Struck 7

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“I’m so happy.” John told him as he held onto Dan, burying his face into that huge chest. “I’m so happy, to be with you again.”

Dan ran his hand through John’s soft hair, enjoying the warm breeze that was blowing as he held his love close to him. The sky above was so blue, and the view of the flower fields was incredible.

“You make me happy too, my Summer Breeze,” Dan whispered into John’s ear.

John blushed, then all of a sudden he planted a kiss on Dan’s cheek before he pulled away, laughing. Dan, a bit surprised by this sudden act of spontaneity, watched as John ran up the hill before he pushed himself up off the ground to give chase and return a favor.

When he reached the top of the hill, however, what was waiting for him was not John but the great flowering tree. It looked even more grand a beautiful than before, with it’s branches high and wide. The old, withered bark that once covered the trunk has all but completely fallen off, with only a few patches left clinging to it. Unhesitant, Dan walked up to the tree, knowing what will happen but not caring, because Thunder fears no fear at all. Opening his arms wide, he went up to the tree and embraced it.


Dan opened his eyes as he woke up from his dream. Oddly enough, he felt calm and relaxed this time. And it didn’t take him long to figure out why. Lying on top of his body was an angel.

John was so beautiful, sleeping so calmly. Once again Dan was amazed at how he could overlook him for so many years and deny what was in front of him the whole time. He had a delicate face, soft skin, and a kind heart. And not only that, John was gifted with an incredible ability which he freely used to give to Dan. Could there be anyone more perfect in the world?

When the light of the morning sun landed on John’s face, he began to stir and awaken from his dreams. The first thing he noticed was the sound of a heart beat echoing in his ear. Next, he noticed that he was lying on something impossibly hard and warm, yet felt more comforting then any bed. For some reason he seemed to be rising up and down in the air, following the pattern of breathing. Finally, he opened my eyes, and the first thing he saw was Dan underneath him. During the night he had several wet dreams of his love growing huge, and now it seemed as if they had come true. During the night Dan had grown impossibly huge and tall, his legs sticking way out over the end of the mattress.

“Good morning Johnny.” Dan smiled.

“Mmm…Good morning Danny.” John replied. He stretched out his tired limbs for a moment, and then his hands began to roam Dan’s huge body. “You’ve grown again.”

“Yea, I noticed.” Dan said. Though he couldn’t quite see his whole self since John was still lying on top of him, he felt bigger. Everything he flexed or moved felt so strong. He felt he could rip out a tree and curl it single handedly if he wanted to. “Let me guess; while you were sleeping, you had a few wet dreams about me?” Dan asked slyly.

A soft blush formed on John’s face. “It’s not fair that you get to know when I’m aroused.”

“Hey, I’m not the one with the mind reading powers, so fair’s fair.” Dan chuckled. “And besides, these little growth spurts aren’t that hard to miss you know. Though, maybe it’s time you cut back on them just a bit.”

"I...I know." John looked very worried. "It's just that I don't know how to control what I'm doing to you. I barely know how I'm doing it either. And because of me, you might get banned from the team because they'll think you're doing steroids or something and it'll be entirely my fault."

“Shh…” Dan shushed John. “I won’t let you feel guilty about loving me. And like you said, you can’t help it. When we get back things will be hard to explain to everyone, but as long as you’re with me I can face anything.”

“No matter what happens, I’ll always be by your side, because I love you Dan.” John felt now that expressing his feelings and his unconditional support towards his beloved was not just easy, it was not just natural, it was a necessity that he was more than happy to indulge.

“I love you too, John.” Dan replied in a low, gentle tone. He had never said those words with such intensity before, but it didn’t take any special effort from his part because he spoke directly from the heart. He bent his head forward and caught John’s lips, giving him a deep, intense kiss. It would have become something even more if the clatter of something falling onto the wood flooring hadn’t interrupted them. Breaking away from the kiss, John reached down and picked up Dan’s necklace off the ground.

“Your Dad made this for you, right?” John held it out.

“Yea.” Dan nodded. “But it looks like my neck grew so thick it snapped the string.”

“You could replace the string with a bigger one.” John suggested.

Dan shook his head. “No, I have a better idea.” Taking the necklace, Dan tied it around John’s neck.

“Dan, I can’t take this.” John tried to protest, but Dan shushed him.

“My Dad made this necklace for me to give to my soul mate.” He told him. “You are my soul mate John, so this necklace rightfully belongs to you.”

John’s cheeks once again assumed their rose shade. The bright beads shone clearly against the pale white skin, and the feather added the perfect compliment to John’s soft and gentle attitude. All in all, the necklace suited John far more than Dan.

“You look beautiful.” Dan said once more.

“So do you.” John replied a bit shyly. “But I have no special gift to give you…”

Dan threw his head back in a deep, sonorous laughter, brushing his hand through the luscious mane “You mean other than turning me into the most sensational, incredible, powerful, most muscular and manliest human being in the world? Nah, I think the necklace makes us even, don’t you?”

“All I ever wanted was for you to be happy…” John replied, lowering his gaze to meet the impossibly thick shelves that jutted from his beloved’s amazingly huge body before he felt the gentle pressure of a huge index finger lifting his head up once again; and John could see that Dan smiled broadly. Reaching out, the teenaged behemoth pulled John even closer and embraced him to renew their passion.

“Are we gonna make love again?” John asked excitedly while Dan tenderly attacked his thin body with his warm kisses.

“Hmm hmmm” Thunderstrike replied with a grin “I could stand here doing this all day long with you, and I can feel you wouldn’t complain at all” Dan chuckled as he gently squeezed John’s hard cock between his enormous fingers.

Parsons blushed even deeper as a moan escaped his lips. “But what if I make you grow again? Didn’t you tell me to cut back on the growth spurts for a while?”

Dan stopped kissing him for a few moments, focusing on his own sensations “Well, you are hard in my hands right now and I don’t feel my body growing. Are you feeling something?”

John considered it for a while “No, I’m not making you grow…” He concluded with a shocked expression. “Do you think my powers are gone now?” It seemed John now felt unsure again, but Dan just kissed his forehead tenderly.

“It doesn’t matter if your powers are gone or if you suddenly managed to get complete control over them, I still wanna make love you just because I love you Summer Breeze. I love you for your heart not for your powers. They’re just a nice, hot bonus.” Thunderstrike proved his statement by kissing John once again, but this time they both felt a familiar energy flow through their bodies.

“Oh…I guess they are not gone after all…” John said while kissing Dan’s overdeveloped shoulders, feeling the muscle fibers thickening underneath the flimsy tanned skin.

“Yeah…I can feel they are not gone as well…but maybe we could experiment…something” Dan struggled to overcome the euphoria provoked by his muscular magnification in order to think straight.

“What do you want to experiment?” John replied while Dan’s body pulsated with newly engorged muscles.

Dan’s breath felt heavier as his own pleasure increased “Try…to make it stop…let’s see if you can control this power…” Thunderstrike’s voice sounded like it belonged to a living mountain, powerful, deep and carefully pronounced, and it only made John even more aroused.

“But…how can I control it?” John looked at the immensity of his beloved’s muscles growing in size with every breath; he feared things could get even worse if he toyed with his gifts.

“You were controlling it just a few moments ago…stay calm and focus, try to remember what were you feeling exactly when we were making out and I wasn’t growing…” Thunderstrike felt it each time harder to resist the orgasmic sensation of his own muscle growth, but he didn’t want John feeling miserable for his powers; he wanted his growth to make his lover proud.

John nodded “O-okay…I will try…” The blond haired kid closed his eyes and focused on whatever thing inside him triggered in the ability to make Dan grow. At first it seemed useless, but suddenly things started making sense inside John’s mind. All he ever wanted was Dan to be happy, ever since they were kids. He wanted his best friend to have everything his young noble heart desired. Even during the time he was bullied by an angered Thunderstrike, all John Parsons ever wanted was to end Dan’s misery, because he could feel deep inside that the big jock wasn’t happy at all; Dan happiness was John’s happiness as well, after all. All he had to do was focus on that.

Dan kept his eyes shut while his body expanded. He didn’t need to look to know his body was growing because of John’s powers, but Thunderstrike also knew that if he looked at his own growth, certain things would get much harder. His body enlarged and got stronger and it already made his cock completely erect again. He only hoped John could try to find a way to control his powers, because he wanted his muscle growth to be something joyful and not a mutual struggle for them.

John projected his mind into his beloved’s thoughts. He could feel Dan was enjoying his growth because Thunderstrike felt happy to grow for John, but at the same the engorged teenager felt he didn’t want his lover to feel guilty to make him too big for the world around them. If John liked his size, that was the only thing that mattered. He wanted to grow even more, as big as his Summer Breeze wanted him to grow.

Thunderstrike felt the euphoria triggered by his muscle growth soothing down. He still felt incredibly powerful vibes, but he could feel he wasn’t growing bigger. He opened his blue eyes to find a serene John Parsons looking back at him.

“From now on, I will always let you know when I want to make you bigger, and you will tell how much is enough for each session okay?” John asked with his big puppy eyes that Dan liked so much.

It was Dan’s turn to blush. “Yeah, I'm fine with that; do you feel capable of controlling all this power within you?”

John took a deep breath “I can at least turn your growth on or off at will, but there’s still so much more.” The tone in his voice suddenly changed.

“What do you mean Breeze?” Dan asked already embracing his lover, instinctively trying to protect him.

“Well, I think it’s not just your body I can control. I could remember a lot of the things I’ve done in the past, and how they all resulted in the same way: they all made you happy.” Parsons felt a little weird as he tried to explain how his mind functioned around Dan.

“Like when you casually found those clothes for me, even though I have searched before and they weren’t my size?” Dan’s smile blossomed.

“So you noticed that too? I don’t know how I found the clothes you wanted to find, all I did was…”

“Wish that I was happy...I think I got that part, sweetie!” Dan chuckled as he messed with John’s hair.

John smirked. “Well, I know I sound repetitive…” but he was silenced with a powerful passionate kiss that curled his toes. Dan kissed him for such a long time that John suddenly noticed that if he ran out of air, it would still be a sensational way to die. Fortunately for him, Dan was aware of his need for oxygen.

“W-what was that for?” John asked with his mind still fogged by the incredible experience.

“Do I need a reason? Isn’t it enough that I have a lover that would bend time and space just to make me happy?” Thunderstrike said while he gently made John lie on top of him again, so the skinny guy could listen to his powerful heart beating solely for him.

“I am not sure I can do all that. I just need to make you happy Danny.” John replied feeling his cheeks so warm that he knew he had never been that red in all his life.

“Do you know what would make me REALLY happy?” Dan asked in a fake casual tone while he gently rubbed John’s body against his enormous shaft, which already completely hard even after his growth spurt ended.

John chuckled. “The same thing that would make me the proudest man in the world…” Parsons replied as he hugged the humongous body of his lover’s manhood, feeling suddenly much more familiar with the love making, realizing certain things would only improve with practice and experience.

Hours later, after a morning of intense sex and making love, the two men lay in the remains of their bed, as Dan willingly served as mattress for his beloved. They might have both drifted back to sleep if it weren’t for a loud growl that came from Dan’s washboard stomach.

“Hungry?” John rubbed his hand against Dan’s deep cut abs. Each knot was definitely bigger than John’s hands, but he still loved to trace his delicate fingers through the chiseled monstrousness of his boyfriend’s physique.

“Starving,” Dan laughed. “I guess having these huge muscles mean I gotta feed them a lot more food.”

“Maybe I could try to make lunch out of thin air…” John purposed.

"Now hold on Jeannie," Dan put his huge hand on John's back, completely covering it. We still haven't to figured out how the full extent of your gifts. And besides, you shouldn't use them to solve every single obstacle you come across. After all, life is all about learning how to adapt, and that's half the fun." Dan suddenly sounded so wise and prudent, which only made his massive muscles look even more impressive to the eyes of his little lover.

As Dan stood up in his magnificent stance, John couldn't help but feel excited to notice that the powerful Thunderstrike seemed to consider a promising future to their unique relationship. They both went out into the kitchen, but before Dan could reach for a frying pan John shooed him away to prevent another disaster.

"The kitchen is mine, so you go find something to occupy yourself." John told his huge lover, and proceeded to cook.

John considered all the incredible things that were going in his life, but suddenly he felt this was a wrong statement because such incredible things were also happening in the life of his amazingly strong lover. They were now together in this fantastic story, but precisely for this reason John didn't fear for his future, he felt the energy, the bravery and the courage of his Thunderstrike empowered his once frail and mild self-esteem.

John Parsons no longer thought of himself as the skinny ugly boy who deserved nothing but despise. He knew Love in the flesh and in the muscles of Dan, but he also knew Happiness in the same humongous arms of the Native American hunk, and above everything, John would never let Dan to feel an outcast again. He would do whatever he could to make Dan's life work for him no matter how much bigger and stronger he wanted to be. They would find a solution for all the things changing because of his growing muscles and augmenting body, because Thunderstrike only deserved to be loved and never feared like some kind of monster. People would just have to understand that no matter how much bigger he got, Dan was just growing to the size his heart always was.

John was so marveled about all these aspects that he just focused about cooking an amazing feast for Dan, even though he was pretty sure they have ran out of ingredients, John suddenly noticed the food was right there in the cabinets and the cupboards, outstandingly everything that had been broken by Dan's clumsy behavior in the previous night; the faucet, the cupboard doors, even the window frame which had been destroyed were now miraculously repaired.

The strangeness of that situation bugged the blond teenager. Removing the pan from the heat, John wiped his hands on a towel and went quickly ran into the bedroom, where once the bed had been totally destroyed by the amazing weight on Dan's muscles, now it not only stood there perfectly it had somehow turned into a massively huge bed instead of the two single beds which have been pushed side to side.

"What the heck is going on here?" John asked to himself but had little time to ponder about the extension of these facts, because at that same time he heard Dan calling for him.

"JOHNNY YOU GOTTA SEE THIS!" The thunderous voice of his enormous beloved echoed through the house, so John rushed towards outside to see what his lover was excited about, however he had to stop for one second, because he remembered that yesterday, Dan was too big to enter the house through the door, that's why he needed come inside through the living room window, which he had accidentally broken, but now Dan was indeed bigger, yet he didn't seem to have any especial difficulty to get outside the house, and Parsons realized why, the doorframe had somehow more than doubled in width, it was easily so huge enough to work as a hangar door.

"JOHN CAN YOU HEAR ME?" Once again Dan's thundering voice called for his presence, forcing John to gulp as he finally went outside. No matter how weird it felt to notice all those changes in the house, John simply didn't know what he had been expecting, but it certainly wasn't the sight of Dan holding his enormous truck into the air with one hand!

"I think you've turned me into a superhero!" Dan broadly grinned as he pumped the truck up and down a few times. Right away John was sporting a boner, and at the same time Dan felt the familiar rush of energy flowing through him just as he pushed the truck up. The new surge of strength had come so suddenly that the truck actually flew up into the air!

"Oh shit!" Dan rushed out and quickly caught it to prevent it from becoming a scrap heap, but the impact of the car's weight against Dan's massive hands left dents in the steel, Dan cursed as he saw his finger prints in the metal and the inevitable damages his humongous strength caused in the car, but still he gently lowered his car back into the ground and slowly moved towards John.

"Sorry, I lost my control for a second." John blushed slightly.

"Breeze, you gotta take care, remember, the whole growth is tremendous but we still have to get back into town, and I am almost too big to fit in that truck, and I almost threw it into the lake…" Dan said as he hugged John ever so slightly. Parsons took a deep breath and managed to control his powers avoiding to send his lover into another growth spurt.

"I… don't think your car will be too little for you for too long…" John said pointing to the vehicle. Dan turned his massive back and noticed that he wasn't the only one growing. The 2007 Dakota Ram suddenly was becoming wider and longer, the metal stretching loudly as the vehicle seemed to be literally magnified. The two of them approached as the changing process smoothly ended. The imprints of Dan's hands were gone, there was absolutely no mark whatsoever, like the car had never been nearly crushed by the sheer power of its owner.

Dan opened the door and noticed it was much heavier and bigger. The inside looked roomy and comfortable, completely fitted to fit him. In fact, he saw he could drive it like he always did, but John felt like he had shrunk because that car was suddenly too big, it actually resembled an odd version of an 18 wheeler cabin.

"So, is this a new side of your powers? You grow cars as well?" Dan said holding his laughter to avoid hurting his beloved's feelings but John simply couldn't care for that at the moment.

"I think I can alter objects any way I want. You saw I can make things bigger, and I think I can fix the damages you did to the kitchen, the bedroom and the living room…oh and let's not forget I made that door big enough to fit these humongous shoulders of yours…" John said with a mischievous grin that didn't suit his sweet face.

Dan would ask what he meant by that, but suddenly he also remembered all the things he had done the night before that were simply fixed this morning. That made him wonder how powerful John Parsons indeed was, not because he feared him, for he was in awe of how gifted his Summer Breeze was. He just wanted to make sure John would never hurt himself by trying to do something that was beyond his grasp.

John hugged Dan and smiled "Don't worry big guy, I think I am getting the hang of it now and I don't think it's very dangerous to me."

Dan blinked in surprise, forgetting that John could read his mind easily. "Just be careful, alright? Take things slow."

"I still don't know how or why I can do it, but at least now whenever you have a growth spurt, you won't have to worry about outgrowing your car, the bedroom or even your clothes…I mean only when we are alone in the room of course…"

John had barely finished that sentence and out of nowhere Dan's clothes which had been totally destroyed the night before were unexplainably back in his amazing body. They still looked just as tauntingly tight as they have always been, showing the best angles of Thunderstrike's inhumanly huge muscles, but at least now he was once again dressed in the same jeans and red shirt John had picked for him, and they looked better than ever, although they were several sizes bigger than before.

"Oh, I guess I can conjure up items as well now." John said thoughtfully. "Well I guess that'll be useful from time to time, especially when we need to dress in a hurry."

Dan stepped back, taking in all the things John could do for him. The muscle bound teen smiled and grabbed John in his massive arms.

"I love you Johnny Parsons. And I am not just saying that, I, shit, I really, REALLY love you…" Thunderstrike said enthusiastically, unable to find the right words to describe the boundless love he felt for him.

John smiled "I can read your mind, did you forget? I already know you really love me. That's why I feel so good about these powers of mine…They let me make you even happier." John kissed him very intensely. It was so deep and passionate that eventually it was Dan who had to break the kiss in order to gather his breath.

"So what do you say about a nice healthy meal? I have all the food to make those muscles of yours grow the natural way and not just through my powers." The teasing tone John used reminded Dan that his Summer Breeze was changing as well. He wasn't the shy push over anymore; he was blossoming into someone much more interesting, and it only made him love John even more.

After their enormous meal (although technically it was Dan's enormous meal) the lovers decided it was already time to head back home, especially because they still had to figure out how would everybody react to Dan's outstanding size.

Try as they might, the extent of John's powers was still a mystery for both of them. The lovers got back in Dan's augmented car that now seemed even more impressive and took the day down from the mountains. For that reason, they had agreed not to touch that subject during their ride back home, although Parson's could clearly feel Dan was visibly anxious about getting back to town.

"Are you scared of what people might think of you?" John asked breaking their deal, but at that point they really couldn't keep secrets from each other.

"Of course not Breeze, I am just anxious, but not in the bad way, I mean, I was already the strongest and biggest guy in school, but now I am the strongest and biggest guy in the world, and …I just don't want to …"

John's face seemed to understand Dan's worries "Don't worry Dan, you are not turning into the bully you were to me, I can guarantee that, all the anger you have bottled up inside you, all that energy, you just have to learn how to channel it…"

Thunderstrike nodded "You are right Breeze, I need to find a way to …give back all the wonders you have done to me…"

"You don't need to do anything for me, Danny, I am already yours…"

Thunderstrike blushed "Actually, I was thinking about doing something not exactly to you but inspired by you…" he looked at his lover's mind, allowing John to enter his mind and visualize exactly what he meant, and suddenly it was John's turn to be amazed.

"Are you sure you want to do that?" Parsons asked in a low tone, and Dan nodded assured of his intent.

"This way I can focus my strength and my power in positive way, and I still will find a way to put a good use to all this size you are gonna give me…" Dan said holding the chin of his blond boyfriend.

"So, after all of this you still want me to make you bigger?" John asked very excited.

"Breeze, you know I hunger for that size just as much as you do, we might have to work out all the things involved about this transformation, but one thing is sure, I want to become your ultimate fantasy, I want to make a revolution in your life, because you already are my ultimate fantasy…" Thunderstrike replied with proud.

All John could do was leaning to his side and the immense width of Dan took care of his need for the warm hard touch of that gigantic muscular body.

"And we'll start that revolution by telling your parents we are together, I think it is about time for them to see the wonderful person you really have become…" Dan concluded his speech, but suddenly John felt nervous all over again.

"Tell my parents about us? Are you sure this is a good idea?"

Dan grinned. "I am not sure, but I know we'll have to do that, and you don't have to fear because you are with Thunder and…"

"Thunder fears no fear at all…" John replied as hugged the enormously thick arm of his lover, trying to dismiss that feeling, he had Dan for protection, and Dan had him to protect, together they were complete.

The long ride home went without anything significant happening. However, for these two it seemed to have flown by. They spent the time talking to each other fondly, as if they had been doing it for years. However, when they finally stopped in front of John's house, the little guy started to become nervous. What if his parents did not approve of them? What if they became disgusted with him and kick him out of his home? What if they end up hating him?

Suddenly John felt a strong arm wrap around his shoulder. Looking up, he found himself looking into Dan's sapphire blue eyes.

"It'll be okay." Thunderstrike smiled. "I promise you."

Just like that, all of John's fears melted away. He felt safe as long as he knew Dan would be there. Together, the two of them walked up to the front porch and rang the door bell.

Almost immediately the door opened, to John's surprise. Normally it took several tries to get his parent's attention from their work.

"John, you're home!" His mother cried as she welcomed them. "Come in, come in, the both of you, dinner will be ready in a few minutes."

"Err, thanks, mom." John said, slightly taken aback by the sudden enthusiastic greeting. Still a bit surprised at the behavior of his mother, John entered his house, soon followed by the immense Thunderstrike who was thankful that the Parsons had a wide double door so that he could squeeze through.

Before either of them knew it, the two of them were seated at the dining table, looking at a full course meal sitting in front of them. Sometime during the weekend, it looked like the table had been changed to a tasteful yet solid looking stainless steel one, with chairs to match. Dan sat uncomfortably and held himself up, somewhat worried that the chair would collapse under him. He gave John a look, his mind asking if John had anything to do with the changes to the table, but John simply shook his head.

"Oh don't worry Dan; the salesman assured me that they're very strong." Mrs. Parsons said as she saw Dan's nervousness and tense posture in his chair. "While you two were gone I had the sudden urge to redecorate the house to be more modern, though I thought I'd go for practicality as well. The furniture man said it could seat a family of elephants if I wanted to."

Thunderstrike finally felt secure to sit at the dinner table and relaxed, letting his chair feel the full weight of his body. The steel gave a small creak, but it held.

"Mom, why is there so much food? Is a client coming over for dinner?" John asked, still not used to seeing such fancy setting for dinner during weekdays. In fact, John had spent most of them having dinner alone, or, most likely, not eating at all, because he usually felt so lonely in his house he didn't feel like cooking anything.

"Why, it's only just us here." She said, setting down the final dish. "The doctor said you need to eat more, and Dan here has a very healthy appetite as well, remember? Now excuse me, I need to go fetch your father." Giving a cheerful smile, she left the two of them and disappeared out of the dining room.

Feeling a bit uncomfortable, John fidgeted in his chair.

"Is something wrong?" Dan asked.

"No…at least, I don't think so." John was unsure of himself. "Does my mom seem…different to you?"

Dan glanced in the direction Mrs. Parson had left in. "Well, she does seem more like a mom then when I first met her. Maybe after having you gone for the weekend changed her. They say that distance makes the heart grow fonder or something along those lines."

Still, something didn't sit right with him. John had the nagging feeling that something should have happened, but he couldn't for the life of him remember what. John was about to reply to Dan when his parents entered the room again, and dinner started.

While they ate, John's parents struck up a conversation, asking about the trip. It felt strange that his parents seemed genuinely curious about his life, so much that he didn't know how to respond to them. Thankfully, Dan was there to help him and fill in any blanks he left out. John kept waiting for the time where he could tell his parent. However, the longer it went, the more anxious he became.

Finally, he couldn't take it anymore and stood up and started rambling. "Mom, Dad, I have something I want to tell you. I'm gay, and Dan and I have decided we want to be with each other. I'm sorry if I disappoint you, and I can understand if you're angry or disgusted at me, but being with Dan makes me happy, happier than I've ever been before." Finally out of steam, John sat back down and prepared for his parent's reaction.

Mr. and Mrs. Parsons seemed stunned, but that was about it.

"Why did you think we would hate you?" Mrs. Parsons was the first to break the silence.

"John, we knew for a long time that you might be gay." Mr. Parsons told his son. "And you've been particularly close to Dan here, so it comes as no surprise that you two have become a couple.

"Why did you think we wouldn't accept you?" Mrs. Parson frowned.

"W-well…" John hung his head.

"Well, it's true that we haven't been as supportive of you as we should have been." Mr. Parson said. "But after you left, we noticed how…empty the house felt without you, and that's when we realized what we've been doing."

"But we never stopped loving you once, John." His mom cut in. "No matter what, you are our baby."

John's dad nodded along with his wife. "However, we didn't know that you felt so afraid that you needed to hide from us. We're sorry for being such bad parents, and we regret that we didn't realize it until recently, especially since you've already grown up into such a fine young man."

It was all so new and sudden that John simply didn't know how to handle it. He began to sway in his seat, and if Dan hadn't immediately gone to his side he would have probably fainted.

"I think John's had enough for one day." Dan announced, looking at the Parsons. "Is it alright if I take him to his room?"

"Of course you can, Dan." Mrs. Parsons nodded.

"And son, I know it's still too fresh and recent, but… I think you have done a great choice, Dan is a really nice man…" Mr. Parsons said blushing in the same way Johnny was getting at the exact moment, Thunderstrike just smiled down at the father of his beloved blond boy.

"Believe me, sir, I was the lucky one to have John choosing me"

"Oh, we also added some things to his room while he's away." Mrs. Parsons mentioned as Dan helped John to his feet.

John's head rose. "You added what?"

"Oh, it's just some stuff we thought a teenage boy like you deserves to have." Mr. Parsons told him. "Don't worry about it, just go ahead and rest. We'll take care of your chores tonight."

John still didn't fully understand what they had meant until they reached him room. For a brief moment upon entering, he thought he had made a mistake. However, when he looked harder, he saw his backpack and books sitting on a brand new desk, he realized that this was actually his room.

Before, John's room was extremely plain white, with only a small bed and a drawer and closet for his clothes. Now, however, the dull white had been painted over with a cool midnight blue with glow in the dark stars pinned to the roof to match real constellations. To complement the new color, he also had some new things as well: a brand bed, metallic silver desk, one of the latest model laptop computer, a comfortable couch, a stereo with surround system and some game consoles with a HD big screen TV to plug it into!

"Whoa!" Dan exclaimed as they entered the room. "This place looks great!" Dan checked out John's room. "It's like your room got the Extreme Makeover treatment. Shit, they even got you a PS3, Wii AND an X-Box!"

A dozen different questions floated around in John's mind. "B-but, I don't know how to play..." John said, still trying to take in his new room. It was just...just...hell, he couldn't even think of a word to describe how he felt. It was like awe, shock and confusion all wrapped up in one.

"Don't worry; we'll have plenty of time for me to teach you later." Dan winked. "For now, how about we just relax on the couch here and watch some TV?"

"O-okay..." John nodded, so stunned by the rapid succession of events that he was willing to follow the first suggestion he heard.

Guiding John to the couch, Dan leaned forward to whisper into John's ear. "Fuck, you look so damn cute right now. I would fuck you know if only your parents weren't just down the hall."

John blushed deeply as he fumbled for the remote and switched the TV quickly while Dan simply laughed.

Several hours later, Dan was fast asleep, taking all the available space on the couch, but fortunately for John, Thunderstrike was more than happy about John lying atop of him, the mega sized teenager had his powerful arms still wrapped around John. Silently, John enjoyed the feel of his lover's embrace, using the big chest as the perfect pillow for the hard comfort of his muscular mattress.

Nonetheless, John's eyelids were becoming heavy and sleep was swiftly approaching. He somehow fought the urge to close his eyes and lose consciousness and watched the high tech TV, which was playing a special presentation of Back to the Future, a classic 80's movie where Michael J. Fox plays a character that accidentally traveled 30 years back in time.

Dan didn’t last much after the first half hour and dozed off. John somehow managed to stay awake because although he had seen the movie a couple of times, for some reason it had a totally different appeal for him, especially nearing the conclusion. The clumsy interventions of Marty Mc. Fly in his parent's lives ended up giving his coward father the courage to confront his bully Biff Tannen to fight for the love of his girl, which not only guaranteed the existence of the main character's family, it further resulted in the improvement of their once miserable lives.

Silently, John smiled because as most silly as it seemed, that cheesy sci-fi comedy had a lot of things in common with his own life. For starters, just like Marty's parents John had some unresolved issues in his past: he spent so many years suffering and feeling bad about himself all the time. He feared his parents never really loved him because he was not smart or good enough for them. Even back when he was just a boy, he feared Danny would never like him anymore once he started hanging out with the bigger kids; Parsons realized he had lived in fear for so long that he actually let all that negative emotion take over his entire life.

John felt silly for his past stupidity. He could see now that his fears were the greatest obstacles in his life, and now that he had managed to surpass them, he actually realized how much time he had lost. What would his life be like if he had been brave enough to face his problems when they first appeared instead of running away like a frail rat? Maybe he would have a better relationship with parents, or who knows if he was just a bit bolder, he wouldn't let Dan turn into the mercilessly bully he had been for so many years.

John realized he had been pondering about the philosophic implications of "Back to the Future" for too long, it was just a blockbuster from the eighties and nothing else, he just needed a good night of sleep. Besides, his past didn't seem so important now that he had all the things he thought he would never be worth to have, all that mattered for John was making his beloved behemoth happy, if he could change anything in the past, Parsons would only try to keep Thunderstrike safe from any harm. With that in mind, the blond haired gifted kid just had the energy to adjust himself on Dan's humongous pectoral pillow before he quickly fell asleep.

* * *

Six touchdowns – Danny had marvelously scored six touchdowns and he had intercepted at least half of the adversary's passes, not to mention the amazing stamina and endurance the 5th grader displayed during the half hour the game lasted. And he was playing against the biggest sixth graders, who were just awestruck by his unearthed skills. The once skinny Walla-Walla Native American had not only gone through an impressive growth spurt, he had definitely conquered the respect of all the older boys, most of whom were already smaller than the prodigious football player.

"Okay dudes, you won, but next time we play, we get Thunder boy!" The captain of the losing team surrendered when Thunderstrike easily broke through the pathetic block his teammates attempted. The big kid just scored for the seventh time, and like all the previous times he waved to the same blond skinny boy who kept cheering for him enthusiastically.

Danny's winning smile was dazzling charming. Anyone could notice he wasn't happy just because he had won; his glowing enthusiasm came from his love for the sports, the passion for being a contender. At that moment, Danny wasn't just a kid playing with some other boys after class; he was a true sportsman exercising his great skills.

"It's Thunderstrike, and it's a deal. Next time I play on your team." Dan told them as he helped the kid he knocked down get back on his feet.

"If you play like that again, I call you anything you want bro! The name's Tyler by the way…" The other captain was a very hefty African-American dressed in a NY Jets jersey that now was totally stained by the mud and grass stains.

"Oh come on! I was the one who found out the wiz-kid now you want to take him out from me?" The captain of Danny's team protested, and so did all the other mates.

"It's not fair for you to get him all the times we play, Chad!" Tyler and his own teammates complained about the exclusivity over Thunderstrike's skills, and suddenly Danny felt really embarrassed for being disputed so vividly by the older kids.

"Guys, guys, it's not a big deal. I can play both ways, taking turns to play on each team, so things are all evened up huh?" Thunderstrike tried to be diplomatic, because he knew deep down, it didn't matter in which team he played, he would surely win. They were far from his skills and even Johnny had more talent in one arm than most of those boys. Suddenly an idea occurred to him. "I only have one condition, you have to let my friend Johnny play, and I'm telling you he's got some great skills."

"You mean that blond kid that was cheering for you? Can he play at all?" Chad asked frowning.

"Of course he can! He may look a bit small, but he's got a great throwing arm. Besides, I taught him everything he knows, and he won't disappoint in the field, you'll see!" Danny assured him as he returned the ball to Tyler, who seemed totally convinced about the argument. If it meant getting to play with Dan, he’d allow kindergarteners to join in if that was what it took.

"Well sure, next time, bring him along and we'll make room for him!" The sixth grader enthusiastically shook hands with Danny, followed by all the other players, who were still impressed by his uncanny playing skills.

Danny just smiled and greeted the boys, but he kept trying to locate Johnny among them. Although Dan was taller than most of the guys around him, he couldn't seem to find John, probably because most of those boys were much taller than his short friend. But Johnny would be there, they would go back home together, they always walked home together.

John had watched the entire match with great enthusiasm. He was still electrified by the fact Danny had scored seven amazing touchdowns, but when the match was over, Thunderstrike was suddenly surrounded by all the players. They were all fighting to see who would get Danny in the next match. Johnny knew his friend should be really happy, but at the same time he pondered if he should go talk to Dan right then. After all they were tall big football players and they had nothing in common with John; they would probably tolerate him just because he was friends with Danny.

The blond kid got his stuff and began to walk home. Maybe he should just call Dan later on the phone. When Dan was around so many jocks, deep down John was just afraid Thunderstrike would not remain friends with him now that all those cool big kids had seen just how amazingly he can play. Who wouldn't chose being friends with the coolest and most popular kids in school instead of the plain skinny weird kid?

Danny had shaken hands with the last player and he was now sure Johnny wasn't on the field; he even saw his own stuff neatly placed under their favorite spot under the tree, which could only mean John's the one who had put it there. Thunderstrike was a bit confused as he walked towards the tree. Why would John let his stuff there when he knew they would come back home together?

"Hey, Dan!" He turned around, hoping it would be Johnny calling for him, but it was just Tyler and Chad.

"Listen, dude, we are gonna hang out on that soda shop in the mall, don't you wanna celebrate our crushing victory over those pansies?" Chad asked, seizing the opportunity to tease Tyler.

"Yeah, bro, you can also plan how you will help me getting even with those morons for the humiliation you've put me through." Tyler said, trying to look cool even after such devastating defeat.

"Gee, guys, I'd love to hang out with you, but the thing is, I have to do something with my buddy Johnny, but maybe next time huh?" Danny didn't hesitate to choose John over people he had just met.

"The blond kid? I just saw him leaving the school, dude…" Tyler pointed to the main gate, something that sent a chilly ache through Dan's gut.

"A-are you sure? I mean he was just there watching the game…" Dan mumbled, seeming totally disorientated.

"Yeah, Dan, I've seen him too. It seems he had forgotten about your plans." Chad said quickly patting the wide shoulders of the best player he had ever seen. "You can always call him later, man, I think what you need right now is a nice refreshment, totally on me. After all you helped me kicking Tyler 's butt over here!" The 6th grader still tried to convince Thunderstrike to come along with the rest of the players.

"In my opinion, Dan was the one who kicked your butt! You were just lucky enough to have him playing on your side…" Someone said all of a sudden, drawing their attention, and Thunderstrike didn't need to look back to know who had said such that.

"Johnny! Where the hell were you? The guys told me they saw you leaving!" Dan asked quickly getting back to the tree where his best friend was leaning.

"Oh…I just had to go to the bathroom for a second since I couldn't take my eyes of the game, because you were on fire!" Johnny said as he hugged his big, best friend excitedly. "You've kicked some serious 6th grade butt today!" John reassured his statement by looking at Chad and Tyler without any fear or hesitation.

The jocks seemed a bit innerved about John's harsh comments, but above everything they didn't want to upset Thunderstrike, so it would be better if they just put up with the skinny boy. "Yeah, dude, I can't wait for my turn to play on your team…" Tyler replied in a visibly uncomfortable tone.

"It's no problem dude, and like I said, Johnny here will show his own talents as well." Thunderstrike tapped his friend's shoulder as they got ready to leave.

"Sure, you can play with us if you want, little dude, that is, if you don't think we'll be too rough for you to handle…" Chad asked, looking directly into the eyes of the much shorter guy, trying to intimidate such peppy little brat. Usually, Johnny would just say something to dissuade Dan's idea to include him in the game, but after seeing those guys playing for so long and thanks to the practice he had with his best friend, Parsons knew those big bullies had nothing on him.

"That's nice from you dude but I think I'll turn out okay, Danny told me one trick or two about using my speed and agility against the bigger foes…" Johnny said politely, yet also very firmly, something that actually impressed the sixth grader, so he just remained quiet after that.

"Erm…so do you guys want to hang on the soda shop?" Tyler still tried to have Danny there, even if they had to drag the little kid with them.

Both Johnny and Danny exchanged looks, because words were unnecessary for them to communicate with each other.

"Sorry dudes, we have to do something important, but next time we will be there, it's a promise!" Danny waved at the sixth graders as they took their usual way back home.

"Yeah, next time!" John had a winning smile on his thin lips, because he had not only faced the fear of rejection, he had proved himself it was just silliness of his own mind, Danny was friend before, and he would be always his friend, just because he could play with the bigger and cooler kids it didn't necessarily mean their friendship was doomed.

Dan and John, tried to seem cool and distant all the way out of the school facilities, but once they were outside, both of them laughed so hard their bellies were soon aching, tears running through their eyes. They actually didn't have any kind of important to do, they could have perfectly accepted such unexpected invitation, but suddenly it felt irresistible to just pass on it, after all, both of them had been completely ignored by the same guys for years.

"Man this is just precious; those guys never knew what hit them…"

"Oh, I know, they were run over by the Walla-Walla express!" Johnny concluded Dan's comment which only made them laugh even louder.

The way back home had never seemed so beautiful, especially because those boys were so happy and excited about what had just happened – Danny had totally kicked the butts of those obnoxious sixth graders, proving that he was the best player, but not just that, they had both just discarded the opportunity to hang out with the coolest kids in school, which, according to the twisted scholar social rules had just promoted them into a new VIP status, they were cool enough to snob the cool kids!

“So, “Thunder boy” I bet you are too tired after crushing those poor sixth graders.” Johnny asked with a glint in his eyes.

“Not at all dude, you know those guys gave up after just 30 minutes, we have played for much longer!” Danny replied a bit surprised about that question.

“Oh good, so will you say about racing me all the way to the park?” Parsons asked with a challenging look.

“I’ll say you’re just about to lose again, dude…” Dan was a competitive young fellow after all; he wouldn’t let anyone undermining his capabilities, even his skinny best friend.

“Oh really? Then eat my dust Thunderstrike!” Johnny said as he deliberately took a head start, heading straight into the beautiful Park.

“Cheater!” Danny said as he quickly pursued his best friend but Parsons pretty much knew that if Danny surpassed him in every other physical activity at least in one thing they were almost equal, and that thing was running, although Dan had the strongest muscles for initial explosion and the longer legs to cover bigger distances, Johnny was an excellent long distance runner using his smaller size and light weight as the perfect weapon against his strappy best friend, in the end they both always came very close from each other, so the thrill of the improbability always dragged them into racing each other, just like any two other boys would do in their age.

Johnny and Danny crossed the Isaiah Haynes Park running very fast, despite the fact they still carried heavy backpacks along with them.

“I'm gonna catch you shorty!” Dan yelled as his thick muscular legs got him to shorten the distance between the sprinters in a few precious inches.

“Not this time, stretch!” Parsons replied as he used his great sprint control to run a bit faster, he didn’t even need to look back to know soon Dan would be right on his tail again.

They approached the final leg of their improvised competition, there was a soft grassy hill just ahead of them, and the refreshing view of the flower gardens below, most of kids just loved to spend their weekends rolling down the hill, while the couples just prefer to sit on the concrete benches and enjoy the romantic view.

Johnny used all his inner power to ignore the exhaustion pain spreading all over his leg muscles, trying to breathe deeper and calmer to keep the first place, but Dan was just behind him, soon they were actually side by side when they started running down the hill, each runner using all he’s got to beat the other, but when Dan noticed he could actually lose because of Johnny’s false start, he just decided to make things even.

“You’re going down, Parsons!” Thunderstrike said as he tackled his best friend, but unlike a football match, he just twisted his body in mid air, using his bigger frame to protect Johnny’s body from the fall.

“What? Nooooo!!!” Parsons screamed as he felt the weight of his friend rolling over his own body, everything just turned into a blur, rolling down so fast, he couldn’t tell upside from upside-down, just feeling how tightly Danny’s muscular body was pressed against his own. At first he was scared when Thunderstrike tackled him out of nowhere, but then, as they rolled each time faster, Johnny only had one single thought in his mind, he just wished that hill could be eternal, because he knew that no matter how scary things got, Dan would be always there to protect him.

Their rolling sprint finally came to an ending, but a for a few moments, the world did not stop spinning for both Danny and Johnny, the thrill of the blood rushing through their heads, the smell of crushed grass in their clothes, the heaviness of the limbs provoked by the momentary disorientation on their senses.

“What were you thinking?” Johnny asked as he tried to stand up, but he found his head was still too dizzy, he could still feel Dan’s much heavier body on top of his. They had rolled all the way down to the flower garden; the smell of crushed petals filled their nostrils.

“Well, since you cheated in the start, I could just as well cheat in the finish…” Danny just said, still feeling the world spinning inside of his head, he tried to ease his own weight on poor Johnny, fumbling his way, Danny tried to get off his best friend.

“Yeah, but did you need to tackle me like that? I almost had a heart attack!” Danny complained while he felt the pressure over his body increasing, and suddenly, their dripping sweaty faces were just mere inches away from each other, John’s body totally pinned down in the ground by Danny’s bigger and much stronger body.

Johnny sensed the strong scent of the cinnamon skin of his friend’s face so much closer to his own, he knew it was supposed to be awkward but it didn’t feel strange at all. “I thought my heart would jump through my mouth, I’ve never felt such thing before…” He kept talking, still pacing from the thrill he had just been through, but he just wanted to smile and to laugh, his heart had never felt so accelerated.

“Well, buddy, that’s the soon to be world-wide famous Thunderstrike Tackle, and you have just been struck!” Said Thunderstrike as he pressed his own shaking lips against Johnny’s lips, the blond boy at first had no reaction but feeling as Danny’s tongue reached for his own.

Thunderstrike hadn’t plan things like this; he just wanted to take Johnny to a nice place where they could be alone for a few moments, so if anything went wrong there would no one to see it, he wanted to talk to Johnny and tell him all the things he had been feeling, he wanted to know if there was any reciprocity, because Danny had never felt that way for anyone, especially for another boy, but deep down the strappy kid knew Johnny was not just another boy, he was the only one, boy or girl, that he wanted to kiss.

At first, Parsons wanted to believe it was all just some kind of unexplainable misunderstanding, but once he felt Danny reaching for his own tongue, he just gave up trying to find any reasonable explanation to kiss Danny back.

It was not technically the most phenomenal kiss in the story of mankind, they were just young boys, who were clearly very afraid and nervous about the situation, Danny’s tongue was a bit too eager, while Johnny’s didn’t exactly know how to act in such cases, the kiss was indeed a very clumsy one, but such details were not important at the moment, because what really mattered was that Danny had no fear to kiss Johnny, and the blond kid was more than happy to accept such tender token of appreciation.

Hence, for those two young boys, to whom it truly mattered, it had been indeed the most phenomenal kiss in the story of mankind.

The whole world seemed to stop its spinning, time froze and the bells rang in all the towers, even the nature seemed to bow before the power of their kiss, a refreshing breeze came out of nowhere, engulfing their sweaty, dirty shaking bodies, spreading all the petals over which they had just run over into the air, creating some kind of flowery twister whose sweet fragrance filled all their senses.

Danny opened his eyes, only to find catch the beautiful puppy eyes of the skinny boy still half way closed. They didn’t have to say anything; they didn’t have to tell anything, a smile was all Thunderstrike needed to know if Johnny felt the same way about him.

And he got the most beautiful, radiant, glowing white smile, for just one moment, it suddenly seemed all the light in the universe irradiated exactly from Johnny’s mouth.

Suddenly, before he could listen to what Johnny had to say, Dan found himself in the same scenario of his recurrent dream, the giant tree stood high and wide like always as Dan approached it. There were only very few pieces of old bark left on the tree, the brilliant luster of the tree almost completely revealed now. The transformation was nearly complete, and soon a new, more radiant tree would be born from the withered remains. Excited, Dan rushed to the tree and hugged it, and once again thunder struck.

Dan opened his eyes, and found himself in John's room. It was morning now. Sometime during the movie he had fallen asleep. He started to rise, but then he felt something soft and warm on top of him. Looking down, he discovered John lying on top of him, his incredibly beautiful face pressed against the swell of his left pec. Smiling, he flexed his muscle to lift John's head up a bit higher so he could get a better view. A soft moan came from John's throat and the little guy rubbed his cheek against the smooth skin of Dan's huge pec. Dan thought it was very cute until John moved down and then suddenly clamped onto Dan's nipple. Thunderstrike gave a gasp as he felt pleasure shoot from his chest straight to his dick. Quickly he looked down to see if John was doing this on purpose, but to his amazement the little guy was still sleeping.

Dan was breathing heavily as his cock throbbed in his pants. He wanted nothing more then to fuck right now, but John just looked so peaceful suckling him that he resisted waking him up. In the meanwhile, John’s hands began to move with a life of their own, exploring the broad expanse of Dan’s humongous body. The touch was a gentle caress, so soft and warm, a reflection of John himself. John nuzzles himself into his pecs as he hugged Dan like some sort of giant teddy bear, causing the big guy to moan uncontrollably from the pure love and bliss he was experiencing. His cock was painfully erect, his balls screaming for relief. He realized that he couldn’t hold himself back much longer. Any moment now he was going to cu-

The alarm clock on the bed stand went off and John’s cuddling stopped. Slowly, his eyes fluttered open, than he yawned cutely as he sat up. “Good morning Dan. Did you sleep well?”

Dan stared at him. Here he was, leaning back on the sofa, his muscles drenched in sweat and his breathing heavy with arousal from the edge of climaxing, and the little guy just woke up as if nothing had happened! Suddenly he began to laugh.

“Is something funny?” John asked with his eyebrows arched.

“Oh no, nothing at all hon.” Dan chuckled. The best part of it all was that John didn’t even know what he was doing to him. Damn, if he woke up to that every morning, he’d be the happiest man alive. Then again, he was already the happiest man on earth…as well as the biggest, strongest, and sexiest. And it was all thanks to this little angel straddling his massive thigh.

“Oh John, I love you.” Dan leaned forward and planted a kiss on his lips.

“I…I love you too.” John blushed deeply. It was then that he noticed that the alarm clock was still ringing, and his eyes widened. “Oh no, we’re going to be late!” In a burst of speed he jumped off of Dan and ran around, rushing to get ready for school.

Dan could only laugh as he watched John scramble around to get his things. His laughter was cut short when John threw off his clothes to change. He had seen John naked many times before, but this was the first time he had a full, clear view of him.

John was…he was…beautiful. The pale skin actually gave him an unearthly luminosity. His blonde hair would flash as they catch the morning light from the window. Although John’s body wasn’t large like Dan was, there was still a kind of strength to it in the way he moved. And that bulge…it looked so inviting within the confines of his briefs that Dan wanted to rip them off and drink from John’s cock. It was all cut far too short when John pulled on a shirt and jeans. Suddenly painfully aware of the bit of drool hanging from the side of his mouth, Dan stood up and got ready as well.

Soon, they were riding in Dan’s truck towards school. Although they had ridden there together every day for the past few school days, John was suddenly very nervous.

“What if…what if people don’t accept me as your boyfriend?” He asked on the edge of his seat. “What if they hate us because we’re gay, or if they think I’m not good enough for you, or…or…”

“Calm down Johnny.” Dan said as he made a left turn. “If someone starts giving you shit, I’ll just show them these bad boys.” He leaned to the side and flexed his arm in front of John’s face, making a bicep almost as big as his head bulge beautifully. “I ain’t gonna let no one mess with my Summer Breeze and get away with it. And besides, don’t you want people to know we’re together?”

“Yes, I do.” He nodded. “Do…do you?”

“Hell yeah!” Dan grinned. “I want people to know that you’re mine before they try to make a move on you. You’re all mine Johnny, and I’m not sharing!”

John smiled. He doubted that there were as many people interested in him as Dan implied, but it would be a nice to be able to walk down the halls holding hands openly, or kiss each other without worrying about what other people thought.

Finally they reached the school. As they walked through the doors side by side, hand in hand, John had been half expecting a lynch mob waiting for them. However, everything seemed to be normal. Yet somehow, that bothered him. Why wasn’t anyone saying anything? He was holding hands with another guy, not to mention it was Dan, their school hero. However, for some reason he felt as if there were something else they should notice, something obvious, but he couldn’t for the life of him remember what.

They entered the classroom for first period. Dan was about to take a random seat, forgetting that his huge size would break it when the teacher cleared his throat.

“Excuse me Mr. Thunderstrike, but you know as well as I that you require reinforced seating that would handle your weight.” He said as-a-matter-of-factly. “Your assigned desk is in the corner, where it has always been.”

Looking towards the back, they found that there was a large, strong looking desk that looked like it would perfectly seat Dan. Wordlessly Dan and John looked at each other as they went there to sit next to each other.

“How did he get this desk?” He whispered to John, confused. “I mean, we’ve only been gone for a weekend!”

“It’s more then just the desk, Dan.” John said, biting his nail as he thought quickly. “I can’t believe I completely forgot about this, but don’t you think it’s strange that no one’s noticed how big you grown? When everyone last saw you, you were still within reasonable proportions, but now you’re such an inhuman size, and they’re acting as if it’s normal!”

Dan’s eyes widened. “Shit, that’s right! They should be jumping on me, asking what the hell happened to me, but they’re not. I was so focused on supporting you to become open with our relationship that this completely slipped my mind.”

“The same goes for me as well.” John nodded. “I’m just as baffled as you are. Everyone couldn’t have learned about your growth, because we were at your folk’s cabin all during the weekend.” John nodded. “I just can’t figure out how they don’t notice it.”

“Your parents didn’t notice either.” Dan frowned. “Remember, they acted like I was a regular guy too. I think it’s more then just ignoring my changes, because they have this desk made for me as well.” Frowning, Dan looked down at the surface of his desk, running his hand over an etching in the surface. “Quick, do you have the school yearbook on you?”

John nodded and quickly rummaged through his backpack until he found it. “Here.” He handed it to Dan.

Thunderstrike opened the book, which almost immediately came to one of his pictures. In the back of his mind he felt a purr of delight from the fact that John had looked at his pictures so often that the book would naturally fall open to his pages. However, that delight gave way to surprise as he looked down at himself. The Dan in the picture was huge, somewhat smaller then his current size and bulk but still outrageously larger then his old self. He flipped through the pages to find that all of his pictures were altered, showing a muscle bound freak in every one.

“This is…this is…I don’t know what this is.” John said, shocked by the turn of events.

Dan continued to flip through the pages until finally he reached the section of the yearbook dedicated entirely to him. "Shit! It says I’m already the heaviest wrestler in the world!” He scanned the page’s content and gasped very loud. “John... it... says here I’m already seven times national and world champion and that I’ve been training for the Olympics of Beijing!"

“Th-that’s impossible!” John said, staring at the page.

Dan flipped through the sheets to reveal pictures of the two of them celebrating his latest victory. "I guess... that's why no one that it was strange that we were so close!"

"What do you think is going on?" John asked in a strained whisper. "Do you think everyone is playing some sort of joke or something? These images, as far as I can tell, they're not any shopped photographs. And either way, my yearbook was locked in my room."

“I... don't know Johnny... but... I think we are the only ones who remember the past like it really was. It’s like we entered a parallel world...” Dan turned the page to suddenly find John’s section in the yearbook, then looked at him in shock. "John! It says here you are the president of student body for at least two years now!”

"Excuse me Mr. Thunderstrike!" The teacher said before John could react. "I am trying to teach a class here, so please keep your talking down."

"Erm... sorry mister, I was just talking to John about some... financial problems of the committee..." Dan lied quickly, hoping it matched with the new reality. "Can we leave for a few minutes? It’s really important." Even in a different world, Dan utilized his full, dazzling charm that was universally irresistible.

"Alright." the teacher faltered. "Ten minutes, and that's that. But honestly, what do you two do, taking these important errands all the time?" He mostly muttered to himself. Quickly the two boys got out of their seats and into the halls.

"What do you think is happening?" John asked.

“I think...your powers were far greater than either of us realized. It looks like you have brought us to a new dimension, or at least changed it, where all this wonderful things happened to us." Dan placed his hands on John’s shoulders "And I think in this world, all that horrible things that tore us apart never happened! It’s like our lives had been always like this. They’re used to my massive size and to your amazing intellectual skills. See, look there.” He pointed to the "Hall of Honor" board, a collection of names of the school’s top students at the end of every year. John’s name was listed for every year ever since he came in as a freshman!

"But...but that can't be right!" John said. However, even as he said this, they were both suddenly aware of other memories floating around in their heads. Memories of them being together since childhood, memories of their friendship all the way up to high school, it was as if he had lived two different lives. The old memories were still there, but they were also supplemented with new ones as well. "I'm not student president material or that smart. I’m just an ordinary guy! How am I supposed to keep up with this new reality?"

"With an IQ well above 250 points I think you can..." Dan tapped the relevant information on John’s student profile in the yearbook.

“Maybe it’s a typo?” John said hopefully.

"John... you are all that! I mean you have always been extremely smart. You kept your talent hidden because…well, because the world treated you like shit! But in this reality, none of the bad stuff had ever happened to you... perhaps this allowed you to develop into your full potential."

“No, no, I…I can’t have that kind of power!” John said almost fearfully, his limbs trembling.

“You can and you do.” Dan snapped the textbook shut, making John jump. “This proves it. You’re so powerful you’ve altered the fabric of space and time itself to your liking. My growth, fixing the damages I caused, the way everybody’s been acting; they’re not several different abilities, but a great and all powerful one. You…you’re a god.”

John looked at him, and then suddenly he fell upon his knees, weeping uncontrollably. Right away Dan was by his side.

“John, what’s wrong?” He asked, alarmed.

“Everything!” John sobbed. “Everything is wrong!”

“I don’t see how.” Dan said, baffled.

“You said so yourself that I altered reality to my liking. What’s to say that you love for me is something that I had forcibly changed?”

“You…you think I don’t love you?” Dan said, surprised.

Parsons nodded, unable to look at Thunderstrike’s face. “I’ve changed everyone. The students, the teachers, even my parents. What’s to say that I didn’t change your mind as well? That day when you stuffed me in the locker, I thought about how good it was when we were friends, and then you started to treat me kindly again. Then, I thought about how much I loved you, and how I wanted you to love me back, and then you did. I…I don’t want to force you to love me, Dan. I want you to truly, truly love me, from the deepest depths of your heart, not because of my powers. I’d rather that you didn’t love me at all then to force you.”

“Is that what you really want?” Dan asked intently.

“Yes, it is.” John sobbed.

Dan looked at him, and then suddenly he kissed him so deeply that John’s tears abruptly stopped and all of the panic left him. When they broke the kiss, Dan smiled warmly.

“I still feel the same I always felt, my Summer Breeze.” Dan held him close. “And since you wanted me to love you for real without the help of your powers, this means I truly, truly love you with all my heart.”

John rested his head against Dan’s huge chest, everything coming to him so fast. “Even though I’m so…ordinary?”

“You’ve never been ordinary.” Dan rumbled as he gently squeezed John slightly. “I just wish you could see just how amazing you really are.”

Suddenly the both of them were enveloped by a thunder strike that seemed to have appeared out of nowhere. Briefly the two of them saw an image of a vast, flowering tree encased in a prison of its own ugly old bark. However, the searing flames of the lighting burned it all away until it revealed a brand new tree, reborn from the ashes of itself. When the light disappeared, they were both back in the hall with only the sweet scent of flower petals lingering in the air, but something was different. John was no longer the 5'4" boy he used to be, but a hefty 5'11"185 pounds of solid built and something so beautiful, so perfect, and so dazzling impeccable that for a moment Dan was blinded by his angelic radiance.

“John…” Dan reached up and brushed his love’s cheek. It was so soft, so smooth.

“Yea?” John lifted his head. His voice was the same, but it carried a confidence and strength in it to make it one of the sexiest voices on the planet, turning Dan on in so many ways.

"Nothing...” Dan stifled a moan. “You are the only one who matters most to me, my Summer Breeze. Whatever happens from now on, I just don't care as long as we are together in this, do you understand that?"

“Yes Dan.” John smiled, making him even more beautiful. “And you are the same for me, my big, strong Thunderstrike.”

“Then you’ll need to see this.” Dan said as he lifted John up and carried him to the bathroom. When they were in front of the mirror, Dan set him down so John could see his reflection.

When John looked into the mirror, he saw his new face and new clothes. His outfit was hip and in trend, his body hot and his muscles noticeable beneath his tight shirt and jeans. His hair was still somewhat messy looking, but now it somehow made him look even more attractive. His skin was still soft and tender, but now it was tanned and healthier. John had changed from a scared, tiny boy into the most beautiful man in existence.

“Wow…is this…is this me?” John looked at himself in amazement. “I look like I changed into a completely different person!”

“You’re wrong about that, John.” Dan said, moving behind him as he wrapped his arms abound his love. “You’ve just become the person you always were, the same man I had seen in you since the beginning. You’ve assumed the form as beautiful as your soul, My Summer Breeze.”

"And it's all thanks to you, Dan." John said, resting his hand on Dan’s cheek. "If it weren't for you, I would have stayed alone for the rest of my life. You complete me."

John delicate hands grabbed one of Dan’s hugely thick fingers “I need you Dan, I need you right now…” The newly gorgeous Parsons sounded husky and sexy.

“H-here? Are you crazy? People could just walk in on us…” Dan suddenly gasped, as he felt an incredibly gush of lust invading his enormous body, but Johnny suddenly giggled.

Suddenly everything around them seemed to stop, the typical sounds of a busy school hallway have completely disappeared, the complete silence reined, the door suddenly turned into a solid wall. Dan shook his head, only to find out the entire bathroom had changed into a beautiful white room, with a comfortable giant sized bed, covered in the softest sheets. Now the uncannily huge Thunderstrike

“I said I needed you Dan, I didn’t say I needed you right there…I think this is a much more suitable place for what we are gonna do don’t you?” John asked casually, gently removing his new clothes, revealing how lean and ripped his new muscles were, his lips carrying a mix of an angelical smile and devilish grin.

“Where are we then?” Dan asked very curious.

“It’s just a hideout, we still are in the school bathroom, but let’s just say it is a little place between now and then, you could say it is a dimension in-between time, one that I can mold into our love nest...” John explained as he looked at the impressive alcove.

“So…I guess you are accepting your powers now?” Dan smiled, quickly getting rid of his own clothes, feeling his muscles pumping with blood and the adrenaline of the moment.

“You have showed me that it doesn’t hurt having these abilities if they’re used for good causes, like making love to the man of my wildest fantasies…” John commented as his unclothed his chiseled upper body, showing his new pectoral muscles were firm, hard and perfectly proportioned; they had an apollonian grace, which contrasted to Dan’s monstrously hard enormity.

Dan whispered while John moved to get take his pants off “You are the most beautiful person in the universe…” and the once scrawny rat boy just chuckled “This is your fault too you know? My powers are triggered by your happiness; I don’t think I could ever develop them if you weren’t at my side…” John moved onto the bed where Thunderstrike embraced him, nesting his newly muscular body into the humongous monstrosity of his gargantuan muscles.

“You’re saying that I turned you? I'm telling you John you’ve always been like that…”

“Yeah, until you wished I could see myself the way you did, and that’s when the change begun, together, my mind and your heart can actually bend time and space…” John added while reaching to kiss his massive lover, Thunderstrike moaned and accepted the kiss, feeling his own euphoria on realizing his lover had finally got rid of his gloomy, self destructive attitude.

The monstrous Dan just ran his enormous hands over his augmented, yet much smaller lover, but suddenly he noticed something rather impressive, Dan’s uncanny strength soon ripped John’s new clothes like they were made of paper, revealing something that made the Walla-Walla giant gasp.

“Danny? What happened?” For one moment John thought something would ruin their special moment, however, he felt right away that things would just get better, because Thunderstrike gasped at the impressive size of Johnny’s new cock, along with the uncanny balls that composed that mega sized genitalia, it was so huge, so enormously big that only one creature would handle such monstrosity of a phallus – and that same man suddenly noticed his life was indeed good.

“Yeah…I'm just surprised that my mind wished for things I didn’t even know I wanted…” Dan finally commented as he caressed the enormous manhood resting between John’s legs.

Now it was John’s turn to gasp “Oh…dear…I…don’t know why it grew so much…” John commented, trying to hold his chuckle, but Dan already knew the reason.

“You are right, John, it grew really enormous, and we’d better make some use of all your new size…’ Thunderstrike kissed his lover as he adjusted his monstrously wide back in the mattress of their dimensional alcove.

Parsons’ eyes widened as he watched Dan’s oak trunk sized legs hoisting in the air, revealing the muscular monstrosity of the Thunderstrike. “I…just don’t know from where to start?” John confessed feeling extremely nervous.

“Oh I think you already figured it out…” Dan whispered as they both noticed the immensity of John’s cock growing harder to accomplish such herculean task. John moaned as his cock seemed to possess his senses, his thoughts and his actions.

The blond hunk just adjusted his stance, kissing the impossibly thick thighs of his lover, as he finally felt brave enough to insert the enormous pole inside the love of his life “You completed me Dan…”

The giant Native American didn’t feel pain, partially because of his superhuman density and impossible muscular thickness, not to mention the augmented size of his butt whole, nonetheless, Dan felt exactly everything, the pressure of the humongous alabaster shaft penetrating his virgin ass, for the first time he felt someone up in his ass, just like he felt someone inside his heart after too long.

John never felt that manly before, although Dan was the epitome of muscularity and manhood, he could share part of that glory, now that he got to top the strongest man in the universe, his cock seemed so right inside all those muscles, the warmth of Dan’s body felt so tender, so calm, each time John pulled out he felt a sharp cold breeze that only made him desire being inside his lover again.

“Oh…shit..oh fuck… John!” Dan flexed his muscles involuntarily, squeezing the super huge cock inside him, which only made John scream of pleasure, his own libido increasing, he wanted to keep fucking the man he loved forever, Parsons twisted his hips, he wanted to go even deeper inside of Dan, who, despite being so massively humongous, proved to be an excellent bottom as well.

“John…oh deeper, please…oh shit…you do it so good!” Dan begged for more, which only increased the flame of passion inside John’s enormous sword, like a possessed man, the angelical hunk fucked the gargantuan muscle beast in an epic showdown muscle and manhood. John felt his the muscles of his lover increasing, and as Dan grew even bigger, even more gargantuan, Parsons just laughed, thrusting his head back and pouring his growth power over Dan; he just wanted to give his lover all that he deserved, if he was Summer Breeze than Thunderstrike would never feel the cold of winter, for their love was to be eternal.

John held the legs of his lover, standing up so he could reach deeper inside him, he just pushed the enormous cock one last time and unleashed an unheard animalistic sound, a truly powerful laughter that came from the inner depths of his very soul, in a moment, he was having a tremendous time fucking for the first time, all of a sudden John’s cock started trembling, shaking and vibrating inside him, and Dan didn’t feel it until he was flooded with John’s love seed.

The lovers could only moan in unison for the moments their orgasms lasted, feeling their passion increasing as their bodies flooded the world outside, finally they felt the rest of their senses returning.

“We gotta do this more often…” Dan said as he tried to recover his breath, the smile on John’s face showed he pretty much appreciated his first time. “Believe me, whenever you want, lover, whenever you want…” They kissed passionately, reaching for each other’s comfort as their bodies still shook from such intense orgasms.

“So…all of this happed apart from the rest of the world?” Dan asked hugging his man in the inhuman hugeness of his muscles.

“Pretty much…when we get out, it will be like a few seconds after we entered here…” John considered as he looked at the impossible size of his lover “I… guess the effects on your body when I get to fuck you are even more impressive…”

Dan just smiled “Who cares? Now that you can grow me as big as want without any fear that the world will consider me to be a freak, I guess you finally understood that I love when you grow me right?”

John nodded “Oh, I got this alright, and we are not stopping making you grow bigger, believe me, Dan” Parsons smiled as he kissed his ultra massive lover for yet another time.

* * *

"I think I'm starting to get used to this." John smiled.

Dan looked at who John was watching. Before his eyes he saw a skinny freshman nerd, who was struggling to carry his heavy book blurred and became a strong young man, handsome and walking confidently.

"It's too bad no one will know what you've done for him." Dan wrapped his arm around John's shoulder.

"That's alright, I don't need any gratitude." John said, leaning against his giant lover. "It's enough for me to know that I've done something good for him."

"It's more then just good, you just guaranteed his next four years of high school is gonna rock." Dan corrected him. He felt proud of his omnipotent partner. John could have been perfectly content with using his powers to please himself, but the guy wanted to use them to help other people anyway he could. Skinny guys suddenly became athletic and muscular, fat and ugly girls became voluptuous and pretty, loners and shy guys suddenly became outgoing and charismatic.

As the two of them made their way to the cafeteria, Dan suddenly spotted his `old pal' Tyson Green. He was picking on Jake Jones, a little kid he'd been bullying for years. He watched as Tyson messed with the poor guy while laughing. Suddenly Dan saw himself and John in them. He saw and remembered how he was just two weeks ago, taking pleasure in making the little guy suffer. Feeling immensely guilty and enraged, he clenched his hands, making his awesome muscle bulge powerfully as he prepared to go and teach Tyson a lesson he'll never forget.

"Wait." John placed his hand on Dan's forearm, stopping him. "I have something better in mind." He turned to look at Tyson, his face intent and focused. He raised his hand and waved somewhat dramatically.

The image of Tyson and Jake blurred. A moment later they came back to focus. Jake was now a little stud, still a bit short but he had a well built body to back him up. What surprised Dan was Tyson. The guy had gained a few inches of height and a large amount of muscle, looking almost like how Dan was before John's power grew him into a massive man. What was even more surprising was that Tyson was chatting with Jake like they were best friends, the look of cockiness and arrogance gone from his face. Thunderstrike looked down at John, projecting a question with his thoughts.

"It's not his fault Tyson is a bully." John explained. "I looked into his past and found out his Mom ran out on him and his Dad treats him really bad. The only thing that made him feel better was making someone even more miserable then he was. I fixed it so that his Mom stayed and his Dad saw his errors, and between the two of them they raised Tyson with love and care. So now, Tyson and Jake are very close friends. Tyson helps Jake get into shape, and Jake really encourages Tyson to push himself both physically and academically."

"John, have I told you how amazing you are?" Dan said in awe.

"Yes, many times already." John smiled almost shyly. "But that's alright, you can tell me again." His face paused briefly in consideration, as if he just thought of something.

The rest of the day went by like a dream. The two of them were the picture perfect couple, Dan with his powerful muscles and John with his angelic beauty. Dan felt a surge of jealousy when he noticed how people looked at John with some obvious attraction, but that passed away when he realized that John loved only him, and that was what mattered.

However, John seemed to be a bit…distracted by something. His eyes had a distant look to him, his movements a bit stiff and his face creased into the expression of someone concentrating very hard. At first Dan just waved it off as John trying to get used to his new body and life, but as the hours went by he begun to worry. John's breathing was starting to become somewhat strained, and beads of sweat were forming on his forehead. He stayed close by John through the entire school day, fearful that something was wrong.

The bell for last period had rung and they were in the halls again when suddenly John let out an explosive breath and leaned against Dan for support, who immediately took hold of him.

"John, are you alright!?" Dan asked fearfully.

"I am now." John said, taking a few tired breaths. "That was a lot harder to do than I thought. I guess that not all changes are instant, depending on the extent and the repercussions of the changes we have established, the new continuum takes longer to rebuild itself, or perhaps, it's just our remembrances of the former reality in our brains cause some discomfort when this new world unfolds…"

"What did you mean?" Dan started when his cell phone suddenly buzzed, but given the importance of that moment, Thunderstrike wouldn't take any call.

"You'll understand it soon, now you'd better take that call. I know for sure you won't regret it." John announced with a sweet grin in his lips that completely puzzled his lover. Frowning, Dan yanked out his phone out of his pocket, scarcely noting that it was a brand new razor phone that was specially designed for his huge paw. What DID catch his attention, however, was the caller ID name that it displayed.

Trembling, he flipped it open and put the phone to his ear.

John smiled.

"D-Dad?" Dan's voice was almost a whisper, because he first considered to be talking to a ghost, although, the powerful gargantuan lad instantly remembered of every single one of those glorious moments in his new life Johnny, Dan Thunderstrike vividly recalled being with the two people that mattered the most for him – his beloved boyfriend Johnny Parsons, the most beautiful, intelligent and sweetest guy in the surface of the world, and his very father, his greatest supporter and advisor, a man filled with wisdom and love who Thunderstrike thought to be gone due to the tragic events triggered by his rage.

Almost immediately Dan began crying. "DAD! It…it's so nice to hear you... I mean... oh ... never mind...camping...? Sure....can I bring John along? Oh Dad... yeah I know I promise it won't be like that...sure, okay…bye Dad... it wonderful to talk to you again. I…I love you Dad. No, I'm alright, really! I'll see you when I get home. Bye."

Dan shut the phone, turned to John, then dropped on one knee. "How…did it happen, c-can you bring…?" Thunderstrike lowered his voice, suddenly understanding that his very boyfriend was capable of realizing truly miracles.

"It wasn't necessary, Dan, in this rewritten reality, your father…had never really been gone" Parsons hugged his crying behemoth tenderly. "At first, I thought it was just a dream. Turns out I really did project myself back to that day in the fourth grade, and I had the courage to change what I did to make it better."

"Wait…did you dream about that too?" Dan asked, surprised to such coincidence, although in terms of John's capabilities, coincidences would probably have much deeper repercussions.

Johnny's cute smile was just priceless. "Dan, at first I thought it was just a dream too, however I understand now that we were both reenacting the events of that day, thanks to our combined wills, we not only corrected the timeline of our lives; after that kiss we never grew apart, hence I no longer have suffered so many years because I had you at my side, we talked and we shared our very feelings, and because of that, although your uncanny growth continued, there was never all that bottled up anger inside of you, that tragic day of the accident, it never happened, search in your heart, you will see that our former lives, all the sadness and the hate, those are hallucinations now, love, our lives are now what they were supposed to be…" John tried to explain his lover how it would be possible to change reality in such dramatic way.

Dan's eyes filled with tears as he could actually remember how his life had been nothing but completely happy ever since that wonderful day he had kissed his Johnny, the massive Native American teenager felt he had a whole new life mounted in his mind, all those things mentioned on the yearbook actually happened, they weren't hallucinations, John and him were always playing football together, although at some point Dan was actually playing for all teams in school, his massive size and incomparable skills wowed all coaches, journalists and sports doctors, he had been closely studied, but all those science men could attest was the very same thing everyone already knew – Dan Thunderstrike was a phenomenon, such a powerful combination of muscle, strength, speed and skill would probably not be seen again so soon.

The massive monstrously muscular Walla-Walla lad smiled beautifully, kneeling so he could face his lover properly, the uncanny huge paws gently grabbing John's much smaller hand.

"John Parsons, will you marry me?" The powerful voice on the gargantuan muscular monster filled the hallways, John was suddenly aware that everyone in the hallways had stopped to look at them. However, he couldn't tear his eyes away from Dan, whom even though he was kneeling, was perfectly eye leveled with him.

"I don't care if we're teenagers, I don't care about the law, one day we will be married officially, all I need to know is if you want to be the with whom I'll share my life and my heart. Will you marry me?"

John took Dan's head and passionately kissed him on the lips, the most intense and erotic they have ever felt or tasted at that point. When they broke off, John was smiling.

"The answer has always been yes. I've never imagined any other man to spend the rest of my life with." He told him "And I think I can alter things a bit so we can be totally legal. I'm starting to like the idea of changing reality for the better."

The crowd cheered loudly as Dan held John close. "Just don't go overboard." Dan chided his Summer Breeze. "We're no better than anyone else, but as long as we can be together I'm cool with anything you do." Then, sweeping John off his feet, he carried his soul mate out of the school, with all of the students and teachers following to cheer them on.


Ten marvelous years later…

"I've never seen a happier place in my life" Said a well dressed middle aged woman as she looked at the several boys and girls running all over the green lawn. The joyful sounds of kids playing in the ample yard, their innocent laughter filled the isles of that immense complex. Inside his office, Dr. John Parsons-Thunderstrike just smiled as he handed the signed documents back to the social worker.

"Thank you so much Mrs. Wayne.” John told her. “I just hope that with your help, we can bring even more happiness into our home." The sincere beauty of that perfect white smile almost brought tears to her eyes.

"It's all set then, Dr. Thunderstrike.” Mrs. Wayne made a brief check of the papers. “You and your husband will be awarded the custody of these kids, and I'm sure they could never find a better place. You are really doing a great deed." The petite woman stood up to shake hands with the dazzling beautiful blond man in front of them. In fact, as John stood up, the woman couldn't help lifting her head in order to keep eye contact with the perfect man in front of her. At 7'4" tall, 680 pounds of enormously huge muscular physique, John was simply the most dazzling man she had ever met, and perhaps ever will. His blond hair was like golden silk that caught the light, his face free of any blemish or scarring, his smile so dazzling that she would always found herself staring at him. People jumped at the chance to work with the man unanimously named the hottest guy in existence, and both men and woman cried in their sleep from the disappointing fact that he was taken. Currently he was dressed in enormous kakis and white polo shirt that hugged such massive muscles perfectly. Dr. John Parsons-Thunderstrike's size was amazing, only second to the also unworldly standards of his own husband.

"Please understand, Mrs. Wayne, adopting a child is not really any great deed. Dan and I are just bringing our children back home; because we're both hopeful justice will comply with our request to adopt all of them.” Dr. Parsons explained to her. “After all, like Dan, there is always room in our hearts and in his arms to nurse more sons and daughters." John added as he gently shook the social worker's hands.

"I'm praying for that too, Dr. Parsons." Mrs. Wayne’s smile was emotional because she knew those kids weren't likely to be adopted given their ages. Although what she didn’t know was that the sweet 11 year old Amy, the radiant 9 year old Kyra, the smart 10 year old Justin and his scrappy 8 year old brother Kevin, the gracious 5 year old Olive, the shy 7 year old Paul and even 2 year old little Brendan would soon officially become Dan and John’s children, along with their 10 brothers and sisters.

John had to admit that he cheated just a tiny bit, but he just couldn’t help it; he loved all of his kids so much that he’d do anything for them.

He escorted his guest to the corridor, where an aide waited to guide the social work through the series of isles and building of the Parsons-Thunderstrike estate until she could find her car. As the immense world-wide famous Psychiatrist passed by his immense library, another member of his staff called his name.

"Dr. John…I'm sorry to bother you but…" The young man began talking; however he soon realized that certain things didn't need to be said.

"I know Patrick, Dan called from the plane. He wanted to know if things went well with Mrs. Wayne. Don't worry; he already knows the kids are staying here at home for good. Now can you please check if the kitchen is ready to serve dinner? Dan’s plane landed some time ago and is about to arrive. We both know how starving he is after coming back from his missions." He laughed. Patrick bowed with profound respect, and then hurried towards the kitchen to see to the dinner preparations. Smiling, John exited the mansion and went out into the yard.

The view was just breathtaking – 17 kids were playing all over the emerald green grass, climbing the jungle gym, running after each other, riding their bikes, watching the wonders of life in the flowers of the garden or exploring the immensity of their breathtaking new home. Some were simply enjoying the soothing feeling of safety for the first time; others simply knew they were home.

John watched his children playing so peacefully. Silently he reached out with his power and brushed their minds, listening to their very thoughts and making sure all sadness and fears were gone. If he found a problem, he would immediately go to their side and help them overcome them. True, he could easily use his powers to change them, but there was a joy to work with them personally that could never be replaced. His family was so focused in their own business that they didn't even notice their massive father approaching,

"Hey kids…look who's coming back!" John pointed at the private road of their state, there was an immense vehicle quickly approaching the main gate, especially designed to carry the immense size and weight of the anxious driver inside. Then, as they noticed the huge car honking, all the boys and girls suddenly started cheering and running towards John. They were excited to welcome their father after almost a week of absence.

John smiled tenderly as he escorted his children to their father's vehicle. The massive car parked still from far from the main building. The vehicle squeaked and jumped as the enormous weight of its sole passenger moved inside it. The great steel door swung open and two monumental legs poked out, soon to be followed by the rest of that titanic muscle beast as he finally squeezed out from its interior. His uniform consisted of an underarm our shirt, and pants made out with the special navy blue ultra stretchy fabric developed solely for his ever growing muscles. The monumental firefighter also had gigantic booths and an oversized helmet. Not that he really needed such kind of protection, but John always thought no one deserved to wear those more than his husband.

In the days which followed the discovery of their combined abilities, Danny and Johnny realized their powers did not give them the right to re-write history every time something tragic or horrible happened. Although they could do all in their powers to help people, there were limits. For example, John could not extend his powers back past his own birth, nor could he always bring people back to life, especially when too many lives were being affected by the ripple effect. However, John till did his best to aid those in need, changing time and space for the better.

For that reason, although John accepted his proposal when they were still in high school, it has only been 5 years since they've been actually married because they both felt their uncanny condition also meant they ought to make good use of them. So while John decided he would become a psychiatrist, Dan's wrestling career was short lived for a single reason: it soon became obvious that there was no one on earth capable to pin him down. Therefore, after graduating college, Dan decided he should put his ever growing body to good use for mankind. So he joined the Firefighters Corporation, quickly proving that the former sports hero could also do much more than bringing medals and trophies home, the ever growing fortress of muscle was saving lives in a daily basis.

However, Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Parsons-Thunderstrike, couldn't wait any longer, it's been almost a week without seeing his family. Although it has been for a good cause, he still missed seeing their faces. He had just saved thousands from certain catastrophe, which would be provoked by a series of terribly destructive F5 hurricane that hit Florida and Caribbean Coasts.

Fortunately for those people, the superhumanly strong Lieutenant was there to help ever since evacuation, but he was the only one capable of acting during the powerful storm winds that hit the coasts.

At 24 feet and 8" tall, weighing 15,000 pounds of impossibly hard muscles, not even the F5 hurricanes could move the special agent, so Parsons-Thunderstrike could easily build dikes and reinforce barrages. He also rescued people who couldn't leave in time, and after the storm was gone, he moved from place to place, trying to undermine the effects of such devastation. Dan had also worked in the forestall fires, his immense body seemed immune to the toxic smoke or the lethal flames, so he extinguished the dangerous flames before they could reach towns, the unimaginably strength contained by those gigantic muscles actually helped cleaning and rescuing people from disastrous train wrecks.

Nonetheless, Dan just missed his kids so much, not to mention his beloved husband, so as they all came down to greet him, the giant hero easily kneeled and grabbed all his children in one super massive hug, gently lifting the cheering youngsters as he rose to his outstandingly height.

"I missed you kids so much…." Dan repeated as he kissed each and every single one of his children, because he already knew they would never leave. Each boy or girl giggled as their titanic father enjoyed the welcome kisses on his cheeks.

"Dad…I did a picture of you saving people…" Kyra announced.

"Can you lift a ship for us dad? Justin doesn't believe you can…" Willie asked trying to prove to his new brother their father was the strongest being ever.

"I missed you so much dad…" The sweet voice of little four-year old Manuela sounded like music on Dan's ears, but so did all the voices of the other boys and girls who asked him something different, single wishes kids ask their fathers, especially when they believe he is the strongest and best superhero in the whole world. The only difference was that Dan Parsons-Thunderstrike was indeed all those things, but he only felt this way when he could be with his family. In fact, Dan never felt happier to be so gigantically huge and strong, because he could embrace all of his 17 children at once, carrying all of them in his humongous arms.

"Guys, guys, I'll do everything you asked, but can we wait to do them after dinner? Daddy is REALLY starving!" Dan replied, knowing all the excitement of his sons and daughters wouldn't set down until he accomplished their requests.

"But Dad, you are always REALLY hungry…" Little Ryan pointed out, as Dan gently lowered his kids backs on the ground. The kids started laughing at his comment.

"Alright kids, the sooner you go wash up for dinner, the sooner Daddy can play with all of you." John suggested which caused the boys to rush inside the house, screaming to see who would be the first to get ready for dinner. Fortunately for those proud parents, there were several people to take care of such energetic rushes like these.

Johnny remained there looking up at his giant lover, the only man who could ever make him suddenly seem tiny in the world. "Ryan is right you know; you are always REALLY hungry!"

Dan's eyebrows arched "What else can I do if every time we make love I grow bigger? I have to feed all these muscles you give me!" The giant moved very fast to get his husband in his massive arms, their kiss always felt fantastic, but after almost one week apart it was just blissful.

"I have to make you bigger, our family is growing and I don't want any of my kids to feel like their father can't hold all of them at once…" John said leaning his head onto Dan's inhumanly huge chest.

"I am glad you think that way…unfortunately, an orphanage was hit by the flooding. I managed to evacuate them in time, but the building was too old to resist and the government funding is focused on the general repairs first. I was thinking…" Dan commented caressing the golden hair of his lover.

"So how soon can we get them here?" John asked without the slightest hint of surprise.

"Erm…we are talking of 2 dozens kids, Johnny, you don't think it's too much, do you?" Suddenly the massive behemoth just laughed "Of course you don't mind, your love is just infinite…" Dan said kissing his forehead.

"So is yours, honey, so is yours…" The blond enormous doctor then moved higher to kiss the impossibly neck of gargantuan husband. "I've missed you though…so…so much."

"Do you mean you've missed enough to make yourself bigger enough to fuck me?" Dan's voice tone lowered, although it still sounded as powerful as Thunder itself.

John chuckled "It's a possibility; after all we can always create an inter-dimensional alcove to fit our huge bodies, so we won't be disturbed while we…work out a bit…" The blond muscle behemoth suggested, knowing his husband's appetite only seconded for his sex drive.

"Oh well that would be great…" Dan said as he carried his lover inside their humongous mansion, built around the humongous oak tree, a sudden flowery scented breeze surrounded their kissing bodies.