle, Lysias watched the very quick battle, however, he felt much differently from the previous time. He witnessed Konstantin cleaving through the shrieking enemies like a hungry wolf feeding on a bunch of defenseless puppies.

Feeling suddenly uncomfortable with such ferocity, the Phaedrus pulled the remaining fabric of the red cape and tucked himself tighter under its warm gentle touch.


The flaring anger inside Konstantin’s massive chest combined with the frustration of his own resentments resulted in extreme violent kills. The Impure used too much strength to obliterate each ridiculous opponent, heads and limbs flew everywhere, as Konstantin roared like a primal beast, thirsty for blood.

At some point, the soldiers stopped fighting at all, they just fled for their lives, some of them even attempted to look for safety over the trees, which seemed to infuriate the enormous Impure Knight.


The Impure Knight shouted, demanding respect from such coward manlings.
He sheathed his sword, using his bare arms to punch through the thick trunk of old redwood trunks like they were rotten. Konstantin suddenly uprooted an oak tree with unseen easiness, using the enormous trunk to crush a dozen little mercenaries like the bugs they really were to him.

The remaining young soldiers screamed of utterly fear, while an irrational Konstantin roared some kind of ferocious war cry, at each life he reaped, the Impure Knight seemed to grow angrier and sadder.

The scouting squad members were destroyed by Lysias’ uncanny master, until only one remained.

Captain Valliant was perhaps the easiest to defeat, unlike his companions the officer didn’t put any fight, he just tried to hide when he noticed that defeating Blackmore was an impossible task, but after seeing what Konstantin did to his soldiers, the captain just lost all hope and panicked, kneeling in front of the enormous combatant.

“Please…I am sorry, please spare my life sir!” Valliant had high cheek bones and handsome features, which indicated that he must have come from some lower noble family, and just like most of military nobility men, the captain was a coward hiding behind someone else’s strength.

The brave soldier who once challenged Konstantin’s capabilities now cried like a squeaking piglet as the immense war machine just shook his head in disapproval and disgust.

Konstantin brought the little man closer to his face, opening his helm so the weakling could see the anger in his icy grey eyes and feel the warmth of his breath.

“They call you Valliant, but you’re nothing but a coward. Your men died tonight because of your vanity, your stubbornness and your weakness. You are no leader, you’re a worm. I should have you crushed like the bug you are, but I’ll let you go, to share the burden of their deaths with me.”

The dark warrior dropped the young soldier, who just crawled away from his immense bulk. The Impure Knight removed his helm to show his vigorous manliness to the shocked soldier.

“I am Konstantin Blackmore, Parricide, Head Cutter, King Killer and Demon Rapist! I am 54 years old and still the strongest man in the world, little worm. I keep myself vigorous and each time stronger by drinking the blood of the Demons I crush with my bare hands after raping their hellish asses! Do you think you little soldiers can defeat me? Crawl back to your King Conrad and tell my beloved little brother than soon I’ll come back for his own head!”

The Impure Knight made the not-so-brave Captain Valliant so scared that his little pecker shot his load inside his already soiled pants. The little guy shook violently, he wanted to run for his life, but at the same time he was drawn into the behemoth like a mop into the flames.

The behemoth looked down at Captain Valliant and chuckled.

“What’s matter, little knight to be? Oh, let me guess…you’re too much a coward to run away for your own life huh? Well, you’re not much of a man, are you?”

Valliant just shook his heart in shock, for the first time in his life he was being honest with himself.

Konstantin lifted him once again, this time with a smile in his manly lips.

“You want me to make a man of you, right, boy?”

“Say it at once, worm!”

“I want to be a man for you, sir! I want to serve you and prove myself worthy!” Valliant screamed at the top of his lungs.

“Do you think I will be like some kind of father to you, boy? Let’s not forget that I’ve killed my own, you’re just a coward worm, recognizing my superiority. What is the merit in this?”

“I…can be useful, sir. I will train hard, I will do anything you tell me, I just want to be like you.” Valliant confessed.

“You can’t be like me, stupid boy! I am Konstantin Blackmore, and you’re just a ridiculous whelp, but if you can actually do everything you promise, maybe I’ll have a place for you in my armies, and you will march to conquer your own homeland. Is that good for you?”

“My home is where you stay, sir!” Valliant said as he blushed intensely.
“Fuck, these guys are getting weaker each year; I don’t even need to fuck them to get them around my little finger!” Konstantin thought as he lifted the defeated Captain Valliant by his neck.

“I can crush you like the bug you miserable bastard, so this is your chance to give up with your head on top of your shoulders, do you promise absolute servitude to me?” Konstantin offered one last chance for the coward to regret such choice.

“My blade and my life are yours to command, Impure Knight!” Valliant tried to sound brave, but his soiled pants delivered his weaknesses.

Konstantin dropped him again. “Fine, let’s see if you can become a soldier.” The inhumanly large warrior said as he picked a rope and tied the hands of the only survivor of that such massacre.

Then, Konstantin tied the dominated youngster to the mighty oak trunk he so easily had casually uprooted while he destroyed Valliant’s squad, hoisting it with just one hand like it was a regular javelin.

“Tell you what, little worm, I’ll throw you at the lake, when you manage to free yourself, go across the Rotten Swamplands and then over the Nekrosort Desert, you will find my forces camped at the base of Mountain Drull, when you get there, show them this personal seal and ask for Commander Rhett, he will see to your preparation, now open up.”

Konstantin produced a small ring and the anxious lad just opened the mouth eagerly holding the symbol for his new life inside his mouth.

Then, Konstantin just bounced the might trunk a few times from each hand.
“Maybe we’ll see each other again, Captain Valliant. I hope I don’t miss the lake, it is so close and this weight so light.” The Impure Knight laughed as he threw the trunk, watching as it skyrocketed thousands of feet, towards the middle of the lake.

There was a long pause until they could hear a loud splashing sound.

“Stupid hero wannabe!” Konstantin grunted before he turned his attention back to the pretty little Phaedrus who watched in silence as his master threw his latest prey miles away into the water.

“Are you happy now, young one? I have killed those who called me old fart and little cocked like you wanted. How does it make you feel?”

Konstantin was right all along, Lysias felt terrible for being the trigger that caused the death of young men who stood no chance against his master.

“I feel horrible, Master. I am sorry, I just couldn’t stand them laughing at you like you were just some kind of stupid make-believe story, you saved my life from that nasty slave market, after all.”

The immense knight slightly held the boy’s chin.

“You should learn that I carry the burden of each and every single man I’ve killed, only my strength can help me cope up with such pain. I don’t take lives for vanity, most of the time, I kill those I need in order to keep alive, while I am stronger and powerful, I’ll be on top, and then someday a newbie like Valliant might actually kill me. So don’t think about me as a killing machine,
pretty Lysias, because inside this massive chest of mine beats a heart too.”

The young Nymphlad gulped, he felt indeed guilty for the monstrous man wielding the enormous armor bathed in blood.

“I will never ask you to take another life, Master. You are the better judge of your own power. I just promise I will give you all the power you need to accomplish your wishes.” The blond lad said, trying to sound as regretful as he felt.

Konstantin gently caressed the face of his Nymphlad with pride.

"That’s very smart of you, little lad.”

The blond Phaedrus watched as his massive master went back on the saddle and they were soon back on the road.

“You think Captain Valliant will find that place when he frees himself?” Lysias asked after making sure his master would allow him to talk, after all the killing of that night, even the Impure Knight could use some talk relax.

Konstantin chuckled for real this time.

“I seriously doubt it. Even if he manages to get free from the knots I’ve tied, he’ll never make it alive, especially going through such dangerous places, and even if he does, there are no forces of mine at Mountain Drull, and I didn’t give him my seal, it’s just a worthless ring I took from one of the merchants, there’s no Commander Rhett either, it will just make that stupid wannabe occupied for a while.”

They both enjoyed the sound of their combined laughter, the melodic, gentle tone on the Nymphlad and the masculine, thunderous tone belonging to the fearsome warrior. Konstantin grew more comfortable now that he approached one of his fortresses, he was proud of his soldiers and knee they kept strong surveillance.

“So, was it just a way to make him pay for being so vain?” Lysias asked suddenly enjoying the way his master’s mind worked.

“Partially, yes, but in the other hand, he sure looked very cute, and I can bet he’s never had cock up in that butt before, I love working on tight virgin holes. In other days I’d rape his butt before letting him escape, but I guess I just wanted to screw him in a metaphorical way.” The Impure Knight laughed as he caressed the golden locks of his Nymphlad.

“What made you change idea then, sir?” The Phaedrus asked, with a silly grin in his face.

“He was not worthy of being fucked, that’s all. Besides, my bet is that he will just scream for help until someone saves him, then he will tell the tale of how he survived a battle with The Impure, and he’ll become a legend among Commonwealth armies.”

The Nymphlad seemed puzzled. “That doesn’t make sense; you’ve crushed the rest of his troopers so easily, why letting the coward escape to make fame on your expense?”

“I’ve been doing the same thing for 30 years boy. After crushing Conrad’s best soldiers in battle I always chose the worst, the most miserable and coward to be the miracle survivor. I spare the weakest but not before dominating him, fucking him until he could only scream for mercy, messing with his desire and lust for me. Thus, in letting my fool brother believe he’s got valuable war heroes returning to him, I make his forces each time punier. Most of his Admirals, Generals and War Advisors are cowards, sellouts; submissive traitors despaired to fall in my graces. My brother’s armies are led by my bitches!”

Konstantin let a loud, manly, delightful laughter before he kissed his little Phaedrus very passionately, which made Lysias totally forget about the clever explanation he had just heard.

The Phaedrus remained quiet during the rest of the ride, enjoying the way his massive master hugged his shoulders as Quake galloped towards their destination. The blond lad felt warmer, the memories of Konstantin’s prowess feeding the furnace of his lust, he hungered for the kisses of his Impure Knight.

Safely held in the arms of his Impure Knight, the Nymphlad Lysias managed to sleep for brief periods, and the moon was already high in the skies, when the pretty lad was gently awoke by the brave voice tone of his merciless master.

“Up ahead is Castle Solace, the First Stronghold of the Gauntlet. I’ve always called it my home away from home, and this is the perfect place for us to get acquainted, pretty Lysias.”

Konstantin pointed at the remarkably wonderful palace, built of the whitest marble with blue granite tiles at the top of the seven high towers; the heavily fortified castle was simply sumptuous.

“It is beautiful, sire.” The Phaedrus felt his body stiff, even riding wench style couldn’t help his legs from getting numb.

Strategically located at narrowest part of the Hopeless Strait, The Gauntlet is an enormous military facility composed by five adjacent fortresses located along Wyrmsgrave Highlands.

Besides Solace Castle, the Gauntlet still counted with four additional powerful strongholds, each one of the fortresses has quick access to each other thanks to a gigantic complex system of highly guarded and protected subterranean tunnels which secured a fast, secure route all the way to Tracklor Stronghold, the closest provision center for the armies of The Emperor of Undefeatable Strength.

This sophisticated system engineered by military genius of Konstantin proved to be effectively an insurmountable barrier; it has kept Commonwealth forces in check for the last 20 years, since they could never cross the only possible route to reach the Lands of the Protectorate of the Unstoppable Warlord Blackmore.

The hornets sounded triumphantly as Quake approached the last part of the mountain road, the gates opened to allow the return of Master Konstantin Blackmore. The young Nymphlad noticed that soldiers inside already in formation to welcome their glorious leader.

“Hail Emperor Konstantin the Unstoppable!” A tall, broad shouldered, young long haired officer shouted at the top of his lungs, and his brothers in arms all replied in unison euphoria.

“Save us all, Undefeatable Paragon of Justice!” Each soldier repeated the same words over and over; as the Impure Knight brought Quake to a slower trot, taking his time to salute his brave followers.

The disciplined crowd shouted with growing enthusiasm, and the immense leader stopped, gently lifting his hand, and the place suddenly grew deadly silent.

“It is good to be back, my boys. I’m coming from a quick visit to the Commonwealth; I made sure our enemies noticed that once again, their Impure Knight made a considerable damage to their despaired forces. I grow stronger each day, and soon we’ll march towards those weaklings and conquer our homelands back from usurpers!”

“THE UNSTOPPABLE IS BACK TO HIS SONS!” The crowd went wild on cue, the soldiers saluted their immense leader like he was their living god, and their eyes were filled with joy and happiness, they were truly happy to be in the presence of their fearsome leader.

Konstantin waited for the right time and continued.

“Tonight, I’ll take rest here at Solace Castle; I’ll dine with you at the Glory Hall tomorrow my sons, and we’ll feast to our conquests! Let all the people know their Emperor is back, and he brought home a very special memento.”

Suddenly, Lysias felt his light body being lifted by a single hand of the immense knight, he was supported by the palm of his savior, and the red cape opened, revealing the pearly complexion of the supremely beautiful Phaedrus.

“Behold my Phaedrus, little sons! Like Drokul, the Conqueror of the Eastern Seas, was told to grow stronger because of the blessings of his Nymphlad consort Vaelon, I now have my own legendary Phaedrus. Let all people know that my strength will only grow, for I am Sire of Lysias, the Enchanted!”

Konstantin noticed his boys were amazed by the idea of having their leader even more powerful, they just roared of enthusiasm.

“EMPEROR KONSTANTIN WILL TAKE THE WORLD THANKS TO HIS ENCHANTED LYSIAS!” The officer shouted at the crowd and they quickly replied.

“THE WORLD IS YOURS TO PROTECT WARLORD BLACKMORE!” The legions screamed effusively.

“That is right, my boys! You will soon testify the glory of my ever growing strength! I will make sure nothing bad ever happens to you, young ones! For I will crush the enemies so they can’t hurt you!” The huge armored man reminded his promise to them.

“UNDEFEATABLE! UNMATCHABLE! UNSTOPPABLE! ” They shouted over and over, as Konstantin retrieved his precious Nymphlad. Lysias suddenly understood that those men loved his master with even more intensity than he was feared at the Commonwealth.

The fearsome leader rode Quake inside Solace Castle surrounded by his passionate servants and soldiers, the young brave soldiers idolized him, and they worshipped his capabilities, they told stories about his accomplishments and above everything, they all dreamed with the moment when their glorious leader would recognize their worth by fucking their asses.

Lysias was still dizzy from such euphoric welcoming when they finally entered the immense castle. Emperor Blackmore got down of his horse, and carried the pretty lad in his arms, noticing his legs were still wobbly from riding for such long time.

“That was such a powerful speech! It is good to see you back here with us, Emperor!” They were greeted by a very handsome young man of short thick dark hair, cinnamon skin and hazel eyes dressed in green silk robes.

“Thanks, Gael. Is my room ready? My nymphlad needs to be fucked.” Not even the rich tapestry of those floors could fully muffle the heavy metal stepping of the enormous knight as he tried to reach for the stairs.

“They’re just finishing last details, milord. It’ll take only a few extra moments. I was hoping we could talk in the meantime.” The polite Gael gently tried to have some exclusive attention of his master, but his timing was unfortunate.

“Go to your room and wait for me there, I’ll deal with you, when I finish with Lysias.” The Emperor said abruptly. The handsome Gael suddenly seemed disappointed, and judging by the way he looked at Lysias, he was also particularly jealousy of the attention his Warlord gave to that Phaedrus.

“But, Protector, we have urgent matters to address…” The young man still insisted, but Konstantin was not in the mood for jealousy, so he just supported Lysias with one arm and pressed Gael against the rock wall with a finger, but kept the young man totally immobilized with such strength.

“You do as I tell you, Gael. I rescued you from slavery in Commonwealth; I took a boy under my wings, gave him shelter and my name, provided magical education and to my great fortune he became the most splendid wizard, which made my chest even bigger with proud. I’ve made you my Imperial Mage Regent and Advisor of my Protectorate not because I love you, but simply because you are the cleverest and most capable of my rescued sons, you never cease to amaze me, little man, but you must listen to me at once! I am your Fatherlord, Protector and Master, your ass belongs exclusively to me, and I’ll kill whoever dares to fuck you without my consent, but my cock remains free to fuck all those I want. Now, you will apologize to Lysias for your stupid behavior.”

“I am sorry, Lysias.” Gael was deeply blushing.

“Kiss my nymphlad in the lips.” Konstantin ordered and soon Gael gently kissed the sweet lips of the nymphlad, both of youngsters just felt kinky and awkward after that.

“Do you understand now, why I need to fuck him right away? The taste of his lips is a promise of Power and Pleasure that I have been looking for” The immense Knight said as he planted a mighty kiss on the lips of Lysias and another one back Gael’s.

“I am sorry for that, Fatherlord, I was being mostly silly, but there are important matters as well.”

“I am sure they can wait for when I’m done fucking Lysias, you and a couple of lucky soldiers, can’t they?” The Emperor said, pretty aware that his guards listened from behind doors, he knew there was an internal pooling system to choose who would be so lucky to be guarding when their sire called for such special service.

Gael just smirked. “Yes, they can Fatherlord.”

Konstantin gently lifted Gael by his collar with one hand.

“That’s right, I am your Fatherlord.”

“Your wish is my command, Unstoppable.” Gael replied at once, he seemed much more satisfied now that he had been put in his place.

“I am glad that you understood that, now go to your room and go get ready for me the way you know I like.”

“My love and my soul belong to you Master.” Gael stole another kiss of his massive father before turning into golden mist and disappeared in midair.
Konstantin just shook his head.

“Ruling my Empire, expanding the Protectorate, fighting the War against the Commonwealth, that’s just easy compared to keeping my boys under control. I have to make sure everyone feels appreciated, but there’s always bickering about the smallest details, not all of them together are capable of dealing with my needs anyway.”

The Emperor considered such ideas while the blond lad blushed as his massive Knight got upstairs carrying his body effortlessly, apparently ignoring the shocked expression on the wide green eyes of the Phaedrus.

“I can walk by myself now, sire.” Lysias suggested, but Konstantin just ignored him.

“You’re my way to reach Absolute Power, little one. You’re the most precious flower, I want to pluck you very, very slowly, to make your naughty mind and your weak body completely dominated.” The mighty knight said as he kicked the heavy oak doors and busted them open.

Konstantin carried Lysias to the bed and gently placed him on the soft custom sized feather mattress; afterwards he took a few steps back and admired the naked forms of his lad.

“Damn, you look even more beautiful in a bed. I’m gonna crush you pretty Lysias, you’ll never want another man after I’m done with you, little boy.”

The lad blushed. “Thank you sire, I can never thank you enough for saving me from that nasty place.”

“Are you kidding me? I’d never let a beautiful lad with a foot long cock become the sex slave of some inferior crime lord, I have a special place for beautiful little young men under my massive arms.”

Lysias remembered he still didn’t see those powerful arms in the mighty flesh; they have been riding for so long, he just remembered how uncomfortable his knight should be from wielding that armor for such a long time.

“Do you want me to help you take off your armor, sire?” The nymphlad offered but Konstantin just dismissed him.

“No need to bother with minor details, Lysias” The Emperor pressed a certain part his combat wear, and suddenly the thick heavy plates of raven black steel folded like they were just layers of delicate silk flying against the wind.

Within a couple of seconds, the incredibly resistant armor of The Impure Knight vanished; chest plate, gauntlets, platelegs, boots, even the famous Twin Headed Dragon helm and The Red Blade of Damnation were all gone, it actually had magically changed into a small black talisman which seemed to be incrusted into the massive muscles of Konstantin.

“What kind of power is this?” Lysias was simply puzzled.

“It is neat huh? Gael and my personal blacksmith developed this little enhancement on my armor; they made sure I wouldn’t waste much time getting off Twin Headed Black Dragon of Death to fuck their precious butts. Best part is that I just need to think on the clothes I want to wear and they’ll be magically teleported to my body when the armor is taken off, but I must say I prefer wearing my birthday suit most of the time. Now where were we, little nymphlad?” Konstantin chuckled as he hit a most muscular pose to emphasize how much more comfortable he actually felt.

“You’re the Mightiest among the Mighty!”

Lysias gasped, he gagged, and it suddenly felt he was the man looking at the naked pureness of a nymphlad.

Konstantin Blackmore, the Impure Knight, Warlord of the Empire of Undefeatable Strength, Almighty Fatherlord Protector of the Allied Nations, all those powerful aliases could not even begin to describe the glory of the man who wielded the fearsome Black Armor.

His shaven head seemed indeed smaller compared to the immensity of his thick muscular frame. The powerful deltoids framed his super thick neck, the manly mounds of muscle from the base of his neck to the uncanny width of his mountainous shoulders.

The monstrously huge arms were so engorged, so thickly veined and developed, glorious biceps that could crush anything, the impressively striated triceps probably the size of Quake’s own shoes, the monumentally thick forearms were so engorged, he carried one different tattoo on each one, the truncated patterns crossed the several cables of manly muscle, creating an even more amazing work of beautiful inked muscle.

The monumentally huge chest heaved his monstrous size, width and thickness, the humongous sized nipples stood delicious there, the impossibly cut and knots of his 8 pack abdominal wall, framed by the impressively striated formations that adorned his glorious physique.

Those legs were so damned thick they looked they could cause an actual earthquake at each time they stepped into the ground, and his massively cock was much longer than Lysias ever expected in a human.

Konstantin’s dark body hair covered some areas of his chest, a gentle layer of dark fur which was kept shaven most of the time for comfort under the heaviness of his Black Armor.

However, his humongous egg sized balls were covered in a very respectable amount of black fur, just as the same way the monumental manhood was perfectly complimented by the right amount of pubic hair.

Unlike Lysias’ supernatural flawless complexion, Konstantin carried many scars and bruises from his life in the battlefield, but given the massive size of his muscles, the Protector’s monstrously huge frame made each scar so sexy and manly like an honor medal in the most amazing board.

“What’s the matter, nymphlad? Did you forget how to do this? I thought it was a natural ability of your kind.”

Lysias just stood there, frozen, suddenly too amazed to even remember that his Savior was about to fuck him senseless, and then, he simply recoiled, hugging his knees and shaking in fear.

“You’re just too big, sire. Too big everywhere while I am just so small…it won’t fit, it’s too large, it’s too thick!” The nymphlad shook his head, his face was truly shocked at the size of his master’s monumental endowment, and it didn’t help much that Konstantin was laughing so hard the entire room shook violently.

“Oh damn, that was the best laugh I had in a long time, little one. Now cut the crap and start sucking on my cock, we have all night to fuck until you made me bigger.” Emperor Blackmore dried his eyes, but only then he noticed that his precious new boy toy was not kidding.

The monumental warrior sighed and sat on the enormous bed aside to his scared little nymphlad.

“I never thought you were a virgin, you said you and Cadmus…”

Lysias shook his head. “He had me all tied up and used his magic to make me cum, but that’s all. He never wanted to take me; he was always using his powers to protect himself from my abilities.”

Konstantin frowned. “That stupid little boy, no wonder he couldn’t dominate your gifts, but I’m sure there were others who taught you well…after all you just look young right? How old are you in truth 100, 200?”

“I am just 17 milord.” Lysias confessed.

Konstantin couldn’t help but gagging himself.

“But nymphs live forever, don’t they? I thought you just wanted us to think you’re young to seduce us easier” The Emperor asked in disbelief, but Lysias shrugged.

“They say we just don’t age as fast as humans but I’ve never known another Phaedrus, the other nymphs took care of me when I was a toddler, but when my cock grew big and I got lustful, they said I should look for a manly human to teach me happiness, so I wondered in the forests and lakes, but no one ever showed, until Cadmus summoned me.” The little guy never thought he would be so scared of a real man.

Konstantin laughed again, this time he just threw his massive back at the soft mattress and enjoyed the sonorous laughter, feeling his humongous chest vibrating with the reverberation of his deep thunder voice in the room.

Lysias wanted to cry, he never felt so ashamed. He was a Phaedrus, a nymphlad; he was supposed to be the master of sexual arts with insatiable hunger for kinkiness and constant desire, but right now all he felt was fear of disappointing his savior.

“Look at me Lysias the Enchanted, look at your Master.” The voice was powerful, manly and authoritarian, and the nymphlad had no choice but do as Konstantin ordered, the laughter was gone, he was suddenly very serious, his icy grey eyes were intensely focused on that small athletic little Phaedrus.
Konstantin moved like a deadly predator abating his prey, in the next moment the smaller frame of the beautiful Phaedrus was easily pinned under the humongous weight of his master, the powerful muscles immobilized him on the mattress.

Lysias was shocked, he could speak, he couldn’t think. His arms were held together over his head, his heart beating so fast inside his chest, and his cock grew hard, fighting the abnormal weight and the uncanny hardness of Konstantin’s own frame on top of his.

The breath of his Emperor was so warm, his handsome manliest face showed a faint smile as he observed his little boy totally under his power.

“You look like a scared hare, pretty Lysias. I like that, I like that a lot. Most of my boys are just raunchy and kinky, they want to show me they can surprise me, they can outlast me in the sack, they can cum more times than me, or to just be best lover I ever had in my life. That’s just pathetic, they’re just boys, they know nothing, and they fuck like little weak men, despaired to cum.”
The Emperor held Lysias hands with just two fingers, using his free hand to gently caress the luscious lips of his tiny lover.

“I’ve taught all my boys that a real great lover is that one who just surrenders to his passion, the once who listens to the voices his true call. I am a Master, young one. I don’t just fuck, I owe my boys. They are not going to find another man like me, so they cling on their hopes of conquering my affection, each one imagines he is my favorite in the sack, when in truth, they’re all mine, and I want more, always more.”

Lysias felt his body getting even warmer, it was something he never felt before, not with Cadmus and his stinky potions, he felt the presence of a real man, lusting after his beauty and coveting his legendary sex abilities.

“So you don’t have to fear anything, my little precious lad. I am not expecting you to perform unimaginable sex positions, nor to give me some kind of magical orgasm. These are the things that I will give to you. I’ll turn your world, I’ll make you mine. You are my pupil, my clean canvas, I’ll teach you how to please me, and how to do it like you really desire, you will never look for another man, you’re exclusively mine.”

The lad felt that he needed to say something, but before he could even pronounce a single word, he was suddenly kissed very, very manly, roughly, this time he felt like Konstantin’s kiss stung, and he muffled a small cry of pain.

“This was your first lesson, my little one. You don’t speak, you don’t think, you don’t even move without my order when I am fucking you, not until you are fully trained. You have one advantage over those other lads, you are my virgin one. You know nothing, you do nothing without my order, is it clear, my precious?”

Lysias took a much longer time to reply, only when he was sure that his master expected for a spoken answer he dared to speak.

“Yes, sire.”

Konstantin nodded, he smiled. “Good, how’s the weight over you? Is it too heavy yet, can you breathe well?”

The blond Phaedrus shook his head. “It is heavy, but I’ve never felt better in my life, sire.”

The naked Emperor chuckled. “I am not even letting most of my weight over you, little boy. It’s just the pressure of my chest, because I know you’re still not ready. Heck, not even my strongest boys are ready for my full weight yet.”

Lysias bite his tongue. He wasn’t supposed allowed to talk back. Konstantin waited a bit more, making sure the lad didn’t surrender to his curiosity, and only then, when he saw the nymphlad swallowed his impetuous nature, Konstantin rewarded his delicious lad.

“I weigh 407 pounds of hard manly muscle, my little Nymphlad. I’ve grown about 200 pounds heavier since the day I left my beheaded Father’s castle, over 30 years ago. Since then, I’ve only grew stronger and more determined.”
The enormously muscular warrior whispered in the ears of his petite boy toy, and Lysias just felt goosebumps all over his precious skin.

The pretty blond youngster wanted to say something, anything at all, but he quite understood he was being taught and tested at the same time. He just smiled and felt the massive forearms of his humongous master, admiring the thickness and the hardness on them, not to mention the beautiful complicated patters of each laborious tattoo he proudly carried.

“Do you like them, pretty one? They are ancient characters of “Strength” and “Might” in original Wyrmscript.” Konstantin sighed as he showed his powerful limbs to the little guy, his discrete smile was a sign that he hoped Lysias would noticed.

“It makes sense to have them written on your mightiest arms, Master.”

“Oh, don’t be stupid, boy. These are not just ordinary tattoos! I’ve had to do many little favors for Aranthos Spiderkin until that bastard Master of Transmutation finally agreed to give me the secret of Flesh Runes, so I could imbue my own muscles with magic.” The Emperor’s expression showed his excitement.

Lysias remained quiet although the question burnt his tongue, but still he remained there admiring the enormity of his master’s physique.

“Is this the secret of your undefeatable strength, noble sire?”

The Impure Knight chuckled.

“Oh, my pretty but dumb blond nymphlad, I wouldn’t tell you the secret, not even if you were a fully-fledged nymphomaniac. But I understand your point; I am indeed much stronger than human kind standards. These days are long gone now, ever since I found out that my own father was planning to sell me just because he sired me from one of his slaves.”

The Emperor was truly enjoying that intimate time with anyone. He was usually so busy killing or fucking guys all over the world, that although his cock was so hard, there was a powerful sexiness in holding a tiny boy like that and opening his heart, knowing the lad was anxious to know more about the legendary Konstantin Blackmore.

“I was born and raised in the backhouse of the castle, like all the bastard brothers that came before, I was to be sold, a royal blooded servant was a luxury that only the richest nobility could afford, not to mention that it was also a sneaky way to ascend in the succession line.”

“What changed your fate, milord?” Lysias was getting his cues from his massive master’s tone.

“That is the most curious part, I was always a strapping young boy, and had a knack for sword fighting. The older noble youngsters liked to use me as their sparring. At the beginning I just lost, but I was a fast learner, soon there was no young son of Duke, Baron or Marquee who could take me down in jousting or sword fighting. Still, my father would have me sold for an even higher bid, but it turns out there was more to me than meets the eye. In fact, my eyes changed their original dark brown color into this grey shade when I turned 12, and people said I was special.”

“It is indeed a good omen, the color change in a pubescent boy means that magic is strong inside him.” Lysias repeated the common belief that was spread by townspeople.

“That’s right, little one. Eons ago, Elves still haven’t returned to their Sacred Lands, the ancient race of The Charmed and the always curious human kind mated so often that a sub-race was soon created, and the hybrid offspring continued to spread the magic carried in their elven blood forward, and in no more than a few centuries, wizards of human lineage already mastered the Arcane Arts just as well as their Elven counterparts, which was one of the main reasons that scared Elves back into their place of origin. But I digress, so I had grey eyes like those of The Wolf, symbol of my father’s family, and for that he suddenly decided I was no longer slave trading material.”

The nymphlad felt his limbs going numb, the massive weight of this immense man stopped blood from going to his limbs, but he so desperately wanted to keep listening to his master’s history.

Konstantin grinned as he easily lifted the boy from his muscle prison, and just placed him on top of his humongous chest, caressing the delicate butt of his protégé with his finger, and for some reason Lysias felt it was so natural and right.

“I was then taught the basics of Magic by the Castle’s resident mage, but he was an old grumpy man whose tricks were just boring, so I decided I would keep fighting, which was my greatest passion. As it turned out, I was so talented that soon I mastered both arts, and I could use my magic to help my fighting skills. Soon, I joined my father’s armies and fought several battles, growing in power and strength as I slowly ascended in the social hierarchy. King Darius started calling me his “spitting image in the battlefield”, as if my accomplishments were a mere result of his blood inside me.” The Emperor chuckled.

Konstantin’s body was so thick that Lysias’ legs were widely stretched, even if they were at the narrowest part of his master’s uncanny torso. The young lad especially loved the way his own impressive cock fit in-between the monstrous muscle cleavage of his Emperor, at each time the brave Blackmore sovereign breathed in, the lad felt his cock slightly pressed, and it only increased his pleasure. At the same time, the pretty blond lad felt the enormous head of his master’s cock resting gently between his ass cheeks, the immense mushroom head’s weight carefully balance between the sweet white buttocks.

The young Phaedrus seemed more relaxed with that, he caressed the wide, square shaped, manly rugged, handsome chin of his master, inching that handsome face with his hands, as the blind man who still manages to admire perfection of a master sculpture.

“King Darius realized I was becoming a leader among his soldiers, they listened to me, and they grew braver because of my example, but not because of him, for he was never my father, I was just following the same example from the best warrior that ever stepped in this rotten world: General Truman Blackmore, the mighty warrior from the Ivory Forest, his skin black as the night, his muscles were bigger than anything I’ve ever seen, those wise brown eyes could pierce through your soul, but you would do anything to make that Master smile at you.”

Konstantin’s cock grew heavier on the smooth untouched pinky hole of the nymphlad, and his voice seemed deeper, but then a beautiful smile blossomed in the Emperor’s manly lips.

“I’ve been at same spot you stand now, pretty Lysias, as the little lad feeling afraid of disappointing the most awesome man ever. When I was 16 years old, I fell sick during battle because of some nasty mind-shattering spell cast the enemy War Mage, and if it wasn’t for the Mighty Ebony General, that would have been the end of me. He yelled at me so loud that the fear of disobeying him made me overcome the spell hindrances.” The Impure Knight laughed out loud, enjoying reviving such moments in his head.

“I take General Blackmore has been a real Master to you, as you are to me and all your boys?” The nymphlad smiled, he just felt strangely more comfortable knowing that his master once feared too.

The Protector nodded. “He was the most loyal man ever, truly served his nation and King Darius as the Head of Commonwealth’s armies, and even after the hardest battle, regardless being injured or not, he would summon me to his quarters and spent the whole night inquiring about my studies.”

The nymphlad chuckled, but he soon realized that Konstantin didn’t approve the tone of his innuendo.

“Truman wanted me to be the next King of Commonwealth, he knew quite well that my rotten brother Conrad was a weak, a coward and a very disturbed little man. He used his contacts and connections on the government to get me all kinds of tutors. I was being educated like the legitimate monarch’s son.”

“And I bet you have met his expectations, right milord?” The nymphlad knew he had to overcome his latest fault, and the immense muscle Knight seemed to enjoy his efforts.

“Of course, I would do anything to make Truman happy. I’ve studied hard with the best War Mages to use my powers during combat without hindering my guard, I’ve studied philosophy and rhetoric with the Sages, I’ve learned about Nature Sciences and Alchemy from very important Masters, I was taught in foreign languages and had to practice very complex protocol rules to refine my etiquette, General Blackmore wanted me to be the perfect leader for the people.”

“You’ve surely made him proud, my Lord; you are the ultimate leader for your soldiers.”

The Impure Knight sighed, easily lifting the boy along with his powerful mountainous chest, he gently adjusted the boy so his monster sized cock now perfectly rested on his closed hole.

“Yeah, I know that now, but I was so stupid back then. I loved Truman so deeply, I wanted him so badly, I used to hear stories about him fucking several soldiers after great battles, and I’ve seen him naked, the most amazing man ever. I was so sad he didn’t seem to notice I wanted him, I wanted to be with his glorious ebony muscles and his trunk sized cock, but still, he wouldn’t give into temptation, not even when I stole a kiss from him. He just told me that we couldn’t do it because I was the future King of Commonwealth.”

The young Phaedrus noticed that the Emperor’s narration was getting to a point where things could go sour, so he managed to bring up the subject without making him mad.

“D-Do you really want to revive such sad moments, my liege?”

Konstantin gently caressed the worried face of his little nymphlad.

“Truman was only trying to protect me. Sodomy was a felony in Commonwealth’s army rules, and my father would hang criminals summarily, even if it was someone Truman Blackmore, the Ebony Knight. But like I said, I was stupid and rebelled against my own master; I told him that I would never be the King because he was just using me in his dirty Power Games.”

“I’m sure he understood that you were just hurt, my liege…”

Konstantin laughed vigorously once again.

“Oh, he understood that alright, he ripped my pants, took me to his knees and spanked my butt until it was hot enough to roast chestnuts. Then, he lifted me in his arms and told me never to belittle his love to me, he kissed me passionately and claimed my virginity, he fucked me so badly that I couldn’t walk for a week, and I learned quick enough how to never face my muscle daddy ever again. Those were the best 8 years of my life, at least that's how I felt back then!”

The nymphlad’s sweet expression made the enormous warrior so comfortable; he just picked his little hands and kissed so tenderly, savoring the fresh flower aroma on them, despite the fact that he had been riding a stinky sweaty horse for so many hours.

“Under Truman’s guidance I grew stronger, wiser, more honorable, and more capable of fighting, our battles were hard, but we always came back victorious, and the Commonwealth conquered lots of kingdoms. I did my best to become the kind of King that would make my muscle daddy proud, and we so hopefully thought that on my 24th birthday, the same day of my knighthood, Truman and the other Advisors would point me as the next of kin to my father, and King Darius would have no choice but to attend them.”

The nymphlad gulped.

“Please master, it is not necessary to tell me about this. I don’t want you to feel sad when in bed with me…”

Konstantin kissed the lips of his pretty lad once again.

“I have been sad for too long, I’ve used my sadness and channeled it into anger besides, you already know the most important part. I beheaded my father on the same day he knighted me, but people never tell the reason why I had done such horrendous thing.”

They both were silent for a moment, but the powerful Emperor sighed, gently resting his massive hand on the smallest part of Lysias’ back.

“Truman’s greatest quality was that he really trusted that people would be their best for a greater good. But he was so wrong about King Darius, he was raised by old notions of little hateful people, he feared that making a “bastard slave” his heir would be a sign of weakness of his House, even if Conrad was a horribly mean little man with taste for inflicting unnecessary pain, a typical coward noble ugly child abusing of his birthrights.

The immense warrior took a deep breath and held Lysias closer to his chest, and the little nymphlad laid his head on the massive chest and hugged the ginormous muscles of his master, making sure he showed how much he enjoyed the humongous size on him.

“For two expert combatants in the battlefield, we have been too naïve to believe that the other ministers would support the cause of a Bastard King. They were not men like my brave Truman, they knew Conrad was not suitable for ruling but they just wanted to be in the good graces of their sovereign, so our plans were soon discovered and then I met all cruelty of my father.”

“You don’t need to tell me about it in details, my liege, I beg you, it’s not necessary.”

The Phaedrus’s blue tears rolled down his pretty face, he never had a father, but he preferred that to hear such tragic reports, the young nymphlad held his master’s hand on top of his butt and pressed it harder against the soft tissues.

“As tradition states, one new Knight can only be appointed upon the death of another, but there were so many unworthy weaklings and pitiful hogs who have been granted such honor that having a vacant spot was not an issue. When I got to the Knighting Hall, I sure missed my Master, but I just thought he should be attending important affairs, because the King had sent for him just an hour before. I took my vows and kissed his ring, and then he touched his blade on my shoulders and told my name would be from that day on Konstantin Blackmore, Sodomite, Whore of the Traitor, the Impure Knight, to be sold as slave in the most distant markets of the Commonwealth, revealing the dead body of my beloved that his guards threw like a sack of rotten potatoes.”

“Master…” The Phaedrus didn’t know what to say to comfort that huge man.

“You must know, you must understand, that monster King died that night because he called Truman in his chambers and told him that I was going to be hung for High Treason, conspiring against his kinship. My beloved begged for my father’s mercy and that was just everything Darius wanted to hear. Thinking that King Darius would be willing to spare his own son, Truman admitted that he was the sole responsible for those facts and accepted capital punishment.”

“He deserved to die then, milord, you were just the hand of justice…”

“There’s no more justice in my angry deeds than in my father’s. The stupid nobility members laughed of me, they called me horrible names, while Conrad watched everything with a deviant smile in his sickly thin lips, he told the soldiers to put Truman’s body under his dirty little feet and he stomped the corpse to despise me. My father yelled that the Commonwealth would never be ruled by a sodomite, and he then commanded me to behead my beloved, that’s when I exploded. I saw everything red and when my senses have returned, I had killed at least 25 of the best soldiers in the kingdom, most of who had fought at my side in previous battles, at the end I threw the head of my own father at the lap of my shrieking coward little brother.”

The colossal Emperor just sniffed the sweet smell of the beautiful lad laid on top of his manly physique.

“My father would never think that he would actually give me the courage and the hunger to pursue the goals Truman had for me, even if they were twisted by my hatred by my kin. Commonwealth was corrupted from the very core, it needed to be cleansed, and I used their fear of the atrocities I’ve committed that dreadful night in my favor, I became Konstantin Blackmore, The Impure Knight, Parricide, Head Cutter.”

“You are not a criminal milord; you’re my savior, my hero!” The Phaedrus felt warmer, and somehow more excited about such intense reports.

“Oh but I want them to believe that. I was no longer the prodigious lonely soldier, who fled the castle that night, and many were the ones who followed me or joined me afterwards, they offered me their swords, and coin because they believed in my cause, in the promise that Truman inspired in their hearts, these men were my brothers in my path for power. The rest would have to fear my strength, legends would be told about my feats, and they had underestimated me because of my love for another man, so they’d learn that I had the power to conquer them all!”

There was an evil grin in his lips as he kissed Lysias once again, he lifted the boy from his chest and supported him with his arms.

“I sought for power beyond power, so I needed every resource. My stupid brother was so ridiculously unprepared for ruling that he dismissed all resident Mages because he was afraid of wizards, and since most of guards didn’t even know the secret passages to his own castle, the secrets of the Arcane Vaults were still easily accessible for my very convenient visits, in which I’ve stolen their most precious treasures, including its greatest one, the legendary armor Twin Headed Black Dragon of Death, crafted by Mohrdak the ancient Sorcerer King capable of granting inhuman strength to the one who managed to control Sarpitus, the ghost of the Black Dragon who had been killed for his precious black scales.”

“Is there a ghost living in your armor, sire?” Nymphs were extremely superstitious creatures after all.

Emperor Blackmore giggled, giving a soft spank in his nymphlad’s buttocks.

“There used to be, my little one. But I’ve exorcised that weakling a long time ago, and then I drained the life force of three Fiendish Lords and used it to augment the powers of my armor. I have been using my magic to make sure my strength never ceases to grow, there isn’t anything I wouldn’t do to conquer more power, my little one.”

Lysias then felt his master’s cock poking his soft butthole and he suddenly remembered the very reason for being on top of such bestial muscle man.

“Ah, Lysias, the things I’ve done to get bigger and stronger. I’ve lost count of how many herbalists I have threatened to brew me power boosting potions, or how many alchemists I’ve sought in search of the strengthening rituals, the ancient temples of worshipped and forgotten entities I’ve raided after secrets of physical power, virility and leadership skills. How many Barbarian Chieftains I have challenged and won, how many Storm Giants whose alphaness I have broken…” Konstantin said as he gently kissed the incredibly smaller, yet, still muscular chest of his little toy, feeling the softness of a hairless perfectly smooth skin.

“My liege, my master, my glorious Emperor…” Lysias repeated like some kind of trance.

“It’s been long thirty years since the night I became the Impure Knight, and I have been seeking power and strength to become everything Truman wanted, I am the biggest, the strongest, the most loved Ruler, I’ve raided every slave market in the Commonwealth, setting the boys free to fight against the injustice if they wanted. I shelter them, I teach them, I make them grow with me, and they are loyal soldiers whose love I cherish. I am their Almighty Fatherlord Protector. In this long war I’ve been depleting the resources of my puny enemy as mine only grow fuller.”

“You are undefeatable, milord! The unstoppable does what he pleases!” It sounded like Lysias was just another soldier of the Impure Knight.

“And there was the fortunate day I was searching the Unspeakable Markets after a few special ingredients for a certain strength spell, when I heard about this unusual auction of a Phaedrus, the legendary male nymph that bestowed tremendous power upon Drokul, so I knew I had to take you, and it just happened that the Mage Council had already promised me to give me special Scrolls in exchange of our little friend Cadmus, as you can see, Fate conspired to bring you to me.”

“It might have been Fate, but it was you who saved me, milord, you and no one else!” The Phaedrus felt a growing excitement for being there in the presence of such glorious warrior.

“Most of stupid men think the story of Drokul and Vaelon is a silly legend, but a War Mage of my experience has studied everything about the massive Conqueror of the Eastern Seas and his beautiful Phaedrus escort, and I happen to know exactly how big Drokul was by the day he died at the age of 337 years old. ”

Lysias remained quiet, he carefully listened.

“The Conqueror stood at 8 feet, 4 inches tall, 1,350 pounds of inhuman massively muscles. He was stronger than 50 armies together, and he single handedly carried his battleship through the Salt Desert of Gyp while his men marched to reach for the Lanorean Sea. Which might have been an incredible feat of strength but very stupid at the same time if you ask me.”

Lysias was suddenly excited. “Vaelon made him that big? Wow, do you think I can do the same to you milord?”

“Of course not, Lysias, my plans for you are by far more ambitious. Drokul was nothing but a skinny uneducated sailor who was lucky enough to find Vaelon, but I am already much more powerful than the legendary mountainous man, and under my guidance, we will attune your capabilities and refine your abilities to make sure I have ALL the power I seek.”

The nymphlad wanted to compliment his master, he wanted to ask him so many questions, still he just felt they were pointless because his own cock was hard, and he had the attention of the most amazing man in the world.

“Most of my lovers don’t understand that my obsession with getting bigger and stronger is not just because of my pride. I have to grow stronger to crush those who threaten my Protectorate. Unlike my greedy tyrant father, each land whose ruler I’ve killed in the battlefield or dominated in the bedroom became my ally, not just my possessions, instead of another vassal; I want to bring more and more helpers to my ever growing forces. I am their Emperor, but they must understand I am their Warlord and Protector, and soon I’ll add not just Commonwealth, but the entire world, I’ll expand Drokul’s domains exponentially.”

“Please, sire, tell me what to do, and I shall do, I want you to grow as powerful as you need.”

“Pretty lad, don’t you see that you’re already mine? I was just humoring you, letting you know that I understand your fears, and explaining you how it’s inevitable that you will give me all the power I need, because that’s your only reason to live after all.”

Lysias smiled, it was so nice to have a cause on his life.

“Yes, Emperor Konstantin, I am your servant…” Lysias closed his eyes and felt the huge hand of his master easily lifting him, the nymphlad was turned upside down and suddenly he just felt a warm, hard, wet muscle entering his virgin hole.

“Oh, master…” It was all he could mutter. The strength applied by his Emperor’s tongue into his butt was so intense, his young man hole tried to resist, but it was useful, the humongous Konstantin was free to savor the freshness of his delicious butt.

The Impure Knight probed his tongue deeper into Lysias, since the lad was practically a virgin, he just wanted to show his Phaedrus how things would work between them. The vigorous muscular master worked his manly tongue inside his boy, making sure he teased the innate nymph abilities of his precious new conquest.

“Oh, that…don’t…stop…oh please…oh…master…this…please…” The lad blushed intensely, he never felt such lust before, it was not just horniness, there was an underlying need to make that massive warrior happy, it was like Lysias needed the mountainous man to be horny with his boyish features.

“Damn, you taste like a fresh fruit ready to be plucked my boy.” The Emperor smacked those bubble shaped butt cheeks and enjoyed how feeling they had the exact amount of hardness to stay firm and still feel soft to his impressively harsh big paw. Then he kissed each one, savoring the warmth and the softness of such tender skin.

Lysias has never felt better before, having a harsh manly face rubbing against his cheekbones was suddenly the thing he enjoyed most in his entire life, and he felt silly for such thought.

Konstantin easily flipped his boy over and brought his pretty face close to his, holding his lips with two fingers and easily overpowering that naughty virgin boy.

“Let’s see if you are a good learner, worship my muscle now my blond servant.” The whispered deep tone of the Impure Knight was drenched in authority, he sounded like a manly beast demanding to be served by his beautiful nymphlad.

The Emperor flexed his mighty monumental biceps, the fibers thickened and created a humongous rock of manliness whose hardness Lysias was determined to taste with his own teeth, and the nymph took a mighty bite on the immense soaring peak that already stood bigger than his very head, only to realize it was like trying to bite on a real rock. But instead of regretting, he just smiled and started licking the delicious rugged surfaces of such immense

“Damn…boy, you’re a dirty little lad aren’t you? Dragons teeth didn’t succeed on piercing through my super dense muscles, but you looked so cute trying it on your own.” The Impure Knight gently pinched his boy’s cheeks, complimenting his attempt in pleasing his glorious muscle daddy.

Lysias grew bolder with the encouragement of his master, he gently caressed the dark fur on the rugged surface of his master’s chest, twisting his finger in the dark cover until it stumbled upon the immensely huge nipple, the nymphlad tried to pinch it, but it also proved hard as a rock, so he just chuckled and decided to tease it with the tip of his tongue, noticing that his master enjoyed his caresses.

The nymphlad lowered the focus of his worshipping lips, tracing the lines of those huge knots of muscle, he especially enjoyed the fact his own engorged manhood fit comfortably in the valleys of those uncanny thick abdominal muscles, he began rubbing his hard foot long cock against the rugged muscular shapes of his master.

“You are so huge, so powerful, my master. I feel so tiny against you, sire.”
Konstantin just chuckled, gently rubbing his boy’s body against his own.
“You ARE tiny, my lad, and you will feel even smaller after you make me grow, my sweet boy flower.” Konstantin purred, hugging the tiny body of his lad, making him moan with the slightest part of his inhuman strength.

“That feels right sir, I’m tiny and you’re only get bigger, oh my Enormous Emperor!” Lysias purred, he felt something different inside him, his heart was beating faster, but at the same time it felt he was melting in the inside, there was a sudden flush of euphoria that surged through his very core, and the lad managed to slip between the humongous muscles of his older lover and, kissed his manly mustached lips with such hunger that even Konstantin seemed surprised.

The Phaedrus threw his head back and groaned louder as his athletic chest filled with something warm from the inside, a greater passion flared in his being and the lad simply whispered at his master’s ear.

“I can feel it coming sire, you’ve shown me what to do, I can feel it coming master. Claim it for you, take this Phaedrus and make him the instrument for your Glory! Let me feel you inside my virgin warm hole that is yours and yours only.”

Konstantin looked at his beautiful Phaedrus, he was getting warmer and happier, and the unearthed traces seemed to be glowing in a pale aura of pleasure, his flowery smell felt even fresher, his wild self was finally blossoming and the enormous Emperor grinned as he took a firm grip on the lad’s hips in the manliest possible way.

“I claim your gifts Lysias, the Enchanted Phaedrus, brother to Vaelon, I am your Fatherlord now give me your precious boy hole.” The monstrous daddy said as he pushed his cock up the nymphlad’s butt.

The nymphlad’s scream sounded like the most beautiful music to the ears of the powerful Impure Knight, he just pushed the first part of his humongous cock into his lad, the thin legs of the Phaedrus embraced the rest of the bulky muscular cock that his master mercifully didn’t insert in his tight hole.

“You’re too much for me, my Fatherlord, but I don’t care, I don’t want anything else but feel smaller as you grow for me, your muscles, your strength, your power! I want you to take my gifts because you are my Savior, my Protector and the Unstoppable!”

“Give me what’s mine, little boy. Make your Emperor even bigger, take my cock inside you!” The powerful man beast pounded the tiny bubble butt with more of his giant cock, they both embraced in the vigorous motion of love making, the size difference between their figures was the sexiest thing in the world. Konstantin felt proud for his boy and hungered for more muscle as he found the precious right spot in his Phaedrus.

“Master Blackmore!” Lysias screamed as his joy button sparked into life.

Konstantin just hold his power and sensually twisted the boy around his enormous manhood, making sure he was stimulating the precious secret spot that most boys didn’t even know they had. Then, he just said very slowly.

“You are mine, pretty boy…” He said as he assaulted the tiny prostrate with the tiniest fraction of his mighty cock’s strength, and the Phaedrus sang in languages of heaven and hell, his own cock spraying cum all over his master’s chest, while Konstantin just fucked him even more intensely, stretching his legs over his might muscular arms and flexing his biceps to lift them higher as his cock went deeper into his boy-hole.

Lysias was on fire, his soul filled with joy and passion, he wanted to make his master grow so huge, so powerful and closer to his ultimate dreams of grandeur, his orgasm felt like the explosion of dam, flooding his mind of the desire and passion for the unstoppable power of his massive master.

Lysias paced, his heart still beating fast, he wanted to see his master growing, but…Konstantin was just there, still massive, still enormous, but not bigger.

“What? You’re not bigger, that’s not…I mean I really felt like I was getting there, master.”

“Oh, I am not bigger, yet. But you’ve grown, at least part of you, though.” Konstantin chuckled, his hard cock still halfway buried into his boy’s butt. It was then Lysias noticed the heaviness on his chest, he looked down and almost gasped.

“What happened to me?” The nymphlad gasped as he noticed his once muscular athletic chest had grown into much bigger proportions for his size, contrasting to his legendary perfect athletic shape.

Konstantin didn’t seem shocked, he just caressed the face of his boy and said.

“Remember the legends told that the blessings of Vaelon fed his master Drokul inhumanly reachable strength and size? Well, that wasn’t a metaphorical passage.” The Emperor chuckled as he gently squeezed the massive manly pectorals of his Phaedrus, taking ultimate care not to waste its precious content.

Lysias noticed his engorged nipples were so sensitive and he almost came again when his master gently nibbled on them. But it was the Emperor who moaned with the mere taste of the rich, golden cream that poured from that fat Phaedrus’ nipple.

“Master are you alright?” Lysias worried, but when he felt the immense cockhead inside his butt suddenly even thicker and pressing higher into his being he just screamed in pleasing agony, while Konstantin just grunted heavily, roaring like a caged beast, he simply felt his body burning with power.
“Damn…just tasting you made me grow already boy…” The voice of The Impure Knight sounded even lower, and suddenly his muscles were noticeably bigger, thicker and their immense bellies grew even more massive.

The Phaedrus gulped as his Impure Knight just adjusted his grip, showing a great deal of flexibility he nearly buried his face in the augmented pectoral globes of warm fullness on his nymphlad, his hairy hungry lips engulfed the cock-sized nipples and sucked harder than Lysias could ever expect.

The sharp pain almost immediately gave place to an intense pleasure that only grew stronger as the massive knight continued to suck on his nipple. Lysias felt completed, he never dreamed of such pleasure could be possible, such profound happiness could actually exist.

Meanwhile, Konstantin grew bigger as his eager mouth drained the golden creamy richness from his precious blissful Phaedrus. The uncanny size of his muscles bulged, at each new sip of the pure liquid golden ambrosia, the Impure Knight augmented in size, in girth, in strength and in lust, his cock grew harder and longer inside his beautiful flower-lad whose virginity he plucked like a sweet ripe fruit.

Konstantin roared, his muscles burnt with a passionate new strength, he just sucked the precious content faster and more eagerly, feeling his strength increasing by the second, which made Lysias scream in uttering pleasure, his body contorting as he felt his very soul being sucked by the humongous master.

The Impure Knight has tried many different forms of muscle growth techniques over these years, some were really painful, others were just intensely good, but none of them was nearly as intense as this forging of new muscle from the golden manly cream he took his precious little nymphlad.

The bulging muscles on his massive frame augmented all at the same time, the mounds of his thick traps engorged, while his biceps ballooned, his shoulders expanded just like his calves, his hairy pectoral hemispheres engorged while his powerful monstrous thighs simply enlarged at each passing second, his balls grew immensely bigger and heavier as his own cock lengthened and widened inside the precious virgin hole of his boy.

The victorious monstrously muscular Emperor gasped as he noticed his that he drained the first udder dry, like a giant hungry infant he blindly reached for the other cock sized nipple and sucked on its equally powerful content, which made him immediately bigger, sending waves of indescribable steaming pleasure that forged his new physique with unattainable power.

Lysias was so deeply happy and realized, he had found his true calling, he knew now what he was destined to become. He was Vaelon reincarnated; his single purpose in this life was to feed his master all the muscle he desired. The blond nymphlad just welcomed more and more of the growing masterful manhood inside him as he noticed how much bigger and more powerful his Impure Knight was growing.

The Phaedrus threw his head back, enjoying the feeling of absolute physical and mental domination bonding with his master, he just cared about pleasing Konstantin, and in return his master only cared for growing, they both feeding on such a powerful experience that everything else seemed to disappear.

Fatherlord Protector body augmented even further, each sipping of the golden ambrosia dripping from his nymphlad gave him a new portion of unearthed power, which seemed to trigger the many previous forms of muscular augmentation he had used before. Some of them were just temporarily, others only worked if he used some artifact, but none of them had the ability to combine everything together and bind their boosting effect permanently in the enormous body, until that precious moment where Konstantin Blackmore realized the true extent of his nymph’s blessings.

The monumental muscle daddy sucked hard and harder, until the very last drop of golden man cream was dry. Still he sucked on those nipples until Lysias let a painful groan that made the enormous daddy wake up from his feeding frenzy. However, neither of them were prepared for what happened next.

When the hungry gaze on Konstantin met the soft expression on his nymphlad, it was like they have met again for the first time. Lysias’ innate charming and Konstantin imbued manliness clashed together, the sweet emerald eyes on the Phaedrus met the icy grey harshness of Blackmore’s manly eyes and for one moment, their world stopped for completely.
It felt like an explosion of ultimate pleasure and power.

Lysias gagged as Konstantin roared out of uncontrollable lust. Both of them resumed their fucking with renewed, unaware that Konstantin continued to grow more muscular, his lust for the gentle Lysias grew along with his strength, while the hunger of the nymphlad augmented like the cock of his sir inside his manly tightness.

Together, they both completed Konstantin’s transformation, the expanding frame of the Emperor accommodated new thicker layers of muscle, while he continued to fuck his lover, the difference between their bodies increasing as the Emperor continued to expand further and becoming even more monstrously muscular.

Lysias was completely dominated, his orgasms were so close to each other that they felt like a genuine mega blissful moment, he enjoyed each and every single second. His legs no longer had any sensations, but he didn’t care, his hole was filled with the most amazing cock in the world, which grow thicker and longer at each passing second.

Konstantin’s monstrous frame engorged while he easily fucked his tiny lover, he stood up and supported his boy on his cock, his favorite domination position, he just flexed his gargantuan arms and watched in awe as they soared furiously, reaching bigger and bigger sizes, while his delicate boy-flower just clang onto his monstrous chest and moaned in ecstasy, they were bonded, and in such deep connection the most amazing War Mage finally said.

“Seven I needed to find and Seven I finally have found. One special lad to feed my power, and in six of those seven I have planted my seed. You are the seventh one, my Phaedrus, but only a fraction of the power I seek, your heart is mine and is so is your love. You are now the Seventh Son of my Strength.”

It was a deep powerful voice, an awesome and honest claim that Lysias could not deny, he clenched his legs and used all his might and the Emperor laughed as he planted his seed deep inside the nymphlad, the strength of the jet made the lad slippery, but he still managed to hold into the most amazing cock ever, while his Knight of Imperial Muscle came fiercely and copiously inside his boy hole.

Shaking because of so many joint orgasms, Lysias just felt a strange, heartwarming feeling spreading over his body. He just looked at his master and suddenly he was really tired, exhausted, it was like his body was shutting down.

“Oh, my sweet tiny Lysias, I’ll forgive you this time, but I’ll be back for another feeding soon.” The mountainous body of the Emperor gently laid the nymphlad and unplugged the immense cock from his tiny servant, enjoying to see the amount of warm cum easily gushing out of that pinky smooth hairless hole.

The monumental monster of muscle looked at his reflection in the wall sized mirror, he laughed at the enormity of his proportions, which made his previous size seem modest. He had grown 3 inches taller, reaching the uncanny height of 6’7” tall, but his muscles were so much bigger, so overdeveloped and powerfully charged, and his manly hard cock was at least 8 inches longer than his previous 15 inches monstrosity.

The glorious muscle monster just smirked as he hit a most muscular pose, and he used a tiny fraction of his power, sending an ultimate shockwave that broke the windows of the beautiful castle.

Meanwhile, Gael awaited like he was told, using his mediation techniques to shut his mind for the outside world, his heart restless since his Fatherlord told him he might have located the perfect candidate to be the Seventh Son of Strength.

It was not because he didn’t want his lord to succeed, the Mage Regent desired with sincere passion, but if that beautiful lad was indeed a Phaedrus, there would be no doubt that Konstantin would favor him in his heart, and this mere thought made Gael’s temper boil with passion.

And then it hit him, a powerful shockwave that immediately shook his very soul, breaking his the profound mental focus that kept him floating from the ground, and sending him into immediate orgasm, his cock spurted his cream.
“Hello Gael, my dear Firstborn. You’d better come give me a hug or I am going to destroy these little weak walls!”

The beautiful lad gasped as the door to his room exploded as his glorious Fatherlord stood outside, looking down at him. Konstantin grinned as he maneuvered his immense body to pass, he was so massive wide that the double doorframe was not enough to allow the passage of the Unstoppable and that made him really proud.

“Fatherlord!” The beautiful lad said as he quickly jumped into the monstrous arms of his Emperor and they both kissed for a long time, before Gael gasped for air.

“You’re so sweet my tiny lad. You can’t expect to last as long as I can kiss, just get used to it. The Seventh was found and already dominated, I have warned your brothers, and they have felt the kind of power I wield now. The time is coming, my little one.”

“Fatherlord, you’re so much bigger than I’ve expected, I mean you have been searching for this strength for so long, but adding a Phaedrus to the Spellpool was not in the original setting, this kind of power is…”

“Exactly what I was looking for, my cautious lad, I command your wishes, your aspirations and actions. I demand full obedience to me, young Gael Blackmore. The Spellpool will be completed.”

The younger wizard nodded, he feared to disappoint his Fatherlord, but then a manly rough kiss took his lips and he was gently comforted.

“When are you ever going to learn that I can love all my Seven Sons in the same way, and still not even the seven of you can match my lust, my love and my desire for power.”

The young Mage Regent of 23 years old just blushed, feeling immensely special now.

“Shall I get my instruments to see how much bigger you’ve grown, my Fatherlord?”

“That can wait, when I fuck you tonight, I’ll make sure you pay for the little scene you did earlier today, you won’t sit for a week, and during that time you shall think better before even thinking of challenging my orders.

Gael was so amazed by the mere idea of being punished like that, so he just chuckled and caressed the enormity of his father’s new muscles.

“Yes, Unstoppable Fatherlord.”

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