Made for Each Other

“You guys are made for each other!”

Chad Bennett and Blake Porter looked at each other.

“Ya think so, huh?”

That was Chad…or maybe it was Blake.

Tucker Shaw wasn’t sure which one it was and he really wasn’t too interested.

Bennett and Porter had shown up at Muscles in Motion within a couple of days of each other, looking for gym memberships and/or a trainer, and they were both dull as dishwater, from Tucker’s point of view.

Tucker was Muscles in Motion’s top trainer, of course, and quite possibly the best looking man in all of Ottawossamie County.

He certainly thought so and, if asked, preferably in a dark bar with loud music playing in the background and with three or four drinks under their belts, both Chad and Blake would have agreed with Tucker’s assessment.

It didn’t hurt that Shaw was built like a Greek god, 6 feet tall and 225 lbs. of ripped muscle with single digit body fat. Plus a great tan (always hard to come by in Upstate New York, especially in winter), piercing blue eyes, dimpled chin, brilliant white teeth, cheekbones to die for, and a thick mane of wavy blond hair.

“Seriously, yes,” Tucker replied, looking at Blake…or maybe it was Chad.

“You’re both the same age, about the same size, at about the same level, and for what you’re willing to pay you’re each going to be better off finding a suitable training partner,” Tucker continued. “I’ll take you through the basics, then you can have it.”

Just then Suzie Thomas, the buxom former cheerleader squad leader, walked in the front door and Tucker for all intents and purposes dematerialized, leaving his two newest gym members staring at each other, not quite sure how to begin.

Chad Bennett looked at Blake Porter.

What he saw was, well, it wasn’t bad:

About his height, so a shade under 6 ft., probably about his weight (160 lbs.), not fat, not skinny, just sort of shapeless. Vaguely strawberry blond hair (i.e., not quite blond, not quite brown, not quite red), peaches and cream skin, well-defined sideburns, slightly weak chin offset by really nice dimples, and great horn-rimmed glasses.

Porter stuck out his hand, which Bennett took in his own. Firm grip, he noted, nothing namby-pamby but none of the macho “let’s see if I can make you wince” shit that was all too common among their age group.

“I’m guessing Tucker is right,” Blake said. “Of course, we both filled out the membership card so he would, wouldn’t he?”

Chad chuckled.

“I guess he would, come to think of it.”

They compared notes. They were, in fact, both 5 feet 11 ½ inches tall and 160 lbs. Likewise, they were both 22 and recent college graduates.

“But I’m from here originally,” Chad pointed out. He had gone to school downstate and was now back in town working for a local accounting firm, whereas Blake had earned his RN at the local SUNY branch and was now working for the community hospital.

“And I’m happy to be out of the city,” Blake noted. “It’s a fun place to visit but living there, man, it can be a pain in the ass.”

Not that you’d have any problem there, he added to himself.

Chad might not have much of a body but from Blake’s point of view he was a real looker. Wavy-dark hair, sultry brown eyes, sexy stubble, and luxuriant black curls filling the open v-neck of his polo shirt.

“So what are your goals?”

They asked at the same time, then laughed.

“I don’t want to get too big,” Chad said. “That fitness model look is what I’m aiming for.”

Blake raised an eyebrow.

“Really?” he said. “Me, I want to get as big as possible.”

Chad did a double take.

“Football big or Hulk big?” he asked.

Blake looked him dead in the eye.

“I wanna make a public spectacle of myself,” he said, completely serious. “I want to make the Hulk look like a little girl.”


Damn, Chad thought, that’s fucking sexy as a hell!

“Mmm, uh, well, hmmm,” Chad began, then covered his confusion with a cough.

Blake pounded him on the back…and let his hand linger after Chad finished coughing!

“I don’t think I’ll be able to keep up with you, not in the long run,” Chad continued. “But we’re starting in the same place and I’ve been told I’m good at motivating people.”

Blake squeezed Chad’s shoulder.

“Then it’s a deal?”

Chad stuck his hand out.


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