Witch Hunt 3: The Exercise-ist, Chapter 4

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4. Niko & Romi

Niko let the hot water of his shower release the tension in his overworked muscles. The slabs of masculine power were pumped and angry from his trap and tricep workout. The water glistened off his olive skin and sparse, dark chest hair.

He sighed, turned off the water, and lumbered to his locker. The Spartan warrior let his towel dangle tantalizingly in front of his big, hairy balls and thick ass.

He gave the mirror a most muscular pose and sly wink. Niko was aware that he was a total stereo-type: Bodybuilding Greek muscle beast. He didn�t see a problem with it. He spent years in high school and college playing sports and fighting his Mediterranean metabolism to gain his massive 250lbs. Football, Wrestling, lifting, he had done it all, to makes the gains that made him the olive skinned paragon he had built. His natural tall dark and handsome, Grecian Lothario looks paired with his hulking bulk were his whole identity. Tagging women and intimidating men was his business, and business was booming.

He ran a callused hand through his mess of tangled curls.

He had made several mistakes along the way, to his goal. He was forced to train at this gay ass gym. He didn�t have too many options. His raging testosterone fueled libido and cocky macho attitude had pretty much gotten him fired, everywhere else. He had slept with too many clients� bosses� wives� friends� at too many other gyms.

He couldn�t help it. Ever since the 8th grade, he�d had the looks and skill to bag every bitch he wanted. High school was a buffet, his college dorm room should have had a turn style. Niko graduated with a degree in Exercise science nad had been bouncing around the cities gyms for a couple of years, making money off of bored housewives and dumb hoes. His parents wanted him to settle down with a nice Greek girl and join the family business, but Niko was still sowing his oats� he figured he could do that for another decade or so�

He might have to move though. This gym was embarrassing to work at. He fucking hated all the fags, wandering around and drooling at him, like fucking bitches. At first it was kinda flattering, but now it was just irritating. Also, he Hated Eddie. The Gym owner, got under his skin. He didn�t care that Eddie was a queer, but what really disgusted him, was the Eddie behaved. He looked like the captain of an NFL football team, but acted like the captain of a high school cheer leading squad. It was ridiculous. Taking orders from that prissy fairy, made him want to chew nails�

Fuck it.

He could put up with these fags leering at him.

Fucking pussies.

Shit they were fucking gross.

It was pathetic and irritating� but he had to pay rent.

� as soon as he got some cash together he�d move to the west coast�

Find some rich old Cali- bitches to fund his living.

�And at least that shady she-hulk �Eddie� knew he was in charge. That muscle Mary, roid fairy, kept far away from him.

All this fucking muscle was for real girls to worship, not for some limp dick pansy.

He bounced a hairy olive skinned pec at his reflection. He gave that �I know you want me� � smile. He let the towel fall and appreciated his years of hard, manly work.

Shit! He loved his trap workout; the mantle of his shoulders was bulging and obscene over his thick pecs. His slabs of hard fought bloat glistened and pumped as he moved. Shit he loved getting a hard pump in, before he started taking clients. His whole book was full of hard-bodied bitches who jumped through hoops to keep their asses firm and their tummies tight. His dick started to plump at the thought of his harem of bimbo�s�

He admired his swollen masculine body of authority for another proud minute, then reached into his locker�

He looked in the locker in shock�

He got confused

�and then he just got plain pissed.

Real pissed.

His stuff was gone.

His shorts�

His beater�

All fucking gone.


He inspected the clothes. They were that �Romi� guy�s workout gear. There was a pair of tight neoprene-like pants and a fucking sissy ass red and gold top.

Niko inspected them in disgust. A bright red thong fell from the pile. Niko picked it up and rolled his green eyes.

A thong?

What a fag.

It wasn�t just a thong. It looked like some flimsy bikini bottom. There was a pile of jewelry at the bottom of the locker. Niko saw bracelets and rings and what looked like a big ring (too big for a finger) that was attached by a delicate chain to a thick silver carrot-sized silver� bullet?

Fucking weird.

Niko realized that he was getting fucking punked. He was half-ready to storm into Eddie�s office in just his fucking towel. He managed to calm down and realized that would get him fired.

Unfortunately, Niko needed this damn gig.

He growled and put the tiny outfit on. It was so tight! It was fucking ridiculous on his bulging, chunky musculature. The red and gold top looked so gay on his heavy body, it glinted and shone like elastic silk. The dark pants were actually a charcoal, that made his thighs gleam like metal when they caught the light. He looked at how the pants clung to his every curve and bulge� oh shit!

His bulge!

The fucking pants covered his exposed dick and balls like plastic� He couldn�t fucking go out like this!




He looked reluctantly at the thong. He undressed and slipped the faggy straps on. He tried his best not to look at the absurd delicate fabric between his hairy muscled thighs. He put the pants back on and felt his face get hot with shame as the flimsy strap bit into his asshole.

He slipped on Romi�s little workout booties which were strangely his size. High-topped little boots that had a recumbent insole for extra friction. The girly shit that lazy bitches used to tone their legs. He tentatively looked around the locker room (AVOIDING ANY MIRRORS!) and practically ran to Eddie�s office to complain. Well he would have run� but the stupid boots made him half-skip.

�Is this some kind of fucking joke!�

That nerdy kid from this morning was quietly drinking a protein shake and reading an old book. He looked up at Niko and did a double take �then spit his shake halfway across the room. The sight of Niko�s herculean body in the clinging fashion made him turn beet red.

The way the Nerdy kid looked at him, the lust in his eyes, enraged Niko. �Where the fuck is Eddie!?�

The Kid continued to stare in silent shock.


The kid shook in terror and pointed towards a door at the back of the office.

Niko�s exposed barbarian body pushed past Peter roughly, sending the frightened kid to the floor in a heap.

He pounded on the door, like thunder. �Where the fuck is my shit, Eddie?�

The door opened quickly. Behind it, Eddie was applying some lip gloss in a mirror. His face was angry� then surprised� then incredibly amused.

�Quit fixing your lipstick and tell me where my shit is� you bitch!�

Eddie recovered slowly, but Niko could see that the faggot was now sporting a raging hard-on, �How should I know?� Eddie purred.

�I�m not as stupid as fucking Bert and Rodney. You�re the fucking queen bee in this pussy factory. You know everything,� Niko snarled.

�Well, flattery will get you everywhere,� Eddie demurred. The stupid queer was actually flirting with him.

Fucking bitch.

He went back to the mirror and began to smear concealer under his eyes: Ignoring, the sexy brute.

Niko raged. He slapped the container from Eddie�s Hand. �Quit painting your face like a fucking pussy and tell me where my gear is!�

Eddie�s angelic face darkened into a dangerous scowl, but it quickly melted into a frivolous grin �Well, it looks like you and Romi must have switched clothes somehow�� Eddie offered, playing dumb. ��or something� I guess.�


Just like a fucking girl.

He pretended to be clueless when it fucking suited him.

�I can see that!� Niko yelled. �Get that New Deli- sissy in here� I need to get to work.�

�He�s already left,� the little nerd interrupted.

Niko glared at him. �Nobody�s talking to you.� He moved threateningly toward Peter, �You think this is funny faggot? Are you getting fucking hard?� Peter backed away in terror, �If we were on the street I�d fucking curb you for looking at me like that.� He growled.

Eddie bristled at his bullying. The Gym manager�s tone became cold and regal. �Well, you�re right about one thing��


Eddie�s innocent look melted into pure malice, �You HAVE to get back to work. Your next client is waiting and she seems pretty impatient.�

�I can�t fucking go out there like this!� He sputtered, gesturing towards the lewdly revealing unitard and ridiculous feminine fabric.

�You can�t afford to lose another client Niko,� Eddie explained with a threatening finality.

Niko�s lips twitched in homicidal ferocity. He gave Eddie a look of deep contempt and disgust. �There�s only room for one, bitched-out, Muscle Mary in this gym.�

�Well say, �HAIL MARY� and get to work or you�re fired.� Eddie told him. �I�ll call Romi while you�re gone. I�m sure everything will� hmmm,� he gave the nerd a conspiratorial glance, �even out��

Niko fumed and rage inside, feeling his testosterone surge in murderous waves, �Fine.�

The murderous bodybuilder blasted passed Peter. His fury sent him tripping over the ridiculous heeled sneakers and he tipped forward.

�Nice Whale tail, girl.� Eddie smirked, as he saw the tiny thong creep over the giant muscle cheeks.

�FUCK YOU!� Niko yelled.

The door Slammed loudly.

Eddie took a deep breath and helped Peter up, �You okay? He hurt you?�

�Just my pride.� Peter was surprised that he had gained enough pride to injure. �I kind of feel embarrassed that I just let him push me around.�

�Don�t be.� Eddie told him, �That would have been suicide.� The blonde�s eyes were pinched and calculating,�Give me a couple months and we�ll get you ready to defend yourself, from queens and bullies.� Eddie�s pretty eyes twinkled suddenly, �Peter� the hocus pocus� you used on the clothes��

Peter coughed, �It wasn�t the clothes. I just switched the outfits. The actual spell was on the LOCKERS. The Lockers are Hexed.�

�Really�� Eddie mused.

�Yeah.� Peter admitted shuffling his feet. �Damien�s powerful enough to cast spells on someone else�s property. I�m not. You see, people�s personal property has its own energy field. It�s easier to take a neutral object and��

Eddie put a firm hand on Peter�s shoulder and gave him a deep kiss.

Peter felt the beautiful circuit queen�s tongue travel the length of his lips, �Peter� Baby� You�re a genius.� Peter�s dick leapt in his shorts, hard and hungry. He felt the muscle queens body against his and it felt so right.

Eddie pulled away. Through heavy breath, Peter whispered �What was that for?�

�I believe in positive reinforcement with my clients.� Eddie giggled happily. He went to his bathroom and grabbed his toiletry bag, with an evil grin. He gazed at his array of make-up and man grooming bottles��Which Locker is Niko�s?�

Peter was still recovering from the hottest moment of his life, �Uhm� 265��



�Meanwhile Niko was trying to get through his miserable day, and telling himself how much he needed this job.

He stormed out of the office and almost knocked over his client. She was a twenty-something rich girl- big tits, flat ass, love handles� he vaguely remembered fucking her?

Or was it her friend?

Maybe her sister?


�Oh wow!� She said in shock, �is it costume day?

�Look you want to train or make jokes?�

Stupid bitch.

�Oh, I want to train!� she said with giddy delight and her big tits bounced happily.

Damn he was so pissed, even watching this bitch�s titties swinging didn�t calm him down.

�Alright, follow me.� The stupid boots were tripping him up with their bouncy steps, and the fucking elastic of his pants made him feel like he had rubber bands tied around his thighs.

He stumbled a little as he walked and the stupid bimbo bounced right into him. The girl leaned in and took a deep sniff of Niko. �Hmmm� you smell like� like� Cardamom � it�s just divine.�

Niko was confused.

Women always said he smelled like sex and sweat. What the fuck was cardamom?

�Let�s do some step-ups,� Niko grumbled. Maybe that would make the bitch shut up and he could stare at her ass as she lunged. He was really feeling the need to relax, watching some chick jump through hoops for him.

The girl started her exercise and Niko let his mind drift. He tugged absently at the restricting top. It was really feeling tight. �STOP!� he yelled suddenly.

The girl looked confused, �Am I doing something wrong?�

Niko nodded bluntly, �Yeah, why are you wearing those shoes with that top?� He asked. Then gaped at what he said.

The girl looked offended then just giggled, �Oh, I was in a rush.� She gave him a chummy slap on his shoulder, �we can�t all be fashion plates��


She continued her workout, �I really do wish I could be as put together as you Niko, you�re always so posh.�

Niko thought she must be high. He barely remembered to do his laundry, plus chick�s dug his tousled natural look. Posh? What the fuck did that even mean?

�I mean I don�t know how you manage to keep that eyeliner from running, I�m always a wreck after a workout.�

Niko grunted, unamused, �Bitch, I don�t wear eyeliner.�

She smirked, �Oh �sure� you don�t, like those sultry eyes are au naturale you shady bia-tch.� She again whispered with a conspiratorial nod.

Niko worriedly touched his eyes. What was she talking about? This chick was out of her damn mind, and watching her scrawny legs and tiny muscles strain was boring the shit out of him. Usually he was a horn-dog watching his female clients exercise, but now� the only body he was interested in was how limp her straggly hair was. She really could use some conditioner�


��uh maybe we should just stretch�� he rumbled.

�Oh yay! Can you stretch with me? It�s so inspiring watching you.�

Niko didn�t stretch.

Shit, he was so muscle-bound, swoll, and sore all the time, he could barely touch his toes.

He decided to play along and bent over. He found the pants and top forced him to bend dramatically at the waist and flare his ass back, like he was presenting it for inspection. His huge hamstings framed the the muscle butt, giving the whole gym a show as he amazingly touched his toes. He knew the shorts were giving him the most insane wedgy, letting everyone see the giant crack of his ass, but for some reason he just stayed in the rigid stretch.

�And you know I love watching that high butt in the mirror,� she said and gave his rump a playful smack. �I wish my ass was that tight.� Almost unconsciously Niko gave his exposed ass a little shake.

Tight ass? He had big lifter�s roid butt. �It�s so pert and round, like fresh baked brioche, � she said and then brazenly gripped his ass like it was dough. �It reminds me of when I was little and had a pony,� she rambled cutely.

Niko was about to tell her to fuck off when she reached up and stroked his hair affectionately. �Your hair is so pretty too� dark and silky�just like my pony.�

Without thinking he said, �Oh, thank you, miss.� Inside, Niko was horrified. A pony? Was she fucking retarded? He was a fucking gorilla! A muscle beast� not a pony� then again ponies were really cute and their little bodies did have thick muscles �oh and they had the best hair�

�You�re welcome sweetie.� She smiled brightly, �We should totally hang out sometime, Niko.� Niko smirked inside, now the bitch was gonna ask for his number.

Ha! never fails. They all wanted a piece of his� �Yay, we could go for a Mani-Pedi� I�m sure you�ve got time for some girl talk.�

Niko�s heart skipped a beat for a minute at the prospect of being pampered and having his feet dangling in a warm salt bath as he and this bimbo chatted�

Then he shook his head violently. What the fuck?

�Uhm� no�� he stuttered, �But I am very grateful for your invitation,� he added instinctually, with extreme manners. Shit, he was acting like a damn employee.

Her smile got tight, �You�ll do it and like it.� She got a formidable look in her eye, �I like to have some arm candy when I shop.�

�Yes, miss,� he demurred.

She giggled again, pleased. �You boys can be so uppity sometimes.� She continued to stretch and pointed for him to follow. Niko, feeling very confused and disoriented, reacted immediately and began to bend with her. �You think just cause you have all those muscles, you have to act all tough.� She reached over and gently stroked his cheek in a friendly way, �but us �girls� know you�re just one of us, deep down.� She gave his groin a knowing dismissive glance and giggled again.

�Please miss,� Niko was struggling to talk. In his deep stretch, his voice came out plaintive and cloying. �Our time is almost up. I must attend to my next client.�

He was disgusted at what he said, but grateful that he was getting away from this crazy bitch.

�Oh pooh!� she huffed, �Oh well, guess I�ll see you tomorrow, and then after�we can go shopping! You can show me where you got that AMAZING leotard! I mean, I don�t have the BOD like you do to pull it off, but I might find something.� She crooked her arm around his muscled bicep coquettishly. �We can be besties and hang out and stuff.� Then she frowned. �But not clubbing or going-out besties. I don�t want you going out dancing with me. I refuse to go clubbing with someone prettier than me,� she gave him a chaste kiss on the cheek and left him staring in disbelief. �Love you bitch!�

He stood there for a minute in shock.

Two more women walked passed, �Hey Niko!� they sighed, �looking good! I just love your hair!� Then one whispered to the other, �How does he keep it so perfect?� He watched the two walk away and mentally redressed them in less revealing outfits, they were far too old to be baring so much skin. It was terribly crude� huh? No. the were slutty MILFS� that was HOT� Slutty Milfs� should probably wear less make-up and maybe go for a higher hemline on their�


A gorgeous nymph with giant tits rolled up to him. Instead of thinking about how he�d love to watch her ass bounce, he was critically thinking about how she needed to do more cardio.

�Hey stud, you left this at my place the other night.� He was expecting the fox to hand him a pair of jockey�s, but instead she gave him some videos and a magazine. She rapped him a very unsexy pat on his butt, �I had the best time. We should do it again. You give the best advice. I�m totally going to switch to a winter pallet.�

A winter what?

He looked down at his hands: a copy of COSMO, a season of �The Real Housewives� and a dvd of �The Brazilian Butt-lift workout?�

That�s it.

Fuck it.

He�ll get fired.

He�ll just pick up shifts at his parents� restaurant.

No his parent�s convenience store�

No Greek Restaurant�

No� convenience store�

His parents what?


He marched angrily to the men�s locker room. Two guys passed him and chuckled, �You sure this is the right door, pumpkin?�

�Yes sir,� he responded. He fumed inside but smiled appreciatively. They gave him lecherous grins and stared as he walked away. He tried to do his best Macho bodybuilder swagger but it was impossible in these stupid pants and ended up simpering away in humiliation. He had to fight and struggle with the tiny outfit and felt terribly uncomfortable. He opened his locker and tossed the videos in.

Niko fumed and raged. The outfit was cutting off his circulation and the bitches in the gym were treating him worse than Eddie.

God dammit! Why the fuck was this stupid outfit making him feel like a fucking mummy? He turned toward the locker room mirror �

� and almost feinted.

The running tights were now cut-off just above his knees, making him look like he was wearing some kind of Lycra Capri�s. The tight body shirt exaggerated every line of his cut abdomen and the slopes of his chest and Delts.

His wide and thick Pectorals distended the neckline of the tight top. The elastic material was stretched into a wide scoop neck that displayed his taunt cleavage tantalizingly. The arm straps were hugging his built shoulders so tightly that it was forcing his arms to hang crooked at his sides. His bulging, impossibly cut biceps were held close to his torso, forcing his forearms and wrists to tangle in front of him. He felt like a muscle-bound T-rex� or a cute little kitty displaying its paws�

Niko tugged frantically at the sides of the rigid top. The thick ribbing was pulling his torso so firmly, it felt like he was wearing a corset. His impossibly tiny waist teetered and swayed over his muscular legs and wide pelvis. The tight bodice forced him to swing and sway his upper body to move. The restriction forced his exposed chest up and made his back arch dramatically. Niko felt as if his pecs were attached to his hips by an iron swivel straw.

Years of lifting and bulking had made his abs into wide slabs of muscle, but now he had the tight tiny cobblestones of a teenager. The distortion between his huge upper body and well muscled legs was obvious. His tiny waist was almost supernatural!

All his muscles had seemed to tighten and crystalize- the water bloat, the heavy mass was all perfectly cut and sculpted. He was still huge, but there was a delicate artistry to the mass and size.

If he wasn�t so revolted he would have clapped his hands in sheer joy� no he�d have fist pumped�

The shorts had rode so far up his thighs that he felt like he was wearing a suffocating little singlet. The tight bands of elastic around his sculpted thighs limited his mobility and the stiff fabric forced him to walk with tight bobbing steps. He was putting one foot in front of the other, rolling his big legs and rocking his tight butt with a swishy vacillation.

He strutted and swiveled toward the mirror. His hugely muscled, barbarians� body tilted and undulated with a very inviting and obviously faggy sashay. The arched back, the tight legs, the displayed pecs, and glistening caverns of muscle definition made him feel like Jessica Rabbit.

He got distracted looking in rapt adoration at how perfect his muscles and face had become. There was no other word for it.


His skin had blended into a breathtaking, olive dawn hue. The lowlights of his Greek heritage were now mixed with a cinnamon-colored tone that made him look like he was made of sun kissed clay. He had always had a models� good-looks but now� He didn�t look like a NIKE model� he looked like a fashion model.

His dark lashes were longer, fuller, and inky black over his emerald eyes. His bold Greek nose was now a petite bulb. It perched over a protruding puckered bow of dark, almost purple lips. His angular features and prominent cheek bones were now razor sharp. Instead of the meaty, thick, steak-faced mug, he now had a cherubic frame with lean features. It was a heart shaped face, high bony cheeks, wide eyes, and a round little chin. The heavy weight had melted into a contest-ready leanness. Niko looked like an immaculate statue.

He wasn�t handsome.

He wasn�t hot.

He was pretty.




The heavy masculine mug of the Lothario bodybuilder had been remolded into the ultimate puckered, eyelash batting, pretty boy.

�Oh�� He twittered. He brought a heavily muscled arm up and touched the angel�s face with a shaking, limp wristed hand. The heavy bracelets clattered, as his now slim fingers grazed his petite and wine colored lips. Niko�s heavy lidded eyes were wide with surprise, the big lashes accentuating the slight angle that they now had. There was a ridiculously extreme arc to his thick eyebrows, making him look prettily suprised.

His mane of unkempt greasy locks was now gelled and brutally tamed. His dark hair was now tar black. It gleamed like shiny black pleather and was piled above his smooth forehead. It swept up in a �Justin Beiber� Coif that looked like a feminine DA. It looked styled for a magazine spread and like it took hours to arrange.

His hands shook like leaves as he felt his hair�s manicured gravity. The thin strands were as fine as a pony�s tail and as soft as feathers. The bracelets clattered like wind chimes in his tiny, oval shaped ears.


Shit when did he put on all that sissy ass jewelry? He looked down at his exposed, muscled calves and winced at the shiny ankle bracelet. Then winced again, when he bent at the waist�

With knowing dread, he gingerly slipped his shorts open and pulled aside the silky fabric of his faggy g-string. There, encircling his plump cock, was the broad silver band of the cock ring. He growled in frustration, but it came out more like a purr.

His dick was as bald as a bitch�s!

His bush was nothing but smooth soft skin.

What the fuck!

He jostled the weight of his denuded balls and shuddered with horror�

He felt the thick chain grazing against his taint and knew, disgustedly, that the thick bullet of silver was now firmly plugging his virgin hole.

He staggered backward in shock with mincing steps. The ring was rigid and forced his dick downward, until it was nestled between his thick immobile thighs. The plug gently massaged his tender asshole. His every vibration forced his hips and bubble butt to jump in response at the intrusion.

He started to breath in terrified little huffs, his huge muscles twitching in anxiety. �I have to get out of here, I gotta get home.� His voice was still his deep macho growl, but now it seemed to have a heavy, tentative, almost pleading pitch.

He turned to shut the locker door.

� He trilled in terror, as he noticed a pile of beauty supplies. Like a possessed mannequin he reached in and picked them up. His new super-cut, bulging body moved without his control. He looked at the pile of cosmetics and trembled in gibbering fear.


Niko�s taunt, tiny stomach churned anxiously. He stood up, on his massive thighs and pivoted saucily towards the mirror. Like a flamboyant puppet on invisible strings he began to apply the cosmetics.

His eyes were petrified but the gorgeous muscle model smiled and flexed his giant arms, as he began to prep and primp� like that big faggot Eddie.

Oh god� make it stop�

Why was he doing this�

Why did he look like this�

He looked like Eddie�s fucking ethnic twin�

Only way bigger�

He was way bigger than Eddie�

Way bigger muscles�

Way prettier�

Way more of a�

Muscle Fag�.!!!!

Oh god make it stop�

His cinnamon hands grabbed a bottle and picked it up, SNEAKY BITCH FOUNDATION, with shaky hands he applied the deep bronze tone to his cheeks. The bottle read, �Fake that perfect look, and be a total bitch.�

As the foundation laid on his skin with it�s bronze tones, Niko felt a swell of attitude and put his hands on his hips and flexed his big pec tits aggressively.

Fucking Eddie, Niko mused. She thinks she�s got it all. She ain�t got shit on all this. Niko, sassily flexed in the mirror and thought about how much better he was than Eddie.

Eddie wasn�t near as good as Niko. That bitch wasn�t all that. Niko was the quee� er KING or this gym. Eddie was way more fierce then eddie could ever be. He was younger. He was bigger. He was prettier, that bitch was just �all about eve�-ing him. Yeah, he was throwing shade cause he couldn�t handle all this Fabulousness. The T was that eddie was threatened by the younger queen.

His hands brought a long cylinder to his lips, globs of slimy glitter coated his mouth. �XXXL SUPER TRAMP: GLOSS & PLUMPER!!!�

Niko watched as his little kissable lips began to inflate in front of his pretty crossed-eyes. They went from kissable to smoochable to flat out giant DSL�S. His lips were thick and fat, looking like a perfect O shaped tire of red flesh.

That was fucking weird. That shit made his lips look like a fucking Pornstar�s� He put the plumper on and they just started to expand and�

A thought floated across his startled brain�

His body smiled a puppet grin of delight�

Without any thought, his muscled Contest body, took over. He squeezed all the gooey gel from the bottle, until it layed in his hands in a huge shimmering puddle.

What was going on?

He gave himself another big smile.

Niko eagerly tugged down his tight shorts, and slapped his muscled ass cheeks with the gel. He spread the plumper all over his cut, pert ass.



He felt the glossy liquid seep in the flesh of his muscle butt, like a sponge soaking up water. There was a moment of intense ghastly anticipation�

His muscled glutes shuddered. His ass cheeks trembled, then with an audible twang his butt began to swell. Niko could feel his haunches stretch out and up, distending from his hamstrings. The tight pants pulled cruelly against the ever magnify bubble butt. The slow growth continued bizarelly and Niko watched as his bodybuilder�s powerful rear magnified and developed into a giant fuck-me ass. The shorts looked like he was smuggling two soccer balls, taped to his hips. His massive ass globes sloped upward from the back of his legs in a gravity defying bubble butt that was as solid as steel. The shorts clung to his new obscene endowment like a second skin. The lines of his ass crevice were as clear as his pectoral cleavage, and the top of his sissy ass thong crown his giant fuck-butt with a tantalizing T of taunt fabric.

He began to feel a subtle yearning in his exaggerated lips and bloated butt. The sensation of his lips being empty and his ass being unfilled lingered at the back of his mind. There was trampy need to have both occupied� by a� by a�

Oh shit he was thicking about dicks!

He was disgusted.

But also kinda pleased�

At least his ass was way better then Eddie�s�


The note was from Eddie!

That stupid Fag was behind this!

That dumb bitch had set him up�

Again, his possessed gorgeous form grabbed a small jar and began to rub it into his fingers. Niko had just a moment to read, �Dumb Blonde Pomade and highlighter, Stupid control for your hair�

His finger ran the gunk through his fine Grecian locks. They instantly began to firm and stick up like straw. The tips glinted a pure glossy blonde. Highlights and streaks of California gold slashed the perfect black of his mane. When he was done, his big green eyes stared vacantly at the effect. His over-plump dick-sucking lips gaped with slack jawed confusion. His overdone Spikey black curls were splashed the same blonde as that dumb bitch Eddie. HA! Eddie was such a stupid By-atch. He absently tweaked a nipple dumbly, as he tried to remember what he was thinking about�

Eddie WAS a way dumber bitch then him, Niko thought.

Well� his possessed body responded� we can�t have that�

His hands dipped into the jar again and pulled out the entire contents� Niko�s reaction was a detached kind of wonder� what was going to happen next�

He stared at his reflection and watched as he opened his puffy mouth wide.


He slid the huge glob onto his tongue and swallowed it, with a pleased grin.

Now he would be the DUMBER BITCH for sure!

The puppet steroid-Adonis beamed at his reflection and rubbed the taunt abs of his belly, contentedly.

Such a stupid bitch!

He let out a deep masculine giggle.

Shit! He was such a dumb bitch, that he was enjoying being turned into a total muscle fag?

Muscle fag.

Ha, he giggled like silly thunder. It just seemed so funny. He didn�t know what to do but smile and laugh. �I laugh cause I don�t know whats going on! HA! I�m a stupid by-acth!�

He grabbed a bottle of lotion, and read carefully before he applied, regaining some semblance of control, �ENDLESS LUST, Moisturizer and skin softener.�

EW! He knew just where to put that.

He oozed the lotion unto his tan, dick and balls rubbing it in lovingly. The smell of the lotion was sweet and pungent and made Niko horny. He kept stroking his dick with the soft lotion and once he had a raging hard-on tenting his thong, he rubbed a bunch into his hairless fairy balls.

As an after-thought, he poured some on his nipples and felt his pecs become electrified wires, and the tips of his nipples perk up to the size of erasers.

Well that was where that shit should go� that was perfect� except�

His body took over again�

He spread his muscular legs wide. He pulled the thong and shorts down. He didn�t understand� he had already put the lotion on his dick�where else�

He emptied the bottle into a big cupped hand, and with a look of startled surprise in his empty eyes, he bent forward and began to slather it between his legs. He lathered the hairless skin that stretched from his taint to his tender asshole.

Oh no, he laughed his rumbling giggle, �endless lust in my ass� he giggled more. It felt so good rubbing his taint and hole. The plug suddenly felt so fucking good. It was so good to feel the teasing pressure and the dirty humiliation. His hands worked deep into the tissue of his big ass.

�Endless lust in my XXXL butt!� Niko laughed. He kept rubbing stupidly, until his hands and groin were dry.

He disappointedly pulled his thong and shorts back over his cut groin.

Oh well, all done.

Oh wait�

�Forever PINK� Body spray.

In a quick motion he sprayed his huge ostentatious muscle bod with the sparkling mist from the bottle. It took only three seconds for the magic of the spray, to work on his clothing. The fabric of the dark shorts and the red top shimmered. It pulsed then faded to a sweet shade of bubblegum pink. The shorts were hugging his thighs and clenching his giant bubblegum butt in sweet baby doll pink. His massive ripped chest cleavage was framed in a slutty fuchsia. His little booty sneakers glowed a flamboyant hot pink. The straps of his faggy thong outlined his Adonis cleft in a pale rose.

With the last of the products used, Niko found himself staring at the morphed muscle queen in the mirror. He was once again in control of all his actions and befuddled air-head brain struggled to take in all the drastic queer changes.

His muscled body had been morphed and cut to shreds. He was in contest shape at 230lbs and 4% bodyfat.

His face had transformed into some strange exotic combination of all the sensual features of both Greek and Hindi heritage.

His skin was paper thin, over his rippling muscles and had become a dusky cinnamon color.

Eddie had used his bag of tricks to turn him into a big-lipped, giant butt, slutty blonde himbo�

He was walking like a prissy lil bitch�

And he couldn�t stop giggling and eye-flirting with his own reflection. His dick was throbbing in his thong and the plug was rubbing against his hole tantalizingly.

He was going to feint�

Or cum�

Shit, he like totally need to jet out of here!

He had better shake this runway quick� bitch?

Oh shit�

Oh poo�


He had to get out of here!

His heart thudded in his wide chest and he tried to wiggle as quickly as possible out of the locker room and to the front door of the gym.

The shorts kept him mincing, the top kept him swaying, and the small intoxicating steel bullet made his muscled butt shimmy as he flounced towards the door.

�Well, now �.� A hand slapped his tightly encased and prominently posed granite bubble-butt. �I did not see this cumming.�

Niko turned and found Eddie leering at him. Eddie gave him an appreciative grin and licked his lips, �But I would like to see you� cumming. Aren�t you pretty in pink?�

Eddie seductively touched the Barbie Doll colored muscle tights. Niko�s face burned in shame as his bulging bodybuilder�s frame toggled at Eddie�s touch. �Bitch Please, I don�t know what�s happening. I do know that your shady ass is doing it.� His hands flickered emphatically and his jewelry clinked comically. He had meant to sound intimidating and butch, but it came out in a sassy sing-song rumble.

Eddie kept grinning, �Well it looks like you were wrong, this gym does need another MUSCLE MARY! One that�s an even bigger gym-queen then me!�

Niko�s macho rage was muted by his humiliation. Here he was being laughed at by the biggest fag in the gym. �Gurl Please, I do not understand what is happening to me. Please, I�m like tripping and posting a hissy�and I can�t stop werking it, like a tranny!�

He didn�t know why he kept saying �please� to this conniving bitch� but it just felt right? It just seemed appropriate� polite� customary?

�Maybe if you help me�� Eddie said with a lecherous smirk. His own lycra shorts were swelling against his erection.

The bodybuilder�s mind went white with pleasure and all his anxiety and humiliation burned away. He smiled broadly and asked excitedly, �What can I do to HELP you.� The rush was harder than any club drug he had ever done. The simple thrill of being able to serve a fellow man made him tingle.

�Oh, I don�t know,� Eddie said archly. �I don�t think too big ole bottoms can get into TOO much trouble.�

�Hell to the nah, gurl!?� He said confused.

�Oh c�mon.� Eddie slapped his pert ass globes again. The lycra twanged, the bullet rammed in, and his thighs rubbed together in mortifying effeminate desire. �We might be able to bump muscle pussies? You used to like a little girl-on-girl action.�

For a brief moment the image of their two overly muscled bodies writhing in heat and glistening with sweat, as they jerked each other off and slapped each other�s big fuckbutts, crossed his mind. He giggled in an arch baritone. Niko shook his head, in frustration. �I don�t have a pussy!� The swishy bodybuilder practically meowed.

�You do now.� Eddie said with a knowing grin. �You got a big built muscle cunt,� he cupped Niko�s lycra clad bulge, �and a big ole Muscle clit, you fucking muscle mary.�

Niko�s dick was throbbing with shame. �Please, I gotta get my own threads. These clothes are making me act like a total fag!� he blurted out bluntly.

Eddie almost fell over in laughter, �You think they�re just making you ACT like a fag? You big fairy, you�re more of a queen then I am right now.� He put a sassy hand on his hip, �and that�s saying something, gurl.�

�I�m not a muscle mary!� Niko purred, �I am a real man.� He stomped his foot and twitched his neck. The words �real man� made his mind fill with images of hairy muscle men and sweaty laborers flexing their hot bods while they did real man shit, like farming or construction or direct traffic� or stock groceries.. or�. DAMMIT!

�Please bitch, you got to change me back. I don�t want ta go around looking like some fucking Tom of Finland sissy slut.� When he said it, images of hot muscle dudes tanning� trying on clothes and getting fucked flooded his mind�. He involuntary repeated the word �SLUT� and giggled.

�HAHAHAHAHA!� was all Eddie could respond with.

�You are a total Brenda you cunt.� Niko said. He wanted to yell and rage, but it came out so defeated and pitiful. �Please tell me where that little Curry Fairy: Romi is, so I can get my own clothing.�

�HAHAHAHA! Curry Fairy? Hahahahaha! Curry Fairy? You think he�s a �.hahaha�, Your running around looking like the greek tourisms version of a Bollywood pornstar� and he�s a curry fairy?� Eddie was practically crying now.

�Dammit stop being a cunt, and help a sister out!�

�I gave him your address� he said he would stop by later to get his stuff back��

�Thanks bitch,� Niko added with a rush of big grinning gratitude that left his smile wide and his eyes repulsed. He leaned in and air kissed Eddie�s cheek.

The other muscle mary air kissed back, �You�re welcome, Mary.�

Niko rushed out of the gym.

Well� he sashayed quickly.

Thankfully, he didn�t live far.

The brief walk was pretty degrading. Everyone that he passed gave him a smug smile, and a predatory sexual glare. Men and women both looked at him like a piece of well trussed meat. The last block was the worst, he had to pass a bar full of college kids that jeered and heckled him, making his perky nipples burn and his face grow hot.

�What the fuck is that!� a drunk lacrosse player, yelled from the deck of a bar.

�Yo faggot!� The drunk kept yelling.

Niko turned and wanted to smash the guy�s face in, but instead shook his head and waved a finger at him, �Shut-up breeder, I�m more man then you�ll ever be!� He did a massive double bicep spread to emphasize his cartoonish mascuility, �and I�m more woman then you�ll ever have!� He gave his luscious lycra painted ass a heavy slap to emphasize his cartoonish sexuality.

�YOU GO GIRL!� a couple of the women in the bar started to yell.

His face burned with shame and he shimmied faster at the laughter of the bar patrons.

He crashed into his apartment and immediately began to rip off the cursed outfit. It was difficult, his over-developed musculature made it almost impossible to peel it off. He shed the snakeskin and breathed heavy with relief. He looked down at his denuded perfection and scowled at the silky little pink thong that he still wore.

NEW fucking underwear.

He had to put on some clean BVD�s and get in a hot shower. A part of him cringed and wretched at the thought of his smooth skin in that rough cotton� dammit!

Reassured, he moved toward his bedroom, passing his posing mirror on the way and wailed. His biceps were still glued to his lats. His back was still arched like a stewardess. He was still parading like an ass swinging show-dog.

His dazzling face contorted in horror. It wasn�t just the clothes! His toned physique glistened and gleamed as his hands twittered and his calves danced in frustration.

�You seem upset,� a gruff, brazen voice said.

Niko twirled and realized that someone, some MAN, was in his apartment.

A big sexy REAL MAN!

Niko stared at the massive bodybuilder in his doorway.

The swarthy skinned Stranger wore a tight wife beater, the shirt was ripped at the chest, leaving black curls to swirl over massive exposed pecs. The rip left him basically bare-chested, making him look like he had just come from a fight. He wore Niko�s camo shorts, his own big boots, and his own bandana were tied around the strangers� head. The man�s hair was short tousled curls that clung to a low animalistic forehead.

The man�s shadow dwarfed Niko. Whereas, Niko was lean and toned bulging perfection; this guy was solid, dense� virile. His muscles were bloated and distended with thickness.

He was impenetrable.

He was a manly sexy �real� man.� Niko�s knees started to knock.

He had to be the same weight class as Niko (had been), 240-250, and a little shorter. He had a handsome face with sensual east-Asian features. His black eyebrows were heavy and brutish and matched his goatee. Niko was astounded at how large this dude looked in his clothes. The guy was a serious juice-monster and looked like he was just as dedicated as Niko. His shoulders were constrained tightly and bowed awkwardly from the small shirt and thick torso. His traps bulged impressively around his thick neck. The pecs were wide and deep over an expansive rib cage. His thigh muscles made the shorts expand with width which Niko envied. His quads never looked that big in those.

If Niko was contest ready, this guy was off-season all the way.

The man had a dusty deep tan that glinted with a burnt fire around the mounds of his musculature. The charred olive skin accentuated the girth of his impressive off-season mass. The stranger gave him a knowing look. �Hey baby, I figured that you had MY bag,� the stranger announced in an aggressive voice. �I didn�t expect it to change you�this much, but I guess we both are seeing and feeling things�differently�� The sexy beast stalked him and admired the exposed sensuality of Niko�s faggy muscles.

Niko backed away timidly. The man entered his apartment and shut the door. The colossus stretched lazily, showing the broad chest and heavy arms. Niko noticed how gorgeous the deep chasm of his dark haired pits looked. The stranger�s forearms swung cumbersomely, rich black fur covered the mammoth Popeye sized appendages.

�I� er, uhm� I guess you have all my stuff?� Niko muttered nervously. He realized it was ridiculous that he was feeling intimidated by this man. They were basically the same size. He should be pumping his own chest and showing the dude he wasn�t flustered. Instead, he found himself staring at his feet and uncomfortable making eye contact. The guy looked so goonish in his clothes and Niko was very aware of how he looked�

�Naked except for his teeny little thong. His eye-candy frame was exposed and vulnerable, and he was�

�Well he was wearing the OTHER stuff�

�underneath it.

His cock leapt in excitement at his shame and titillation.

The guy must have noticed, because his swarthy face broke into a wide grin, �And you�ve got all mine. And by the looks of it, you have it ALL on� from the thong to the butt-plug� damn baby you look good enough to eat.�

�Uhm�thank you I guess�� Niko blushed furiously.

He wanted to get mad, but all he could do was look down at his giant pecs and put his muscled guns behind his back, shyly. �Uhm� I had to because�� He fumbled. Why was he acting like a fucking bitch? He didn�t need to be scared of this hot stud�

oh shit�

No this equal�

This other guy�

This other lifter�

This fellow bodybuilder�.

Oh shit, this sexy sweaty real man!

This big sexy muscle daddy�

oh shit�

The guy brashly sat down on the couch and spread his hairy legs wide. He gave Niko a full show of his thick sexy satyr thighs. �I have to admit,� The real man told him, �I was pretty heated when I found your sweaty, smelly jock clothes in my locker.� He plucked at the tank top and rubbed his furry pec. �When I first left for a meeting in your clothing, I was very inconvenienced,� the man explained. He scratched his heavy five 0�clock shadow, that looked like black steel wool. �But as I sat there, I listened to all these pathetic men twitter and bitch about meaningless things,� he grabbed his crotch, �and I felt my balls surge with juice.�


�Yeah. My boss started to give me shit. and I thought �fuck?� why don�t I just stomp this mother fucker?� He flexed a big bicep, � and then I realized I could have every one of them bent over the conference table and wailing like whores if I wanted to,� he flexed the other massive bicep. �This muscle, it is so intoxicating,� he gave Niko a direct penetrating stare. �I used to watch you prowl that gym like a tiger, and thought �wow he surely has big balls for that attitude.� He laughed a deep and rich chortle, grabbing the huge dangling bulge in his shorts, �Now I know. You have to have big HAIRY low-hangers for that attitude.�

Niko wanted to see them.

The guy gripped his junk, �These big fucking hairy breeders are fucking amazing. I feel like I could eat a horse� and fuck a pony�� His smile oozed sex.

The guy stood languidly and came closer. Niko shuddered with silly pleasure and hot embarrassment. The real man reached out and boldly stroked Niko�s hard nipple. �AND YOU� well you found out my little secret.� He said in a rich and gruff amusement.

�Oh no� I didn�t�� Niko protested, and looked the guy in the eye suppliantly�. �or maybe I did? I don�t know� I guess?� he felt so ditzy and spacey. The scent of the other man and the force of his eyes, made him feel silly and dumb.

The other muscle beast took Niko�s chin in a firm hand, affectionately, �Oh, I think you did.� He placed the other hand, gently, seductively, confidently on the waistband of the girlish panties that Niko was wearing.

His hairless dick stood out smooth and throbbing, �It�s always been my own little kinky thing, walking around in this, underneath my power-suits. Sitting in meetings giving directives, completely in control, but underneath� feeling so exposed� so emasculated� so sexy�� He tugged the strings down, revealing the chain that hung between his juiced up, hairless thighs. Niko didn�t even try to protest. His dick was rigid and insatiable. The hard cock pulled the tiny chain forward, splitting his butt with the bullet. �The buttplug used to be my thing. Made me feel like a real queer, no matter what important meeting I was in. I�d be hard and a lil embaressed all the time. It made me leak cum like a teenager.� He shrugged his massive hairy traps, �It was my kinky little thing��

Niko�s brain burned at the words, �kinky little thing�� he repeated.

The real man chuckled appreciatively, �Yes you are.�

Niko moaned in pleasure as the stranger continued to inspect the lingerie that Niko had been desperate to conceal. �Well, it USED to be my thing. Now, I think it�s YOUR thing.� The other bodybuilders� big, self-assured hand groped Niko�s traitorous cock. It was a quick confident move, that broached no argument.

Niko exhaled in horny joy, �Who are you?� He asked.

�Romi.� The guy started to stroke the dick, furiously. Niko leaned against the wall as the big hulk pumped him hard and fast. �But now I�m way more of the MAN, Romi wanted to be, but was to scared to be. I got the muscle, the balls, the testosterone..and the APPETITIE of a real man.�

No restraint.

Romi just took control and started to hand fuck him.

Sweat started to pour off his body in a flood. Thank god he was naked and not ruining his outfit�


no it wasn�t his�

it was�

it was�


�YOU�RE ROMI?� Niko roared between insane pleasure and disbelief. He tried to pull away. He was strong enough and big enough to take this dude, no matter what he was wearing! But Romi possessively stroked his cheek and pulled him back soothingly.

�Call me Romo.� The former gym bunny commanded.

Romi�s face seemed to have absorbed all the bold masculinity of Niko�s features. His jaw was ridiculously square and covered in the thick black grit of beard growth. His nose was a brazen hook that made his heavy-lidded, eagle eyes appear predatory. The dark slits gleamed beneath a ridge of hairy black eye-brow. The face was broad and fixed in a tight imposing glare.

�Shhh� big man� it�s okay� it�s okay�. Just let Romo take care of you for a little.� He felt the brutish man�s hungry mouth on his neck. �Bet you�ve been hard all day.� Niko felt himself melting into the firm and reassuring embrace.

Shit, he was letting some dude hand-job him and seduce him, the way he did with women at the club.

Oh, shit this was all way too fucked up.

He was getting seduced like a bitch.

�Shh� calm down big stud� it�s okay� bet you�ve been walking around in all those tight clothes� feeling your panties riding high on your big man butt� your balls slipping around in that prissy silk�the ring and bullet digging into those swollen thighs�.and your big manly dick just bouncing around for release�am I right�?�

The hand pumped harder.

A big thumb stroked his balls gently.

The lips were kissing his sweaty neck. Another hand flicked at his pointy nipples. Niko rolled his head and moaned happily. He was in ecstasy. He knew, in the back of his mind, that he looked ridiculous and should be fucking mortified, but the humiliation was so hot and Romo was being so sweet. �Go on tell me�. Tell me you like it�. It�s okay� go on Niki�� His voice was commanding and his eyes burned with intensity.

He nibbled on Niko�s ear and pounded the dick in his hands with more force. Niko felt his own muscled body curl into a defenseless ball of pleasure. The two mammoth men melted into one another. Romo kissed frantically and Niko twitched and fluttered in frantic expectation, �I like it�. Oh god�� He rolled his head in lust. His deadlifting butt tightened. His hack squat thighs pressed together. His pecs bounced. He came closer and closer to creaming like a bitch into this Meathead�s paw, �I like it�.� He moaned.

Romo continued pumping furiously and then put his tongue in Niko�s mouth. Niko kissed back reflexively, �Cum for me� go on�. Nut your fucking muscle-juice all in my hand�. It�s okay baby� it�s okay��

�Oh shit�� Niko groaned and dissolved into pliant sexual puddy.

Romo slowed his stroke to a soft grope and Niko�s body was racked by tremors of anticipation. His heavy bulk shifted and grinded into the big hand anxiously, desperate for the promise of release.

The exotic goliath�s tongue languished across the nape of his neck, �I know how you feel, so powerful and intimidating, like a tiger.� His thumb pushed gently on the crack of Niko�s ass, �but just a helpless kitten underneath it all. It�s okay� Niki� let me take care of you�� He rubbed his hand hard against the bodybuilder�s hole.

Niko felt trapped in the man�s penetrating glare. �Don�t fight me.�

Sweat drenched the former �ladykiller��s body like he was in 105 degree heat. Perspiration leaked down the crack of his Giant butt-cheeks. His silky panties were drenched and soggy against his hard skin. �I�m� I�m sorry� I guess?� he said, reflexively.

The red-ash skinned gym freak held him tightly and reassuringly. �Shhhhh�.shhhh� I will take care of you� I will teach you how to appreciate that gorgeous body�� Their huge biceps pressed to each other in awkward over muscled unison. �I�m going to ravage you, my Niki�� His voice was ferocious and Niko cowered at its compulsion.

Niko mustered his last shred of macho bravado and protested vocally, almost whimpering, �Niko�� my name�s Niko�� However his body betrayed him and leaned deeper into the wide powerful chest of his tormentor.

A gentle rumble of laughter filled his ears and hot sultry breath caressed his cheek, �Yes, my tiger� to others you are Niko�� Suddenly, the hand began to clench around his throbbing cock and wad the panties against his tense groin. �But to me� you are my Niki��


Hard strokes.

Firm strokes.

Fast strokes.

He was again being masturbated relentlessly.

He bucked and whined and thrust his dick.

�You are my Niki, and I will give you pleasure you have never known, and you will tend to my needs.� Sweat poured off of Niko �You understand? You need a man who understands you.� Romo grinned and slid his other hand down the elastic, pass the single taut string of the thong. He gently pressed against Niko�s asshole. �You need a man who understands how to use your sweet hole.� He put the slightest pulse of pressure on the plug. It immediately fell out and hung from Niko�s cock like a pendant. It swung like a fucking charm bracelet on his schlong.

His ass lips puckered. There was a rush of emptiness and sweet needy suction� and endless lust.

�like a wet and ready �

�like a hot and aching�

�No�� Niko argued, trying to pull away from the fierce predatory grip. �I�m not a fucking woman! I don�t have a pussy or fucking �muscle clit� or what the fuck ever� I�m a man� I��

Romo chuckled heartily. Niko could feel the weight of wide hairy abs press against his own compact waist. �You Americans� So obsessed with roles, genders and names.�

Without warning, Romo thrust his finger deep into Niko�s empty hole.

Niko felt his body immediately betray him. His asshole sucked in the thick finger and held it tightly. �Ohhh�.� He moaned in pleasure. Romo, began to gently massage the insatiable hole whilst putting pressure on his taint. �This is your �Yoni.� It�s the sweet center of your sex, it gives pleasure to your lover. It is not a �pussy� or an asshole, it is your yoni, my silly tiger.�

�My yoni�?� Niko moaned in agreement as he succumbed to the incredible feeling of tranquility that having his ass full now gave him.

The Real man slipped another finger in. Stretching the hole wider and forcing Niko to fall on his furry exposed chest. He held a thumb tight against Niko�s taint and thrust gentle finger�s into his hole. The feeling of being so completely captured made Niko almost pass out in ecstasy.

�No, you are no woman. You are the most perfect example of male beauty I have ever seen.�

�Thank you,� Niko moaned instinctually. �I guess��

�You are too beautiful to waste on anything but the most deserving man. Your body is a work of art, exquisite and only for a true king of men to use and appreciate. No woman could EVER understand the work, the art of it.�

Niko was holding onto Romo�s neck and nuzzling his smooth jaw against the other man�s pelt. He rode and wiggled on the hand with his muscular gultes. �Oh� I� Oh�. That feels so good. You�re fingering me� Oh god....�

Niko�s mind reeled from the realization, that this was the same foreplay he had used on countless bitches.

The tricks he used on the sluts he took home�

�only now he was the slut

�getting fingerbanged�

�getting wet with the anticipation of being FUCKED.

His dick started to drip pre-cum.

�Tell me,� the big voice rumbled in his ear as he writhed in pleasure, �Did it shame you when Eddie told you that you had a �Muscle pussy�?�

Niko felt his cheeks burn, and Romo twirled his fingers inside the hungry hole. �Did it embarrass you to think of your big breeding cock,� the fingers turned harder, �as just a little clit ��

Niko�s embarrassment filled him with a sultry heat that stretched from his blush all the way to the center of his stimulated groin.


�You liked it, didn�t you?� Romo teased as he nipped at Niko�s ear.

�Oh� god� yes��

Romo kissed his neck and continued manipulating his hole seductively. �Does it embarrass you? Your built Adonis body, too beautiful and too perfect in it�s masculinity, to be anything other than a pussy for men�s pleasure. Your slutty need and your conceit making your dick into a fat swollen clit, all that working out just to please a man.�

�I� oh�I� Please��

Romo�s eyes were wild with lust and control. �It�s okay. It turns you on. The shame burns your macho brain and turns you into a wild insatiable slut�� Romo kissed him, �I understand.�

�Please�� Niko moaned.

Romo�s heavy breath filled his nostrils, �Sex is heat, my tiger. But it requires spice, the sultry spice of shame, weakness, pleasure and ornamentation. You see you need the spice for your heat, don�t you? It makes your Yoni burn��

�Oh god� Romo� fuck my sweet muscle ass!� Niko whispered in a throaty cry of sensual revulsion.

Oh god� he was a total fag now.

A total muscle fag...

�getting finger banged in his hallway, with his slutty thong around his knees and a callused hand diddling his cunt.

He was a muscle mary, like Eddie�

No� he was way hotter than Eddie�

He flexed his perfect body in pride, �I�m� you�re tiger� your Niki�.�

The stroke slowed for an agonizing moment as Romo brought his other hand to Niki�s forehead and placed a red jeweled bindi in the center.

Niki knew this meant he had been conquered. He had been seduced, like so many of the women he had taken. He let his muscled body accept its new faggy posture, �Thank you.�

�Yeah, tiger� you will be my jewel�� Niko shuddered in horror and pleasure at the further subjugation, �You will be Niko to other men� but they will see this�and know you are MINE� you are my Niki� My buff stud with a hungry muscle cunt.�

Niko surrendered and felt so totally defenseless but protected in the other bodybuilders controlling embrace. �Yes� I�m yours ROMO� I�m yours�� He looked at his magnificently beautiful exotic muscle body in the mirror pressed against the width of his lovers hairy, dominant mass.

His heavenly face, exquisite perfection, his lean muscles and fantastic size, all undulated underneath his hot cinnamon skin. The thong hung like a veil over his balls and cut groin. �Thank you, Romo.�

�NO.� The hand stopped. Niki wailed and humped his thick wet dick into the air. �Not yet, Niki.� The hairy jaw aggressively ate his petulant lips. � Iwant to listen to you beg some more, I like it.� With his bold hooked nose and blunt features he did look like a greek dock hand, by way of Bangladesh. The attitude did fit him perfectly now.

�Please.� Niki repeated affectionately. Everything that had been angry and aggressive about him� now felt soothed in a warm calming sensuality. �Please��

He flexed for his lover.

He posed for his man.

He shuddered and shook for his big hairy top.

�Well done,� Romo smiled and then violently gripped the base of Niki�s cock, behind his taut ball sack, squeezing with brutal possessive force. �You may CUM NOW NIKI!�


�AHHHHHHHHHHHH� and screamed,

�AHHHHHHHHHHHH� and screamed�

The orgasm continued forever. It racked Niko�s brain and rocked his soul. He fell limply to his knees in pure unadulterated spent euphoria.

Romo stroked his cheek fondly, �Well done. Was that pleasurable for you?�

�Yes�� Niko panted.

�I want to give you pleasure�� he said affectionately.

His smile faded and his eyes grew hard with command. �But you also must see to my needs�� He undid the fly of his tight camo pants and his huge unrestrained erection bobbed in front of Niko�s face. �SUCK.� The word was delivered with unflinching demand.

Niko instinctively enveloped the hairy rod in his mouth. He felt the organ pulse and fill his throat and found himself savoring every inch of it. He went to town on the big muscle man's cock like all the girls he had been with� and took pride in doing it better.

�You so hairy!� Niki observed as he shoved his face into a full wiry underbrush of black pubes. The smell of sweat and testosterone filled his nose as he deep throated. The pretty face was enveloped by Romo�s manly bush.

�Yes�Your beast, your stud, your breeder,� Romo announced as he stroked Niki�s silken hair. �You will be happy to take care of my needs� later when we get home�.mhhmmm� I�ll explain ALL my needs��

Niki�s pace quickened in excitement at pleasing Romo further:

images of cleaning Romo�s home,

cooking his meals,

posing and flexing for his entertainment�

�all drove him to dive deeper onto the shaft.

Niki slurped and bathed the cock. He stopped his insatiable worship for the briefest moment, �But�, I am home,� he slobbered, with a bimbo�s confusion.

Romo grimaced, �oh my silly, boy�This place is a hovel� I will take you to your new home, MY home, you deserve so much better than this.� He caressed his lovers muscled traps, �I will take care of you, my Niki��

�And I�ll take care of you,� Niki repeated while he tongue bathed the giant hairy balls. He let his tongue savor the feeling of the coarse wiry man hair. �I love this hairy schlong!� his deep voice as excited as a teenage girl.

�YES!� Romo balanced himself against the wall and let the Goliath at his knees, service him. �I�ll take you home,� His chunky thighs flexed. �� and you can call all those whores and harlots you have in your phone.� His pelvis pumped and fucked the pretty face, � �and tell them that you are mine now.� He started fucking his powerful groin harder into his lover's mouth, �I�ll take your big cherry while you do it. Won�t that be special, my tiger, spicy, and hot?�

Romo brought a big fist crashing down against the wall and a groan like a volcano erupting shudder from him his clenched jaw. Niko felt the big hairy cock thunder in his lips and hot wet semen sprayed into his throat like a firehouse. Niki tried to keep it all in his hungry lips, but the cock just kept spurting and dosing him with Romo�s seed. Romo grunted the heavy sighs of relief above him as he wiped cum from his cheeks and nodded in humble, embarrassed, delighted agreement.

�Please� please�� Niki moaned, �Do it now!� He moved in front of the posing mirror and got into a doggy position. He flexed his muscled arms for stability and presented his XXXL Super tramp Fuck-butt in the air. He posed proned and gorgeous like a champion bitch, ready to be bred.

Romo�s grin was lecherous and pleased. He kneeled behind the muscled slut and is his flaccid cock began to throb with blood again. �You just can�t get enough, can you?�

Niki�s pornstar lips smiled seductively, �Fuck Me Romo. Fuck me hard. Call me baby.� He fingered his own hole. �Call me Niki and Fuck me forever. I want to watch us� I want to watch your hairy body rape my slutty pussy.�

The dirty talk was too much for Romo. He howled like a mad dog and ripped the camo shorts in his fury to release his dick.He spit on the cock and mercilessly thrust it into the lusty hole.

Niki squealed and screamed. He felt Romo�s hairy bush plow into his shaved asshole. He watched his own body convulse, flex and pump in beautiful ecstasy. He looked exquisite with a big hairy dick shoved up his muscled ass. Romo was so handsome as he rutted and grunted like an animal. Niki felt the Real man�s cock slide deep into his instatiable muscle cunt�

�and felt�


To be continued