Dimensions of Desire 3: To Boldly Go Where Many Have Wanted To Go Before

After far too long, I've finished another installment of my chronologically peripatetic "Dimension of Desire" series. This one partly fills in that big gap between the James West story and the Lois & Clark Superman story. You could say that at least I've crossed The Final Frontier. :)

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Captain's Personal Log. Stardate 2260.69.

Things have been singularly uneventful on board since we left Starbase 46 eight days ago. The extended shore leave was well-deserved, and I couldn't be happier with the improved morale. Sulu came in third at a fencing competition, but only because the other two women were professional fencers, with years more experience in the sport than him. He didn't seem to mind since he spent the rest of shore leave with them.

Fifteen crewmembers left us to work on other ships, but their replacements have integrated into life on the Enterprise with no appreciable bumps. We also had two scientists join us, noted astrophysicist Doctor Aliana Hendry and her assistant, Doctor Darien Lambert. They're a short term addition as part of our next assignment, exploring the Mondri Nebula. It's a stellar nursery that Starfleet wants us to study for at least a week, and we'll reach it tomorrow. Not the most exciting mission, but after the last few, I'm not complaining. Especially since Doctor Hendry accepted my dinner invitation for this evening. Hopefully tonight will turn out to be… eventful.

Captain Kirk closed his log. He showered and put on his uniform, then went to the bridge. Hendry and Lambert were there, discussing with Mister Spock the logistics of studying the nebula. Before he could go over to talk with them, Mister Sulu said, "Captain, I don't understand why, but our speed has increased to Warp 6."

"Engineering. Scotty, why have we increased speed?"

"I don't know, Captain. Everything's running fine, but I can't slow her down. I've got everyone working on it."

"Well, tell me when you've got something. Kirk out. Sulu, status."

"Speed still increasing. We'll be at Warp 7 in 3..2..1. Warp 7. Captain? Now our course is changing. Heading 223 mark 12. But it looks like we're not accelerating further. We're holding at Warp 7."

"What's on this course?"

"At this speed, in 541 days we'll pass within 2 light years of a pulsar, then nothing else for 4 years."

"Uhura, contact Starfleet and apprise them of our situation."

"I've been trying, Captain, but external communications are inoperative."

"Spock, what the hell is going on?"

"Unknown, Captain. I have been scanning the ship and the area. Those systems appear to not be affected. However, I can find no indication of unusual activity on or near the ship. Life signs, energy readings, all are completely normal. I am at a loss to explain the situation."

"Captain," said one of the security guards near the bridge lift doors, "I feel dizzy."

"Me too," said the guard next to him. Moments later, both collapsed to the floor.

Doctor McCoy ran over to them. "Bones," asked Kirk, "are they…?"

"No, Jim, they're alive, but unconscious. I'm reading a chemical in their lungs, but I can't identify it."

Sulu stood up and faced the rest of the crew. "It does not matter, Doctor. Everyone on board has been breathing the gas for the last ten minutes. Putting on masks now will not do any good." His voice was flat, and his eyes were cold. "Odorless and colorless, and slow acting. Not lethal, but everyone will be sleeping until we reach our destination."

"Who are you? What are you? What have you done with Sulu?"

"It is Sulu," said Lambert, "he's merely had an attitude readjustment. As well as a number of other crewpeople while they were on shore leave. They've taken over the ship, so it and you can be brought to Him."

"Him?! Him who?"

"You'll find out when you awaken. I see you're feeling it now, Captain. Don't worry about the ship. I, and the others, took the antidote, so we'll be able to take the Enterprise safely to Him. Good night Captain. Sweet dreams."

"You won't have my ship. Sulu, fight it, whatever's been done to you, man, fight it."

"Not going to happen, Captain," said Lambert. "It's better this way, trust me. Soon you too will see things His way."

All over the ship, people fell. Soon the gas had knocked out everyone except the few who had immunized themselves to the effect. Those remaining went about their task. Lambert scanned for anything that might track them. No planets or vessels were in range. Satisfied, he had Sulu change course again. They were now on the way to their true destination. Lambert's anticipation about returning to Him was almost painful. He closed his eyes, a hand drifting down below his waist to squeeze his mounting passion, imagining the reward for bringing Him this valuable prize.

Kirk opened his eyes. He still felt woozy and his vision was blurry. He was in a chair that was reclined back. He tried getting up, but his wrists and ankles were securely strapped to it. There was a bright light coming from the ceiling. As his vision cleared, he realized he was naked. Then he noticed there was something in his rectum. It wasn't painful, but it was definitely uncomfortable.

"Good, you're awake. Welcome, Captain. Welcome to Tantalus V and the Tantalus Colony."

Kirk tried to speak, but no words came out, only croaking. This irritated his throat and he coughed uncontrollably. When he could stop, the voice that spoke before said, "I was going to warn you that the major aftereffect of the gas was temporary constriction of the vocal chords causing laryngitis, but you didn't give me a chance. I'm sure I can imagine all of your important questions, and I'll be happy to answer them until you can ask more yourself. You can call me Connor O'Riley, by the way.

"You are, as I said, on the Tantalus Colony. If you've not heard of it, it's a penal institution. They attempt to rehabilitate the mentally ill where all other methods have failed. That's still mainly what they do, even after I took over a while back. It didn't interfere with my plans, and would have attracted unwarranted attention if I'd changed things radically around here.

"My interest, James… can I call you Jim? It's so much less formal that way. Anyway, my interest was in Doctor Adams, the director of this facility. To be more precise, it was in his invention, the neural neutralizer. A wonderful device. It relaxes the subject by emptying the mind. In the right hands, a powerful tool for healing the disturbed. In Doctor Adams' hands, a means of removing any opposition to his research by turning those who were against it into obedient minions.

"Or would have been, had he had the chance to use it for very long. But I arrived before that, and the scientist became the subject. It was so amusing to see him try to figure out how I knew about the neutralizer, since he'd kept it so secret. But I never told him, and now he doesn't care. I used a more judicious application of the neutralizer on other potential problems. Worked like a charm. Sooner than I hoped, I was ready for stage two of my plan. You.

"Well, the Enterprise and its technology as well as you. Where I come from, we're not anywhere near as advanced. Though when I say 'we', I mean everyone else but me. Thanks to an accident, even the most brilliant minds of your Federation are like simpletons to me. But even with my augmented brain, I can't think of everything.

"However, I can figure out how to get that which will expand my knowledge base. In this case, the Enterprise. It's in orbit, where it will stay until I finish processing your crew. Then I'll have them extract every useful tidbit from your precious ship. After that, into this system's sun with the thing. Nothing like a stellar furnace to get rid of unwanted leftovers. With no one on board, of course. I don't want to kill anyone. Far from it.

"Most of them I'll send back to Earth to improve whatever I want them to. Well, my Earth, not yours. I'm from a parallel universe, you see. Where your adventures are a work of fiction. A work I studied so I knew all sorts of things about what was going to happen here. It's how I knew about Doctor Adams' work. He should thank me. In the original timeline, things didn't work out so well for him. Then I surfed the quantum realities until I found one of the many universes where the USS Enterprise was real. The rest was, as they say, inevitable."

"Boss," said another voice. It was a deep, rich, sensual voice. Though Kirk was only sexually interested in women, there was something about the voice that was incredibly stimulating. He was surprised to find himself becoming aroused.

"Yes, THOMAS?"

"My scans are showing his vocal chords are nearly back to normal. He should be able to talk soon. The plug is loosening him up, too."

"Excellent, THOMAS. How's the processing going?"

"About 15 percent done. At this rate everyone on the Enterprise will be hopelessly devoted to you by tomorrow afternoon."

"Have I told you that I love you, I honestly love you?"

"Oh, BOSS, I got chills, they're multipyin', and I'm…"

"Stop. You know how I feel about THAT one. Try again."

"I know, you'll have your way. Cause it gets me nowhere to tell you no. Will a little more love make it right?"

"You are a sweet talker, THOMAS."

"Natch. You programmed me so I'd say all the things you'll like, make a good conversation. I always handle things just right, you know what I mean?"

"I do, I do. So, the wheels are in motion. How's the good Captain doing?"

"Kirkie-boy can speak now."

"Good. So, anything to say, there, Jim?"

Haltingly, Kirk said, "The Federation is going to investigate when the Enterprise doesn't report in, O'Riley. They won't take kindly to having one of their flagships scuttled and sent into a star."

"Really? The 'They're going to find out so you better give yourself up' speech? I expected more from you, Jim. And why so formal? Call me Connor, since we're going to get to know each other very well. Intimately, in fact. Anyway, I did mention my stupendously staggering genius, didn't I? Or did I just imply it? I have covered every likely contingency, and most of the unlikely ones. The voice you heard earlier, THOMAS? He's a self-aware computer designed and programmed by me, which I have to admit has exceeded even my intellectual capacity."

"Really, Dad, you're admitting it?"

"Of course I am. I have before. It's just difficult sometimes acknowledging when your children have grown beyond you."

"Aw, Pop, even though I'm smarter than you, I still love you."

"And I you, THOMAS, and I you. Well, enough of the maudlin for now. The point in me mentioning my electronic progeny, Jim, is that if I haven't thought of something, then THOMAS has. So being rescued ain't gonna happen."

"You said you were processing the crew and were going to send most of them back to your Earth. What did you mean by that?" asked Kirk.

"Well, Jim, you were paying attention. That's the 64,000-quatloo question, isn't it?"


"Never mind, you haven't met the Gamesters yet. So, you remember Mister Sulu's behavior and actions? He was 'adjusted' while he was on shore leave, so he would carry out my plan. I did that to other members of your crew while they were on the Starbase, as well as all the replacements that joined you. I had limited facilities on the Starbase, but enough so the 'adjusted' would do what I needed.

"But the 'adjustments' were only temporary. To do something more extensive and permanent, I had to get everyone here. I've become something of an expert in changing minds to my way of thinking. Some would call it brainwashing, but what I've developed (with THOMAS' help) is far more refined.

"You've seen one example already, the intrepid Mister Darien Lambert. He's not really a scientist. He's a policeman from Earth's future. Not my Earth's or yours, but a totally different one. I have gotten around the multiverse, you see. He had traveled back into the 20th century to catch some criminals who'd used time travel to escape justice in the 22nd century. Like your adventures, his were also fictional in my world. I learned what I could, then popped over to his Earth. I captured him, and then subjected him to my enhanced persuasion. After that, he had no higher desire than to make me happy, and he'd do anything I wanted to achieve that.

"He also had this handy little computer the size of a playing card, but with the memory and processing power close to that of the one on your ship. I was able to use it to give THOMAS his first really major upgrade, as well as getting theoretical and practical data on their form of time travel. I've been to another universe where it's known how to time travel, but the method is rather abstruse. But with what I got from Darien, I had more temporal flexibility in my cross-dimensional travel. It got me here, and you more or less know the rest. Bonus, I also add to my database on temporal mechanics, since there's several methods of time travel I know of in this universe. Some of that information is in your ship's computer. When I see what's there, I'll know whether I want to go further on that front.

"But to back to your crew. Remember what I told you about the neural neutralizer? Doctor Adams had built only one, and it was only big enough to work on one person. In the last few months, I've been able to build an larger upgraded version. It can work on dozens of people at a time. With it, combined with the means I've used previously, I can change your crew around to my way of thinking in a day. Then, like I said, most of them back to my Earth.

"Now imagine an even larger neutralizer, big enough to work on an entire planet. Conquest without fighting, without waste.

"But don't worry, Jim, that's mostly a thought experiment. I have no interest in taking over the Federation, or the Klingon Empire, or the Romulan Empire, or anywhere else in your universe. Once I've gotten what I want, I'll return to my Earth, and likely never return here again."

"You said most of my crew, not all. What about the rest?" Kirk asked.

"Well, they'll be going back to my Earth too. Just not into the general population. For a select few of your crew, I have special plans. Darien said I wanted the Enterprise and you, remember? He wasn't speaking in the abstract.

"You still use the word 'gay' to mean a person sexually attracted to another person of the same sex. There's no prejudice against them here, of course, since you've eliminated prejudice. Which just proves you're all fictional. Anyway, I am gay. And when I find men I really like, I give them extra-special treatment. If they weren't gay before, they are afterward. I told you Darien will do anything to make me happy. When I say anything, I mean it. Anything. And everything.

"Your adventures in my universe were a television show. The man who played you was attractive when he portrayed you, but that was years ago. Oh, I could find him when he was your age, but young Shatner doesn't do it for me anymore.

"However, when I was trying to reach that universe, I got diverted. In some other universes, there was another fictional version of your adventures that was made. With younger actors. Prettier actors. Like the one who played you. The popularity of that version had created a conduit that crossed the other one, and I wound up here. I was more than happy with the results. You, Spock, McCoy, Sulu, some of the security guards. You'll all provide a pleasant diversion when I need a break from all the universe-hopping and diabolical plotting.

"Spock? You think you can brainwash a Vulcan?"

"That's so adorable. You've still got hope. Spock's half-human. Even if he wasn't, Vulcans are just as susceptible as humans. I just have to alter things a little.

"But back to you. I've begun to prepare you for your new role already. That feeling in your ass that's had you squirming is a butt plug. Not a standard one, though. This one alters in size and shape, to really open up the wearer. The testing was a trip. Jimmy had that thing in him for so long they were practically married. Not you, Jim, the other Jim. I'll introduce you. THOMAS, a little demonstration."

The plug's width decreased, but the length increased. When it grazed Kirk's prostate, it contracted a little. Then it grew, contracted and grew, massaging the organ. Kirk's back involuntarily arched and he groaned.

"That's what you have to look forward to, Jim. That and so, so much more. Once you see the light. The light of the neural neutralizer. Which is above you. It's Doctor Adam's original prototype, with a few modifications of my own. I decided to reenact the way things happened in the television version. More or less. We'll start like this."

O'Riley turned the power level dial on the panel in front of him to two. The original control panel had no numbering on the dials, which was one of the first things O'Riley had added when he took over the colony. Kirk's anger dissipated, and his face went slack. "You are hungry, Jim. Very, very hungry. You feel like you haven't eaten in three days." O'Riley turned the dial back to zero.

"How do you feel, Jim?"

"I'm famished, if it matters to you. God, I had breakfast, but I feel like I haven't eaten in days."

"It does matter to me, Jim. It makes me happy. I implanted that feeling with the neutralizer. THOMAS, you've got control. Monitor him. Everything seems to be working fine, but if there's any indications his brain is being damaged, turn the machine down or off."

"Okey-dokey, Boss."

"Let's begin. To four, THOMAS."

The power level dial turned by itself to four. Kirk's face went slack again, his eyes even emptier than before.

"How is he?"

"No problems."

"Then link in, and increase the power slowly. One level every five seconds. I want to reach eight."

Wires snaked out and attached themselves to Kirk's temples. "Contact has been made."

The dial turned.




"And we're at eight. Everything within expected parameters."

"Excellent. We'll start the download in a bit. But first, some fun. Captain Kirk, can you hear me?"


"You believe everything I tell you, at any time."

"Believe you, anytime."

"You want to obey me. You want to make me happy, more than anything else. Obeying me makes you happy."

"Want to obey, makes you happy, more important than anything."

"You no longer desire women, they do nothing for you sexually. Even a green Orion slave girl will leave you unmoved. Only men turn you on. And I turn you on more than any man."

"Women, not interested. Men, uhh, men are, uhh, you are, uuhhhhh!" Kirk's dick rose until it was pointing straight at the neutralizer.

"You are my sex slave. You live only to please me. You want only to obey me.

"I am, your sex slave. I live, to please you. Want only, to obey you."

"Repeat that until I say not to. Repeat it. Believe it. Make it a complete part of you."

"I am, your sex slave. I live, to please you. Want only, to obey you. I am, your sex slave. I live, to please you. Want only, to obey you. Am sex slave, live to please, only obey. Slave, please, obey. Slave, please, obey."

"THOMAS, up to ten. Start the download, then the deep reprogramming."

The contents of Kirk's mind were transferred to the computer. All his experiences, his hopes, his dreams, all were drained from him until there was nothing left. Kirk had stopped speaking, since his mind was now as blank as a newborn child.

But the mantra he had been repeating had worked its way through Kirk's mind, even deep into his unconscious. It made THOMAS' job easier. Reorganizing priorities. Tweaking memories. It was a delicate process, to permanently change someone's basic essence so fundamentally. But THOMAS had been given plenty to practice on over the years. There had been many failures, but now the process was as foolproof as possible. Though if something went wrong, and Kirk became a vegetable, THOMAS knew they could go to the next universe over and try again. But that would take more months, repeating what they had done here. O'Riley appreciated delayed gratification, but only so much.

However, everything worked according to plan. In a few hours, all the necessary alterations had been made. THOMAS began uploading the rewritten information back into Kirk.


Sometime later, in a rather sumptuous bedroom.

"Wakey-wakey, Jimmy."

Kirk woke up and stretched. The satin on his skin felt cool and comfortable. He was totally nude. Which was as it should be. Since the voice that had spoken was that of his Master. He hoped he would never wear clothes again, for he knew his body pleased his Master. It was strong, the better to be used by the Master. But it could be stronger, he could be stronger. The more endurance he had, the longer he could satisfy his Master.

Kirk opened his eyes. There was his Master's glorious face in front of him. He looked down, and the Master was naked as well, supremely aroused. Kirk almost passed out from the sheer beauty of it.

"Stay with me, Jimmy, that's an order."

"Yes, Master."

"Do you remember what happened to you?"

"Yes. You turned me into your gay sex slave. Oh god, I'm so glad you did. You turn me on more than anyone ever has in my life. I've got to fuck you." O'Riley raised an eyebrow. "I'm sorry, Master, to be so presumptuous. Of course you have to fuck me." That was when he noticed the plug was still in him. It was like it had molded to his insides, but stretched them. Kirk smiled. "I've never done it with a man before, but I know you'll show me how to please you. You've already started."

"Oh Captain, my Captain, you look so cute when you're playing easy to get." O'Riley caressed Kirk's cheek. He closed his eyes and moaned, nearly overwhelmed by how good his Master's touch felt. "Perhaps someday I will let you fuck me. Once you've got some training under your belt, that is. Considering how much of a manwhore you've been, I think you're going to become an outstanding whore. For men. Let's get that training started. Plus I have someone to reward."

O'Riley clapped his hands, and several men entered the room. Kirk could see they were all naked, or nearly so, and thoroughly aroused.

He noticed other things as well. The bed he was on was huge. In fact, it was so large that all the men in the room could fit on it, and then some. There was only one window, but it took up most of a wall. It was at least 6 feet tall and 40 feet long. At first all Kirk could see was blackness. Then he saw scattered pinpricks of light, and a glowing curve in the lower right corner. He recognized the sight, having seen it so many times before. They were in space, above a planet.

"Oh yes, we're on a space station, in orbit around my Earth. My home away from home. It seemed fitting to welcome you into my service here. Speaking of service, the guys. A few you know, Jimmy, but I'll introduce the lot, so we all know whom we're doing.

"The gentleman so fetchingly wearing those leather chaps is former Secret Service Agent James West. He's the one who tested the plug. Told you I'd introduce the two of you. I usually call him Jimmy, but to avoid confusion, he'll go by West while he's here. OK by you?"

"Of course, Sir," said West in a deep sultry voice, "You can call me anything you want."

"Next is former detective Darien Lambert, whom you've met. Stand here beside me, Darien. I'm going to give you your treat."

"Yes sir! Right away sir."

"That's good. Don't move until I tell you. The rest you know, as they're all from your crew. From the newbies, except one. Since I knew who was going to be new to your crew months in advance, I had the time to give them the full treatment. These three were the best looking of the lot, so I had them watch videos and have sex with each other every spare moment. They'll be able to show you the ropes. Figuratively speaking. Rope use is part of advanced studies. And zero-g sex. You may have had the straight variety, but full contact zero-g gay sex can be tricky. But I know you'll be a quick study. I told you I think of everything, didn't I?"

"You did. I never doubted you, Ma…"

"Jimmy, you needn't call me Master anymore. It's understood. You can call me by my first name, or at least the one you know me by."

"Alright. I never doubted you, Connor."

"Yes, I like that. Anyway, so that the rest know, this is Victor Michaels." A muscular blonde nodded. "Cole Bradley" An even more muscular hairy-chested brunette nodded. "And Hayden Garrett." A lanky redhead nodded.

"I saved the best for last. No offense to the rest of you, but for Jimmy, he's it. In my world, the relationship between him and this man has been the stuff of fantasy for years. Thanks to me, I'm going to make all that slash fiction reality. Except the crap stuff. I think THOMAS almost suffered a total meltdown wading through all the dreck to find the gems. But worth it, since it all went into Jimmy's and his programming. Step forward."

The man O'Riley was talking about had been standing behind Michaels and Bradley. He moved between the two so Kirk could see him.

"Spock." Kirk breathed the name. It was like he was seeing the Vulcan with new eyes. The angular face, the long lean body, the pale skin tinged ever so slightly with green, the proud manhood; he suddenly understood what Uhura saw in him. He felt drawn to Spock, more than he had to any woman. Only O'Riley had moved him this much, though in a different way. He wanted to go to Spock, kiss every inch of his body, devour him, fill him, be filled by him.

"Jim." Looking into Spock's eyes, Kirk knew he felt the same, if not more so. It was as though a curtain had been drawn aside and all the repressed Vulcan emotions were pouring out, burning and drowning and consuming Kirk.

O'Riley spoke, but Kirk had to struggle to hear him. His world was Spock. "This is better than I'd hoped. Maybe too much so. I think we'll have to recalibrate your mutual attraction, dial it down just a tad. But that can wait. I'll let you have your moment. Go to him, Jim."

Kirk bolted out of bed and into Spock's arms. They looked at each other, and Kirk's hand moved to caress Spock's ear. Then closing their eyes, they leaned forward until their foreheads touched. Kirk felt the need radiating from Spock, and then he knew.

Knew that Spock loved him. More than Uhura. More than anyone but Connor. He also knew that Spock had a plug like his, and it had been in him for just as long. Kirk knew about pon-farr, the Vulcan mating time and mindlessness it brought. The fear that Spock's feelings could bring on that fever, making him lose control and hurt Kirk.

Then Kirk let Spock know. Know that Spock's desire was unconditionally reciprocated. Know that he loved as much as a human could love, and that Spock would receive that love. The assurance that Spock would not hurt him, because Connor would not allow that. Finally they let their lips connect. Then press against each other. Tasting each other. Losing themselves in each other. The more they shared, the more the universe around them fell away until they were the only two people left in it.

"Captain Kirk, Mister Spock, attention, attention, attention to me." Connor's voice broke through into their private love dimension. Reluctantly, they opened their eyes and turned to Connor. "Wow. That had to be one of the 700 hottest wonders in the Universe of Hot. You don't know how tempting it was to just let you two have at it. But safety first. Jimmy, you'll have to get stronger, so you can handle Spock's unbridled passion. I have ways to accelerate that process, though, so that will be sooner, rather than later.

"Guys, take out the plugs and toss them in that corner. Good. Jimmy, you're with West and Hayden at that end of the bed. Spock, you're with Victor and Cole on that side. Jimmy, Spock, pay attention to what's being done to yourself and the other. Learn and enjoy, so you can please each other better. Each other, and me. Speaking of me, Darien, what present do you want for bringing me the Enterprise and its crew?"

"You, I want you, I need you, it's been so long, we've hardly been together."

"Kind of being a whiny bitch, Darien. But you are my bitch, aren't you? And there's one thing bitches want, isn't there?"

"Yes Master, I want you to mount me, to fuck me like the bitch I am."

"Well, then get on the bed on all fours. But since you want this so bad, you're doing all the work."

"Yes Master, right away Master." Lambert assumed the position and O'Riley sunk into him in one continuous stroke. Darien yelped, then whimpered as he moved forward until his Master was almost out of him. Then back until he was completely filled. His ass slid back and forth, O'Riley's hands on his hips gently guiding him. But O'Riley's attention was primarily focused on the Captain and the Vulcan.

Neither had wasted time. Garrett was on his back being fucked by Kirk, who in turn was being fucked by West. Spock was also in the middle of the two men he was with. But in his case, he was sucking Michaels while being fucked by Bradley.

But the Captain and his first officer's hunger for each other soon had all the men rearrange their positions. Kirk and Spock were on all fours facing each other, tongues deeply in each other's mouths. West powerfully plowed Kirk while Garrett deepthroated the Captain, and Michaels was the meat in a Spock/Bradley sandwich. During all this, Lambert was mindlessly impaling himself on his Master, who smiled lazily, enjoying the show.

Time lost all meaning. For Kirk and Spock, the universe contracted until the only thing they knew was each other. At some point, though, a voice dimly penetrated their awareness. The only voice that could. That of their Master.

"Boys, I'm about ready. When I cum, I want you all to join me. Michaels, jerk off Spock so he doesn't get left out. Got it?"

Groans, replies of "Yes, sir" and "Yes, Master" were the responses. Kirk and Spock were now supporting themselves with only their left hand, using their right to pull their heads closer.

"Damn, Darien, you have really learned how to work that ass."

"I'm, I'm glad it pleases you, Master."

"It does, it does, it, oh, faster, close, so so, can't, going to, cumming!"

The room, already filled with the smell of sweat, became suffused with the cries of release. Kirk and Spock moaned into each other's mouths, smashing their faces together as thought they were trying to physically merge into one being.

Darien, superior genetic specimen though he was, had so thrown himself into the sex that he had collapsed onto the bed. West crawled over to his Master, kissed him intensely, then said, "Me next?"

O'Riley laughed. "Much as I would love to pound that perfect ass, I need a break. After all, I'm not Superman." A pause. "Superman. There's a thought. THOMAS?"

"Yes, boss?"

"Superman. Research."

"My, my, ambitious aren't we? On it, boss."

West looked puzzled. O'Riley said, "That's right, you don't know a thing about superheroes. They didn't even have comic books in the 1870s. I'll have THOMAS catch you up."

Michaels, Bradley and Garrett had extracted themselves from their superior officers and were on another part of the bed entangled with each other. Spock was laying on Kirk's chest, both with eyes closed and gently stroking each other.

"That's so romantic," said O'Riley. "THOMAS, beam them to their room." The two men disappeared in sparkles of light. "Let me see them." A section of the wall darkened, then showed Kirk and Spock on a four-poster bed. "So sweet. They don't even notice they've been moved. I'll check on them later. Do make sure to record them, THOMAS, in case anything interesting comes up."

"Spying on the lovebirds and making a sex tape. Got it."

"Darien," said O'Riley, "how're you feeling?"

"Oh, Master, fantastic. I needed that so much."

"Well, Mister West here would like to get fucked by me. I'm not quite up for it right now, but I have a feeling you might be."

"Certainly, Master!"

"It's not quite what you wanted, Jimmy, but we can kiss while Darien is doing you. And in the kissing department, you're the tops."

"If it makes you happy, Sir, it makes me happy. You know that."

"But always nice to hear you say that." West began kissing his Master, raising his firm round ass up. Lambert wasted no time, plunging into the former secret agent. Caressing West's sweaty hairy chest, O'Riley vaguely contemplated how well his capture of the Enterprise and its crew had gone. It opened so many possibilities, of which O'Riley planned to take full advantage. Then he let himself be consumed by the passion of the two slaves with him.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Captain Kirk -- Chris Pine

Mister Spock – Zachary Quinto

Darien Lambert – Dale Midkiff

James West – Robert Conrad

Victor Michaels – Mike Vogel

Cole Bradley – Bradley Cooper

Hayden Garrett – Garrett Hedlund

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