Another Night with Nick and the Sex God Who Started It All

This story is taken from a chapter of a Amazon Kindle book called Stone Trials.

It is part of a series starting with the book Isla Paradiso where an ordinary dude vacations at a Caribbean gay resort and is transformed into a sex crazed muscle stud, eventually becoming what's called a Super Thane.

And while it sounds cool, there's …complications. But what happens in this story isn't complicated at all.

This story is a continuation of 'An Unexpected Night' when a regular dude named Nick met up with the sex crazed muscle stud. Now Nick is traveling with the hot man… and it looks like another hot night is in the offing.

Continued from An Unexpected Night

Nick looked over shaking his head.
In a backroom behind a bar last fall, in walked a dude built for sex. Yeah he was pure muscle and good looking but there had been something about the stud just reeking of being designed for manplay, with the odd thing being there was no attitude. There already had been a good looking latino dude with a nice body, but it was obvious he thought he was hot shit, where the new stud …just was.
A couple hours later he was fucked out …more than any time in his life, sitting and talking to an Irish dude going vague about an all gay getaway where things might happen.
But deep in the closet, complete with live-in girlfriend, an all-expenses paid trip to a gay resort in the Caribbean? Yeah right, Nick didn’t even ask for some time to think about it.

There he found out about the Fraternity, gay men transformed into rock hard sex Gods with the biggest of them all, the man he met that night.
Well at least it explained a few things.
I mean the dude had been freakin’ inhuman.
Biiiig dick, incapable of going down even as it pumped huge loads of jizz over and over again with Nick intimately familiar with the volume of cream the stud can unload.
He even had the man’s ass both early in the evening and towards the end and while packed with jizz, he was tight …really tight. I mean COME ON!

Taking a break like any ordinary human and leaning against a wall, Gil came over making it clear he knew bottom boy Nick wanted a nice slow fuck, so setting his face against the wall, the huge dick slid inside doing exactly that.
He was even a damn good kisser!
Tight ass, big dick, heavy nuts that don’t drain out, body of a gym god and the man even has big nips to suck and munch on, and the bastard knew how to lock lips!
Thank God he was so wrapped up with the mansex, since it really can be a bit intimidating being around the man.
Then he finds out the bastards been cheating.

Fraternity body and sex drive, although the stories are this dude’s like king of the manwhores and remembering that night….like ye-ah!
Supposedly his cum rejuvenates you for more mansex and even pheromones that transmit, making every man around even hornier. Considering that night everybody had been standing around watching the porn on the tv sets and within fifteen minutes of him walking in, the place turned into an out of control full blown orgy, ya think something was going on!?

So here they are in Macao in some dive bar and it was starting again.
Ian and he worked the stud over and warned what will happen, Nick could feel the guy everyone calls the Chief heating up big time.
Pumped from the workout, prepping him up the final trick was Ian rimming his hole and he barely started sucking on the big, thick cock when a massive load of cream was dumping down his throat so heavily there was no way in hell he could swallow it all. Which is a shame since it’s the tastiest jizz he’s ever had.
Yep, could make a guy reeeeeally feel inferior since even his jizz is tasty.
The man built for man sex? No question.

They were now standing around with the Chief in boots, cargo shorts and a shirt unbuttoned and flaring open showing his big, ripped body.
Knowing how it all works, they had the Chief shower before they hit the gym, so he’s coated with some dried up sweat and you could feel the place amping up with his buddy Ian grinning to indicate it’s their man doing his thing.
Not totally since we all do it.
Normal people maybe a little bit, but any of us who’ve been transformed can transmit pheromones getting other people sexually excited and Ian indicated when we combine like tonight it makes the place sizzle.

The bar is seedy, catering to Westerners and here on Macao, that means a lot of younger guys working the casinos and hotels for a few years coming from Europe, Australia and the States. It was a good looking, generally fit crowd since the hospitality business hires that way, but then the crew walked in.
PJ, about six foot, but his huge BB body making him look taller, Clay shorter, but with a small waistline making him look huge, both short haired and not another hair on their huge frames.
Daddy bear Max with smokin’ light blue eyes.
Will, bear’ish but model handsome and knows it. Ian his buddy and maybe something more, brawny with a roughed up face willing to have any kind of sex as long as it’s athletic. Although on the road with the man there’s been a few times he’s been willing to dial it down for some sweet, hot sex.
Nick knows he has that big jock look and with him tightening up, he’s holding his own.

But the Chief while not the biggest or best looking just draws you to him, especially like now when it’s all about getting laid.
“I’m ready.”
They had a few beers and the Chief was ready to go, with Ian and PJ having some unspoken communication.
“Come with us Nick;” and they headed to a door in the back of the bar into a small room with a few benches against the wall and a small counter on one side.
“Strip;” and within seconds I was only in boots with the Chief still wearing his well used jock from earlier. A cool one since the waistband was somewhere between the thin swimmer’s jock and the wide band of a normal one.

Baskets were on the counter and we got a number for our clothes as we handed over a hundred pataca note for the two baskets, something like twelve bucks.
Ian remained dressed; “We’ll be joining in a short while and were thinking you two can head in, but first….” Gesturing to me, the two of us pushed the Chief against the wall to continue our munching on his now swollen tits.

They’re clearly sensitive since the stud bucks and groans when you even lick them, and he can take quite a bit of rough handling with Nick feeling it heating up some more.
He wasn’t wearing a jock and his dick was now hard enough to pound nails.
Damn the Fraternity libido.

Late twenties, so he’s a horny dude already but transformed a couple months ago, they told him he’d be out of control the first couple of months even though he planned on going home and remaining in the closet awhile longer. However his hunger for mandick had been driving him out of his house a couple of times a week and Nick was caught with his pants down …literally in a public park one night.
Family, girlfriend, supposed friends all imploded, so it had been an easy decision to take a new job with Ian that’s a hell of a lot more fulfilling then selling medical supplies to doctor’s offices.

The other good part is between Ian and other highly sexed Fratboys, long repressed Nick has been in hog heaven ever since. But now he was walking into a den of man iniquity with the man who cranks everyone up.
They’ve already been warned about the place.
Sleazy, dimly lit, you enter another door with a long wide hallway, then at the end is about a half dozen different rooms to play with more horny boys.

There were a bunch of guys standing against the walls of the wide hallway in various states of dress, some fully clothed, others stripped down.
The walls were cinderblock, the floors cement and the place reeked of years of mansex filling Nick’s nostrils.
“How about those two?”

Nick looked over.
Tall and lean, one had a leg cocked and even in the dim light you could see big, really big bulges packing their jeans.
“They both are thinking it would be cool for the two of us to get on our knees and suck their dicks. Shall we accommodate them?” and glancing over Nick grinned at Gil’s wiggling eyebrow and wry smile.
Something else the dude can do. Apparently he sees ‘snapshots’ of the other dudes sexual interest.
Hey…if it works…..
“Let’s go for it;” and we fist bumped before walking over and sinking down.


Holy shit.
That first night had been incomprehensible and even now aware of the whole Fraternity pheromone/sex drive thing, Nick understood six months ago was a paltry night of sex compared to what’s going on tonight.
Part of it had to do with the fact it was around a dozen guys in a single cold somewhat sterile room; where tonight is a maze of rooms packed with at least three times that number and according to Ian, the Chief is exploding this evening, amping the whole place up.

Nick also needs to admit there’s a difference in him as well.
Body starting to let go a bit, in the closet with a normal amount of sex drive and energy, where tonight he’s as rock hard as his Frat brothers, out and game for anything and amped, amped, amped, partly him and likely coming from the stud presently under a pile of rutting bodies.
But he’s also finally admitting he likes the sleazy sex.

Before, he was convincing himself that’s all a closeted queer can do is play in the dark, sleazy places to get his rocks off.
He likes the one on one with Ian, having some freaking hot marathon nights but there’s that other side of dingy places, anonymous hot bodies and maybe not even a thanks as the man walks away after dumping a load down your throat or elsewhere.
Also, while he might like the occasional ass, he looooves dick working him over.
Oh yeah, can’t get any more stereotypical. Big jock Nick loves to bend over and get skewered anytime, anyplace.

After swallowing hot loads of jizz, Gil tapped his shoulder and they found another pair to gulp down, before moving down the hallway when a couple guys surrounded the two men and soon pounding any hole available and Nick was in full sex swing.
At some point he lost track of Gil, then moving around he realized the rest of the crew was inside so he’d glance over to see two studs licking Will’s hot body, Clay hard fucking some ass, Ian getting taken.
Looking in one room, with some chains and slings, there was PJ and Max going at it, with Peej showing he’s a pretty hard core bottom pig and Nick paused to watch him getting worked over. Damn it looked too rough for him, but Nick was wondering…..
He’d get glimpses of Gil, but it wasn’t too difficult finding him since you could almost follow a scent of where the hottest sex was and there he’d be pounding some ass or taking it himself.

There was the ‘fill-up’. Knowing what his cum can do, each Frat boy would wiggle his ass in the Chief’s direction at some point and newly energized head off into the crowd.
It was different though.
Getting his own fill from the huge, always hard shaft, he paused to see Will, PJ and Max swarm the Chief and there’s something about those three being ‘more connected’ and he could feel the palpable increase in the place and it exploded in a sexual frenzy driving Nick into sitting on a pretty major piece of meat with another sliding next to it at the same time.
Oh man.

Nick was now standing there in a fog.
He had no clue of the time, but they’ve had to have been here for hours. Just thinking how many dicks he’s taken means it’s been awhile.
Hands grabbed his hips and a big dick slid up his still willing ass. A hard body pressed against his back as beefy arms came around pulling the two bodies together.
“How you doing mate?” hearing Ian next to his ear.
A couple inches shorter let him slide in without bending and it’s cool just standing there with the hefty slab inside and he felt a kiss on his shoulder blade.
“Unfuckingbelievable;” hearing a soft chuckle.
“Welcome to the insane world of Gil Walker. Although I must admit, this is one of his more outrageous nights.”

“He’s had worse?” hearing more laughter.
“Is that worse or better?” making Nick laugh.
“Good point.”
“Right before we met you, the Chief hadn’t been taking care of his compulsions and we went down to Paradiso. We were barely on the island when Thax grabbed Gil and between the two of them, if you were gay and on the island we were almost like sexual zombies for about twelve hours.”
“Oh yes. It was bad for the guests who were normal, but any of us who were Frat, it was like we couldn’t stop even if we wanted to. Max and Will were there and the two were babbling idiots by the time the sun was coming up.”
“Wow. Sounds dangerous;” hearing a deep chuckle as Ian seesawed his thick fuckstick a few times.
“We survived ….and oh, the memories will be always with me when I turn old and grey;” sounding comically nostalgic.

They were in a good sized room with maybe twenty guys in every position of fucking and sucking whether just two or a larger group and the biggest group around Gil.
Having topped a few guys including Nick, he was now on his hands and knees getting his ass pounded by some husky blonde with a black guy alternating between having him suck a pretty big cock, then pulling him up to make out.
Gawd the man is an animal and the scene was hot enough to have him blow a load right there since he had a clear view of the three men especially Gil’s profile of his body.
Huge cock and nuts bobbing back and forth from the relentless slamming of his butt, with the black dude clutching his head shoving a big slab of meat down his throat and obvious the whore in the middle wanted it all. His huge arms were angled a little forward to brace the assault from behind so his thick chest was exposed and those bloated nipples hard and visible even from across the room.

Mmmm. There’s enough room for him to crawl on his back underneath and maybe work his tits before sucking some more of his tasty cream. Liking the idea, big brawny bottom boy Nick walked over and was no sooner chomping on a thick eraser when he felt his legs being lifted and Ian’s slab of meat returned slamming deep.
Fuck yeah…..and thinking ‘hail to the Chief’ Nick bit down harder on the swollen nub hearing a groan from above.