A (Very Peculiar) Civil Action 3

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Needless to say that it was a very busy rest of day for both lawyer and his massive client. They were on literally every local news show, giving interviews to the TV programs which not only begged but also offered lots of money for exclusivity on the fantastic story. However, Brad managed the negotiations with incredible skills and was able to lift a very considerable amount in such short period of time, without compromising his potential gains with the law suit. Bottom line: the world had been exposed to Myles’ story and was suddenly fascinated by the humongous monster with a sweet face and crying eyes.

Myles, on the other hand, had to pass through a whole battery of feats of strength requests – he lifted dozens of 18 wheeler trucks in a huge pile, not just that, but he undermined his own recently done feat by accomplishing the same amazing display this time only one handed. Meanwhile, Callahan took the chance to tell the journalists over and over about the circumstances which involved his unusual accident, which proved to be an irony of his story, since it had been a similar truck that caused all that change in his life – and now Myles was being broadcasted over national television toying with dozens of such humongous vehicles.

Myles’ former house had been also showed; and several re-enactments of the way it had been destroyed thanks to the monster’s immense body – most of his neighbors were quickly located and they were eager to tell in details how the behemoth crashed their own homes while doing the most mundane sort of things. Callahan’s strength was once again tested in various scenarios and the huge goliath had to explain that although he tried really hard, his muscles would just give him so much strength, he couldn’t perform the simplest things as opening a faucet without destroying the whole sink and the wall plumbing, turning the lights on proved to be a hard task as well, since most of the time he simply demolished the wall.

Many specialists were called from all over the world to give their opinion on this unique case – All those sensationalist programs used Myles’ case like it would be the salvation of their decaying audience, and the huge monster proved to be really interesting to the general public. It didn’t take long until a few other men claimed to have the same condition, and even two or three girls appeared on national television to say that they were expecting Myles Callahan’s baby. In any case, that publicity boost certainly would bring public opinion to their side, so Brad didn’t mind bearing such harsh exposition, as long as they could win the case, everything else would be tolerated.

Back at his house, however, the lawyer just threw his cell phone aside because Bradley’s voice mail box was packed with working purposes for the Mighty Myles, very seductive figures had been blatantly flashed on their faces the whole day, but the lawyer knew that it would have to wait until that case was done, otherwise ChemTech could use it as leverage on the court. The counselor and his massive client were driven back home in a huge van, courtesy of one of the possible investors, the big vehicle in fact was given to them as a “token of their friendship”.

As much as he loved all the attention and the way the media seemed to be fascinated by Myles story, Phelps couldn’t be more exhausted in his life. He hadn’t sleep in days since he was preparing himself to this trial – now everything seemed a great mess in his modest house. But since Myles had moved in, everything was a mess pretty much constantly. Brad never felt so relived he got out of his suit and took a warm shower, dressed into his silk robe, ate whatever his enormous guest had left for him and finally got into his bed.

It was a quarter past midnight and soon he would have to be up to start all over again, but Phelps never considered the other events of that night. Myles stood in his “guest room” which was the middle of Phelps’ living room, where dozens of futons were arranged to give him at least a bit of comfort since no bed would ever bear his enormous weight. The humongous man rolled from side to side, but although his mind was tired, his body was on fire. He had been flexing and lifting all day since he left court and having people comparing their tiny muscles against his, people climbing upon him like he was a three, guys admiring his enormity, TV hosts making very intimate questions and commenting on the size of his muscles and package. Nothing that Myles hadn’t really enjoyed, but it’s been so sudden, before he was a shock anywhere he went, but now people know that he is “the Mighty Myles” and although they’re still shocked at his size, he is now seen as some kind of instant celebrity – and all that attention had a very familiar effect on the powerful gargantuan colossus.

Brad was heavily asleep when he felt his world being shaken back into reality.

“Come on, Brad, wake up!” – Myles used his pink finger to gently move him but truth was he was shaking the body on the frail lawyer like he was a piece of jello.

“W-what?” – The lawyer asked still feeling dizzy for all the agitation.

“Brad… I can’t sleep!” Myles claimed but his lawyer was still not able to come back from his embrace with Morpheus – “Oh, honey, please I’ll talk to you in the morning!”

But Myles needed Brad to look at him – “BRAD!” he shouted and the lawyer suddenly stood up, feeling instantly awake – “Myles, please, don’t need to yell, man, I mean… holly crap!” Phelps concluded as he saw the condition of his personal giant’s member.

“I need service tonight, Brad, a BIG one!” The behemoth ordered as he grabbed his immense dripping member – “Call the guys, tell them to bring me food and lots of supplements, I’m gonna work out all night long!”

“But, Myles, you know that we still have court session tomorrow, you’d better rest and save your energies, the guys on ChemTech never got the chance to inquire you, and you know how heavy they’ll come down on you…” – Phelps warned his humongous client, barely dragging himself from his bedroom he still couldn’t believe how massive that man had became so quickly, filling the entire living room as he squeezed into the kitchen.

“Fuck Brad, you know I need this! You know that if I am not serviced I can get pretty mad, and the destruction will be even bigger, people will really think I’m a dangerous monster you made me look!” – Callahan said as he ripped the fridge door after any left-over food.

Brad knew that was dangerous, Myles could be a very sweet and mannered guy most of the time but when his muscles were in such condition he just became a fearsome alpha male. He grabbed his cell phone and searched through the names.

“Who would you like to be serving you tonight Myles?”

Callahan considered the idea for one moment, but then he simply nodded.

“Just call them all, the one who misses tonight will never have the pleasure to worship me again! And don’t forget they have to bring me tons of food and supplements, and they better come quick, because I wanna eat, flex and be worshipped all night long!”

“As you wish, Myles” – Brad tried to sound more professional as he handled with Myles’ needs, but truth was that the humongous Callahan never ceased to amaze anyone, including his very smart lawyer.

Myles caressed Bradley’s face with the same enormous pinky finger that shook him out of his heavy sleep, admiring his determination, and especially his dedication towards his very needs, the lawyer looked not only extremely tired but he was indeed scared, however he was thrilled to spend another servicing night with massive muscle giant, and see what he would show them tonight.

Though some took a bit longer to answer, when Phelps told them it was an unexpected servicing call, the other guys just dropped everything they were doing to come along Phelps’ house, bringing everything the humongous Callahan had asked – lots of food which had to be specifically protein rich, lots of energetic dishes and low fat preparations, not to mention cases and cases of the most expensive supplements available on the market, of course not nearly as effective as the one who changed Myles in the first place, but they were only hoping that those would be enough to satiate Myles’ incredible hunger and lust for the time being.

Those invited men were brought their requested gifts like they were divine offers to their massive muscle God. Myles greeted them with a corky smile – he was in the pool yard, savoring the warm summer night, his enormous muscles only looked bigger over the moonlight. There were several men in the house, including Edmund Garcia, the famous physician who witnessed for Myles’ case earlier.

Tonight, however, Myles felt particular different. He had been doing tremendous feats of strength in front of cameras all day long; people had seen his immense muscles performing all kinds of unheard attempts of muscle strength and power. This whole day could be considered as foreplay for the enormously augmented antique dealer.

“Listen up, little guys! I know it’s a bit late, but I need servicing tonight, and you better make it GOOD, because I’m on fire tonight. I want you to worship me and feed me like Muscle God you know I am, until all of you come, but then we’ll just start all over again, I want you to give me all the pleasure I need with this massive body, the masterpiece of my monstrosity needs to be worshipped and who better than you, little scrawny guys to make it come true huh?” – Callahan’s grin was teasing because he knew a few of his worshippers were indeed very big and strong for human standards, but since he’d been a monster for so long, he saw every one smaller than his massive size as weakling helpless worshippers.

The dedicated moonlight servers just gathered around Myles while the muscle monster ripped through the first dishes like a ferocious animal. Although no weight would be ever heavy enough to pump the monster’s enormous muscles, Callahan developed a very interesting way to “work out” with the available resources.

Myles had this mean look on his handsome face, he towered over his retinue, they looked each time smaller, but it was Myles who always got bigger each time they were reunited. With a mere look of his face, he commanded the men to assume their position; Callahan loved to have all kinds of men at his mercy, the skinny, the overweighed, the muscular, any kind of man who could truly appreciate his immense size and strength.

Fifteen men from prestigious social positions gathered in front of their impressive muscle god, already noticing that he had grown a lot since their last session, Myles had developed a very particular and delicious way to please his sponsors and prove his superiority towards them. During their daytime lives, these men could be reputed doctors, respectable Professors, prestigious politicians, famous actors or celebrities and influent businessmen, but whenever their muscle monster demanded their presence, they simply had to drop everything to become his personal weight.

That’s right, Myles simply used the body of his worshippers as his living weight plates as he exercised a minimal fraction of his inhuman strength, but through this special routine he could take the best adulation from his servants.

“Group hug!” Myles announced as he simply bent over and embraced the whole group at once, his long and impossibly thick muscular limbs easily engulfed the fifteen men like a greedy boy trying to play with all his action figures at the same time.

“Hey Myles, I think I can use a couple of new guys, my arms are so big now I can easily hug this entire tiny group! There’s no challenge anymore!” Callahan teased as he noticed his muscles crushing the entire group of men, but they would never complain, the look in their faces showed their adulation towards the monstrosity of his muscle power.

Myles squatted with the living cargo a few dozen of times, he knew that he could not keep this for too long, otherwise they guys wouldn’t last until the end of his session. Soon he placed the men back on the ground, looking down at them as he brought his enormous hands on his narrow hips. Myles always liked to impress them by lifting them all on his arm as he accomplished a fake “biceps crush”.

“So who’s gonna be first to climb the Callahan Mountain?” Myles teased as he flexed his arms, bringing his inhumanly huge biceps to their full glory. These men were used to have power and influence, real life “hotshots” but when it came to Myles’ muscles, they were merely beggars; all they wanted was a token of the massive muscle god appreciation.

Two of them, started climbing Myles’s legs, seeking for their promised Muscle Heaven, but they were soon being pulled down by other equally greedy worshippers, who wouldn’t give up on being the first on Mount Myles that night.

“Hey, little fellas, it’s okay, you can all come atop! These new guns are big enough to hold two grown men on each. I’m gonna show you who’s the most massive muscle god ever!” Myles’s deep voice tone filled their ears with laughter and joy. The four men considered themselves really lucky, soon they were reached their promised land, also known as the top of Myles’ biceps.

“What are you fucking waiting down there? There’s more room for you, shrimps!” The muscle bound ordered as the rest of the men simply started a race to see who would get to their favorite muscle part before it was taken by another greedy worshipper.

A few moments later, Myles had four men squeezing on and feeling the power of his massive arms, one on each shoulder, four were attached to the uncanny shelves of his pecs, two were firmly hugged to each one of the thick pillars of muscle that supported his monstrous body, and the last one managed to hold onto Myles’s thickly muscular neck, or whatever it was that emerged from his shoulders and melted with his deltoids, a powerful amalgamation of super hard and dense muscle that had almost got rid of the behemoth’s ears.

Even with fifteen men spread over his body his muscles were still completely visible to Brad’s flabbergasted expression. The lawyer watched carefully as Myles flexed each group of muscle.

“Come on bugs! Try to dent any muscle on this massive body!” The muscle bound ordered the tiny guys to squeeze his muscles as he flexed them, feeling their weaker bodies surrendering to the extreme pleasure his warm muscle fortress could give them.

After orgasmic moments of feeling Callahan’s muscles so close, Myles passed on another favorite part of his particular show. He gently placed each man on the ground, taking his time to kiss him passionately, most of the times he had to wait a while because the guy had creamed all over his mighty muscles, and the juggernaut always loved his servants to clean him after they creamed.

When all had been properly taken care, the behemoth decided to start his opening number, Myles ordered each guy he “finished” to get up on the huge mahogany table especially placed outside for a treat. The men obeyed with great enthusiasm, because they knew their massive musclebound would give them another night of unthinkable pleasure.

“So little guys, I think you can’t wait any longer huh?” Usually, Myles lifted the entire table over his head while the guys gasped, complimenting his massive muscles from up there, but tonight, Myles surprised them, he started lifting the table one handed, and he accomplished powerful bicep curls as he brought the whole table closer to his handsome face.

“Yeah, dudes, after my last spurts I am much bigger and stronger! You should see the face on the judge when he saw my newly grown muscles. I had to hold my laughter so bad! They guy almost creamed on his toga!” Although it meant nothing for his uncanny strength, the mere fact that he kept changing arms and alternating between faster and slower movements, easily brought the worshippers into an almost hypnotic state, which always seemed to delight the Colossal Callahan.

Myles held the table from the floor and casually grabbed a thick steel bar and placed between his humongous pectoral muscles, he just loved the way his servants moaned as his pecs squeezed around the bar, combined with the sound of the steel being crushed that was music to his nearly dwarfed by muscle ears.

As he grew bigger and stronger for each session, Myles always had to be extra careful not to really hurt the tiny guys, even when they get pretty wild and ask for very extreme stuff, such as being stepped on or beaten into pulp. The gargantuan monster liked to play with their fantasies and to humiliate the tiny guys, but he never actually hurt the, because if he gave in to the weird fantasies of his worshippers Myles would actually to do such things, he would have run out of worshippers a long time ago.

The aberration of muscle also loved to show the strength his uncanny cock possessed, usually he did amazing “dick tricks” like bending steel around his obscenely thick phallus, or drilling concrete blocks with his especial power tool but tonight he had an even more impressive thing to show. All the time he kept doing countless bicep curls with the men sat at the table, Myles walked around the patio looking for possible new feats.

“Hey what about that?” Myles grinned as he pointed to the classic snooker table. Callahan approached the table and felt the marble rock inside it. Callahan just shifted the table with all his worship retinue standing on it to his right hand as he grabbed the snooker table effortlessly from the ground with his left one.

“Now check this out!” Myles commanded as his cock suddenly entered a raging erect state, not that it was flaccid before, but when the monster focused on his endowment it seemed to glow in with power and strength, growing even thicker and more powerful. Myles took his time to lift the snooker table and to balance it at the head of his hardening cock, moaning and gasping as he felt subsequent waves of pleasure for accomplishing such sensual feat of strength.

“YEAH SUPER STRONG COCK!” Callahan screamed as he flexed the mighty obelisk, bringing the snooker table up and down as he alternated lifts of the retinue table, the worshippers glorified their massive muscle behemoth, they chanted his name and promised eternal gifts for the adored muscle monster.

The impressive show of uncanny bodily strength seemed to last forever , most of the worshippers had orgasmed at least twice, but they simply kept moaning and begging for more, Myles had lifted the tables over two hundred times now, and he didn’t seem any tired at all, his muscles only looked bigger and even more pumped.

“Can you see this, little men? I can lift you, and still hold an entire snooker table on this cock! This is the strongest cock in the world, and you can all worship it, demand to be bathed on my cum, I’m gonna fuck all of you so hard that you’ll barely walk tomorrow, it’s a promise, and you know that I always keep my promises!” The beast spoke through his teeth, smiling mischievously as he finally placed the table on the ground and ferociously hit a most muscular pose. Such outstanding feats always provoked an incredible reaction on the worshiping men, all of them simply jerked their relatively tiny cocks over and over, others would just cry out as their own orgasms exploded all over the place, all of them engaged into a frantic state of gratitude and servitude that would certainly render in valuable gifts for the Colossal Callahan.

“YEAH! LOOK AT THSES MUSCLES, CUM FOR ME!” Myles ordered as he continued to flex each part of his monstrous anatomy that finally brought all of them to his knees, the men crawled closer and creamed all over Myles’s thighs, but the beast seemed to ignore them, he just kept looking directly at Brad, who even though remained out of the worship orgy, played quite an active roll on Myles’ performance.

The lawyer liked to feel that it was for him that the behemoth was truly flexing. Myles focused on Phelps’ quivering body, even from afar he couldn’t resist to the sheer size and raw power of such huge muscles, and Brad surrendered to his own lust and came twice, as he watched the incredibly hot show of the most massive man ever.

The glory of Callahan’s muscles easily brought each man twisted into a frenzy of pleasure that lasted for quite a long time, until the men were so tired they just dropped on the ground, exhausted for having their fantasies fulfilled once again by the Muscle Master Myles.

A few moments later, as the beast feasted on the offers brought to him by his exhausted worshippers, Brad gently woke up the exhausted worshippers and collected the second round of gifts, they felt compelled to help the behemoth the best way they could. Seeing that the men were just drained after Myles’ show, Brad helped each one of them to get back into their houses, most of them were too tired to drive, but fortunately, most of them also have their particular drivers, which made things really easier.

When the last “customer” went home completely satisfied, Brad returned to the patio only to find a still pumped and over horny muscle monster.

“Why did you tell them to leave?” He asked furiously.

Brad gulped, he always hated when he accidentally brought Myles’ anger upon him.

“I’m sorry, Myles, but it was for their own sake they were simply exhausted, you have no idea how demanding your sessions have become. The bigger you grow the stronger you are, the longer you last, but we are still the same tiny little ones!” Brad knew quite well that was partially true, he dismissed the party because he couldn’t deny feeling jealousy of all the attention the guys were getting from Colossal Callahan, and he wanted a little privacy with uncanny behemoth but that excuse would work better since Myles always liked to hear anything that complimented him for his growth.

Bradley, better than anyone, knew time was of the essence when dealing with a raging Callahan.

“Besides, you will be happy to know that our friends were really gentle to you tonight, they have given enough money for months of your nutritional expenses.” The lawyer explained as he carefully showed the metallic case over the kitchen.

In fact, Myles had been worshipped by these “sponsors” for almost 3 months now, he realized that he would never be able to keep his humongous and ever growing proportions by himself so he allowed most of the tiny men willing to help him to do so, feeding his enormous appetite and spoiling his massive ego with all the compliments his magnificently monstrous physique demanded.

“You still had to check with me, Brad, you know pretty well I haven’t cum even once, what’s the point of having my muscles worshipped if I can’t get off?” Myles asked still not happy with his servant’s behavior.

Brad grinned as he unrobed himself. “Well, I think I can help you with that, sir. After all, you always said there was no one like me when it comes to make you cum.” Phelps said as he approached the gargantuan man.

“You sure you want to handle ALL this man by yourself, tiny guy?” Myles warned but the blond guy already had his eager hands over the uncanny peaks of Callahan’s biceps.

“Sir, you know pretty well that I am worth much more than those guys, I know your every single fantasy, and I’m willing to realize all of them tonight.” Brad whispered, facing Myles with a serious expression.

“All of them? Including this?” Myles easily lifted Brad from the ground and made him sit atop of his massive guns, the pressure of his peaking biceps forcing Brad’s legs apart as the monstrous muscle rose between his legs, the massiveness of the muscle was so monstrous that Brad’s long legs couldn’t reach the base of Myles’ triceps.

“OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH, YEAH, THAT’S MY FAVORTE TOO, SIR!” Brad screamed as he knew that Myles would flex and relax his arm, pumping his biceps each time bigger as he probed into his eager anus. Soon, Myles muffled Brad’s lips with his own kissing him roughly.

“What do you mean by “Your favorite?” Myles suddenly broke the kiss, seeming upset by something his servant said.

“Oh, sir, you know that I mean besides sucking your huge cock…” Brad apologized as he tried to kiss the muscular monster once again, but Myles retrieved the kiss at the last possible time.

“aaaaaaaaaaaaand….?” The booming voice tone echoed around the quiet night, the musclebound still didn’t seem satisfied with the answer.

“And being fucked by your massive rod, sir; you know that the only thing that second worshipping your muscles, is being fucked by you, Myles, sir!” Brad finally pledged, sounding incredibly eager and anxious for getting all the attention, that muscle freak would give to him.

“Now, that’s my pet…” Myles replied as he kissed the much smaller frame of the lawyer. Every once and while Callahan wanted Brad to make sure who really was in charge of their peculiar relationship, although the behemoth had to admit that without that sharky lawyer’s help, his life would be much more complicated. They kissed each other in a combination of mutual passion, dedication and aggressiveness that seemed to penetrate their relationship, ever since its begging, or better, ever since their new start.

Callahan and Phelps had attained to Worthington Institute, an expensive particular school for the sons of the most privileged families. As usual, in such kind of teenager environments, the social segregation was severely harsh. While none of them had been into sports, Brad showed his natural tendency for the power games – not only he had been elected President of the Student Body ever since his first year at Worthington, he always had done his best efforts to be in the most powerful social circuits of the school. According to Phelps’ own ideas, he was already making very important social contacts that would help him through his future career plans.

Myles Callahan, however, was known as “the Fag” – a skinny, scrawny pale little man that couldn’t even disguise his effeminate manners, simply a hateful rejected individual of the Worthington Institute’s crème de la crème – beaten up by the jocks, despised by most of the narrow minded the teachers and colleagues, Myles had only a few activities that made him happy on that school – and the Drama Club was one of them – there he could at least be safe from the constant beatings and the mockery, one of the few places where his love for arts and crafts was indeed useful. Although Myles never acted, he was very happy to help with the scenario and the characterization of the young actors – every play he had the opportunity to explore the details of a different lifetime, to enter a whole new universe, which he believed was better than his.

So, it was in the Drama Club that Myles and Brad met for the first time – Brad was the popular and ambitious young student that wanted a perfect curriculum for his college application, so he choose his extra-curricular activities with the dedication of a politician, he wanted to build himself a solid image which showed a consistent but also not too limited range of preferences – and performing the leading role on Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice was indeed an outstanding achievement.

Myles was also debuting as the assistant director for that play, but indeed it was him who assumed all the main functions of that production – he was enchanted with the performance of that dazzling beautiful young man – his clever mind absorbed The Bard’s hermetical meanings like no other, plus, the clever mind on such dazzling attractive young man had decoded even the most difficult parts with extreme ease, revealing that his mind was definitely not an average teenager’s one.

The shy, closeted Callahan fell immediately in love with such icon of youth perfection, one of the most popular kids in school, president of the student body at only his freshman year, and especially because he wasn’t a bully jock, but the one who everyone else admired for his brain and clever words – even the teachers were afraid of Brad’s sharp comments, hence, they were always trying to be in his good graces.

Phelps, on the other hand, never paid too much attention to the scrawny kid who seemed to direct the play, until he found out that the kid’s Aunt, Martha Weaving was exactly the Headmistress of the Board of Education. Since then, Brad made everything to become Myles’s new best friend – using all his smoothness and cleverness, Brad realized the scrawny “Fag” had a crush on him, which only made things even easier, with just a few kisses and occasional making outs, Phelps quickly had Myles around his pink finger. The fool trusted his blond “boyfriend” to the point that Brad actually got a very complimentary letter of recommendation from the Headmistress of the Board of Education.

After he got what he intended Phelps just used as many excuses as his busy schedule gave him to fade out of Callahan’s life – the pathetic scrawny guy actually thought the two of them could become lifetime “lovers”. Although he knew he was gay, Bradley Phelps was, above everything, incredibly thirsty for power– until he got the status his ambition claimed for himself, that young man would never cease to use everything in his power to ascend – his mind, his body and his seduction skills; men or women, Brad would be the perfect bed partner if that would give him the chances he needed on his way up.

Nearly 8 years after he had graduated from Worthington Institute, Bradley Phelps finished Harvard’s Law School and worked for some big law firms around the nation, but he had been back to Florida, the very place he had considered to be perfect to finally establish his own firm, because of the status and the social contacts he struggled to build around the state’s most influent circles, over the years, such powerful connection would surely help him to ascend faster in his career goals. Given his incredible court skills, Brad had won a few very important cases, and already people commented about him around the forum circuits, even the judges already called him by the nickname “golden kid”.

His professional life had been rather interesting, but personally, Phelps had never felt so empty – he was tired of all those beautiful buffed boy toys he sponsored, all the dumb jocks he paid for worshipping – he didn’t want a serious commitment, but he was looking for something indeed stimulating for a change. It was then a friend of him about this “enormous muscle monster” who needed lots of sponsoring and worship – it wasn’t cheap, by any means. At first, Phelps was not very enthusiastic about it – but when he attended to a personal “service” he became simply marveled, indeed addicted to the massive size of that incredibly muscle behemoth. The size, the massiveness, the enormity, the strength, the perfection of those monstrous huge muscles simply assaulted Brad’s rational mind. He was instantly in love with all those muscles, with that monstrous man, even if he didn’t know his name yet. Phelps surrendered to his lust and attacked the powerful hardness of those inhuman muscles without thinking twice.

The beautiful young man rubbed his hand against the massive muscles of the monster that strangely seemed very familiar. It was then that the behemoth hugged him ever so slowly and carefully, bringing the light body of Phelps higher so he could actually look in the face of his adored Muscle God.

It was then that Bradley finally realized that he actually knew such face, even with the improvements of the years, he instantly recalled the name, but at the same time he could never believe that his adored colossus was no other than Myles Callahan, the same scrawny kid whose love he had used and discarded right after. And that unexplainable Goliath seemed to recognize him as well – that was the first time Bradley ever wet his pants – the proud blond hunk had gotten so instantly scared about the reaction of that powerful monster, he forgot all about his negotiation skills, all the tricks he had learned over the years and just cried out loud really hard, asking the muscle god to forgive him because he was had been so bad to him in the past.

That reaction actually got Callahan by surprise, but even so he smiled. He had mentally planned this scene many times, but he never considered the possibility that Phelps could be broken so easily, not even a word, or a threatening gesture, just the mere recognition of his inferiority towards the massive muscle monster had proved to be more than enough to put Brad in a very humiliating situation.

“You don’t need to apologize, Brad. You already gave me all I wanted, it was me who told your friend to call you – I wanted to see how long it would take you to recognize me…”

Brad couldn’t take his eyes of the powerful epitome of manhood that towered over him. All the time he had been scared but he never ceased to caress the rock hard and warm fuzzy feeling of those muscles.

“And I must say that my muscles were so huge you took forever to finally connect the dots, but its okay. I don’t need your fucking love your scrawny man, I need your money and your worship, so I don’t care if you’re still feeling guilty about fooling me to get a stupid letter of recommendation - until very recently you were the only man I ever kissed without paying for it – at least not with my own money!” He laughed when he dropped Brad on the ground. The lawyer was indeed stunned by all the recent facts.

“You can go now….” – Myles said – “I want you know everything you will never have!”

“No… please, Myles please don’t do this with me! Your muscles, they’re so, beautiful, please let me worship you! I’ll pay you anything; I’ll do anything to help you!” – Phelps asked while he literally threw himself at the powerful feet of the behemoth, crawling after him like a submissive slave, but the giant muscle man lifted him by his thins waist, only to mock of the humiliated lawyer as he threw him out of his adulation house.

However, even to the monster’s own surprise Phelps proved to be persistent above all things. Everyday he returned to Callahan’s house and renewed his offers to the monster, and everyday he realized the beast was even bigger, even more muscular.

At first, Myles felt very happy just by ignoring his pleadings, the insistent claims for becoming his worshipper, but soon he started listening to the ideas of the young lawyer more and more – that man was really smooth, he had won his way around Myles, his words and compliments melted his hurt heart – Callahan slowly felt more comfortable around the skinny man, and he became a frequent visitor, who brought huge amounts of food and supplements, not to mention his worshipping skills were nearly unmatchable – Brad had been always so proud and snob to him, but now he just spent hours taking care of that massive behemoth, with unexpected dedication and submission – the Harvard graduated actually loved to bathe the unearthed and still growing muscle giant, spend extra time gently toweling his enormous bulk. Brad also insisted on shaving Myles, but he insisted that Myles should keep his mustache, but in a different grooming style.

The shark lawyer even liked to clean in-between his enormous toes, Myles never had to do a thing when Brad was around, and truth to be told, the massive hulking man really felt well cared. Soon, what started as just worshipping relationship built into a new kind of friendship – although Myles still wanted to be treated as a muscle god, he allowed Brad to take care of his personal life – he now organized the schedules for the other worshippers – he opened a firm so the sponsors could deposit their money instead of writing checks to Myles.

Even when the massive monster accidentally destroyed his entire house due to his constant strength augmentation it was Brad the first one to offer his own house so the monster could still have a roof to receive his offers.

Brad had never felt the need to nurse anyone before – but with Myles it was very different – he loved the monstrous massiveness of his rugged freaky physique, he knew that he had the power to do whatever he wanted, but still, he remembered the day when he fucked him, Myles loved to cuddle and even after he is such a massive freak, he still cuddled his worshippers on his arms. The monster outside was hot, but the man inside was the one Phelps wanted to take care.

That’s why the young lawyer decided to finally get his beloved muscle monster a decent future – by doing what he knew best. That’s also why winning this case meant so much for the ambitious lawyer, he wanted to prove Myles that he could trust on him now; that he would never just use him again – they were together in this till the very end.

Many of those men were quite devoted to the adulation needs of their massive muscle colossus, but none of them seemed to match Brad’s skills on that area. No matter how many guys Myles had on top of his uncanny muscles, he only seemed to feel Bradley’s touch desiring his special attention.

According to the massive muscle monster’s perceptions, the blond hunk felt like he could be in everywhere and in every sensitive spot, the man had memorized exactly how Callahan reacted to each body part he had worshipped, he always had the best impact lines to set the monster into an even more intense fire. Although Myles always toyed with every single one of his worshippers, the connection between Bradley and himself was by far more developed. He didn’t need to tell anything to that man, he already knew by heart exactly what to do to help Myles build his pace, to enjoy his massive muscles and his uncanny strength, to compare his muscles with his much smaller worshippers. Callahan had fucked hundreds of men ever since his transformation but he could remember exactly all the times he had been with Phelps, even if he had many guys at the same night, Brad made everyone else pretty much forgettable.

The sunshine gently touched Brad’s soft skin; slowly opening his eyes, his mind still spinning inside his skull; the lawyer realized that he had fallen asleep atop of Myles’s crotch – his toned legs were widely open because of the enormous bulky phallus that stood massively between them. Myles’ cock had finally gone limp and rested heavily on top of the young lawyer’s chest. That insanely huge beast felt really heavy, Brad found it harder to breathe with such a powerful cock pressing his diaphragm like that.

The blond lawyer tried to slip from Myles crotch, but he noticed that due to the amazing amount of dried cum, both of them were literally attached to each other. Phelps looked around but no other worshipper seemed to be there anymore, he did not recall when the other worshippers had left, although he remembered collecting their fat checks and keeping them on the safety vault before he finally surrendered to his lust.

Suddenly, flashbacks from last night popped inside his mind and the lawyer blushed, he had literally kicked the other worshippers out, and had the ultra horny behemoth Myles all for him, something that he wanted to do for quite some time. Myles knew that Brad was a truly muscle worshipper, and like in everything else on his life, he excelled. The blond lawyer had the perfect timing to stimulate and to beg for Myles’ mercy, he played his role with such perfection that it was clear that he truly loved every single moment he had with the monstrous Callahan.

That particular night, Myles only had Brad to relieve himself, and the slender guy made sure he would never felt frustrated for that. Phelps’ sex drive was just as possibly big as a man at his size could wield, and even Myles had to admit that he not only served him perfectly, but he actually gave the muscle monster an unforgettable night. No one sucked cock like Brad, and no one seemed to ride Callahan’s obelisk with such gusto, such determination and, most important of all, no one ever felt that incredibly charmed by that huge beast.

Callahan truly had been satisfied, in fact he never had someone who had drank his cum with such eagerness, and the behemoth surely loved to feed his only worshipper with all the cum he could produce with his giant sized testicles – Brad never missed one single drop, his thirsty for pleasing his uncanny master suddenly felt unquenchable.

With a smile printed on his lips by the hot remembrances of the last night, Phelps looked at his watch and forgot all about the comical cum-glued situation as his body reacted to the impulse of his brain realizing how late it already was.

“HOLLY CRAP!” Brad yelled as he stood up, ripping himself atop of Myles’ uncanny muscles in curt way that the colossal Callahan instantly gained an unexpected bikini wax.

The monstrous muscle man woke up with the sudden feeling of having a great area of his pubic forest peeled out without any previous preparation. Event though Myles was not physically harmed, the noticeable discomfort of that sudden event awoke him from his blissful rest after a well earned night of worship.

WHAT THE FUCK MAN! ARE YOU CRAZY?” The whole room shook as the powerful voice boomed, Callahan woke up at once holding his massive crotch, but Brad didn’t seem to bother with his condition right now, the lawyer quickly slipped into the bathroom for a quick shower, because the rear part of his body was drenched in Myles’s cum, not to mention that a lot of pubic hair that once belonged to the behemoth now was firmly glued to the lawyer’s slender back muscles.

“We shouldn’t have fucked for so long! We are so late!!” Bradley said from inside the bathroom, while he managed to get rid of all that cum.

“Yeah, like it was me that begged for a fourth time!” Myles stretched his humongous arms, which caused a loud noise, then Callahan felt debris falling over his immense chest; looking up, the behemoth noticed that when he stretched, his hands had gone through the ceiling. The colossus looked around and felt weirdly cramped inside that once roomy living room.

“The court session starts in less than one hour; we don’t have time for your jokes, Myles! Hurry up!” The lawyer struggled to scrub the dried cum and pubic hair from his body.

“I don’t think it’ll be possible, Brad…” Callahan announced from the living room.

“Don’t worry, we can get a few minutes late, it’ll only make things better for our case…” Brad said as he brushed his teeth and showered his head at the same time.

“No, I meant that I don’t think we’ll be able to live the house…” The tone was suddenly too serious.

“What the hell are you talking about My…” Brad came out of the bathroom toweling his hair, when suddenly the truth hit him in the face like a punch.

After each worship session, Myles always had showed a subsequent growth spurt, but nothing like this until now. Yesterday, when they left the courtroom, Myles was 9’9” tall, but now he was just GIGANTIC!

The behemoth slept on the living room, but he couldn’t stand up now, because his back was just pressed against the ceilings, which mean he had surpassed the 12’ mark, but atop that, his muscles had grown so magnificently large that today’s Myles made the yesterday’s Myles look skinny in comparison. The monstrosity of his muscles had been augmented at exponential rate that could be easily noticed but very hard to be explained.

If they had impressed the jury yesterday, now with just a mere look at Callahan’s new standard would certainly scare them to death. The whole living room was filled by that uncanny aberration of muscles, the sinews of his massive forms were every where, the freakiness of his uncanny veined body occupied anywhere Brad looked. His house had always been considered very sumptuous and big, but now it suddenly felt as tiny as a shoebox for the Colossal Callahan.

“I don’t think your insurance will cover that!” Myles grinned as he managed to push his enormous leg through the left wall, easily destroying the house as he tried to escape the tiny house.

Brad shook his head and rushed to his room, searching for an appropriate suit.

“As long as you get out of the house, I don’t care about the destruction you cause. We just need to get to the Courthouse!” he yelled from inside, as Myles squeezed his enormous body through the whole where once the wall used to be.

That particular morning, everything seemed to be working against them, first the shirts were snuggling at his chest, then Brad tried a few suits but they all seemed too tight on him, someone had probably fucked the orders around in the cleaner, but he didn’t have time to complain now. Brad just tried a new suit which seemed a little better, but still tight and a bit short on the sleeves and searched for his Italian leather shoes, but they felt particular uncomfortable.

“What about dressing code?” Myles pondered to make things even more complicated.

Bradley sighed as he tried to find a solution for their huge problem. Then he just pulled the bed spread of his own bed and handled it to his inhumanly big partner.

“Here use this!” The lawyer instructed the confused client.

“What am I supposed to do whit this tiny thing? It barely covers…” Suddenly Myles noticed that he should find a way to cover his enormous crotch with that tiny winy piece of fabric. The result turned out as skimpy version of loincloth that poorly attempted to cover all the immensity of the huge muscle monster, and at the same time made him look like a Greek Titan, revived from the classic mythology into the wildest fantasies of the sickest muscle growth lovers.

“Can’t we at least have some breakfast?” Myles protested from outside Brad’s house.

“You vanished with everything, and we don’t have time to wait for food delivery.” Bradley acted like the parent trying to get his son in time to school bus.

“Fine, fine, it can be funny when my stomach suddenly roar during session, we can always use that in our favor, can’t we?” Myles asked as he watched Bradley tying his tie with unseen clumsiness. The lawyer just nodded along, so worried with major details of the case that he sure hadn’t paid attention to the behemoth’s comments.

“Don’t you think Thompson will just flip out?” Myles commented as he waited outside.

“The judge will have to understand that you had nothing that could fit you after this latest growth spurt!” Brad said as he reached for his case and his cell, grabbing the van’s keys on his way outside the house.

Suddenly, Brad noticed that he had to look UP to see his client. If he felt tiny compared to the behemoth before, now it clearly showed that Myles was over twice his height, but it was nothing compared to the size of his muscles, his thickness and width, Callahan now looked liked a morphed version of his own uniquely grotesque massiveness.

Consequentially, they noticed that the new car was not big enough for Myles’ new proportions, it simply wasn’t big enough!

“What to do now?” Phelps considered calling a moving company but that might take house until they locate an available vehicle.

“Don’t worry, tiny!” Myles easily walked to the vehicle and his massive fingers easily pierced through the steel like it was candy wrapper, soon the entire roof was ripped off like tuna can, Callahan squeezed his massive body into the back part of the car, the result was rather comical, because the car barely covered Brad client’s mind blowing huge chest; in fact, it looked like an adult trying to ride a child’s bike, even his legs were too big for the vehicle, but at least he had managed to fit inside.

“Come on! What are you waiting for?” Myles said opening his arms.

“Something tells me, you just love this!” Brad said waving his head as he reached for the driver’s seat.

“Of course I do! I love being this big and that massive!” Myles flexed his muscles just to emphasize his point, but Brad couldn’t help but having a bad feeling about this, he could feel it on his stomach, but it could also be his own hunger, his stomach was clearly roaring.

“Well, remember that you have to look sad because of that, or our case is gone!” The lawyer warned, but apparently, Callahan didn’t seem to pay much attention.

“Don’t worry, tiny! I’ll act brilliantly like I’ve been doing so far.” Brad wanted to believe that, but he also knew that Myles was too much of a show off to resist for such temptations.

“DAMN! Everything is going wrong today!” The driver said as he had to adjust the driver’s seat, because it was too short for him…

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