Isla Paradiso 3

If you’re under eighteen, get outta here.

Note from the Author: Below is the third and last part of an abridged story of a Kindle book offered at titled Isla Paradiso. Isla Paradiso is the first book in a series titled The Fraternity that tells the story of a guy who becomes a member of a super secret gay cabal who become sex crazed stud muffins.

The main character finds out its not as cool as it sounds.

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What has gone before –

Rob Harris’ life could be easily defined as pretty crappy right now. In fact, if he had a crap-o-meter of life, he’s thinking it would be pegged on the wrong end.

Mid-forties and well padded, Rob had just gotten off a four day cruise where he spread his partners ashes spending the rest of the time getting hammered

In the first part of Isla Paradiso, Rob moves on to the second part of his partner’s last wishes which is to go to a Caribbean tropical island near Bonaire where there is a gay resort with Rob not too thrilled with the idea even though it was what Doug wanted.

Arriving at the island, he meant a staff member named Jaimey, who couldn’t speak and through some old signing skills they found common love of books and senses of humor, yet tired, a bit drunk and worn out, Rob crashed in his upgraded room at the resort to wake up later and meet a man.

Not just any man, but the dude was like a Tom of Finland wet dream. Huge, sexy and handsome the screwed the night away with Rob waking up sore and confused the next morning.

Realizing he had met a guy who had tasty juice that could be sucked out of his nipples as well as a dick a ruler would be to small to measure, Rob understood he had a wet dream, a really, really good one fueled by good booze and the lack of companionship.

Or did he?

In part II, Rob is still at the resort making buddies, having sex and his body is getting leaner. It doesn’t make a lot of sense, but he hasn’t been eating too much, and been exercising and dancing as well, so maybe it’s all clicking in, but Rob doesn’t have too much time to think about it as he runs around the resort.

Friday night is leather night at the bar with more drinking, dancing and enjoying time with his new found friends when one of the other guys at the resort insults his new friend Jaimey and a quick fight ensues.

Hurting himself as much as the other guy, Rob retreats to his room where his huge fantasy man pops in with some ice for his swollen wrist proving that not only is he real, but would like Rob to join a super secret gay organization.

And the cost of joining?

More sex with the huge muscle dude with the gi-normous shaft sitting there in front of him.

Still a little drunk and definitely a lot horny, it wasn’t a tough decision.

So Thax and Rob do it one more time and damn it was good, waking up to see his friend Jaimey, his breakfast and a painful wrist injury.

Jaimey dials up Zach, the sexy island nurse who not only checks out his wrist, but is tasked with filling Rob in on the whole ‘sex-crazed muscle stud’ thing going on with his body right now.

Zach had made it clear since I was a surprise to the group they had no idea what I looked like before so they couldn’t say exactly what was happening to me now.


So we went into the bathroom to stand in front of the mirror while I described what I saw was different about me and instead of a tired, chubby forty-four year old, I was looking at a hard muscled dude looking about thirty/thirty-five.

My face was the same, I was still Rob, but maybe fifteen years ago.

My body however? I’ve never looked like this. Heavy muscles, big chest and a cut six pak.


I did have big arms before and now they popped making me look like Popeye and the other thing were my nipples. Used and abused over the years, the fat bullets were now resting on a hot stretched chest making them even more noticeable making me get a hardon looking at the dude in the mirror.

I chuckled thinking it was a bit narcissist, but hey, it was the first time of seeing the new me!

Breaking my gaze, Zach gestured we should go back to the outer room.

Sensing my confusion, I was given a pat on the shoulder as we went back out to the table.

“Let me tell you what’s been happening to your body.”

Zach continued to explain the situation, telling me that he could pretty much guess what was going on based on my complaints and what I was seeing in the mirror.

“Let’s go from top to bottom.”

“Usually nothing much happens from the neck up, although sometimes guys see a stronger jawline or something like that,” giving me a questioning look.

I was tempted to run back and look in the mirror, but I was pretty sure my jaw was my jaw, but I mean who pays that much attention to things like that?

I shook my head indicating there was no change.

“You’re skin tightens up, no bags under the eyes, tight under the chin, all that and that’s one of the more dramatic touches that makes us look younger.”

I nodded.

“Every person is different, so what is your eye color normally?”

“My eyes normally change. I go from grey to green where usually I think I’m a muddy middle. Doug said he saw the change depending on what I wore or my moods.”


“My ex.”

Zach left it at that.

“Time will tell since we don’t know for a fact, but there’s a good chance they’ll probably be locked in at grey. You might have bright grey, dimmer grey, but they’ll probably stay the same color,” getting more nodding from me.

“Your hair is a light salt and pepper and that will either lock in never getting any more gray or it may grow in totally dark and stay that way.”


“That’s one of the things that can cause problems in the next month or so. You’ll need to change who cuts your hair.” I looked at Zach.

“If your hair starts coming in dark, your regular stylist might freak out. A new one who didn’t know you may think you colored to look older, but….”

“I know, I know, only your hair stylist knows for sure.”


Not a big deal. I went to a cheap-o place a couple blocks from my house.

“That’s it for the face, below the neck.”

“Fat removal is the most consistent thing. Right now you’re burning away like crazy, but after a few months your metabolism will stabilize, but still be high to keep you slim.”

“So I’ll never get fat? Woo-hoo!”

“Not quite;”

Of course, no lottery winner here.

“Actually it’s not bad, if you choose to opt in.”

Yeah, yeah, got it. I’ve gotta do the dirty deed with the Thax-meister one more time.


“After you stabilize, which takes about 6 months, minimal workouts twice a week will maintain what you have.”

“But if you couch potato, never do anything, never eat healthy,” (Uh-oh)

“even with your new super metabolism you’d have a tough time maintaining.” Zach noticed the sweet roll I had in my hand, now hovering in front of my mouth and smiled.

“Rob, right now, your metabolism has been in hyper drive since the first morning you woke up here, so it’s ok and even necessary to consume a lot right now.”

Woo-hoo, the pastry continued its journey to my mouth.

“Do you eat this way normally?”

Trying to talk around my eating, “volume, no, but I’m not the healthiest eater in the world.”

“Experience shows you don’t need to go vegetarian or even want to. Red meat, carbs are actually needed but have you ever heard the word balance?”


Grinning at my thoughts, “Don’t worry; just try to adjust a little bit. Your body will guide you on this, but for the most part you’ll be a healthy eater and with minimal workout you’ll maintain this body.”

I nodded.

Bones can expand or contract which is why Zach didn’t blink when I mentioned wider shoulders and narrower hips and it’s not magical or at least totally so.

I told the nurse my shoulders hurt a lot as well as being wider and Zach described it like a pulled out rubber band.

It hurts because it’s the same material stretched, so my shoulders will be almost brittle until the marrow and other stuff catches up. Also ligaments, tendons and muscles are all stretching and shifting to accommodate the extra length.

Okay got it, I think.

My narrowing hips were doing the opposite. They contracted and were now really dense. Eventually they shed with the density becoming normal.

The muscles were doing the same kind of thing; Zach likened it to a hard work out when they’re temporarily pumped up. They’ll stay this size now, but it still takes awhile for everything to catch up and be true muscle mass.

I was warned about any medical tests for the next few months since they could show either low or how densities.

“Obviously if you have to see a doctor, do it. But try to hold off as long as possible while your body adjusts to its new size.

He made it clear that everybody was different and no one, including Thax knew what was going to happen to each individual, but usually those changes were not huge however. Small nerdy guy doesn’t become massive bodybuilder after the Thax attack.

Zach did tell me I shouldn’t whine so much about hurting. He said the roughest have been the couple of guys that grew a couple of inches. THEY hurt, he made clear.

“Okay, I see it. All the staff has had the Thax attack right?” Rolling his eyes at my comment, he still nodded.

“And there pretty much every body type, short, tall, Tom is shaped like a body builder where Brandon is more leaner,” getting nods from Zach that I was getting this.

“Okay, waist down.”

“You mentioned your backside. There’s normally a lot of fat or soft muscle in people’s butt’s, yours hardened and with your hips smaller basically pushed your butt back out.”

“There is typically an increase in penis size.”

“All right!” Pumping my fist in the air getting some rolled eyes.

“Again it’s not consistent, but almost everybody grows thicker and longer, sometimes a little sometimes a lot” Since I hadn’t seen many staff naked….

“No it varies. We have had guys that started out small and grew to what people would consider a regular size penis, maybe a little thicker than average” He paused.

“But honestly it’s almost always on the larger end. Some like Jamal and a bunch of others are off the charts.”

“Thax getting competition?” That got Zach good.

When he stopped laughing, “No thank god. Think about it without Thax’s, what do you call it? Magical Thax Juice, nobody, except maybe people who got fisted regularly could take him.”

“So no, not as big or especially thick as Thax. But yeah, they’re big, very big.”

“Let me check you out.” Oh god no.

“Come on its professional.”

I stood up dropping my wrap again. I’m probably going to get the rubber glove soon.

Zach touched me, “Nice.” Yeah, some professional.

“How were you before, and did your balls hang down like this?” please make him stop. Ok, he’s my doctor, er, nurse.


Sitting down, “I think I probably was, I don’t know high average. My balls’ hanging is due to some games Doug and I played.” I could feel the heat on my face.

“And I take it that also explains your nipples.”

Looking down, yep, they were jutting out like little bullets. I just nodded, still red. Zach had been stroking my dick to hardness, then stopped, making me think he’s not being very professional at all.

“Ok, now can you tell me if you’re bigger than before?”

Oh. Oops.

I looked down. Wow, actually I’m a stud! I was thinking of doing another arm pump when I remembered Zach.

“I don’t know exactly but yeah, I’d guess an inch and maybe a bit thicker.”

Zach smiled “I’ll take care of that later, but I want to finish up.”

Take care of that later….? Oh yeah!

“You’re erogenous areas are going to be more sensitive, especially nipples, penis and rectum. Before you ask, it’s different for everybody. You’ll find your sphincter will be more flexible.

Ok, conversation, waaay out of my comfort zone, but I still pretty curious since it was the juicy stuff after all.

“Flexible as in you will be able to pretty much take anything, but it will remain pretty tight both during and after.”

He grinned, “Pretty good benefit to your partner.” Good one, I grinned too.

“You also are self-enemic” Whoa, what?

“You won’t ever have to clean yourself out, you self clean.” Ok, TMI. But again, curious as to what the hell was going on with my body. Zach went into technical descriptions, grossing me out but basically making it clear that when I went, it all went, nothing remained so I’ll be clean and ready to go. Good enough, can we move on please?

Everyone’s sex drive increased.

If it was previously low, you might end up then with a normal sex drive, normal you bumped up to hornier (I’m paraphrasing, Zach was all professional now using proper terminology, kind of cute) and of course if you had a strong sex drive, I guess you become the Energizer Bunny of horndogs.


I wasn’t sure where I qualified. Out of the Navy in my twenties, I couldn’t get enough sex, but I was young then. My partner Doug had a fairly low libido, where I had been sex on demand, so he called the shots since I was anytime, anywhere, anything, but did that mean I had a strong sex drive?

Crap. All I need is to be hornier.

“Does this change our preferences; do we all become crazed bottoms?” Zach grinned again.

“No, your interests are what they were before.”

“Although due to the increased libido, you do….crave it more, and if you don’t have sex for awhile, it can sometimes even be a drive that will be fairly impossible to ignore. But top, bottom, fetish, whatever, while it may intensify, it stays the same as far as we can tell.”

“So I become a sex crazed stud muffin?”

Zach shrugged.

“Sex does become more important. Also masturbating doesn’t do the trick as much any more, since we do have a need for semen. Even die hard tops will suck people off or something to get some kind intake.”

I snorted at the idea, “So we’re like cum vampires or something?” starting to laugh, getting a ‘knock it off’ look to no effect.

I mean really.

Finally, “So how bad will these ‘urges’ get?”

Another shrug, “For many it’s not that serious, but for those with the higher libido, a need for sex will become more of a compulsion if you don’t have sex on a regular basis all of which will become more distracting until you do something about it, so the whole cum vampire idea isn’t that far off,” making Zach grin and me snickering some more.

“Ok last question, what happens if I opt out of the last Thax attack?”

“You’re body will naturally go back to where you were before, maybe with a little metabolism and libido boost after the second time. If only once, usually not even that. But your bones and muscles don’t have the juice essentially to support their new state, so you gradually return to where you were before you arrived.

“Sounds painful.”

“Actually it’s less then what you’re going through now. By your second time which was last night, your body is pretty much where it’s likely going to end up with maybe a minor tweak after the third and last time and your whole system is in shock with a rapid transformation, trying to cope which is why you’re sore all the time right now and the next six months will be mildly irritating as your new body settles in and adapts.

And if you didn’t opt in, the change back would be over time so it wouldn’t be anywhere as bad as it’s been for you now.”

See, all perfectly logical.

“Can I ask you a question?”

I shrugged.

“You weren’t aware of what was happening?” Zach was waving a hand up and down my body and I laughed.

Shrugging again, “Understand I’m not the type that checks myself out that much. I am or at least I was, before a couple days ago, an aging, portly gay boy and I really didn’t think too much about it.

Honestly, I’ve had a lot of other things on my mind the past couple of years.”

I told him about not even knowing a mirror was in the room, “And when I did notice I was looking okay, I didn’t think that much about it since I do work out and I figured my lack of eating and sleeping lately was kicking in or something.”

I laughed, “Also while I’m here at this vacation resort, thanks to Jaimey and it seems like everybody else, I’ve been running my ass off and while yeah, I would wonder what was happening, something else would pop up distracting me from thinking about it,” getting a chuckle from Zach.

“So I haven’t had much time to sit and concentrate about any of what was going on. Besides, ‘oh look, my body is changing into some muscle stud because I’m having hot sex with a mystery sex god’ wouldn’t be the first thing that would be popping into my head,” cracking Zach up some more with me sending him over the edge when I told him how I thought the first night with Thax had been an extremely hot sex dream, even telling him about how I looked for footprints in the sand.

Zach finally stopped laughing and looking at the clock, mentioned “We can shower now.”

“With one hand you’ll still need some help getting clean, and besides,” pointing at my crotch “I did say I’d take care of that”

And he did.

Did I mention that Zach is a great fucking nurse?

Toweling off, I thought about what had just happened.

As expected Zach stripped down and helped me like he did last night. He had a nice tight body, with body hair covering his torso, looking neatly trimmed. The stud had a nice dick, even though not hard when we got in the shower.

Zach acted like I had two broken hands since he took charge soaping me up, making sure all parts of me were squeaky clean even washing my hair.

But he was nurse Zach up to that point.

“Here turn around” He had me bend over slightly and place my good hand against a shower wall. Positioning himself behind me, Zach started tonguing my hole and he was good, very good and I could have probably cum from just the way he was rimming me.

At some point though, he stood up, lubed up his dick and slowly, firmly pushed inside me, not stopping until he was completely in getting a hungry moan from me providing a slow, steady fuck with him moving out until the head of his dick was just inside, then gliding back in.

At one point he grabbed hold of my dick, rubbing my piss slit making my dick throb and said, “It’s time” and it was. I must have clamped down pretty tight on him, ‘cause he growled out a “Geezus” and spewed inside me so hard, I could feel each burst.

Now that’s a shower.

Wrapping a towel around me, I rounded the corner and there was Jaimey sitting in his usual spot and I came to an abrupt halt embarrassed with Zach banging into my backside.

Looking up, Zach continued drying “Hey Jaimey, that for all of us?”

Food and drink was stacked on the table, enough for an army and getting a yes from Jaimey, Zach sat down piling sandwiches onto a plate, “Good, I worked up an appetite.”

Oh God, shoot me now.

Slowly walking over, I sat down trying to be inconspicuous and it was obvious my shower buddy had no embarrassment with what had just happened and no clue that I was dying here. Jaimey however understand everything and by the light in his eyes and the grin he was trying to control, he was vastly, vastly amused. Fucker.

I couldn’t help it, I started to chuckle and then lost it. Jaimey now released started shaking, making his wheezy laughing noise and every time we’d look at each other we’d start up all over again.

Zach looked up not getting it, which sent Jaimey and I into paroxysms of even more laughter and he soon shrugged his broad shoulders and continued eating; clearly thinking it was just some silly Rob and Jaimey thing.

I did eat something with Zach taking me into the town of Paradiso to the clinic with an x-ray machine that Zach operated letting me know he was also the town nurse.

Zapped, there was nothing broken, so he refitted me still keeping the wrist immobile for a couple of days and we headed back in our golf cart to the resort.

Dropped off at the front of the main building, Zach zoomed off promising to come over and check my hand tomorrow. Well zoomed as much as possible in a slightly hopped up golf cart.

Standing just inside was David, looking impeccable of course.

“Mr. Harris, may I have a word with you?”

Leading me to a nicely appointed office, he closed the door behind us. I swear it boomed when it shut. I came in and sat in a chair in front of his desk while he sat in his seat.

His desk was a large wooden thing, extremely tidy, everything in its place and one manila folder sitting in front of him closed.

You’ve got to be freaking kidding me.

We got around to why I had been called in to office in the first place which was to talk about the Fraternity, but David was so oblique and left gaping holes I wasn’t sure I got anything. Something about a stipend, other people, another island.

Frustrated, I got more and more sarcastic in reply and it was obvious that David isn’t big on smartasses. No surprise.

David took another deep breath. “I apologize this is an unusual case, this is typically much different.”

I took a deep breath.

“Start from there.”

Ok, maybe I could dial it back a bit more.

“Potential members come to us typically two ways. Recommended by someone in the fraternity, they are invited here for Thax to meet and make a decision” or they come as regular guests.

“Like me”.

“Not quite. He may meet them, even maybe have sex with them, but it’s almost unheard of that he chooses to transform on the first visit. We usually invite them back for them to start the transformation process.”

“In all those cases, there is time to get to know them, get their backgrounds, health records..”


Another sigh, “Please, it’s not what you think.”

I glared with a glance down at the manila folder on his desk.

“Understand something; the Fraternity is private, very private. Could you imagine the world knowing about a process that would enhance everyone’s physique? Thax would be locked in a cage and us along with him.”

Okay, got that one.

I even made a gesture, kind of. “Or if they knew of enhancing your sex drive.”

David nodded closing his eyes for a moment at the potential chaos of it all.

“Our investigation focuses primarily on if we feel they can maintain confidentiality as well as their health. Thax’s process not only doesn’t help someone who is ill, it could actually hurt them.”

“So what? You form a committee, choose who gets to ride the Thax train based on your data?”


Pause. “It is Thax’s decision, as it always has been. Our vetting honestly does very little because in the end, it is totally his decision.”

“And let me guess, he’s not telling you his top ten selling points for qualification.”

A small smile, “No, he even has told us he doesn’t think about it, that he just knows.”

“So bottom line is that you have no idea why my ass is sitting in this chair.”

I heard a bark of surprised laughter on that one. Woo-hoo I’m killing Mr. Stuffed Shirt.

“Truly; We can speculate your relationship with Jaimey got his attention, but I guarantee you that if you didn’t….”

“Got it. I understand, I think. So what’s next?”

“You make a decision of joining or not. If you need more information, we can talk more. While you can talk to the staff about this, I ask that you don’t.”

I jolted straight.

“Before you yell at me, let me explain. First there are things we can’t tell you until you’ve completed the process and became one of us. After that, there are no secrets to be kept.”

“Understood if I decide not to become a Frat-Boy, I don’t know much, I accept that.”

“Absolutely. We are not keeping anything illegal from you or anything about the changes in your body. It’s only there is an organization you don’t need to know about just yet.”

Ooh. The secret gay mafia revealed.

“So your questioning may put them in an uncomfortable position. More importantly this is not a conversation at the bar. Other guests may overhear things they don’t need to hear.”

Ok, makes sense.

“If you do decide, Thax will join you three nights from now.”

I laughed, “I’m making a Thax nooky reservation?”


“How many nights between your first meeting and second visit?”

I counted, “Three.”

Long look, then another sigh; He seems to be doing that a lot with me.

“Sorry, your body needs time to adjust and heal before…”

“Got it, the next Thax attack.”

“After which, we and others will consult with you.”

“I get my frat card?” Another look that was telling me he was getting to the end of his rope with me.

Okey dokey, then.

I got up to go.

“One last request” Fuck I was almost at the door.


“Don’t go shirtless for the next two days.”


Where the hell did that come from?

David gestured. “Please lift up your shirt.”

I did and I exposed a torso with killer abs, Adonis belt and a hard chest. Damn!

“You have been sitting out at the pool with Mr. Blanc and LeFow as well as others.”

Who? Oh, my buddies Henri and Jacque.

“What would they say if they saw you shirtless right now?”

Ah, okay.

Yep, they would definitely notice and wonder what the hell was going on.

“Mr. Blanc and Mr. LeFow are departing in three days. We are just asking for a little discretion.”

“So what do I do?”

“Are you going to your villa now?”

I nodded.

“I will send one of the men from our store with some loose shirts. Just wear those while out at the pool and you should be fine. Also when you dance at night”

“I know mother, keep my shirt on!” Saying it like a whiny teenager.

At that, David picked up the phone and shooed me out the door with his other hand.

Strolling across the pool, I gestured to Henri and Jacque that I was going to get my suit first when they tried to gesture me over.

Paul one of my fashionista elves caught up close to my room with a couple of bags.

And once in the room, “I need you to strip."

I gave Paul a long look.

Very patiently, "I am tasked by David to see what we need to keep hidden for the next couple of days." he fluttered his hands telling me to get on with it.

"I have seen you at least the first day you were here, so I need to see what more is transformed.”

Digging into his bag, he pulled out a new suit and handed it over with me putting it on.

"Hold on." Paul knelt down and gently rubbed his hands up my calf and thigh.

"Off hand I'd say you're legs are the same size but more defined," with his touch making my cock lurch.


Standing back up, “Your back is definitely more solid and your arms.." the hot guy rubbed first my forearm with both hands moving up massaging my biceps, "are also more defined and maybe a bit bigger, but they already were huge so any differences won’t be that noticeable.”

“Your neck is bigger I think, and definitely your shoulders.”

With his continual touching of my body, I kept growing down under and my suit crept down until my pubes were exposed. Oh great, it was one of those damned slutty suits.

“And your chest,” Paul lightly touched my pecs, “may be a little bigger, but it’s definitely harder now making these beauties much more prominent;” rubbing his thumbs over my already sensitive nipples as I bit down in an attempt to stifle a moan looking down to see about an inch of my rod showing out of my skimpy suit.

“Yes, here, scraping his fingers across my abs, is the most obvious change. Some change must have been in place when we first saw you and some is bigger or more defined but not that obvious.

Your six pak though, we'll need to keep these hidden until they leave.”

Paul stopped touching me, grabbing the bags and dumping everything on the table.

"Here's the first shipment of your stuff."

The sexual fog that Paul created lifted a bit.

"What? Wait a minute."

"Didn't they tell you? The store is now open. It’s understood your body has changed so anything and everything we have in the store is at your disposal, no charge. Jackpot studman! It’s time to shop!"

"Oh God, not this suit" talking about the one I was wearing.

"Not today, but the day your friends leave, I want you to go to the north pool wearing that suit. Trust me; nobody will be focusing on the size of your neck if you’re wearing those trunks."

I think I was just slammed, but it did all make sense.

Pulling out another suit that wasn’t quite as skimpy, “for today though, this suit I think. They'll all think the suit is making you look good and not noticing your ass is looking much finer lately. Here, try this shirt on.” Sleeveless it fit tight on the shoulders and chest, then dropping loose down over my torso.

“That's it. Just make sure you don’t pull your shirt up and rub those killer abs of yours and you'll be fine. See the Vee on the neck? A regular shirt would emphasis your thicker neck, where the V makes it loose and besides shows a little cleavage.”

God, give me a break.

Trying to change the conversation.

“What happened with your two Arab friends last night?” Paul had been spending time with the two Arab guys I’ve been seeing around the pool.

Hirsute, dark with hot muscles, the two studs were made for leather and were sexy as hell last night in the bar.

Paul paused. “Well first there was a minor distraction,” giving me a long look about the fight in the bar I had, although I was in his and everyone else’s good favor it seemed, since I had been reacting to the jerks insults about Jaimey, one of their own.

I grinned. My ass wasn’t being thrown off, so I refused to feel bad about hitting the asshole.

Paul proceeded to show me what else was on the table. Cargo shorts (yea!) but definitely not like the cheap ones I owned.

Button down tropicals, pullovers, workout shorts and t - shirts. Wow, this is too much.

“We haven't even started! The minute your friends are on the boat we will be dressing you again to show off your new body which should be pretty much where it’s going to end up by then. Jose and I have been figuring out exactly what slutty wear to put you in.”

I ignored him, “You still haven't told be about....”

“Hussein and Abar? Do you want nitty gritty details or just an overview?”

I knew Paul would tell me everything.

"Ah, just an overview."

“They're big, they're horny and they like to fuck rough. The hottest was when they double fucked me for about half an hour.”

"Oh god.”

“One more thing, they’ve had their eye on you since you arrived, but after last night, they really want to take the island knight down." My head jerked up.

Grinning evilly, "Actually it’s your nipples that have intrigued them, they talked about how they want to twist and pull and chew ...."

"Ah, okay," trying to get him to stop.

Grinning, “You need to strip again.”

Thanks to Paul and his hands, the suit wasn’t covering much as it was, and when I got it off, Paul grabbed me shoving me over to my bed and pushing me down, he stripped, grabbed the lube and sat on my rigid pole all in about two seconds. For being fucked senseless by the two guys last night, Paul's dimpled ass gripped me like a vise.

"I’m interested too," he mumbled riding me hard.

Shortly after the little stud mounted me, Paul leaned down taking my left nipple in his mouth, first licking then sucking, finally biting down with his teeth causing exquisite pain.

There was no way I was going to last and I bucked my hips up as I flooded his ass feeling thick, hot splatters coating my stomach as Paul started cumming all over my torso.

Less than fifteen minutes later, Paul and I were walking the path to the pool, his dried cum on my abs.

Fucking Paradiso.

Handing me a Corona as I passed the bar, I finally made it to the gang of my buddies receiving back slaps, fist bumps and hand shakes at least with my left hand, from Henri, Jacque and it seemed everyone around the pool where I provided an update on my sprained wrist which was now only in a sock like thing with stiff stays preventing it from bending too much.

There was much hilarity when someone asked me about the large bruise on the back of my calf which I hadn’t even noticed through all this and figuring it happened when I tumbled with the chairs and table.

And when I mentioned that I was sore all over, it created a great discussion over the trajectory of my fall, the graceful way I had entangled myself in two chairs as well as my attempts to get around man mountain Tom with nobody commenting on the fact I wore a t-shirt the whole time around the pool.

Later, I had a friendly dinner with my guys along with a couple of margaritas, and I endured comments of how quiet I was or pointing to another guest and being asked if I wanted to ‘off that one’, all in good fun.

I realized I had been inhaling food all night, thinking about the warnings about my metabolism and later pleading injury, I left the guys and nodded to Brandon who was talking to Tom.


At the villa, Brandon yanked off the covers putting a giant terry cover over the top.

"Don't want the oil all over,” and he plugged in a machine which started heating some oil. Also magically appearing out of his bag of tricks was a couple of candles which was soon lit and placed strategically around the bedroom area.

The two of us stripped getting into the shower and with everything that’s been happening I should have been exhausted and not interested, but I was ready for anything which must have been a mark of my super-sexual powers or something. God knows I’ve been horny enough.

It didn’t hurt the man sharing my shower was one of the hottest men I’ve ever seen. Extremely good looking, nicely muscled lean body, the stud was ridiculously sexy without even thinking about it, which made him even sexier and in the shower, Brandon not surprisingly was slow and ungodly sensual not even letting me touch him.

I was placed in the center under the rain shower head where he adjusted the water flow to make it seem like a gentle rain cascading on the two of us and with my legs slightly parted, the hot man insisted I close my eyes as he slowly roamed my body, first with soapy hands finally rinsing every square inch of my body.

Dried off, we were back on the bed where he had me lay on my stomach and he started at my feet. Warm oiled hands gently caressed first my toes, then feet, moving up my legs, never going above my lower back and once again the stud slowly circled my hole, eventually sinking one, then two fingers inside me as my butt writhed in response to his ministrations.

All of a sudden I received a jolt.

He was deep enough so that his fingers could softly drum my prostrate.

Oiled up he circled and rubbed inside me as I was so stimulated my brain just shut down.

I couldn't process, just feel what he was doing and moments later I spewed a thick load of jizz into the sheet he laid down.

"Brandon, I.."

"Shhh, didn't Zach tell you? Another part of the transformation is your prostrate is more sensitive as well."

By then, he had gently removed his fingers.

"Now it’s time to work your upper body."

Eyes remaining closed, I felt him moving around the bed, putting more oil on his hands and shifting position so he straddled my butt.

Brandon then slowly sank his large thick shaft inside me.

He was big and my tunnel was full and it felt like his big rod was suppose to be inside me.

Buried to the hilt, the stud began massaging my upper body.

Staying buried, his hands worked around one of my sore shoulders taking his time before moving over to the next, with his cock moving slightly due to his body shifting around, rubbing my prostrate each time getting whimpers seeping out of my mouth.

Finished with my back Brandon pulled out rolling me over starting again at my feet working on my legs, lightly tickling my nuts, but leaving my shaft alone until moving up, the stud sank on my cock taking me inside his incredibly tight ass to begin massaging my upper body.

A thought flashed in my head wondering what type of massage they called this, ‘cause it rocked! Brandon took care of the rest of my upper body avoiding my nipples knowing how sensitive they were.

As he worked over my shoulders, neck, even a little rubbing of my temples, I could feel his hard dick lying across my stomach and his hands eventually arrived at my nips, slowly swirling around the outside until leisurely moving onto the areola, teasing my erect nubs.

The stud hadn’t moved on my shaft, leaving it fully embedded inside him as I tried to stave off my ejaculation trying to make it last.

Scraping a fingernail over the peak of my left nipple, he made me shudder and in the end the hot man slowly leaned down and slid his tongue between my lips.

I couldn’t take any more stimulation and with the incredibly sexy, deep kiss, I ejected a thick, creamy load inside his tunnel, shooting ropes of jizz and filling him up.

Taking a little time to come back to the world, I realized Brandon had also ejaculated his hot seed over me without even touching himself.

For some reason, considering my whole contribution was to be stiff and lie there, I was ridiculously pleased with myself.

After cleaning up and pulling the oily and cum stained sheet off the bed, we lay on our sides facing each other, gently almost unconsciously, stroking each others bodies and softly talking, Brandon got me to talk about Doug and our lives together and it was easier than last night with Tom although both were caring and sensitive listeners.

By the time I wound down about my former life, we were out on the porch, cross legged on the lounger knees touching.

We had both grabbed bottles of water from the fridge on the way out with Brandon’s last comment on my personal life being his suggestion that I share the story with one more person here and he didn’t need to say Jaimey’s name and I shrugged noncommittal with Brandon accepting the answer.

“David said I wasn’t allowed, but can I ask you a question?”

“You, just one?” Smartass.

He then added, “Did he say absolutely no talking?”

“No,” and I repeated how he requested that I didn’t and why.

Shaking his head, “We can be obsessed with secrecy, but face it; no one is going to hear us right now. After all no one barged in when you yelled out a little while ago.”

Oh. Yeah. Ahem.

It was dark so Brandon couldn’t see me blush.

“Okay, I pretty much get the body changing thing. What I don’t get is the Fraternity and what it does.”

“It can be as little or as much as you want it to be.”

Oh great, Brandon is giving me Zen bullshit.

I realized I must have said it out loud when I got a slap on the side of my head.

“Easy grasshopper” Brandon grinned.

“Actually I’m not Zen’ing you. There are people who have been transformed and gone on with their lives, but the vast majoritydo have some contact though. On the mainland they meet together in groups a couple times a year and party as well as the fact there are Fraternity businesses that people run and work at, just like here on Isla Paradiso.”

“I got the vibe there’s another resort somewhere.”

“We actually have a couple of gay resorts.”

“Other Thax’es?”

Brandon hesitated.

“Okay, I take it this is some of the stuff you’re not suppose to talk about until my third and final Thax train ride.” Brandon smiled.

“Let me tell you this. There is another, similar to Thax, but not and the truth is you may never meet him.”

“Okay, can I ask what Thax and the other dude are?”

Another pause with a hand through his hair, then a decision.

“Honestly we don’t know. Sorry we really don’t.

I’ve been here a long time and we just don’t know their past. To outsiders, Thax is an eccentric wealthy bodybuilder who owns his own island and to us, we know he is very old.

He’s lived on this island since the early 1900’s and he’s mentioned different countries where he’s traveled before, but honestly, we just don’t know much more that that.

Some have speculated alien, some have said some mysterious accident making them immortal, while others have even pulled up ancient Indian, Latin or Norse god mythologies.”

Brandon shrugged.

“The fact is they’re not talking and what I can say is that other than being very concerned about keeping the Fraternity secret, they’re fairly hands off. Thax is a bit of a party animal..”

“Whoa, Thax on the dance floor….”

“You haven’t seen him around but he does spend time around the resort. He walks around, sits around the pool, works out, and stands at the bar and even dances but isn’t that good at dancing, but he spends most of his time in the staff compound, his house IS located there after all. All I can tell you is that he does meet people, sleeps around, he’s actually kind of a slut, but it can be just sex with him.” Brandon laughed.

“It’s kind of funny watching people track Thax when he strolls around the resort in a massively bulging thong,” with both of us chuckling.

“Okay back to the subject, so what’s the downside here? Godlike body forever, potential financial resources, opportunity to sleep with gorgeous men….”

Brandon paused to collect his thoughts.

“First off, you will be required to keep a part of who are a secret. Even those that have nothing more to do with the Fraternity will have a body which ages extremely slowly, if at all. Forget the Fraternity, let’s look at you.”

“I like that idea.” Gentle cuff to the head again.

“You are what..mid forties?” I nodded.

“Fully clothed, I’d put you in maybe low to mid thirties right now. Naked, or even just a shirt off, I’d lower that maybe to the upper twenties.”

“I’m not complaining.”

Brandon smiled.

“No one is, but it does need explanation to your friends and family doesn’t it? Everyone knows you’re in your forties, and what will you be saying twenty years from now when you’re on social security?

You will age….(he paused for a sec) slowly and with thought, you can get away with it, seeming like an exercise and health freak, that type of thing.”

“But think about going to a family reunion twenty years from now, there will be too many questions from those who know you over the years, seeing you age, then reverse, then no longer age anymore. Most Fraternity brothers have found it easier to move to other cities every couple of years, leaving friends and even family behind which is tough for people who are close to their families.”

“Wow, so to keep the secret, we wouldn’t be able to have partners then? We’re always alone because of this? That sucks.”

Brandon smiled again. “Not true grasshopper.” Cute.

“Understand that hooking up does have its challenges. Think again about being in a relationship and being together twenty years from now where your partner ages normally and you don’t. How do you explain it to someone that close to you?”

“Having said that, we’ve had brothers with relationships for ten or more years; they just don’t last. And before you tell me that sucks, I’ll let you know there are brothers who hook up with other brothers in the fraternity and been together a long time; although that has its own challenges.”

“This shit’s getting complicated.” Brendan laughed.

“No, just know one thing that won’t work in any relationship is monogamy. Pretty much all of us have sex drives and impulses that demand multiple partners.”

“So how do..?”

“Obviously, they’re open in some way and just like any couple they’ll have to define what that means. And there is the second thing you really need to understand.” I nodded for him to go ahead.

“We’re not any smarter.”

I snorted. “Like duh, which one of you clowns do I start with?” getting a smile from the sexy dude.

“Right. There is no change in our brain or wisdom or anything like that. So if you’re in a relationship or not, you can make the same stupid mistakes.” I nodded.

“You also need to understand the Fraternity is just a community of people.”

“Very hot, over-libido’ed people,” I opined.

“True, but not any smarter or wiser as I said before; There’s the same politicking, drama queens, people talking and not listening as in anywhere else.”

“How about boys who think since they have a killer body they’re superior?”

Brandon jerked his head up looking me in the eye, “Exactly.”

I hit some nerve, but I had a punchline, so I let it slide.

“How about smart-ass new Frat-boys that like to skewer queens that think their shit don’t stink?”

Brandon looked at me shaking his head.

“God help us all.”

And with that comment, we moved back to the bed, moved around for a hot sixty-nine, and after dumping our thick loads deep down each others throats, we kissed each other exchanging our juices falling asleep soon after.

The next few days flew by. I hit the gym getting longer sexy stares from the studs I now knew as Hussein and Abar who were looking even hotter to me now as I was starting to feel like a dog in heat.

I found the cove where you could grab a wave runner or catamaran trying to keep active to avoid sitting around the pool with the guys since it was a little too obvious with my shirt on all the time as well as the fact I was hyper and horny as hell. I didn’t feel myself changing, but the end of the day I’d see muscles more defined, skin a little tighter.


So gym, boats, a little pool time, then dinner and dancing with little to no sleep.

Then repeat the next day.

I already had given my thumbs up to the third and last Thax attack so the following evening was going to be my date night with the big guy. It was weird knowing when he was going to show up and I got progressively more nervous like a first date or something.

Although anticipating my ‘date’, that night was also my buddies Henri and Jacque’s last night and since they were leaving on the first boat in the morning, they made it clear I was NOT to get up to see them off, making comments how I would be forced to miss my pastry binging and they didn’t want to be responsible for that.

They were both nice, funny, good looking guys and I figured out they had been signaling their interest even before we got to the island.

But they had seen me my first days here and there would have been too many questions if they saw my reshaped body only a couple of days later.

Dang it, welcome to the gay secret cabal.

But there could be another day since they lived in Montreal and who knows?

I knew I would like to see them again even only as friends and if it became friends with benefits? We’ll see.

Swapping info we promised to call, friends forever, all of that and since they wereboth great guys and it would actually be really cool to see them again.

Back in my room around eleven, I paced nervously; I mean I had an appointment for sex, to ride the Thax train for pete’s sake.

I had taken off my clothes, put on the wrap, but thinking about what was coming up got me stiff as a board and wraps with hardons poking out don’t look sexy, so I tried different suits that I had been wearing here.

Oh great, I was worrying about which color to wear for my nooky date.

Fucking shoot me now.

Looking in my fridge to grab a Corona I noticed the Grey Goose on ice.

Yeah, that’s a good idea, I wonder if Thax can go ahead if you’re passed out cold.


I jumped as usual. This was getting to be a habit.

Standing in the doorway to the deck was Thax massively blocking out the rest of the world.

He went over and sat on the sofa patting the spot next to him.

Ridiculous; So I went over and sat next to him.

“So do you have any questions?”

“No, not really.”

He looked shocked, “Really? I must admit I’m a little surprised.” Thax said smiling.

“Funny. I’ve already talked to Two..“ His face clouded over. “Er, David about you. So if I asked about who or what you are, it’s a safe bet that I wouldn’t get much of an answer.”

“True, but no question about why you?”

“My guess is that I’d either nothing or some bullshit answer with you looking me in the eyes saying” (trying to imitate his deep tone) “Rob, it’s because you’re so special.”

Thax roared.

And Thax laughing full out is something to hear; figuring they probably heard him back at the bar.

As he settled down to a chuckle, Thax looked a little sheepish.

“You DO use that line! Your ass is busted isn’t it?” watching him grow even more embarrassed.

It was my turn to roar.

And that’s how our third night together went.

We had sex. Hot sex. Slow sex. Pounding sex.

Thax and I would take a break and talk, finding out he knew what was going on in the world.

During our breaks from sex I’d talk about my business telling him some funny stories around my speaking and training career.

I had a man mountain fantasy stud with a telephone pole for a dick and we even talked politics. We laughed, a lot. He actually liked my warped sense of humor…most of the time.

During the night I duly received his magical Thax juice from his nipples, his cum and his urine eventually getting some sleep and this time he laid there with me resting in his massive arms.

I woke up later to drain the lizard and the man mountain was gone.

That was okay.

Of course, the damn water was shut off when I accidently tried to shower.

Thank God the toilet flushed.

Morning and I woke up doing a body scan.

How bad of shape was I going to be in today?

Wow, I was actually okay.

Shoulders and hips still a little sore, but a lot better then I was expecting.

Interestingly enough, this time my ass felt like it had been truly fucked, which of course it had been by the big guy for hours.

All in all, not too bad this morning.

Rolling over, I saw a familiar face concentrating over a paperback with the table laden with my major food groups.

Is this a great world or what?

I headed to the bathroom, and I tried the shower again.

Oops, that’s right.

And I threw a wrap on thinking I really need to get one of these for home.

“Morning bud. When do I get to shower today?”

Looking up he smiled and by that time, I already had a muffin making its way toward my mouth.


“PM, Geezus what’s the story?”

<. T.H.I.R.D..V.I.S.I.T..C.A.N.T..S.H.O.W.E.R…F.O.R..1.2..H.O.U.R.S..>


It was nine o’clock now, so I unscrewed my diet coke cap and took a swig.


I spewed and started choking.

Looking over my friend was having waaaay too much fun.

After awhile, I asked him something that had been bothering me. My aspirin had disappeared and I remember him signaling Zach about pain pills the night I played ninja avenger.

“Is it something to do with the Thax Train?”

Smiling, Jaimey nodded. <.I.N.T.E.R.F.E.R.E.S.>

“But alcohol is ok?” Since I knew that had been going down my throat by the bucket.

He nodded again. <I.T..O.N.L.Y..S.C.R.E.W.S..Y.O.U..U.P..N.O.R.M.A.L.L.Y.>

Getting a shit eating grin on his face.


“Hey Jaim?”

“Would you ever visit me in Chicago?”

Sad eyes.


We looked at each other.


I nodded. I understood.

He looked at me, his face displaying an unspoken question.

“Look, no guarantees, okay.”

He nodded, looking a little disappointed.

“Understand something though. Like I said I just can’t make any guarantees right now, but it’s hugely important for me to come back here to spend time with my friend. Yeah mainly because there is someone important to me here, but this place has become kind of a sanctuary to me too.” My throat was seizing up.

Oh shit, he’s tearing up. I realized I was fogging up too.

We’re getting way too serious I thought so I offered a fist bump.

Jaimey leapt up, knocking away my fist hugging me hard.

Damn he’s way too big.

I heard a knock on my door and the oddest thing yet, they waited for me to reply. Usually whoever it was barged in; Hell most of them didn’t even knock.

“Ah, come in?”

I snickered at the fact I said it like a question. You’d think I never had anyone at a door before.

There was David and someone else with files no less.

“Good morning Mr. Harris. Let me be the first to welcome you to the Fraternity. This is Damon.”

We all shook hands. While David was about my size, showing a little chest hair poking through his shirt, Damon looked like a short gymnast. He wore the same uniform as David, tropical shirt and pants, the only two staff I’ve seen wearing pants instead of shorts and Damon’s shirt and pants were perfectly ironed with creases just like David’s.


Jaimey split leaving me with Mr. Two by Four and his trusty sidekick I was thinking of designating as Mr. Two by Two.

“We will be having several discussions with you today.

First will be myself, where I will discuss the Fraternity a little more thoroughly, hopefully answering all your questions.

Damon here, will talk to you about financial aspects of your new relationship with us and you will be visited by several of the staff to discuss the measures you will need to take to camouflage yourself when you get home.


Okay in my defense I was chewing on a sweet roll at the time.

“Mr. Harris.”

“God David, can’t we say Rob now that I’m on the team?” I belted out. Smooth that’s me.

Pause. “Rob, you left Chicago looking how old?”

I smirked, “Every year that I am, a tired forty-four.”

“Damon?” David’s lackey stared a minute. I realized I was only wearing my wrap.

“Could be anywhere from late twenties, maybe mid thirties if he wasn’t on display.”

I was torn between thinking this guy was a jerk and liking his age guess remembering Brandon saying basically the same thing the other night.


I figured that would be an answer that would annoy them.

I received a patient tight smile.


“Perhaps; but questions will likely arise that a little vacation, rest and tan won’t fully explain.

Damn. True.

“Don’t worry, this isn’t our first time,” (Tight smile,) “We have several options available which will be discussed later.”

David then launch into the Fraternity.

There was another Thax-like dude on a Pacific island named Nexin or something like that. There were around two thousand of us spread around the world in a loose confederation, roughly organized by continents.

“So how many Frat-boys are in North America?”

Tight smile again, totally ignoring the question.

I think I was supposed to only listen.

Yeah, like that’s going to happen.

There is a board of directors which consisted of each continental head and a few others.

Damon chimed in with “David’s on the board due to his personal relationship with Thax of course.”

Little brown noser.

To his credit, David gestured to Damon indicating the comment wasn’t needed, clear he really meant it.

At that point, he made a comment, “Please understand, while there are opportunities to participate in Fraternity functions or even possible career opportunities, other than maintaining Fraternity confidentiality, there is nothing, absolutely nothing that anyone can demand you do because you are a member.”


My senses were telling me he was talking to Damon as much as me.


Then I received the information that if you had been porked by Thax, you were a Thaxian and if porked by Nexin, you were a Nexian and if porked by both…..

Please let me die…how much longer?!

Of course David didn’t use the word porked.

He wound down encouraging me to attend Frat functions to better understand the benefits, Yadda, yadda, yadda.

I swear I could hear a clock going tick….tick….tick someplace, certainly in my head.

David left leaving me to Damon’s attention where now that I was a Frat-boy I was reimbursed for my trip here, which had me thinking I was being paid for sleeping with Thax, but it was money my heavily in debt butt could use, so what the hell, I accepted it.

Also as a member, I’d get a monthly stipend from the group.


Damon who seemed a bit of a jerk was looking pretty good right now!

I even got a Visa card since the Fraternity had its very own Cayman Island Bank as well as a membership card to the Club Bar chain.

They were the successor to the old Club Bathhouses that dotted the US.

I hadn’t been to one, but saw advertising in gay mags and on the internet when I was surfing for porn. Hey sue me.

They still had a bathhouse, I guess, but tagged a bar on the front. I heard some bars were sleazy, some quite fancy, all with a door that went to your good ole’ red blooded gay bathhouse.

“The Fraternity owns a stake, so as a member (that’s Frat-boy) you will have a Platinum Card which entitles you to not only membership, but certain benefits and discounts.

Damon ended up being a class A jerk about a few things and I tossed his ass out, okay I have that whole anger management thing I’m working on, but he had been a jerk nonetheless with my buddy Tom, my big bodybuilder bartending buddy show up insisting we talk a walk.

We talked awhile with him letting me know that one of the businesses the Fraternity had was a very high end male escort service.

“I mean think about it. Rock hard bodies, killer sex drives and we have a stamina that puts Viagra to shame. We even have this pheromone stuff that attracts people to us. It’s what we’re built to do!” making me laugh.

Tom told me a lot of guys did it for fun as well as making some quick bucks then investing it in a business.

Tom knew the details because the massive stud had been a male hooker himself for the ‘Consort Services’ and he regaled me with some of his wilder stories getting me horned up which admittedly wasn’t that difficult to do right now.

I had been wearing this tiny thong he had talked me into wearing earlier and the little material wasn’t covering my privates anymore as he continued telling me some of his hotter moments here at the resort with a couple of hot young German dudes who screwed him from one end of the place to the other each day, making their sex more public and how they had huge…..

“Oh hi guys.”

I plunged to earth now standing in the patio doorway of my villa, with Paul, Jose and Jonathon on the sofa and a chair. Tom’s arm was around my shoulders and both of us were hard as rocks with my buddy Tom wearing shorts showing a large yet completely covered bulge, where I was in that damned slutty thong which seemed to be displaying half of my rock hard now painful dick.

Tom’s ear to ear grin showed me he had set this all up. Asshole, I thought grinning.

“Ah, you guys here for a reason?”

"You know it's kind of difficult to take you too seriously when...." Jonathon hand fluttered at my crotch.

"Hey blame it on Conan here!"

We all grabbed waters or beer and to everyone’s amusement, I threw a wrap around my waist.

"Ok what's up?"

Jose, "one fun, one serious."

"The fun, as a brand new member as Paul has mentioned to you, you get to raid the shop, so we will provide you with a new trousseau. The serious is what we need to figure out what’s needed to mask your transformation at least for the immediate future."

"And before you start arguing with us about what you're not going to wear, we'd like to offer you a bet," Paul chimed in.

“Okaaaay.” This was not going to be good.

“WE guess what Tom was telling you that got you” pause, glance at my groin area, “and we get to determine what you wear for the rest of your time here.”

I looked at Tom, “Is this a setup?”

An amused, “I didn't tell them anything.”

I'm going to regret this.

I nodded.

”Let's see" José said pausing dramatically, looking at Tom, who was pretending to look innocent and smug at the same time.



“It was THE story of Isla Paradisa four years ago! Did he tell you how the last couple of days they refused to leave the room?” I shook my head no.

“They informed Jaimey who was delivering their meals one day they had been eating Viagra like candy to keep up with him and were afraid they’d have a heart attack if they kept it up.”

Okay, worth it.

Everybody laughed with Tom once again looking smug.

Yep, I was set up. The bastards.

Jose gave an inch, “Wear what we give you for the next couple of days. If you absolutely hate it, you decide what you’ll take with you. If you enjoy wearing it, we decide.”

“My decision?”

“Totally, but you have to be honest.”

I agreed to the terms. High fives were given all around.

I don't know how, but I've been had.

Oh well...

Next we discussed my camouflage.

I wasn't convinced until Jonathon piped up.

“You look at your oldest early thirties right now. How old are you?”

Okay, the same point that Brandon, David and dickwad made.

I got it and shut up.

Jonathon continued, “The good news is that it's winter in Chicago so bulky clothes are the norm so who would see you shirtless or naked?”


Tom “So speaks the gym rat.”

Oops. Easy solution..change gyms..damn I liked my health club.

We discussed friends, family, work, who would have seen me recently and I would see when I got back.

Thanks to my job and self imposed isolation, it ended up with people at my health club and that was it. One sister, who I haven’t seen in years and any of my friends I’ve been avoiding, so I haven’t seen them in awhile. But they also talked about how my face was now younger looking.

“Ok I think we can get away with gym change and the spa treatment alibi. You’ve been to a resort where you got treatments that tightened you up, making you look younger.” That was Jonathon.

Tom started laughing, “Guys, we may have a problem here. I could be wrong, but I don’t think our buddy Rob here is a big spa treatment guy and I’ll wager his friends know that.” We all laughed as I nodded vigorously.

We discussed it for awhile coming up with a story about winning a package in a bar drawing.

“All right. We’ll set your schedule up...” Jonathon again.

“Whoa, it's a cover!”

Jonathon slowly explained like he was talking to a child telling me I needed to know what to say and what treatments I had; that type of thing. Damn.

They all departed amused. I’m sooo glad I cheer everybody up in this place.

I came out from my shower and all my clothes were gone with the exception of a gym outfit. Very small gym clothes...oh god, the slutty wear.

There were three styles hot, sexy and slutty. The hot was the conservative cut making any dude look, well hot. Sexy and slutty got skimpier with significant less material, some of which you probably could only wear here at the resort and these skimpy shorts were like that.

My damned bet.

With nothing else available I put the tight clothes on and headed out.

Crossing the pool to the weight room, I sighted the Arab guys Hussein and Abar looking as sexy and naked as usual. I also was thinking about Tom’s story and how on one of these lounges Tom had gotten double fucked in front of a crowd.

Damn these shorts were small.

My workout wasn’t helping either. And these shorts were making it obvious.

"Ah sorry something we must have forgotten to mention,” Tom had appeared and was chatting in my ear.


“The whole increased sex drive thing? For the next couple of days it's going to be like your metabolism, way, way, overcharged.”

Oh crap.

“I guess that was why I was walking on the beach with a hard on.”

“That? No that was because I know how to tell a hot story!” making us both laugh.

Tom pulled me up from the bench. “Let's go.”

We walked back into the changing area where three staff guys were standing. Ian, Patrick and the hot guy from the cove with the boats.


Immediately behind me, Tom grabbed my t-shirt pulling it up and off.

“Uh Tom, I don't think..”

He tossed my shirt on the ground, stepping up so that his huge chest was pressed against my back.

“It's for your own good bud, besides I do feel a little responsible because of my amazing ability to tell a story” he murmured chuckling. At the same time Tom reached around roughly grabbing my nipples which were hard wired to my cock and ass.


Ian stepped up, “by the way welcome to our family” giving me a hot, wet kiss which I got into after my initial shock.

Tom let go of my left nipple with Ian immediately heading down and started sucking the beefy stub.

Oh Gawd, letting out another whimper.

Patrick then walked up, welcoming me, giving me a kiss with both his hands holding my head, and taking my right nipple in his mouth.


Tom turned my head to face him. "No still means no bud. But trust me you really do need this. Do we continue?”

I couldn't talk.

Tom chuckled, “maybe we re not being fair here. Ian, Patrick...” They both rose up to either side of me, but it didn't help much since the air brushed against very hard, very wet, excited nipples.

“Before you answer, you need to know that Ian, Patrick and Rick all very willingly volunteered. They like you and liked what you did in the bar the other night.” Defending Jaimey.

I nodded my head.

Tom chuckled again taking my nod as the signal to go ahead.

“All yours, boys.” Tom turned, leaving after patting my ass.

Before I could turn around the third stud stepped up, “Like Tom said I'm Rick, welcome to our merry band and I'm really happy to finally meet you.”

A quick kiss and Rick sank to his knees pulling my shorts with him on the way down engulfing my cock all in one smooth move.

Whether it was the whole sex drive thing or so long for me, it was like electrical shocks were zipping throughout my body as these three sexy studs worked me over.

By now it registered that Patrick was behind me licking first the cheeks of my ass, then the crack moving closer to my hole as Ian grabbed the back of my neck, giving me a sexy smile, and turned my head to kiss me deep and passionately.

Before I knew it, I was cumming so hard Ian had to hold me up to keep me from sinking to the floor.

Catching my breath, all three sexy men around me, I was still rock hard and as horny as ever. Rick smiled, "It will be like this for the next couple of days, but let’s see what we can do for now.”

Behind me, someone, Ian maybe pressed on my shoulders. I sank down to the floor with three large juicy slabs of amazingly beautiful of man meat arrayed before me. I used my mouth and hands, switching so I could get a taste of each stud.

They all leaked copiously which only made me crave more until first Patrick gave me his hot cream, then Rick shot load after load in my mouth and it was like I was craving their seed and unfortunately Ian came while I was still taking on Rick’s fluids, so his cum splattered all over my shoulder and chest.

Lifting me up, the hot men licked my sweaty and now cum infused chest, and finding out how sensitive my tips were they continued to touch, rub, kiss, suck and chew them for the next hour or two while they each fucked me standing or bent over. At one point I was on my back on the counter between two sinks being fucked by one, then the next and lastly the third tag teaming until each shot heavy loads in my ass, but I also fucked them, sometimes sandwiched in between, me inside one, while somebody was inside me, all of us pressed against each other and I lost count how many times I spilled my seed in or on one of these studs.

At last, exhausted, I gave up.

Here were the four of us, hot sweaty, stained with our juices, breathing heavy when the three sexy men moved to the shower with me refusing to do it making a crack about how I was afraid of what would happen if I dropped my soap in front of them.

Amidst laughter, I did jump in and rinse off with the talk, butt slapping and camaraderie was of four buddies finishing up after a workout and not a mind blowing fucking orgy.

It was cool and felt pretty good.

Walking out the door of the weight room shirtless, it was getting late, but a few people were still around the pool including one of the Arab guys who on seeing me jumped up out of his chair catching up alongside.

While we had been seeing each other and acknowledging each others presence with a nod or something, we never have spoken to each other.

“Are you planning on being at the bar later?” He slipped a hand down the back of my shorts firmly running a finger up my crack and amazingly enough after what just happened I was so sex’ed up I could only nod, shuddering as I did so.

“Good.” With the hot looking stud confidently walking away.

I made to my room, heading directly to my bed and crashed.

Waking up after the nap, I staggered to the bathroom, realizing I was horny as hell.

Laughing and shaking my head, I was wondering how long this insanity was going to go on, as well as wondering how I would be able to deal with it once back home.

Visions of me having to walk around with a permanent erection got me chuckling and I could see me at a podium in front of two hundred people during a speaking engagement rubbing my dick against the podium desperately trying to get off had me giggling as I showered.

I was running late and my elves had delivered leaving a couple of sandwiches on the table that I wolfed down topping it off with a Corona before checking to see what my fashionista elves had in store for tonight.

Cargoes, alright! But the lower pockets were on the inside with just a slit to show they were there and a little Velcro to close.

Cool, dress cargoes! I was moving on up!

Slipping them on, they were cut low, real low, but still comfortable. Material was a little thinner, so unfortunately my plumped up cock hanging down my right leg was fairly obvious.

I grinned, I’m on freakin’ Paradiso, so it is what it is.

I also put on a button down shirt, dark blue, thin gauzy material you could see through and it was the slutty cut which meant it ended up touching the top of my shorts.

I could probably button the bottom button, but there wasn’t enough material to close the shirt heading northward. The shirt was snug on my biceps, but it actually fit me pretty good and moving about the room, the shirt stitching rubbed against my sore nipples shooting tiny jolts of electricity to my penis and sphincter. The boys in the gym had done a number on them this afternoon and I grabbed a cold one and checked myself out in the mirror.


Leaning back on the sinks still looking at the mirror, I took a pull on my beer watching my arm popping and my shirt opening further to reveal an inflated nub and even that puffed stub looked sexy, okay even slutty.

Standing straight again, arms at my side, the shirt hung open a good six inches showing off hot cut pecs and nice six pack of abs.

I had never, ever looked like anything like this.

Taking another slug of my beer, I thought time to move and snag me a couple of daddy studs.

Stepping into the bar area, I hesitated. Tom was at the bar of course and I spotted my fashionista nazi Paul and one of my latest hot fucks Patrick serving drinks along with my two targets at the end of the bar.

This is going to be awkward. Prowling in front of pals was not a comfortable situation for me when Tom handed me another beer, examining my face a minute with him looking confused.

“I don’t get how you do that.”

Taking a drink from my bottle, I made a gesture indicating I had no clue where he was going with this.

“On one hand, you have the look of a man who has been very happily fucked by a group of well hung staff studs.” Since the bastard was the one who had set it up I started grinning, with Tom’s hands crossed on his massive chest, still looking confused.

“Yet at the same time, it looks like you want to have wild monkey sex with a couple of hot middle eastern studs.” He had seen where I had been looking when I came in.

We lost it.

A fist bump later, Paul and Patrick walked up.

Patrick. “Hey Rob, I wanted to thank you for this afternoon” giving me a peck on the cheek.

“Uh, Patrick, I think the thanks should be all mine.”

“Hello, it’s me who should be getting the gratitude.” Paul going fairy princess on us.

We all looked at him.

“If you had been wearing all those ratty old gym clothes you brought with you, they wouldn’t even have given you the time of day let along a crazy four way fuck fest.”

He knew, of course he did.

“And now,” waving his hand up and down with what I was wearing tonight.

Patrick just nodded approval.

Looking over at Tom, “Two dicks up Rob” holding up both thumbs.

We all laughed, with Patrick and Paul heading back to work.

Turning to face the bar, I felt bodies step up very close on both my left and right.

Oh God. The Arabs.

I met Hussein, who was about an inch or two shorter than me who had dark hair and eyes, rugged face and permanent 5 o’clock shadow. The dude was handsome and oozing sexuality. Abar had no hair from the neck up except for his eyebrows and was a little huskier than Hussein, hairy from the neck down as well, both hard and solid.

They were Saudi cousins who spoke perfect English with slight British accents where they had been schooled and we ended up standing, my back to the bar, both turning in toward me.

We each gave our short histories, Hussein and Abar came from very connected families and were successful businessmen who traveled the globe. The two of them talked about gays in Saudi Arabia, where it was actually widespread, but always behind closed doors and never spoken of as well as letting me know they worked in different companies traveling most of the time but managed to meet in locales like Isla Paradiso a couple times of year.

When it was my turn, I told them about being a speaker and trainer and they seemed genuinely interested even mentioning Doug and how he died last year getting nice condolences.

After that there was some awkward pausing, since how the hell do you recoup from the whole recently dead lover thing when I felt a bottle tapping my shoulder.

Tom was handing me another Corona and lime.

“Dude, you HAVE to tell them about Dancing Queen.”

Seeing their cocked eyebrows, I mentioned the cruise and ashes, which they thought was cool, bringing up Dancing Queen, exaggerating the story by having this show queen stalking me throughout the cruise culminating in an awesome mind blowing blowjob in a handicap bathroom, both of them getting a kick out of it.

Abar was having a hard time however of me not getting laid for the last couple of years until Dancing Queen especially since he had glanced in and saw me with the three amigos (as I thought of them) in action in the gyms’ changing room this afternoon which is why he was willing to pounce later.

“Guys, trust me, that’s why he’s so fucking insatiable right now,” Tom chiming in pimping me out, which worked since they both nodded understanding and you could see them glancing at each other over the idea that I was insatiable right now.

The whole time we had been talking Hussein and Abar had been busy. First light touches with hands spreading open my shirt checking out the fabric then softly moving up my torso underneath where fingers would circle my chest, with one or the other resting a hand on my chest idly flicking a nipple.

Paul had mentioned that they were into my swollen, abused nubs and there always seemed to be at least one hand flicking or lightly pinching my stubs. Other hands also idly roamed the back of my shorts squeezing a cheek or finger pushing material up the crack of my ass along with squeezes in the front.

It was all casually done while we were chatting about ourselves, not pawing, just hands idly roaming my body and I touched them less so, but still occasionally ran the back of my hand up their hair covered tight abs. I also had gone higher discovering some abused nips there as well when sexy Hussein leaned over and asked if I wanted to dance.

Grinning, I said, “Not here.”

I guess that was a good answer by their reaction, so with smiles, we all took a last sip of our drinks and left with the last thing I saw was Tom standing there with a shit-eating grin making me laugh.

We paused between the pools when Hussein grabbed each side of my face to kiss me and I reached up to grab him but was commanded to put my hands down by my side, quickly discovering it was not for me to touch or initiate any contact with these two studs.

Touching them or even bending over to kiss would earn a rebuke, often a light slap which drove me nuts since I’m very involved when I have sex, wanting to touch and kiss and Doug once told me that sex with me was a full contact sport and I couldn’t disagree.

Brandon’s erotic massages were one step of letting go and not doing anything, but with Brandon and now with these two, it still makes me crazy especially since its been a loooong time since I’ve had the opportunity to touch man flesh.

This however was taking it to a whole different level since Hussein and his cousin were aggressive, delighting in control not bothering with handcuffs or physical bondage, just quiet commands to keep me from moving, so my mind was quickly shorting out.

With Hussein kissing me, Abar had moved behind stripping my shirt off. We started moving again crossing the “adult pool” area where they always could be found during the day displaying their magnificent hard bodies.

Half way around, we stopped again with Abar this time sliding his tongue between my lips as Hussein reached down undoing my shorts and by the time we had gotten to their room I wasn’t even wearing my sandals while the hot cousins were still fully dressed.

I was being shown my place and my shaft was so hard it hurt.

I did note their room was on the corner next to the weight room as well as between the two buildings was a very inviting pathway which opened up.

“The grotto.”

Where you could go and hook up. Wow.

“If you behave, we may take you there later.”

Once in their room I was ordered to get on my hands and knees at the end of the bed as Abar got behind me and began licking my hole.

Gaaaawd. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Hussein undressing.

“Cousin, look at this” from Abar. I turned my head and saw my backside reflected in a mirror. Reflected back was some guy’s hard muscled ass and with slightly parted legs a round pink rosebud was displayed begging to be used.

Fuuck I was leaking jizz on the bedspread checking out my own sexy ass.

Circling my hole with a finger, Abar exchanged positions to undress while Hussein attacked my entrance with his mouth getting groans from me.

Both undressed I was ordered to my knees on the floor, where standing next to each other I faced their fat hard man dicks and in my sexual heat, I reached up to roam their hot bodies with my hands only to have them slap my beefy arm away with me finally deciding to place my hands behind my back so I wouldn’t screw up any more as they had me suck first one then the other sometimes grabbing my head to roughly face fuck me making me sometimes choke since both these studs were both pretty big but gradually my throat opened up to take their meaty shafts.

We moved to different positions as each delighted in running their tongues and hands down my body not allowing me to reciprocate.

Abar was amused when I would find something to grasp like the headboard when I was placed on the bed to ensure my hands didn’t stray and earning another light slap.

And the two of them liked my arms over my head, hands shoved through a gap in the headboard since maybe it was a bondage position to them, but it also gave them open access to my arms, armpits, chest and nipples, especially the nipples with Hussein vocally admiring and enjoyed rubbing my bicep with his left hand while attacking my hole with first one then several fingers roaming my torso with his tongue, nipping, licking sucking all over.

They relentlessly chewed my nipples sometimes pulling and extending them, then releasing the stub to snap back to my body and as the night progressed, whatever we were doing, it always seemed there was a hand or a mouth roughly working my nipples in some way.

They had been abused earlier by my gym buddies and they became even more swollen and sore through the night with the cousins never letting up taking me to new heights of ecstasy as they assaulted my body.

Later on my back, first one then the other took my hungry ass and I wasn’t surprised, even without Paul’s warning; both these men radiated dominating tops as each would vary his speed sometimes standing straight up, other times bending directly over me to murmur obscenities in my ear, roughly kissing me.

Switching off was done with such speed and practice it went almost unnoticed, feeling a long, hard, thick dick moving through me in long strokes pulling all the way out and then a second later ramming back in, with a new man on top of me. They both came several times, dumping loads in my ass, filling my mouth with their jizz, soaking my body, expressing delight in seeing ropes of cum over my tanned hairless chest.

With me cumming as well usually over my already saturated torso as we fucked through the night.

“Let’s go.” Hussein pulled off me grabbing my hand.

We were immediately out the door with Hussein leading the way and Abar following, and we entered the grotto.

There was a roaming main path with others leading off it and I was told it was like a maze with little areas where you would find an open space or maybe a slab of stone or a tree trunk with the perfect height to be fucked on.

Man, I even saw little discreet lube dispensers and hanging baskets with towels tucked behind plants. Large plants and foliage created natural walls separating groups so you could hear people having sex, but not see them. There were also big open areas for larger groups of guys wanting to get off.

Especially here at night it was a sexily lit erotic stage demanding everyone get together in hot, steamy sex.

We stopped at a pool with a rock formation giving you that grotto look and getting in I found it was heated but not quite Jacuzzi hot as the three of us lay in the pool for awhile recuperating, Hussein and his cousin idling touching and fondling my body and even here they wouldn’t let me participate.


Whoa, boy? I couldn’t help smiling though. Right now, why would I give a shit?

Hussein was the one that had called me since he was now sitting on the side of the pool, his thick pole standing erect and looking down he made it clear he wanted my mouth on his rod. He didn’t need to gesture, even after all I’ve gone through so far, my mouth had started salivating the second I saw his big shaft so I starting moving over, hungrily engulfing this sexy stud’s member.

Forgetting the most basic of instructions, I began to slide my hands up his hairy, hard chest getting a slap again gently, but emphatically while Abar had left the pool, and on return he lifted my head from Hussein’s pulsating tool taking his now lubed hand and coating Hussein’s thick rod with the grease.

In seconds I was out of the pool sliding down his huge lubed shaft with my back to the stud as he was propped up with arms stiff, while I had my back pressed his hairy chest, legs spread wide.

Abar lifted my ass so that his cousin’s dick was just inside me and was ordered not to move as Hussein began humping up, filling me with his manmeat as two fingers slide in my hungry ass next to his cousins plunging meat holding me in place.

Abar in front of the two of us was in the pool and perfectly positioned to take my cock in his mouth, chew on my nipples or run his tongue over my quivering stomach, so he roamed my torso making me whimper at the two of these sexy men’s abuse.

With his two fingers wriggling inside me, I couldn’t take it anymore sending hot bursts of jizz first in his mouth and then as he directed the flow of my rupturing pole hosing my body as I clamped down hard on the dick inside me, hearing a grunt about one second before I felt his seed shooting load after load heating my insides up with his spooge.

Shortly after, we headed back in the room where they continued to assault my ass, my mouth and especially my nipples until we finally fell asleep exhausted.

I woke up the next morning with Hussein inserting his hard dick inside me.

By rights I should have been sore by now, but within seconds I was begging him to fuck me harder and pushing me on my stomach, the master cocksmith pumped my ass hard until he filled my hole moments later with the husky stud rolling off going back to sleep.

Feeling a little indignant at that, I didn’t even notice a hand reaching over which grabbed and twisted a nipple.

“Let’s take a shower”.

Their shower was just as big as mine easily holding Abar and me and after soaping each other up, my shower partner surprised me by turning around and bending over offering his butt and when I started to my knees, he murmured “I need your dick now, fuck me.”

So I did.

We ended up with both standing erect, my rod still pumping in him, with me finally getting to let my hands reach around and roam his hairy, hard muscled body and pinching his nipples with one hand as I stroked the hot man to orgasm, then with shaking legs we finally separated.

I headed back to my room shaking my head the whole time.

I had some slutty times when I was first out of the Navy in the Chicago bathhouses, but this was so over the top.

Three guys yesterday afternoon and two last night and more importantly none of the five had been dump and run’s. In fact, I had spent a huge amount of hours having extremely hot man sex and while my nipples were really sore and I was a bit tired, the rest of my body was feeling pretty damn good and I was thinking if I turned a corner and there was a fat dick or tight ass waving at me, I’d be more than happy to stop and take care of it.


And today was my last day with my buddy Jaimey sitting at the table with my breakfast reading a book.


And with the still made bed there was no way I could hide the fact I was out last night.

Screw it, this was Paradiso.

“Morning Jaim, let me jump in the shower real quick.”

And after taking a shower by myself which was a relief as well as a disappointment, my bed had today’s clothes.

Oh God.

Looking down, I realized that while my fashionista elves drove me crazy Jose and Paul had me pegged pretty well knowing I wasn’t big on fashion so I hated clothes that said “look at me I know how to dress.”

I was basically a comfort guy as long as I didn’t look too much like a doofus and in my previous life, I had no problem with cargos from Kohls.

Jose and Paul had left the high fashion stuff at the shop and even the colors and patterns. Instead choosing more subdued sometimes pushing me out of what I’d normally wear, but I had to admit was actually pretty sharp.

The big difference seemed to be the cuts and fit.

These clothes sexily caressed my new hard muscled body and nothing from Target ever did that. And the cuts with the whole hot, sexy, slutty thing? Okay, I’d never be wearing the slutty stuff again, but wearing it here at the resort, it did look and feel damn good making me feel hot and sexy walking around the place.

Today was another pair of nylon shorts. There was a pouch inside like the usual, but instead of covering the butt, it had a strap that went from the bottom of the pouch to the back waistband. Putting it on, the strap nestled tightly in my crack which should be sore as hell, but instead welcomed the light rubbing across my rosebud and it was low rising of course, with the waist band barely above my shaved pubic hair and my butt with a slight slit on the sides gave you a little stretch if I ran.

The other thing about all these clothes was how they pouched in the front. Not dramatically, but it was a hell of a lot more comfortable, but of course you were dropping bigger bucks than Kohls and Target too.

Another sleeveless t-shirt and I was good to go.

Questioning look at Jaimey and

<.Y.O.U..H.A.V.E..T.H.I.N.G.S..Y.O.U..N.E.E.D..T.O..D.O >


Oh God.

Jaimey and I headed to the spa, where on delivery my buddy let me know he’d be back after my fashionista elves were done with me.

Fortunately they realized I’d be a giant pain in the ass if I had to go through all the spa treatments, so they settled showing me what the treatments would be like or had me put the damn cucumbers on my eyes with a hot, medicated towel wrapped around my face for a few seconds so I could describe ‘the experience’ if needed.

I was shown the kiwi, seaweed, guacamole paste (or whatever the hell it was) that supposedly helped my skin tighten up and lines go away.

Thank God, Sung had brochures because the names of most of this crap were usually five or six words long that sounded like a salad at a trendy restaurant to me, although I did try to convince them to develop a sweet roll, Doritos, cinnabon treatment but they weren’t having any of that.

Lastly, I had to strip down to take my measurements, something I was told all the newbies went through so they could get ideas of how we transformed, even though in my case they didn’t have any beginning numbers and disrobing I realized I wasn’t even thinking twice about stripping down in front of these guys anymore.

Putting my shorts back on, Brandon came out with one of the guests who I’ve seen around and while the guy looked relaxed, he didn’t look that Brandon extra special massage relaxed.

I felt sorry for the poor guy since he didn’t know what he was missing when I got a smack on my ass with a “Can we keep you from your middle eastern diet tonight?”

Geezus, does everybody…?

Of course they do.

“Well, unless I get something better….” Long look.

“Guaranteed, and wear your dancing shoes too.”

Intrigued, we set up a time to meet for dinner.

Jaimey came back collecting me and we marched off to the north cove where the boats were.


Rick, one of the three amigos from my gym sex was handling the boats today and Jaimey and I grabbed wave runners and out we went.

I had ridden them once or twice in the past, but could tell this was Jaimey’s thing, finding out the dude was truly a maniac as he’d max the throttle flying and with the waves good, he was catching air like crazy.

Jaim would ride alongside for a bit before veering off making sure I got soaked as he sped away and I’m pretty much willing to do anything, so once I got comfortable with the machine, I started cranking it and even getting air, which wasn’t that hard, it was just knowing how to land that was important.

One time coming down, the wave runner hit a wave that jogged the machine a little right while I jogged a little left so I flew off the damn thing and Jaimey putted over to make sure I was okay, but I was laughing so hard, I kept getting water in my mouth.

Once he saw I was good, the Jaimey grin making it clear what a doofus I was lit up his face and eventually I got back on and we played a while more.

It was freaking awesome.

Returning back, Rick asked Jaimey if he’d cover for him for awhile since he had seen me sailing a couple of days ago and wanted to go cat’ing with me.

Off we went and I was sailing with a master.

Catamarans can generate awesome speed and you are exposed to the elements with a trampoline for a deck and no sides to keep you from connecting with the wind and water.

There’s nothing like getting one hull out of water, angling up until you’re almost vertical and holding on for dear life while you stand on the edge. I was never that good to be able to do it with much skill, but Rick was and two guys working together, it’s an exciting thrill that makes you feel that you are partnering with nature to creating a special moment.

Back down, we headed back with Jaimey applauding as we pulled the cat up.

I got a <..S.E.E..Y.O.U..A.T..D.I.N.N.E.R..> with a barely concealed grin and a <LATER> to Rick, and he was gone.

Well damn, that was abrupt.

I didn’t get it until sexy Rick spoke up, “You owe me.”

“What for the ride?”

“No yesterday. I had your ass twice but you only came in me once.”

Ah. Now I got the looks between the two.

Rick screamed hot jock, sporting one of the most V’ed bodies I’ve ever seen on a guy with a big chest and an eight pak and while he was packing his shorts, today it was the tight, perky ass of his that was insisting on attention.

I happily paid my debt to the man that afternoon.

Getting cleaned up, I scoped out what my fashionista elves left me to wear at dinner with new pair of hot cargos and a button down shirt a little more conservative than the “come fuck me clothes” of last night and I couldn’t help thinking how in about twenty-four hours my butt would be in cold, wintery Chicago. Screw it.

It may be my last night, but I still had a couple more hours left with my friends.

Hitting the bar, I went margaritas tonight, with Paul taking me over to ….Brandon and Jaimey’s table, two people who I almost never saw out at night and Tom tending bar would take the fourth chair when he could.

A lot of the conversation ended up with recaps of my doofus moments, Jaimey adding today’s wave runner wipeout that I had and I never had any problem with being the butt of a joke if it was meant right and tonight I was roasted by my three friends.

After shoving down a couple of servings of a delicious dessert, Jaimey grabbed me to dance.

Holy shit, who knew?

Jaimey may be big but he wasn’t too bad!

At one point, we were up at the bar so we could keep Tom in the discussion when a couple of people I hadn’t seen before walked in. I met a guy named Matt who I guess had been transformed by the Nexin guy and was now in for “Thax attack” treatment. I could tell he was or is a Marine with it written on his high and tight haircut, square jaw and posture. The stud was a little leaner then me and my new frame, possessing sexy hair on his chest, and what grabbed my attention were his blown arms similar to mine.

Since the dude was a little leaner, they looked huge on him and his sexy green eyes didn’t hurt either. He was quiet and a little aloof though, so we didn’t talk much because of the other person Jaimey introduced me to.


I shook hands with a classic daddy bear, who had a dark, tight beard, big hairy chest stretching his polo where you could also see heavy nipple rings possessing that same rock hard body as every other Frat boy.



Still not processing.

Wait, a light bulb went off.


Jaimey grinned, nodding.

By that time I had flown into his arms, wrapping my legs around his middle.


Jaimey, Tom and Brandon doubled over in laughter while Sam struggled to hold up a 200 pound guy who had just latched onto his body.

Jaimey signed to Sam. <.H.E’.S..T.H.E..O.N.E..G.O.R.G.I.N.G..O.N..Y.O.U.R..P.A.S.T.R.I.E.S..I.N..T.H.E..M.O.R.N.I.N.G.S.> pointing to me.

By the time I got down Sam was happy to meet me “I thought Jaimey was sneaking out and feeding all the kids in town or something.”

“Hey, wait a minute. I do have a metabolism kicking in here,” attempting to defend myself.


I knew I had lost the argument when the group cracked up, with the exception of marine stud who wasn’t tracking the mayhem.


After more dancing and tales about the foibles of Rob, the four of us headed out with Jaimey signing he’ll see me later which I guess meant in the morning as both Tom and Brandon continued walking with me.

“Uh guys?”

I was trying to figure what was going on. Both looked at me.

I didn’t say anything for a few seconds.

“You know what, I think I’m going to trust my friends and go with the flow.”

Big smiles. Cool.

The flow happened to be both of them. Ungodly handsome, sexy Brandon and hot body builder Tom.

Brandon was a lean husky if that makes sense, with short light chest hair and Tom hadn’t a hair on his body below his neck. I’ve seen his chest with those big nipples already and in shorts that didn’t hide anything, but nude he was a freaking greek statue, displaying as he bragged earlier a big hard body building butt, but also had a dick that blew away stereotypes of BB’s.

The night was continued to be interesting.

Brandon again showing his slow, sensual attitude about sex and with Tom I discovered someone who leaned toward fun and physical, not rough, but like riding a roller coaster.

The other thing interesting was they both focused on me through the night.

They were obviously close friends but it was me they concentrated on and oddly it worked.

Tom, who up until now talked like he was a total bottom, put that to rest since he would pound my ass, while Brandon would gently touch me even slowly fucking my mouth, while another time, Tom and I were vigorously sixty-nine’ing with Brandon giving me his amazing slow, sensual fuck.

I did get Tom’s tight muscle butt, with Brandon at my side lightly running his hands up and down my body exchanging an incredibly erotic kiss while I was screwing the big boy.

The two of them would smile or gesture at each other, but not kiss or anything, getting all there attention, and I took as much as I could get.

I went through two transformations on that island.

The first one gave me this smoking, sex crazed stud muffin body, yet it was still the lesser change.

Thanks to my three friends and yes even Doug, I’m ready to move forward again.

I’m ready for a new beginning.