Struck 6

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“M-me?” John pointed at himself in disbelief. “You think I’m your soul mate?”

“It can’t be anyone other then you, John.” Dan told him. “You…you are the only one who can be the one from my dream. Your words, your touch….God, you even smell the same from my dream. How could I have missed that? Everything you do, just being near you reminds me of a warm summer breeze. You’ve been by my side all these years. You’ve given me the greatest gift ever. You’ve helped heal my pain and ease me from my guilt. You…I can’t imagine you NOT being who you are, because you are the one from my dream John. You’re Summer Breeze.”

“It….it can’t be me.” John shook his head in disbelief. “You’re mistaken. I can’t be him. I’m not…I’m not good enough to be him.”

Dan walked up to John and brushed his soft, rosy cheek with his huge hand. “You’re good enough and more, John. Even if I live a thousand years, I won’t find anyone as sweet or loving as you.”

John shook his head. “No, you…you got it all wrong. I…I’m not worthy to-”

“Don’t say that!” Dan’s outburst caused John to jump. “Don’t say you’re not worthy, because you are!”


Dan threaded his hand through John’s hair. “Why is it so hard for you to accept this? You’ve been so patient and understanding. Even though everyone else sees me as some sort of muscle-bound jock, the most popular guy in school, you see me as a normal person; treat me like a real friend. So why is it so hard to accept that you’re my Summer Breeze? Why is it so hard for you to accept my feelings towards you? Is it…is it because you don’t really don’t like me?”

“What? No!” John panicked when he realized that Dan had received the wrong message. “No, it’s not like that! I really do love you and I…” His eyes went wide when he realized what he said.

Dan’s face was practically glowing. “You…you love me?”

“I…I…I…” John’s brain raced to find an answer. “I’m sorry, I just, uh, I mean-”

Leaning forward, Dan brought his lips close to John’s ears. “I love you too.” He whispered.

Right away John’s skin flushed to a brilliant red and his breathing came out in short gasps. Did Dan just say what he thought he just said? His mind virtually shut down as he stood there in shock.

“You know, you’re so cute when you’re being shy.” Dan chuckled.

It was too much for him. John’s knees buckled and he began to collapse, but Dan swiftly caught him and supported his love against his huge body, the same body that John had given him. For a moment John couldn’t think, but when he was being held like that in Dan’s strong arms, he began to relax and calm down. Slowly, John wrapped his arms around Dan and laid his head against his large pec, feeling the hard, hot flesh against his cheek.

“A-are you sure I’m the one?” John asked him, his eyes betraying his vulnerability.

“I’ve never been surer of anything in my entire life.” Dan reassured him, holding him close.

“It’s just that…this is all happening so fast.” John said. “I mean, I’ve always l-lo…liked you,” just saying the word made him nervous, “but I had been content just from being by your side. Then, you started to treat me like someone special, and now you’re saying I’m your soul mate? I…everything is just happening so fast.”

Dan chuckled. “Hey, check my name. Thunder isn’t exactly known for being slow and steady you know. And besides, it isn’t as fast as you think if you’ve always loved me. And, truthfully, I think I always loved you too. I just couldn’t understand what I was feeling at the time.”

It was simply too much for John to handle. The little guy trembled, his hands holding onto Dan for support. “I…I don’t know what to think.”

“Then don’t think.” When John looked up at him in surprise, Dan smiled. “You have the greatest mind I know, but you also have the biggest heart. Listen to it, listen and hear what your heart truly wants.”

What his heart wants? “It’s you, Dan.” He said without any hesitation. “I want you, to always be by your side.”

“And you can have me, all of me.” Dan told him, “Because my heart wants you as well. See? Now wasn’t that easy?”

It wasn’t, but who could argue with the great Dan Thunderstrike? Still, his words comforted John, and for the first time in a long time, he began to believe in his words. To believe that maybe, just maybe, he really wasn’t as worthless as he thought.

“Are you feeling better now?” Dan’s tender voice spoke.

Slowly John nodded as he sank into Dan’s embrace.

“That’s good.” Dan lowered his face and buried it in John’s hair. John’s scent of fresh petals filled him unlike anything he’d ever known before. He felt like he could hold John like this all day, just inhaling that smell, feeling that little body rub against his own big muscles. However, he could see by the way the sky was darkening that it was time to go.

“Are you ready to head back to the cabin?” Dan asked John.

“Yes.” John said almost reluctantly, almost as if he wanted this moment to last longer. Not wanting to disappoint his newly discovered love, Dan swept John off his feet and held him in his arms like a newborn babe.

“Uh, D-Dan?” He looked at him. “Won’t it be hard to hike back down the mountain while carrying me?”

The big guy merely chuckled. “I think I can handle a simple stroll like this. I’m so strong now; I feel like I can even make a single jump back to the cabin like the Incredible Hulk if I wanted to. A hike down while carry you is nothing to me.”

Right away John’s tool stiffened up from Dan’s cocky words about his strength. At the same moment, Dan felt a small burst of energy to his muscles, growing just a hair bigger.

“Whoa.” Dan took a step back from the sudden rush. “Damn John, your erections sure pack a punch.”

A deep blush appeared on John’s face, mainly due to the realization that all of his erections would no longer go unnoticed by the huge wrestling star. Quickly he tried to focus his mind on something less attractive in order to divert his mind away.

Dan merely chuckled as he started off down the pathway back towards the cabin. If hiking up the mountain had been easy for him, then the hike down was a breeze. Dan moved swiftly and gracefully down the steep slope, his large muscles flexing and moving in a fluid motion. John, who was pressed close against Dan’s body, began to breathe quickly as he actually felt those muscles in action. It was just so hot to have those pecs heave and expand whenever Dan inhaled, John was so tempted to lean forward and bury his face in that deep cleavage.

Before John knew it, they were back at the cabin again, arriving in half the time it took them to climb up the mountain. John had expected Dan to put him down now, but instead of doing so Dan carried John straight to the porch with no sign of letting go just yet. Dan took the doorknob and pulled, only to have the door rip off of its hinges. “Whoops, guess I don’t know my own strength.” Dan chuckled down at the wide eyed John. Carefully he squeezed his new bulk through the door while still carrying the little guy, almost like a groom carrying his bride through the threshold. That idea set a fire to John’s face once more as Dan walked into the living room and then set him down on the couch.

“You must be hungry.” Dan said. “You wait here while I find something to wear first, then I’ll make you dinner.” Before John could protest Dan stood back at full height. Seeing Dan towering above him looking so powerful and masculine, John was immediately at loss for words. Taking advantage of John’s speechlessness, Dan winked and headed off into the bedroom where his duffel bag was. He pulled on the zipper just a bit too hard and he ripped it clear off. Wincing slightly, he searched through the contents for something that would possibly fit him. When his eyes landed on the Speedo he had brought for swimming in the lake, however, his eyes lit up. Grinning, he ripped off the remains of his boxers and let his huge meat hang out freely and got his first good view of it sine his growth spurt. Shit, it was so huge, nearly 10 inches long (flaccid!) and as thick as a beer can. Not only did John give him big muscles, but he gave him the equipment to match.

John…Dan could help but feel smile. He’d have to find some way to pay him back for all of the gifts the little guy had given him. For now, he’d start with dinner. Carefully he slipped his Speedo on. His bulge was practically obscene, but the stretchy material would hold, especially if he got any bigger then he already was. He considered pulling on a shirt and pants as well, but decided not to. With a slightly mischievous grin on his face, he exited out into the living room.

The moment John saw Dan walk in wearing nothing but a skimpy Speedo, the little guy jumped with a start, his eyes bulging and his mouth dropped. Dan merely winked as he walked by, knowing full well that John was gazing at his bulbous ass as he disappeared into the kitchen. He could feel his muscles expand while he moved, a sure sign that the display had turned John on. As soon as he was out of sight, Dan couldn’t help but chuckle slightly at how shocked John was from his little tease. If John was so aroused from this, then he could only imagine what would happen when he went naked. He couldn’t wait to make the little guy become deliriously happy, but for now he needed to make sure John ate something so he would have the energy later.

However, cooking was easier said then done for him. He was so unused to his new strength that when he grabbed a can of tomato sauce, it exploded and splattered all over, making a big mess. When he opened a cabinet to fetch a pot, he accidentally ripped the door off. Finally, he tried to turn on the faucet for some water, only to break it off and cause water to shoot out and splash him. “Oh shit!” He yelled as he quickly crushed the pipe to stop the water from flowing.

Hearing the commotion in the kitchen, John poked his head in to see what was going on. There he found Dan standing in a mess, with water dripping off of his body and into a pool on the floor.

“Um, maybe I should do the cooking.” He suggested. “Otherwise you might end up bringing down the house by accident or something.”

“Like you wouldn’t want to see that?” Dan smiled as he ran a hand through John’s hair and messed it up a bit.

John’s eyes fluttered closed as he enjoyed the sensation of Dan’s petting. Even with his eyes shut he could still see the image of a wet Dan burned clearly into his mind, all that sexy muscles exposed as the giant wore nothing but a pair of Speedos that left little to the imagination.

When Dan felt another rush to his muscles, he chuckled all too knowingly. “Maybe I should go and leave you alone so I won’t distract you so much.”

“I’d appreciate it.” John nodded, his eyes still closed.

Dan gave John’s hair one last tussle before he left to let John cook their dinner. Even though he had wanted to cook a grand feast for his love, he would never get any work done if he completely destroyed the kitchen. He’d need to learn how to control his newfound strength first before he attempted anything. And besides, since he had spent most of the day hiking up the old trail and showing John his viewing spot, they didn’t have time to catch dinner so that Dan could show off his special baked fish. For now, Dan will have to let John have his way, then wow him later.

Since he had some free time, Dan decided that he should use it to explore his bigger body in detail. Luckily for him, the bedroom had a full length mirror in it so he could get the best view of his engorged physique. And what a view it was! Everywhere he looked, muscles bulged on his body bigger then any he had ever seen before. When he flexed his arm, a huge bicep popped out, looking massive at what looked like 28 inches. Twisting around, he checked out his triceps, marveling at the perfect horseshoe shape. Even his forearms looked pretty huge and thick with plenty of sexy veins to emphasize on how powerful he was. Now, how about his chest? Dan hit a most muscular pose and watched as his body exploded in size. Oh yea, looking pretty huge. His chest was like two whole sides of beef slapped on. They were so big and full that his quarter sized nipples were now pointing downwards. And his abs were looking pretty damn sexy, a perfect eight pack with not an ounce of fat anywhere on him. Looking down, Dan checked out his legs and marveled and how thick they were. Each head of his quads were clearly defined and visible, his thighs thicker then most men’s torsos. His claves were huge as well, bulging with the strength and power to propel his massive body forward. Most of all, his eyes landed on his crotch. Even though they were contained in his Speedo, there was no doubt in the minds of anyone who looked at it that he was extremely well endowed.

Unable to resist, Dan began to go through his own personal posing routine, admiring his beautiful body in the mirror. Each flex made his already huge muscles bulge even bigger. And to think, John was the one who sculpted this perfect body all this time without asking for anything in return. Dan would have to work hard to pay his little Summer Breeze back in full, and then some just because the little guy deserved all the happiness in the world.

Still, there was something that Dan wanted to know ever since he came back: exactly how much bigger had he become? He’d been dying to find out, and now he had the chance to satisfy his curiosity. He made his way into the bathroom and carefully stepped onto the scale. He tried to look down at the number, but his chest was now so big and huge that seeing past them was virtually impossible now. Luckily, the digital scale keeps the finalized number for a few seconds before resetting. Stepping off, Dan bent forwards slight to view the number.

“Holy…!” Dan’s eyes widened. “John! John!” Excitedly he rushed out of the room and headed straight for the kitchen. “John, you’re so amazing! I’ve gained almost thirty pounds in just a few short hours!”

John looked up from the plate of baked chicken he had just set down on the table. “I’m…I’m happy that I can help you with that.” During the time that he had been cooking dinner, he had been slowly accepting the reality of the situation and trying his best to become a little bit more confident in himself, for Dan’s sake. He had been blessed with the position of Dan’s lo…lover, and even though he had fought the idea at first, it wasn’t as bad as he had complained. In fact, it made him really joyful inside (though he still was having trouble expressing it.) However, when he saw Dan walk in wearing nothing but a skimpy Speedo, his muscles bulging and sweaty from all the flexing he did, John couldn’t help but blush deeply and look away shyly.

Dan, on the other hand, was busy examining the food on the table. He must’ve been flexing and posing a lot longer then he had thought, because there was a very large amount of food on the table. What amazed him, however, was the fact that they were all of his own favorite dishes.

“How did you know I just love fried pork chops in applesauce?” He asked as he sat down at the table.

“W-well, I did tell you I’ve been playing close attention to you for years, and I never forget anything.” John told him.

Still a bit suspicious, Dan took a bite out of a familiar rice dish. Immediately nostalgia and homesickness filled him as the mild spices warmed his body. How could John know all about this? Even though he knew his little Summer Breeze had a great memory, he knew for sure he never told John about all of those dishes, especially this rice dish. It had been his father’s own secret recipe that only the two of them shared. Not even his mom knew how to make it! And yet here it was before him once more. How in the world did John know how to make this? It was as if he…

As if he could see what was inside of his head.

Dan gazed over at John, who was slowly eating with his eyes shyly locked on his plate. Could John really read his mind? There were times when it seemed that way, but now it felt more like a fact. What if…what if John’s powers were more then simply growing his muscles? What if he could really read him like an open book?

Well, maybe it was time to test his theory. Concentrating, he pictured himself with John in bed. The two were both nude, with rose petals scattered around them. Slowly, Dan pictured himself taking John’s tiny little hand and guided it down to his big huge cock.

Right away John’s face turned a beet red.

“You can read my mind!” Dan exclaimed, jumping up. “How come you never told me this before?”

“I-it’s not that I can read your thoughts.” John told him. “Sometimes I just know some things about you, like your favorite foods or the things you hate. At best, I can tell what you are feeling and what you’re generally thinking about. I can’t access your deepest secrets or anything like that, and I would never pry into your privacy if I had any choice about it.”

All of a sudden a lot of things made sense, like how John knew so many private things about him. He thought it was weird that John knew him so well, and also o several occasions where he seemed to have read Dan’s mind, which was exactly what he had been doing! At first Dan felt like it was an invasion of his privacy, but then he realized that it was actually better this way.

Taking another spoonful of his father’s rice dish, Dan closed his eyes and savored the taste. Even though he knew the recipe, Dan was unable to duplicate that unique flavor down. However, John managed to bring his father’s cooking back to life. How could anyone complain about a little peek into his head? Since it was John who was doing the looking, Dan felt even safer than before.

With much reassuring that he didn’t mind that his mind was open to him, the two of them continued on with their meal. Although there were two or three familiar dishes, there were several others that were completely John’s creation, each of them more delicious than the last. Dan couldn’t stop eating such delicious food. “You know John; you’d make the perfect husband.” Dan said as they finished their plates. “You cook, you clean and you’re so damn cute!”

“T-thank you.” John blushed. “I think I’m done eating.”

Dan peered at John’s empty plate and nodded with approval. He had been making sure John had enough to eat everyday whenever he could, to make sure his love didn’t starve himself like he’d use to. “Would you like to go on a walk? The lake is absolutely beautiful at night.”

“S-sure.” John said shyly, excited by the idea of a moonlit stroll with Dan.

Together they went to the beautiful lake area, the blue moon shining over them making it almost as clear as daylight. The stars reflected upon the clear water, and there was no living soul in a great area to intrude on their moment. Dan grin as they walked hand in hand. Both of them felt the gentle summer breeze refreshing their bodies with warmth, invigorating them for the moment.

“This is how you make me feel, John, but this is nothing compared to your touch and words.” Dan whispered into John’s ear. “Just being near you makes me feel happy.”

“I feel the same way about you.” John smiled shyly at Dan.

“I just wish we had been friends in the very beginning.” Dan sighed, regret filling him.

“But, we were.” John told him.

“What do you mean?” Dan turned and faced him, his handsome brow scrunched up in confusion.

John had a small grin in his thin lips “Don’t you remember anything? Of our time together before when those guys from the 6th grade called you to play with them?”

“What? Why? I mean what does it has to do with us?” Dan asked surprised with the question.

“We had just come back from the summer vacation. You had a beautiful growth spurt and then, those guys called you to play football with them, I remember quite well…” John smiled holding Dan’s hands very gently. Suddenly, something unexplainable immediately provoked in Dan’s mind, old memories from their childhood times resurfaced.

* * *

Their story started out because of their problems in school. The teacher advised John’s parents he could need special assistance in the future, especially because of his “weird” behavior. The boy’s grades weren’t that bad but he showed a strong difficulty to establish social contacts. John was distant, introspective, contemplative, while most of the other kids would just be very loud and energetic. But little did she know that such a scrawny, little boy silently unlocked many secrets of the universe inside his busy little head.

Meanwhile, his parents and teachers, as well as the rest of his classmates didn’t understand the uniqueness of John’s temper; so most of the kids would just call him “a freak” and push him around, making fun of his unexplainable silence.

Little Danny Thunderstrike, on the other hand, was very outgoing and spontaneous, with serious problems on focusing during classes. But like little John Parsons he was also an outcast, probably because of his exotic Native American features: his much tanned skin and silky dark hair like the raven, and those big blue eyes but most of all for his small size and sharp tongue. The bigger and stronger kids wouldn’t let Dan get along with his ferine offenses, so if they couldn’t outmatch him by name calling they just resorted to violence, which resulted in constant beatings and visits to the school nursery.

At some point of their lives during third grade both John and Dan were introduced to each other by the school counselor, and despite any initial suspicions for that “set up,” they actually hit it off along right at the start, probably because they complimented each other – Danny was always talking and asking Johnny about the things he thought, and John seemed very pleased to share his thoughts with another kid who was willing to listen, so their friendship grew with the passage of a few short years. As a result, Danny seemed a lot calmer and avoided running into trouble with the bullies. He also began focusing during classes, and Johnny seemed suddenly happier and more outgoing as he even dared to ask a few, more complex questions during classes.

However, despite their mutual advances, it didn’t change the fact they were still social outcasts. Every day, they would endure all sorts of rough treatment and the most embarrassing situations, just because of the simple fact they were different from most of the other kids.

“Can you believe the nerve of those guys? They think just because they are all big and fat they can keep us from playing? I play way better than anyone of them!” Danny complained to his friend who always sat on the benches, watching as the other kids had fun playing some football.

“It’s okay Danny; they will let you play one of these days…” Frankly, John was glad that the bigger kids didn’t choose his only friend so he could be with him during the break, but just a look on Danny’s face made him already regretful for his selfish thoughts.

Danny sighed and finally sat down “It’s not fair, Johnny! I only want to play. I know I can play very well. If only I was big as them, then they would beg me to join their team!” Danny pointed at the field once again before he sank in his seat as he took his hands before his head, finally admitting his defeat.

“Do you really wish you were like them? They are all fat and greasy. They steal our lunch from us, and look at their bellies, and they’re so round and like jelly…” John pointed out, but Dan just nodded.

“I didn’t mean be exactly like them, I want to be big and strong, really strong, like an NFL player! One day I will be a really famous player, and I’ll have my name in the hall of fame! I’ll be the biggest player ever!” Danny said, seeming very excited about the idea and the two boys suddenly burst into laughter together.

“That’s cool, but if I remember right you told me before you wanted to be a doctor.” John asked remembering another conversation they had.

“Well I can be both; I can be the biggest and strongest football playing doctor. If someone gets hurt during the game, I’ll fix them right there on the field in no time!” Dan concluded.

“Yeah, but just the other day you said you wanted to be a firefighter so you could save people’s lives.” The blond boy was actually having a sweet time pointing out how many different career options his best friend had just in the recent time they had known each other.

“Damn… can’t you forget anything Johnny?” Danny said playfully hitting his arm “Yeah, alright, what if I become the biggest, strongest NFL player, medical doctor and firefighter in the world? Do you have anything against it?” He asked in a teasing tone, but Johnny suddenly sounded serious.

“No, Danny, I didn’t mean that. In fact I think it would be cool. I only hope that all your wishes would come true…” John said as he held Dan’s shoulder in a friendly touch. Danny suddenly felt the seriousness on his words and nodded.

“Wow…thanks for not laughing at me, most guys would think I’m just crazy…” Thunderstrike recognized that John could play occasionally but he would never actually hurt his feelings.

“In the meantime, why don’t we play? We can borrow a ball with the P.E. coach…” Dan asked suddenly much more excited.

“Just the two of us? Can we play this way?” John asked really intrigued.

“Well, we can just do it like me and my dad in my back yard, I throw the ball at you and you try to catch and then you do the same for me…” Dan explained, fascinated with the fact Johnny seemed to have never played with his father. He would have to invite John over someday to play.

“Erm… okay… I guess, but I am not good at all…” John said in advance but Danny just tussled his hair.

“It’s okay dude, I can play for the both of us. And who knows? I might end up teaching you a thing or two. I am telling you that I am THAT good!” Danny concluded as they headed towards the Coach’s office.

Soon, time passed and like all little boys, Danny grew. Danny seemed to catch up with all of the other kids quickly in terms of physical development. In just a few months he grew more than twice the average growth presented by the other boys of his class in an entire year, and he not only gained inches in his height, he actually packed some solid mass on his once frail frame. The former skinny boy was becoming a very hefty young man, and by the end of the fourth grade he was already one of the biggest of his class. But not just the classic, big gutted, baby fatted big boy; Little Thunderstrike had very lean and strong body, with young muscles developing on his frame, and at each passing day he showed more power, more strength and determination than anyone.

Eventually, guys in the class began inviting him to play with them. Dan always wanted John to join him in the field, because the little guy indeed learned how to play well enough during their private games, but John Parsons said he preferred to watch most of the times. And there’s nothing more beautiful than seeing Thunderstrike on the field. He just showed all those kids what they have been missing all the time when they didn’t let him play. Dan proved he could play not only better but faster, stronger and harder than any of them.

The school year of their 5th grade had barely started, and already Dan was popular. Everyone liked to talk to him, to be around him, to ask him out to birthday parties and so on. John, on the other hand, was shunted to the side and ignored as usual, but as long as he could be with Dan he didn’t mind too much.

Danny and Johnny were sat at their usual spot close to the field, watching the older kids played football. Although most of those kids were indeed much smaller than Thunderstrike now, however, they still didn’t call him to play with them, and frankly Danny no longer needed it. He just wanted to spend time with his best friend, so being accepted by the other boys didn’t seem so important…so far.

“Hey, you… Thunder boy right?” A tall brunette 6th grader called out holding the football under his arms.

“It’s Thunderstrike…” Dan said looking at the boy with a suspicious gaze. Although he was practically the same size of the biggest boy in the field, Danny still respected the “authority” of his seniors.

The look on the other boy’s face changed “Oh, my bad, sorry for that… erm… listen… we need another guy on our team, do you want to play with us?” The kid holding the ball asked suddenly very respectful.

Danny could barely believe his ears; he had just been invited to play with the 6th graders. It was just so unbelievable a few years ago and now it was real…

“Erm…okay…but only if my friend can play too!” Dan said pointing at John, but the 6th grader didn’t seem much happy about this.

“We only need one player…” The brunette kid replied looking at John’s uncomfortable reaction.

“Then, I won’t play…” Dan said at once, but he was visibly unsure about that, after all playing with the bigger kids was a dream of his…

“It’s your loss then…” The 6th grader smirked and turned his back on them and proceeded back to the field slowly. It seemed he was expecting for Dan’s change of heart before he got back to the grass.

“What are you doing? You always said you wanted to play with the bigger kids!” John asked pushing gently on the shoulder of his best friend.

“Yeah, but only if you come with me; you throw better than most of those losers!” Dan said in a firm tone, but John seemed determined to not let him throw away such a great opportunity.

“Don’t be silly, Danny. They know you play really well; it’s obvious they want you to play with them. Just go there and have some fun!” Johnny had never spoken with his best friend like that. He seemed to have forgotten that Dan was now much taller and bigger than he would ever be, although Johnny showed a relatively phenomenal development in the past years, mostly because when he played with Danny he would always get hungry and eat a lot better than he usually did.

The Native American boy seemed puzzled. Lately his temper didn’t accept someone talking to him like that, especially someone so much smaller. However, that someone was Johnny, and he really knew things better. He helped him with his homework, and he knew better than anyone how badly he wanted to play with the “big boys,” although most of them were only just bigger because they were older now.

“Okay…but you wait for me here when the game ends, and we will go back home together. Next time we will play together okay?” Dan smiled at John but then he quickly rushed after the 6th grader “Hey… can I still play with you?” He asked as he caught up with the older student.

* * *

Dan seemed to snap out of his trance. For some strange reason, he felt that moment in the past had just replayed in his mind, but it also made the huge behemoth feel even guiltier.

“Oh man…I never got back with you that day did I?” Dan asked, once again trying to be sorry for his past mistakes, but John lifted his square jaw with his delicate fingers.

“I didn’t want to remember that moment for that reason…I mean it’s true once the game finished you were so thrilled by all the compliments you got, surrounded by all those 6th graders asking you for playing tips, so you didn’t noticed that you had already left the school with your new friends. It was not your fault…”

Dan cut the gentle voice of John, passing his hand through John’s hair

“But I remember now, ever since that day we grew apart. I was always busy playing or talking with my new friends to ever spend some time with you. And then when we got older, I started to bully you because my new friends kept on telling me that I was suppose to pick on the weak. Before long I just became that monstrous jock who treated you like shit throughout high school…” Thunderstrike couldn’t help but feeling again responsible for all the horrible things that had happened to John’s life.

“Dan…I…I can call you Danny right?” John asked all of a sudden, taking the courage to treat his adored muscular hunk more like a person and less as the teenager muscle god he had been all these years.

“You can call me anything, Breeze…” Dan grinned, remembering that he never allowed anyone to call him “Danny” in a long time, because his father used to call him like that.

John blushed, but he continued. “My point is that you were just too excited to pay attention in me. I know now I was the one making you grow, through I still can’t exactly understand why I can do it, but it also led you down the path you took. I mean you were always growing bigger and more muscular than anyone around you, and all the muscles you got soon went to your head, your behavior is understandable since you had no idea what was happening to you…”

Dan held John’s hands in just one of his big paws “You are not taking the fault for how I acted towards you okay? I don’t care if I was growing bigger; I had to be there for you. After all you were the only one who ever liked me from the start, before I ever became popular.”

John laughed, which seemed a bit surprising but Dan allowed his blond hand to recover his breath. “Danny, can’t you see? We are BOTH wrong…I should have just walked up to you and complimented you like everyone else, but I just felt jealous for all those boys suddenly realizing what I already knew for a long time, that you the best player ever!”

Thunderstrike sighed “Just like you wished…” but Dan held his cheeks.

“You already loved to play, and we both know you were already really good, I just wished you were big enough to play as you knew. I always knew you had the potential; all I wished was that you’d have all you desired. You wanted to be the biggest football player, and that wish of mine came true. I never wished you suddenly played like the best athletes, the talent is yours, and we both know you feel inside of your heart…”

John took a deep breath and continued.

“What I mean is that our lives changed from that day on, because we were both too stupid to realize that we were growing apart but not because of us. We were just letting people interfere in our lives. We could have changed it any time we wanted, for instance, I felt guilty that I never complimented you after that game, so I thought you were mad at me and soon I was miserable for letting my best friend down…”

As always, John’s mind seemed a lot brighter than anyone could imagine. “You… are right…at first I thought you were mad at me for not talking to you, but then when you avoided me, I felt angry, I never realized you were feeling just like me…and then the more I tried to forget about our friendship, the guiltier I felt about leaving you, so I just decided you should pay for all that pain I felt. Eventually I succeeded in forgetting we were ever friends before but… I never could go all the way with you, not with you Johnny…”

The words from Thunderstrike’s mouth were drenched in his emotion, he truly meant all these things and John knew it now, they have been suffering, his once impenetrable fortress of muscle suffered just like he had been suffering all those years.

“I…tried to forget about you so hard that eventually I managed to keep you at bay, never paying attention to your needs, and never talking to you more than a few words, treating you like garbage. But I always depended on you, because I really couldn’t help but feel guilty for all that misery, thus I felt even madder at you. I kept on telling myself you were nothing to me, that you were just a thing. It wasn’t until high school that I really started to believe my own lies, and forget our how we were. That twisted, sick relationship was the way I found to keep you close to me without looking bad, all because I was too damn proud of my own super big muscles, like being all that huge and strong actually made me a better person than you.”

John rested his head on the massive pectoral muscles of the powerful Thunderstrike. “Meanwhile, I developed some kind of obsession for you, but not the friend I lost. Just for the immense muscle jock that you became; I knew that if I had just treated you like my friend Danny in the beginning this would never have happened. I allowed you to treat me like that because…well everybody else treated me like I simply deserved less than anybody else. All these years, I’ve been trying to draw your attention, and being your favorite wimp was indeed the only way I could find, because I was just too damn stupid to accept that you could be an athlete and still my friend.”

Thunderstrike hugged his blond friend. “Well, it might have taken years and a series of misfortune events, but I guess we are finally reunited…”

John nodded “Yeah, but I don’t see you as just my friend, and I… still lust after you the same…” he confessed to the enormous man hugging him.

Dan chuckled “I noticed it, and I have to confess one thing too, when we were still on 5th grade, I kinda had a major crush on you, I know it seems so silly now, but right in that day of the game, the reason why I wanted to walk you home is that…we always passed through the park, and I would take the opportunity to steal a kiss from you…” The humongous teenager blushed deeply as he confessed.

John seemed perplexed. “Well, I guess that if it weren’t for our silly mistakes, we could have a totally different life story…”

Dan easily lifted the slender body of Parsons and brought him closer to his face.

“I still want to steal a kiss from you, why do you think I brought you all the way up on the mountain in these super huge arms of mine?” Dan asked in a playful yet very sensual tone.

John, however, just showed the courage he never had in a long time, he just stood up and bugged the most of Dan’s immensely muscular back as he could before he looked up in those bright blue eyes.

“You can’t steal something that is already yours…” The blond skinny boy said as he closed his eyes and pressed his lips against Thunderstrike’s. The shorty skinny blond boy had never kissed before, but Dan felt like he was being kissed by an expert, because of the sudden energy that spread through his body. The immense lad easily held John, supporting his weight with just one arm as he stood up. Almost instinctively John’s thin legs wrapped around Dan’s thin waist as they both enjoyed their first kiss. Never before had Dan experienced such a grand kiss. John’s lips were gentle and loving, yet there was a fiery passion lying underneath that burned into his body and fueled his muscles. Even though Dan knew he was getting bigger, he didn’t care. All that mattered now was John’s kiss.

When they broke the kiss, John’s eyes were still closed as he savored the lingering taste. Once again, Dan was amazed to see that beautiful angelic face, unmarred by any pain or suffering. When John opened his eyes, that beautiful face once again disappeared, though there were still visible traces here and there.

“God, you’re so beautiful Dan.” John said softly as he laid his head against Dan’s huge pillow like pec.

“I could say the same thing to you, my Summer Breeze.” Dan replied, stroking that blonde hair.

John quietly enjoyed the feel of Dan’s embrace, his hand gently caressing the bronze skin, tracing his finger along the visible fibers of muscle. “Dan…tonight I…I want to sleep with you.”

“Sure thing.” Dan chuckled. “Though a single bed will be a little cramped with the both of us on it, especially at my size, but I can solve that my moving two beds together. That way you’ll have plenty of room to sleep soundly.”

“N-no, I didn’t mean it that way.” John said, quickly he began to blush. “I…I mean, I want you to…to be the one to…to…”

“To what?”

“To…to take my virginity.” John whispered. “I want you to be my first.”

Suddenly it was Dan’s turn to blush. Even though he had had sex before, now he felt as if he were a virgin as well. Normally he would have jumped at the chance, but now doubt plagued him. “John, I would love nothing more then to make love with you, but…”

“But…?” John looked and Dan, waiting.

“But, I’m much bigger then I used to be. Down there, I mean.” Dan said. “Even before you gave me this incredible growth spurt, people said I was too big for them.”

“You’re never too big to me.” John told him.

“You don’t understand.” Dan told him. “I…I don’t want to hurt you.” How could he explain to such an innocent person how the girls he had fucked had cried tears of pain from the sheer size of his tool being forced into their bodies? And John was much frailer then the athletic cheerleaders and popular girls. His size combined with his strength could literally rip John apart.

John, however, didn’t seem to care. Slowly he traced the separation between Dan’s pecs, kneading the strong muscles as he traveled down through the grooves of his abs until finally he reached Dan’s bulge. Teasingly, he peeled it off Dan’s body, until that huge cock was fully exposed, standing at an erect twelve and a half inches.

“Stop.” Dan breathed heavily, becoming more and more aroused by the second. “I’m…I’m too big. I’ll hurt you.”

“I can take it.” John told him softly. “I’m your soul mate, right? What kind of soul mate can’t take the full passion of his lover?”

As usual, John made perfect sense. “B-but…” Dan faltered.

John looked up at Dan, his eyes soft. “Please?”

But the humongous teenager still hesitated. He just couldn’t hurt his little Summer Breeze any more than he already have! However, the more he looked into John’s face, the weaker his resolve become.

“T-the Tall and Mighty Oak, Highest in the forest, Strongest of them all,” Dan began to chant to divert his mind away from sex. “Provided he envied the opulence of the heights, The Oak once dared to reach the skies;”

“Dan…” John reached out, but the big guy shied away from his touch.

“Then, higher and higher grew the Oak, until his branches scraped the clouds, and soon from high up there he saw it all;” Dan continued on. “But little did the Mightiest know that he was doomed to fall.”

Seeing that Dan was still unsure, John decided to take a different approach. He began to undress himself, pulling off his shirt.

Dan sucked in his breath as he caught sight of this. Quickly he continued his chant to try to avert his mind. “Ripping the cloak of darkness, a roar of the angry skies pronounced; Wounding Darkness with dreadful Light, Thunder unleashed Fate;”

As Dan finished the verse, John had completely taken off his shirt to reveal his body. Even though John was small and tiny, there was an alluring quality to him that made Dan’s mouth water and his cock jump.

I can’t give in! Dan thought desperately, but the temptation was beginning to overwhelm him. “Between good and evil Thunder cannot choose, when comes the time to strike; Thunder can’t tell friend from the foes, once from above fired Thunder only seeks to strike.” Family, friends, his soul mate; no matter who it was he always hurt them. With that thought firmly in his mind, he steeled himself and resisted for the person dearest to him.

Unfortunately for Dan, John wasn’t about to give up just yet. With a persistence completely unlike him, John continued to push Dan on. He reached out and began to caress the man’s skin ever so softly, sending shivers of pure pleasure and desire down the jock’s spine. He knew he had to be strong, but he could feel his will weakening to John’s wants and needs.

“T-thus, a merciless brilliant arrow struck the thick trunk of the mightiest Oak; Burning it down in the flames of Sky Fire, until only a dried trunk resisted to regret its vain desire.” Dan choked out between strained breaths, already at his last defenses. His cock throbbed with arousal and sweat poured from his naked torso as he tried to resist. “Know all men that all that is alive fear for its life…”

“But Thunder fears no fear at all…And neither do I.” John finished for him just before he tiptoed up and kissed Dan on the lips. When they broke their kiss, John looked Dan in the eyes. “I’m not afraid of you, Dan. I love you, more than anything. So please, let me completely become your lover. I can take it.”

Almost instantly John had seduced his beloved muscular hero. Who could say no to that face? Dan couldn’t do anything but nod, and before he had second thoughts right away John went to work. Instead of grabbing the massive phallus and jacking it off right away, John softly caress it with his fingers. His touch was gentle, slow and tender, yet it sent waves of incredible pleasure through Dan.

"Shiiiit John…you’re so good! Are you sure this is your first time?" He barely whispered as he bit his love’s ear. "You make me feel like I never had real sex until this point...." Unable to hold himself back any longer, Dan grabbed John’s pants and easily ripped it off, along with John’s boxers and releasing his love’s own hard cock, fondling it as he massaged that skinny and yet firm buttocks.

"I guess that makes two of us then." John whisper as he kissed Dan’s collarbone. "I feel safe giving my virginity to you...ohhh...." He moaned softly as Dan hit a sweet spot combination on his cock and ass.

Taking a deep breath, Dan slowly lowered John down onto the soft grass and looked at him tenderly. “Are you sure you want to do this?” Dan asked one more time, even though his huge cock was already dribbling pre.

“Yes, more sure than I have ever been.” John nodded. “Please, let me feel you all Dan. I can take it.” However, as Dan prepared to push it for the first time, a shiver cruised through John’s body, reminding the bronze impossibly muscular teenager that his body was indeed a pure boy afraid of feeling too much of pain.

That was all Thunderstrike needed to see to fire up the furnace of his desire, there was nothing more appealing in that blond boy than his sweet cry for help, a cry that Dan was more than willing to attend. Slowly he lowered himself onto John, being careful not to crush him.

"Don't cock is leaking so much precum it will slid easily...” He said, holding John’s ankles as he reached for his butt. "Now relax...." He inserted one of his huge fingers inside John’s warm wet virgin ass. John gave took a sharp breath of surprise and immediately tensed up in preparation. "Just let me take you ...." Dan told him, feeling the warm firm little butt.

Slowly, John began to relax and allowed Dan to prep him for the task at hand. Once Dan felt that John was ready, he lifted his love’s legs and supported John’s thin back with his other arm... "Now you breathe out slowly and relax completely. I will press just a bit and you tell me if it hurts right away...or if I can go deeper, okay?" He ordered, already salivating for the feeling of taking John’s ass for the first time.

John shuddered as he did his very best to comply. “A-alright.” He nodded, waiting for the moment when Dan would take him as his own.

For a brief moment Dan just simply looked down at his Summer Breeze, taking in that innocent beauty. "I love you John..." He said just before he pushed the first couple of inches of his big erect cock into him. Immediately John moaned loudly as Dan penetrated him. Dan grinned as he slid himself even further, feeling that tight and small ass around his huge cock, filling John’s butt and body.
John, lost in the incredible feeling he was experiencing, surrendered to his passion as his face relaxed and his eyes rolled around their orbits. His smile blossoming and his beauty comes forth once he lost the worried expression he forced himself to bare at all the time.

Meanwhile, Thunderstrike continued his ever so sweet task to make a real man out of his golden boy, his muscles glistened as he felt the warmth of his beloved, it felt being under the sheets in that cold rainy day, then all that warmth became much more intense heat, taking his very body, and sending the massive teenager into a state of horniness that he had never experienced.

"Oh you’re so beautiful John..." Dan said as he kissed John deeply. Slowly he pushed himself further in, going slowly to reduce any pain inflicted to John. John was too swept up in the intense pleasure he was feeling to even notice the pain, however.

"Oh God...this feels good." John moaned as he wiggled his ass a bit. "K-keep going..." The tone was almost a sigh, but sounded absolutely mandatory for his dedicated topper.
Obeying John’s command, Dan eased himself in as he penetrated even further.

He listened as the little guy moaned louder, grabbing hold of his hands as he felt the pressure on his love button. He lifted John up and sat him upon his cock and held him gently in his massive arms. Suddenly a great euphoria swept through Dan, adding to his already fired up libido. It was as if the sexual pleasure had doubled…no, tripled! The heat rose up to a state that was almost unbearable, their skins poured copiously and Thunderstrike tried to release his excessive heat by pushing himself further into the interior of his lover, although at each time he went deeper the heat only increased in response.

“Dan… I love you, I just want you to make me yours forever…” The voice of John was ever so soft, ever so gentle, and ever so calm, and even so delicately it suddenly it took Dan’s body and soul by assault.

Until now Dan had been feeling the sexual pleasure of having John on his big cock, along with the heating energy that poured into his body, seeping into his muscles and causing them to swell and grow even at that moment. But now he felt something new fill him, something just as incredible but in a total different way, if he had been getting warmer and warmer to the point Thunderstrike felt he would just meltdown, suddenly it felt like his body had been anointed in balsam, every single inch of his gorgeous muscles was refreshed and rejuvenated, the warmth and the heat suddenly subsided, and in its place an adorable overwhelming vigorous refreshment.

Looking at John’s face, Dan noticed that they are both completely taken by their connection, they were both feeling the joy of this unearthed trance that now overtook their very beings. He felt his cock extending further into John, moaning as his love engulfed more and more, then Dan screamed because he was finally all the way inside, his foot long cock completely inserted into John. "Shit John…this is...this is AWESOME!" He roared kissing John’s lips passionately.

The wind blew gently at their ears, sending a sensual wave that spread inside Dan’s soul and brought him over new levels of sexual pleasure, he no longer felt the sweat pouring from his skin, instead he could feel every single part of his enormous body reinvigorated in power and totally rejuvenated, the energy restored, his power renewed. He was once so hot, so despaired and so lost in his own horniness he couldn’t even feel how sweet and tender this moment really was, but now his mind could take his pleasure and make it work for him, he could last much longer, Thunderstrike had been struck by love for the first time.

John moaned in pure pleasure, so enwrapped in the feeling of Dan inside of him that he didn't notice the pain was gone, it was amazingly gone, but in its place just pure bliss and happiness. Dan placed his hand around John’s waist and help move him up and down, feeling John’s scream as his cock presses against his prostate. He laugh as John held his hands and used his legs to climb up and down Dan’s cock with increasing pace "Oh shit john... you're... so fucking hot... shit... this is so intense!"

Dan Thunderstrike’s nose suddenly captured the unmistakable smell of rain falling over the rain, but when he opened his eyes there was not a single drop of water, despite their leaking cocks, the ground was dry as it was before, but to Dan’s shock, from the very sky he could see delicate petals dancing in the whirls of the gentle wind…

Summer Breeze, the ethereal and meaningful name of his soul mate carried by the meaning of his dreams, suddenly made itself corporeal, it was the balsam that now renewed and strengthened his powers, a supernatural experience that only confirmed that John was meant to be his…

Although it refreshed the body and the souls of the men in the toughest of the heats, Summer Breeze many times are also the announcers of powerful storms, and the Storm is not always mean, the storm brings the water and renovation, Summer Breeze and the Thunder are just at opposite sides of the spectrum, but they actually complimented each other, they were meant to be united in their meaning: completion.

Using his hips to bounce John up and down to make the little guy’s job easier, Dan just moaned as John seemed to stimulate his monstrous cock at the same time that he played John’s joy button repeatedly. The two screamed louder and for one second their hearts forgot what was like to beat, just the rhythm of their increasing fucking.

John screamed as another orgasm ripped through his body, the feeling of that huge, growing cock sending him to new levels of pleasure. Dan’s muscles and his entire body enlarged steadily while he prepared to deliver his precious load inside the delicious interior of his beloved.

Dan was panting heavily now. He roared as loud as he could when his orgasm about to explode, the sheer amount inside him for one moment alarmed the humongous massive kid, he didn’t want to hurt John, but he was about to unleash a real force of nature from his groins. The feeling of being totally overpowered and submitted to Dan’s manhood not just overwhelmed John; it suddenly gave him a meaning for his entire life.

"Y...yes it...oh....oh...GOD DAN!" John screamed in rapture as his cock exploded in a rush of white semen. He continued to scream and moan Dan’s name as he orgasm, shooting a rather surprising amount of cum out and splattering it all over Dan’s huge, muscular body. As if responding to his orgasm, another wave of growth hit Dan, inflating him to dimensions that would make a Mr. Olympia look like a midget skinny man.

John couldn’t talk, he couldn’t think, he could only feel gracefully the torrent of his lover filling him up far too quickly, with a large excess amount running down his legs. John felt the pressure filling his anus and those big, hot arms that held him gently, kissing his forehead and mouth.

Dan noticed that John had suddenly gone quiet as he held that small, frail body close and kissed him...

"I love you Dan...” John said softly. “I love you more than I need air; I love you more than I want my own happiness"

Dan breathed deeply as he felt the love of his life so tender and so soft in his massive and growing arms "John... that... was so intense...I was fucking you but I could feel your pleasure like it was my own. Each time I touched you every time I brush your skin, it was like I was touching my own. We... were fucking like one John... I ... had fucked a lot of people in my life, boys and girls but... never... anyone like you.”

“Dan, you are growing aren’t you?” John wanted to make sure it wasn’t just a good dream.

“I sure am, Breeze…” Dan said feeling his body enlarging, but this time it felt much better, if before there was thrill of unexpected and uncontrollable growth spurt, now there was the sureness and the certainty to know that powerful change resulted from Love, and most important, it felt exhilarating to be changing because the pleasure he gave to John, it suddenly became the meaning of his life, he had to please John in every single way because his happiness depended on that, and there was nothing Summer Breeze deserved more than being happy.

“But how much bigger are you getting?”

“Beats me…you are the one making me grow…” Dan said, still feeling his strength increasing as well, but he just knew the control of his muscles need to protect John from ever being hurt by the work of his supernatural powers.

“Don’t you ever get tired of growing every time you make me horny?” John asked noticeably worried, but Dan just silenced his lips.

“I am here for you, John, I am here to grow and to make you feel protected, safe and sound, I am here to make you become the man I can see now, the same man who I had helped to hide down all the pain you suffered, but it is over now John…”

The golden haired boy smiled, he simply didn’t understand what his lover meant by that, but then he decided to enjoy the wonders of having his lover growing inside him, the impossible hardness of his cock didn’t hurt, it only made him feel better, and the bulging muscles growing around his tiny body suddenly felt like the nest he always dreamt of.


“Yeah, John?”

“I am happy now, I am truly happy now…” John allowed himself to laugh out loud for the very first time in years. Thunderstrike then realized John had also been struck by real felicity. The growing teenager hugged his small lover, pressing his frail skinny body against his growing mountains of muscles to feel that laughter as deeper as he could.

The mighty growing teenager and his petite lover stood upside the mountain, enjoying wonderful moments together, however, after some time, Dan’s stomach growled for attention, and they had to get back to the hut after some food for the impossibly huge teenager.

“Dan, how many times do I have to tell you that I don’t need to be carried?” the blond boy asked from the top of his lover’s boulder like right shoulder; John wasn’t in fact upset with such treatment, he just loved the way he could now seat on Dan’s shoulder, so comfortably, and yet the hardness of his muscles made it feel like he was sat atop a walking mountain.

“Oh it’s not a matter of need, it’s all about merit, sweetie. To me you deserve to be carried like the most precious treasure ever…” Dan said as he reached up to meet John’s kiss, although they have to dodge the thickness of the muscular mounds on Dan’s neck and deltoids in order to kiss properly. The width of those uncanny shoulders only attested what John already knew deeply in his soul; Dan was changing into the size his noble heart truly deserved and needed.

The growth on Thunderstrike lasted longer than any one of the many previous times, and the results were just unbelievable; if Dan had come like an extraordinarily muscular man, he would leave that place as a walking behemoth, a truly gargantuan massive being that challenged every single conception about muscularity and human anatomy. The trip back to Dan’s hut went faster than they could ever hope, despite his enormous size, Dan’s agility and skilful gracious trekking talent only grew along with his awesomely fantastic physique.

However, Parsons noticed right away they had a big problem. Even from 50 feet of distance, the blond boy noticed Dan’s body had completely dwarfed the dimensions on the wooden doorframe, so he quickly jumped down his comfortable seat and rushed to the hut.

“John, what are you doing? Come back, I told you I like to carry you…” Dan asked in a teasing tone.

“It’s not a matter of taste; it is all about me trying to keep your family hut intact!” John replied from the interior, if the glorious native American teenager had been just at the right height to enter the hut without having to duck, that suddenly became the smallest of his problems, because just like John had noticed Dan’s shoulders were obviously at least one foot wider on each side of the door frame, and his chest was simply so thick it would never pass through such “narrow” doorframe.

“Oh….” Dan nodded his head holding a chuckle “Well… that was very thoughtful of you, but I think I can still squeeze inside…” Dan prepared for the maneuver, but the sound of his humongous hands grabbing the wooden walls clearly indicated the house was not designed to endure such aggression; quickly John came up with a great solution.

“John, I can see it will be tight, but I can be careful…” Thunderstrike ducked and turned aside, trying to squeeze his humongous shoulders through the narrow passage of the doorframe, but before he got stuck, John tried to come up with an alternative solution.

“Look, what if we stay under this beautiful sky tonight? We could light up a fire and roast some fish, then we could sleep in the bags…” John sounded really cute trying to spare his lover from any suffering.

The immense teenager chuckled “That’s very nice, Breeze, but what will you to get us back in town? You can’t drive and I will have to rip the roof of that little piece of crap…” Dan looked to his enormous car with a mischievous grin in his eyes.

“Oh… yeah that’s right… but Dan can’t you see your thigh is already so thick it won’t fit in here without breaking the doorframe?” Parsons pondered, trying to come up with a solution for his lover’s dilemma.

“Wait… why don’t you try going through the window in the living room? It is much wider than the door; I bet you will have more space to maneuver…” Dan stopped for a moment and pondered about the situation, he managed to squeeze out of the narrow doorframe, walked towards the living room double windows. John carefully removed the couch and opened them from inside. Thunderstrike checked the new width of his improved entrance…

“Alright, I'm coming in, don’t you dare making me bigger now ok?” Dan announced as he stepped back, lifting his humongous thigh just a tad higher he managed to stick it inside the living room; John truly had to focus really hard, because he didn’t want to ignite yet another growth spurt on his truly massive beloved.

The first thigh was inside, but it didn’t help much, now Dan had to manage to squeeze his other leg, and although Thunderstrike’s waist was pretty much the smallest part of his body, they had the immense obstacle of his augmented package.

“You should twist your hip to the right, use the diagonal empty space…” John said almost whispering

“What empty space? My cock is filling the whole thing, now give me a hand here…” Dan said as he felt his butt pressing firmly against the wooden wall,

“Believe me, you wouldn’t like if I gave you a hand…”John tried to explain Dan that he was trying his best not to get aroused, but the image of his beloved’s immense muscles were just too powerful for him to ignore.

“Alright, alright, please don’t make it happen now… I think I can try again…” Dan managed to twist his hips and with a loud crackling sound he finally got in position to pull his massive second leg in. Dan’s massive butt was inside now, but they still needed to pass his pecs and shoulders, the widest parts of his humongous physique.

Dan held his breath and tried to enter the place window, the sound of his 12 abdominal knots beating against the wooden logs was impressive, but John tried to ignore them, when Dan managed to get half way of his upper body inside, he just got stuck in the middle of the way.

“So much work for nothing!” Dan chuckled as he gave it a stronger push which created a loud sound when the logs of the window wall broke like splinters, John closed his eyes and when he opened them again, the enormous Thunderstrike had finally managed to get inside their house, but he had gained a very interesting ornament: the window frame had been pulled out of its original place and now was stuck just at the bottom of the epic muscular chest of the wonderful behemoth teenager.

John really wanted to say something that would make his lover feel better, but he was just a teenager after all, when he saw the comical state in which Dan was, John just burst into laughter, holding his stomach, he even fell over the couch, rolling on his back.

“I hope you are happy now…didn’t I ask you not to make me bigger when I was trying to get inside?” Dan asked in an obviously angry tone, while he recognized he looked legitimately funny.

John dried his tears, feeling sorry for laughing at his enormous boyfriend. “I… didn’t mean to, but you know better than me that I still don’t get the hang of your growth…”

Dan nodded as he flexed his abdominal muscles and broke free from the window frame. “Well at least now we have the space to install those sliding glass doors my dad always wanted…” Thunderstrike realized as he checked the big hole in the wooden wall.

“I am surprised this house resisted, for one second I thought it would fall over us!” John finally said looking up at Dan’s impressive size.

“Nah, that is good house building, my family knows how to make things solid!” Dan commented stomping his right foot into the floor, but the effect was just as disastrous as his entrance attempt because his foot went right through the wooden floor, fortunately Dan’s hard shin muscles were so dense the impressive happening didn’t hurt him.

“Erm… maybe you should not keep trying your luck…” John concluded as his lover retreated the right foot from the hole he opened.

“Oh come on, sweetie, cheer up, the worst part is over, tomorrow when we leave I will fix the whole, it was easy before, now it’s gonna be a piece of cake!” Dan said as he walked towards the kitchen; if Thunderstrike was already a marvelous sight in the great outdoors, now he just looked a legendary being, his head stood nearly 2 feet higher than the top of John’s, but his height was the slightest of the amazingly powerful details. The sheer size of his muscles suddenly made the entire hut look smaller; it was like everything had shrunk around Dan’s glorious proportions.

“Erm… Dan, let me cook okay? You liked my cooking remember?” John tried to spare his augmented lover of any kind of embarrassment, but the whole experience was going really well for the impressively huge teenager.

“Of course I do, but you already cooked all that food, and I know you are not hungry, so you shouldn’t spoil me…now let’s see…what about some nice pasta? I am STARVING!” Dan said as he looked for an iron pot but the doors came on each hand as he tried to open the cupboard.

“Damn! Those things are so old they are just turning into dust!” Dan complained as he took the pot and tried to fill with water, but the moment he touched the faucet, the strong metal simply felt like melted butter in his thick fingers, the water started spraying all over the place.

“Shit… this thing is… broken…” Dan said with his eyes closed, because of the cold water in his face, but suddenly it just stopped, when the teenager opened them again, he noticed John had fixed situation, tying a pan cloth around the broken faucet.

“There, we can fix it later too…now you’re gonna sit down and I will do the cooking, and that’s final! I know you love this house too much to have it pounded into scramble.” John’s voice was soft but very firmly at the same time; to the point Dan realized he would better do as told.

The blond guy took a deep breath and tried to visualize how to cook in the mess that kitchen was thanks to Dan’s clumsy super strength. However, just when he was about to start…

“OH CRAP!” the entire house shook for second and then John heard a loud crack followed by the unmistakable sound of Dan’s granite hard bubble butt hitting the floor with all its massive weight.

John ran closer to his lover “Oh shit, John, I am sorry, please forgive me!”

Dan just held the beautiful cheeks of his Summer Breeze. “Why are you asking me to forgive you? You are the best thing that ever happened to me? I love you and everything you have done to me, even this new massive size…”

“I… didn’t know it would cause so much trouble…” John’s voice was once again dangerously close to the sobbing tone, so Dan kissed him passionately once again, and held him tightly close to his huge muscles.

“You don’t give me troubles, Breeze, you are the solution for all my problems! I am living my ultimate dream with you, I always wished to be huge and massive like the guys in comic books, like The Hulk, and you just made such thing possible! And I didn’t need to turn green or lose my temper…”

The powerful laughter of the real life Juggernaut shook the very soul of the little skinny blond boy, and amazingly it brought back the joy and the thrill of those splendorous moments.

A few minutes later John served 3 whole pounds of pasta a Bolognese for his immense lover, who ate directly from the pan, because they realized plates were just a waste of time, since he would eat everything in just a few rounds.

“Oh John that was simply delicious, the best food I ever ate!” Dan said enthusiastically.

“Yeah, yeah, you always say that, with a stomach like yours I could boil water and rocks and you would still eat everything like it was the most delicious food ever!” John teased his massive muscle lover while he enjoyed being sat on his thigh, even sat in the ground, the augmented Thunderstrike now stood at the perfect height to eat from the table.
“Well, I am telling you, this food tastes even better, perhaps it’s because the cook is the hottest man in the world…”

“Well, unlike you, I didn’t grow even bigger last time I cooked…”John chuckled, but Dan suddenly lifted him closer to his massive pectoral muscles.

“I am serious, John, you look way much hotter than earlier this day, it is like you are blossoming, I can just tell, you look almost like an angel now…” Dan really felt all that, but somehow John still preferred to be seen as a skinny unattractive fellow.

“Well, I am happy you can still think I am appealing even if I am so fucking tired…” John said as he stretched almost unconsciously, but it remembered his massive boyfriend that, no matter if he was just invincible and incapable of getting tired, the sweet Johnny Parsons was just really tired after all the facts of that day, and any other man would feel like that too, anyone except for the wonderful Thunderstrike.

Despite the fact he had just had a massive dinner recently, Dan had been already properly fed but he noticed the look of exhaustion on his Summer Breeze, so he just smiled and nested him in his arms.

“I told you… I don’t want to be carried…” He tried to protest, but Dan just ignored as he moved to the bedroom, the wooden singles bedroom would never be able to fit the incredible frame of the Native American colossus.

“We can just push them together and you can sleep diagonally…” John tried to help, but Dan just silenced his mouth with his finger as he quickly adjusted the beds together.

“You will have to sleep on top of me, I hope you don’t mind…” Dan said as he checked the beds once again, maybe they would resist the enormous weight on his enhanced muscularity.

“Why would I mind? It’s my dream coming true after all…” John whispered as he felt the flexing of Dan’s muscles while he carefully laid diagonally in the two beds. Parsons quickly used the glorious pecs of his lover as his incredibly hard, but amazingly comfortable pillows, his hand fitting perfectly at the enormous cleavage, the chiseled muscles felt like the most perfect bed ever.

“That’s my true dream too, John. Being with you and growing for you, growing bigger for both of us…Good night Breeze!” Thunderstrike said as he nursed his petite lover in the humongous space of his muscles.

“Good night, Danny…” John said feeling incredibly happy in the inside, his feeling transcended any sexual excitement, or physical arouse, it was actually spiritual joy. He closed his eyes and surrendered to the exhaustion, falling asleep almost instantly.


The bed didn’t last much, just like Dan had anticipated, but once again just like had anticipated, this time John didn’t even notice what happened around him, not even the fall, neither the crashing sound or the splinters flying all over room. Parsons just turned aside and continued sleeping profoundly, his pretty little mouth cupping Dan’s huge nipple.

“Life can’t get better than this…” Dan thought as he felt his magnificent body finally slipping into the reign of dreams, although he knew his real life now felt better than the hottest wet dream…

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