A (Very Peculiar) Civil Action 2

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Myles kept growing and moaning, his muscles expanding so much larger and even more monstrous, but Brad seemed aloof about this extraordinary event, all he cared about was winning this case. The court officers asked him and his enormous client to leave the courtroom for safety reasons – their safety reasons – but Phelps just undermined the order.

“Look at this guy, he’s not even hearing us, can’t you see his muscles growing bigger? Do you really think that if we succeed in taking him out, will he ever be able get back inside through that tiny door again?” – The young lawyer had and excellent argument, so the officers decided to “let it go” and left the room. It was now just the ambitious young lawyer and his behemoth client. They really needed that time for a private conference.

“OH SHIT! IT FEELS SOOOOOO FUCKING GOOD!” – Myles moaned as his muscles grew bigger and more powerful, the sound of the remaining fabric pieces being ripped out of his grotesque muscles, although now he didn’t look as ridiculous with a reminder of shirt that barely reached his lower abdominal boulders and pathetic pants that barely reached his knees, all that power and muscle were covered by a soon-to-give-up enormous jockstrap. The outrageous sound of his stretching skin and the crack of his bones adjusting to his new size were really shocking, but his counselor didn’t seem so impressed.

“Shut up you moron! We want them to believe you’re suffering with all of this!” Phelps tried to poke the arm on the behemoth but it was simply useless, it was like trying to pinch a bronze statue.

“But I’m suffering, Brad, I’m suffering so much… can’t you come here to make my suffering a bit easier?” – Said the gargantuan man with an evil grin in his lips, as his paws reached around the much smaller figure of the advocate, who suddenly had a really unexpected reaction.

“Get your hands of me you horny gorilla!” – Phelps tried to fight those enormous fingers that already wrinkled his beloved suit, but soon he had been involved by those enormous arms, truth to be told, just one arm was more than enough to involve the much smaller frame of the lawyer. Myles looked at him with lust print in his eyes.

“Come on babe, just a little fun, you like when your monster man grows bigger don’t you?” – the behemoth no longer seemed that innocent, pity-earning loser that cried in front of the jury so conveniently. The lawyer couldn’t fight against the sheer strength of those muscles, but he still tried his sharpest weapon.

“Sure, babe, maybe later when we go to jail for perjury you can figure out one way to pay for all the things you owe, but at least you won’t have to worry about paying for your own food huh?” – Phelps ironic face somehow dragged Myles from the lustful trance he underwent once he had been hit by another growth spurt. Still, his muscles expanded and Brad could feel them pressing against his own body. It was hard to overlook his own erection, but the young attorney had much bigger things to worry now, things just as big as his client.

“I’m sorry, I lost my control, but you know me, I have this urge…” Myles placed his counselor back at the floor and looked around him. – “Where is everybody?”

Phelps smirked – “Boy, when those spurts hit you, you really turn off to the rest of the world huh?” – The lawyer seemed a bit less angry now, he tapped the enormous hands of his client – “I asked for a recess, they should be back in an hour, until then you’d better stay here, I don’t know how much bigger you’ll get, but I’m sure that passing through that door again is not gonna work on our favor this time…”

Myles finally noticed that he was virtually naked in the courtroom.

“Can I try that other suit now?”

“Yeah, you can’t be like that during session…” – Replied the advocate trying to be act as cool as he could in front of the sheer monstrosity that he lusted so much after.

“Since you can’t go to the bathroom I think you’ll have to dress it right here” – The lawyer just opened a huge case he had strategically placed under his desk, and took another oversized suit.

“Erm… Brad… Isn’t it a crime or something?” – Callahan asked holding the enormous version of male clothing.

Phelps tried not thinking about this possibility, he just ordered his monster sized client to make it quick but careful.

“You’d better squeeze inside this very carefully, hopefully this is even bigger than the one you ripped, but I don’t think it’ll hold another unexpected growth spurt, and you know how fucking expensive those clothes are!”

“Yeah, but these were free, I just needed to let the guy take my measures, and voila!”

Myles laughed out loud as he tried to figure a way to pass his humongous and still growing thighs through the “tiny” whole of the pant legs. Bradley just nodded along as he kept pondering about the latest facts on this unique trial.

After he somewhat successfully managed to get inside the little space of his new clothing, Myles remembered the earlier moments of his case, and he couldn’t help but chuckling – “You were right about making an impacting entrance, the judge almost had a heart attack when he saw me!” Even the giggling sound on such powerful man really felt intimidating, but Phelps wouldn’t celebrate until he had won the case.

“Yeah, but we have to focus on this Trey Valleys guy. Why have you never mentioned him to me when we were planning the case strategy?” Brad asked clearly in a tone that mixed surprise and jealous.

Myles blushed – “Well, you see, you were always in court, and I wanted to make him suffer for refusing to date me ever since we met during my studies in France, I decided to tease him in my new size, you know how I like doing that, but how would I imagine the guy would fall for me? He went bananas with my muscles, he painted me in his pictures, he sculpted my torso and my cock, and he just assumed we were in love, but I gotta tell you, his blowjobs are FAN-TAS-TIC! Myles opened his immense arms to state the growing quality of his compliments towards Trey’s expertise for oral sex.

“Still, why have you mentioned about the law suit?” – Phelps took some notes as Myles seemed to be more worried with his still lasting growth spurt – “How much bigger do you think I am getting this time?”

“We’ll find that soon enough, now, how come the cute guy knows so much about our law suit?” – Brad dragged the attention of his enormous man.

“Oh, babe, you know me, once guys are worshipping my muscles I just talk like a parrot! I love bragging about my tiny guys and their incredible help…”

Brad waved his head – “You are a real idiot! Can’t you keep your cock inside your pants for one moment?”

Myles blushed – “There aren’t pants big enough to keep it inside!” – Pointing to the enormous bulge that even those much bigger pants showed. Once he got into a full erection that would soon rip as well.

Brad faked a laughter – “Very funny, but we still have to deal with the hottie, he can make our situation pretty bad, the judge might think you lied during your deposition”

“Well, you were the one that told me to say that I scared the women!” – Myles tried to get away of the situation, but his lawyer wouldn’t even bother to such minor discussion.

“Bottom line, we gotta make sure his deposition doesn’t seem so creditable to the jury.”

“How are you gonna do this?” Callahan asked feeling a little worried.

“Well, I’ll try my best, but it’s you who’ll be the main responsible for our success” – Phelps’ smile once again gained the same clever expression.

“Me?” the behemoth man gulped.

“Yes, Myles, now pay attention, we’re gonna have to play dead for a while, they’ll come after you once they’re done with Trey, and that’s when you’re gonna crush those sharks!” – Brad was so thrilled by the cleverness of his own plan that he didn’t mind to plant a kiss right on the lips of his colossal client/lover, since Myles had bent his enormous grotesque body in order to listen carefully to the instructions of his counselor/boy toy.

Judge Thompson had used this recess to go thought the main parts of the case. Myles Callahan had been involved in an accident with a truck from ChemTech Labs and afterwards he developed these unusual growth spurts, after each one his body just gets more and more grotesque, developing into levels that were so far humanly impossible. Not only his body augmented muscle-wise but also taller, a side-effect that had been causing a tremendous revolution on this man’s life – he can’t find clothes, furniture, anything that fits his ever growing body.

Based on such facts, Callahan had made a claim of 25 million dollars against ChemTech from which over 8 million were for expenses with damages caused in several restaurants, clothing stores, parking lots, the City Hall, the American Society of Antiquaries, dozens of neighbors whose houses and other properties had been damaged or completely destroyed by Myles’ clumsy behavior. 10 million were estimated for keeping the expenses of food and necessary cares with his enormous body and a constant medical team in order to follow his health and condition. Finally 7 million were for the pain and the turbulence caused by ChemTech and their irresponsible conduction of the events, since according to the plaintiff his life had turned into havoc, he had lost any financial, emotional or social stability; and on top of everything else, he might even die because of his constant bodily transformation.

On the hand, ChemTech said that although they were willing to offer a fair amount, the plaintiff was just trying to obtain more than he was entitled, since his life was not destroyed as he wanted the jury believe, in fact, according to the physical tests, Myles was each day healthier and his body seemed to adapt very well to the constant changes, plus, he could pursue a phenomenal success as a bodybuilder or s strongman competitor, in fact, ChemTech itself would be willing to offer a very promising job position as their spokesperson, his life might have changed, thus he could count with the help of the company to get back in track, but they wouldn’t be willing to turn him into a millionaire after all he had been blessed with gifts that mankind would never be able to reach so soon. Myles Callahan was a blessed man not a real victim, everything that happened in his life after the incident could only be considered as enhancement for his life quality.

Thompson couldn’t believe how contradictory the claims were written, in one side Myles was described as a poor victim; on the other they said that in the end everything was much better now for the massive grotesque muscle freak. Thompson knew that everything would depend on the trial, and so far it had been a roller-coaster, although he noticed both parties had clear weaknesses on their arguments, everything would depend on how well the lawyers would persuade that jury – and thus, the magistrate carefully analyzed the jurors profiles – the 12 men came from many different social backgrounds, as usual, but they also have strong connections. 6 were single 4 were divorced and 2 were widowers, not even one married guy. Only four among these men hadn’t completed High School and 5 have graduated from college. There were no doctors, nurses, psychologists or any profession that involved any knowledge about human physiology or behavior. Although their age gap between the youngest at 22 years old and the eldest at 59, the fact that all jurors were male suddenly sounded “logical” according to the lawyers tactics – if the life of this man had changed so much, men would understand such drastic changes in a deeper level, at least to be easier convinced about any version of the story.

Thomson’s office had a really privileged location inside the Court of Justice’s building, assuring the judge privacy and calm, safe from the courtroom in the wildest and busiest forum days, however, despite all the amazing events, it had been a very tranquil day so far in the rest of the Court of Justice.

Just then, the bailiff knocked on the door nervously, Gerald told him to come in, already noticing the commotion on the hallways.

“Your honor, it’s ran out of our control, you have to do something about all those press people…”

Thompson smacked his head – “The vultures!” he repeated as he gathered his walking crane, walking outside his room with a furious expression, while the bailiff supported his other arm. The hallways were filled with curious people; reporters of the local news shows, photographers; even lawyers and parties of other cases were dying to see the “plaintiff monster”. As soon as they saw the peculiar case’s judge limping down the hallway, a real swarm of journalists surrounded the skinny helpless magistrate and his bailiff.

“Judge Thompson, is that true that Myles Callahan is a mutant?” – asked a brunette lady sticking her microphone into Gerald’s face.

“How many more of these abominations did ChemTech cause?” – The authoritarian voice of another reporter caught the judge’s attention while he was trying to ignore everyone.

“Is it safe for the people to be near him? Doesn’t the beast need some kind of restraining?” – The questions seemed to be made in unison; the judge could barely focus his own thoughts.

“Listen, this case is no longer open to the general public; you’d better pack your stuff and get out of my courtroom before the officers are forced to take any providence!” – Threatened the judge, but the reporters just ignored his words and kept popping question after question.

“How many malls did Callahan destroyed so far?”

“Are there any lethal victims of the gargantuan muscle beast?”

Thompson walked amongst the reporters, using his crane to cut through the people, he was getting each time angrier about that case, especially when he saw Bradley Phelps giving some kind of “press conference” in the hall.

“Ladies and gentlemen, please don’t judge the book by the cover, my client may look as a menace to you now, and he sure did cause a lot of damages to our community, but it was not his intention, Myles simply has no control of his ever growing strength, muscles and size, right now he’s literally trapped inside the courtroom because he can’t get out without breaking the main wall. The real monster is not he former antique dealer who lost the job because he destroyed everything he owned, but the greedy company that refuses to pay for all the pain and suffering it had caused to my client!” – Phelps said with theatrical skills that could win him any award.

“Mr. Phelps, were you the one who called the press?” – The judge barked at the lawyer.

“Your honor, I can guarantee you it was not me or my client who alerted the press!” Phelps sounded suddenly offended with that question, but the judge also knew that anyone in that room could have blabbed during the recess. He looked at the bailiff and commanded vigorously.

“Get the court officers, the police, the army anything you can think of, but I don’t want any reporter inside this building once this court restarts!”

“Yes your honor, I’ll try my best!” – The bailiff said fearing that if he failed on the judge all his rage would suddenly find a perfect target to be discharged. Immediately, he ran to get reinforcements as the judge entered his private room to prepare for the session. Gerald was really pissed with all the noise and commotion the media would cause in this case, it usually made things much bigger than they were, although in that case it seemed virtually impossible.

Thompson didn’t even bothered to wait for the customary “All rise…” – he just entered the now crowded room, telling people to sit down as fast as he could, there was such a loud noise and commotion inside the courtroom now, that trial could last for months, but no one seemed to be bothered about that.

“Holly Mother of God, this guy is even bigger!” Judge Thompson thought as he reached his place, already the room was crowded, the gossips about the huge muscle giant sat on the floor of Courtroom B spread fast around the city, and Myles Callahan only proved the rumors to be false, because now he only looked bigger and even more grotesque. The judge called the lawyers at his table for a brief talk.

“Are you sure this is safe to be here? If your client grows any bigger Mr. Phelps I don’t think this building is strong enough!”

“Your honor, he usually grows three to five times per day now, according to him it was the 5th time today, so no other spurt is expected, but we can’t let this case without a final decision, the life of my client depends on that!” – Bradley said with a pleading tone, which proved to succeed this time.

“Farewell, the court is in session. The defendant may continue examining the witness Trey Valleys.” – Thompson said as he looked for the young man’s face among the crowded audience. Soon, the handsome hunk was back at the witnesses’ bench. Winston Powell took the lead.

“Mister Valleys, according to the records you said that you were here to help your allegedly lover Myles Callahan, because you didn’t agree with the lies he was instructed to tell the jury right?”

“Objection. Your honor, Mister Valleys never said my client was lying to the jury!” – Phelps knew he couldn’t let that pass otherwise he would be in serious danger. Thompson looked into his eyes and then back at the silver haired man –

“Sustained. Please rephrase your affirmation, Mr. Powell” – Grunted the magistrate.

Powell sighed – “Trey, can you tell the jury how exactly the plaintiff would be instructed to tell lies?”

“His lawyer wanted him to say that he felt miserable being the way he is. But it can’t be true, Myles’ body is the most powerful work of art nature ever created. He is pure perfection, he feels really good about his immense size and he loves the power his muscles give him!” – Trey spoke very slowly and Brad felt the grin on Powell’s face plunging into his heart.

“So, Mister Callahan was instructed to tell the jury he was miserable even when he felt absolutely fine with his peculiar size and dimensions, is that right?”

“That’s correct” – Trey said looking with big puppy eyes into Myles’ tiny head.

“No further questions your honor!” – The defendant lawyer took his seat as Brad approached the handsome young man.

“Mister Valleys, you and my client are really that intimate aren’t you?”

“Yes, we are lovers.” – Valleys repeated with a somewhat unexpected fury of the questioning lawyer.

“I see, and do you live together with my client?” Brad asked pretending he didn’t understand the sudden reason for rage on Trey’s voice tone.

Trey looked at Myles but the monstrosity of his pecs helped the humongous plaintiff to focus solely on the valleys of his muscular shelves. – “Erm… no I don’t live with Myles, but I offered him to move in with me…” – Trey said at once and Brad felt even more satisfied with his loss of calm.

“So, if you asked him to move in with you, then why do you think he refused? Doesn’t he feel the same way towards you?” The young lawyer asked with devilish grin.

“No it’s not that! Myles love me, he really does! He just didn’t want to move in with me because…” Trey punched the desk and almost lots his temper, but it was too late now.

“Because of what Mister Valleys?” – Phelps placed his two hands on the desk the witness had just punched.

Trey gasped but his words came out loud and clear the same way – “Because he was afraid he might destroy my house….”

Brad spun in his heels with majesty – “So you’re telling the jury that albeit the undying love my client felt for you, he deliberately chose not to be with you, because he was afraid of destroying your place – and we can imagine this destruction would be caused by his ever growing muscles and strength right?”

Powell tried – “Objection, your honor, he’s assuming facts from deposition!”

Thompson looked at him – “And how else would the client be able to destroy a house, Mister Powell? Overruled!”

Bradley continued his interrogatory – “Mr. Valleys, did you confront your allegedly lover about his denial on your invitation?”

“Yes, I did, many times in fact!” – The hunky man with Latin features confessed.

“And did you ever got upset about his refusal?” Brad prepared for the final blow.

“Very much, we even had a major discussion about that. He said…” Valleys suddenly realized that he had dug his own cove.

“Yes…” – Brad just pointed his hands to the jury who kept listening the deposition of the unexpected witness.

“That he loved me too much to destroy my house or hurt me with his muscles, but… but I didn’t mind, it’s just a house, and I’m sure he would take care with me….” Valleys finished his speech and Bradley walked through the courtroom.

“Mister Trey, are you aware to the fact that most of the times my client can’t control his strength, what to say in the moments he might be engaged in a intimate moment?”

“Yes, I am”

“Did it by any chance happen to you? Did my client accidentally hurt you when you were being intimate?” Phelps knew he was on fire.

Trey looked at the judge and the oath he took. “A couple of times, but I knew it wasn’t his fault!”

“What happened to you in these couple of times?”

“I broke a rib and then I dislodged my shoulder…” – He confessed with a saddening tone and the ChemTech Labs’ lawyers moved impatiently on their chairs.

“Did my client help you through these moments?” Phelps prepared for his grand finale

“He wished, but… he couldn’t get on the ambulance with me…”

“Was that the reason why he broke up with you mister Valleys? Because he couldn’t see you getting hurt every time he tried to show some affection towards you?” – Brad knew it was over, but he savored the look on the handsome jealousy man.

“He wanted to break up, but I couldn’t accept this! Myles is the best lover a man can have! He’s so nice, so tender and he is beautiful, his muscles don’t scare me, he can’t be miserable for being so huge and powerful…”

Brad looked at the judge – “We are here to prove so, Mister Valleys, but you may take your seat now.

Trey was escorted on his way out but he jumped on Myles’ desk and grabbed the massive muscles on the monstrous man – “Please forgive me, my love! I just couldn’t let you feel bad about your huge muscles!” Callahan tried his best to stay impassive to that scene, he just flexed his pectoral muscles and Trey fell heavenly on the desk.

“I’m sorry Trey, I love you but I can’t take any chances to hurt you or any one…” – His voice was low, sad, and even a bit too childish. In other words it was perfect! The gargantuan man approached his enormous hand that was over twice the size of Valleys’ head and almost touched his beautiful hair.

“You must go now, please…” – That was everything Brad had expected from Callahan’s acting and much more, all those years that he spent studying drama finally paid off. Even to the eyes of the exclusively male jury, the sadness and disappointment on Myles’ face was clear.

George Thompson used his hammer once again to call for order, Trey walked out of the room mortified with the way his giant former lover treated him – “The plaintiff may call another witness!” said the magistrate to resume the session.

“Thanks your honor, I call to the bench, Mr. Edmund Garcia, please!” Dr. Garcia stood and walked to the witness bench, he was a middle aged man with average height and built, his hair was salt and pepper but still very strong and sometimes the heavy locks covered part of his face. Garcia wore very nice styled glasses that composed his refined presence, he was one of the greatest sports physician in the nation, his patients were NFL champions, star baseball players, bodybuilders, marathon’s competitors, and all kinds of high-performance athletes.

“Dr. Garcia, you have signed the chart describing the growth spurts that overtake Mr. Callahan’s body. Could you explain us with a bit more detail, what is going on with my client’s body?” – Bradley asked squeezing his eyes so he would give the jury the impression that they would have to pay close attention to such explanation as well.

“Well, basically, his body had been overexposed to some kind of experimental component that altered the chemical composition of his cells – It’s still not entirely clear, at least for me and my clinical staff, but it is strongly connected with the chemical alterations we noticed on the Y gene of his cells; it reacted with the agents on the product he had been exposed to.” Edmund started his explanation in his calm voice with a slight and yet charming accent.

“And how this change can cause all these changes on his body?” Phelps continued.

“His Y gene somehow had overtaken the command of his anabolic functions, our theory is that Mr. Callahan’s organism is locked in some kind of feedback system – the more his body develops, the further his gene commands his body to grow.” Garcia explained with a grave look.

Bradley walked around the room getting closer to his enormous client, who even sat on the ground was still taller by at least 1 whole foot, but over five times wider.

“Dr. Garcia, can you please tell us, laymen, what kind of phenomena does your growth chart express?”

“It’s pretty simple. When Mr. Callahan first went to my clinic he was 5’9 and ¼ inches tall, weighing 243 pounds, and you can see that he only had a total body fat percentage under 5, which is remarkable even for a professional bodybuilder. On his next appointment, three days later, he was already 5’10 and ½ inches tall weighing 266 pounds, his body fat dropped 15% from its previous reading in just three days, and according to the bone density test I’ve ran his bones were over 520% than a high performance athlete.” Edmund said showing the parts on the graphic that displayed such information.

“I see… So these sudden growth spurts kept changing his body. How much heavier and taller can each of them augment Myles Callahan?”

“Well, Mr. Phelps, that’s rather difficult to answer. You see, as soon as tried to track the growth development I noticed that his growth spurts were not only getting closer from each other but they were growing in arithmetic progression. This means that each time they happened they got stronger. For instance, only his very next growth spurt provided a total of 2 and ½ inches of height increase and another 40 pounds. The other week those spurts were adding at least 4 whole inches and over 60 pounds.” Gracia commented as he showed next parts of his technical reports.

“What about his strength? Did it increase as well?”

“It not only increased but it assumed standards on its own, up to his third testing, Myles showed results much stronger than every world record, but after that we could simply no longer measure his strength in human terms, we started to compare him with animals like, gorillas, lions, and finally elephants, but still his body increased his strength amazingly after each growth, to the point that from the last 5 sessions we could no longer obtain any result because there was no way we could safely measure the patient’s condition, he had not only destroyed all the appliances on my clinic but he had also demolished the build where we used to test him.” Edmund took of his glasses and dried it in a white soft cloth.

“Can you tell the jury your conclusions about my client’s condition?” Phelps walked towards the jury with theatrical expertise.

“I think that’s Mr. Callahan’s body is not just growing each time bigger and stronger, his entire genetic code is being reprogrammed by his mutant Y gene, something that is beyond daily medicine, and I’m not sure we’ll be able to provide the assistance his condition requires, due to the lack of knowledge in this area. So far, his organism had showed no greater side-effects besides the augmentation of the penile body and testicles circumferences, increase of libido and overall secondary male characteristics, although his bone structure and internal organs seem to join his growth spurts, I don’t know for how long they’ll keep up with his constant augmentation. In the worst scenario, Mr. Callahan could perish due to the crushing of his vital organs by his crescent muscular development.”

“Dr. Garcia, Myles had just been through his latest growth spurt, since we already have the necessary equipment, would you be kind enough to take his measurements again?” – Phelps asked with an angelical tone.

“Objection! You honor, I don’t think it’s necessary to lose the time to measure the plaintiff, he’s by any standards HUGE!” – One of the assistant lawyers said from his desk, but Thompson was merciless – “This is clearly very important for my case, your honor, although my colleague already admits that Myles is HUGE, I want to proof that he isn’t done growing yet…!” Phelps replied while Garcia and the wondrous Callahan walked to the veterinarian scale system.

“Overruled!” – Thompson grunted, truth was that the judge was dying to know how much bigger than behemoth had gotten as well.

Edmund took the weigh and the height measures on Myles, but then Phelps pointed to a very important detail but this time. That strategy would surely help him to win this case in one way or another.

“Your honor may I come to the bench?” – Asked the young lawyer.

The judge nodded and soon the Powell joined them.

“Your honor, I would like to ask Dr. Garcia for a more detailed checkup. So the good doctor could measure the size on Myles’ amazing chest, arms, legs, etc. But in order to do that, he needs to be in less formal clothing….” He explained very slowly.

“What is your point counselor?” – The other advocate said a bit nervous.

“Well, I need this evidence but the only way my client can get out of his clothing is ripping them from his colossal body, however he doesn’t have another piece of suit to cover his grotesque proportions…”

“What exactly do you intend with this absurd request Mr. Phelps?” The judge felt his eyes almost popping out, his own heart beating increasing exponentially.

“I want your permission for my client to remain in the court wearing his posing trunks!” Phelps said at once.

“WHAT?” The judge repeated in a loud girly tone that made most of the people on the crowded room burst into laughter.

Phelps waited for the room to be fully immersed in the commotion, then he approached the judge even closer – “Your honor, I can assure you it’s not indecent, just an appropriate clothing for such humongous dimensions such as my client body’s. He’ll be more comfortable, and even if he goes trough another spurt, he’ll not rip from another piece of clothing. So I’m just trying to avoid another recession…”

Winston was almost fuming through his head – “Your honor, you’re not considering this absurd are you?”

The judge never looked so doubtful in his career. He gazed upon the chaotic room, but he couldn’t imagine what to do next.

“Mr. Phelps, if you want to measure your client you may do it, but he’ll have to be clothed for that! Now let’s move along!” – The judge hit his hammer against his desk “Order! Order, if this continues I’ll have this room evacuated!”

Brad nodded his head – “As you wish, Your Honor, I’ll have my client measured by Doctor Garcia then, thank you and sorry for the commotion!” – The lawyer went straight to his client who still stood up on the scale and then the famous physician.

“Dr. Garcia, would you be kind to measure his stats as well? I would like the jury to know how torturing it is for my client to find any clothes at all!”

“But he’s …” – Edmund tried to alert but Phelps blinked at him very discretely.

“Farewell!” Said the doctor as his helpers grabbed the ladder and the custom made appliances with which Edmund would be able to read Myles’ unique proportions. Meanwhile, Phelps approached his client, pretending to cough he managed to cover his lips as he mouthed to the massive Myles “FLEX!”

“According to this, Mr. Callahan is now 9’9” tall, he weighs….2239 pounds” – The doctor said and this time all the “audience” went “ OHHHHHHHHHH” at the annunciation of such inhuman stats. As Dr. Garcia moved up to measure his chest, Myles inhaled and flexed his monstrous torso – which caused the buttons on his already ultra tight shirt to pop out one after the other.

Soon, the sewing lines on the sides of the shirt were being pressed by the expanding size of the humongous lats that fought along for more space, the collar of the shirt was already stretched to the max, but still the inhumanly tall deltoids pushed further as their veins also popped along the monstrous body, Myles head seemed eclipsed my his muscles as they flexed higher and thicker, in a very grotesque real live version of cartoon muscular characters. His shoulders grew even higher than his head, and they seemed much wider as well. The special measuring appliance was not just a measuring tape but a modern laser gadget that was very precise.

“Chest is at 163 inches around!” Garcia announced as he noticed that Myles shirt had been completely outgrown, but still his muscles kept flexing. A really cloud of pulverized fabric covered the doctor as he reached for the mighty arms, which still were poorly covered by what had once been shirt sleeves.

The flexing wave reached the powerful mountainous arms of Mighty Myles, and suddenly the same thing that happened to his shirt again exploded in his arms, the triceps base desperately busted growing massively wide and hard to meet the base of Myles’ traps, and the two might muscles fought for more space, meanwhile the biceps guns shot through towards the roof and peaked gigantically, the veins popped out like huge pythons squeezing their powerful girths around mighty massive buffalos, the result was an epiphany of manhood power that made even the serious Dr. Garcia gasp.

“T-that’s 125 and ¾ inches!” Announced the doctor and suddenly the courtroom B had turned into the audience on Olympia Weekend competitions. People cheered and screamed Myles’ name like he was on stage during pre-judging.

Next were his thighs, and Myles didn’t need much to get free from the remaining parts of those oversized yet very tight pants – just a few shakes of his muscles were able to shred the clothing before he finally flexed them, creating an aftershock wave that apparently moved through the crowd and made a weak hearted watchers to pass out. Garcia took his time to take the measurement this time, because not only those pillars were monstrously unearthed, but the package on that behemoth somehow felt jealousy for all the attention his muscles were getting and decided to show its enormity as well, soon Garcia was facing a throbbing cock restrained only by a flimsy golden fabric, that couldn’t hide the massive outline of the impressive girth on the humongous member. The balls churned with heavy sounds as they squeezed out of the posing trunks, the size on each one dwarfed Garcia’s own head. The appliance read the numbers but Garcia would never dare to say that Myles’ cock reached 28” in length and 17” in girth.

Everybody on the courtroom was in shock. There was no answer fast enough for all those ridiculous numbers, and once the freaking giant was virtually naked at the courtroom, his body glistening with all the lights and the euphoria state in which the colossal man found himself. The jury members were astonished, the counter-part lawyers were perplexed, even the powerful Daniel Lassiter found himself incredibly drawn into the sheer power of that colossus of muscle.

Judge Thompson had been erect during sessions before, but mostly because of the orgasmic feeling his own power gave him, but now it was different, he felt incredibly aroused because of how inferior he was compared to that humongous man – a wonder of nature, a powerful creature that made him and any other man look ridiculously frail. But he was still, Judge Thompson and he would never let such thing happen on his court room.

“MISTER PHELPS, WHAT HAVE I TOLD YOU ABOUT THIS?” Barked the judge, but Phelps seemed as surprised as him.

“Your honor, I did exactly what you asked. But his muscles are too big now, they ripped his clothing in any way… You have to understand his condition Judge Thompson, my client is a freak and it meant he can’t always correspond at society’s expectations!”

Thompson grunted, the annoying noises of the cell phone cameras filled the room as Myles stood there trying to cover his monstrous manhood with his massive hands, curving his glorious bubble butt he looked even more massive.

“OOPS! I’M SORRY!” he boomed as his face went red, but his body had never looked so massive and so powerful before.

The grumpy magistrate had no other choice, he could have the both of them arrested but it would only drag this trial for days, and right now all he needed was to put his thoughts together. “This court is recession and shall recommence tomorrow at 8. am!”

The doors were opened but no one left, quite the contrary, lots of people squeezed into he room to see the colossal monster of muscles that everybody commented.

Phelps grabbed his suitcase and walked to his client. “Well, big boy, looks like it’s media time!” – The lawyer said smiling but Myles still felt embarrassed for being naked in front of strangers.

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