That Old Black Magic

Chapter 1

"It's just not fair!" Mark whined into his beer. "They're assholes!"

"Yes, yes they are," I replied in that knee-jerk comforting manner.

"It's OK Mark. You can stay with me 'til you find a place," Stacey said as she gave him a big hug. It was all so sweet I could have just thrown up right there. It was a Kodak moment.

Poor Mark had been evicted from his house by his roommates. Boo hoo. Poor Mark was always getting stepped on in life. He was one of those doormat people who should just have "Welcome" stenciled on his forehead. He gave self-respecting queers like myself a bad name; however, he was one of my oldest friends, and deep down in places I didn't like to acknowledge, I did have a little bit of a broken wing syndrome. So I wanted to help him. Mark was a nice enough little dude, a bit unassuming, but hey, he was cute in that puppy dog kinda way. It was just after a while, you wanna take the puppy, put it in a sack and go to down to the river. He was a nice guy in a world where the nice guy was a dying breed.

Mark had been living off-campus with four guys. We were all still in college. They had all rented this house together, and things were fine until Mark brought home a Bob instead of a Becky. Mark's very understanding roommates gave him his walking papers almost immediately; they did take some time out though to threaten and scare him first. Hell, why not?

I never had the misfortune of meeting the guys he lived with, but I was sure I'd really not like them.

"They were all my friends, but when they found out I was gay... they all went crazy. Gino threw me against the wall, and Brian was ready to kick my ass."

I was jolted back into the conversation, "So they kicked you out? I guess that means they'll be looking for a new roommate?"

Both Stacey and Mark stared at me in horror. "I'm not looking for a better deal on the rent." I narrowed my eyes. "I just think someone ought to teach your buddies a well-deserved lesson."

Stacey eyed me worriedly, "What are you gonna do, Damien?"

"What good is being a major in ancient religious philosophy with a focus on the occult if you can't put it into practical use?" I answered with a dark smile.

Mark laughed for the first time that night, "What are ya gonna do, put a curse on them?"

I put my long black coat on and left the table, and heard Stacey call after me, "Or turn 'em into frogs."

I opened the door to the bar and turned around and met her eyes. "Not... frogs..."


The house was a quaint little 2-floor building with tacky blue aluminum siding. I was just lighting my cigarette when someone answered my many knocks and opened the door. Now I wasn't sure what All-American meant, but I was sure that the guy who stood on the other side of the door was as close as I'd ever come to the living embodiment of the definition. He was prime mid-Western, homegrown, cornfed BEEF. He was tall about 2 inches taller than me, and I was 6'1. He was blonde with a face that made my heart pump fast against my will. He was the kind of guy who had just enough pretty and just enough gruff. He was handsome, and he was wearing a football jersey that did little to contain his strong beefy build. He was every quarterback fantasy I ever had, stuffed into a pair of tight shorts. His suntanned arms were covered with sunbleached hair all the way to his big bicep. His thick trunk-like thighs were only covered by short sweat shorts. And I somehow managed to take all this in with a studied disinterestedness.

"What?" was his only greeting.

"Heard ya needed a roommate."

He moved forward, and it was hot to even watch him walk. "How'd ya know that?" he asked roughly.

"Heard it somewhere..." I moved forward and tipped my sunglasses to look him in the eye.

He gave that typical look of confusion and then just shrugged it away, "Yeah we do. The rent is 300 a month."

I moved in the next day.

I learned later that the blonde man's name was Brian and that he was indeed on the football team. He had a workout room in the basement and an obsession with anything in a bikini, a two-piece of course. He had the irritatingly self-important cocky attitude that can only be developed by years of pampering as a college Jock star. He was kind of quiet, but I think that was because he didn't see me as some one worthy of his time.

It was that night that I met all my new "roommies." They all came into my room, which formerly belonged to Mark. First came Gino, the walking, talking Italian Stereotype. He was a mechanic. He was so Italian he made momma Celeste look like a fraud. He was deeply olive skinned and had those sensuous big Italian lips that just needed to be kissed. The man was gorgeous. He was a body himself, all pumped up, but not with the purposeful athletic muscle that Brian trained for. Gino had big well-sculpted gym muscle. He oozed sexuality. Gino, also after closer examination, was a complete and total Misogynist, how refreshing. He talked about women and sex in the most entertainingly vulgar ways. Apparently by Gino's reasoning the girls he dated were just, quote, "Stupid bitches that took care of his cock." Charming, huh? He had pin-up calendar sultry good looks, and dressed in baggy jeans and polo shirts. He didn't flaunt his body; he didn't have to. He did, however, wear a lot of gold jewelry. On a good day, the man looked like he had Fort Knox hanging around his neck.

Last but certainly not least was Eric, the upward mobile little executive-in-training. He was so prissy that at first I was convinced that he was in a very big closet, but like the other two, he was very straight. He did have rather irritating habits and was altogether too impressed with himself. I caught him condescendingly talking to me once or twice. He had cookie-cutter good looks and was well groomed. Little corporate haircut, tailored suits and an athletic-not to bulky-but still in shape build, he was the Man. He was the kind of yuppie that made Donald Trump look like trailer trash and couldn't give anyone below a six-figure tax bracket the time of day.

I began with Gino of course since he was the cutest. He would enter and leave the house at all hours of the day and night, wearing his big Tommy jeans and Nautica shirts. He came in and out with a different girl each time. I would always get calls for him, girls wanting to know where he was, or when he was going to call them. It got to the point where I didn't even pick up the phone half the time. When I asked him if he was ever going to call one of them back, he would just laugh, like I was making a joke or something. My "experiment" with Gino began one night when he had come back early from some club.

The front door slammed and Gino strolled in all pissed off. His dark hair was matted under his ball cap, and he looked messy like he was rolling around. He wore a big parka but had it hung open wide so as to expose the wife-beater T-shirt that hugged his muscled torso. His big somewhat hairy pecs were tightly encased in the thin white cotton, and his gold name chain glittered against his sweaty olive skin. I squinted at his bulging chest and could just make out the imprint of his very big round nipples, and I began to get hard. I looked at his big baggy jeans and wondered what kind of legs he had. Probably big muscled thighs covered with dark leg hair, and even those wide jeans couldn't hide his obvious spectacular bubble but. The band of his boxers peaked ostentatiously over his belt, and I thought how sad it was that he wore those and not something more erotic. I thought about how big his cock was and what it would be like to suck on that big Italian meat, listen to his big masculine voice beg for more, beg to be fucked. The baggy boxers and baggy jeans, however, awkwardly called attention to the massive erection that was making a circus tent on his crouch.

"Fucking bitch," he said punching the wall and subsequently waking me up from my thoughts.

"Problem?" I asked groggily.

"I'm straight up tired these triflin' little girls playin' it like they don't know what's going on!" He explained rather loudly, his somewhat long black hair falling into his eyes.

"Huh?" I asked genuinely confused.

"I took this bitch out right, and then when it's time to go back to my place she gives me some story about how she got an early class or something..." His deep brown eye's glowed with frustration, "She thought she was betta than me anyway, talkin' about college, Like I'm some fucking idiot just cause I fix cars."

"She called you stupid?" I asked.

"No, she didn't have to, man. She knew how to make me feel stupid!" His thick black eyebrows scowled, and his big hand clenched and unclenched into a fist dissected with big veins. "Stupid cunt. What the hell did she think was happenin'? She just ran out leavin' me with a mad twisted case of blue balls," he said squeezing his balls through the heavy folds of fabric. "It's a damn joke girls actin' all sexed up and then leavin' ya hard. Bitch is lucky I didn't cold cock her like she deserved. I ain't playin' around with any little girls no more." Then he stormed off into his room.

So Gino was having girl trouble, well I could fix that, permanently.

I went back into my room and got out my "toolbox." I lit some candles, drew a circle and raised some hell. That night I stayed up late into the evening doing some "extra-curricular" work for my occult studies classes. While I wont say what exactly was involved, let's just say that a few chickens had to be sacrificed for the greater good, and in the morning I was positive that Gino would have a whole new outlook on the world. He definitely wouldn't be "playing" with any kind of girl anymore.


Chapter 2

Gino awoke restlessly the next morning, He could barely remember the dreams he had had, but his dick was ramrod hard. He absently scratched his balls and slipped into the shower while the other guys went down for breakfast. He went into the bathroom and stripped out of his boxers. He caught his reflection in the mirror and stood transfixed. He had always known he was a good-looking guy, but now, he realized was gorgeous! He looked his body, for what seemed the first time. He noticed how well built he was, how his biceps bulged when unflexed, how his pecs jutted out, how his thighs almost rubbed together. Then he noticed his dick. He had never really thought much about his dick. He had, of course, thought about satisfying it, but he had never really looked at it. He had always thought of his cock as just a tool, but now he just looked at it sticking straight out from his thick pubic hair and thought about how big and thick it was and how he was lucky to have such a big dick. He thought about how a big dick made him sexy, just like his big muscles.

Gino had always thought that guys who were obsessed with how they looked were pussies. Always posing and fussing with their hair like a bunch of bitches. He didn't care how he looked. He didn't think about how sexy he was. Queers thought about shit like that, thought about how studly they were, and strolled around like meat. He just went out and hooked up with a girl and took her home. But now he realized that he was damn sexy.

He curled his arm and flexed his bicep, to watch the large vein spread. That girl last night didn't know what she was missing. Maybe, he thought, if he didn't hide his ripped body under all those baggy clothes she wouldn't have gone home. Maybe he should start dressing a little, just a little different.

He got in the shower and began to wash off. Gino never masturbated; he always thought he didn't have to. Anyway, jacking off was for guys who didn't get any play, or queers; however, his dick was painfully hard for some reason, so he began to stroke it. He rubbed his hand against his big nipple and felt the weight of his right pec. He absently rubbed his torso and his tight washboard stomach, and he almost, almost... touched his hard ass.

First he thought about banging the girl from last night, but his thoughts kept coming back to how good he looked. How his dark chest hair covered his big pecs and made a trail down to his big thick legs... down to his big cock. His big thick cock. Gino moaned as his orgasm shook him, and he shot his load. Gino never moaned, girls moaned... he must have just lost control.

Gino got out of the shower put on a fresh pair of boxers, a pair of baggy jeans, and then slipped on a wife-beater undershirt. Instead of putting on a jacket or an over shirt, though, he just wore the T-shirt, and it showed off his chest. It was being queer to show off his body, but he was just proud of how good he looked.

The others guys at breakfast seemed to notice something different but didn't say anything. Brian gave him an odd look, Eric just ignored him and that new guy...uh... Damien just gave him a weird smile.

Gino still felt the frustrated horniness that he had felt last night, when that chick sent him packing. Actually, he was really horny, a little more then average so he rushed through breakfast and went right to the gym, where he could relax and work out some tension.

Usually when Gino was at the gym he went in and did his workout and got out. He wasn't really into the gym scene and hardly knew any the guys at the gym. He usually worked out in a pair of sweats and a sweatshirt, but today for some reason, he forgot to pack his sweats. However, Brian worked out this gym too, So Gino just borrowed some clothes from his locker. All he found though was a pair of running shorts that would have fit Brian loosely, but they were almost uncomfortably tight on Gino. He felt exposed in them and a little self-conscious. His style was big baggy clothes that sagged off his muscular frame. He wasn't at all used to wearing revealing clothes, and all he had to work out in was a pair of too-tight college running shorts and his undershirt. Even though Gino was feeling really queer with so much skin showing, he couldn't help himself from getting a little thrill from seeing his reflection in the locker room mirror as he walked away. For some reason just knowing that he looked so damn good in clothes he wasn't used to wearing made him feel good... kind of sexy... but not sexy in a pretty-boy pussy kind way. It wasn't like he was shaking his ass like a fag, if he was...which he wasn't.... It was like a a stud...

He was working up a serious sweat on the leg press machine when he looked up and his exercise-induced fog cleared for a second. Gino brushed the sweat-soaked strands of black hair from his eyes and looked up at a tall blonde man who was on the machine opposite him. Now, most of the time Gino was at the gym the only people who generally catch his attention for even the shortest time were the girls in their sports bra's who worked out on the tread mills. But for some reason Gino stared down this man he had never met before.

The man was tall about an inch taller then Gino himself. He had short cropped and styled hair with what looked like peroxide dyed blonde tips and dark brown roots. The guy was obviously spending a lot of time here at the gym because he was built like a model. He had perfect symmetry in his round tight muscles. His face was one of those pretty boy faces, the kind you see in an ad for polo shirts or some shit from the gap. The guy was tanned a deep gold, which was only accentuated by his tight white shirt. The material stretched taut over his big pecs, and when he did his leg lifts it would ride high on his stomach revealing his rock hard six pack. But the one thing Gino couldn't keep his eyes off of was his shorts. He watched as the man did his lifts and was almost mesmerized by the fluid motion of the smooth muscled thighs flex and unflexing. The guy had tight yellow biker pants that rode high up on his thick thigh and they really hugged the guy's package showing a distinct bulge in the dude's crouch, and from Gino's point of view this guy should be proud to wear tight pants. For a split second Gino realized that he was scoping some other guy's dick but shook his head and told himself that that wasn't what he was doing at all. It was just those were the kind clothes that he should have, Gino thought to himself.

The other guy most likely had caught him staring because he looked up and said "Hi!" in a friendly voice.

Gino felt embarrassed being caught scoping out another guy...another guy's clothes, he was only looking at the clothes he told himself. "You..." Gino answered nonchalantly.

The other man looked at him a little askew but got off his machine and extended his hand to Gino. "I've seen you around before. You're that guy who comes in in all the sweats looking like Rocky or something, aren't ya?" he smiled broadly and unguardedly. "I just signed up here. My name's Justin."

Gino looked up at Justin's face and was struck by how blue his eyes were, He awkwardly took the extended hand and got up. "Mine's Gino, I been comin' here awhile."

"Yeah, I like it here. They got top line equipment," Justin said as he stretched and held his wrists behind his head which made his biceps bulge and pushed his chest forward. Gino looked down and could see that Justin's nipples were rubbing hard against his chest and most importantly that he had a large nipple ring. Justin kept on extolling the virtues of the gym, but Gino was only half listening because he couldn't seem to take his eyes off of Justin's pierced nipple. I have to find a ...girl with one of those, Gino thought to himself. He had always thought guys and girls with all those piercings looked trashy and goofy assed, but for some reason Justin's nipple ring was making him rethink his position. Gino came back into the conversation just as Justin said "....yeah I did my work out so I'm just gonna go hit the showers..."

"I was gonna do a little on the bench..." Gino said absently, trying to regain his bearings.

"Oh really?" Justin said flashing his killer smile. "Great, I'll spot ya!"

They walked over to the bench. Gino lay down on his back. and Justin held the bar. Gino looked up and was inches away from the large bulge in Justin's Lycra shorts. He could see Justin's smiling face from behind the mounds of thick muscle on his chest. As Gino struggled to keep his mind focused on his workout, he heard Justin's voice grow gruff with commands of "You can do it!", "C'mon!" and forceful "Gimme one more man!" By the time he was done his reps, Gino's face and shirt were soaked in sweat, and his shorts were barely concealing a raging hardon. Gino was a little confused by the erection but explained it away by telling himself that "It must have been from the adrenaline."

Justin and Gino headed toward the locker room and while they walked they passed the gym regulars, mostly guys like Gino who only had membership so they could stay in shape and keep getting pussy on a regular basis. He noticed they were given him weird almost suspicious looks... he just shrugged it off.

Justin went right for the showers shedding his clothes on the way. Gino tried hard not to notice the other man's nakedness. Being naked with other men had never been a big deal for him but there was just something about Justine that made him look away. His dick began to soften as he had to peel off the running shorts, which he just noticed had rode so far up his thigh that the practically looked like Speedps. Gino hoped he wasn't wandering around the gym with them like that the whole time. He must have looked like a total queer. The other guys must have taken notice to his hardon too.

Gino quickly stripped out the clothes, tossing his boxers into a pile on the floor. He made a brisk walk to the showers, trying to wash the humiliating experience of off him. He was so preoccupied with the thought of looking like a fairy in front of all the gym guys that he didn't even notice Justin's presence until the other man spoke up.

"So what are you doin' today Gino?"

Gino instinctively turned around and was face to face with Justin's wet slicked body. Gino stared openly at the picture perfect symmetry of this stud rock hard body. Gino noticed for the first time that Justin was completely denuded of his hair... everywhere. His rock hard cock sprung to life from a bald crotch.

Gino turned quickly because he to was getting an erection. What's goin' on? Gino's mind screamed at him, I'm not a fag. Why the fuck am I getting hard... Gino decided to start thinking about something else. He tried to force his mind to thoughts of Pussy and girls with big tits and...but he just kept picturing Justin's alluring naked body.

"Damn man, you sure are hairy...," Justin said from behind him.

Gino turned around unthinking and lost himself in Justin's big blue eyes. Yesterday he would have beat the shit out of this other guy just for staring at him, but Gino found himself staring right back with as much intensity... what was going on?

"Yeah I guess I'm a real bear." Gino said as he tried to play it off. Justin just gave him a big smile and a knowing almost understanding look. Did I say something wrong? Gino thought.

"Ya know, if you want to do something about that I know the perfect place to clean you right up," Justin said nonchalantly motioning to his statuesque hairless body.

"Really I..." Gino began without thinking."I mean, no thanks man. I gotta run."

"Hot date?" Justin answered as he walked over to the shower nozzle under which Gino was standing. Justin's soapy lathered body seemed to almost, but not quite brush about against Gino's big round biceps, sending shivers of all too powerful erotic pleasure up his spine. "Your lover must be real lucky."

"I ain't got one I... uhm... just got shot down last night."

"You get turned down? In what universe?"

Gino stared at Justin's handsome face and the Cheshire cat smile that broke it in half. "I gotta run..." Gino said as flew out of the showers and back to the lockers. He threw on his clothes while he was still wet. Man, Justin's hot... What the fuck... Christ... Uh shit I gotta get out of here and get home... I think that guy was flirting with me... I bet he wants to fuck... Fuck! I'll beat the shit out of him...

Gino made out through the gym and noticed for the second time how all the regulars looked after him. His shirt was really tight from being against his wet torso, and he felt like strutting all the way to the main doors. He looked damn good with his muscles all pumped from his workout and his shirt clinging to him. The damn baggy jeans ruined the effect though. They hid his legs and thighs and didn't even allude to the size his basket.

On his way out he scoped out some of the guys who were working out. There was a big gorilla doing curls who looked like Ross from Friends on steroids, and then there was a young guy, maybe 18, wearing sweats that barely concealed his big thighs... probably a gymnast. Sure there were innumerable women in skimpy little aerobics outfits but for some reason they didn't catch his attention today. When he got in his car he was still rock hard. He was just going to go home and lie down and try to get his head on straight; however, the erotic pull of his incredibly hard cock was too strong. He undid his belt pulled his boxers down past his cock and took his dick in both hands and began to stroke it like a madman. Bucking around in his front seat like a bitch in heat. He tried just to keep his mind blank, no girls, no tits, just his cock in his hands... but he kept seeing Justin's strong face and his tight pecs, and that firm bubble butt.


Gino cried as he came all over Brian's gym shorts. Gino sat in the afterglow for about 5 minutes letting the pressure drain out of him. He felt as if a flood had burst and now he could go on with the rest of his day in peace. He rolled up the sweaty and cum covered shorts and put them in his bag, but not before he took an almost involuntary sniff of its crotch. That was weird, he thought.


Chapter 3

He was about to pull away when he saw a guy in a pair of ass-hugging Dockers and a blue T-shirt cross the parking lot. He recognized the bleach blonde tips of the man's hair. It was Justin. Justin caught his stare and waved. Then almost against his own will, Gino got out of his car and asked, "Hey, is that invitation still open man?" What was he doing?

"HUH?" Justin asked.

Fuck, he's gonna make me say it fuck... "You know to get m rug removed," he said with a forced chuckle.

Justin's eyes lit up, "Sure man! Here, get in my car, and we can go over together. I've been putting off getting a wax myself."

A WAX? Isn't that what chicks do? Why the fuck would I get a WAX? he thought as he walked hesitantly to Justin's car. He climbed into the passenger seat and felt a little cramped in the two-person sports car. He was a little big for the seats. "How much is it?" Gino asked making awkward conversation.

Justin jumped into the driver's seat and got himself situated, but before he started the car he gave himself a long look in the mirror. "Don't worry man. I got you!"

"What?! You don't have to. I got money..."

"Don't worry. Just think of it as a 'first time' gift," he said with a sly smile. Gino got a sick feeling in the pit of his stomach, and all his instincts were telling him to get the fuck out of this guy's car or at least slug the bastard but instead he LAUGHED!

After about a 15-minute drive through the city, they ended up at a saloon in a neighborhood Gino had never been in before. There were all kinds of weird stores and a lot of those rainbow signs one usually saw queers holding up like crucifixes. They walked into the saloon, and a short and well-coifed little Hispanic man behind the counter asked if Justin had an appointment. He just smiled and slipped the man a bill. Gino couldn't see the quantity, but from the guy's face, it must have been pretty big. The little guy showed them both to identical tables where two saloon women went to work removing all of Gino's excess body hair.

Just think how I'll look with out any chest hair, or the little bit hat was creeping on to my back. I'll look nice and buff. And no one will really be able to notice a lot of guys shave their chests. I mean it's not like I'm gonna get rid of all my hair. I still got leg hair and I sure as hell ain't gonna shave my dick like Justin... Gino became so lost in the soothing relaxation of the procedure and the massage that accompanied it that he must have dozed off.

"You're finished sir," the one girl said as she picked up her supplies and left the room. Gino opened his eyes groggily and looked over to see the still lump of Justin's body. Gino crawled laboriously off the table. He walked over t the full-length mirror that adorned the room so he could see the definition in his newly shaved pecs.

"WHAT THE FUCK?" Gino grunted incredulously. The mirror reflected an olive skinned Italian guy with shaggy black hair and that was all that remained of what had been Gino Salvatore. His body was completely denuded of hair from pec to ankle. He was a smooth as a baby. As he gazed in shock at his reflection, he began to realize just how different he looked. Without his hair, his muscles seemed almost bigger, more pronounced. His entire body seemed to have an almost round symmetry. The smooth skin on his thighs rolled sensuously with every move his leg made. His big pecs looked like it would take both hands to grab their mass. He also noticed how young he looked, almost like an overgrown manly version of himself at 19. He caught himself smiling at the reflection...

"So you like it?" Justin asked from behind him.

"I didn't know you were gonna give me the whole treatment," Gino said accusingly

"I'm sorry. I thought that's what you wanted," Justin said coming up from behind him. Justin laid his hand on Gino shoulder, his face stared in the mirror right behind Gino's ear, but Gino was oblivious to him. He was to engrossed in staring at his new image in the mirror.

"It makes everything look bigger..." Gino said in an almost daze as he flexed a biceps.

"It certainly does," Justin said in a voice that just dripped animal lust. Justin, who was also nude, bent down and got on his knees. "Make EVERYTHING look bigger, that is."

Gino was only shocked out of his contemplative reverie for a second so he only had a quick warning of what Justin was about to do. He felt Justin's strong chin brush against his inner thigh as Justin kissed Gino's clean shaven crotch, then in one quick swoop he engulfed Gino's dick and took all of its girth down to the pit of his throat. Gino cried out in pleasure and surprise. He braced himself against the table and let Justin go to work on his throbbing member. His mind tried to tell him to shove this faggot off his cock, but he was to enthralled by raw sexual ecstasy. Justin tongued Gino's dick like a pro and gave him the best blowjob he had ever had. Justin would tease him by taking him to the brink and pulling back and then taking him to the brink again. They went on for what seemed t be an eternity. Gino began to buck in Justin's mouth and realized that he was rubbing the nipple ring on Justin's pec. How had he been doing that? His other hand was running through Justin's hair guiding the man's head onto his cock. Gino stiffened his grip on Justin's head and thrust his hips into the other man's face and came with more fury and tremulous passion then he ever had came before. Justin swallowed load after load of cum until it began to leak passed his lips.

Justin finally let go off his hold on his dick and stood up. Gino's whole body seemed to sag against the table; he was completely spent. Justin put his hand on the back of Gino's head, and before he knew it, his lips were locked with the other man's. He could feel Justin's tongue exploring his mouth and something else. It was the taste of his own cum. But instead of pushing the queer off of him, he thought it was only polite to at least thank him with a kiss. So the two of them spent another 15 minutes in an impassioned kissing session.

When they finally emerged into the outer saloon with their clothes back on, they went to leave, but the Little Hispanic man insisted they stay. "Where do you think you're going, girl?" he said to Gino. "You're not done yet! We still have to do something with that diseased haircut of yours! Honey, it's time to put this old dog down. Her day is done," the black clad hairdresser said as he sat Gino unwillingly down in a chair. "Let's see... hmmm... something butch?"

"WHAT?" Gino said suspiciously as the little Spanish man wet his somewhat long hair.

"No... I know. Don't worry babe, you'll die!" And then he proceeded to snip and cut and style in flurry of action. He had just finished cutting about half of the length of Gino's hair when he began to apply all kinds of chemicals that smelled like battery acid. He wet his hair again and continued styling.

"DONE!" he exclaimed and used all his strength to move Gino's large frame to the center mirror. For the second time that day Gino didn't recognize himself. Most jarring was that his jet-black hair was now completely yellow blonde. Where it once was a deep Italian black, it now was chemically peroxide blonde. And not only that, but also it was much shorter. He had a Roman style cut short and tight, but he had styled the bangs up so they stood up and out. Half his hair lay in pools of black strands around him. He looked like something out of Spin magazine.

"You look damn good!" Justin said into his ear. Gino was still unsure, but he did like the way his dyed hair contrasted with his black eyebrows and olive skin.

As they were leaving, Gino was lost in thought trying to reason out what was happening to him, but every time he really thought about it his mind would cloud over and he would want to look in the nearest mirror again. He saw Justin hand money to the Spanish guy, and he started to protest but Justin just smiled and said, "Nothing's too good for my baby."

Your what? Gino thought. But he was interrupted by the stylist who came over and gave him a light kiss on the cheek, "Have fun tonight, babe!" Then he swished off, and for some incredibly fucking odd reason, Gino noticed how good the guy's little Latino ass looked in those leather pants.

"What did he mean, 'Have fun tonight?'" Gino asked once they were back on the street.

"Oh, I just told him we might go to a club or something later, to scope out the scene," Justine answered dismmisively.

Gino felt a surge of uncommon excitement. "Man, I'm all about goin' to a club tonight and getting my swerve on!"

Justin's big suggestive smile reappeared. "Alright!" then he looked at Gino critically. "But it's getting kinda late, and I don't think you should go out in just a pair Jeans and a T-shirt."

Gino looked at his reflection in the shop glass and realized that he did look kind of ragged. The man who stared back at him eyed him critically too. The styled blonde hair and his hairless mounds of pec muscle that practically seemed to burst from the wife-beater T-shirt made Gino think that the reflection was someone else, someone really sexy and horny. A big stud... but someone else. The t-shirt showed off his abs and pecs and contrasted nicely with his skin, making him looking even bigger, but it was a little underdressed. And the pants were just too damn big. They didn't show anything, and they made him look like some no-class hood kid. The pants definitely had to go. He wondered why he ever even dressed in them to begin with. "I guess I could go home and change...."

"No, I have the perfect idea," Justin said as he grabbed Gino by his large hand. Gino felt a weird sense of delight at Justin's touch. His heart almost skipped a beat and he got all queasy. He let Justin lead him down the crowded street like a puppy dog on his arm. Gino was so enthralled at the notion of Justin holding him that he hardly noticed his behavior. Somewhere, at the back of his mind, the very little part of him that was still resisting and could now see the changes for what they were screamed, Fuck this! I'm not a queer. I don't what to be some kind of faggot bitch, I'm a man! I ain't gonna let some guy fuck with my head I'm a... But by now that voice was quite far off and easily ignored. And even that voice, that defense of last resort, was slowly being subverted because now a secret hidden part of the man that once was Gino, the skirt-chasing misogynist Guido who treated women like whores, dressed like a street thug, who was ready to have a bar room brawl at the drop of a dime and would beat up an innocent roommate just cause he was gay, that man was welcoming the changes.

Gino blindly let himself be led by Justin's gentle touch and didn't even notice when they ended up in front of a store that looked like it specialized in rave clothes. They walked inside and before Gino could stop himself, he took Justin's hand. He was holding this guy's hand! Justin and Gino browsed through clothes that were of any of a thousand shades of the rainbow and had as little cloth as humanly possible. Gino stayed in his contemplative fog as Justin went through the racks and picked up and discarded clothing at will. He just let him take over and sat back and watched. His mind was racing a-mile-a-minute with questions and sensations. What was he doing? Was Justin really interested in him? Were they together?He would pause every now and again to sneak a quick glance at Justin's tight ass struggle against the confines of his Dockers. What a fine ass. I just want to take in my hands and squeeze it and stroke my tongue up and down each cheek. Gino felt his cock stiffening under his thoughts. Oh yeah, and he wants my ass too. I know he does since I've seen him looking at me... And as they crissed crossed the store Gino made a point to show off his body to Justin stretching and flexing every chance he got. But still under his now conscious mind lying dormant was the characteristics of the old Gino still fighting to get back in control. He would snap out of brushing his hand across Justin's taut chest and realize what he was doing and recoil, I'm not gay, I'm not... but he would eventually go right back and enwrap him in a muscular embrace.

"Here, try this on and we'll see how you look."

Gino entered one of the dressing rooms in a daze. Slipping of his baggy shorts, he turned around to put on the shorts when he saw that there was a pair of underwear for him. He instinctively pulled the strap of his overgrown boxers and pulled them off. After careful closer examination of the underwear, Gino was more than a little weary about putting them on. Where there was cloth (which wasn't much), it was violent colors of neon orange and green. At first glance he thought they were briefs or at least bikini briefs...but it was a thong, a pouch in front for his dick and just a strap for his ass. The reservations against putting this on were overflowing in abundance, and Gino had no intention whatsoever of keeping them on, but... he might as well see what they looked like.

Gino rapidly extricated himself from the baggy formless boxers he was wearing. It took all of about three seconds to slide the three straps of material on. "Shit," Gino said as he saw his almost completely nude form. He was damn hot; all smooth and cut with only this thong between him and the world. They were small so they made his already prominent cock stick out farther; kind of propping it up between is thighs. They showed of his ass best. The thin strap dissected his big meaty cheeks of muscle making his bubble butt ass looked like to plump pistons when he moved. Without warning he started dancing, right there in the dressing room. Watching his body ripple and flex as he moved to music that only he could hear. He stayed like that mesmerized by his own erotic body and movement getting harder and harder at himself. How could I never know what a stud I was! I am one hot bitch! He slipped into a pair of boots that seemed a little high, the pair of shorts and a meche T-shirt he finished up by slipping on some jewelry Justin had handed him and turned around.

If he could have found his voice right there he would have screamed in shock and terror. Gino Salvatore had totally disappeared. He didn't recognize the man before him at all, except that he did recognize him. Before him stretched in the floor length mirror was a man who obviously spent all his waking time at the gym. Before he had only thought of himself as handsome enough to get women, but this man was a muscular sex god with bulging arms, jutting mounds of pec muscle and thighs thick enough to crack bricks. He was a guy so obsessed with his muscles that he had shaved his entire body just to accentuate his raw male sexuality.

The guy in the mirror was also obviously gay. To begin with, he had on a pair of black shiny boots that reached from his foot to his hip, the upper part of the man's hairless thigh bulged flagrantly out of the top of the boot over-exposing the region between the boot and the skimpy lycra shorts he was also sporting. The shorts were little less than Speedos with cuffs. They were fire engine red and obscenely called attention to the huge pouch of his crotch, outlining every contour of his blatantly erect cock. The shirt, which barely contained his powerful torso, was a much bigger statement. It was see-through and clung to his body like a second skin, revealing his washboard abs, his incredible shoulders and of course his dark round, engorged nipples. His arms burst from the short white sleeves making them look like swelled guns. But worst of all was the words emblazoned in bold face on the shirt, "Am I Str8 or not? Only my Lover knows", and then on the back it read, "but HE'LL never tell."

Gino looked away from the man's overtly exaggerated suggestive clothing into his face. The short peroxide blonde hair and almost luscious face seemed to scream agreement more than the clothing. Two hoops hung from both ears, and he had a small gold chain with the word BRAT as a pendant.

Gino looked at the gay man, the club kid, the humpy queer boy he had somehow suddenly become and for a moment it was enough to shock him back into being his old self. Suddenly the Gino of the night before had returned. The mad ass Gino who had been irate when the girl he had deemed worthy to use his dick turned him down, the hard drinking ghetto wanna be whose hardcore masculinity was the fiber of his being. He stared in horror. First at the queer-ass clothes and faggoty boots that looked like they should adorn some bitch go-go dancer not a man. He couldn't even understand what the writing on the shirt meant, but he knew it wasn't good. Then he realized all his hair was gone. The soft mat that usually covered his chest had disappeared leaving his overdeveloped pecs to look like tits even the trail that lead to the bush around his cock was gone. And from they way the little shorts dipped down, revealing an all-too smooth abdomen he could guess that his bush had disappeared as well. The most jarring part, however, was when he saw what had happened to his hair. His long black hair was gone, and in its place was some pansy ass over styled BLONDE crew cut! Someone had DYED his hair!

He immediately began to undress, but as he went to pull off his shirt, his tense vein-covered hand brushed against one of his already sensitive nipples. This sent a shock wave of erotic vibrations through his body that sent his mind reeling again. Before he knew it, he was thumbing the nipple and feeling the mass and firmness of his chest. He began rubbing the smooth pillars of muscles in his thighs and began to caress the rock solid engorged dick that was encased in the skintight shorts. He felt so sexy, so erotic, like he turn ANYONE on. He could fuck anyone he wanted. He was so hot and sexed up. He could just pull someone of the street and fuck and suck till dawn. He was a stud. The kind of hunk that made people on the street instantly wet or better... hard. He was gay. He was queer. And he motherfucking loved it.


Chapter 4

Gino knew that if he stepped out of the dressing room dressed as he was, there was never any going back. He even realized that he had somehow been changed, and thought that if he somehow could get back in his clothes and back to the house he would be able to somehow return to who he used to be. But instead of changing, he walked proudly form the dressing room and flaunted his gorgeous bod. He strutted through the store like a sexual predator daring everyone to lust after him. Justin was staring at a magazine intently and didn't see his approach. Gino smacked the magazine out of his hand and grabbed Justin by his pecs, rubbing his hands over the hard tits hidden behind the blue fabric. Justin rolled his shoulders back and moaned in pleasure. "Damn, you look HOT!"

"I know..." Gino growled. And then he sealed his fate. Lustfully with more passion than he ever felt in his life, he grabbed Justin by the back of his neck and deeply kissed him. Their strong jaws pressed together, and Gino explored Justin's mouth with his tongue roving around sensually like he never wanted to break the connection.

"Hey, save some for later, baby. We still have to go to the club," Justin laughed archly as Gino sucked on his neck. Gino felt Justin's hands run through his hair as he kissed the other man's strong neck. He had never been so sexual with anyone, never initiated so much touching and kissing. It felt good to have man touching him, and it felt good to put his sensuous Italian lips on another man's rough tan skin.

After about twenty or thirty minutes of hardcore lip action, Gino and Justin made their way to a club about 6 or 7 blocks away it was late, and Gino was feeling the full force of his new attitude toward sex and men...and especially sex WITH men. The club was full of hot guys grinding against each other and wearing next to nothing. Gino was in heaven. He danced with any number of guys groping being groped, He was either feeling up some guys firm ass cheeks or was having his ass smacked in rhythm to the music. He was in ecstasy.

He even saw the Hispanic man from the saloon, who was wearing tight leather pants and nothing else. He had an impressive body and a number of interesting tattoos. He introduced himself properly as Carlos, and the two of them began to groove together for at least an hour. As they danced together, Gino decided to grab and rub the ass he had admired before.

"Shit Bitch! I could have sworn that you were straight when you came in to the shop today," Carlos said as Gino held his neck and massaged their groins together as they danced to the throbbing club music.

"What?" Gino asked trying to hear over the music.

"Nothing, I'm just glad you're strictly dickly!" Carlos said with a smile.

Gino smiled in return. "Strictly dickly!"

When he finally stopped dancing with the orgy of well0built men on the floor and had collected all the phone numbers he was offered, he was sweat-covered and laying between Justin's legs in a big soft chair. Justin smiled at him and Gino took this as an opportunity to make love to the hard cock concealed behind Justin's Khaki pants. He tongue bathed the hard outline without even realizing what he was doing. Justin grabbed Gino's nipple forcefully and pulled the man to his feet. Gino winced in pleasure and pain."Let's go back to my place," Justin said.

Gino gave a pleased nodded and squeezed his own bulging dick in agreement. Justin and Gino talked pensively on the car ride to Justin's, both too turned on with anticipation to make any real conversation. When they finally got to their destination, they made their way up the stairs, which was a feat of skill considering that both of them couldn't manage to keep their hands of each other.

They were in the apartment for all of about two seconds when Justin grabbed Gino by his muscled butt, pulled him close and rammed his tongue into his mouth. Gino let the man rape his lips and then finally gave in and began to slide his tongue in and out of the other man's mouth. Gino felt Justin's hand squeeze his round ass through the Lycra and grab his cheeks in both hands spreading them apart.

Gino put a tentative hand on the other man's ass and felt his strong thighs. Stroking the sweaty chunks of meat while his dick ached behind the confining shorts. Feeling the smooth muscle made him horny as hell. The man's hand grasped Gino's and brought it away from his thigh and paced it onto the hard bulge of his dick. Gino's hand awkwardly cupped the man's balls. He just embraced feeling the warmth emanate from the clinging briefs and massaging the sweaty balls. Then Gino slid his hand inside Justin's Khaki's and into his skimpy underwear and fondled this strange man's cock. Justin obviously enjoyed the hand job because his big shoulders rolled back in pleasure and his deep blue eyes flared with undisguised lust. And the fact that Gino was turning this man on just made him impossibly harder.

They stayed this way pressing their strong jaws together and groping each other forcefully until Justin broke the embrace. He grabbed a hold of Gino's t-shirt and pulled it over his head forcefully ripping it in the process. "Hey," he began to protest, but he just pressed his lips against Gino's to shut him up.

"You won't need it," Justin said as he then began to kiss his way down Gino's developed torso only pausing to nibble tentatively at his nipples.

Justin then grabbed a hold of the shorts. He opened several snaps on either side of the shorts, and they just fell away revealing the thong Gino had somehow manage to put on. Gino made a reflexive move to cover himself then stopped in embarrassment. Justin looked appraisingly at the thong underwear and then stripped of his own pants to reveal a pair of identically cut red thongs. They were a perfect match. He grabbed Gino by the ass again and whispered into his ear, "Good taste!" then he dropped to his knees and began to lick Gino's sac through the material. It was the most erotic thing Gino had ever felt. He moaned in pleasure and involuntarily put his hands on the other man's head, grabbing big tufts of hair and massaging his neck. Then somehow they were both on the floor, and Gino was face to face with the other man's basket. He sucked and licked at the man's package. Justin ran his hands all over Gino's overdeveloped thighs and appreciated them the way only another man who had slaved at a gym would. Then he ripped off his skimpy underwear. Gino hardly noticed it because right after that Justin's mouth descended on his rigid cock.

He turned until he was facing Gino, all the while his head bobbing up and down on the once straight man's shaft. His tongue slid up and down the thick cock and his lips enclosed it in a cavern of wet warmth. Gino's barely contained orgasm exploded intensely out of him in a matter of minutes. Justin the consummate pro took his entire load in, not wasting a drop. After his loud moans of pleasure subsided he climbed across his body and kissed him powerfully. Then he got up and got something across the room. Gino drank in the sight of the naked man walking casually away from him. His powerful hips moving in rhythm and his engorged organ swinging languidly before him. He closed his eyes and smiled contentedly. He was jolted out of his revere by the feeling of something cold being rubbed on his ass. Justin kneeled between his spread eagle legs and was rubbing some kind of Lube all into his hole.

Gino's virgin ass tensed as Justin began to gently and purposefully finger-fuck him. The experience was so intense that Gino just gasped, it was so hot feeling his hole being penetrated by this man's firm hand. It was the realization that his ass which had always been of little to no concern to him, was now bringing such new and erotic pleasure that made him want to retreat. He had been sucked off twice today that was enough it was time to go home. "No way man, I ain't gonna get fucked!" but as he went to sit up Justin bent forward and pushed him down.

"Oh no, lover boy. Tonight you're goin' all the way. We're gonna break that straight cherry so you won't ever wanna go back." Then he leaned in and sucked on Gino's right pec and then let his tongue run down the valley of his abs. Gino leaned back down lost in the sensation. He vaguely felt it as Justin stroked his thighs and then hoisted both of his legs onto his shoulders. He felt the felt the ghost sensation of two fingers lubing up his asshole and then he heard Justin grunt and felt the cock head begin to squeeze between his virgin cheeks. They both moaned in anticipation.

Then he truly came out of his fog of sensuality with a start. He might be a gay man now, but he was still a man. He was supposed to do the fucking. He was supposed to be on top pounding like animal, not on his back whimpering like a bitch. He had always been the guy's guy, the man whose masculinity was never a question. It was one thing to appreciate another mans body; it was quite another to spread your legs and get fucked like a woman.

Gino was putting his hands up to push Justin away when the man thrust his impressive cock up his hot ass. Gino yelled out in pain that quickly turned to unimagined ecstasy. Justin ramroded him using all his tightly packed muscle to rip his new lover apart. And his new lover loved every minute of it.

Justin's strong body fucked all his reservations away. He lay moaning and begging for the rough hard savage fuck that was being administered to his well-defined young body. He wanted it bad. His legs bucked, his head turned from side to side, and his toes curled up tight. He licked his lips and squeezed his eyes tight. All he could think about was how good it felt to have another man's hard cock crammed up his ass. He moved to the rhythm of this other man's forceful fuck.

His new sexual partner grunted deeply over him. "Beg for it, straight boy. Beg for my big dick. Tell me how bad you want it up your tight ass. Tell me how queer you are."

Gino needed no prodding even though before the most he had ever said during sex was "Take it, bitch." "FUCK ME!" he yelled out as he took hold of his rigid cock in both fists. "Fuck me hard, Justin!" He moved with reckless sexuality thrashing on the floor uninhibited. "Split my ass! Fuck my ass! Give it to me man! Fuck me stud!" Stud? Had he called another man a stud? Wasn't he supposed to be a stud? At least he had always thought himself one. A lady's man, a jock with a big cock ready for a willing pussy. Now, however, he realized that Justin was the jock, and he was the willing pussy, and with that thought his legs tensed, and he sent a shower of cum erupting on to Justin's chest like an exploding volcano.

He gave one last hard thrust and roared as he hit his own orgasm flooding Gino's ass for the first time with hot cum. He collapsed on top of Gino, and their sweaty exhausted bodies pressed together passionately. Gino brought up his legs and rubbed his cut calves against Justin's smooth butt and legs. As he ran his hands down Justin's well-sculpted back, he kissed his chest and sucked on the nipple and the ring that dissected it. Then eventually, they both fell asleep in their sexual embrace.


I had just gotten home late from a party and was making myself some coffee so that I could manage to make it to my early morning class that was going to start in all of about three hours. I was standing at the coffeepot in full zombie mode when I heard keys in the door. I seriously considered letting whom ever it was screwing around out there wait but instead I, or some strange reason, felt a twinge of human decency and went to get the door. And was I ever glad I did. I flung opened the door and standing in the door way was a bodybuilder with the face of a blonde Antonio Sabato Jr. wearing only club boots and spandex shorts. He had bleached blonde hair and if I may say so the biggest most inviting nipples I have seen in my life. Happy Birthday to me! Apparently the Tahitian love spell I had cast two years ago was finally starting to pay off.

The sex god stranger said quietly, "Thank you, Damien," and brushed past me right into the house.

I had a moment of sobriety and took another look at this dream man from some club rag. "Gino?" I asked.

"Yes," he answered sitting down heavily on the couch. His shorts kept getting lost behind the mass of his thighs.

"Oh my..." I said aloud as I marveled at my own handiwork. In the space of one day, I had taken a womanizing thug whose biggest aspirations in life were to wear baggy Tommy Jeans until he was thirty and fuck at least half of the female population of the Eastern seaboard and turned him into the Gay Icon of Erotica that I saw before me. Now I just wondered if the changes were just cosmetic or had they penetrated to the...(if you'll pardon the pun) ...bone.

"Gino, what in the name of the seven levels of Dante's inferno happened to you?" I asked sitting down. I put my hand on his muscular shoulder. He had his head in his hands and his elbows on his knees.

"I don't know, it's just that... today's been really confusing." He seemed really distraught.

Uh-oh, I hope he wasn't going to have a nervous breakdown or something because that would seriously hurt my chances of getting into a good Grad school.

"Well, it looks like you made a couple of really severe fashion choices today. But hair grows out and," I tried to stifle a laugh, "it grows back too."

"What? No, that's not it," he said as he got up and walked to the nearest mirror. "No, I like the new look and everything." He continued to admire his reflection, and I continued to note the subtle and not so subtle changes in Gino. His voce was no longer the harsh bullying voice of someone who constantly relied on intimidation to get his way. Instead it was softer, gentler, more vulnerable. He had also lost most of his street slang. And most noticeably, he walked with a sexual strut that was so inviting. All he had to do was take three steps, and I was hard as a spike.

He fussed with his short spiky blonde bangs frustratedly "It's just I met someone who I really fell for, and they didn't want me."

Curiouser and curiouser...


"Yeah, I met this..." he looked at me trying to stem the tide of emotion that was ready to come and failed.

"If you met some man, Gino, I won't judge you," I said in my best impersonation of the Mom on the Brady bunch. Carol always did seem so damn convincing.

"Thank god," he said relieved. "I met this guy at the gym, and I thought we were getting along and that, you know, that he wanted to be with me, but after we got back to his place and..." his voice trailed off. So, Guido is no longer a stranger to Roman Greco wresting. He just went up in my estimation. Of course it was impossible to go any farther down.

"Well, after we spent the night together, he told me he had an early meeting in the morning and that it would be best if I left." Gino began to become upset. Like, really upset. He was getting all misty, and his big Italian lips were pouting in loss. "I asked him when he wanted to get together again and he said he'd call me. Then I told him he didn't have my number. He said that that should give me a clue." The big lug was heartbroken; he must have fallen hard for whatever like man got to fuck his gorgeous Italian ass. "So I just left. I mean I was so pissed!"

By now I was patting him on his enormous back and saying platitudes like "It's okay" and "Don't let it get you down."

He turned to me and put his hand on my leg, and I mostly likely had the dopiest grin of delight on my face. "The worst part was I had to walk clear across town to get my car dressed like this."

And yes, I did form that mental picture.

"You can't believe the things people said to me," Gino said in a pained tone. "I know it's hard to be gay sometimes."

"Tell me about it," I said in agreement. I almost grinned in triumph. Then this 200-pound mountain of male muscle put his hand up like a ghetto queen from Rikki Lake and said, "Well fuck them! And ya know what, fuck Justin!"

"You did," I said quietly with an arched eyebrow.

"You know what Damien, you're an Ok guy. Hey, I got a date with this guy Carlos tomorrow. You wannna go clubbin' with us?" Gino asked excitedly.

"No thanks, I'll pass."

"Your loss." Then he said good night and went up to his room. I watched as his wide back, shaved blonde head, and delicious ass disappear beyond his door.

So, my little tampering with the forces of the universe had somehow made Gino over into a club kid obsessed with falling in love with the right cock? Not only that, but he also got the same treatment he doled out to every girl he ever dated. I mean I'm a sucker for Irony, but when Justice is this poetic you have to just appreciate it for all it's worth.

You know I bet I could get a thesis out of this.

And that thought lead me to the other two roommates... namely Eric. Eric, the Man-in-training just waiting to take over and become another straight white male enforcing the status quo of society. Another Yuppie. Another Benz-owning, white bread, over-groomed, over-dressed, over-concerned with his position in life, and with his own personal power, money-grubbing fat cat. And that would be such a waste because he did have a kind of boyish handsomness. Maybe I should show Eric how the other half live, you know real men, salt of the earth. I wondered how Eric would look with a full beard a flannel shirt and a Mac truck?

Screw the class I have to go to... I think there's magic in the air. And with that, I went into my room and began the second round.