Made for Each Other 3

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“He’s so fucking hot,” Blake muttered under his breath.

After they were finished…

Well, in fact, it took them quite a long while to finish! Chad and Blake fucked, sucked, licked, stroked, nibbled, gnawed, slammed, caressed…They lost track but it seemed clear that they’d done just about everything that two young, healthy gay men could possibly do to each other and they’d cum more times than they thought humanly possible.

“Jesus,” Chad said when they finally done. “What was that all about?”

Blake pulled him back down and took Chad’s handsome face in hands.

“Move in with me.”

Chad’s eyes flew open.

“Hey, handsome, hold on a minute!” Chad bounced off the bed. “Do I look like a lesbian to you?”

Blake chortled.

“Not hardly, no,” he agreed. “And you don’t appear to have a U-Haul truck at your disposal. Even so…”

Chad felt a warm glow.

He had lost his virginity on a weekend trip to the city with the Latin Club in his senior year of high school. Likewise, he had dated and fucked often enough as an undergraduate at Fentress. Still, there had never been a “special someone” and he had decided that day was likely to be a long ways off, if ever.

“You know what?” Chad said. “You are handsome, smart, sweet, and you really know how to use that big dick of yours…”

Blake arched an eyebrow.


Chad shrugged.

“I’ve never had a steady boyfriend, much less moved in with someone,” he pointed out. “Let’s give it some time and then see, OK?”

Blake looked downcast for a moment, then he perked up.

“Ready for round 2?”

Chad groaned.

“I think it’s round 17, actually,” he replied. “And, yeah, let’s do it!”


A week later Tucker Shaw came up to Blake and Chad while they were working.

“You two are really going great guns,” he said in his usual smarmy way. “You’ve been in here every day. Make sure you don’t over train!”

The two young men looked at Shaw like he was an idiot.

“You told us to watch out for that,” Blake said.

“And we’ve been careful to stretch before and after every work out,” Chad added.

“Plus we’ve been taking in carbs before each workout,” Blake pointed out.

“And loading up on protein immediately afterwards,” Chad continued.

“But we haven’t had any muscle soreness so I guess all of that is working,” they concluded together.

Shaw looked from one to the other.

“Do you guys always finish each other’s sentences?”

Blake crossed his arms. They were bigger than Tucker remembered. Of course, when he first saw the guys they were both wearing baggy long sleeve shirts and now they had (almost) matching tank tops.

Looks like the boys have been on a shopping spree, Tucker thought. That’ll make Dick’s happy, anyway!

“Great chatting with you, Tucker, but it’s time we got back to our workout, right Blake?”

Shaw nodded and walked away while Blake slid onto the bench. Chad slipped off a quarter from each end of the bar and replaced each one with a 45. As soon as he had done so, Blake easily cranked out 12 reps at 225 lbs.

There was something about it all that didn’t quite add up, but Tucker would have been hard pressed to point out what it was. As a rule, people didn’t tell the Muscles in Motion trainer to get lost. And since when were they using 45s instead of 25s?

Tracy Summers walked through the front door, her blonde pony-tail bouncing in time with her boobs, and Tucker forgot all about Blake and Chad.

“We seem to be making really good progress,” Chad said, when Blake finished the set.

“I think you’re right,” Blake replied, while stretching his chest / shoulder junction.

Chad nodded.

“And you were right about 185 being too light for me,” he continued. “I think I could have managed at least one set at 205.”

Blake snorted.

“You could have managed three sets at 205, no doubt about it,” he countered.

Chad shook his head.

“That’s OK,” he said. “Slow and easy for me. You’re the one who’s in such an all-fired hurry to turn into the Hulk. Speaking of which, how much have you gained since we started?”

Blake had the decency to blush – one of his most endearing traits!

“Uh, if the scale is to be believed, seven lbs.,” he muttered.

Chad looked his new best friend / lover up and down.

“I believe it,” he said matter-of-factly. “In fact, I’m almost surprised it hasn’t been more. Except that it looks like the pudge is melting right off of you!”

It was true. Even though Blake had gained what appeared to be seven pounds of solid muscle in the week he’d been working out with Chad, he’d actually lost an inch and a half from his waist.

“Yeah, but who’s turning into Mr. Fitness Model?” Blake countered.

It was Chad’s turn to blush.

Unlike Blake, Chad hadn’t gained or lost any weight. Even so, he’d somehow managed to lose three inches from his waist, three inches that had mysteriously turned into an extra inch on his chest, his shoulders, his arms, and his legs.

“Not to mention Model Handsome,” Blake continued.

Chad fake punched Blake’s shoulder, then winced and wrung out his hand.

“Ow,” he said. “Since when did you start putting rocks under your skin?”

Blake grinned.

“About the time the baby fat fell off your cut-glass cheekbones and that chin dimple showed up!”

It was true.

You wouldn’t think that a week would make such a difference but Chad had gone from handsome to, well, impressive. Didn’t hurt that he was obviously having some kind of testosterone spike since his stubble was getting thicker every day.

Chad shook his head.

“Man, I’m starving!”

Blake nodded.

“Me, too,” he agreed. “So the next question is…?”

Chad laughed.

“Eat first…or go to your place for a quickie first?”

Blake’s mouth formed a perfect “O” of mock horror.

“What would Miss Elna say?”

The two looked at each other.

“Eat first!”

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