BMOC: Black Mage on Campus, Chapter 7: A Season in HELL—Epilogue: Give the Devil His Due

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Gino tugged nervously at the collar of his dress shirt and surveyed the flier in his hands:

“TONIGHT THE KING OF HEARTS presents Three new dancers, ROCKO, HUNG-LO and BAMBI. New Hip-hop DJ: WHITEBOY. OPEN TIL DAWN. $2 vodkas until midnight. VIP RESERVED.”

Rhodry Heart was such a slave to convention. He needed some big gay rave to unveil his projects to the buyers. The Club was packed. Brittney Spears reverberated through a crowd of shirtless drunken men and lights danced in Technicolor over an orgy of homosexual debauchery. Gino stood on the VIP balcony waiting for all hell to break loose.

He wore a dark Armani suit that was cut tight to his bodybuilder's frame. Rhodry Heart might want to humiliate and emasculate his whores and dancers with the cheapest slut outfits he could find… but it was only the finest Italian tailored suits for his “boyfriend and partner.” He could feel hundreds of eager envious eyes from the dance floor stealing glances at him. He knew he looked like every gay man’s fantasy of the perfect man. He was styled to do so. His short dark hair was slicked back from his sensual and handsome Italian face. He had a well mantained five o’clock shadow of sultry debonair scruff. His big shoulders and muscled macho chest filled his suit to bursting. And his green eyes glinted with primal heat. He was the perfect man. That’s what he was expected to be. As the alpha slave of Rhodry Heart’s stable, he was the public and constant companion of Dr. Heart. It was Gino’s job to be handsome, masculine and charismatic with Rohdry at cocktail parties, business meetings and public appearances. Gino had been the masculine smoldering eye-candy de jour at every circuit party, fundraiser and exclusive event on the east coast for the past 3 years. It had been the life of luxury. Now he just felt like another kind of dirty whore…. To be honest those days might be over. And his days may very well be numbered. After Heart made the UFC fighter into every repressed top’s sexual fantasy he had been forgotten. Heart now doted and worshipped his macho muscled cunt. Lucky was his new favorite toy… and Gino was slowly being freezed out. Lucky had been a muscled drunken lout… but with his new anatomy he had picked up many of the characteristics of a manipulative cunt. Lucky had his eyes on Gino’s place at Dr. Heart’s right hand and it was only a matter of lube and time before he got it.

Gino didn’t even care. His concern was what diabolical new place Heart would find for him. Trucker slut? Russian underwear model? Filipino pool boy? Odds were he would just end up a shaven headed houseboy for the happy couple.

That is unless…

His heart leaped into his throat, considering the one option that gave him an impossible hope. If he could just get through to Damien Vaughn. If he could some how find the man inside the magic… then maybe just maybe… the two of them could…make a break for it. Dr. Heart was dangerous, connected, and influential but Damien was a force of nature.

There was no competition.

His one chance was tonight.

Tonight Damien would attend the party to conclude his business with Rhodry. The entire party was designed to celebrate Dr. Hearts’ success at his bet with the black mage. Wow was Rhodry in for a surprise. Damien Vaughn was a sore winner… Gino couldn’t imagine what kind of loser he might be.

Gino smiled in spite of himself. He remembered to what seemed a lifetime ago, when he and Damien lived together. He had once thrown a game of Gin Rummy on a slow Saturday night, so that he could go to bed. Damien was so pissed that Gino let him win that Damien over turned the coffee table and stormed off. It wasn’t until the next morning when he awoke to find his hairy chest super glued with the entire deck of Clubs, that he really realized his mistake.

Gino smiled. Living with Damien was a never ending series of surprises. Not just the magic. That was surprising just not constant. Mostly Damien was a constant source of entertainment, comfort and perception. Damien could make him laugh, make him think and challenge him all over a bowl of cereal. The guy could turn the maze on the back of a box Cocoa Pebbles into a metaphor for transcendence. Gino sighed. Of all the men Gino had sucked, fucked and lusted after… Damien was the only man he ever felt was his friend.

After Gino came out, Damien was the only guy who he could talk to and trust that was listening. Sur men paid attention to him, but that was basically because of his muscles, looks, or the occasional pair of glittered cut-off shorts. Damein was confidant he could let his guard down with. He could shake Damien awake at 4am and have a real conversation, over cold pizza and Blossom reruns. When Gino had a problem he went to Damien. Ally, Damien’s younger sister, had warned Gino… that he had changed… was out of control…. Gino couldn’t believe that. He knew Damien. Damien might use a little bit of magic here and there to make two guys fall for each other, but they were always better off for it. He might cast a spell to teach someone a lesson, and sometimes those lessons were hard… the point was… Damien couldn’t hurt a fly. He was a big old care bear underneath his black wardrobe and sarcasm. And out of control? That kid was all about control, he was more guarded then Tom Cruise’s sex life. It was one of the major obstacles to them exploring their relationship. Damien was so sensitive and defensive. Before he disappeared Gino was pretty sure they were dating… well maybe dating… well were obviously abou to start….

Friends, lovers… whatever they were, he was going to find out tonight.

Dr. Heart was holding a makeshift court, with some of his elite friends off at the back of VIP balcony. He was surrounded by investors, closeted officials, porn industry barons and his newest class of special made call boys. Usually that horrible Morrible woman would be with them, giving them technical break downs and cost analysis of each new sex-toy’s transformation. However the second she heard that Damien would be attending tonight’s event, she made some hasty excuse about an important errand and high tailed it out of there. Gino tried not to pay to much attention to the new crop of whores. He attempted to never linger too long on thoughts of Rhodry’s real business: the slave trade. The fact that this club, their public persona’s and Heart’s whole life was nothing but a front to cover his merciless dealings in human lives was far to heavy to contemplate. No it was easier to wear the suit, smile at the party and drink the champagne with the rest of the damned.

Heart gave him a steady glare and Gino retreated from his contemplation of the crowd. He obediently sat down next to Heart and put his hand on the Doctor’s thick thigh. Rhodry smiled, fondly and patted his head like a dog. Lucky was on Heart’s left and the three of them made quite a handsome Threesome. The two older men in there expensive dress clothes, and the dickless boy wonder in a tight green hoody and fighting shorts.

The heavy club music stopped abruptly. The entire club paused in confusion. The music pulsed to sudden ear shattering volume and Annie Lennox crooned…


Every light in the club flickered and turned an iridescent blue.


The lights continued to strobe an eerie azure glow.


The light burned and unbearable sapphire and suddenly the big form of Damien Vaughn was parting the crowded dance floor like a hot knife through butter.


Damien approached the VIP balcony with an absence of any more fanfare. He was dressed as usual, all in black. He wore a flowing black silk shirt, pinstripe pants and silver jewelry accenting his wrist and throat. His hair was slicked back in dark spikes. His supernatural facial features betrayed no emotion or motivation. His big form broke the crowd and pushed uninterestedly toward Dr. Heart. Two men followed him ambivalently: the first was massively tall and had a grizzly white Wolf sexuality, the second was a stocky muscle beast covered in tattoos and piercings. The big guy wore leather pants and a tight bicep band, the little one wore only a leather jock.


Doctor Heart’s smile was open and welcoming. “Mr. Vaughn, it’s a pleasure to see you again.”

Damien raised a sardonic eyebrow, “Is it?”


Doctor Heart’s smile froze but he continued his pleasantries. “Yes! Of course! We’ve had such an amazing experience with you friend Leo,” His eyes were predatory, “I am very eager to show you, our progress.” He motioned to the guards and they brought Hung-Lo forward.

The big cartoon power top smiled broadly. His giant cock was thick and full against the tight, brightly colored lycra shorts he wore. His big chest and tiny waist were packed tight into a neon purple t-shirt with a “Dragonball Z” character on it. His arms displayed fresh dragon Tattoos that glinted in the light. “Hung-Ro iz here!” He laughed loudly. His hair was inky black but styled into ridiculously high torrents with several garish neon colors. He sported a little black tightly pointed goatee and mustache.

Damein gave the caricature a brief glance, “I’m aware of your success Doctor. I’m only here to perform my obligation to you. Leo has been completely transformed,” Damien gave the merest nod of a bow. He looked at the former BMOC, now a painted and mutated Asian Sex Toy. Hung-Lo gave him a wide grin. His almond eyes were wrinkled in glee …but there was a single tear trickling down his pale face. Damien quickly looked away. He cleared his throat and pointed to the Master and Slave Boy that had accompanied him. “Two for the price of one, as I recall.”

Heart’s eyes narrowed. “I was left with the impression that you were offering yourself as reward.” His smile was warm and welcoming. His tone grated like glass on asphalt.

Damien swung his head lazily at the mad doctor, “Whatever your impression was, that was not my intention.”

Doctor Heart took an angry step forward, “Your breaking your word?”

Gino watched in silent horror as Damien reacted with whip quick reflexes, grabbing Rhodry by the lapel and yanking him forward, “Attend me closely insignificant mortal man. I am the most powerful witch to walk the decaying flesh of this Earth in over 3oo years. I consort with Demons. I teach pigs to fly and shake clouds until they rain toads. I am a servant of the Unseelie fey and the divine hand of Nemesis herself…” Dr. Heart’s body froze and levitated until he was eye to eye with snarling apparition, “Doubt my given word AGAIN ape, and I shall teach you lessons that would make the Devil weep.”

Dr. Heart’s Italian loafers returned to the dance floor. He staggered away from the supernatural adversary with wild disbelieving eyes, “It’s true… it’s all true… you really are…”

“Truth like all fragile realities is a matter of perception,” The hulking witch interjected. He motioned to the two Leathermen behind him, “Two new toys for the completion of your task with Leo. Thus the bargain was struck. Thus the bargain is met.”

Wolf and puppy stepped forward with eager looks in their sex-pig eyes. Puppy licked hungry lips, “That weird guy says you can give us jobs in the Porn industry… or the sex trade… or … uh…. You’re going to pay us to fuck around right?”

Dr. Heart slowly took hold of his nerves. He smoothed his jacket and licked nervously at his upper lip. Heart took a deep breath and forced himself to engage the two sexpigs, “Oh I’m sure we can find a place for you here at the club.” He gave Puppy a disdainful glance, “My clients usually prefer a more sophisticated diversion then the Horse-N-Pony show of the leather scene. …But I guess there is always a demand for the cliché.”

Puppy turned to Damien, and demanded angrily, “He going to pay us to FUCK or what?”

There was a deadness to the blue light in Damien’s eyes, “All that boyish charm and good manners… and this is what you were on the inside,” he whispered it low and to himself. “What a joke.”

“HUNG-RO rike JOKES!!!” Hung-Lo suddenly yelled obnoxiously, “HA! HA! HA!”

Doctor Heart, realizing the awkwardness of the bizarre scene, in front of his more prominent guests, took control, “Hung-Lo, take the Eagle rejects to get a drink and introduce them to some of their new …friends.” He moved to put a friendly guiding hand on Damien’s shoulder, but thought better of it when he saw the murderous look in those blue eyes.

“I believe that concludes our business. I am eager to retire from your company Doctor… and would not keep our from your… perversions… I mean diversions….”

Doctor Heart ignored him, and plowed forward. “I was hoping to have a few words with you… My partner Gino has told me that you and I have several things in common.” He had intended for Gino’s name to garner some kind of reaction from the mysterious man. The casual reference to their public relationship as a Gay Power couple was an intended gauntlet. He wanted to catch Damien off his guard. “I believe you two know each other.”

Gino stood up and straightened his expensive suit uncomfortably.

He had been waiting for this moment for so long… he had it all planned out… what he was going to say… how he was going to say it…

Damien didn’t even look at him.

Instead, he stared contemptuously at Dr. Heart. “If you were expecting me to break into a rousing rendition of “Jolene”, I’m sorry to disappoint you. I bare no sentiment whatsoever toward Mr. Salvatore. He was my roommate briefly… years ago…” His eyes became hard, “But no, he doesn’t know me at all.”

Gino’s heart plummeted to the floor. The demon would not even look at him. This huge arrogant man couldn’t be Damien. IT couldn’t be… if he could just look him in the eyes…

The good Doctor had obviously planned to have the advantage of shock value, but the Demon’s indifference quickly negated that. Doctor Heart impulsively rubbed Gino’s shoulder affectionately.

Gino tensed and shrugged his hand away.

Heart’s eyes glinted Murder.

Damien yawned and studied his nails.

A large bell sounded above the dance music. The good Doctor happily broke the tension, “OH damn! I apologize but I have a small business matter to attend, too. I’m told you’re a man with a certain skill at transformations…Feel free to observe mine...”

Gino knew what was coming next. It was time to settle up the debts, collect the ransom and go on with the business of the oldest profession known to man.

The crowd parted and in the center of the room stood Bambi. He was shaking. His eyes were tightly closed in fear. The hot beefcake body was tanned, waxed, glistening and shoved into a pair of orange-hot-pants and a cut-off “Hooters” Tank top, that showed his MASSIVE muscled and altered pectoral mountains. Light, well groomed chest hair accentuated the masculinity of his giant tits.

His snow blonde hair was gelled and glittery. His handsome and masculine face was emasculated by his big wide eyes and blue contacts, and the high arched meticulously groomed eye-brows. He was unrecognizable from the hard drinking, hard lifting, Ladies Man, small town landscaper that he had originally been. He was ridiculous, over-the-top, Fag Bait, eye-candy and he was quivering in his little orange booties.

Totally emasculated and shattered, Bambi stood with his eyes glued to the floor and his lips trembling. From out of the crowd a towering man approached him. The man’s name was Bill and he had been the man to set Bambi on his path of destruction. Bill was the uncle of “Buck’s” former girlfriend and had had enough of watching “Buck” shirk his responsibilities and treat his niece and her daughter’s like trash. Bill made his money in a big concrete firm and had the finances to put “Buck” in his place.

Gino had met Bill when he first approached Doctor Heart with his plan to re-educate his niece’s deadbeat boyfriend. Bill was huge. He was a towering Viking of a man. 6’5 blonde, with a well trimmed beard, and shoulders that looked like they had been hauling cement around for 20 years, which they had. He wore a plain white t-shirt that accentuated his big beefy laborer frame and a pair of faded denim jeans. The man was worth a cool 20 million but never let that change his standards. Doctor Heart knew Bill from the Circuit Scene. It seemed to Gino that every man of a certain tax bracket, sexual persuasion, and muscle mass knew each other from that scene.

Bill walked up to the manicured and obscenely dressed young bodybuilder, and tugged on one of his massively engorged nipples. “You know who I am, boy?”

Bambi looked up with his giant big blue eyes in terror, “Yes sir,” He answered in that absurd phone-sex husky warble.

“Baby,” Bill corrected.

The bodybuilder’s big ass shook in fright, “I’m sorry….?” He purred. He was obviously confused, and so scared that he was going to make a mistake, that he was ready to piss his tight little g-string panties.

“You can call me Baby. Not sir,” He put a big arm over the powerfully-built but much smaller man, “I’m going to take you home and no one is going to hurt you anymore.”

Tears of joy gushed from Bambi’s big baby-doll eyes. “Thank you… Thank you…. Thank…you…” The huge Nordic man leaned in and gave his new boy-toy a deep and hungry kiss. Bambi gave his habitual giggle of stupidity as he returned the aggressive kiss. He threw his big bulging arms around his savior like a drowning man catching a life raft. Bill paraded his prize off into the crowd with one hand firmly grasping Bambi’s scantily clad ass-cheek and the other affectionately holding him tight. Bill’s large hand idly tweaked the engorged nipple of one hairy bloated pec. Bambi smiled dreamily and giggled in a soft contented purr. For the first time since Doctor Heart and Doctor Morrible got their hands on him, Bambi felt safe. His hormone and medication dulled mind gave a sigh of relief, and he proudly sported his throbbing erection, for the huge hero who had saved him.

Gino knew what Bill had planned. He was going to move Bambi back to their small town, keep him as, his version, of a “Trophy-wife”. Bill planned to let all his old drinking buddies and lifting partners see what a ridiculous fairy their pussy-hound buddy had become. He’d have Bambi cooking his meals, cleaning his house and running his errands dressed like a Go-Go boy. He also was going to make sure that Bambi had lots of free time to babysit for his niece. The young Muscleslut would be doing WebCam shows round the clock to pay back his child support. Bambi was going to be degraded, sexualized and feminized into the perfect bodybuilding eye-candy wife he once coveted… and he was going to love Bill for doing it to him.

There was a loud uproarious laugh from across the room. Hung-Lo was pointing and tumbling over in laughter. The loud Asian bodybuilder was staring blankly at a music video, and dancing childishly at the flashing lights.

There was no buyer for Hung-Lo. He was now a permanent resident of the club. He would strip on the main-stage and work the private rooms. Heart had big future plans for him. As soon as Heart was ready, he was going to have Hung-Lo flying back and forth to Asia with a chaperone. They were probably going to have to buy a second ticket for that huge cock of his. Doctor Heart already had the huge Fuck-fantasy scheduled with several big roller clients in Bangkok for New Years. Hung-Lo for the most part just stood solitary like the side-show he was. Laughing in the corner looking like a porn fantasy come to life, his huge dick tenting his tiny plastic short-shorts, wearing an Anime Tank-top on his massive pale chest and throwing his head back in gales of loud obnoxious laughter.

Yeah, he was now one of Doctor Hearts stable boys. Just like poor Whiteboy. Whiteboy was also going to be a new “boy” for the club, go-go dancing and turning tricks at night, and working for the men he used to prosecute during the day. His “crew” of “Hommies” were going to have him selling dime bags at the local community college all day, when of course he wasn’t being used as a cum dump for every bored brother in the entourage. Gino had to admit… the former DA was one sweet piece of ASS. A huge sweet piece of ass. His dick got hard just thinking about motor-boating those big ass cheeks. Whiteboy was sitting on the lap of one of the big black bouncers. He was smoking a huge blunt and letting the ebony guard finger his hungry asshole. The guard’s big hands distended his baggy boxer briefs and huge jeans. Whiteboy puffed away happily and rode the black man’s hand gratefully. His wifebeater was soaked in sweat and his dark inky tattoos showed through the fabric. His big lips were pursed around the heavy stoagie… advertising to the whole club his ability to suck on a cock.

Rocko was posing and flexing like a retard for all the gay-boys in the crowd, when a big burly bear saddled up to him and put a familiar had on one of his GIANT delts. “Hey buddy! You look Great!”

Rocko swatted him off with a big double bicep pose, and sneered, “Yo, Fatty look but don’ touch the merchandise!”

The little bear looked at the roid beast in confusion, “Abe… don’t you recognize me… I’m your boyfriend…”

Rocko gave him a disgusted look but then his face got blank and he repeated like a robot, “My Name is Rocko Dumboner. I luv 2 Fuk n workout.”

“But… I… I mean we… Doctor Heart said he was going to show me…”

“OH!” Rocko barked, “You want da show? I’ll give ya da show!” The massive juiced-up bodybuilder stood back and concentrated, “Hey lil guy… you can tri!” he swung his arms into a Tricep hold, “to get BI!” he moved into a sharp double bicep hold, “But I won’t LAT ya!” He finished with a Lateral spread. “There little guy, you got da show… now you want me ta fuk u? U gotta big fat ass… it’ll probly feel good.”

Doctor Heart interrupted the sad scene, “Rocko this is Mat. He used to be your boyfriend.” The young and handsome Bear gave Rocko an apologetic and hopeful look. Rocko scratched his big muscled ass and shrugged his giant traps. Doctor Heart continued, “But that was before… when you were smart and fat.”

“I AIN’T FAT!” Rocko roared. His big bloated muscles quaking in rage… and then his huge dumb face went blank again, “I used ta B smart?”

Doctor Heart avoided the urge to stroke his dick at the giant’s statement, “Oh yes, but that was before my Staff and I totally MindFucked you… Now your IQ is lower than state medium competency, You’re a complete imbecile with 22 inch biceps.”

“Imba sill?” Rocko slobbered.

“He doesn’t recognize me.” Mat said disappointedly.

“He doesn’t even recognize the Alphabet anymore,” Doctor Heart remonstrated, “He doesn’t have the mental capacity to work a microwave, much less a relationship.” Doctor Heart told the young cub condescendingly, “You’re going to have your hands full getting him not to Ass-rape every man that smiles at him. You were very clear in your requests, and I was very successful at using your trust fund to accomplish them.”

“You want I should fuck you little guy?” Rocko offered. He was trying to figure out what the little cub needed. “I can fuck you real good. Little guys love when I fuck them,” he moved matt’s hands to his giant pec’s. “Little guys love it when I let em touch my muscles.” He thumbed at his posing string, “I’ll let you taste my Dumb Boner…”

Mat’s apprehension melted away, and his eyes glazed in lust, “Yes… Fuck me…”

Rocko shrugged his massive traps again. He unceremoniously flopped his dick out of his posers… “OK…”

Doctor Heart stopped him, “You two gentleman can use one of the private rooms, to get re-acquainted. Mat I’ll expect your next check by tomorrow. And don’t worry, if Rocko here doesn’t make a good roommate you can always send him back. We can always use Muscle-worship models… He’s too stupid to be a dancer but we can have him flex to music.”

“FLEX!” Rocko yelled, and stroke a most muscular pose, with his dick bouncing against his wrists.

Mat stared at the muscle idol, and marveled at his steroid enhanced muscles. The huge vascular thighs, the bulging awkward biceps, his huge cobblestone roid gut… he was a muscle god that could be called Olympian sized. He was as dumb as a fucking rock. His teammates and he would still never be able to use him on the game field. They could use him everywhere else, though. Mat followed the Muscle pro into a back room. He was thinking of how good his new “roommate”, Rocko, would look sporting the team’s jersey on the sidelines. He imagined having opposing teams over for post-game muscle worship and fuck sessions… Rocko was a fucking moron but he was totally worth every penny.

Doctor Heart noticed Gino’s contemplative stare and came over to him, “Gino why don’t you go check on Mr. Vaughn’s guests…” His voice was forceful and commanding. “It’ll give me a chance to … get acquainted with him…” His face grew jealous and angry, “without your puppy dog eyes distracting me.”

Gino nodded his head silently and followed orders. Damien was here. This was his chance to do something. But he just couldn’t figure out what… Dr. Heart began to ingratiate himself with the distant mage and Gino watched in horror as his two worlds began to collide… just out of hearing.

He was stressed and out of options. Gino walked towards the two leather pigs, nervously glancing back to the two most influential men in his life, having a casual conversation. Panic spread through his body. He didn’t have a clue what to do next…

… When, what-to-do-next clumsily bumped into him.

“Oh I’m sorry! I can be such a klutz! I’m not used to wearing heels… goddess I miss my sandals…” A pretty young cocktail waitress apologized. She was carrying a tray of Apple Martini’s and was guarding them with her life. She looked up from her 3 carefully protected cocktails…

“ALLY!” Gino looked down into the big do-gooder eyes of the youngest and arguably sanest Vaughn. “What are you doing here?” The young blonde Cheer Leader was wearing the tight corseted black uniform of “The King of Heart’s” Club. The cocktail girls at the King of Hearts wore a ridiculous hooker costume somewhere between French maid and the Red Queen. She looked very uncomfortable, but her lithe form filled out the outfit better than anyone he had ever seen. Her beauty was effortless and innocent, being dressed like a Halloween hooker didn’t even detract from it.

Gino held her elbow protectively, “Ally you shouldn’t be here, it’s dangerous.

“I don’t care!” She gave him a rainbow-bright smile of confidence, “I’m going to help my friends!” A look of cute determination crossed her face and she stumbled on her stilettos toward Wolf and Puppy. “Care for a drink? It’s on the house boys!” She said.

Wolf and Puppy took two of the cocktails gratefully.

Wolf gave ally a look of recognition. He looked down at the drink in his hands… it seemed that he was considering something… but eventually downed the drink in one gulp.

Damien’s magic was show-stopping high gay drama. It was all burst of light, witty comments and visual stimulation. Ally’s was not. It seemed to Gino that the big form of the Leather daddy shimmered briefly. Gino found it hard to look at the big graying sexual predator and when he blinked… the commanding muscle wolf was gone… in his place was a fresh faced young man, with a slim torso…desperately trying to hold up his giant pants.

The kid gripped the big leather belt and hauled the ridiculously baggy pants up to mid waist. He blinked owlishly. “Ally?” He asked tentatively to the young blonde witch.

“OH PETER!” She threw her arms around the kid, making him blush furiously.

“Ally… I …. Damien….he…” A terrible realization descended over his nerdy face, “Oh Ally the things I did… the things I felt… I can’t even …oh Ally…” Big dramatic tears flowed from his eyes and he stammered incoherently.

Allysandra put her arms around him and gave him the confident stare of a true born nurturer, “It’s going to be okay Peter. We might have to get you some serious therapy. You might know things about yourself that you’d rather not. You might be ashamed. You might be guilty, but I promise… it’s going to be okay!”

“Thank you,” he sniffed.

“This drink sucks…” Puppy growled. He tipped the martini glass on to the floor in disgust.

“NO!” both Ally and Peter yelled.

Puppy gave them a dumb look and idly scratched one furry pec. “I need something stiffer then that pussy girl-drink.”

“I got something stiffer for your pussy.” Said a huge pale muscleman in a rubber singlet.. He was shaved bald and sported more piercings then puppy did. “My name’s Pyscho… Let me show you the sling.”

Puppy gave him an excited look and followed the muscled skinhead into the crowd.

Gino, Ally and Peter watched as the man who had once been Drake Harrington lumbered away. His wide shoulders displayed the tattoo “PIT BULL”, the small of his back read “Slut Butt” and a black plastic dog tail wagged from his giant muscled ass cheeks. Psycho grabbed his leash and lead “Puppy”, off toward his new life.

“Ally… You have to do something!” Peter begged.

She shook her head, “I did. I don’t think Drake wanted to change back. I can’t do anything for him.” There was a hollow loss in her voice… but also a cold acceptance. “We all choose our own fates. We all allow our own spells to bind us.” She looked at the last glittering apple cocktail on her tray, “Let’s hope this is enough to slow Damien down…”

“OH ALLYSANDRA!!! I’m so glad you’re here!” A short chubby woman in a lab coat pushed through the crowd and fell on Ally in a warm embrace.

Ally looked stunned, “ROXY…?”

The fat woman, hugged her tight, “OH it’s worse than you said… he’s needs our help! I’m so worried about him.”

Gino recognized the fat little scientist as Dr. Roxanna Morrible. He had had several dealings with her. She was Doctor Heart’s secret weapon and sadistic co-conspirator. She was the Mrs. Lovett to Dr. Heart’s Sweeney Todd. In all the time he had worked for Heart, he had never seen the fat bitch show the slightest hint of emotion. Now she was here, hugging Ally and crying in hysterics?

Ally gave her a suspicious look, “Uhm…Roxy? Are you feeling okay?”

“I’m just so glad to you, my dear, sweet little sister.”

“The last time I talked to you, you said if you ever saw me again you’d “make rainbow glitter out of my internal organs.” Allyasanda replied shying away from the fat woman.

“Wait a minute… You two are related?” Gino said in shock.

Ally gave him an apologetic look, “Roxanna is my “other” older Sister… she’s the one Damien and I don’t talk about.” She said “don’t talk about” but Gino could tell she meant, “Publicly Deny.”

That jogged Gino’s memory, “Damien’s here!” He told Ally.

The Doctor reinserted herself in the conversation and nodded emphatically, “Oh yes… He’s with Dr. Heart now! Whatever will we do?!”

Ally pointed to the last Martini, “I made this… I used the last apple from my garden… It should at least be enough to slow him down…”

Roxanna’s eyes grew narrow with evil pleasure, “Oh yes! I think that will do perfectly,” She grabbed the drink and pushed it at Gino. “Mr. Salvatore, he trusted you once… get him to drink this, and then I and my dear sister can help him!” She hugged Ally determinedly. Ally looked very confused.

Gino gave her an apprehensive glare and walked back toward Dr. Heart and Damien.

When he was gone, Morrible quickly released her little sister. All the sentiment and passion drained from her face. “Thank you, Ally.” She snapped her fingers toward two huge goons.

Two big bouncers grabbed Ally and Peter roughly. Allysandra squirmed and looked at her sister in shock. “Roxy what are you…!?” the bouncer clapped a hand over her mouth. The two goons drug them toward the Emergency Exit. Ally’s eyes were wide with fury as she was dragged kicking toward the door.

Roxanna watched as her little sister and the loser she was with were promptly thrown-out. “Thank you Ally… for still being a trusting little fool…”

Gino walked up, as Dr. Heart was gloating and sermonizing about what a great “team” he and Damien could make. “…together we could take complete control, of companies… senators…ambassadors… there’s no limit to what we could accomplish.” He gave Damien a parental look of approval. “We could do more than you ever dreamed of…”

“Is that what you think?” Damien whispered. “You think I dream?” His voice was low and dangerous.

“A TOAST!” Gino called, “To you Rhodry. And of course to Mr. Vaughn… a toast, to your success.” He shoved the Drink at the brooding mage, trying hard not to make eye contact. Damien looked at the glass skeptically.

Rhodry Heart Smiled victoriously, “Yes to you Damien Vaughn. A man after my own Heart!” He raised his glass and slung back his Bourbon.

Damien surveyed the room full of scantily glad musclemen, fucktoys, broken souls, submissive whores and their owners.

“…Adder's fork, and blind-worm's sting, Lizard's leg, and owlet's wing,— For a charm of powerful trouble, Like a hell-broth… boil and bubble….” He gave a defeated shrug and chugged the whole drink in one sip. “I need some air.” He whispered in revulsion. He turned and headed for the stairs.

Gino bolted to follow him, But Heart grabbed his big arm forcefully, “I see the way you look at him.” He rasped angrily. “I hope you haven’t forgotten who owns you. MY BITCHES WEAR MY COLLARS, Boy.”

Gino trembled. Doctor Heart was mad. Doctor Heart would punish him.

He suddenly noticed how much bigger he was than Rhodry Heart. How although the psychopathic surgeon seemed calm, he actually was desperate for Gino to submit.

“… the spell you allow.”

Gino looked Doctor Heart right in the eye, “I’ve waited a long time to say this Rhodry… FUCK YOU!” He ran towards the stairs and followed Damien.

He was taking the clubs’ stairs three at a time, breathing heavy and sweating. He rushed up… up… up… until with extraordinary frenzy he collapsed through the door to the roof.

Damien stood solitary against the backdrop of the city skyline. Heart’s club wasn’t a skyscraper but it was twelve very long stories up. He rose from the edge of the building like a dark turret, searching the empty air in front of him. His loose black shirt wiped around his solid trunk and the wind tossed his short spiky hair. His skin gleamed in the moonlight and blue fire leaked from dead eyes. He was a modern day gargoyle of flesh and blood.

“I think…” he mumbled.

“You committing suicide?” A deep concerned voice asked from behind him on the roof. “Or just waiting to fly away on your broom?”

The voice behind him was of no moment to the man on the ledge, but it did illustrate his current inner conflict.

“I think… I can…… now… I’m more… powerful… then… she…ever was…” His voice was confused… and bewildered… like a child’s puzzlement.

“Look at me, you BITCH!” Gino roared. He was breathing heavy and every muscle of his body twitched with rage.

The demon turned to the man he had once loved.

Their eyes met.

Green fury locked with bright blue indifference.

Gino was shocked.

He lost all his nerve.

The Damien he knew, was a scrawny but adorable kid with a mischievous smile and a quiet dignity.

The man before him was taller, with powerful shoulders, a wide chest and the face of an adult. It was the same face, but it was harder. It was more masculine and 100 times more rugged. The smile was as cold and dangerous as frostbite. The dignity had become a towering arrogance.

But the eyes… no one could ever mistake those eyes…

Gino caught his breath and whispered incredulously “You’ve changed.”

Damien laughed, a chortle that sounded more like growling. “I have become the monster you once thought me to be.”

Gino shook his head sadly, “I never thought you were a monster.”

Damien considered this, “No, I suppose you never did think that. You could never be bothered to “think” of anything.” For an instant, the Demon’s smile was Damien’s own mischievous trouble making grin. , “Except your biceps or the next Saturday night cock…”

“That’s not fair!” Gino yelled.

“This isn’t third grade. I don’t deal in fair.” He replied flippantly. The monster gave him an indulgent smile, “I’ve so missed our witty banter roommie…”

Gino, took a deep breath and desperately tried to reason with the man on the ledge, “Damien, we can help you… your sisters and I can help you…’

“Help me what?”

Gino began to hesitate. Whatever Dr. Morrible had given him, it didn’t seem to be working. “Damien… people can change… they can…”

“NO!” Damien yelled, sauntering up to him until they were shoulder to giant shoulder. “Take it from me, I’m the mother fucking lord of transformation.” Damien ran a slim finger along Gino’s wide Italian jaw. “You can change something all you want; it always remains what it truly is.” He looked sad at that statement…

… then leaned in close as if to kiss his former friend, “For instance…I might have changed you into a gay man…” their lips were centimeters apart… “but you’re still the same uneducated, hormone driven, loser …you always were… underneath, desperate for someone else to take all the responsibility for your choices… off your big burly shoulders.”

“Fuck you!” Gino yelled. Taken off guard and now extremely pissed …he lunged at Damien. The demon was taken off guard and tumbled to the ground. Gino got up on his knees pinning Damien down and swung back his fist. “WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?”

His fist connected with the other man’s cheek.


Again he landed his rage against the side of Damien’s head. He swung and swung, until his arm was tired and his fist ached. He collapsed on the other man’s big body and sobbed. Three years of pent-up longing and wondering leaked out of him. He whispered brokenly, “For three years I’ve been down every road in hell looking for you…”

Damien coughed beneath him. “That’s strange,” he responded a quiet voice… “I never saw you there.”


Big blue eyes gave him a dazed but affectionate glare.

That silly magic martini must have kicked in.

Gino looked into the two cobalt blue eyes. Their deep color was brimming with heartbreak and remorse “Hey buddy,” Damien whispered, “It’s been awhile…”

Gino’s lip trembled. “I missed you.”

Damien gave him a tremulous smile, “I missed me too…”

Gino yelped a cry of relief and grabbed Damien tight to his chest.

“Careful he-man I think you broke a couple ribs…”

“Sorry… I had to knock some sense into you.”

“You did!” He agreed, with wide eyes. Damien shuddered with realization and drug Gino’s large form to his feet. “I’m in control… I think there was something in that drink… The magic isn’t as strong…”

“FUCK MAGIC!” Gino screamed in his face. “FUCK YOUR SPELLS and charms and whatever.” Gino grabbed him hard and pulled him back to his chest. “Let it just be you and me and none of that shit.”

Damien looked him in the eye. “It can be….but you have to help me…” He placed his hands on Gino’s face and gave him a desperate look, “You have to save me hero…” Damien’s voice was frantic… His eyes were unfocused and he was having trouble speaking. “ This is all Fairytale magic…Fairytales… Gino… remember fairytales….”

The big Italian looked into his friend’s bewildered eyes. He took a deep breath. “Damien… what happened to you…” His voice shook from fear of the answer.

The Big blue eyes were wide with a heart wrenching tidal wave of emotion, “Oh Gino… I got so lost…” The deep voice quaked with pure anguish and undisguised turmoil.

Gino held Damien tighter, struggling to calm his irrational and nonsensical raving, “It's okay now. I’m here… I’ll save you buddy. Don’t worry, I’ll save you.” He held Damien’s big jaw in firm hands and leaned in for a long denied kiss…


“Mother fucker…” Gino swore.

Interrupted and stunned, both men turned quickly toward the new voice.

From out of the shadows, stepped Dr. Roxanna Morrible. “Never was there a tale of more woe… then that of Juliet … and her Romeo.” The fat little doctor mocked.

The humanity drained out of Damien’s eyes. “I warned you bitch.” He growled.

“Dr. Morrible get back… everything’s fine… I got through to him…” Gino called, waving her away.

The fat hen smiled, “Oh he’s got a thick skull. I thought I got through to him once too, when we were little… I used a Buick.” She gave Damien a nasty wink, “That didn’t take either… but he looked so adorable on his tiny little crutches.”

Beside him, Damien began to stiffen and his body turned to ice. “Damien… ignore her… it’s over…”

Damien Shook his head and gave Gino a sad apologetic look. “Hero, I would love to ride off in to the sunset with you and live happily after.” A pulse of sapphire energy, as strong as the front line of the Patriots, hit Gino square in the chest. It sent him tumbling back across the roof. “I just don’t think I could live with myself.”

Morrible crossed her arms and rolled her eyes, “Always the Drama Queen.”

He advanced on his sister, “Alright, Mad Madam MIM. You want to duel? Let’s duel…” Bright blue light the color of a supernova enveloped everything.

The blue light surrounded Dr. Morrible and she rose into the air. Morrible struggled in vain and her chubby legs kicked at the empty air. “Cute light show… What are you going to do Damien? Kill me? HA!” Her face was as bleak as death. “Kill me… and you become me.”

“SHUT-UP, bitch!” The Demon roared. Unseen hands drug her across the expanse of the roof, until they were face to face.

“You’re right Damien. People don’t change. You’re still all bark… and no BITE.” Strangely, she showed no trace of fear while facing down the mystic onslaught.

That’s when Gino realized with a sinking feeling of dread… The Bitch had a plan.

Damien clenched his fist, and got close to her. “This ends tonight!”

“I agree…” She reached into her pocket and threw a handful of dirt at him. “Here’s mud in your eye, BRAT!”

Mud fell from his shocked face ……He stumbled back, bright blue fire flickering……“What? …” He wiped the grime from his shoulders……“That was stupid …you cow… now I’m going to…” …he faltered… …his big blue eyes looked suddenly concerned, “I’m going…to…”

“…I’m going…”

“YOU’RE GOING TO TAKE YOUR MEDICINE!” She screamed. She stabbed him hard with a syringe. He swung at her. His massive arm sent her hurling across the tar roof.

Damien lurched forward and Eldritch fire flickered around him… “I’m going to pop you like a …” Suddenly, the blue fire extinguished and dissolved.

The confused mage stood staring incredulously at his hands. Gino was shocked at how the supernatural hulk suddenly seemed all too human… and also all too vulnerable. Gino looked at Dr. Morrible, “What did you do!?”

Roxanna sat up chuckling, “Let’s see… an apple from Allysandra’s garden… plus dirt from Medea’s grave … and of course a tranquilizer from my medicine bag. Did I forget anything?”

The mage slumped down to his knees. His blue eyes were wild and unfocused. “You crah…zeee… Bi….”

She stood up, wiping blood from her lip. “You said it would take all three of your sisters to bind you, little brother. Your Magic works on belief…”

Damien was down on all fours, panting. Drool leaked from his mouth and his eyelids hung heavy. “Not possible…not…” His legs remained unresponsive, as he struggled to stand. “Not possible…”

Dr. Morrible slid next to him and leaned down to his ear, “As you love to say, everything is possible.” She grabbed him by the hair and looked him straight in the eye, “Now tell me little brother… Do you “believe” that-that was enough of a spell, to bind you?”

He wrenched free of her grip and his dull gaze focused on Gino for a brief instant.

His eyes were terrified and disbelieving.

The witch let out a groan of defeat and fell face-first onto the roof.

Roxanna nodded triumphantly. “I’ll take that as a yes!” She looked at the limp form of her little brother and gave it a playful kick in the ribs.

Gino scrambled to protect his friend, but Roxanna Vaughn turned toward him with a pistol in her hands, “Back off Romeo, Juliet’s got a date with the Dr.” She barked.

She pulled out a small cell-phone and said happily. “The roof… Yes. He’s sedated and effectively neutralized. Take your time… The little monster isn’t going anywhere.”

“What are you doing…” Gino stammered, unable to comprehend what he was seeing… “HE’S YOUR BROTHER!”

Roxanna nodded, “Yes, but he’s still a man. It’s my familial obligation.” Her smile was emotionless and reptilian. “Plus I’ve always hated the little bastard… and it’s high time, that he gave the devil his due…”

Gino heard the stampede of guards running up the stairs. “They’ll kill him…” He whispered brokenly.

Morrible smirked from behind her gun, “Oh no, they’re going to do far worse than kill him.” Her Face was alight with triumph. “Thank you Gino… I couldn’t have done it without you…”