Made for Each Other 2

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�He�s so fucking hot,� Blake muttered under his breath.

Chad shot him a glance. Whether or not he knew it, Blake was staring at Tucker Shaw…and getting a chubby doing so!

�Down boy,� Chad said. �Let�s focus.�

With that peaches and cream complexion, there was no way Blake could hide a blush at the best of times…and this wasn’t the best of times.

�Uh�� he started.

Chad chuckled.

�And, yeah, he is,� he added.

It was Blake’s turn to look Chad up and down.


Chad nodded.

�Unless you�ve got that bi thing going on, we�re members of the same club, buddy boy.�

Blake let out a long whoosh of air.

�In that case��

Chad pointed to the bench.

�Twelve reps � now!� he commanded.

It was a week after Shaw had introduced the two of them and three days after he had spent one hour taking them through a very sketchy workout routine.

�Here�s how to do this, here�s how to do that, here�s how to do the other,� as Chad recalled it.

Neither of them had ever spent any time in the gym which was why Blake was a portrait of concentration as he lifted the weight off the stanchions – a grand total of 95 lbs. – and smoothly cranked out the reps.

�Not so fast next time,� Chad said. �And remember to breathe.�

Then it was his turn.

Afterwards they went to The Diner and pigged out on breakfast food, scrambled eggs and bacon and sausage and French toast and endless cups of coffee.

�So, you live with your parents, right?� Blake asked.

Chad rolled his eyes and nodded.

�I was lucky enough to get through Fentress without acquiring any significant debt,� Chad said. �But it just doesn�t make sense to pay rent if I don�t have to.�

Blake waffled his hand up and down.

�For what they charge for these dumps, yeah, I can see that. On the other hand, it puts a crimp in your social life, doesn�t it?�

Chad snorted.

�There�s not much social life to be had around here, if you hadn�t noticed!�

It was Blake’s turn to chuckle.

�Well, hey, if you want to get smashed every weekend and have frat girls in micro skirts and stiletto heels feeling you up and then barfing on your shoes��

Chad bumped Blake’s fist.

�And what�s not to like about that, right?�

�Oh, brother!�

They said it at the same time, then burst out laughing, loud enough that Elna, who’d been waiting on Chad at The Diner since he was in pre-school, came over to find out what was the matter.

�Oh, nothing, Miss E,� Chad said. �We just need some waffles!�

Elna gave Chad one of those “I better be getting a damned good tip for this nonsense” looks and headed to the kitchen to put in their order.

��Miss E?�� Blake asked. �Does everyone know everyone in this town?�

Chad gave him his patented “do you really need to ask?” look.

�It�s too small to have an affair, that�s for sure,� Chad pointed out.

But I guess we play the hand we’re dealt, Blake thought.

When they finished the waffles and paid up, Blake invited Chad to his house.

�You have an entire house?!�

Blake shrugged.

�It�s a very small house,� he said. �Real estate here is so cheap compared to Long Island my parents figured it would be a better deal that dorms or student apartments. Plus a tax break and �it�s an investment,� they said.�

Chad nodded.

�Yep, true dat,� he said and, when Blake raised an eyebrow. �Hey, I�m an accountant, not a stick-in-the-mud!�

It was cute house. Just 800 square feet, with a small living, dining room, kitchen, and powder room downstairs, it had two upstairs bedrooms (and a full bath), along with a fenced back yard and a one-car garage with an extra uncovered parking space.

�Sweet!� Chad said after he�d had the tour. �And in good weather it�s walking distance to downtown��

Blake nodded.

�And to the hospital and, up the hill, to campus, although I almost always took the bus.�

Chad suddenly realized they were in Blake’s bedroom and that he was sitting on Blake’s bed, a bright blonde Shaker style affair with what appeared to be a vintage quilt and about a dozen throw pillows.

�You want to be as big as Tucker, don�t you?� Chad asked, quietly.

Blake stood directly in front of Chad, one hand massaging his chest, the other resting gently on his crotch.

�Hell, no,� Blake answered � it was more of a growl. �I want to make Tucker Shaw look like the little girl he is.�

Chad reached for Blake’s hand – the one resting gently on his crotch – and pulled him down to the bed.

And that’s how it started.

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