Isla Paradiso 2

If you’re under eighteen, get outta here.

Note from the Author: Below is the second part of an abridged story of a Kindle book offered at titled Isla Paradiso. Isla Paradiso is the first book in a series titled The Fraternity that tells the story of a guy who becomes a member of a super secret gay cabal who become sex crazed stud muffins.

The main character finds out its not as cool as it sounds.

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What has gone before –

Rob Harris’ life could be easily defined as pretty crappy right now. In fact, if he had a crap-o-meter of life, he’s thinking it would be pegged on the wrong end.

Mid-forties and well padded, Rob had just gotten off a four day cruise where he spread his partners ashes spending the rest of the time getting hammered

In the first part of Isla Paradiso, Rob moves on to the second part of his partner’s last wishes which is to go to a Caribbean tropical island near Bonaire where there is a gay resort with Rob not too thrilled with the idea even though it was what Doug wanted.

The last few years of Doug’s life had been a downward spiral dealing with his ever worsening cancer, also resulting in a mounting pile of debt that Rob was trying to take care of by working as much as he could.

As a speaker/trainer, he was running around the country, picking up jobs where he could to pay off the bills, and the man was tired so he could use the break, but wasn’t too keen that this gay resort was quite exclusive and quite expensive, but he couldn’t get his money back anyway, so what the hell.

Lastly, tired, broke, he was also looking pretty well fed. On the road most of the week eating hotel food, he did work out a lot, but he’s own penchant for all the wrong stuff meant he looked like that aging jock gone to seed.

Arriving at the island, he meant a staff member named Jaimey, who couldn’t speak and through some old signing skills they found common love of books and senses of humor, yet tired, a bit drunk and worn out, Rob crashed in his upgraded room at the resort to wake up later and meet a man.

Not just any man, but the dude was like a Tom of Finland wet dream. Huge, sexy and handsome the screwed the night away with Rob waking up sore and confused the next morning.

Realizing he had met a guy who had tasty juice that could be sucked out of his nipples as well as a dick a ruler would be to small to measure, Rob understood he had a wet dream, a really, really good one fueled by good booze and the lack of companionship.

Or did he?

Rob Harris’ life could be easily defined as pretty crappy right now. In fact, if he had a crap-o-meter of life, he’s thinking it would be pegged on the wrong end.

Mid-forties and well padded, Rob had just gotten off a four day cruise where he spread his partners ashes spending the rest of the time getting hammered

In the first part of Isla Paradiso, Rob moves on to the second part of his partner’s last wishes which is to go to a Caribbean tropical island near Bonaire where there is a gay resort with Rob not too thrilled with the idea even though it was what Doug wanted.

The last few years of Doug’s life had been a downward spiral dealing with his ever worsening cancer, also resulting in a mounting pile of debt that Rob was trying to take care of by working as much as he could.

As a speaker/trainer, he was running around the country, picking up jobs where he could to pay off the bills, and the man was tired so he could use the break, but wasn’t too keen that this gay resort was quite exclusive and quite expensive, but he couldn’t get his money back anyway, so what the hell.

Lastly, tired, broke, he was also looking pretty well fed. On the road most of the week eating hotel food, he did work out a lot, but he’s own penchant for all the wrong stuff meant he looked like that aging jock gone to seed.

Arriving at the island, he meant a staff member named Jaimey, who couldn’t speak and through some old signing skills they found common love of books and senses of humor, yet tired, a bit drunk and worn out, Rob crashed in his upgraded room at the resort to wake up later and meet a man.

Not just any man, but the dude was like a Tom of Finland wet dream. Huge, sexy and handsome the screwed the night away with Rob waking up sore and confused the next morning.

Realizing he had met a guy who had tasty juice that could be sucked out of his nipples as well as a dick a ruler would be to small to measure, Rob understood he had a wet dream, a really, really good one fueled by good booze and the lack of companionship.

Or did he?

I woke up early afternoon still feeling a bit sore around my entire body, but a little better. I guess sleeping in a comfortable bed instead of that lounge chair is better for you.

Slowly moving around, I rang guest services for a couple of sandwiches and hit the shower again. Ok. I love showers, I loved this shower and its overhead showerhead rain doo-hickey and I cleaned myself out as well. Hey boy scouts, be prepared, all that.


I was coming out of the bathroom in my board shorts putting on my shirt when I heard the kind of wheezing sound that could only come from one source and as my head popped through my t-shirt to see Jaimey laughing and setting down what looked like my lunch.

"What's wrong?"


Ok, they weren’t styling and since I seemed to have slimmed up a bit, they didn’t fit me too well.

"What not hip enough for Isle Paradiso?" I said smiling.

Emphatic <NO> Jaimey couldn't stop grinning.


So I ended up changing into my workout gear at the gym figuring it might help loosen up this weird all around sore feeling I was having. I didn’t swap clothes because my suit made me look like a dork; I just changed my mind on what I was going to do.

Yeah right.

Jaimey brought extra food having lunch with me. It was pretty cool, but I couldn’t help scratching my head wondering about him spending so much time with me.

Was he like assigned to me?


I was concerned that he would get in trouble with him grinning and my bud signing for me to not worry about it.


We left my villa, man I love saying that, walking through lush tropical gardens surrounding the path you take with Jaimey pointing out the discreet signs directing you making it clear it really would be difficult to get lost around here.

There were entrances to other villas tucked away in the foliage letting you know they were there, but still far enough away to give each villa privacy and looking down the walks to each villa, I noticed all the doors were like mine, frosted glass, but each had a different animal on them, mine had of all things a koala bear etched on it.

Anything to help the drunks remember their own room I guess.


I saw Henri and Jacque, my two Canadian buddies I met yesterday and headed toward them. Shaking hands, we chatted awhile, and then Jaimey and I headed over to the shop. It didn’t look like much from the outside, but opened up quite a bit as I walked through. To the left were obligatory racks of junk food, pop and bottled water and a guy with ‘Jose’ embossed on his shirt walked over, shook hands and let me know that all the items in this area I could just grab and take whatever I wanted.

All part of the Isla Paradisa package. Sweet!


Gazing lustfully at the Doritos section, I saw Jaimey signing to Jose and since it was whole words I didn’t follow what he was saying, but you could tell he was having fun explaining my fashion faux paux.


Jose nodded bringing me over to a counter near racks of swimsuits.

"We have essentially three types of suits here. The square cut trunk, the bikini, and of course the thong" setting one of each on the counter.

In my leaner days, I had worn square cuts, but I didn't have the butt for a bikini, and I never went near a thong. Well I did, but only when it was on Doug since his V shape as well as his cute butt made him custom made for a bikini. My lover did buy a thong once and wore it on at one of our Key West vacations, but I wouldn’t stop playing with his ass every time he turned on his stomach, so his thong days didn't last long.


Jose watching my reaction moved the bikini and thong away seeing I wasn't going to go there. "These are all designed and made on the island by a local named Françoise who also makes three cuts for each type of suit."

At that, he pulled out a couple more square cuts setting them next to each other.

"This one" pointing to the original "is what’s known as our hot version" and it was being a low rise brief that looked well.. hot.

"These other two are known as the sexy cut and the slutty cut."

I looked up and laughed, "really?"


While you could see that they were cut smaller then the hot version, I couldn't tell the difference between sexy and slutty.

"Feel the material between the two," rubbing the two suits I noticed while the sexy suit was your typical stretchy nylon’ish fabric, the slutty cut was a little stiffer which I mentioned to Jose, still not getting it.

Nodding, "You see the design cut of the hot is a low cut with a nice pouch discreetly displaying your wares." I nodded.

"As you can see, both the sexy and slutty ride lower and made of different materials. With the sexy if you get hard, it will stretch the fabric, but you stay covered."


"With the slutty cut, since the material is stiffer, when you got hard, the suit pulls down a bit and gives you a little exposure.”


I must have been blushing, since Jose and Jaimey seemed to be amused at my reaction.

"Of course the sexy and slutty suits work better on certain types of men."


Stupid me, I had to ask.


“Yes” Jose said getting into the conversation. “The lower cuts favor men who trim themselves. The band should then be just above neatly trimmed pubic hair”.

Why the hell did I have to ask?

“Also, especially the slutty style favors growers. That way when you get harder…”

“Got it. Really, yeah I got it.”

Jaimey stood there with a smile on his face and signed to Jose.

Ok, not sure. “What was that?” I asked Jose.

“Jaimey says you’re both trimmed and a grower”

“Whaaat? How the hell do you know?”


“Oh, yeah.” And I’m sure the “got up” was his little double entendre. Smartass.


I choked when I found out all the suits were a hundred a pop. Damn. Ok, I’ll take one hot to go please. Jose measured my waist since I guess at a hundred bucks it’s not small, medium and large. When measuring he mentioned how Francoise does custom suits and measures everything. That’s EVERYTHING and to be careful of his floating hands.

“Thirty-three”. I made him do it again.

My waist hadn’t been this small since my twenties.

It checked so I just figured it was one of those tapes that read lower to make you feel good.

I knew they lowered sizes with woman, but I didn’t think they did it with guys.


Well yeah, I guess it made sense.

I went over to look at the shirts that were on display being a sucker for the Tommy Bahamas/Loose button down golf shirt look, as long as it didn’t have flowers, martini glasses or whatever imprinted on them.

Much to Doug’s chagrin, when I wasn’t business suited up, this kind of shirt and khaki cargo shorts was my standard way of dressing up during warm weather.

I had always liked this type of shirt, but when I chubbed up, I really liked them since it hid a lot.


The shirts were from the same island designer, Francoise with the frisky hands, so there were three versions of the same shirt. Trying them on, the hot one was good looking, buttoning a little lower than the Target versions I usually get, showing off a little more chest, as well as little tighter around, especially my biceps. I had to admit, at looked pretty good.

The sexy cut got a little tighter and shorter, riding the top of my shorts and the slutty wouldn’t even close. I mean it had all the buttons and maybe you could button the bottom one or two but the idea was to leave it open and show off.

If you had the body to show off that is.

I really liked them, but the shirts were even more expensive then the suits and while remembering the bills waiting for me at home, I still couldn’t resist buying a squarecut suit and one shirt in a beautiful greenish (Doug would know the damn color, to me it was a nice greenish) color, both in the hot style. Jose could keep his sexy and slutty stuff, since chubby and sexy don’t match up too well.

I went over grabbing some free junk food while they bagged up my stuff having Jose let me know they would deliver my bag, now packed with junk food (woo-hoo!) to my room while I hit the gym.

Gotta love this place.


Crossing over I waved once again to my Canadian pals continuing on around to the adult pool where the health club was located seeing more people butt naked on this side.

Near the gym was a pair of nicely developed, hairy guys with an Arabic look in their birthday suits looking pretty damn good.

Frank and Benny, the other couple I had spent the day with yesterday were lounging here as well; Frank while not fat was obviously somebody that didn’t work out while Benny was a short, pretty husky stud muffin. And with no hair below the neck nothing was hidden and yep I could see why Frank liked Benny. I waved to the two and stayed on the other side of the pool as I headed to the back where the fitness center was, since after yesterday, I didn’t really feel like chatting with Frank, although Benny seemed ok.


Walking through the doors, I checked out a room packed with major professional equipment. It made sense since every staff member I’ve seen so far was totally muscle stud material, so even if the guests don’t use it, it was obviously not going to waste here.


I was sore, but I was also horny as anything. Doug and I had been monogamous and even during his illness when we no longer could do anything I never stepped out on the guy, although I did play with some toys at home.

Even the year after his death, I was too busy, okay just not ready.

I was also aware I was a tired, chubby, middle aged queer….and flat broke. I laughed thinking how I couldn’t even do the sugar daddy routine.

But on the boat, wrestled into a bathroom by one of the show queens I had my first man touch me in years and practically blown his head of one I came.

Then there was last night, my fantasy wet dream with a huge love god. It may have not been real, but damn it was on of the best…

I dwelled on my dream last night.


Coming back to reality, I was doing dumbbell curls without remembering how I got here.

Setting the weights back on the stand, I looked down and yep, after taking that trip down memory lane I was pushing out from my jock.

Fuck, what is it about this place? Although I had to admit, I had been getting increasingly horned up in the past months hitting that damned goodie drawer more and more frequently.

Gee, let’s go see a shrink and see if these are all signs that I needed to get seriously laid.

I shook my head amused.


Looking around I saw a few others in the gym with only one close by. He was tall, blond, possessing that hot stud muffin look I was equating to the resort staff and he was riding a bike. Wearing a t-shirt with major cuts on the sides occasionally flashing one of his nips on a lightly haired cut pec, the sexy dude was also wearing nylon shorts that must have come from good ole Francoise ‘cause they looked very, very good on the stud.

Low on the hip, long enough leg to cover a big bulge hanging to the right, clearly no jock on. I began wondering how his ass looked.

He had vivid blue eyes, slightly rough looking although he could be a model with that face. Actually the guy was drop dead gorgeous and I was thinking of positioning myself someplace to see if I could look up the leg of his shorts as he pedaled when I shook my head.


I hit the water cooler to hydrate and cool down and not from the workout, moving over to work on some bench pressing.


My shoulders were still really sore, so I was having trouble with my usual weight heaving them up one more time and started wobbling. Oh crap.

Two hands grabbed the bar, telling me to do a couple more reps in a dick hardening accent.

Doing my best to be manly, I still needed help to getting it back on the stand and with my chest heaving, I looked up and recognizing the shorts I was gifted with a partial view of a nice fat dick and balls.

I had to close my eyes for a second before sitting up and shaking hands with Brandon from South Africa. Ah, the accent. We were talking a bit about my stay so far with Brandon standing in front of me and I swore his shorts were starting to tent.

“Have you toured the health club yet?”

Shaking my head no, he gestured for me to follow him as we headed to the back area that was the bathroom, sinks, a big open shower and oddly enough a row of doors.


“These are private changing areas” shoving me through one of the doors showing a room about 6 by 12 and tiled. A bench and ….

Brandon spun me around, backing me to a wall, and kissed me. Hard.

I went with it and our arms starting bumping into each other as we roamed each others bodies.

The stud started to kneel down when I grabbed him under the arms pulling him back up and looking in his eyes I pleaded, “Dude I really need this.” The beautiful man nodded as I sunk to my knees pulling his shorts down with me as I hit the floor.

The sexy man had one of those big thick cocks which was kind of flat on top and right now it was the hottest dick in the world. There was no teasing on this one as I opened my mouth and sucked him in. It took me a couple of tries to get his thick shaft completely down, but there was no stopping me as I sucked on my first piece of meat in years as my hands roamed down his legs, his butt, as well as up his back, stomach and chest.

At one point Brandon grabbed one of my hands and stuck two of my fingers in his mouth sucking on them with me being so primed, I could have cum just from that and with my free hand I started to pull out my own dick encased in my jock and shorts.


“You can’t be serious.”

“I’ll take care of it properly. Trust me.”


Pulling my hand away, I focused on one thing diving back to his sweet slab of prime beef realizing I had him when I felt his legs buckling under my hand.


Swelling up, the stud started to shoot hot, juicy spurts in my mouth and it was like nectar as I tried to take it all in, but their was a lot with some of it dribbling out of my mouth.

Pulling his rod out of my still hungry mouth, Brandon slid down the wall and grabbed both sides of my face with his two hands jamming his tongue in to scoop out some of his own cum. Moaning, I tried swallowing what I had to ensure he didn’t take all of it.

Hands still on the sides of my head, Brandon smiled.

“Now it’s my turn”

“Ok, how are we doing this?”

“You mentioned your shoulder was sore earlier?” I cocked my head curious.

“I’m one of the Isla Paradiso’s massage therapists. If you can hold out, I’ll make it worth your time.” I had no desire to hold out, yet I nodded dumbly in acquiescence. Right now there wasn’t a whole lot I wouldn’t agree to.


“Good, this way.” Stripping down we hung our clothes up in our little changing room and grabbing my hand we want over to the shower area where I started to turn on the faucet next to him.

“Not needed, over here.” Pulling me over to his shower, Brandon started soaping me up and man, those hands were nice.

“I like this massage,” earning a low chuckle.

“Not even close. We’re just cleaning up mate.”

Around that time my back was to the hot muscled stud with one of his hands on my shoulder while the other soaped my lower back. Dispensing more soap in his hand, it traveled down over my butt, index finger digging in and then rotating around my hole making me purr.

Without thinking I started to lean forward.

“Not yet, be patient,” hearing an amused tone, but I was becoming almost mindless in my need for something, anything.

Pulling me back straight, he removed his hand and spun me around.

With a smug look, Brandon slapped me on my arm and said “Your turn”.

We couldn’t get close due to our hard cocks thinking mine would break if it was bent even a little bit; it was so rigid glancing over to see an older guest standing at the sink with his back to us, but you could tell he was using the mirror. A little embarrassed at this public display, there still was no way in hell I was going to stop.

I started with Brandon’s broad chest, thumbing his nipples and taking my time I had him raise his arms to get his pits and underarms and moving around to clean his back, ass and legs even washing his sexy blonde hair.

We actually started to joke around with a few “cleanliness next to godliness” cracks so it ended up not quite being the sensual cleaning he gave me cooling me down a bit thank God, but neither of us had gone down so I must have been doing something right.


“Alright, let’s go for it then.” We got out drying off with a couple of huge, thick white towels. I noticed our voyeur was gone and it looked like the guy had come in the sink. Giggling I though, good for him.

Brandon told me to wrap up in the towel, so we grabbed our gym clothes and walked down a corridor in the back of the building.

“This corridor links the gym to the spa where my massage room is.”


I realized now that I was going to get a real massage and not a…you know – “massage”.

And I wasn’t so sure about that.

Doug loved massages and got one every cruise we went on with me joining him the first couple of times, but as Doug went off to his room, it always seemed like I got the ex professional female wrestler named Inga who was having man problems, which meant I was brutalized until I was ready to apologize for all men everywhere.

Doug exited refreshed while I exited bruised and battered.

Ok, but sexy Brandon definitely was no Inga.


“Hey Sung, I’m taking Mr. Harris here for a massage. A studly (of course) Asian guy looked up and asked “Your regular room or outside?”

“There’s a great private garden area if you’d like.”

I cleared my throat. “Uh, chances are I might be noisy.”

Brandon laughed, “Don’t worry about it, Sung we’ll go outside.”


Brandon lead me out the back to this small area, completed private surrounded by trees, plants, and flowers with soft music playing from hidden speakers and a big massage table in the middle all having a kind of Asian Zen vibe.

Brandon pointed to the table, “On your stomach, no towel.” Shoving my uncooperative dick down between my legs I jumped on board sticking my head in that donut hole thing at one end of the table feeling Brandon place a very small towel which barely covered my ass letting me know with a chuckle he was protecting my virtue.


I felt warm oil on my back and his hands went to work on my shoulders. Moving above my head I could see he had dropped his towel as well showing that while not hard, his hot shaft wasn’t soft either. I couldn’t stop thinking that looking through the donut, it was a beautiful freaking view I had.

Shifting to my side, Brandon would work my back and arms pressing firmly with the right amount of pressure. It was so good I might’ve fallen asleep if I didn’t have this erection trying to carve a furrow into the massage table.

He continued dripping warm oil as he moved to the lower part of my body and running his hands up my inner thighs I had to spread my legs a bit so he could work them.

The sexy stud would slowly move up a leg with both hands each time a little higher until he started getting under the towel with his index finger brushing my opening. Then he’d go back down going over to my other leg, although as he got around my upper thigh this time his hands were staying in place with a finger wiggling around my rosebud slightly opening me up. He never went in, just teased the entrance.

Warm oil was dripped on my balls and rod below and then he’d be back on the other leg, moving up one hand to lightly massage the cheek of my ass, while the other sat there lightly wiggling a finger in my nether region.


The dude was making me crazy, and he must have sensed I was going to jump up and …well I don’t know what, but I knew it was going to be sexual in nature when Brandon slapped me on the ass telling me to roll over. I shifted around knowing my dick would be facing the sky and sure as hell not caring at this point.

The South African tease moved up and started rubbing my temples with me thinking if he really wanted me to relax, he needed to go south here, but I couldn’t get anything out of my mouth other than moans it seemed.

His strong hands massaged my neck, going over my shoulders, arms, chest, and stomach.

Fuck, I could feel myself dripping juice over my gut as he worked me.

Moving around the table, he would run his hands over my feet, my fucking feet, then my ankles, calves, knees, lower thigh as I continued to moan

Brandon started back with two hands rubbing up my leg. Thumbs on the top of my leg with each hand soaked in oil running up the sides of my leg and his hand on the inner thigh would stop and I’d feel a finger rubbing my balls, my perineum, and then down, back rubbing my hole.

As my moans were got louder, the torturer would change legs and repeat his erotic massage.

After awhile, I realized he wasn’t touching me anywhere. A low voice in that sexy accent next my ear whispered, “Are you ready?”

“About a fucking hour ago.”

Hearing a soft, sexy chuckle from my comment, I sensed Brandon move to my side and with one hand freshly oiled up, he placed on my chest flicking my swollen nipples. Shit.

Brandon’s other oiled hand lightly grabbed my inner thigh, with his index finger stroking down my perineum a little rougher than before, sliding toward my hole and sliding in first one knuckle, then…..

I couldn’t help it, I jerked, arching my back off the table.

At the very same moment Brandon swallowed my cock in one stroke.

My body was convulsing, and I thought I heard Brandon choking but I was too far gone flooding his mouth with a thick, creamy, never ending load, growling out my explosion.


My body slowly melted back to the table.

Finger gently removed, Brandon moved up and with his gorgeous face about two inches from mine asked “How did you like your massage?”

I was limp, trying to talk, ending up babbling since I was unable to form words. The hot man chuckled and let me lie there for a minute quietly cleaning up around the area.

Eventually I was able to sit up and swing my legs off the table; I looked over at Brandon, really unsure of the protocol on this.

He seemed to understand my confusion.

“Look Rob. I’m the massage therapist and that’s my job here,” I cocked my head.

He grinned. “Although, you did get the super Brandon special that I only give to people who I chose to.”

Brandon had emphasized “who I chose to.”

“And the other stuff like in the health club was also my choice, although saving you from the weights was me being a good samaritan. We don’t like our guests dying the first day here.”

Ok, I was starting to get it.

Apparently, he was satisfied with what he saw.

“Thank you. Although we are always clear to the guests, there are some that don’t get it.”

“Ah, sorry to hear that.”

He smiled which made him look even sexier, “Not your problem mate, we know how to deal with it.”

After awhile, when I was sure my legs could hold me up I slid off the table and asked him if there was a shower nearby.

“There’s one in the spa, or you could go back over to the gym if you’re still feeling frisky.”

“Need a nap,” Brandon barked a laugh.

“Then an alternative is that you can grab a wrap from Sung, head over to your room, take a soothing private shower and lie down for awhile. You’re a little oily, but nobody will notice.”

“I like what’s behind door number three.”

I was starting to get the hang of this talking thing again, even if I wasn’t making sense.


Walking inside to the front desk, Sung reached over handing me a wrap to go around my waist. I was oily and naked and didn’t care who noticed.

Looking around for my gym clothes and sneakers, Sung informed me they were already returned my clothes to my villa while I was in getting my massage. Of course.

My sexy god masseuse led me to the open doorway leading out to the more sedate regular pool and still naked, Brandon grabbed me by my arm stopping me.

“Rob, if you need a work out partner or another massage, let me know and I’d be happy to join you if I’m free….”

“Cool, thanks”. Two words and they even made sense.

He looked me in the eye. “And hey, no guarantee, but there is a really good chance you’ll get the Brandon special again. And if you do a really good workout, maybe I’ll introduce you to the Brandon extra special.


Possibilities started dancing in my head. I had a brain freeze at what that could be! Pulling me to him, Brandon gave me a long, sexy kiss in full view of anyone around the pool.

Slapping my ass, Brandon strolled back into the spa.

Cocky sod.


Leaving the spa, immediately to my left was the doorway to the resort shop with Jose leaning against the frame with his arms folded and his eyes smiling.


Oh God. “Afternoon, could I grab a water?”

Jose came out two seconds later with a nice cold bottle and I walked the far side of the pool from where Henri and Jacque, oops and now Benny were sitting. I didn’t feel like getting razzed from them right now and after the exhibition at the doorway I knew I’d be questioned.

Circling round the other end was an outdoor bar.

“Afternoon, Mr. Harris.” I looked over to see Tom with the amazing chest, one of the guys who met us in Bonaire, now bartending as well a couple I haven’t seen before sitting on some stools.

“Rob, please.”

“Rob then. Ready for a drink?”

Coming close to the bar, I waved my water bottle at him.

“Need to hydrate. Just had some gym time,” waving the bottle in the general direction of the fitness center.

Tom nodded his head agreeably toward the spa doorway, “Yeah, there’s some spa treatments that can dry you out as well if you’re not careful.”


Oh hell, what could I say?

I was busted, so I laughed.

I walked away chuckling, shaking my head, waving the big bartender off.


Showered, cleaned out, with a Corona in hand with a lime no less from my now stocked fridge and a bag of Doritos from the shop, I was camped on the lounger on my patio. There was a big overhang covering the patio, but the late afternoon sun was low enough to soak me in the rays. Wearing nothing but my sunglasses, it felt pretty good.

Oh yeah. This is the life.


The thing that was throwing me was the staff here.

They were all very friendly and casual and remembering the manager, David with the two by four up his butt, I couldn’t envision his staff being allowed to be teasing the shit out of their guests like they have been with me.

I didn’t mind and in fact, it really made me comfortable and relaxed.

But it was still a question.

Jaimey and me, I could understand since we connected and I got that.

But Jose at the shop, Tom the bartender and even Terry who showed me the room treated me almost like a buddy or a guest buddy or something.

Brandon, well that was a whole different story.

Ok. Tropical weather, I’m in a goddamn villa, I think I’m making at least one friend, and let’s not forget that I just swallowed my first dick and a hot stud’s thick, creamy juice in god knows how long.

Screw the why; it’s all good from where I was sitting.


I jumped awake when the phone rang and I looked down panicked I had cooked myself when I nodded off. Fortunately I had a decent base from the cruise and while I was a little red in areas that didn't get sun while on the boat, I was ok and thank god since I didn’t want those parts hurting.


I had nodded off, waking up when the phone rang with my fellow guest Henri asking if I wanted to meet for dinner. Cool.

Shower, cargo shorts, T-shirt and cheap plastic flip flops, I was out the door and maneuvering effortlessly thru the jungle, I was happy and pumped, something I can't say I've been for way too long of a long time.

I jerked to a stop and looked up to the night sky.

"Thanks babe, as usual you were right." Doug had known I’d need this.


Emerging into civilization, I noticed Tom still bartending.

"Hey bud, margarita available out here?" I grinned as Tom growled in indignation.

Leaning over the bar while he prepared my drink, I asked if he had seen Jaimey lately. Tom smirked "He's been downloading a bunch of books trying to read all of them at the same time. He did mention that if I saw you that he'd see you tomorrow."

Oh, damn, the Foreigner series.

"One more thing. I'm really enjoying his company, but I don't want to get him in trouble with the boss."

"Don't worry about it," handing me my drink noticing the answer wasn't good enough.

"Hey Rob, we all have shifts including Jaimey. When somebody comes to the island that one of the staff likes to spend time with, we arrange to switch shifts and cover for the each other and free them up, so really it’s no big deal. Trust me, we all owe Jaimey, so it's all good.”


Tom gave me a long look, “Seriously, you guys enjoy yourself."

Happy that was finally resolved in my head, I thanked him and headed over to the tables spotting Henri and Jacque with both of them looking at me expectantly, Jacque breaking first with a "So?"

Geezus, I haven't even seen a menu yet so I played dumb, "So..what?"


The three of us stared at each other until Jacque starting laughing with Henri and I joining in. "We insist on knowing everything!" I hedged, dodged and demurred.

"You know Benny and the other one" ooh, other one. Harsh. "have been here before."


"According to Benny, your Brandon has a reputation for being..."

Oh shit I'm paying for not talking.

"Being...?" trying to egg him on.

"fussy." Henri concluded.

I shrugged, "Probably didn't respond to subtle Franky's demands," getting some laughs.

"No, we even verified it with Sung from the spa."


Henri smirked "He doesn't have a reputation for being fussy."

Looking at both smug expressions, "You dogs!"


"We were forced to get information for your safety so you must reveal all."

I looked at both of them, turning the ends of my lips up in a smile, keeping my lips sealed. I knew they got the message when Henri burst into indignant French. It was loud, irate and hysterical.

Fortunately we were saved by our waiter Paul, a twenty something year old, really cute, dimpled stud muffin (naturally).

Is it the fucking water or something?

I mean zero fat, I haven’t even seen little love handles on any of these sexy guys for pete’s sake!

After ordering, I mentioned to Henri and Jacque how I thought the best job in the world must be the Isla Paradiso hiring manager. I killed with that.

We explored our ideas of the interview process as dimple boy Paul took excellent care of us, and Tom periodically stopping over to ensure our drinks never got too low.

Not even seeing Frank and Benny at another table with Frank apparently drinking his dinner marred the fun evening.

Later Henri mentioned how different I looked from when they first met me.

“Easily ten years younger.”

“Well I was pretty tired when we met yesterday."

Dang, was it only yesterday?

"And...."   okay, I couldn't resist, "Brandon does give (I paused for effect) great massages."

They both looked at me for a long few seconds when both exploded in a loud stream of what was obviously French swear words.

Yep life is good.

I begged out a little before midnight, well fed, well liquored, and a little sore from laughing so much with my Canadian buddies.


Back at the villa, I showered, cleaned myself out, once again stripped down I grabbed a beer and fidgeted on the patio.

I moved from one chair to the other chair to the chaise, getting up to pace inside turning lights off and on trying to get the right mood lighting.

I tried sitting patiently on one of the patio chairs again.

I was NOT waiting for my fictitious fantasy stud god.


The clock showed one am.


Oh goody, I’ve just confirmed my wet dream was just that.

Can’t imagine why a seven foot Tom of Finland love god with a horse dick wasn’t showing up at my villa on demand.

Man, I really needed to get a grip.

Of course dwelling on my imaginary fuck buddy had me hard, pulsating and wired for anything, so I decided to burn off some energy and take a walk on the moon soaked beach.

Later I was returning to my villa sweated up with quite a bit of Benny’s cum on me. I had met up with the little muscle stud when he was walking the beach as well, making it clear he needed to get screwed and with the island beat pulsing in my blood there was no way I could deny him.

Between Brandon earlier and now Benny, I could even live with the fact that Thor, my fictitious Viking love god had been a no show.


Waking up there was no Jaimey this morning sitting at the table, so I decided to lie in bed relaxing although thinking about Brandon yesterday and Benny last night, what else could I do but take matters into my own hand.

While no sign of my buddy, there were still fresh pastries on the table, smiling at the fact there was less fruit as yesterday; I guess they figured it would be a waste of time with me. Diet coke chilling in a bucket, which was a nice touch since I now had a few stocked in the fridge. I should have freaked a little about resort elves mysteriously popping in and out of my villa even when I’m here, but how could I be worried when the pastries were so good?

Showered, fed, body still a little sore for whatever weird reason although better than yesterday, I hit the gym noticing other staff people, all different sizes and shapes, but still all good looking and rock hard bodies whether big or lean. Jaimey did show up while I was working out and we made plans that he’d bring some lunch over to the villa and we’d eat there.

After discussing books with dragons and warlocks and chowing down on the patio, Jaimey signed he was busy this afternoon and that I needed to get my pale ass out to a pool and tan.

I started to get indignant but realized that while I had a little color it was fading fast and maybe a day at the pool would be a good idea.

You know, February, Chicagoan, on an island in the Caribbean.

Yeah, yeah, I needed pool time.

We then argued a bit about the suits since I bought one and yet there were three in the bag with Jaimey signing <D.O.N.T..W.O.R.R.Y..A.B.O.U.T..I.T> over and over until I gave up.


“No Way” not admitting I wore it last night.


“How would I know since there’s no damned mirror in this place for me to check it out?”

Ha, I got him on that one.



I’m sure I looked confused, because Jaimey rolled his eyes and pointed at the bathroom door.

The bathroom door that I never closed.

I never needed to since I was the only one here or even when Jaimey was here, everything was around the corner in the back, so I never closed the damn thing.


Slipping on the sexy squarecut I wore last night, I went into the bathroom closing the door.

Son of a bitch, there was full length mirror on the back of it.

I looked at the suit and yeah, it did look pretty hot.

But it was weird.

This was admittedly the first time I had looked in a large mirror in awhile. I had a mirror at home to shave and brush my teeth, but my hair was kept short so I just didn’t need that much mirror time, let alone a full length one which was in another bathroom.


But really looking at myself, I looked tighter. Ordinarily, I’d see some age in my face, after all I’m in my forties, so my skin was just looser. Normally I’m a little baggy under the eyes, a few lines on the forehead and I was starting to get loose under the chin.

But the guy staring back looked a lot tighter or firmer I guess. I could see why Henri and Jacque said I looked a lot younger.

My pride and joys, my arms and legs looked even better.

I really wasn’t that vain, I swear I wasn’t but I could still be proud of some of my features. Namely my legs. Big, solid, hairy, manly legs! I chuckled.

Sure, probably why I favored shorts as much as I did.

Ok, I’m proud of my arms. My legs came with me, but my arms, I earned those bad boys. Massive bi’s and tri’s. But they always looked solid, not defined and looking in the mirror, you could see the muscles underneath clearer.

Chest and gut. Again tighter was the only way I could think, way tighter.

Yeah, my stomach was flatter then it’s been for years making my big nipples that Doug loved mauling into bloated bullets more prominent.

All together it made my shoulders look like they a little wider and my hips a little smaller.


You are finally getting there.

I should eat poorly and drink like a fish more often!

Turning, I even have a butt!

The door skewed open as a pair of flip flops banged against the door.


I hadn’t latched it and Jaimey threw my shoes to get my attention.


I signed <AS.S.H.O.L.E.> back to make sure he got the point.

Probably my smiling like an idiot though didn’t help.


I spent the afternoon around the pool with Henri, Jacque and another couple, getting teased about my suit although by the looks I got it was apparent for all the teasing, I looked okay in it. And before we all headed to our rooms, the boys and I made plans for dinner.

I ended up having to wear the same cargo shorts that I wore last night since they were they only ones that didn't drop when I put them on, t-shirt, flip flops, shower and cleaned out I ready to go.

Every now and then, I’d be scratching my head thinking I should look in the mirror again or figure out what the hell was going on since it wasn’t making sense, but here on vacation, I didn’t have any time as I was either distracted by Jaimey or rushing off to spend time with my new buddies.

Our party got larger with Henry and Jacque inviting the other couple to join us and tonight the music was all disco so it put me on the floor dancing with anybody I could grab.


Doug liked to dance, but he always tried to make sure we were out with a group, gay, straight or mixed, because if it was good music, my hyper gene kicked in and I’d be out on the floor all night. He’d laugh when I’d come off the floor sweating like crazy, trying to down as much of my beer as possible before a new song started up. I’d then grab Doug or some other victim in our party and race back to floor and he use to joke that we got more invitations to straight peoples weddings so the girls had dance partners while their husbands and boyfriends propped up the bar.

Tonight lubricated once again with Tom's margaritas, I eventually ditched the flip flops and t shirt sometime around Weather Girls "Raining Men", finally calling it a night around two when the music and my energy started to slow down.


I started the morning a little late…can’t imagine why, I inhaled those wonderful damn pastries my island elves left me as well as my diet coke and then headed out to the gym and passing the tree in front of patrons place where a South American dude had cornered me, giving me a hellacious blowjob and I could only smile and shake my head. Although I must confess, between my dancing, patron's “good night” blow job and my late night rain shower; I didn't recall even making it to bed.

I was chuckling out loud at this insane island as I walked by the adult pool giving a nod to the sexy Arab dudes.


While I worked out there was talk in the gym about leather night tonight. They have it every Friday and I had been forewarned in the confirmation email they sent.

I really DID open it, I just prefer to scan emails over quickly, evidently missing key points like blood samples and admonitions to remember your leather wear.

I grinned since it didn’t matter because I didn’t have any leather wear, but I guess I could have brought jeans or something.

After sticking his head in and seeing me working out, Jaimey expressed dismay when he found out my leather wear was going to be my familiar cargo shorts, t-shirt and flip flops.

Hey, it works for me.

I could tell everybody I was wearing a leather cock ring, although knowing the clowns I was hanging around with, I'd probably have to prove it.


All the protests in the world, and I tried them all, didn't stop my determined buddy Jaimey.


Circling the pools, I was trying to figure out how much credit I had with the card on file and how much more of a hit it would take before David, the resort manager was knocking on my door.

Distracted with the junk food when we first walked in, I grabbed a water and a bag of chips to get some salt back in my body, Jose registered equal dismay when Jaimey signed my lack of appropriate wear.

Visions of me going bankrupt because every night was a theme night at Isla Paradisa flashed in my head as I shoved chips in my mouth.

There was a leather section (How big is this damn place?) where Jose, Paul the cute boy toy waiter from the other night doing shop duty today, and Jaimey started pulling out leather jocks, chaps, harnesses and other dress, holding each up and getting frustrated as I'd say "no" or “hell no” as each item was waved in front of my face.

Paul’s face lit up with an idea. "Waist and Inseam."

Jose responded "Thirty-three and don't know,” with Paul grabbing a tape measuring me from foot to crotch. He excitedly jumped up, coming back with a pair of jeans from what must be a massive storeroom.

Unfolded, they looked like a trusty pair of somewhat abused but clean 501's.

A "Yes!" burst from Jose, with Jaimey signing happily.

"Put them on, put them on."

"Uh guys, just from the gym!" stating the obvious. "Sweaty, don't want to get the clothes..." "Nonsense."

Pointing with his fingers, Jose commanded me to strip then and there.

I thought there was a changing room here, but Jose and then Paul started getting impatient.

Okay, I get it, the pervs I thought.

Kicking off my sneaks, I dropped my shorts and started to pull on the jeans.

Paul then Jose, then Jaimey gestured the jock had to come off, with Jaimey’s eyes showing way too much amusement at what was going on. I actually loved 501's, and they were my jeans of choice when younger so sighing, I dropped the jock, making the pervs happy and while pulling them up I noticed they had a button less then they normally did.


"They are altered. You'll see when you button them up, they’ll ride lower.” Material must have been cut and the waistband sewn back on because they definitely rode lower.

Part of the reason I like 501's was because they helped my relatively flat butt look better and in these jeans I couldn’t help but think I was sporting some pretty awesome cheeks there bud, with the inseam riding in my crack a bit.

Lifting up my sweaty gym t-shirt, I could see it was looking good for the first time since, damn, ever. Getting horned up, I jumped back from the mirror.

"Off with the shirt!" as Paul and Jose stood facing me.


I ended up with the jeans, a skin tight black tank top and some Carhartt boots with a leather arm band over my pumped bicep.

Checking me out, Paul spoke first, "I want to be there when you first walk into the bar. I bet 5 queens will cum spontaneously."

"Okay great line, but come on here."

Paul shook his head like he had been trying to explain something to someone not too bright.

"Honey, with the exception of your foxy swimsuit yesterday, we mostly see you in pathetically baggy gym clothes or that horrible cargo shorts, flip flop, t-shirt combination."



Who knew Paul had such fangs?

Obviously dressing for comfort didn't count in Isla Paradiso.

It was announced that no one was allowed to see me in my getup until tonight, so I took off my clothes changing back into my sweaty gym gear. I looked at Jaimey to see if we were going to do lunch together in my room again today.


"No problem then, well I guess I might...." trying to figure where this is going.

"We'll deliver tonight’s ensemble to your room before this evening.”

Something was up, but I had no clue what it was. Jaimey didn't join me as I walked out so I showed them by grabbing another water and a Hershey’s bar thinking “ensemble, great I’m wearing a fucking ensemble now.”


Later by the pool, I got snagged by one of my ‘fashionista elves’ who wanted me to get a haircut and at least that was part of the ‘all inclusive’ so I went in. My hair was fairly short, I prefer low maintenance although they ignored me being gel’ing it up afterwards.

I hate gel!

Trimming my beard, I had that two day growth thing going on and was dismissed to go change for dinner.

The place was cracking me up as Jaimey and the rest were treating me like their own Ken doll or something. But I was having a helluva lot of fun, so off I went to my room, although I did gleefully shower away all that freaking hair gel.


Having been focused on a lot of other things the last couple of years; I was starting to get my head wrapped around the idea that with a little help from the guys here, I was looking not too bad. Rubbing my chin as I showered, I was thinking the light beard and my ‘ensemble’ tonight was going to make me feel pretty studly no matter how I looked to others.

Soaping myself up, I thought about the sex I’ve been having the last couple of days.

Good, no okay, no fucking fantastic, but I also realized it was me reacting to someone else’s moves.

As I moved my soapy hands down my newly shaved crack, I tried to figure out what would I want to happen? Reaching my sensitive hole, it was obvious. I needed to be fucked by a man or maybe more than one.

Doug had been a total bottom and even though he, than I, worked me over with toys of various shapes and sizes, I knew I needed to be screwed if not tonight, soon. Hard.


I chuckled to myself, thinking ‘fucked as hard and as long as my wet dream the other night.’ They say dreams oftentimes are telling you something, well I was reading this one loud and clear.

Continuing to rub myself down, I went through who I could enlist.

Sexy, handsome Brandon, but my experience so far was of slow and sensual, amazing but not what I needed right now.

Even with my crappy gaydar, I’ve finally figured out that Henri and Jacque were willing to play. I wasn’t sure with that one. They were both attractive, sexy guys, but they were also kind of pals and I didn’t want to screw it up.


I scraped my thumbnail from the base of my balls to my bud making me shudder. Newly shaved I was really sensitive as I circled around my entrance finally pushing in one finger. My other hand newly soaped slowly roamed around my shoulders, chest, stomach and groin area not touching my shaft.

I was standing in the shower, legs slightly apart, eyes closed when memory of the Arab guys at the play pool popped into my head. They always seemed to be around the entrance of the gym area when I walked over.

Always nude, they sported hot muscled, hirsute bodies. Maybe a little younger than me, they still exuded this aggressive daddy vibe, thinking about how each time I walked through heading to the weights, at least one and sometimes both of the studs tracked my passage through the pool area. Catching their eye, I’d usually give a friendly nod before heading in.

Ok, maybe.

I soaped up a couple of fingers returning them to my ass, slipping one in and remembering patrons trick of last night, I grabbed and then pinched one of my nipples hard enough to make me wince with large involuntary moan escaping my lips which got louder when my second finger managed to slide in.

Tonight those guys would be in leather and I definitely wanted to see what they looked like. Dark, hairy and sexy, these studs were made for wearing leather. Visions of these two hot men in major leather on either side of me pressed against the bar, murmuring what they would do to me when they’d get me alone filled my head.

Eyes still closed, reaching down, my thumb rubbed the tip of my cock and feeling moisture, I brought it up to my lips sucking off the warm juice as I continued fantasizing my studs talking quietly in my ear patiently explaining how they would be tag teaming my hole vowing to pound it for hours.

I heard a moan in the distance and felt myself ready to shoot without even touching myself.


I stopped.

Putting a hand on a wall to help me remain upright, I was breathing heavy and looking down, my tool pulsed wanting to take that last step to orgasm.

And I stopped.


I thought about how Doug and I played this game; usually it was Doug evilly arousing me several times thru the night until we finally got home to consummate the game. Those evenings were incredibly frustrating and exceptionally erotic when we did it.


So I made the decision to wait for release. I was going commando tonight knowing the rough denim of my jeans would rub the head of my cock adding to my excitement as the night wore on.

I had no idea how tonight was going to end, only knowing I was primed for almost anything.

I started to laugh when a picture formed in my head of me spasming on the dance floor cum soaking through my jeans with the music ‘Jump’ pulsating in the background.

Oops sorry, one too many jumps.

God, I crack myself up.


The phone rang as I was drying myself off and glancing at the clock, I had a pretty good idea who this was. It was Henri yelling in the phone over the music how ‘they were patiently waiting for me and where was I?’

I vowed I would be there in moments jumping into my “ensemble” in record time even remembering the arm band.

Dashing out the door, I did an “Oh shit” since I really did want to check out how I looked now that I knew I had a mirror, starting to laugh, since the first day I was here, I was making fun of ‘those queens’ who needed a mirror to check themselves before they went out.

Oops, guess I’m one of them.

I laughed flying down the path. “Doesn’t matter, the boys will undoubtedly give me shit when I show up.”


I got high fives as the evening progressed munching any food that got near me, as the group I was with tried to drink the bar dry and me grabbing whoever was next to me when a song I liked came on.

I got razzed for my stupid idiotic grin when I hustled everyone to the dance floor when Pointer Sisters “Jump” boomed out of the speakers and fortunately, while my dick alternated between plumped and wanting to pop the buttons, I didn’t embarrass myself from jumping around.

At one point I DID see the two Arab guys looking everything I had imagined with tight harnesses crossing their hairy, muscled chests, and leather pants, but they were being taken care of by Paul, the hot little stud muffin working here at the resort.


I was having a blast until sexy muscle dude Benny and his daddy Frank, drunk on his ass walked up with Frank starting making comments about my buddy Jaimey calling him a troll and retard since he couldn’t speak. Fucking moron.


Seconds later Frank and I were down in a tangle of chairs, tables and people with my right hand and wrist making it clear I’m not the brightest guy in the world.

Tossed out by David, escorted back to my room by Tom, the big bodybuilder bartender I knew my ass was grass and didn’t give a damn.

It certainly helped that besides ice and towels, Tom had grabbed a bottle of chilled Grey Goose to help medicate me.


Jaimey came in, telling me I was an idiot as well as Tom who made it clear the staff would have handled the asshole, but I had the feeling even though I might be tossed off the island tomorrow Tom wasn’t too displeased I stuck up for our friend.


“Hi, I’m Zach. I’m the island nurse, so let’s see what we got.”

Zach took over Tom’s place gently picking up my arm, turning it (yeooow!) a bit finally setting it down, as he poked and prodded. Zach-meister thought it was a sprain too, but wanted to x-ray the wrist in town tomorrow to be sure.

Pulling some stuff out of a bag, he bandaged it up with a splint for support, leaving openings to set ice on my wrist and he was going to give me some happy pills, but after a few gestures from Jaimey, he demurred.

Something about alcohol and mixing with what he had.

I didn’t get it, but I still had plenty of Grey Goose left so what the hell.

I refused to let someone stay and stare at me (they used the word ‘keeping an eye’) through the night, so Zach shooed out Tom and Jaimey with promises of ‘see you in the morning’ and all that crap, helping me to strip out of my no longer quite so sexy clothes which I had earlier hoped would help me get laid and we hit the shower with him helping me out being professional ignoring the flag pole below.

Afterward my nurse being a good guy strategically placed pillows around the bed wishing me a good night.

I kept waiting for David, Mr. Two by Four to come and hand me my ticket for the first boat out in the morning, but he never showed up.

I did recall him using the word pummeled for what I did to dickbrain and I must confess I felt a little better.

Pummelled, my favorite word of the day.


A little later, still dark, I staggered up to take a leak using a sling that Zach had produced to hold the arm next to my chest. My body was exhausted but my brain was still in hyper drive over what a moron I was so I went outside and parked my sore body on the chaise on the deck.



My whole body jumped a foot off the lounger, jerking my arm.


Looking irritably over at the towering shadow, “Oh great, I didn’t get any loopy pills and I’m still having fucking hallucinations.” The f word was coming even more fast and furious than usual.

“May I…”

“Yeah, yeah, come on up, although I’m a little battered for a wet dream tonight. Which shows how fucked up my life is. I mean shouldn’t I be healthy and hard during a goddamn wet dream?”

Sitting down next to me, he chuckled pointing down at my groin area.

Okay, two seconds ago, I was hurting and limp. Now, well I was only hurting.

“So are you like Mr. Two by Four’s enforcer? Gee, for some reason he didn’t get it.

I explained how Mr. Two by Four was my name for David, the resort manager. He chuckled and then looked like he knew he shouldn’t have and as for my assumption that I was on the first boat out tomorrow…


Since my fictitious sex daddy was clearly out of the loop, I started patiently explaining why my ass was grass and big dude (what the hell is his name?) held up a hand.

“No. Don’t worry about it.” Right then I got distracted with a shooting pain and must have winced.

“I think I can help with that.”

He got up straddling my body.

His gigantic fucking humvee of a body sat over my waist lodging my straining tool in the crack of his ass and while he was wearing the wrap again I could feel a very large something heavily resting on my stomach. He leaned forward and I knew what I was supposed to do.

Leaning forward, I wrapped my mouth over one of his huge nipples and started sucking hard. First a dribble and then a flow shot into my mouth when after a minute, he pulled me off one tip moving my head to the other and I could feel whatever it was coursing through my body and lessening the pain. Sucking the second nipple as hard as the first, I could feel more than hear him emit a low growl.

Grabbing my head again I was pushed back to his first nub when after some time it slowed, so regrettably I detached myself from his massive chest feeling a hell of a lot better. The pain was still there, but distant for now.


Thax, as he reminded me of his name, remained where he was over me.

I looked at him. “Is this magic juice healing me?”

He smiled, “No, it will only ease the pain for awhile”

Light bulbs starting going off.

I pointed down between us, where his monster dick had stiffened as I sucked on his nipples and was now stretching out from under his wrap.

“That’s how I could take that baseball bat so easily the other night.”

Pulling his wrap off exposing the massive subject in question, Thax stated “True.”

“My body has been weirding me out since I came to this island, is that something to do with you?”

“I wouldn’t use the term weirding, but essentially true.”

“The staff here makes the Chippendales dancers look like sissy boys. You?”

“They do work out.”

I gave him a hard look.

He sighed, “True.”

“Can you cure this wrist?”

Emphatic “No.”

I stared. Thax sighed again. He shifted and ended up sitting between my legs still facing me, his legs crossing over mine.

“What we have” We, or is that like the royal we? “Is the ability to enhance what is already there. We cannot cure anything.”


Elbows on knees, head cupped in his hands, he waited patiently.

“So why are you here tonight?”

Thax reached over grabbing the igloo cooler he brought with him.

“Ice. I asked Jaimey if I could bring it to you.”

I was hurting and tired and getting pissed.

“Was that the only reason?”


I’d hit him if I didn’t know it would hurt me worse than him. Bastard probably wouldn’t even feel it.

“I am here to offer opportunity”


His raging hard dick was drawing my attention. I was still going to toss his brick shithouse body out of here if he kept this crap up.

Thax sighed. “An opportunity to join us.”


“We go by The Fraternity.”

“Fraternity. You’re offering me the opportunity to join a Fraternity. Would I be a Frat-Boy then? Did you know I didn’t graduate from college?”

It looked like Thax was getting a little impatient himself.

I couldn’t stop.

“So what do I have to do? Fill out an app, interview, fuck I hope it’s not with Two by Four. Do I pledge, get hazed? Do we have secret hand signs? Is that why everybody knows sign language here? Wow, great I’m half way there if I pass the security check.”

Ok, I was babbling and I knew it.

Serves the asshole right for his sucky answers.

Thax sat there patiently letting me wind down.


I was tired, hurting, hyped from what happened at the bar, also exhausted. And I was definitely raw from my short fight earlier.


Sensing that, Thax said, "You have a decision to make now."

I looked at him.

"Continue to ask questions… or," Thax looked down.

Following his gaze, I looked down at the log between his legs.

Screw it, I didn’t want to think any more tonight, I had wanted to get laid and with that tree trunk it would be laid with a capital ‘L’, so to hell with everything else, I smiled and said "I choose or," getting a quick smile from the big guy.


Thax moved our legs so that mine were now over his, scooting forward slightly until the tip of his penis was barely making contact with my opening as I felt his pre-cum doing little spurts lubricating my rosebud.

Shifting forward again, his enormous head started to open me up and desperate for his dick, I couldn’t wait any more, so I lifted myself up putting my weight on my good arm and bending my knees, I moved forward then down sinking his massive rod inside me.

Having only one arm, I slipped driving his telephone pole to the hilt ending up in his lap gasping in pain.

"Come here," pulling my head to his chest. Sucking on his nipple, the pain slowly ebbed, leaving only the sense of his giant shaft filling my insides.

"Are you okay now?" I nodded. Thax grabbed me lifting the both of us off the chaise and walked us to bed where the giant man gently lowering me on my back, his dick never leaving me as the stud slowly began to fuck me.

The sex the first time was wild monkey sex, but tonight Thax was gentler, maybe because of my wrist, that was until we positioned me on my stomach with a pillow underneath my waist and my arm safely out of the way to my side with my ass perfectly aligned to take a hard pumping from his huge shaft.


Tonight like last time the insatiable man came multiple times both in me and all over me, coating me with his semen. Toward the end once again he pissed in my ass, down my throat and later brought me outside again to completely cover my body. I was well aware, even tired and bruised as I was, I blasted load after load through the night adding my spooge to his on my body.

After I dried in the breeze, Thax carried my exhausted body to bed, helping to arrange the pillows for my arm and gave me a hot, tongue filled kiss good night which almost made me want more, except he departed and I sank into a deep, dreamless sleep.


I woke up urgently needing to make it to the can. Groggy, in a hurry, without thinking I lifted myself up putting some weight on my right arm  and with pain searing through me, I buckled, laying on my back, pain shooting up and down from my wrist and hand, in addition to getting nasty signals from other parts of my body screaming things like ‘you dumb shit’.

Through the pain, I remembered Thax. Actually, as my body was clamoring to tell me which part was hurting the most, I was thinking more like that fucking asshole Thax.

A hand touched my knee and using my remaining powers I lifted my head up to see Jaimey near my legs.

“Hey bud. Don’t mind if I don’t get up”.

Jaimey smiled, gave me a wait a minute gesture, which was no problem since hey I wasn’t going anywhere. My bud went over to the phone and picked it up, pressing a couple of buttons setting the phone back down.

When he was near me again, I looked at him.


My friend then grabbed my left arm helping me slowly get to my feet first holding me up, then staying close as I shuffled towards the bathroom.

“I knew you were the breakfast elf!” spotting the familiar table laden with breakfast goodies and my diet coke on ice. I explained the whole elf theory and by that time we made it to the bathroom I was able to support myself against the walls to the toilet.


Oh god. What is it about that first leak in the morning? I contemplated. You just feel like the world is a better place. Thinking of feeling better, I moved to the shower, and then knew it would be turned off.

Light bulbs started popping again. Jaimey!


Coming out of the bathroom, I planted myself next to my breakfast trough and diet cokes, Jaimey and I talked about what has been going on here.

He followed up my comment about him being a breakfast elf letting me know how the resort figures out guests’ morning preferences and does their best to accommodate them.

Some guests like to come to the main building and have breakfast, while some like it in their room.

As well as those too lazy in the morning; getting a pointed look from my friend as I just grinned cramming a delicious sweet roll in.

Some of the guests are very consistent with what time they have breakfast, for others it’s whenever they get moving. And of course, there are guests who like variety in the morning with other guests wanting the same thing getting glances at my diet coke and the pastries and muffins I was enjoying. Okay, the glance was at the pastry I was shoving in my mouth at the time.

“So it’s not always you?”

Jaimey shook his head no.

<T.H.E.R.E.S..A.C.O.U.P.L.E..O.F..U.S..T.H.E..M.O.R.N.I.N.G.S.. W.H.E.N..Y.O.U..S.E.E.N..M.E..I.S..W.H.E.N..I.D.E.L.I.V.E.R.E.D.>

“Okay, and now, you’re the one that turns off my shower, aren’t you?”


Not looking the least bit embarrassed, <A.N.D..B.A.C.K..O.N..T.O.O.> trying to make my feel grateful or something.

“So you were the one that started the whole Thax thing?”

Shrugged shoulder, and then the signs for yes, a pause, and then a no.

Confused Jaimey continued signing, a bit frustrated that he still had to spell out. I had to really watch him, but still managed to eat and drink my pop while he told me the story.


The very first night on the island, Jaimey went to the Big House, which is where the big guy lived, get it? Big house, big guy?

And had a talk with him, something he did frequently. He didn’t mention the episode at the docks with Frank to Thax, but spoke about meeting a great guy, our common book interests, etc.

I couldn’t resist “Great guy, huh?” pumping and circling my good fist in the air.

“ALRIGHT!” with the only response was a rolling of the eyes and then basically ignoring the comment. That’s okay, I was starting to feel better.


After his chat, he left Thax having no idea that the big guy was going to visit me right after until the next morning when there was a note next to his bedside clock which had “OVW23 9AM” when he knew exactly what had happened. My villa number and the time the shower had to stay off until.

I asked about that, when he very pointedly indicated my own behavior.

Yep. although I’ve been told not to, my first reaction was to jump in and get cleaned up in the morning.

Not rinsing off had something to do with letting the Thax attack seal itself up to work effectively or something.

God, I was a freaking paint job on a car. Anticipating my next question, he pulled a note out of my pocket that had OVW23, noon.

Looking up I had another hour. Damn I would love to be standing underneath the shower right now. Jaimey guessed my thoughts again and looked down at my front. There were pastry flakes on my chest and even a coke spot where I had dribbled.

Waving my right arm (slightly) “HEY, injured man here!” getting more eye rolling, smiling and his laugh. Yep, I still felt like crap, but the world was ok right now.

A knock on the door followed by Zach and his bag walking in.

Jaimey signed a bit after getting a “How’s the patient?” The signing ended up with him pointing at my torso, Zach’s gaze following. Seeing Jaimey’s smirk I just knew he was pointing out the food deposits. Asshole.

Jaimey signed he’d be back later and disappeared.


Nurse Zach unwrapped, examined and prodded my wrist and hand indicating it looked like crap, still thinking it was likely a sprain, but he still wants to do an x-ray.


“After you can take a shower.”

Oh, right.

“I’m also here to explain the changes you’re going through right now.”

“Huh?” Oh, my ride on the Thax train express.


So we talked about what was going on with my body.

I didn’t get it all, but understood most of it. And oddly enough even though some island love God was magically changing me it wasn’t as magical as I thought, which explained the pain my body had been going through.

“We don’t know everything but we do know that it takes all three fluids to make a full transformation.”

“His piss, cum and the magical Thax love juice.”

“Magical Thax love juice?”

“You know” pointing at my chest area.

Grinning, “haven’t heard that one.” But yes, his lactations…”

“Whoa, please lactations? Next you’re going to be talking about Thax’s breast feeding.”

Zach gave me an irritated look making it clear I should just cease and desist. I recognized the look because it’s a somewhat frequent look I’ve gotten, certainly from Doug who had been a master, others and come to think of it Jaimey was pretty good at letting me know it was time to shut my trap.

Ok, focus here, important stuff.

Man, sometimes the whole hyper brain is NOT my friend.

It did flash through my mind at one point that I was having a somewhat regular conversation about my body being transformed by some love gods cum, piss and nipple juice and I was doing okay listening and asking questions instead of freaking out like a normal person.



Zach went on to explain about how the lactation (sheesh) seems to act as both a relaxant and shot of energy. When I mentioned that my libido kicked in, he agreed.  They thought Thax’s semen was what caused the transformation with the urine sealing the deal. Or a combination, the Fraternity dudes didn’t know for sure.

When I gave him a long look, Zach exclaimed, “Thax doesn’t provide information when he chooses not to and certainly not fluid samples.” Okay, that one didn’t surprise me.

I was informed that all transformations were different and with some exceptions unpredictable.


“Our problem with you is we have no baseline of where you were prior to the transformation so we could let you know where you are might end up with any of this.”

“Normally we know when someone has been chosen for transformation and we can do a full work up establishing that baseline and we’d be able to gauge the change afterwards. Thax has already slept with you twice so it’s hard for us to say what’s going to happen since it’s already in progress.”


“You also kind of snuck in here.” Huh?

“We don’t even know what your body looked like when you arrived.”

“You arrived late in the evening, and I understand you even had a loose shirt on” (I remembered wearing one of my loose, button down Tommy Bahama knock offs)

“As I understand you even went directly to your room, so very few of us saw you.”

“And you were visited that night with the transformation beginning then. By the next day your body were already changing.”

Sore body, weird thoughts of dreaming, okey dokey.


“Let’s do something. I want you to look at yourself in the mirror and tell me what’s different.”

We headed into the bathroom and I closed the door with Zach close behind me leaning against the wall so he could see around me.

“Okay, neck up.”

“Let’s see, two eyes, one nose, two ears…”


I grinned. “Sorry, I’m a little freaked out right now.”

“It’s okay, still…”

Looking back at the mirror, I went back to what I’ve been seeing the last few days.

“Dude, I’m forty-four.”

Zach nodded, not surprised which surprised me because I sure as hell didn’t look forty-four.


Rolling my eyes, “I’m tighter. Before I had bags under my eyes, it was all looser and now it’s all tight. Does that make sense?”

“That’s common. Go on.”

“My eyes are a bright grey, but that might be from all the Grey Goose last night.”

“Yeah, yeah, you’re a regular Saturday Night Live Alum.”

Geesh, no appreciation for the fine arts.

“Other than that I’d say I’m the same.”

“Okay, torso.”

Wow, I just stared.

Trying to get me to talk, “what about the arms?”

They were huge and I flexed them, but they were mostly mine with me earning the nickname Popeye at my gym in Chicago and I told Zach that.

“Although they seem more defined, like the skin is closer to the muscle.”

Zach nodded.

I rubbed my good hand on my shoulder slope.

“The traps are new,” getting another nod.

“It’s hard to say with the chest. I was well padded, but I could have had muscle and the fat is burned off although my guess is it’s the same size, but now all muscle instead of muscle and padding.” Getting more nods, I was thinking what a sparkling conversationalist Zach was.


“Here though,” I was rubbing my gut, or I should say my abs.

Not deep, but clearly defined was a six pak something I never had even in my slim days.

Like anybody else, my gut was the most difficult to burn the fat off of and now I had a six pak with an Adonis belt on either side.



“But what?”

“I know it will sound stupid….”

“Dude, you’re going through a physical transformation by a guy who fucked you a few times, I think ‘sounding stupid’ is pretty much off the table today,” making the two of us laugh since okay it was a pretty good point.


Settling down, “I’d swear my shoulders were a bit wider and my hips were narrower,” seeing Zach nod like I was saying something perfectly normal.

When I was slim I was one of those straight up and down guys, Shoulders not wide or narrow, same with the hips. My partner Doug had a killer V shape with a small waist and perky backside that I loved. The one annoying thing I always hated was with the wider hips, I also had a flat butt, which I didn’t care about except for the fact my pants or shorts would always slide down and I’d even have to wear a tight belt or be pulling them up.


So my hips weren’t ‘narrow’, but they were smaller and with the shoulders a little wider, you could see a bit of a V on me.

“Okay, below the waist.”

I’ve always had good size legs, genetics I guess.

“I’d guess the legs are the same, although like the arms, they look more defined.”

Zach reached over undoing my wrap letting it drop to the floor.

“Okay and now?”

My side was to the mirror and I grinned slapping my butt turning my backside more toward the door.

“Happy I take it?” with both of us chuckling.

My flabby, yet flat backside was now a hot, hard, beefy man butt.


Facing front again I gave myself a lookover understanding why my Canadian friends said I looked ten years younger.

My entire body was tighter now, and I was showing hard muscles throughout, there was nothing padded on me, not even the little love handles on my sides I had even in my slim days.

Damn, I was a stud!

And I was starting to get hard looking at myself and embarrassed at the thought I grabbed my wrap fastening it around my waist.


Sensing my confusion, I was given a pat on the shoulder as we went back out to the table.

“Let me tell you what’s been happening to your body.”

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