Isla Paradiso

If you’re under eighteen, get outta here.

Note from the Author: Below is the first part of an abridged story of a Kindle book offered at titled Isla Paradiso. Isla Paradiso is the first book in a series titled The Fraternity that tells the story of a guy who becomes a member of a super secret gay cabal who become sex crazed stud muffins.

The main character finds out its not as cool as it sounds.

The five guests (that’s me!) got off the boat and was met at the landing by more staff members. Looking back at the resort staff who met us in Bonaire, I was starting to see a pattern. They were all different nationalities, race, height, etc. but so far they were not bad looking and had really hot, very hot bodies. I don’t know who the hiring person is, but they would certainly get two thumbs up from me.

“Good evening, I am David, the resort manager, and it’s great to finally greet you.” A little joke on his part since the boat had been late in picking us up so we dutifully chuckled. David was wearing light tropical shirt and pants, starched to rigidity. He looked like he had a two by four up his ass, frankly. Maybe it came with the manager’s job.
David handed the two couples who had ridden the boat over with me off to some staff members, one of who he called Jamal, a big black guy who didn’t hide the fact he had a baseball bat in his thin cotton uniform shorts.

“Mr. Harris, I apologize but there was a small inconsistency in getting you situated, if you’d just follow me. Jaimey, please take Mr. Harris’ bags to OVW3”
First of all, who talks like that? I mean it’s a fucking tropical island for Gods sake. Then I started spinning up.

This was the second part of a trip I was taking. The first was a half week cruise to spread the ashes of my partner who died of cancer a year ago and now I was spending ten days at an exotic and might I say expensive, gay tropical island resort that Doug my partner, had set up before he passed.

Unfortunately, due to his health issues and other reasons I was deeply in debt so I was wondering if I was being hauled to the office because the credit card I gave in Bonaire was bouncing like crazy.

I had paid the fees in advance and the resort was all inclusive, but they still wanted a card for any ‘extras’ and I handed over my card without thinking, but the cruise I had just got off of was your standard cruise where you hand over your room card for everything and they bill you at the end and I had been drinking like a fish, even buying rounds for people I had just met not bothering to even glance at the bill when I disembarked this morning. So it could be my card was overloaded.

Or crap, they had also drawn blood to check for STD’s while still in Bonaire before catching the boat over to the island. I mean who does that? I don’t care how exclusive the island is, but I was wondering now if maybe my blood sample showed something. I haven’t had any sex in four years, ok, that mind blowing blowjob yesterday on the ship, but it shouldn’t show up that fast. And you don’t get anything when someone blows you, can you? I was continuing to rev up thinking how my bags are going to OVW23. What the hell is that? A holding cell? The fancy name for their dumpster? I was walking through a tropical paradise not seeing much.

“Ah, Mr. HARRIS.” David, was trying to get my attention.

“Ah, yeah, ah, sorry, not used to people calling me by my formal name.”

“Certainly, my apologies, since you were new, I wanted to point out some of the island features.”

“Sure, ah go ahead”

My buddy Dave (He was pretty stiff and formal, so I bet he’d shit if I called him Dave or better yet Davey, he looked like a David, an extremely fit David, but a David nonetheless) started over again explaining while this was a private island there was a town with a small population. How Isla Paradiso (I didn’t snicker at the name, after all I was heading somewhere with my executioner and I didn’t want to compound my sins by snickering in front of Davey) Resort took about a third of the island, the town and some farmland taking up the rest. There were cows here I guess, self supporting except for special important goodies brought in like diet coke and alcohol and other essentials. Natives friendly, should walk in and visit the town and all that. All just sounding peachy except it seemed my ass was grass.

David neatly finished up exactly the moment we hit the first step to what looked like the main building. Damn he’s good. Walking through the open door, another stud muffin with Terry on his shirt, stood at the ready holding a key.

“Ah good. Well Terry will take you to your villa, Mr. Harris. Look forward to seeing you around the resort, good evening” and my judge, jury, executioner walked away.

I blinked and then looked at Terry.

“Shall we go?”

“Ah, I thought….ah, well; there was a problem or something.”

“Sorry about that Mr. Harris.”

“Rob please.”

Terry smiled. “Of course, Rob, there was a mix up in the rooms. You were originally set up in one of the pool suites.” Yeah, cheapest room they had, thank you very much.
“And that’s the key which David took down to meet you with. But we were able to contact him and let him know of the room change, so I have the correct key.”

“Room change?”

“Yes, the computer now has you in one of our Ocean Villa’s. The Pool Suites are pretty nice, but you’ll really like your villa.”

“My villa, well beats the hell out of a dumpster I guess.”

Terry looked at me.

“Jaimey was taken my luggage to R2D2 or somewhere, I figured it was the fancy name for the dumpster.”


“Yeah that’s it!”

Smiling, he said, “Oceanside Villa, West Side, Number 23.”


Seemed like a good time to shut up.

Terry took me through the building and out back pointing where the dining room and bar was on one side with outdoor seating and then pointed in the other direction for offices, resort store and computer room.

We walked by a wall of palm and banana trees and lush foliage emerging around a gorgeous pool area. It was beautifully lit now that it was dark. Chaises and tables surrounded the pool widely spaced for privacy. You weren’t crammed at all. What was really cool was the pool had this wide ledge where chaise lounges were sitting in a couple inches of water. How cool was that? Fountains, more foliage, lots of plants, trees. Hell, forget R2D2, I’ll sleep out here.

“This is the south pool area. You see the pool suites on the other side and at the foot is the spa.”


We walked around the building that housed the pool suites into another pool area.

“Let me guess, the north pool area.”

Terry smiled. “Yes and over there is the health club. There were also more pool suites around the side. The chaises were set back a little, some were double chaises and it looked like a few were in alcoves.

“Both pools are clothing optional. The pool we’re at now however is a little more casual.”

I looked at him not getting it.

“Guests in this area might decide to enjoy each others company. There are some niches around the area and a grotto in the back next to the gym.”

“Enjoy each others company, got it. Anytime, day or night?”

“Exactly, it has gotten pretty lively at times, especially the grotto area over there. The south pool we ask the guests to” Terry paused “contain themselves.” I couldn’t help it, I laughed.

“So do you just hit them on their peepee’s and tell them to go to the other pool young man?”

Terry laughed at my humor. I’m a sucker for someone who likes my weird humor.


We headed back making a right turn at the suites building into the jungle. Dim, but nicely lighted paths opened up and we turned down other paths. There were signs, but Terry was moving too fast for me to figure out where the heck we were going. I soon had no clue where I was.

Noticing my discomfort Terry assured me the signs made sense and it was easy to get around. He explained how food, booze and other things are included, including some spa treatments like massage and some Japanese crap that I had no clue what it was. No tipping anytime, anywhere. Will not be accepted at any time.

Terry also mentioned that staff has responsibilities, but when free, are free to co-mingle as they choose, but the management fully supports the staff decisions.
“So no means no and I should wait for any come hither look.” He roared, he actually roared. We had by then arrived magically in front of door of frosted glass with a koala bear etched on it.

Terry opened the door without the key. I walked into a lightly lit area with soft Caribbean jazz playing. Terry pointed out the refrigerator which even had an ice maker in it. Sweet.

Across the room was a glass wall with wide French doors opening up to a patio, then beach and moonlit water. Ok, screw the pool suite.
In between was a seating area and little dining area. Adjacent to the living area was an open bedroom area facing the back end as well. Immediately to my right was a door that I guess went to a bathroom.

There were two, no three vases of tropical flowers in the room or villa or whatever the hell it was. This place rocked.

Jaimey, one of the staff who I had become buddies with on the boat ride over appeared from around the corner from the bedroom area and signed some information to me.


I was about to tell him he didn’t have to do that, then shut my mouth. Even though we’ve quickly become buddies on the ride over, he was still staff and I was still guest so I’d probably insult him.

Watching me interact with Jaimey, Terry looked at me and asked, “You sign?”

Before I could answer, Jaimey signed <B.A.D.L.Y.>

“Hey!” Jaimey just gave me the shit eating grin I was starting to recognize. I never signed that much so I knew the alphabet, but didn’t know many words which was slowing my new buddy down with having to spell out everything.

I laughed at Jaimey’s comment with Terry joining in and Jaimey made a wheezing noise that I was recognizing as his laughter. Jaimey could hear, just not speak, so it worked out better since he told me my hand work was pretty bad.

Looking in the fridge, Terry started to apologize. “Due to the last minute change, we didn’t stock the fridge with what you like, I’ll get it now” Damn they’re good. I remembered writing something about preferences down on a form back when I checked in on Bonaire.

“Dude, could you wait ‘til tomorrow? Honestly, I just want to shower and crash right now.”

Terry assured me that wasn’t a problem, pointed out where he set the key and left. He had mentioned that usually people just put their valuables in the room safe and left the room unlocked, but it was my choice. Cool.

Jaimey and I chatted and signed for awhile about some other books we liked since that was what attracted the two of us earlier when he saw my ‘fantasy’ book. The both of us loved sci fi and fantasy and I actually remembered one or two he hadn’t read. Starting to yawn, Jaimey moved to leave.

We did a manly fist bump, signing see you tomorrow and left.

I showered in one of the most exotic bathrooms I had ever been in, the outer wall was glass showing off a dense tropical garden outside. The odd thing was it had one mirror over the sink hanging down for shaving since it was big enough to show your face.

That was okay since what was looking back wasn’t that impressive. I was forty-four and tired looking. What the mirror didn’t show was that I was six foot and about two hundred in what could best be described as ‘well padded’.

The last few years I’ve been pounding the weights when my partner Doug was sick, but I didn’t follow the rules and I still had a crappy diet, so while there might be muscle underneath, if you were generous you’d say I was that aging jock gone to seed.

The one thing that looked good was my arms since I had really worked those over, so I had a Popeye thing going. They were noticeably big even at rest, and huge when pumped.

Drying off I grabbed a water to hydrate from all the alcohol I’ve been drinking both the last few days on the cruise ship and this afternoon when the island boat was running late.

Back on Bonaire, the resort representative felt bad about the delay so we camped out in a bar with the resort picking up the tab, and the five of us had taken advantage of the opportunity to get to know one another doing our best to drain the bar dry.

Setting the bottle of water next to my bed, I starting thinking how this was one of the most comfortable beds I’ve ever…..

I woke up later needing to take a leak, reminding myself how aging can be a bitch since I never had to get up when I was younger.

Glancing at the clock I noticed it was a little after midnight and stumbled to the unfamiliar bathroom I noticed the cool indirect lighting strategically placed in my villa. My villa, damn this is so cool.

I was awake so I grabbed another water, stretched and walked out to the patio. I was naked since I slept that way. I’d like to say it was because it was sexy, but the fact was I’m one of those people that moves a lot in bed, and if I wear anything, even just underwear, it bunches or twists up practically strangling me. So I always shower or take a bath before bed and sleep in the buff.

The patio was fairly deep with a double wide thickly cushioned chaise lounge where two people could lay comfortably. To the other side was a pair of chairs, side table and even a little cushioned ottoman for your footsies. Flopping in one of the chairs, I drew the ottoman up to rest my feet from the exhausting walk from the inside. Looking down, I could see why I was having trouble sleeping as I stared at my erect shaft.


"Shit, who...?" I jumped about a foot off the chair.

Over to the right, I could see a large shadow just off the deck.

"May I join you?" Ax murderer, rapist, thief?

Here? Geezus, chill Rob. You had to take a ninety minute boat ride just to get here.

"Sure come on up;" He stepped up into a little reflected light. The dude was massive; all bare muscled flesh except for a tiny wrap of cloth around his waist.

“Evening, I am Thax" standing directly in front of me, I saw abs so ripped they were mini valleys.

"Sorry?" He just smiled and signed <T.H.A.X.>

"I guess we have a mutual acquaintance".

"May I sit?"

"Please" Instead of taking the other chair; he sat down in front of me on the ottoman that I had taken my feet off, putting him about eye level to me. The dude was huge.

"Well Rob Harris, you seem happy to be here" smiling and glancing at my lap. I glanced down, staring at my erection, "oh fuck".

Thax started to laugh and okay, it was kind of funny, so I joined in.

When we had settled down, he said "these impress me too" reaching over and gently rubbing my nipples with his thumbs.

My partner Doug had discovered many years ago how sensitive my nipples were and enjoyed playing with them. As the years progressed, he got a little kinkier bringing in suction cups then light clamps which brought out louder moans from their use and increasing abuse.

That they became more bloated with the hot sexual mistreatment only encouraged my partner further so today my large quarter size areolas sported thick swollen nubs begging to be played with.

I was still a little drunk and my nipples were being assaulted by a muscled stranger and all I could do was lay my head back, close my eyes and savor the sensation since it had been so long since any man had touched me there. I could feel a light warm breeze across my body as well as the soft murmur of the distant waves coming ashore. I knew the man in front of me was massive, yet his touch on my nipples was only slightly heavier then the breeze. "Your turn" removing his hands from my body.

I slid off the chair on my knees in front of him. I noticed his wrap had opened up displaying a dick that looked massive even for his huge body. Focusing on his nipples, he had outsized areola’s surrounding nubs that easily stuck out an inch. Instead of using my hands, I leaned in and licked his left nipple. Thax let out a low growl and his nipples hardened even further. Moving my mouth over, to his right nipple I first licked and then lightly bit the nub. I felt a small squirt of warm fluid enter my mouth. Startled, I looked up at Thax.

It wasn't blood and actually tasted good, but I didn't know what had just happened. Thax grabbed the back of my head and returned my head to his chest.

"Continue" he said in a low, deep, commanding voice.

I began to suck and more fluid released. Still controlling the back of my head, he shifted me from one side to the other, sucking, sipping back and forth, where I continued to work each of his juicy tits.

I felt refreshed the more I took in, as well as hotter, more in need. Whatever alcohol I had in my system burned away leaving only a craving for Thax. I moved up into his lap alternating between kissing and going back to his nipples sucking up any fluid they would give.


He lifted me slightly until I was poised above his cock feeling moisture that must have been his pre-cum lubricating my entrance. Slowly lowering me I felt my ass opening further and further until the enormous rod was just inside me. I knew I was open really wide, but I wasn't feeling any pain from the invasion.

Our eyes were locked as I slid down his shaft. I was aware I still hadn't touched bottom when I felt him convulse and cum inside me.

"Don't worry; I just want to be sure you can continue to take me. He lifted my body a bit with ease lowering me down and lubricated my insides making his tree trunk move a little easier. I looked at Thax and nodded.

Thax smiled slowly letting go of me to ultimately bottom out.

"How do you feel?"

"Full. Very full. Wonderful."

"Actually fucking awesome." Thax chuckled.

"Shhh now." Thax leaned back, grabbing one of my legs to rotate me around with my back now resting on his massive chest. Wrapping his left arm around, the huge stud nonchalantly toyed with my distended nipple shifting his torso around forcing me to raise and lower on his giant prong. Mouth next to my ear, he softly hummed or growled or maybe it was me doing the growling while he made a deep hum.

"Shall we get serious now?" Unable to speak, I just nodded.

I slowly rose up and off his shaft with his help. When he was out, and I looked at his tumescent cock it became obvious to me how wide and deep he must have gone inside me. The massive dildos in the porn shops weren’t as big as this dude, yet I was taking it all inside my ass, hungry for more.

Thax moved us over to the large chaise a couple of feet away, turning me so that I'd be lying on my back. Without thinking I lifted my legs wanting him inside me and smiling down he slowly sunk his shaft down my tunnel until he bottomed out. Slowly building up speed, he fucked my ass for I don't know how long, but I remember being up on my hands and knees while he rammed my hole, later being draped over the sofa inside the room, on my back again legs in the air, this time on the counter in the bathroom; As well as other positions throughout the suite during the night. I was hard the whole time cumming several times, spewing my jizz all over Thax and myself. He also came sometimes inside me, other times pulling out spraying my back, torso or face with thick ropes of heated cream, pausing now and then getting some more of the Thax magical juice from his nipples which sent me into a renewed sexual frenzy.

Finally, we ended up in a patio chair with me facing him in his lap.

Thax smiled and asked if I was okay. Again I could only nod. He had me suck on his nipples some more which revived me slightly but I was done.

All of a sudden I realized he was pissing in my ass. Thax made eye contact. "Does that bother you?" While nothing like this had ever happened before, I shook my head no, at this point nothing could bother me.

"Come here then." He stopped the flow lifting me off. I could still marvel he could so effortlessly move a 200 lb. man around.

Thax guided me off the patio into the sand and had me kneel before him where the stud renewed his stream aiming at my chest, back, hair, covering my whole body.

After finishing, he slowly lifted me up and helped me walk over to the chaise lounge.

"I have two favors to ask of you". Exhausted, I still looked up curious.

"First, you don't share this encounter with anyone just yet." I didn't get that, but since I'm not big on talking about my sex life, that was no big deal. I nodded.

"Next I need you to not shower or go in the water for the next 6 hours". That one was over the top, but I was pretty exhausted, desperately needing to crash, I nodded again.

The last thing I remembered was a light kiss on my forehead and then I was out.

Ordinarily, I'm not one of those people that can leap out of bed first thing and this morning was no different. It started with opening one eye and then struggling to open the second one. It was sealed shut with tears or whatever it was, that made your eyes stick together. Achieving success, I found myself facing out to a beach, palm trees and water.

Well cool, that part wasn't some dream.

As my brain struggled to wakefulness, I dimly remember studly Terry mentioned this was a WEST facing villa, so no sun burned my retinas. Thank the gods.

I was curled up in some uncomfortable fetal pretzel position on, yep the chaise lounge out on the patio.

Lunging up to my hands and knees, head down, my body said it was sore. My hair was in pain, shoulders, chest, hips, legs and I swear my toenails all making comments they weren’t happy. I recalled times at the health club when frustrated or angry, I overdid my workouts, ignoring common sense and paying for it the next day feeling like, well kind of how I was feeling right now.

I moved slowly to sit at the end of the lounge facing the beach. Well I had been royally fucked last night hadn't I?

I thought about my ass and actually it didn't feel too bad. Certainly not like it had a telephone pole rammed repeatedly up it for several hours. I was slightly sore, but that could have been my experimentation with the butt cleaning device I used in my shower last night. The shower had one of those coil thingies with appropriate attachments discreetly tucked on a shelf so you could.. well you get the idea. I was a little drunk and a little too enthusiastic so I must've poked myself too hard.

I sat there and reviewed what I thought had happened. I was visited late last night by a muscle god with a dick the size of Florida and fucked senseless, all the while drinking an intoxicating liquid from his equally beautiful, big nipples.

I chuckled. Visitation by a horny, lactating mountain of studly delight. I started to chuckle harder.

I conceded that I may have had a wet dream. I felt my sticky stomach and chest realizing I must have cum more than once. Ok, a really, really good wet dream.

What am I a teenager again?

I do dream a lot and occasionally my dreams are so vivid they seem real. Usually it’s putting friends or acquaintances in odd locations doing weird things. Normal crap.

And sure, some have been sex dreams, more and more seem to be that lately, some feeling pretty real, that is until I woke up with a raging hardon tenting the sheets.

But a wet dream where I cum in my sleep? I grinned. Well the alternative was that I’ve been porked by a massive island love god last night.

Laughing, I thought damn that was a good dream.

Alright, between the cruise and our delay on Bonaire, I’ve been drinking more in the last 6 days than I have the last 6 months. Depressed over scattering Doug’s ashes, I’ve been drinking heavily and eating irregularly if at all and I’ve only hit the gym once.

I know from the past my body kind of goes into withdrawal if I stay away from the gym and I did sleep on a lounge chair in a weird position apparently all night long making me sore OR I had a fantasy all night fuck with the human Godzilla.

I snorted. God, my imagination rocks.

I turned when I heard a loud rapping noise coming from inside. Sitting at the table behind the sofa was Jaimey. He had rapped on the table to get my attention.

I jumped up feeling better seeing my new buddy.

“Hey Jaim! Morning!”

<M.O.R.N.I.N.G...H.E.A.R.D..T.H.E..B.E.D..I.S..M.O.R.E..C.O.M.F.O.R.T.A.B.L.E> he signed grinning.

“No shit”.

I was thinking of telling him about my hot dream, but vaguely recalled my fantasy, lactating dream stud god asking me to keep it on the down low. I snickered again.

Wow those margaritas on the boat over were good.

I quickly got distracted when veering around the sofa I looked at the table top Jaimey was sitting in front of. There was a collection of pastries, muffins and fruit which could feed about 4 or 5 people. Also sitting there was an ice bucket with a bottle of diet coke poking out of the top of the ice.

I was in heaven. “Dude this is awesome. How did you know? Oh wait, the form I filled out yesterday. Got it.”

Opening the diet, taking a deep slug, I was becoming human again. I am not a coffee person and I looked over to tell Jaimey how awesome he was, when he raised his brows, looked down and pointed.

Oops, naked, and while not hard, plumped enough to remind me that I needed my morning constitutional. I yelled out a ‘SORRY’, as a spun around and headed to the bathroom. I heard the kind of wheezing noise he makes when he’s laughing.

Oh great, I make my new buddy laugh when he sees me naked.

That actually made me smile.

This was the coolest bathroom ever. You came in a ways through the doorway and then jogged right. The outer long wall was floor to ceiling glass where immediately outside was an explosion of tropical plants and this morning I saw there was a privacy wall about 6 feet beyond the glass. Well cool that you wouldn’t have gapers, and the wall was colored in such a way so you would barely see it.

In front of the glass was a long counter with two sinks. It looked like a counter made of stained cement. A little wood below the counter to hide the plumbing, but it didn’t go far. You could see the glass below the counter as well, so it looked liked the counter just hung in air as I noticed there was a kind of a bamboo tray with my toiletry kit. I guess Jaimey put it there last night and trying to figure out when he got that done, I recalled the leisurely resort tour from Terry.

Damn these guys are really good.

After you turned with the sinks and glass wall on the left, you ended up looking at a huge shower. It was completely open to the bathroom with a little down slope for drainage away from the bathroom proper. Tiled, wall of glass on that same wall as the sinks, you could fit at least 3 or 4 people comfortably. There was a big shower fixture on the inner wall, but it also had one of those rain shower thingies overhead. The above showerhead was huge and when I showered underneath it for the first time last night, it was practically orgasmic.

Also on the inner wall, was the “internal cleaning system” tucked away with a shelf that held a small bottle of lube for more comfortable use I guess.

These guys think of everything.

Near the shower, you would turn right and walk around a three quarter high wall and there was the can, man. The john actually faced the shower. Really tidy setup as long as you didn’t need to sit on the can while your honey was already showering.

After taking care of business, I reached into the shower to at least wash off.

Turning the knobs ..nothing.

I tried the knobs for the overhead rain thingie. Nada.


At the sink I figured I’d at least wash my face, nope. No water.

Well at least the toilet flushed.

I looked into the mirror irritated.

That was the one thing odd about the bathroom. Hanging down from the ceiling over the sink near the shower was one fairly small mirror. It was a good looking mirror, hanging down in front of the glass on thin wire, with a kind of metal sun rays framing, but it was still relatively small. The mirror itself was probably about twice the side of my head, great for shaving and maybe brushing your hair, but that was it. Didn’t bother me that much, but could you just see the queens dressing up to hit the resort bar needing to primp? Must make them crazy.

My mug reflecting back and I noticed that I didn’t look as bad as expected or at least certainly felt. I remember glancing last night and the reflection back hadn’t been too good, but this morning I looked okay. So a good night’s sleep with a killer wet dream and sleeping in a pretzel position on a lounge chair works wonders. Who knew?

Suddenly a ball of material sailed through the bathroom door, hitting the glass wall and dropping in the other sink. Picking it up I noticed it was one of those wraps that I saw some people wearing around the resort last night.

Just like the one my fantasy man god wore as well, but I wasn’t going there.

Tied around my waist, it didn’t hang quite to my knees and the side you tied it showed a little hip and leg. Racy! Walking out I did a drum roll on my gut, which felt not as “cushioned” as I was used to.

Looking down I looked fairly tight. Huh?

Ok, I’ve missed about half of my meals lately, but…

Another rap on the table, with Jaimey looking at me and signing <F.O.R.E.I.G.N.E.R..I.S..A.W.E.S.O.M.E.!>

I wasn’t tracking this one. “We’re talking music now?”

Rolling of the eyes. <C.J..C.H.E.R.R.Y.H>

I’m with him now. Last night, one of the few fantasy series Jaimey hadn’t read that I enjoyed was by the author C.J. Cherryh, with the first book titled Foreigner. He and I bonded over books and it had been funny, since while he can hear me, Jaimey would get so excited talking about books he read, his hands would fly too fast for me to understand him.

But back to today, he was talking about a book I had told him about last night.

“But how?” Anticipating me, he lifted up a book reader, a Kindle I think.

<D.O.W.N.L.O.A.D.E.D..I.T..L.A.S.T..N.I.G.H.T…S.T.A.R.T.E.D..T.H.E..I.N.V.A.D.E.R..T.H.I.S..M.O.R.N.I.N.G.> Invader was the second book.

“Dude, did you sleep at all last night”

Jaimey sheepishly shook his head no. I roared.

I also understood.

Find a book that you can’t put down and you didn’t.

Jaimey and I were blood kin on that and he starting laughing at our obsession too.

The dude began signing his thoughts about what he had read so we chatted while I stuffed my face with pastries, leaving the healthy fruit alone. I did grab a couple of pieces as we talked, but the pastries were out of this world, which Jaimey letting me know there was a chef here who specialized in baking.

“Is he single?” making my buddy laugh.

As we wound down talking about the book, I remembered the lack of water in the bathroom.

<I.T..W.I.L.L..B.E..O.N..A.T..9> Irritated that my perfect resort wasn’t in fact perfect, I asked if this was going to happen everyday with Jaimey signing <NO> pointing at the clock where it was showing a couple of minutes before 9 now.

I then got hit by another thought.

My imaginary stud man had signed his name. TH..something.

Thor maybe. I giggled.

Ok, the Norse God is hanging out in the Caribbean.

Proof that Vikings hate winter too.

“Hold on a minute, I need to check something out.”

Footprints. The giant stud had walked up from the beach. Walking out to the patio I went over to the corner where he arrived from.

Looking down, I thought …of course.

The patio had no railing since it was only about a foot off the ground. At the corner where I was scanning was a step that led to a wooden walkway which kind of curved out toward the water. My gaze following the path of the walkway, saw it connecting to another walkway leading to the villa next to me that I could now see an edge of.

It (and therefore my villa) was pretty hidden even from this view. The walkway, level with the sand angled down toward the water.

So no footprints in the sand.

I wasn’t sure why I was obsessing over this.

Well okay, maybe since I remembered it as really, really mind blowing sex, so it would have been nice if it happened, but apparently Thor, my lactating muscle god with a monstrous dick was not to be. I chuckled shaking my head.

I jumped when Jaimey tapped me on the shoulder. <W.A.T.E.R.S..O.N.>

“Oh, great. Hey bud. Would you mind if I showered and then caught some more zzz’s. I’m trying to catch up.”

<C.O.U.L.D..U.S.E..A..N.A.P..M.Y.S.E.L.F.> I grinned remembering he was up all night with the book he had downloaded.

“Later”. We knuckle bumped. (I snickered thinking what queers do that?) I headed to my date with the shower while Jaimey let himself out.

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