ONIX’s Stories

ONIX magically melds mind control and musclegrowth. Visit his site, Damien's Spellbook: Confessions of a Scarlet Witch

That Old Black Magic
Damien moves in with his buddy's intolerant ex-roommates and teaches them a lesson.
What's In a Name?
After Dave and Gabe make some homophobic remarks at a party, a curse is placed on them.
The Time Warp... Again
Damien focuses his efforts on the behaviorial rehabilitation of Eric.
Let's Get Physical
Edward get suspicious when his friends start spending all their time at the gym and acting strange.
When I Fight Authority, Authority Always Wins
Mark is alarmed when he learns that Damien has been turning all of his former roommates from straight to gay.
BMOC: Black Mage on Campus
Damien, a witch, grants the wishes of some obnoxious frat boys.
Witch Hunt: Ghost in the Machine 1-2 | 3-5
All bad things comes to an end.
Witch Hunt 2: Things to do in a NCMC Story When You�re Dead
Halloween comes early this year.
Witch Hunt 3: The Exercise-ist: 1-2 | 3 | 4 New
Damien takes Peter on a field trip to an old haunt.