BMOC: Black Mage on Campus, Chapter 7: A Season in HELL—Part 5

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“Wake-up son.” A scolding and disapproving voice commanded me. “We need to have a little man-to-man chat.”

I was in my bed. Doctor Heart was sitting next to me. I looked up into his handsome face, and drank in the image of my captor. His salt and pepper short hair was meticulously styled. The lines around his eyes made him seem so much more masculine and the hard set of his firm jaw was accented by dark stubble. He wore a tight dress shirt and power tied. His thick neck and broad shoulders appeared to strain at the expensive fabric. He was such a handsome man. I sat up, and realized I wasn’t restrained. I had the momentary thought of grasping for a weapon, but then I saw the look of disappointment coming from Doctor Heart’s entrancing eyes.

“Leo, one of the things I really find attractive in you is your spirit.” He found me attractive? …Why did that make my heart race? “It’s a very lucrative commodity in my business. I have big plans for you and your going to need that spirit…” He stood up and I suddenly felt tiny. I was taller, and my roided up body was probably bigger and stronger… but I looked up at the tightly athletic man, with his broad shoulders and determined face like he was an adult and I was just a pale little kid… Damn how did I get so fucking pale…

“…I…I’m sorry…” I stammered… desperate to give him a response that would mollify his disapproval.

“We cannot allow patients to attack the staff.” He smiled and shook his head, “I had hoped to avoid this Leo, but sometimes hard lessons are the only way for some boys to learn. If you cannot control your temper, measures will be taken. Do you want to end up like Psycho? His original modification wasn’t intended to be so extreme.” Doctor Heart’s face grew dark, “However his constant attempts to escape made it necessary to completely incapacitate him.” Oh God. A picture of me cross-eyed, bald, wearing a rubber singlet and talking to Psycho about how we were going to go for slushies on Venus ran through my mind. “Other alternatives include emasculation… Your friend Buck has responded well to that…” I didn’t want to be stuffed into a pair of panties and doing my hair with a butt plug shoved up my ass… giggling like bimbo…

Terror laced through me. I should run. I should attack. I should do something… but all I did was quiver under his hard bedroom eyes. “I’ll behave… I’ll behave… I don’t want to be a fucking muscle princess or a raging nutjob…unless you want me to…” I stammered, lost in those captivating eyes.

He snapped his fingers, “Young man, I hope your paying attention… As a last resort…in rare cases we are forced to eliminate Patients from our program. In which case you are eliminated permanently.” His eyes were stone. “Do you understand what that means?”

Oh God.

Permanently Eliminate.

I choked out a sob of uncontrollable panic.

“You’ll….” I was hyperventilating and wailed like a child, “You’ll kill me…”

He gave me a sad but stern nod. “Yes son.”

I crumbled in on myself, sobbing from fright.

Sobbing from what was happening to me. Sobbing because I couldn’t take this anymore… it was all too much… I howled until my throat was sore. …and then suddenly, he was on the bed with me. He grabbed my shoulders and hugged me tight to his chest. His tight dress shirt pressed into my cheek and I could feel the firm strength of his big chest. His big hands gently stroked my hair and he held me while I buckled in tears. “Let it out… that’s it… that’s a good boy… just let it all out. It’s going to be okay… it’ll all be okay.” His warm body smelled of a heady musk and the scent of masculine pheromones. I leaned into his big shoulders and leaned into his compassionate embrace.

“Listen,” he told me in a sweet and friendly voice, “If I can’t hit Dr. Morrible no one is allowed to. And believe me I’ve wanted to for years.” I laughed and my crying began to taper off, he held me out to face him, “I’ll make you a promise ok? I promise if you don’t act out violently anymore. I won’t let anyone hurt you. I am an honorable man. You are an honorable man. We can show each other honor.”

I was honorable. Honor was VERY important. I knew that. … but when did I know that? Honor seemed like the most important thing in the world to me. Doctor Heart was honorable. He deserved respect. I was honorable… I would be respectful. “Yes… sir…” I hyperventilated at him.

“That’s a good boy.” He said with a big smile, “looks like you’re already starting to feel better…” He gave my stiff and engorged cock a knowing look. I felt myself blush and moved to hide the huge Javelin with my sheets…

“No…” his voice was low and sultry. His breath was right against my ear. I could feel the warmth from his large body. “Don’t be ashamed. Be Proud.” He moved the sheets back and grabbed my shaft like a baton. My toes curled and my teeth clenched in pleasure. “This is what you are now Leo… You’re my dragon… my big hung dragon.” There was a psychotic glint in those handsome eyes, and he began to masturbate me HARD. “You like that right? You like being Hung so Low. Having this big dumbstick hung low between your legs?”

“Yes…” I mumbled, biting my lip.

“I said, you like that?”




I came like a geyser.

He gave me a playful smirk, undid his tie and wiped my cum soaked fuck stick off with it. He presented his cum covered fingers to me and gave me a questioning look. I immediately knew what he wanted. I leaned forward and sucked my own fucking NUT juice off his hand. I lapped at his fingers greedily and eagerly. He was such a nice man. He was honorable. He was going to protect me.

Dr. Heart got up to leave and with a rush of courage I asked him a question that had been bugging me forever… “Doctor Heart?”

“Yes son,” he answered straightening his collar in the mirror.”

My voice shook but I plowed forward, “Did you have to eliminate Lucky? Is that what happened to him.”

Doctor Heart turned to me in surprise, his eyes were wide in shock, “Good Lord Hung…. Er… Leo… No! Lucky’s perfectly fine. In fact he’s been with me the entire time. I’ve developed a true affection for him.” My heart felt a twang of green and angry jealousy, “You might say he’s my personal masterpiece… the culmination of years of work…” He had such a fatherly and intimate pride in his voice. God I Hated Lucky. Living the life of luxury as Dr. Heart’s little pet. Damn, that guy had all the luck, fucking literally. Doctor Heart talked into the hall. He said a couple of quick words to someone in a low soothing voice, and returned with Lucky devotedly clutching his hand.

He was much bigger since he had left the box. His lean fighter’s muscle had grown into big round muscles that were obviously distended with water retention from steroids. He looked amazing. His big chest, biceps and abs rippled with size. His fiery red Hair was shaved into a perfectly manicured Mohawk that was offset by a perfectly manicured beard. He looked 100 times more like the rough sex god he was. His pumped up body was squeezed into a tight green wife beater with red hair spurting from the neckline.

He wore a pair of loosing hanging shimmering green Kickboxing shorts that were sprinkled with green and glittery four leaf clovers.

Lucky’s tough green eyes were locked on Doctor Heart adoringly, and his body language spoke of a need to be in the manly Doctor’s arms.

“Say hello, Lucky.” Doctor Heart told the big UFC Champ.

Lucky gave me a quick glance of dismissal, “Yo pussy.” … and went right back to gazing at the doctor.

Heart’s let out a laugh but gave his devoted lover an unpleased glare, “Now Lucky. You’re not in the box, anymore. Now say hello to Leo, like a gentleman.”

Lucky’s lips curled in loathing as he looked at me and my giant cock, “Hello Leo.” He grumbled.
“That’s my boy,” Doctor Heart smiled. He gave Lucky’s ear a familiar rub and Lucky leaned in like a schoolgirl. “You see Leo, even the most rebellious men can find serenity… if given the proper training.”

“He seems very happy.” I admitted grudgingly. “He got real big.” I added.

“Oh yes, he’s really blown up with his new hormone regimen. He’s breath taking.” Heart kept rubbing the ear affectionately, “Lucky… was difficult to, if impossible to control… so I was forced to take extreme measures…” He held the brute tightly and lovingly stroked his neck. “It did however afford me an opportunity to perform a procedure I had been theorizing about for years. Don’t be afraid that we’re going to kill you Leo. That’s only a last resort.” His eyes locked on me, and for the first time I realized how cruel and ruthless they were. “I have several tricks I can try before it comes to that…” He kissed the domesticated red berserker hard. Lucky kissed him back. He began passionately grabbing the Doctor’s chin with hungry callused hands.

I watched them tongue wrestle with barely recognized envy.

Doctor Heart smiled at Lucky… and then abruptly pulled the waistband of his shiny shorts down to his kneecaps. Lucky’s eyes filled with panic and disgrace.

I caught a glimpse of his chiseled lower Abs…his unruly red bush and…

HOLY FUCK!!!!!!!

I gagged.

I Screamed.

And I Fainted.

… When Julio shook me awake for my training session, my first and only thought was, I WILL BEHAVE!!!

My stomach was upset and my mind was racing with dread. I wanted to talk to someone about what I had just seen but fucking stupid border jumping Julio couldn’t understand a word I said. Big dumb muscle slut just kept nodding and saying, “no comprehende’ mi amigo…” Throughout the whole fucking workout. Jesus how did the stupid muscle cunt survive on the outside?

He must need 24/7 supervision, so he didn’t get deported or shove his bare roided ass at a crossing guard.

He made big Latin puppy dog eyes and was pleading with me in Spanish about something… I couldn’t figure out what he wanted. Then he brushed hungry needy hands against the dragon beneath my Poki Mon briefs. I smacked his hands away and he pouted… swearing at me in Spanish and tugging on his own lyrca clad cock. My eyes locked on the length of his dick… my tongue started to dance at the roof of my mouth… a looked away quickly…

I had just lifted myself into my 78th rep of pull ups, when Doctor Morrible entered with Rocko following zombie-like behind her. “Go lift weights,” She commanded him frustrated… she seemed irritated ad impatient. Surprisingly the upper cut I gave her had only left the slightest of fading purple shiner on her fat face.

“…But don’t you want me to fuck you?” Rocko slurred uncomprehendingly. “Everybody wants ME! To fuck ‘em.” His big brow dropped in confusion, “You Should fank me! You so Fat and old…”

She turned and grabbed him by the huge mug, “GO LIFT WEIGHTS!”

His dim eyes brightened and he said, “I Luv 2 Fuk n workout!” He ambled toward the Smith Machine excitedly. My Name is Rocko and I luv to work out!” He stopped in front of the mirror and tensed his giant bodybuilder’s structure. He posed passionately, making his body pump and flex. “ROCKO!!” he yelled, slapping his big quads. “Rocko! PRO!” He Grabbed 2 45’s and began repping out with just the plates…

I watched the giant dumb-ass glower at himself in the mirror, like a dog that’s fighting with its reflection.

“Leo,” She snapped, “Follow me.” She left the room. Julio made the sign of the Cross over his big muscled tits and motioned me to follow. I fell in line behind her, following her though the narrow florescent hallways. She didn’t speak for a while, but eventually said, “Dr. Heart has informed me that we won’t have any more instances of violence from you…”

“I’ll behave…” I almost tripped over the words, I was so emphatic.

She turned and gave me a devilish sneer, “So I guess he showed you his little puppet… his masterpiece… or to be more precise his puppet’s lack of any “piece.” She chortled evilly at her own joke.

“How is that even possible.”

“Rhodry is a surgical genius and quite frankly with the appropriate specialists scrubbing in, I’m told gender reassignment is quite a routine surgery.”

She shrugged.

The sight of Lucky’s thick muscled legs and scarlet pubes framing… the thick folds of a fuckin vaginal slit… rushed into my head and I forced it right out… “They cut off his dick and gave him a twat.” I almost shrieked.

“Yup.” She gave me a very direct stare. “Doctor Heart is pretty fucked up. I won’t even begin to tell you the ramifications of what that decision suggests.”

She took me through a series of doors into a suite of rooms I had never been before. “That’s why Lucky put on all that weight, Heart has to keep his body pulsing with synthetic hormones since he no longer produces them…” She swiped a Key card through several security screens and we were in what looked like a reception area. I suddenly felt very naked standing in only my sweat and a pair of AKIRO boy briefs. The room was so mundanely normal. There were schedules hanging, wall calendars, Staff reminders and horribly cheap lounge furniture. It was like being somewhere near to the real world.

“Where are we?” I asked, self-consciously hiding my bobbing and ever present erection.

“This is the Guard post. This is where they punch in and check their e-mail and what not.” She answered dismissively.

“You’re fucking kidding me?” I don’t know what was more shocking. That she brought me here or that this place existed. “Check their e-mail? All this freak show and science fiction and behind all of it was a time-clock and work lockers?”

“Exceedingly ordinary, no?” She motioned toward a door with the words “Break Room.”

Emblazoned on it. “You were so concerned with poor Wesley’s torture that I wanted to assuage your bleeding heart, and let you know that he is healing nicely.”

I felt a surge of my former self and said, “Looks like you are too… I must have not hit you that hard.”

Her smile was ice, “Oh it took a good week to heal.” She told me.

“A week? How long did you have me sedated.”

“You were out of it for a week, Leo.”

“Why the fuck did you sedate me that long?”

She opened the door with a monstrous smirk, “I said you were out-of-it not sedated… there’s so much that goes on here that your blissfully unaware of… for the moment…”

My responding tirade was stopped when 5 men looked up from their card game at me. They were all in the tight black, Swat uniforms that the Guards wore, in various states of undress. The guards all wore something like Riot gear so I had never been able to look place their helmets’ face shield. Now here I was, naked, sweating, wearing only a pair of toddler’s cartoon briefs… and so hard my giant cock dragon was nestled between my lower Abs.

Humiliation filled me like hot boiling water.

One of the guards looked up from a card game, and stared at me in shock, “HA! HA!” He laughed and pointed at him, “Look ya’ll this dude’s paler than White BOY!” Three other guards jumped in and began laughing at me. One huge Black bull of a man, hollered, “It’s Casper the Horney ghost! Boy maybe whiter than a sheet but that’s a big old black dick he got pointing at us.”

Shame and humiliation made my athletic legs tangle awkwardly. I tried and failed to hide the bobbing tennis ball head of my cock.


Hot tears of frustration burned in my eyes, I turned and bolted embarrassedly from the doorway.

“Thank you boys,” Morrible purred.

“Shut-up you nasty skank.” One of the guards yelled.

“Yeah get the fuck out of here.”

“We don’t get paid enough to look at your fat ass.”

“Fuck off bitch.”


“Tell her to get the fuck out of here, White boy.”

“Yeah White boy.”

“… Get out of here…you…fat… bitch…”

They all cheered at the young tentative insult.

Morrible snorted and shut the door.

“WHAT the fuck was that about!!!!” I yelled at her, still unable to stop my dragon from flying.

She smiled a secretive and lascivious grin, and motioned for me to follow her. We entered a side room with a wall length two-way mirror that looked into the break room.

The Guards were all playing a game of cards. There was money on the table. There were empty beers lying around. They were all obviously young guys… younger than me… late teens… none of em looked over 21. They were carousing and tipping back beers, having a good time. Four of them were young black men, and the fifth was a baby faced white kid. The black guys were in various states of undress. The biggest one looked like a powerlifter, his huge shoulders practically blocked my view of the table.

The big guy patted the white-kid on the back, “You did good standing up to that crazy pig.” He said.

“Yeah Whiteboy, it’s like we said. She ain’t shit ta be scared of.” Answered another guard. He was rock solid black muscle and tattoos with a handkerchief tied around his head.

A very pretty dark young man, with earrings and a tight sensual body put a hand on Whiteboy’s shoulder, he leaned in and whispered flirtatiously, “Yeah Whiteboy you acting like a real man now. She ain’t gonna be doin no more crazy shit to you.”

The last black guard was angry looking and sat back watching his friends talk. He was very tall and had smoldering dark eyes. His body was built like a tank and his tank top practically got caught in the deep cuts of his bulging chocolate muscle mass. He dropped his cards onto the table… “Yo Whiteboy you gonna pass dat blunt or what?”

Finally the young white kid lifted up his shy head. I hadn’t been able to get a good look at him, because the young guard had a baseball cap pulled down and covering his eyes. He was very handsome, and thin. His eyes were red rimmed from the huge marijuana cigar hanging from his mouth. His lips were big and jutted from his teeth almost animalisticlly. The big juicy lips were pulled into a dreamy and contented stoner grin. His eyelids were heavy and barely open. I realized that he was the only guard without a piece of the uniform on, he was only sitting in a pair of cheap Wall-mart brand boxers.

“Yeah Whiteboy.” The Dark powerlifter agreed, “Take them boxers off while u at it…. You lost another hand der cuz.” He took the blunt from his buddy and dropped his hand into his lap, stroking his bulge.

“Damn ya’ll… I don’t think you schooled me to good … on how ta run this game…” The young white kid mumbled. He stood up and grabbed the waist band of his boxers…

“Oh my god.” I swore.

Morrible looked at me, “Oh look… you just figured it out,”

The young white guard stood naked in front of the table. He was tall and leanly muscled. His body was fatless perfection and his muscles contracted and swell minutely with his every movement but most noticeable… His ASS WAS HUGE!

The Lanky muscled teen had a butt bigger then any of the naturally endowed African American in the room.

It all became disgustingly clear.

The young stoned boy gave a dopey smile, at his semi-erect cock and its well groomed bush of brown pubes. He sat back down looking at his companions expectantly.

I peered suspiciously at the young man. He was so thin that his features were drastically different from what I expected. His face was supernaturally unblemished. His nose was wide and blunt… and his lips were fat and swollen… but there was the ghost of a resemblance… if you looked hard enough to…

I sucked in a tight breath, “It’s Wesley.”

“They call him Whiteboy now.” Morrible informed me.

“DAMN WHITEBOY!!! You Got an Ass like a Fucking Hood Girl.” The Tattooed thug cat-called. He pulled the white boy back to his feet and appraised his protruding butt cheeks. “Shit boy, where you get all dat flavor.” He ran a greedy dark hand over the plump white ass.

The pretty black man with his seductive eyes stood to, rubbing White-boy’s shoulders like a man on the make, “Shit baby boy, you thick.” His lips brushed the big engorged lips of his taller Caucasian companion. “I ain’t neva seen a homeboy with a trunk so stacked… how you back up with that thing.”

The powerlifter grunted, now openly stroking his big black dick, “What I want to know is how you back up on my thing.” The young fleshy black powerhouse rasped.

The quiet, smoldering Bodybuilder in the corner finally stood, and I was impressed with his size and dark ebony mass, “I told my boys here, how you do your thang.” Dark coal eyes burned with intensity at the tall young boy. He licked his lips and tugged at the waistband of his pants, “Now I hope you don't get mad at me.” He advanced on the young looking man, swaying his hips back and forth rhythmically. Whiteboy gave him a shy smile. The muscled player turned Whiteboy around, and tugged on his small pinched nipples. He ground his crouch at the plush expanse of the white ass cheeks, “But I told Nate you was a freak.” He caressed Whiteboy’s neck with his dark purple tongue.

Whiteboy leaned back, his dick hard and his eyes witless. The three other men unbuckled their belts and released their group of engorged black cocks. “He said he wants a slut, hope you don't mind,” The intense bodybuilder dropped his own pants, and rubbed his Huge throbbing black dick against the white mattress sized rump. “I told him how you like it from behind.” He gave the big butt a thwack that made it shiver like a jell-o mold.

The other guards, stroking their dicks, began to chant, “Shake that ass for me, shake that ass for me C'mon girl, shake that ass for me, shake that ass for me…We bout' to have a party…”

The bodybuilder was gripping the sexually intoxicated WhiteBoy’s dick. He stroked him while forcing the young boys butt back and forth with his hips, making the lean body shake back and forth like a stripper. “C’mon babyboy shake that ass for your boys.. you know we like ta see all dat Babyfat jump. You so good at it Whiteboy.” He bent the other man over the table. Whiteboy smiled a big goofy grin of pride. He gripped the end of the table like he had done this before. The tattooed Thug puffed on the Blunt and blew it in the white kid’s face.

The heavy black powerhouse leaned down and patted his heavy long dick against the white kid’s baseball hat.

Whiteboy pumped that big tail up and down in time to the bodybuilder’s hips. “Go on Whiteboy… keep up da beat like I schooled you to…” His thick midnight cock pulsed angrily over the crack of the big butt. “Go on… it gets me all riled up… listenin to you spit lyrics and hump this big Baunk Da Dunk.”

Whiteboy cleared his voice. The intimidating leader of the group spat down on his cock. “….uh…I… uh…I want a bitch that sit at the crib with no panties on, Knows that she can but she won't say no…URGH!.”

The big billy club entered his fuck pillows. He gritted his teeth but kept on rapping as his “Buddy”, began to pump slow sultry strokes into him… “Look at this lady all in front of me, sexy as can be… argh..ah…Tonight I want a slut, will you be mine…”

The Tattooed Thug and the pretty dark man began to take turns passing the blunt and blowing heavy clouds of smoke into Whiteboy’s face. The Huge Powerlifter tapped his cock on Whiteboy’s lips… Whiteboy licked at the bulging, sweaty organ and kept rapping… “Heard you was a freak from a friend of mine…ARMMMMGHMMGH!!” The big dick punched into his inflated lips and then both young black men began to skewer the thin white boy with heavy hard fucking.

Damn Whiteboy stuffed that big black dick into his mouth like a vacuum. I watched his mouth fill and puff around its length. It was mesmerizing. My own mouth began to water at the sight. It looked so satisfying to have your jaw stretched wide with hot throbbing flesh. My tongue twitched. I was swallowing hard. My Adams apple was bobbing rhythmically to the pumping that Whiteboy was getting…

Something empty and needy rolled in my stomach.

The other two… watched and stroked… dazedly singing “Shake that ass for me, shake that ass for me C'mon girl, shake that ass for me, shake that ass for me…”

“I don’t want to see anymore…” I gulped and turned from the glass… shame burning in my face… because I was lying.. I did want to see more… I wanted to watch that big young butt get bred. These hot black guards were going to gang bang that huge ass… and my huge dick was leaking pre-cum like a hose at the thought.

Morrible gave me a cynical glare, “Liar liar, big dick on Fire.”

From behind us I could here the guards grunting and panting, furniture falling over, glasses breaking, and Rap lyrics being chanted.

“IS THAT WESLEY?” I yelled… trying to get the noises of the orgy out of my head.

Morrible opened the door. “It was.”

“That’s not… he looks like a kid…. How…”

“Facelift.” She answered. She lead me back through the security checkpoints, and I gladly followed her desperate to get back to my prison. I couldn’t get back to the confines of my prison quick enough. Was retreating from the sight of Wesley Simon being a ghetto party favor? Was I running back to the isolated world because I wouldn’t be ashamed of my huge dick and nude body? When had I stopped trying to run away from this place and began to run toward it?

She returned me to my room, “So you see… Mr. Simon had survived, and is quite healthy and happy.” She gave me a direct look, “And you’ll probably be happy to know, that I was wrong.”

I was struggling to pay attention to her, my dragon ached with need and my cartoons were blaring an episode I hadn’t seen before. It was hard to concentrate on her words. The Dragon and the bright flashing comics kept catching my limited attention.

“You were wrong…”

“Yes, Buck was not the first to succumb to treatment. Wesley has completely been rehabilitated. It seems after his hours in that anal stimulation chair and all the psychedelic’s he had a mind shattering breakdown.”

I couldn’t fight my dragon anymore, and didn’t care what the dumb bitch thought. I reached into my silly briefs and began to stroke its base, ahhhh that felt better… now I could at least focus on her a little. “.... fuck….hmmm… Why are you….hmmmm… letting him sit with the guards…hmmm…”

“Because I let him believe that the guards were the ones that saved him from his treatment. They got him out of the chair, took care of him till he could speak coherent sentences again… They’ve been his rescuers.”

She was still talking. I put both hands on my dick. It was amazing that I could put my fists back to back on my own thick long cock. I could hold it like a sword. Damn it was so huge. My dick went up and down as my hands choked it hard.

“I was attempting to combine several, post traumatic event psychosis… Stockholm syndrome and the Florence nightingale affect…” I remembered watching the former DA laugh and play cards with his “Hommies”, “In conjunction with his lack of cognitive identity and prolonged confusion, he seems to be “imprinting” on his African American companions… much the same way a baby duck will imprint on another animal if it loses its mother.” She clapped her hands excitedly, “It’s fascinating!!”

“How could you …hmmmm…. know, that Wesley would behave that way. Hmmmm...”

“Oh I couldn’t, I just threw a bunch of scenarios at the wall and waited for something to stick.” Her mouth twisted in disdain, “Don’t ever let anyone tell you Psychology is a science, my dear boy.” She laughed, her clucking chuckle. “It’s all voodoo and buzzwords.” I strained to look her in the eyes… I still had questions… “How did you get the guards… to…”

“Those aren’t ALL gaurds…” She told me. “Two of those men are the gang members that district attorney Wesley Simon put behind bars. They volunteered to help Whiteboy recover.”

Oh shit my Dragon was bucking between my sweaty fingers, shifting and slithering in my palms. The thought of Wesley getting fucked by the men he had prosecuted made my mind hot with erotic warmth…

“Oh… sure…” She was just background noise to me know. A pompous DA happily smoking J’s, flashing his butt and whoring to his enemies, was so fucking crazy.

This place was crazy.

No wonder he fucking lost his damn sheltered mind. A Giant Ass… a face he didn’t recognize and only Gangbangers to rely on.

I guess she eventually left… realizing I didn’t give a fuck bout her stupid experiments. At least not when my Dragon was roaring at me. Damn this dick is so big. I pulled and tugged on my giant schlong and blew a load that arched over the bed. For the next couple hours I just watched my cartoons and stroked my dick, trying to hit the wall. I wanted my big dragon to breath fire father than anyone else’s… Seeing those big black dicks had made me feel a little less special… I needed to make sure my big cock was the best. It seemed really important to me.

I tried to figure out why, while I watched “Akiro” but between trying to figure out what was going on in my cartoons, reading the subtitles and having a cum shot contest with myself… I guess I forgot.

It just seemed like if I watched the bright flashing cartoon images… I could hear something else.. it was right beyond hearing… it was something… I just stared and spat cum… and jerked… and listened…

My mouth was dry and empty. My throat kept tensing and swallowing with a feeling of intense emptiness.

Julio eventually interrupted me, stepping into the room. The Hot Latin slut was wearing a pair of cut offs and a tiny skin tight top. He took one look at me and his big brown eyes grew excited. His cock snaked out of the torn, frayed cuff of his denim panties. He stepped toward me and licked his big pouty lips.

I didn’t stop him.

He got close and smiled gratefully, bending down to take my rod in his mouth… but before he could, an intense rush of jealousy burned through me and I pushed him away. Angry horny brown eyes gave me a look of hatred. But they quickly changed to liquid brown pleasure, as I pulled down the denim and thrust my empty itching mouth on his bald caramel crotch. I had a dick in my mouth. It was the first time ever. It was hot and firm. It was soft and sweaty. It got harder and thicker as I bobbed up and down filling the vacancy at the back of my throat with Julio’s babymaker.

I know it was crazy. I know that I’m acting like a Fag… but the only thing that made sense with how empty my gullet felt. I could hear what I was missing as my cartoons laughed and chimed in the background.

It was what I was doing.

“Suck me. Suck me.”

Fucking weird. Julio put his big hands in my hair and cooed lovingly in Spanish as his big ripped quads tensed around my head. I sucked it tight, until feeling the blood drain from it and the man’s dick grow flaccid and spent in the grip of my wet jaws.

“Bueno Mi Amigo.” He told me. He leaned in to kiss me, but I pushed him away. I still felt a need in my mouth… but it was his kiss. I needed… I wanted to do it again… it was just over to soon… it barely touched the craving….

“Guess it’s my turn…” Psycho stood in the doorway.

The huge bizarrely handsome fiend must have observed the devirgining of my macho mouth. He began to pull down the straps of his rubber singlet… letting the loose with a tight twang. He revealed a cut abdomen and a long thin, cock that was pierced repeatedly… on the end a huge bull ring like the one on his nose dangled lewdly.

I licked my lips… felt the dryness in my throat… the watering of my mouth and waited patiently. The big jewelry decorated dick came closer and closer until I fetched it like a lollipop and repeated my complete act of faggotry. I realized with a strange interest thatdick’s tasted different. I didn’t know a dick could taste like something. It tasted like man…

I worked around the silver on his piece and the smell of jockstraps and locker rooms erupted into my nostrils… The Cartoons blared. Julio patted my head… and I just stopped questioning what I was doing and concentrated on sucking the dick in my mouth. I had to concentrate on it… it was going to be over so quickly…

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