Unstoppable: Chapter 2 — The Pledge, the Bridge and the Element (musc)

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Lysias woke up abruptly even before he actually felt the slight touch of Gael’s hand on his naked alabaster shoulder.

“Please don’t hurt me…”

“No one is ever going to hurt you again, Lysias, our Fatherlord now protects you.” The gentle voice of the Mage Regent tried to comfort the visibly scared young nymphlad.

The supernaturally beautiful Phaedrus just blushed; these sudden amazing changes on his life were yet to be absorbed by his unconscious mind, which meant he still had nightmares from his captivity days.

“Is it morning yet?”

“It is not far from noon, actually. Fatherlord would have woken you up much sooner, but he wanted to make sure you rested plenty. Besides, he is taking his time to get acquainted with the advantages of the much bigger physique that you have provided him.” Gael gently kissed the nymphlad’s cheekbones.

“What was that for?” The blond lad asked, noticeably surprised with such tender gesture.

“For making our sire so much bigger, he’s meant to grow and his happiness is indeed contagious!”

Gael was dressed in his green silk robes, but Lysias noticed right away they didn’t look nearly as tidy as the last time they have met which, added to the disheveled hair and the mage’s grin, could only mean that he had spent a great amount of time enjoying the wonders of his engorged muscles and his expanded proportions.

“You’ve held yourself much better than me…I feel so ashamed to pass out…”
The cinnamon skinned wizard chuckled.

“Don’t take it so hard on yourself, the whole castle shook when Fatherlord came inside you last night, you may be a Phaedrus, but he told me about your…lack of experience, you will learn how to pace yourself to endure a whole night with The Protector”

Lysias suddenly felt more curious about that handsome wizard.
“Does it mean that you don’t…either?”

“Oh, none of us have successfully lasted the whole night yet, but at least we just love to try it over and over.” Gael’s laughter sounded so delighted than soon both of them were laughing hard of their peculiar common situation.

“Where is our Fatherlord now?” Lysias asked, feeling his own impressive endowment getting harder with the mere idea of being next to the Emperor.

Gael grinned. “He is still spreading the great news about your gifts.”
The Phaedrus gasped. “Is he still…”

“Besides you and me, he has fucked 37 different guys, so far, a personal record, if I am not mistaken. But then again, with the perspective of constant empowering, those records were meant to be broken.”

Gael moved his hands in beautiful circular movements around Lysias shoulders and the blue smoke produced by the delicate fingers changed into a marvelous blue fabric that hugged the tight lean muscles on the nymphlad, creating a tunic for his unearthed beautiful new brother.

“I think this will please our Emperor, he told me to get you clothes that should not cover too much skin, and especially of your chest, giving him easy access without need to rip them off you every time he decides to feast on you.”

The wizard analyzed his creation for a moment, slightly altering it until it was simply perfectly tailored.

“I hope I look good for him.” Lysias felt bubbly for some reason.

“You look amazing. He was right as always, blue is your color as green is mine.” Gael said proudly. “Now come with me, we have lots to do to get you ready for the Spellpool.”

“The Spellpool, yeah…he mentioned it, but I didn’t quite…” Lysias didn’t even finish the sentence and he noticed they were now inside the Mage Regent’s impressive laboratory, swiftly teleported there by Gael’s powers.

The young Mage Regent didn’t seem to pay attention to the question, while several books, tools and notes floated randomly, surrounding his brilliant figure.

“The Spellpool is the magical bond connecting Fatherlord to his Sons of Strength. The energy of our mana is channeled directly into the Emperor’s body to feed his strength thus making invulnerable and undefeatable!” Gael explained, still without looking at his guest.

“But I don’t have any magic within me…”

Gael seemed to look through Lysias puzzled expression.

“There’s mana in everyone, everything, and everywhere Lysias. Although only some of us are taught to cast it in the form of spells, even those untrained can be powerful mana vessels.”

“Is it really now? I have no idea I had magic inside me…” The sweet tone of Lysias voice suddenly brought Gael’s smile back on his lips. The young wizard just remembered that he was talking to someone who had never been initiated in the fields of Arcane Arts.

“But you do, young one. There is a powerful amount of raw magic inside of your body, just like in the rest of our trust. In fact, we carry such powerful amount of imbued mana that our Fatherlord has named us his Sons of Strength. He developed a system that joins these special individuals, binding them within a magical link that feeds his body, empowers his muscles and gives him legendary strength.”

“Is this the secret of his power?” The Phaedrus gulped, feeling suddenly proud of such trustworthy information.

“Well, it is ONE of many. Even I don’t know all of them, but I guess I don’t care about that anymore.” Gael gently touched the cheekbones on the nymphlad and something made him very happy, but it immediately made Lysias suspicious.

“Is there something wrong with me?”

“Everything is absolute fine with you, young Phaedrus. You have such an extraordinary flow of raw inborn magic within. It might be due to your supernatural origins, but there are also many other possible explanations. In any case, Fatherlord was right again…”

“He surely knows a lot about lots of things…” Lysias felt so good to realize his savior was not just a humongous warrior, but a very wise educated man as well.

Gael was so happy to agree.

“Sometimes even I forget that despite his amazing size and strength, Konstantin Blackmore is not just the Impure Knight. Before he decided to become our Fatherlord Protector he already was the most powerful War Mage, and that he also secretly became the Ultimate Archimagus before the age of thirty.”

Lysias gulped.

“What does it mean exactly, Gael?”

“That’s easy, our Emperor has the power of Muscle and Magic within his body and for that he has never been defeated, my brother. Our Fatherlord is invincible and we must not dare to doubt such facts.” The mage replied at once.

“Are there no limits for his capabilities?” The young nymphlad asked in a very low tone.

“And what if there aren’t limits for them, are insinuating that you are afraid of Fatherlord, young one?” Gael asked very seriously, and he was given a very honest response.

“I don’t want to sound disrespectful, but yes, he scares the hell out of me. And at the same time, I am just fascinated with everything related to him.”
The Phaedrus received another warm kiss on his cheeks.

“That’s exactly what the Emperor wants. He understands that our fear comes from the fact that we can’t believe anyone can be that powerful, and since he is constantly challenging our very beliefs about power and strength, he only feeds on our fear, intensifying the Spellpool’s effects.”

“So, is it right to fear someone we also love?” The younger lover of the Impure Knight sounded really shocked to such situation.

“I understand your initial shock, but trust me, our fear is the ultimate compliment to his power, and he understands that it is a strong part of our love for him…” Gael hugged his brother in Konstantin.

“How many Sons of Strength did he find?” The Phaedrus asked with a sudden curiosity about his fellow vessels of mana.

“You’re the seventh and last. I was the first, followed by Tristan, Blake, Marduk, Taryon and Theyon.”

“Are they in the castle too?” Lysias suddenly felt curious to meet his “brothers”.

Gael smiled. “Of course not, my innocent brother, they’re scattered all over the Protectorate, keeping the presence of our Fatherlord all over his domains.”

“I thought that Fatherlord would like to keep his sons together, wouldn’t it enhance the bond?”

“The bond is not physical, little one. It has the same strength no matter how far or close we are from each other, besides, each Son of Strength also plays a key role in the structure of the Empire. I am the Mage Regent, Tristan is the Leader of the Anointed Guard, Blake is the Keeper of the Treasure, Marduk commands the Barbarian Hordes of Storm Giants, while Taryon and Theyon are the Twinlords of the Elven Arcana.”

“So does it mean that you also have to be an emissary for the Emperor’s Power?”

Even a young nymphlad in the forests like Lysias has once heard of such powerful characters, and suddenly he felt dizzy, afraid of not being able to correspond to his Fatherlord’s expectations.

“We sure are, and soon you will be the newest one.” Gael explained as he continued to sort lots of ingredients and tools, seemingly unaware of Lysias’ worries.

“But I am just a boy, I am not educated like you, and I can’t fight, I would never be a good emissary…I am just a Phaedrus.”

Gael noticed the young nymphlad was very nervous so he just picked his hand and hugged the brother tenderly, kissing his forehead.

“Fatherlord was right, there’s nothing but sincerity, innocence and sweetness in you. I feel so ashamed for even doubting that you were as pure as my Emperor told me.” The Mage Regent kissed the red cheekbones of his Phaedrus.

“You don’t have to worry about anything, Lysias. The reason for Fatherlord’s trust is because the Sons of Strength are the most dedicated loyal and powerful subjects of Emperor Konstantin. The same Spellpool that feeds our Fatherlord’s strength also affects his Sons, and we have our best features enhanced.”

“Is that so?” As much as he wanted, Lysias still couldn’t believe in such words.

“Take my word on that, brother. Before the Spellpool I was just a modest wizard apprentice, Tristan was only a squire in Commonwealth army, Blake lived as street rat, Marduk was a mere herder, the skinniest Storm Giant ever, and even our elven brothers were not nearly as powerful as they became after joining our trust.”

“How is it possible?”

“The Spellpool is more than just a link, it is a network of intense power that combines and spreads its contents among its parts. Fatherlord is the one benefitting the most, because he is the Paragon, but our best qualities are multiplied and shared with the rest, the gifts we receive after another Son of Strength is found are just amazing! And you are the Seventh, thus completing the Spellpool.”

“What will happen to me after I join the Spellpool?” The nymphlad asked suddenly curious.

“According to his studies, when Spellpool is complete we will be permanently bound to Fatherlord and to each other, and this will give the Emperor the final boost towards his path.”

“What is his goal then?”

“You will know when the time is right; now let’s get back to work.” Lysias realized by the look on Gael, that he wasn’t supposed to know more until he was truly a part of the Spellpool.

“What do you need from me, Gael?” The nymphlad asked in a more enthusiastic tone.

The Mage Regent grinned as he showed a long pipette and a small glass beaker.

“I need a dollop of your most precious treasure.” He asked with a gentle smile, but Lysias still felt uncomfortable.

“I…don’t know how it works, it was Fatherlord who discovered it at all, my chest filled with huge amounts of that creamy liquid, but ever since he sucked me dry, they didn’t fill again, I wonder if it will ever happen again.”

Gael listened to the report and suddenly his smile showed he had another brilliant idea.

“So, you don’t feel you could fill this tiny glass with not even a drop of your Phaedrus milk?”

Lysias shook his head in embarrassment.

“THAT’S RIGHT, GAEL. LYSIAS’ GIFT IS MINE AND MINE ONLY!” The thunderous voice of Fatherlord echoed in the laboratory, filling their hearts with joy and fear of the inhumanly huge dimensions of his improved muscularity.

The humongous Unstoppable Emperor looked splendorous in his black pants and his sleeveless silk turquoise kimono, the humongous size of his muscles made the outfit seem to be painted over the glorious muscles.

The new width and thickness of the Emperor’s figure were scary and fascinating at the same time, he now seemed even more massive than when he wielded the Twinheaded Black Dragon of Death, his legendary armor of inconspicuous reputation.

The fabulous Red Blade of Damnation always hanging the right side of his waist, the naked enormous feet look so massive and amazing, the powerful toes were more muscular than most little men’s arms. Each step he took seemed to make the castle shake with the impact of his weight.

“Fatherlord…” Lysias whispered, his heart skipped a beat, and his cock went immediately hard. The nymphlad blushed as he felt the powerful presence of his aura of manliness overwhelming his inhibitions, turning his back on the Mage Regent; the Phaedrus just had eyes and mind to one being.

Konstantin smiled down at his eldest Son of Strength, their telepathic bond proved incredibly efficient once again, the Emperor could hear, see, and even taste everything that anyone of his Sons heard, saw, and tasted.

“How are you doing, my pretty lad?” The enormous Konstantin said as he kneeled to gently touch the warm porcelain cheeks on his little nymphlad.
Lysias hugged the enormous hand and just rubbed his face against the huge paw of unheard strength.

“I am feeling so ashamed for passing out after orgasm milord.”

“I am glad you are feeling sad for that, but I forgave your weakness. You are just a pure flower being plucked by such a ferocious beast, and my power is indeed overwhelming. Besides, with the gift you gave me, I can never get mad at you, my Phaedrus.”

Konstantin flexed his immense bicep and the lad just hugged it with his both arms and was easily supported by the huge master.

“I’m your Phaedrus, nothing else.” He repeated caressing the huge ball of muscle like a young boy and his pet, the only difference was that this little lad was rubbing a gigantic hunk of the most powerful muscle in the world.

The Protector laughed as he picked Gael with his free arm and gently squeezed his sons in a massive bear hug, while the two youngsters just surrendered to their lust and started making out with each other to the joy of their immense Fatherlord.

“It’s so nice to see you boys getting along with each other. I love all my Sons of Strength, and once you will realize that you are nothing compared to me, you will understand that I can love all of you with such intensity you are most likely to be crushed with the power of my passion.”

They both felt immobilized by the power of the Unstoppable, their little frail bodies surrounded by such monstrous muscle that their only choice was to surrender to his superior power.

“Our lives are yours to please, Fatherlord.” They both whispered, barely muttering the strength to pronounce the words, and that pleased the humongous Protector, who gently lowered them back on the ground.

Gael gently helped Lysias on his feet, the nymphlad felt dizzy for some reason, and suddenly he recognized the warm rush inside his soul, and the familiar flow to his pectoral muscles, filling his muscular chest with the precious amount of the glorious gift, although in a much more modest amount that the previous time.

“I’m filling up again!” Lysias commented as he felt his chest muscles much heavier, their engorged weight made his new tunic look even more sensual with the new bulging masses of his muscular chest and the shape of his augmented nipples.

Gael chuckled. “You were right once again sir, this little nymphlad is truly dominated, he can only produce his gift if he is thinking about your monstrous size, which is very convenient, I must say.”

Konstantin chuckled.

“Lysias is a most obedient little boy. He knows I wouldn’t like to see my precious growth milk being wasted. Now, Gael, you go ahead and take just what you need for our purposes.” Konstantin ordered as he watched very carefully.

“Don’t worry, my Emperor, I’ll only need a single dollop for my divinations…” The young mage said very slowly while placing the beaker underneath Lysias’ nipple. The Phaedrus carefully squeezed a small amount of his precious gift, and Gael promptly pipetted it to the small crystal disc that he now carefully looked against the light.

“Are you sure you don’t want to feed on me again milord?” Lysias’ lust was so intense his porcelain skin was rosy, his voice sounded so very languid and even his eyes seemed clouded by his desires, but the enormous Konstantin gently held his chin, kissing his lips so very tenderly.

“I am always hungry, little one. But you have barely started producing, we must keep you lustful to make sure your milk is powerful and plenty to cease my hunger for size, right now you are still recovering from my latest harvest!”

Emperor Blackmore just held his little boy against the immensity of his chest, and they both felt their passion building, while Lysias just wished his chest filled faster, with an even more potent version of his milk to make sure his Fatherlord would always love feeding on his ample chest.

“Meanwhile there is another reason for this reunion; my pretty Gael wants to have my new size precisely detailed for the sake of his medical and magical data, of course. If I feed on your blessings again right now, he claims that he will lose the opportunity to report my growth on in full detail. ”

Konstantin chuckled as he caressed the delicate features of his Phaedrus and placed him back on the ground.

“Oh, I am sorry to sound so nitpicking, sir, but you know much better than myself that is mostly necessary sir, because the Spellpool’s density depends on your bodily mass, and we have to estimate the new standards of its might…although I can already tell you look phenomenally bigger.”

The cinnamon skinned Mage Regent said with hungry eyes of a true worshipper.

“I know you better than yourself, Gael, you are just dying to measure and feel me up like you’ve always done since we’ve met, and I won’t mind knowing how much bigger these glorious muscles of mine have gotten!” The powerful Emperor flexed his humongous arms, which magically triggered the measuring session.

“Guilty as charged…” The handsome Mage Regent raised his hand and blushed sweetly.

Konstantin just grinned while the magic instruments surrounded his glorious body, and the arcane tools quickly traced every nook, crevice and curve of the humongous body with utmost dedication, following the very careful eye of the amazed Gael.

“Fatherlord, this gift is by far much more potent than anything I’ve heard before. Even our most powerful enhancement spells had anything remotely close to such success.

The Impure Knight threw his head back as the lights and instruments crossed the glorious surface of his body, producing sounds while the figures were jolted in the scrolls in front of them.

“Just cut to the chase and give me the stats, Gael. I am interested in the results!” The uncanny Emperor was running out of patience.

“Of course, my liege, you have grown three inches in height, which makes you 6’7” tall, but your muscular augmentation was phenomenal. You weigh now 830 pounds of hard muscles, which represents a gain of 430 pounds, over 100% of your previous weight!” Gael announced proudly and Lysias blushed as the monumental Konstantin blew him a kiss.

“Truly impressive, now how about the other details?” Konstantin inquired.

“The magical measuring of your stats is just outstanding: 37 inches around on your biceps, 109 inches chest, 78” legs, 30” calves, and a 40” waist. Your body is a proof that muscular and bodily evolution can be achievable through constant augmentation process.”

The Emperor chuckled. “And what about my cock?”

Gael blushed. “That powerful scepter is now 17” long when hard, Fatherlord, and it stands at uncanny 9 and a half inches around, which truly represents a personal epic conquest to house such imperial manhood.”

Lysias blushed so deeply when Gael playfully punched his arm and the immense Emperor just nodded along.

“Well, you will have to keep improving because this was only the beginning. Once the Spellpool is completed the addition of Lysias’ manna will have formidable effects on my Power.”

“It sure will, milord. And I just can’t wait to see the results of his magic pattern.”

Gael no longer seemed to care about the intense bond between The Impure Knight and his little Phaedrus, because he was beginning to understand the kind of magical strength that made Lysias so fascinating, and the mere idea of adding such powerful element to the Spellpool made him very excited.

“It should be ready now…” Konstantin commented while his Mage Regent retrieved the sample he took from the Phaedrus’ gift. However, what initially stood as utmost fascination, suddenly became a challenge.

“How did the analysis go, Gael?” The Emperor clearly seemed interested on the results.

“The results are inconclusive, milord. This pattern of magic… it is unreported, I’ve never seen anything like that, sir. I can’t even begin to imagine what kind of bridge we will need to connect his pledge.”

Gael considered as he analyzed the delicate structure of Lysias’ magic muscle growth milk.

“Oh, you don’t need to tell me that, boy.” Konstantin gently caressed Lysias’ butt, however, the Mage Regent suddenly didn’t sound so excited about the recent facts.

“Well, we still have to find the element to forge his bridge into the Spellpool, and his magic is something that I can’t figure out, the pattern is unreadable!” Gael said as he continued to check it with his spell analyzers.

“Maybe you should let it for those who REALLY understand about magic, brother!”

Suddenly, Gael’s laboratory was invaded by two very handsome figures, while the young human wizard rolled his green eyes with disdain as the Twinlords of Elven Arcana appeared at his sides.

“Yeah, like you either of you could tell me something I don’t know.”

“Oh, cheer up, little brother. The fabled Twinlords of Arcana are here to aid you”. Lysias heard the soothing manly voice tone but he couldn’t quite tell the reason that made it sound so strange at his ears.

Although he too was a creature of legends, Lysias had only heard about elves, and they surely looked much better than all the legendary descriptions, especially because these two were not the skinny wizards covered in thick layers of robes, quite the contrary.

Theyon and Taryon stood taller than Gael, at 6’2” tall and they were very muscular for the standards of the elven, and even the human people, each one weighed 280 pounds of hard, bulging muscle, their alabaster complexions were flawless, with smooth thick green veins crossing their amazing figures.

“What took you so long to come to me, little ones?” The monumental
Fatherlord used his own magnificent presence to shock and awe his elven Sons of Strength, and both of them just gasped at the sight of their Emperor.

“Fatherlord…You are absolutely fantastic! We have felt your power rushing
through us, but this is just… superb!” The elven twins loved to use their unique talent of perfect synchronism to speak in such a fashion that not only they sounded like one, it was practically impossible to notice whose lips were actually speaking and those who were just mimicking.

“Cut the elven ass-kissing and come here you two little tricksters!” The immense Konstantin lifted each muscular elf in one arm and they both laughed, enjoying the sensation of their augmented Emperor’s physique.

The Twinlords wore their white silk capes, white leather loincloths and
matching dragon riding boots, which only made their duplicated beauty seem even more amazing. They both had almond shaped eyes in the faintest shade of grey, their high cheekbones displayed features so impressively perfect, an unseen combination of impeccable, ageless perfection.

“I miss you, sir. But just seeing your improvements made my heart happy again, Emperor Konstantin!” Theyon spoke while Taryon continued to kiss the immensity of the Protector’s muscular neck, savoring his time to gently worship the glory of his leader.

“I miss you more than him, Fatherlord!” The other elven wizard said at once, challenging his uncanny counterpart.

“Oh, I can tell that both of you both missed me a lot! Your asses are all warm and moist for me…” Konstantin chuckled as he fingered their respective buttholes with his enormous muscular fingers, which made them blush immediately.

Perfect Twins are very rare in the Elven kind, and for such reason there is a whimsical quality of their condition which made it very hard to even notice the one striking difference between those brothers.

While Theyon had long, cascaded blue mane, Taryon’s light green hair was pulled in a very neat pony tail, but Lysias could barely tell one from the other because of the duplicity of their magic aura.

“Anyway, Theyon and Taryon, I want you to meet my precious little flower lad, Lysias, the Enchanted.”

Fatherlord Blackmore’s muscular fortress physique had grown so immensely bigger and more impressive that neither of the Elven Wizards had even noticed they shared the same uncanny hug of muscle and magic with the blushing Phaedrus.
“By the Light of Telurian Skies, he is even more beautiful than us!” The Twin Brothers said in their perfect unison fashion, their own big strong hands touching the sides of their little brother.

“I…am sorry milords, but you make me pale in comparison like a candle to the moonlight”

“And still he is humble and so adorable!” Gael provoked from the ground as the muscular Elven Wizards just shot him with their unearthed glares.

“You boys are so funny and tiny!” Konstantin just laughed so hard that the castle shook on its foundations like the most powerful of quakes.

After they all shared their happiness to be rejoined, Fatherlord just kissed his elven Sons of Strength and placed them back on the ground, while he made sure Lysias stood on his arms, since he was the one he felt he had to protect the most.

“So, let us take a look at this unsolvable puzzle you have uncovered, brother!” Theyon and Taryon loved to tease Gael about their magical knowledge.

“Should I remind you that I had defeated you two?” Gael added as he handled the crystal shard containing Lysias’ sample.

“Oh, please, you only entered the duel because of the Elven Protocol rules we vainly insisted on respecting. Fatherlord was the one who defeated us, and he could have done it alone. In fact, he’d do it even faster if he hadn’t to worry about protecting you, the obvious weak spot of your duo.” The wizards said as they analyzed the material.

“Still, I was granted by the Elven Highest Council the honor to be forever known as one of the two human wizards who had so easily defeated the Pride and Joy of House Aravandor, Theyon and Taryon, Twinlords of Elven Arcana.”

Gael boastfully explained to Lysias the reason for the magical combat Konstantin easily won in order to conquer his right to claim Fatherhood rights, according to Elven tradition, over the two beings who were hundreds of years older than himself.

“We are trying to focus here, so shut your dirty little mouth, for a second!”

The elven muscle wizards harshly requested as they re-casted the identification spells over the sample.

The Mage Regent just held his smirk while he waited for their conclusion, and his grin only grew more pleased as Gael noticed that even Theyon and Taryon were surprised by the same unique quality of the magic pattern on Lysias’ gift.

“This probably favored by the Element of Air, perhaps the feather of a very rare airborne being, like a Bird of Paradise” Taryon risked after long moments of silence.

Gael shrugged, and then Theyon smacked the back of his twin’s muscular neck.

“Don’t be stupid, it can’t be the element of Air! He is a Phaedrus; we must pledge him by using another legendary element, I say we use Horn of The Unicorn, preferably a stallion.”

“Why don’t we just settle for a unicorn with wings like the Bird of Paradise?” The Mage Regent just exploded into laughter.

“At least we had our own ideas.” The Twinlords commented angrily.

“You mean the stupidest ideas.” Gael bitterly answered.

“It’s nice to see my boys bickering at each other, competing for my affection, but you should be working together and not against each other, that’s not how we work.”

Konstantin felt displeased with the lack of productivity of that reunion, even with 3 of the greatest wizards of the world discussing one single problem.
The three wizards gulped immediately.

“We are sorry Fatherlord.” Even Gael seemed to have momentarily found the unearthed way to speak perfectly in synch with the Twinlords of Elven Arcana.

Seeing that his pupils were in need of his help to solve that conundrum, Fatherlord’s inborn curiosity was properly enticed.

“Let me take a look at this, boys.” His hulking figure easily summoned the magical instruments while he studied the magical patterns from Lysias’ gift.
“It is simple; the element of Diamond is his bridge. There’s your answer, little ones. Lysias’ magic is indeed pristine, untouched, and immaculate. We need to pledge him with a bridge of pure diamond.” Konstantin concluded with a smart smile, but his eldest Son of Strength didn’t seem convinced.

“It can’t be that easy.” Gael considered.

“I didn’t say it would be easy, I said it is simple. Simplicity is the purest of Forms.”

Theyon smacked his forehead.

“Of course, his bridge must be forged out of pure diamond, a pristine one, without cuts!”

Fatherlord smiled. “Precisely, we must find a pristine uncut piece of the purest diamond to forge his bridge into my Spellpool.”

“How big should it be, Fatherlord?” Taryon asked already fearing for the answer.

“Oh, it must be pretty big, we are talking at least 10 Imperial pounds of pristine uncut diamond.” Konstantin indicated with a magical projection of the alleged piece.

“I’ve never even heard that diamonds could be that big…There’s nothing like that in the Treasure.”

Gael sat on the invisible floating chair of his laboratory.
“Oh, you’re right, there’s nothing like that on my Treasure, not yet at least.” Konstantin blinked ever so smartly and Lysias suddenly felt guilty for no reason.

“Is there something wrong, Fatherlord?”

The immensely muscular Emperor just held his boy in his arms with a warm embrace.

“There’s nothing wrong, my nymphlad. We just realized that only one diamond in the world will be able to connect you to the Spellpool, and it’s The Matrix of Magic.” Konstantin’s words were slow and very well pronounced, like he savored the most delicious wine.

“But the Matrix of Magic is out of reach!” Theyon and Taryon were so shocked that this time their synchronization was just horrible.
Konstantin busted into laughter.

“It is well protected, but perfectly within my reach, boys.” Konstantin sounded each time more interested in the subject, much to the horror of his Mage Regent and the Twinlords of Elven Arcana.

“Sir, you are the mightiest, the strongest, and the most powerful mortal ever. But the Matrix is kept by forces that are far beyond mortal capabilities!” The twin elven wizard’s voice sounded almost like a whisper.

“I have to agree with them, sir…It is too risky.” Gael added.

“Cut the crap, Gael. You are my First Son of Strength, and you know that nothing is out of my power! If I have to defeat Eldritch and his acolytes to get to the Matrix of Magic, then I shall do it!” Konstantin spoke very secure of his capabilities.

Lysias gulped. “Who are those, sir?”

Konstantin caressed the head of his pretty nymphlad, but Gael still looked so worried.

“Eldritch used to be An Enlightened, one of the three primordial beings made of pure Magic. Upon defeating his brothers Lanksor and Monahal, at the same time, to absorb their own magic essence, he became The Enlightened. Eldritch created the Elves and Dragons from the shadows of his Power, he is also known as the original Wizard and the Matrix of Magic is his own creation.” Theyon explained Lysias.

“Wow, he seems like a very powerful adversary.” Lysias gulped.

“You don’t understand, young one. Eldritch is the one who inspired Fatherlord to create the Spellpool. Realizing his magical essence would eventually destroy his own physical body, Eldritch decided to overcome this weakness, and for such reasons he forged the Matrix of Magic, a unique artifact that allowed Eldritch to convert all his magic into MUSCLE and STRENGTH, imbuing his body with ageless mass that will last forever, and thus he became the Behemoth. Over the ages he had acquired acolytes, who he had named Chosen, bestowing upon them a portion of his own power after they sworn to keep the Matrix out of the mortal world.” Taryon’s voice sounded grave.

“He’s got seven Chosen. I have found seven Sons of Strength. The only difference between me and old Eldritch is that I’ll have to defeat him with six of you in the Spellpool, and then Lysias will be my Ascension Prize.”

“Sir, you can’t be serious! The Spellpool is powerful, but it is still incomplete, we need the power Lysias has inside him! We can’t face The Behemoth and his Chosen in the current state please; you have to listen to reason!” The Twinlords once again tried to reason with their enormous Fatherlord.

Lysias was sad; he didn’t like to hear that his Fatherlord could not defeat his enemy, even if that enemy was an immortal being of muscle and magic that Konstantin himself aspired to become.

“Isn’t there another way to complete the bond?” Lysias asked Gael very seriously, and the young wizard realized that his brother was indeed willing to do anything for his father.

The Arcane Sons of Strength exchanged looks with their Fatherlord, and the Unstoppable suddenly seemed very angry at his young Mage Regent.
“You are not tampering with this forging! I forbid you!” Konstantin said at once, but Gael was a very persistent individual.

“When Marduk joined the trust, you had foreseen that we would need to burn the mystic Heartwood from the very core of Yduran K’ehlal, but in the end we didn’t actually need to sacrifice the poor ancient being to bring our brother from the Giant Tribes into the Spellpool, we only used the pieces from the branches that naturally broke from his trunk”.

“That was different, Marduk’s mana was essentially Forest Magic, while Heartwood would have been the perfect element, it wasn’t irreplaceable, so I didn’t need to kill the Walking Tree for its pulsing heart, but Lysias’ pattern is unique, you have seen it yourself.”

“Fatherlord, you have developed the Spellpool to become even stronger than The Behemoth, to challenge his leading, conquer the Matrix of Magic for yourself and to rule us as the Mightiest over the Eras, you can’t expect to turn the order of things around!” Theyon and Taryon tried to reason with his enormous Fatherlord.

“Things change, little ones. I have become much stronger than originally planned; we need the Matrix to forge Lysias’ bridge into the Spellpool.”
“I can’t let you risk everything we have done so far because of your vanity, Fatherlord. You will face the Behemoth AFTER the Spellpool is complete; attempting to challenge him before your power is forged is exactly what Eldritch expects.” Gael finally exploded.

The glorious Protector smirked.

“You can’t tell me what to do boy!” Konstantin clinched his fist and suddenly Gael froze in pain, his body was paralyzed.

The Twinlords stood quiet, even their much muscular physiques were easily held in place by Konstantin’s powerful magic.

“Fatherlord, please…Lysias has the right to know that we can still try to complete the Spellpool without the right element for the Bridge!” Taryon gasped.

Lysias looked in shock as the immense Fatherlord tried to silence the wizards but it was too late now.

“What can I do to help you Savior? Please tell me, and I shall do!”

Konstantin shook his head. “You are too young, far too young for such dangerous attempt, I’d rather face Eldritch.”

“If I am old enough to be your Son of Strength, then I am also old enough to become yours as fast as possible, even if I have to risk without the Right Element.”

“It seems like our little brother is a gutsy one.” Gael grinned, still magically imprisoned by his immense Emperor.

“I never risked any of you when I forged your pledge into the Spellpool, because they were simpler. But Lysias is not a son of Strength yet, he is so pure and so delicate, he is the flower I want to conquer, I want to raise him to be my perfect little lover, he is the one I want for me when I become…”
The glorious muscular Emperor looked at the tiny Phaedrus and his muscles tensed.

“I…already guessed that Fatherlord, how you would not choose a Phaedrus? I am happy, truly, because he needs you more than anyone of us…” The Mage Regent was being absolutely honest, and that made both Lysias and Fatherlord to blush deeply.

“You are the Conqueror for his Vaelon, Fatherlord; we have sensed that your hunger towards this little nymphlad goes beyond your need for the Spellpool.” The Twinlords always trusted their wicked elven senses.

“I want to try Gael’s idea first, sir. It can work out, I trust you completely!” Lysias tried to convince his massive leader.

“If anything goes wrong, Lysias you will be lost in the turmoil of Magic that is the Spellpool, your mind will be torn into countless shards of lives that cannot be relived!” Konstantin’s voice sounded worried for the first time since they have met.
“You will protect me, sir! I never doubted you!” Lysias jumped into the arms of his Fatherlord.

“We have to do it this way, sir. The young one is delicate, but he is brave too. In the meantime we can teach him to probe with such powerful forces, you can’t face Eldritch without the completion of the Spellpool.”

“What other element can replace the pristine pattern of uncut diamond?” Konstantin asked in disbelief.

“Anything, as long as the magic is strong enough to bind the rules of the physical world, you use Magic so it can serve you, not the other way around. My Master was the one who taught me that!” Taryon replied, quoting his great master and Fatherlord Protector.

“It is doable, in theory.” Theyon considered the idea of forging a new perfect element for the little Phaedrus.

“The…Spellpool is our only hope, sire. We have to forge Lysias into our trust, even if we must find another element.” Gael’s voice sounded free now, he was just trying to talk some sense into his monstrous father’s head.

“We don’t need to find another element, but perhaps a different approach. We could use a carbon replica of the Matrix and change its structure with magic until it becomes a perfect uncut diamond pattern, but still is too risky, Gael.”

“Sir, this might actually be in our purpose, we could build a perfect bridge instead of using the Matrix.” The Twinlords of Elven Arcana sounded excited again.

“I see your point, The Matrix is perfect …but it wasn’t designed for being a mere bridge, we can make a bigger one that will enhance the connection.” Konstantin’s voice showed that he already considered the advantages of such change of plans.

“I know you can do anything, Fatherlord!” Lysias moaned as he gently caressed the arms of his enormous muscle daddy.

“You realize that it will be extremely hard even for all of us to cast this forced forging, and I am not even sure this will actually work.” Konstantin considered.

“We’d better fail in this than letting you face the alternative alone, we can even make it work in our cause. With the Spellpool completed, you can use the Matrix for your Ascension; defeating Eldritch will be made possible.” The Elven Twins smiled.

Konstantin chuckled as he shook his head. “Your big brothers are crazy little fellow, Lysias, but I would be lost without them.”

They all hugged, and Konstantin kissed his Mage Regent very gently, apologizing by inflicting pain in such pretty body. He repeated the affective kiss on his Twinlords. Then, he lifted Lysias and just kissed the young Phaedrus vigorously.

“I’ll have Seven Sons of Strength and One Phaedrus; you will not escape me, little one!”

Lysias nodded vigorously, and for one moment it felt like the Sun itself had invaded his chest. This time it was faster and even better than when Fatherlord fucked him, because Lysias felt that his massive master depended on him, he needed to be bigger and more powerful to cast this spell…
“Would you look at that, brother?” Taryon chuckled as he noticed the expansion on the Phaedrus’ chest, his nipples were the size of cocks, and his muscular chest augmented considerably, flooding with each time more of the precious liquid.

“This young Phaedrus clearly enjoys the dynamics of our Protector/Protégé relationship; it fuels his own innate capabilities.” Theyon analyzed, still impressed with the quick expansion on Lysias’ muscular chest.

“Oh, Lord Konstantin…” Lysias’ voice was immersed in such a languid, lustful tone that even Gael had to overcome the sudden urge to kiss those huge nipples.

“My little flower lad…” Konstantin said as he started sucking on the enormous nipples of his Phaedrus, feeling the powerful milk burning down his throat.
Gael noticed that his Fatherlord’s body reacted so violently to the new batch of muscle growth cream that his clothes almost exploded with so much new size and power imbued into them. The bulging monstrosity of the muscular layers surged through the already immensely thick physique of Fatherlord Protector.

The powerful unique magic within Lysias grew stronger as his lust and love for the immense Fatherlord intensified, and such connection was made even more obvious by the fact that Emperor Konstantin Blackmore seemed to react much more intensely to the power of the milk.

“Oh, damn…lad, I’m gonna Fuck you HARD!” Konstantin moaned as he savored the spiced up content coming from Lysias’ nipples, he did feel stronger and much more muscular at the exactly same moment his garments simply exploded with the augmentation provided by the sincerest gift of the nymphlad.

Gael just chuckled as he realized how much more muscular his Fatherlord grew right there, ingesting the amazing juices of the ever growing pectorals of the blond nymphlad with unending hunger, especially because Konstantin’s power and masculinity increased exponentially, as Lysias’ beauty seemed to glow and to become even more unearthed, there was this deep connection between Protector and his latest boy that clearly worked on their mutual favor, and the wizards realized what happened.

“You two are so beautiful, sire. The Unstoppable growing even more powerful thanks to the juices of his little nymphlad, the legends are so true, the blessings are going to change you further than we had anticipated.” Theyon and Taryon whispered, their own muscular bodies getting harder and more pumped because of their increasing lust.

Konstantin just picked Gael’s hot face and plunged a nice passionate kiss on him his tongue still drenched in the spiced cream gushing from Lysias’ nipple, which he held shut with his mighty fingers tightly clenched around.

“I know you’re just dying to try some, Gael, its ok, I can give you a tiny sip, go ahead, and taste my glorious asset…” The enormous Fatherlord released some of the pressure on the augmented nipple of his Phaedrus, carefully hitting a precious volley from his conquered nymphlad to drop into Gael’s open mouth and the Mage Regent savored the burning sensation of the raw mana power going down his throat.

“Argh…it burns, oh shit…” Gael gasped, it felt like trying to swallow a dollop of hot molten lava, it just burnt and he gasped for air, such a powerful gift. He just scratched his neck, the burning increased as he tried to fight the burning.

“Yeah, you think you’re up to taste the same kind of power that I drink, wizard boy? You are not manly enough yet, feel the burn, damn it is not for a delicate lab rat like you, this is man’s drink and you are just one skinny pretty twink, you don’t understand what kind of power I can take within me, pretty Gael.”

“How about you, Twinlords? You two are hundreds of years older than myself, you think you can handle the gift of my Enchanted?” With just a single release, the pressure on the Nymphlad’s muscular chest fired two perfects volleys that reached the hungry mouths of the muscular elven wizards.
Taryon and Theyon savored the delicious creamy liquid, feeling it burning down their muscular bodies, they both felt their passion increasing as they kissed each other passionately.

“Blood of Eldritch…This…This…POWER!” The wizards groaned, feeling so overwhelmed by their furious passion. They were breathing fire through their lustful mouths. The color of emerald green and indigo blue of their respective flames mixed as they kissed each other, sharing the powerful passion that now blessed their bodies.

“Yeah, power beyond Dragons and Elves…muscle beyond anything!”

Konstantin kissed both of the elven Sons of Strength, sharing the tower of flame that projected from their mouths of passion; their kiss lasted longer and longer, and after the elf broke the kiss, desperately gasping for air, he realized with pride that his Fatherlord had drained the powerful flames from their lustful osculation.

Fatherlord blew powerful flames several times, feeling their glorious sensation on his expanding muscle, knowing that it only meant his magic grew more powerful, so he gently gave Gael another manly kiss, breathing the blue flame directly into his lungs and held the gasping wizard so easily with his growing bulk that soon the young Mage Regent was breathing slower, feeling his body warmer and different from the gift.

They were smoothly teleported by the Emperor’s magic back to the immensity of his personal chambers; he slowly lowered the moaning smaller bodies of his 4 Sons of Strength in the comfortable mattress.

“Yeah, that’s better, my little loves…” Konstantin gently massaged the smooth chest on his Eldest Son of Strength, wand the Mage Regent gasped again when he realized the size on his Protector.

“Bahamut be praised! Fatherlord you’re…fuck…it’s…argh…” The lust within Gael’s body increased as he noticed the development on Konstantin’s monumental physique. His own youthful body feeling warmer, his senses sharpening as he spoke, like they world truly unfolded around him.

Meanwhile, Theyon and Taryon were desperately making out with each other, feeling their own muscles hardening, growing equally bigger as they both savored their lustful tastes, sharing with their identical twin, the uncanny feelings of the amazing effects of the Phaedrus’ gift.

Konstantin felt so proud that his immense physique could easily handle these four worshipers, and still he was so much more than the combination of the 4 prodigies that he so easily has conquered as his serving sons.

“Yeah, I know, pretty one, let it happen, don’t fight it.” Konstantin said as he helped Gael to accept his new gifts inside him.

Gael just accepted the burning pleasure that made its way down his body, his own impressive manhood grew harder as the touch of his Fatherlord soothed his burnt, and the wonders of Lysias’ milk went down his throat.

Konstantin smiled as he continued to hold Lysias in his arms, but right then the nymphlad screamed in pain, his chest had gotten so much bigger because Konstantin momentarily stopped draining that now he just could barely breathe, the two humongous spheres of powerful content were far too big for the delicate proportions of the Phaedrus.

“Damn…” Fatherlord Protector immediately attacked the painfully engorged nipples of his precious nymphlad, and he grew more muscular with each long sip he took, his monstrous chest filling with the burning sensation of liquid strength invading his glorious physique.

Meanwhile, Lysias, Theyon, Taryon and Gael moaned in lustful tones, all of them feeling incredibly submissive to their uncanny Fatherlord, who hungrily drank the powerful milk of his Nymphlad, savoring the power infused into his expanding muscles at each passing second.

Young Lysias was held against the impressive growing physique of his Emperor, his legs being pressed by the increasing width of his Lord Protector’s mountainous chest, as the glorious master attacked the hyper sensitive nipples from where the magic muscle growth milk poured so vigorously.

The blond nymphlad felt so proud of his huge chest, growing even bigger to produce more milk for his master that even ignored his own engorged manhood being so masterfully manhandled by the humongous hand of his Fatherlord, and with each stroke the young Phaedrus felt his very body surrendering more into the power of the humongous Impure Knight.

Gael and the Twinlords of Elven Arcana were also enjoying their bodily transformation, which albeit just an infinite fraction of the ongoing marvelous growth on their Fatherlord still felt so incredibly powerful that their privileged senses were easily overwhelmed.

The muscular elven wizards embraced Gael between them, kissing his eager mouth over and over, each time they blew a gentle flame inside their human brother, and after each kiss Gael seemed more aware that they were actually breathing fire, the most characteristic treat of the Wyrm kindred.

The tight lean muscles on Gael increased, thickened, but he still held the same feline quality to his young muscles, while the Twinlords seemed to get much heavier and more muscular, their arms were packing on mass as they both held their smaller brother between them, and all the three cocks were harder and bigger than ever, sharing the intense power surging through their blessed bodies.

At some point, Lysias felt really angry, because he didn’t want to pass out after being drained by his monstrous growing muscle Fatherlord, he just looked into the hungry eyes of Konstantin and begged.

“Take me now, Fatherlord, I want to feel you inside of me now…” The lustful voice of the Phaedrus caught all his wizard brothers unprepared, there was such a strong presence in that begging that Gael, Taryon and Theyon were immediately compelled to fuck each other with renewed horniness, but Konstantin just chuckled.

“You don’t get to boss me around, tiny one. I’ll fuck you when I decide it is a good time to do so, you are my flower and I chose the time to pluck on your delicate ass.”

The monumental War Mage was growing so intensely from all the milk produced that his body bulged in all directions in different rhythms that Lysias gasped while one monstrously huge hand held his tiny body and laid him together with Gael, and the elven twins.

The four Sons of Strength gasped at the sight of their glorious sire, they eagerly worshipped the monumental muscles towering over them, and while Konstantin continued to grow more powerful he just had eyes for the expanding chest on his Phaedrus, the boy clearly was getting the hang of the thing.

“You three work on his cock and butt, I want this lad to fill up like never!” The Emperor ordered, Theyon and Taryon just lifted Lysias while Gael sucked on his mighty cock, and the monstrous Protector held the two nipples together in one vigorous mouthful and pressed the wondrous muscular chest strongly into his mouth.

Lysias gagged and screamed, while Taryon’s tongue entered his smooth ass and Gael and Theyon took their turns to suck on his cock, he felt the immense growing Protector sucking him with such hunger and strength that he felt his soul was being drained into his Emperor.

Konstantin sucked in longer periods of time, only breathing a few times to increase suction. His body consumed uncanny large amounts of milk and he finally dried the prodigious Phaedrus, who screamed in agony as his chest returned to its normal heft size.

“Oh, my boy…you still need to learn more, your power is not a match for my hunger, but then again it will never be!” Konstantin grinned as he kissed his dry boy, savoring the effects of such amount of muscle growth milk was causing to his unearthed body.

Lysias gasped as he noticed that his loving father laid on his monumentally wide back, the other Sons of Strength held the monstrous shaft with pride, each one them licking and lubing the veiny rugged manhood scepter for the little butt of the nymphlad to be impaled.

The young nymphlad was so scared again, but one look into the intense eyes of his Fatherlord and his heart just soothed, his breathing eased and his anxiety vanished. He just went quiet, feeling his desire take control of his actions, and when the monstrous cock head pushed up his young hole, he just took a deep breath and let out two towers of green and blue flame, that Fatherlord easily drained into his massive chest and blew back into his throat as they kissed intensely.

“I take the fire of your souls and feed my power, there’s nothing you can’t do when I tell you to, now you open for my manhood.” Konstantin spoke clearly, and Lysias felt his hole stretching further, allowing more of the giant cock to enter his tight body.

Meanwhile, Gael and the elven Lords of Magic climbed the humongous body of their Fatherlord. Each muscular elf managed to reach for one monumental expanding biceps, sitting comfortably at the soaring peaks of the monstrous Emperor while Gael strategically chose the thickening chest, from where he comfortable sat and could comfortable enjoy the view of his younger brother Lysias being totally impaled by his father.

Gael grinned as he noticed the impressive size of his Phaedrus’ brother, and with one swift movement, he smoothly housed the hard cock of the nymphlad and Lysias didn’t even noticed he was fucking the Mage Regent while his father’s giant cock was going deeper into him.

The bouncing cock of his Eldest Son of Strength was far too delicious to be ignored by the soon-to-be-behemoth, so Fatherlord just managed to engulf the hefty cock of the Mage Regent into his own mustached lips.

Konstantin felt more powerful than ever, he had a purpose which was overthrowing the Behemoth and become the next Living GOD, his muscles would grow and his power overcome everything, his hunger for strength was insatiable and the Phaedrus’ milk only made him hungrier.

Fucking Lysias with the sole strength of his cock while supporting his Twinlords on his arms was nothing to the strength of the Emperor, he just groaned as he made each of his sons feel pleasure beyond pleasure, while his muscles expanded.

Not even combination of 3 Sons of Strength and the new Phaedrus could hold the power unleashed by Konstantin’s orgasm, the powerful explosion that reignited their magic bond suddenly set the sons on fire, they could just kiss and gasp for each other when the uncanny forces of their Fatherlord’s strength released a new torrent of pleasure into them.

Konstantin enjoyed as his pre-orgasm made his sons so powerless, it felt they were cumming through every pore, their figures changed as their beauty refined, to serve him better. These were just his precious boys and soon they would be his true servants.

The Emperor flexed his muscles one last time, the peaks of his growing biceps entered deeper into the tight asses of his Twinlords, as his glorious mighty cock shoot into Lysias and the boy shoot into Gael, and the human wizard’s cock dumped its load down the mouth of the monstrous War Mage, just moments before Taryon and Theyon came in synchronicity, but the uncanny senses of the Protector still made it possible for him to suck on their own shooting towers of masculinity.

The Sons of Strength gasped, their bodies completely overwhelmed but Konstantin continued to grow more massive than ever, challenging their very eyes, teasing their souls into fearing his strength, his size and his power.
Konstantin continued to grow in more violent spasms as his body adapted to the gifts of Lysias, and he felt more energized than ever.

Fucking these boys was just the least he could do to thank them. He unplugged his cock from the shocked Lysias, enjoying the flow of his fresh cum draining from the sweet smooth body; he carefully placed his boy into Theyon’s cock.

“You are so much smaller than me, but keep this boy warm for me will ya?” The monumental Fatherlord teased as he prepared to fuck Gael, who gingerly grinned, while Konstantin entered his pretty tight butt.

“Oh, Fatherlord…” Gael whispered as the monstrous Konstantin continued to grow inside him.

“You’d better get used to it, tiny one. With my other Sons of Strength approaching, I am gonna keep the fucking and the growth into high gear, I need to pack on size to complete my Spellpool and thanks to your persistence, now I only aim to get even bigger than ever!” The Emperor announced as he started the glorious pounding on Gael's ass.

The Twinlords of Elven Arcana waited patiently as their Protector ravished in the beauty of Gael’s tight bubble butt, his monstrous physique growing bigger at each passing second, and the Mage Regent was one experienced bottom, he knew exactly how the monumental Konstantin liked to fuck, although his growing body and urges made it impossible for anyone to match his skills and needs.

When Gael was totally overwhelmed and worn out by the growing War Mage, he was gently unplugged of the expanding monster cock, which still poured gallons of cum without stopping between each and every orgasms propelled by the growth of the immense Fatherlord’s muscular augmentation.

“Now, what to do with the two of you…” Konstantin literally drooled as he picked one muscular wizard by his waist and impaled his glorious cock at a time, making sure he gave the exact number of plows on each butt before replacing for another twin elven wizard.

The way Konstantin continued to grow bigger and more muscular as he ravished through his little worshipers made Lysias feel so proud and so much hornier, he just wanted his glorious Savior to grow stronger and more powerful so he would never feel unprotected again.

“F..Fahterlord…” Lysias moaned as Konstantin fucked the Theyon and Taryon, but it was then Gael noticed the nymphlad was dealing with a tremendous power.

“Shit…sir…he needs you now!” The Mage Regent stood and helped moving the immensity of Lysias’ chest from his pretty face.

The mere idea of watching his Fatherlord fucking his Brothers on Strength made Lysias so horny and submissive that his gift entered into overdrive and he continued to produce more muscle growth milk even at subconscious level.
Konstantin looked at his tiny nymphlad, immobilized by the weight of his augmented chest, bloated with the immense quantity of muscle growth milk produced by his miraculous chest.

The Emperor quickly moved to his little boy and without a word and just attacked the two nipples with an unseen hunger.
Lysias gasped, it felt like the most intense orgasm ever. He was actually drained in thirty seconds, but within such short time he probably had over 50 orgasms that made his cock shoot like a fountain.

“Heh, that was nice, I can feel the burning starting already again….” Konstantin chuckled as he started growing even faster, his muscles augmenting over the previous immensity of the glorious physique.

The nymphlad just moaned, his chest feeling so spent and still warm from all the action.

Gael held Lysias while Taryon screamed, the glorious cock of their growing Fatherlord continued to expand further and further while he returned his attentions to the little muscle wizard.

In fact, not even one of the present Sons of Strength has managed to stay woken to witness the end of Konstantin’s uncanny transformation, none of them had any regrets, because their merciful monstrous Lord Protector decided to wait for them to wake up and show them the monumental results.

Theyon and Taryon were hugging, as they usually slept after sex, but Gael stood between them, not to mention that the young Lysias stood there as well, his engorged cock resting in the crack of the Mage Regent’s butt.

The four of them seem to notice at the same time they were actually sleeping across the monumental chest of their Fatherlord.

“Heh, it was about time you’ve decided to wake up! Not that I mind holding you over me, but it’s just pointless because you’re so light!” The deep powerful voice was the best way to gift the shocked worshippers

“FATHERLORD!” They all screamed as the humongous embrace lifted all of them from the bed.

“Geesh, since when did you guys get so small?” The immense leader chuckled as he noticed that each one of his Sons of Strength had been significantly enhanced by the gifts of Lysias.

Gael had packed at least 20 hard pounds of muscle; his body was much more ripped and muscular, which complimented his delicate looks.

Theyon and Taryon added at least 100 pounds of the same alabaster thick, green veined, smooth muscle quality to that already impressive frame, which made them about 380 pounds of impressively hard muscle, and now each one loved to blow their flames while they breathed, savoring their unearthed magic qualities such as being able to breathe fire and not burn the linen while they did so.

Even Lysias seemed to benefit from his own traits, since his own body improved muscle wise, with much bigger proportions, especially on his amazing chest, that now filled the magic tunic Gael gave him in such a sensual way, his heavy manly hemispheres of muscular fibers sensually deposited their weighty slightly exaggerated contours on the magic fabric that made them look even more amazing.

But none of these enhancements meant squat when compared to the uncanny transformation on the Almighty Emperor Konstantin Blackmore, Fatherlord Protector of the Aligned Nations.

Those four Sons of Strength laid in the monumentally large Imperial Bed were easily eclipsed by the ginormous muscular fortress that stood above them, a magnificent mature man of alabaster skin, raven dark beard and body hair, while his shaved head only seemed smaller compared to the immense size of augmented bulk.

Konstantin looked down at his Sons of Strength and grinned, he was so proud of the valiant, prodigious and incredibly dedicated partners he had chosen for his ultimate venture. Then, Fatherlord Protector stood above them and his voice sounded deeper than ever.

“As you have probably realized, my Enchanted little Flower Lad’s gift work better when he is overwhelmed by his lustful nature, and for that reason, while I fucked you all into submission, his muscle growth milk had much stronger results.”

The Impure Knight chuckled when he noticed the three wizards already reading their measurement spells, easily cancelling their conjurations with his much stronger and more experienced magical aura.

“Let me do the telling of my new size this time, little boys. Your Fatherlord has never been so happy with the results of an enhancement session. I am now 8’ tall, which is a gain of 15 inches in my height, but given the fact I now stand at 7’6” wide, it clearly indicates that my muscular augmentation is the most significant increment on my bodily evolution.”

The undisputed ruler of the Protectorate just stood at his enormous full height and started displaying his unearthed massive physique.

“You are right again my Firstborn, because I have more than doubled my former weight which you had just measured. I now weigh 1,834 pounds of hard manly muscle!”

Fatherlord just kept chuckling, noticing the shocked expression at his Sons of Strength, because all of them quickly associated such uncanny stats with those of Drokul, the Conqueror of the Eastern Seas.

“That’s right, my boys. I am already heavier than Drokul stood at the end of his very long life, which means my Enchanted One is by far much more graceful and powerful than the legendary Vaelon, in the future he will be known as the most amazing Phaedrus in the world, the one who took The Emperor into new heights of muscularity!”

Lysias blushed intensely as one of the Twinlords kissed him in the cheeks from both sides and Gael gently planted a brotherly kiss on his forehead, they all thanked the Phaedrus for making their Leader even bigger and more masculine in such record time.

The brilliant mind on Gael feasted on such details.

“Fatherlord, these are great news! Your bone structure has been clearly increased to allow more muscular growth, my liege. Your anatomy has changed dramatically, your shoulders are so amazing and boulder sized, the size on your legs…the massiveness of your chest, the powerful displayed by your neck development, the width on your deltoids, the uncanny shoulder/waist ratio.”

“Oh, you don’t know half of it, pretty one. My muscles have gained inhuman proportions, because no longer I depend on such limited condition. My neck is 36 inches around, and my chest is 1420 inches, my calves are 62 inches, I’ve got 78 inches around on each of my biceps and 85 inches on those tree trunk monster pillars of manly muscle…”

They noticed the uncanny valleys of muscle covered by the incredible manly forest of thick dark hair that still couldn’t hide the impressive thickness and definition of such humongous physique. The Four Sons of Strength were so excited about the incredible size of their glorious leader, but Konstantin knew something that would wipe those smiles from their faces, or at least would put an even bigger one.

“… and speaking of pillars of manly muscle, this wondrous new cock beast of mine is now 27 inches long, and powerfully thick at 13 inches around.”
They were all hypnotized about the immensity of their monstrous father, and Konstantin just pointed at Lysias.

“You will make me even bigger, Enchanted One. I’m gonna become everything that Eldritch has never dreamed of being, because he never had a Phaedrus at his side.”

The Sons of Strength just nodded along their glorious Fatherlord Protector, they already carved for another enhancement session, when all of a sudden, everyone, with the exception of Lysias felt terribly bad.

The monstrous Emperor looked at his Mage Regent and the Twinlords of Elven Arcana, their bond through Spellpool served a powerful mental link with each member.

“Marduk fell unconscious during a battle.” Konstantin said in a grave voice. “The Storm Giants have betrayed our Peace Treaty.”

“We can see that Tristan and Blake are still standing, but they are facing grave danger in the battlefield, surrounded by Dragon Riders and their armies.” The Twinlords of Elven Arcana spoke very gently.

Lysias was scared. “Is it Eldritch, sir? Has he come for us?”

Gael gently hugged his brother. “It is not the Behemoth, neither his Chosen Ones. Our Brothers were caught on their way to meet with Fatherlord, because unlike me and The Twinlords, they are not spellcasters. They were trapped, and only one stupid bastard would try something so desperate…”

Konstantin just clinched his fist and the muscle flexed so hard, his massive arms produced the same green and blue flames that he shared with the elven wizards.

“Conrad… you’re already dead!” The Emperor said with such anger that his own Sons of Strength felt already sorry for the one who unleashed the Fury of the Black Knight upon Commonwealth once again.

To be continued