An Unexpected Night

This is taken from a chapter of a Amazon Kindle book called Stone Transformed.

It is part of a series starting with the book Isla Paradiso where an ordinary dude vacations at a Caribbean gay resort and is transformed into a sex crazed muscle stud, eventually becoming what�s called a Super Thane.

And while it sounds cool, there�s �complications.

But what happens in this story isn�t complicated at all.

“Later guys” and they nodded, some toasting with their beers as he headed to the back, paying the ten bucks to the guy standing at the door.
Gil finished his schtick for some of the Fraternity leaders here in Montreal and they’ll have another meeting in the morning before heading back to Savannah. However right now it was time for a little play.

Walking into a big open room he looked around.
There were three cushioned platforms each about the size of a queen sized bed taking up the middle of the room’s floor space and other than a few benches along one wall, that was it for furniture, except for several flat screen TVs high up on the walls showing manporn providing the only flickering illumination in the open squared off room.
It was a room to play however the dozen or so men were all standing around or sitting on a platform seemingly engrossed in the porn and he glanced at the screen to see a couple of muscled twinks looking bored as they got it on.
But Gil wasn't here to watch tv.

He went to the far wall and leaned against it to see what’s in the room and it looked like a nice quality crowd except for the fact they weren't doing shit.
He was wearing a zippered sleeveless sweatshirt opened halfway along with his trademark khaki cargo shorts and a pair of well used work boots, not caring whether he was styling since he didn't plan on being in the clothes very much longer anyway.

A young cute twenty-something dude walked up, "the guy over there with the Irish accent said you're huge;” and he looked over to see Ian had followed him in.
Gil shrugged.
“Mind if I check it out then?”
“Go for it stud.” Smiling, the hot dude headed south and he felt the zipper going down and since he was already half hard, now exposed to the night air he ramped up wondering if the pup is okay with his size when he heard an excited ‘oh fuck yeah’ a second before lips started sliding down his shaft and the hungry man took about half in before slowing down.

The cocksucker was determined, pulling back off then plunging down to take a little more each time and choking at times but clearly happy to be down there.
“Did I get you a good one?” And he opened his eyes to see Ian grinning only inches away and Gil smiled as he felt the zipper to his top going down and the sweatshirt falling open.
“The problem it seems to me is everybody's afraid to make the first move, so we'll just need to show them we're more than willing, won't we?” Ian helped him strip off the sweatshirt before heading down to his knees to talk to his cocksucker and hands rose up grabbing his nipples to tightly squeeze his nubs, making Gil groan.

The Irishman was still below talking in a low voice to the stud while yanking down his shorts and they fell to his ankles as a hand tapped each leg to get the shorts off, and he felt his need to cum rising as somebody’s hand slipped around behind to lightly tickle his rosebud and Gil groaned as his cock swelled before dumping cream in the stud’s mouth.
But of course this was just the kickoff and Ian guided Gil, now clad only in boots over to one of the platforms where a guy was stroking a nice slab of meat, splitting his time watching the porno along with what was going on with Gil. Ian pushed the big man's shoulders down and the Chief sank to his knees engulfing the man's cock down his throat, hearing a startled exclamation from the lanky stud.

Once the head of the dick passed through his lips, Gil’s body went into autopilot sucking the tool hard and while the man put a hand on his head he didn't need to apply any pressure as he bobbed up and down with his spit lubing up the thickening cock. Hearing a grunt he swallowed the dick to the hilt hearing a ‘Geezus!” and warm, tasty jizz splattered the back of his throat as he swallowed the load down.

Looking over, there was now a hunky young Latino guy on his knees in the middle the platform. The stud was leaning back with his dick sticking straight out in invitation and Gil crawled over to suck down the juicy pole and on his hands and knees gobbling the thick tool he felt hands rubbing his ass and within seconds a shaft began pushing against his tight opening spreading it wide and he groaned around the fuckstick in his mouth.

As he worked the nice tool, glances showed everyone was beginning to join in and even though quite a few guys were getting serviced, not surprisingly it was the big muscled stud the center of attention with both his mouth and ass kept busy. There were times when a guy would slither underneath so they could sixty-nine while he was being fucked but with pheromones raging, the room instinctively knew to keep him horny and filled as more loads of manjizz shot down his throat and up his tunnel.

Another round of cocks pumped their loads and pulled out, so Gil stood up off the mattress needing to stretch a bit noticing the place had filled up and was now in full sex swing.
He was looking for a hot ass to slide into feeling a pull in one direction and there was Clay fucking some guy’s mouth and they looked up making eye contact and it was all there.
Part of his Super Thane stuff, not only sensing interest but sometimes getting a flash of what they want to do and Clay was practically screaming he wants to be fucked by Gil.
Funny dude.
Short and not liking it, he has a heavy duty bodybuilder’s frame getting close to being too much.
Rough’ish face, Clay looks like a guy you don’t want to piss off with a tendency of being one of the more serious dudes in the crew and he has a thing about being a top although he likes getting screwed.

Part of it may be because of the Energizing Jizz, but the man really wanted his ass pounded right now.
“Say it dude;” hearing a low growl.
Finally, “fuck me.”
Grinning, “easy or hard?” knowing the answer since the image he’d gotten was pretty clear hearing more low rumbles coming from the muscleman.
“Nobody here gives a shit Clay;” seeing him glance over at Ian and Will.
“They already know don’t they?” hearing a frustrated sound and a big hand grabbed the back of Gil’s head bringing him in for a hard kiss.

Having made his decision he pulled away from the cocksucker to lunge at the platform in the center of the room and on his back with his really thick legs already reaching the sky.
Dang he wants it bad!
Willing to accommodate the stud, Gil came over and slammed his fat cock inside.
“Geezus Chief!”
“Isn’t this what you wanted?”
“Uh yeah, but have you ever noticed what’s between your legs? Could have started out easier.”
“Should I apologize?”
“You should fuck me asshole;” making me laugh and I quickly built up speed.

We drew attention which is no surprise since we’re the two biggest guys in the room and I was jackhammering the man’s hole as Randy crawled up and Clay started licking his tool and grinning, the man came over to make out.
Oh man.
I like the dude a lot, besides the fact he’s a pretty good kisser and it didn’t take long for me to be spraying Clay’s insides and I didn’t even bother slowing down feeling a big cock press against my ass.
Will was behind and wanting in, however sandwich sex while sounding hot by fucking and being fucked is a logistics challenge, since syncing the screwing is difficult.
But the stud pushed in then sat back on his knees making me the only man in motion so forward drove my tool deep inside Clay and back meant I was getting impaled on Will.
Fuck yeah!


Nick looked over thinking he died and gone to heaven.
He’s a traveling salesman ..yeah, yeah insert traveling salesman jokes in here, although in his case there’s some truth to it.
Hell, who’s he kidding, especially considering where he’s at right now.
Nick lives near the neighborhood he grew up in and still hangs with a lot of the same people, so big jock Nick couldn’t possibly like swinging on mandick.

He sells hospital hygiene crap which is a big snoozer along with the fact he drives from customer to customer day in and day out ….snore.
However one week a month he leaves his live-in girlfriend to reach his farthest clients. He doesn’t need to, but Nick is a diligent salesman, or at least that’s his story.
But that week gives him the opportunity to hit the adult bookstore backrooms or places like this to get his fill of mandick and then he’s good for another month.

So tonight was pretty standard with a few drinks and then a casual walk to the backroom where absolutely nothing was fucking happening, just the crowd standing around and he was thinking there’s too many repressed queers in the world.
About to give up and go back to his room to wack off from the porn, the man walked in.

They’re probably the same size except the zippered sweatshirt was half undone and spread open there was two thick hard plates with a deep cleft separating his hairless pecs and passing by Nick, his dick was pulsing against his pants.
The dude was in cargo shorts showing thick legs and the sweatshirt was sleeveless showing massive arms.
Daaaamn, the fuckers are huge. The man was a good size, but his biceps definitely were bodybuilder quality guns.

However he only went against another wall and Nick was looking around since the place definitely perked up, however it seemed like no one was willing to make the first move.
Another dude walked in almost immediately after, a little rough looking and glancing over at the big stud, shook his head smiling like he knew the man and then walked over to a cute guy against another wall.
There was interest then a nod and the young dude was moving over to studman and after a few words, the kid sank to his knees pulling out …..oh man.
A slab.
A slab of prime-A man beef.

The talker walked over and yep they’re buddies as he leaned against the wall next to studman talking softly and a hand went up to unzip, with the sweatshirt falling open and Nick wasn’t the only one groaning in the room since there was a set of abs only seen in fitness magazines.
Sweatshirt off, the dude goes down to his knees and before they know it the fucking shorts are off too.
Who the hell are these two?

Gagging noises were heard in the deathly silent room and the cocksucker pulled back off with cream coating his chin and mouth as the rougher stud led his now naked bigger buddy over to a dude sitting on the middle platform lazily stroking his tool. In one swift motion muscleman crouched down swallowing the guy’s cock and needless to say the lucky man didn’t last long. Muscle man was a pro though since he took it all down before moving over to a cocky latino dude in the middle of the platform diving on his dick like he was starving.

On his hands and knees taking dick number two, there was now a rock solid ass ready and waiting and one guy quicker then the rest stepped over and slammed his fat tool inside the hot man, breaking any final paralysis of the room. The first two didn’t last long and muscle dude made it clear he’s there for dick so we lined up and I even got his ass which amazingly was freaking tight so I didn’t last, making way for the next stud.

Back against the wall I couldn’t keep my eyes off the stud so I was surprised when done, he got up and walked over to a short dude who was freaking huge and with a sleeveless button down shirt hanging open, his massive chest and cut gut were all on display.
Where the hell did he come from?
Words were exchanged, once again like they know one another and the room was like on pause to see what’s gonna happen and in a few seconds the short bodybuilder stripped, was on his back and muscle dude was slamming his huge cock inside.
I could have fucking cum right then.

He was pounding the shorter dude when what looked like brothers walked over, one shoving his cock down the bodybuilder’s throat and leaning in to make out with muscle dude, then the other going in back and shoving his dick in muscle man.
Nick glanced up at the TV’s showing the porn thinking ‘turn the fucking tv’s off’ since its crap compared to what’s going on live right here.
These were four men, the hottest in the fucking room and they were doing what men should be doing and it was flawless with the guy he thought of as muscle man shifting around to make out with each stud and you could tell he was enjoying all the man sex.
Well ye-ah.

There was a final slam deep in the bodybuilder’s ass who was spraying his own body and hearing grunts and expressions on their faces, Nick had no doubt the four men were pumping their juices.
Low conversation, chuckling, last minute kisses had them disentangling and they were moving to different areas of the room…..they weren’t fucking done!

Watching the short bodybuilder get up and walk away Nick was distracted until….
“Like the show so far?”
Turning his head Nick groaned and the stud grinned.
Gray eyes held him in place.
“Turn around.”
“You want me to fuck your ass don’t you?” with Nick moaning.
There was a low rumbling from the guy’s chest.
“First though,” and grabbing Nick’s chin to hold it in place he came in for a nice, sweet kiss.

“Mmmm, slow then it is;” pushing on his body and he was turned around.
He had no belt so it was a button, zipper, clothes were pushed down and feeling inside he noticed Nick was lubed.
“Ah, a Boy Scout I see;” yeah, yeah ‘be prepared’ as the big body pushed up against his back.
A hand came up in front pushing his t-shirt up while rubbing his belly then going higher.
“I like fur.”
Nick felt he should apologize since he isn’t anywhere as tight as the stud; but other than his buddies who all must be queer aliens, nobody was as rock solid as muscle stud anyway.
He knew the dick was huge, but it was see-sawing between his legs and it was taking a long time to do it. I mean he loves mandick but dammit!

“Nice and slow stud;” feeling the thick head against his opening and it slowly pushed through.
He was spreading wider and wider….geezus!
Nick played with a small dildo before he left his motel room and the real thing was definitely bigger, but the dude was going slow and while stretching him it didn’t hurt especially since he was rubbing his front and murmuring in a deep quiet voice helping him relax and the cock was soon filling up his chute while hearing a low moan of satisfaction and a ‘nice stud’ until he felt the entire body pressing against him.
He was taking it all.
And he giggled thinking ‘no shit Sherlock’.

He felt hot cream pouring in his ass along with more low growls vibrating thru to his body.
The man is a freaking animal since the stud’s been cumming for a while now.
Nick felt like the jizz was heating him up so he begged for the dude to fuck his ass getting a low chuckle in return.
“No problem hot man;” feeling the huge fuckstick sliding out then back in still slow and sensuous.
His hands were pressed against the wall with the side of his face against it as well.
Jeans were down to his knees by now and his t-shirt kept getting pushed higher as the stud fondled his torso reaching up to pinch a nipple and Nick groaned.

He remembered the stud’s chest with big fat nips begging to be used and various times in the night there was someone chewing on them showing the stud is clearly built for sex and the other hand pulled his face back so the two could resume making out and of course the perfect sex machine behind him knows how to fucking kiss too.

Out of the corner of his eye he could see the backroom going crazy with the man’s friends in the middle of it all and it was fucking insane especially since here against the wall it was like an erotic oasis of the hottest man taking his ass slow and easy.
“Fuck this is sweet bud;” softly slipped in his ear as the slow fuck continued until finally he heard a ‘ready?’ and nodding the huge cock sank in to the hilt and boiling spooge filled up his hole once again.
The man has to be a freaking alien since he should be firing blanks by now yet it felt like a gallon of jizz.

Pulling out, he turned Nick around and the stud smashed against him for another kiss before pulling away.
Nick’s dick had been rock hard while he was being fucked which was unusual except for the fact he was wired to the max and he reached down to tug on it, getting his hand slapped away with the stud chuckling, “oh no, I have plans for that load stud. By the way my name is Gil.”
“Uh Nick.”
“Nice to meet you Nick.” Smirking since the casual introduction sounded silly under the circumstances.

Since he wasn't allowed to touch himself Nicks hand’s moved up over the cut abdominals and the big chest rubbing against the erect bullets and hearing a grunt, his thumb and forefinger's tightened on the nubs squeezing harder and he could tell the stud was getting off on the work so he alternated between rubbing and then giving a hard pinch.
“So what is it you want to do?”
“Up to you. Either go down on my knees and suck that dick of yours or we head over to the platform where you can have my ass;” with Nick letting out a low moan thinking how hot that would be.

The stud step back slightly holding out his arms and displaying not only naked body but one soaked in mancum.
“What do you think?”

He returned and one of the huge arms came up popping one of his biceps to grab the back of his head and pull him in within inches.
“All yours, on my back or doggie style, as hard or soft as you want. You know I'll take whatever you want to give me.”
“Oh man.”
He yanked off his pants and hooked his T-shirt up behind his neck and seeing the middle platform opened up he put his muscleman on his back and lifting the thick legs to slide his throbbing dick inside. Nick's eyes widened since the copiously fucked hole was still incredibly tight and the guy grinned like he knew what Nick was thinking.

He came down to kiss and a few tentative in and outs and hearing a ‘is that what you plan on?’ He built up speed until he was jackhammering the man hearing a ‘fuck yeah’ whispered inches from his face.
That didn't last long but it didn't matter as he had the bit between his teeth and continued pounding ass and hearing encouragement from a couple guys sitting around to watch the show he sprayed the stud’s insides and kept fucking away like he was in a damn marathon.
Looking down at the man below him, Nick was thinking even his fantasies weren’t this hot.

“Want to feel something really hot mate?” looking over to see the buddy who first arrived with studman and Nick could only nod.
“Pull out then,” chuckling since Nick was clearly reluctant.
“Trust me.”
Acquiescing, he pulled out, “Now you lie down;” and he switched positions with studman quickly sitting on his still throbbing tool. How the fuck is it staying hard?

Studman leaned down towards Nick and grinning he reached up to snag those puffy bullets hearing a sexy grunt when he squeezed.
Nick heard a quiet ‘ready?’ in the distance with studman nodding then pressure next to his dick.
Holy shit! Another dick fought a few seconds then slid next to his in the still tight tunnel and he wasn’t sure who was moaning the loudest at the invasion as the new dick slid along the underside of his own cock.

Realizing he closed his eyes, Nick looked up at the hot man showing an expression of ecstasy on his face as the other shaft started fucking his hole while the man on the bottom remained deep inside.
Oh man; and hearing a low growl warm liquid started spraying all over his torso as Gil, the incredibly hot fantasy muscle man pumped another huge load of spunk all over him.

It didn’t end there with more dicks sliding next to Nick and after dropping a few loads in the muscle studs ass, he was done.
“No problem stud;” as the group untangled off the mattress and murmuring a few words to his first buddy, Nick met Ian who offered to buy him a beer out in the bar.
Grabbing his pants and slipping them on, Nick looked over to see Gil, the muscle man sliding into a sexy college jocks ass hearing the guy groan out at the huge invasion.
Walking out a final glance showed the big stud pounding away at the hole as another man walked up to slide his cock in with the man taking it all.
Freaking alien!

Later over beers and some more talks, Nick found out he wasn’t that far off. No they’re not aliens, but the muscle stud as well as the others had some extra things going for them, discovering Nick could be one of them.
Fuck yeah!
But then…that’s another story.

Continued in Another Night with Nick and the Sex God Who Started It All