Facets 2

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Jack opened his eyes in a panic. Something heavy was draped across his chest, pinning him to the bed, but in the darkness of the room he couldn’t make out what it was. He tried to sit up but the object wouldn’t budge.

“Wha’s matter?” Had he not been held down, Jack would have jumped out of the bed at the startling, mumbled voice. He felt someone large shift their weight next to him and the unknown object was quickly identified as someone’s arm when Jack felt a rough hand grope at his face. The unexpected clicking on of a lamp left the startled man blinded, but finally able to sit up. “You okay?” His vision cleared and Jack saw a groggy Drew rubbing the sleep from his eyes.

“Drew?” He was confused. He didn’t know why he would be in Drew’s house to begin with, let alone why he’d be in bed with him. “Why am I in your houthe?” Jack froze at the sound of his voice and memories of the previous day came rushing back. He remembered how he’d been working on a car one minute but found himself trapped in this nightmare the next. Even worse, memories of the previous night came back as well. Jack was horrified at the thought of the things he’d done with his beefy coworker.

“You’re in my house ‘cause you live here,” Drew smiled sleepily, tousling Jack’s hair. “Did Jackie have a bad dream?”

“Yea…yeah,” was all Jack could manage. He didn’t know if there was a way out of this, but he was pretty sure that he wasn’t going to find it at that moment.

“Aw, I’m sorry,” Drew said condescendingly. “Why don’t you come over here then?” Drew switched off the light and pulled Jack close, cradling the now-smaller man against his naked body. The part of him that was Jack wanted to pull away in disgust as he felt Drew’s cock press against his own bare flesh, but the part of him that was Jackie was content to bury his face against the forest of hair on his lover’s chest. For all his shit talking at work, Jack knew that Drew had a softer side when he was with the ladies, but he was still surprised to witness it first hand. He was even more surprised to find how affecting it was now that he was on the receiving end of it. He wanted to try and plan his escape, but instead he melted against the other man and drifted off into a contented sleep.

“Rise and shine!” Drew’s cheerful voice jolted Jack out of a deep slumber. The smaller man only groaned and pressed himself harder against the wall of flesh that was his bedmate. “Come on…it’s time to get up.” Drew squeezed Jack’s now-supple ass and worked a finger towards his tender hole, causing the little man’s head to jerk upright in surprise. “Thought that’d get your attention,” Drew laughed. He flung the sheets aside, exposing their two naked bodies before hopping out of bed and stretching his massive frame. The part of him that was still Jack felt completely ridiculous next to his masculine partner. Drew was a hairy, burly ball of manhood. His muscles were hard earned from a life of labor and his beer gut was hard earned from a life spent in one too many bars. The stubby, wide cock and heavy balls that dangled between his meaty thighs were a perfect complement to his deep, commanding voice. He had the type of body that, less than 24 hours ago, Jack had as well. Now Jack found himself trapped in the body of a small, hairless, effeminate young man. He’d lost nearly a foot in height, his hard earned muscles were gone, and based on what he’d seen so far, Jack knew that his short new body would never really support any. If he’d been turned into someone that was short and wiry he might have been able to handle it, but Jackie was soft and supple, with ample amounts of appealing curves. His once impressive balls were now next to non-existent, and his cock, rock hard at the sight of his naked lover, was lucky to reach a skinny three and a half inches. The formerly deep, intimidating voice was now a squeaking lisp, and his lifetime of “manly” knowledge about cars, women, fighting, and beer were nothing more than hazy memories. The only “manly” knowledge he had now was how to pleasure one.

“It’th tho early!” Jack groaned, falling back against the bed with his tiny rod sticking straight in the air. It wasn’t sleep that kept him in bed; he was trying to stay in bed so he wouldn’t have to face any more of his new life.

“Jackie…” Drew said sternly from the doorway to the bathroom, his thick arms crossed against his impressive chest. Jack just rolled over on his side in response, turning his supple ass towards his new lover. “Okay. Have it your way.” Before Jack could turn to see what that meant, he felt himself scooped off the bed.

“Hey!” he giggled as he was flung over Drew’s shoulder. He kicked his feet helplessly and couldn’t help but grind his tiny boner against Drew’s firm shoulder. “No fair!” he laughed. Jack was disgusted with Jackie’s giggling, flirtatious actions but was unable to stop himself.

“You brought this on yourself!” Drew gave Jack’s ass a playful swat before setting him down. “Now see what you’ve done?” The larger man drew Jack’s attention to the throbbing tool between his legs, and the little man didn’t need any further direction. Jack fought valiantly against his new self but couldn’t prevent Jackie from sitting on the edge of the tub and taking as much of Drew’s cock in his mouth as he could. His tiny hands went straight to work on Drew’s balls while his tongue swirled around the oozing tip. Instead of the nausea he was expecting, Jack discovered that he relished the musky scent emanating from the dense bush around Drew’s rigid organ. He also discovered that he knew exactly what he was doing. This may have been the first time Jack administered a blowjob, but Jackie had administered plenty. When Drew finally shot a thick load into his mouth, Jack found himself gratefully swallowing every last drop. “Damn Jackie…how are you so good at that?” Drew panted.

“Thank’th babe,” Jack smiled, wiping the cum from the corners of his mouth before licking it off his finger. His own cock was throbbing harder than it ever had, but Jack was still mortified at what he’d just done. It was bad enough when Drew had his cock up his ass, but having it in his mouth made Jack feel like he’d crossed a whole new line. Still, all he could do was smile. “What about me?” he said, jutting out his own little member.

“What about you?” Drew asked with a smile. He brushed past the little man and cranked the shower to life.

“Very funny.” Jack followed his bulky lover into the shower but stumbled, unaccustomed to how high he had to lift his shorter legs to get over the edge of the tub. He landed firmly in Drew’s wet, sudsy hands. “That’th nithe,” he purred as Drew’s hands explored every inch of his body. As much as he wanted to pull away, Jack stood and let Drew soap him up, moaning loudly when the large hands found their way to his little tool. Jack never would have thought that such a little organ could have brought him so much pleasure. In his old body, he could only wrap one hand around his thick rod, but now the sensation of Drew’s large paw completely engulfing his diminutive package drove him wild. “Oh thit…that’th…oh thit…thit…” he gasped while Drew jerked him off. Jack had never been vocal during sex, but he’d quickly discovered that Jackie couldn’t keep his mouth shut. “Fuck…oh yeah…oh thit…oh…oh!” he squealed as he came.

“I never have to guess if you’re enjoying yourself,” Drew laughed. He loved how loud his little lover was during sex.

“Thut up,” Jack blushed. “I can’t help it.”

“Neither can I,” Drew said, planting a deep kiss on Jack’s mouth. The larger man took charge and finished washing himself and his young little lover down, gently patting the smaller man dry when they were done. “Hurry up and get dressed…we’re runnin’ late,” he said as he sauntered into the bedroom. Jack watched from the bathroom with hungry eyes as Drew squeezed into a pair of well worn briefs. Though he would have been content to continue staring at his underwear clad lover, Jack turned his attention to the travesty of clothing before him. He’d always been a briefs, tshirt and jeans kind of guy, so he was very disappointed to find that none of those things were in his closet. His underwear consisted of skimpy bikinis, thongs, and some women’s panties. The only briefs he found were racecar covered and clearly from the little boy’s section, and while there was denim in the collection, it consisted mostly of cutoff short-shorts and figure fitting women’s jeans. The were tshirts as well, but they were all brightly colored, and the ones that still had their sleeves were short enough to stop well above Jack’s belly button. “Seriously babe, we’re gonna be late. Just wear this.” Drew grabbed several items and stuffed them into Jack’s pencil arms, having already put on a pair of jeans and a flannel button up. The stunned man felt like he was watching his body from outside himself as he slid the bright pink thong on and squeezed into the women’s lowriders. He pulled the girly-tee on and immediately wanted to vomit when he saw his reflection. The shirt stopped just above his navel while his jeans stopped far short of his waist, showing off his soft belly and the top of his supple behind, not to mention the bright pink string of the thong. “Come on!” Drew called.

“Coming thweety!” he called back, hating the way his ass swayed and bounced as he raced down the hallway. Jack knew it was a short walk to the shop from their house, but he was dreading every second of it. Being in front of Drew in his current state was bad enough, but facing the world at large was a daunting thought. “Thorry…I’m ready,” he said as Drew grabbed his hand and pulled him out the door. Once outside, Jack’s diminished stature was truly reinforced. The weather outside was balmy as always, but he shivered uncomfortably while taking in how much bigger everything and everyone seemed. He also wasn’t accustomed to having to increase his pace to keep up with Drew’s longer legs, and his bouncing cheeks swallowed more and more of his thong with each step. He received quite a few stares along the way, but Jack was grateful that at least no one dared say anything with his imposing lover nearby. Other than his discomfort, the walk was more or less uneventful until they passed the gym a few blocks down from the shop. As they were passing, an incredibly overweight man and a short, hairy ape of a man staggered out with horrified expressions that Jack knew all too well. They were both pale and stumbling around like they were just learning how to walk, while the man they trailed behind appeared oblivious to their discomfort. They stared with pleading eyes as they passed, but neither one slowed down.

“That was weird,” Drew said, looking back over his shoulder as the trio passed.

“Yeah,” Jack said, staring after them. “Weird.”


Derek stumbled in the back door, barely making it to the couch before he collapsed.

“Derek?” Scott dropped the dumbbell and raced to couch, scooping up his lover in his huge arms. “What’s wrong? Are you okay?” he asked in a rush.

“I’m fine…” Derek sat up and smiled at the nearly nude mountain of muscle next to him. The formerly tiny, shy computer nerd was clad only in a jockstrap, and his new bodybuilder frame was covered in sweat from one of his constant workouts. “I’m just a little winded.”

“Where were you? When I got up this morning you were gone already.” Scott eyed his new boyfriend suspiciously. “You did it again, didn’t you?” He jumped off the couch in a fury. “Thanks to you I’m not as smart as I used to be, but I’m not an idiot!”

“Scott…” Derek tried to think of an excuse but his mind was too worn out to come up with anything. “Yeah…I did.”

“Damn it Derek!” Scott bellowed, his glistening body towering over his friend. “What the fuck’s wrong with you?”

“They’ve all had it coming,” he muttered in his defense. Derek was having an increasingly hard time keeping his eyes open and collapsed against the couch again.

“What you did to me was an accident, but to do it on purpose? You didn’t read the book…” Scott paused, struggling with his memory. “I may not be able to understand much of it anymore, but I at least remember that the last guy who had that thing didn’t end up well! You used it on that asshole mechanic, fine, but you can’t keep this up.” Scott felt his rage subsiding as he looked down at the man curled up on the couch. Ever since his transformation he found that he couldn’t stay angry with his friend, and instead of seeing a monster in the making all he saw was his exhausted lover in need of comfort. With a shrug, Scott sat back down and propped Derek’s head in his meaty lap. “Okay,” he sighed, stroking Derek’s hair. “What happened?”

Derek took a deep breath of Scott’s sweaty, masculine scent while he gathered his thoughts. “Remember those two guys from the gym I told you about a few weeks ago?”


Derek stood in an out of the way corner waiting for his prey. He was trying to look inconspicuous while he wondered how he was going to pull this off in crowded locker room. Right on cue, Dane and Bill swaggered in, peeling off their shirts and strutting like they owned the place. Even if they hadn’t messed with him when he’d started coming to the gym, they were the kind of guys that Derek would gladly turn the crystal on: arrogant, cocky and selfish, taking for granted everything that was given to them during their pampered lives. He stayed in his corner and watched the two studs horse around as they stripped down and grabbed their towels. The crystal was hot in his hand and begging to be used, but Derek still didn’t know what would happen if he used it in front of others. Would they know what he did? Would reality adjust to make them forget? He didn’t know if he should risk it, but his opportunity was fading as quickly as his patience. Derek knew that he could always just wait until the two left the gym, but a part of him relished the challenge. He wanted to know as much as he could about the limits of the power he now held, and there was only one way to find out. He squeezed the crystal, wishing more than anything that he had a little more time. Without warning, a blinding pulse shot from the pocketed crystal and swept through the room, knocking Derek off his feet. “Fuck. Me,” he whispered, flat on his back.

Looking up, the men around him seemed frozen in place. In an instant the locker room went from bustling and noisy to silent as a tomb. Even the streams of water from the shower heads were frozen, leaving tiny droplets suspended in mid air. “No way…there’s no way…” Derek was more than a little overwhelmed by the possibilities. This was his wet dream come true. Here he was surrounded by a bunch of frozen men in various states of undress with the power to change them as he saw fit burning in his hand. The rush, the feeling of absolute power, was incredible. He was still coherent enough to realize that his judgment was clouded at the moment, but Derek couldn’t keep his eyes off the frozen man next to him. He’d been admiring the buff stranger while he waited for his prey, and now he had the chance to get a closer look. Derek examined every inch of the stranger’s fantastic, lean build. Based on the budding wrinkles around the man’s handsome face, Derek guessed the stranger to be in his late thirties or early forties, which made the shape he was in all the more impressive. His entire body was covered in a dusting of the same light blonde hair that was on his head, and Derek couldn’t help but run his guilty hands all over the man’s tight body. With only a hint of hesitation Derek undid the towel around the man’s trim waist. “Whoa…not bad man,” he whistled, giving the stranger’s long cock a squeeze. To his surprise, he felt the organ start to harden at his touch while the unblinking man continued to stare into the open locker. He worked the stranger to full mast before heaving his clothes and towel across the locker room, leaving him with a surprise for when time started up again.

As much as he would have liked to make the rounds of the locker room, Derek didn’t know how long time would stay frozen and he had come here with a purpose. He found his target duo in the showers, apparently in the midst of mocking a nearby bather. Bill was pointing at an older, out of shape man and both he and Dane had their trademark shit eating grins frozen on their faces. “How do two guys as cute as them turn out to be such assholes?” Derek asked aloud, his voice echoing through the silent room. Seeing his two intended victims in their naked glory, he almost regretted what was about to happen. They couldn’t have been a more mismatched pair, but each of the men was strikingly handsome.

At 5’9”, Bill was the shorter of the two, and his compact body was ripped with muscle. He was his university’s star wrestler and Derek could only imagine that Bill knew how to use every inch of his smooth, precision-sculpted body to his advantage, both on the mats and off. His dark features were a picture of symmetry, and if he wasn’t so busy with sports and hopping in to every girl’s bed on campus, he could have easily been a model. Derek ran his hands through Bill’s black hair and over every inch of the frozen stud’s hairless olive skin, flicking away the frozen beads of sudsy water that clung to his large pecs and broad shoulders. Even his package suited him perfectly, with a cock that wasn’t too long or wide and a set of balls that hung at just the perfect length.

In comparison, Dane was nearly the opposite of his partner in crime. His tan, lean body stood several inches higher than his stocky friend, and his light blonde hair was a stark contrast to Bill’s raven locks. Where Bill’s stocky build suited his shorter stature, Dane’s lean body only accentuated his height, and his years on the swim team ensured that there wasn’t an ounce of fat on his ripped body. His broad shoulders gave his torso the “V” shape that was much loved by the female population on campus, his tiny waist expanding only slightly at the tight, perky ass that bubbled out from his lower back. Derek gave Dane a good grope and wondered how the stud ever fit the large cock between his legs in a speedo. “Man…this seems like such a waste…” he sighed, with hands firmly planted on each of the men’s tight rear ends. He took a reluctant step back so he could get both men in the crystal’s gaze while trying to ignore the solid lump in his jeans. He wanted to drop his pants and give both guys a final whirl in their athletic bodies but resisted the urge, focusing instead on the growing heat from the crystal. This time, as he settled the crystal against his eye, Derek fought against the pulse he felt building within him. He could feel a pressure growing, clawing against his skin for release, but pushed it back as his mind drifted across the myriad images before him. The menagerie of men was staggering: there were short men, tall men, men with extra limbs, men with no limbs, men that were part women, fat men, old men, young men, and a series of conjoined fusions, but Derek stuck to his guns. He knew exactly what he wanted, so he pulled in his focus and let the pressure go. The release was incredible, and for the second time that day Derek found himself knocked off his feet as he sprawled to the damp shower floor.

By the time he staggered to his feet, the transformations were well under way. Bill’s natural symmetry and perfect proportions had already shattered. His legs had shortened considerably while his arms lengthened and his neck receded and thickened, giving him an almost simian appearance. His torso squished and solidified into a wide, meaty barrel, and though he lost a considerable amount of height, he didn’t lose much muscle, giving his formerly sculpted body a jagged, lumpy look. His feet expanded in all directions, stopping at a wide, size fourteen, while his hands grew into a set of complementary oars to the boats that were now his feet. The changes crept upwards, hitting the jock’s handsome face hard. Bill’s forehead pushed outward and hung over a nose that grew and twisted from a cute little button to a large, crooked knob. His ears became big and rounded and pushed out, looking like little wings on the sides of his head. Even the straight, pearly white teeth in his mouth darkened and spread apart, changing his charming smile to a dirty, gap-toothed grin. The final changes settled in to place when the once-handsome stud’s well-proportioned package snaked outwards, his lengthened cock and now lopsided balls dangling halfway down his shortened thighs. While his package grew, the neatly trimmed bush surrounding it exploded. Dark hair quickly spread out and traveled down Bill’s smooth legs and up his formerly hairless torso, cascading over his shoulders and down his back and arms. By the time it was all over the once-smooth stud was covered in a carpet of wiry black hair.

Next to him, Dane wasn’t faring much better. Derek watched as one by one the defined muscles on Dane’s athletic body vanished as his lean frame swelled. Like an inflating balloon, his body grew and grew ever outwards. The washboard abs and once-trim waist sagged slightly before it lost the battle with gravity altogether, causing his new love handles and still-growing gut to sag downwards, resting on top of his now flabby, trunk-like thighs. His perky ass melted into a set of enormous, jiggling sacks of cellulite that would never again fit comfortably on any normal sized furniture. His long cock didn’t change, but it quickly disappeared as his flabby thighs pushed together and his gut draped down to form a permanent cover. His formerly bulging pecs still bulged outwards, but they now did so as a pair of sagging man-breasts, causing once pert little nipples to grow to silver dollar size. The thickly muscled upper arms were still thick, but the ripped biceps and triceps were now pudgy logs that extended to soft forearms and chubby fingers. The chunky transformation continued up his neck, swallowing the stud’s lantern jaw in a triple layer of chins while his prominent cheekbones lost their spot as his face rounded and puffed out into a chubby sphere. The last thing to go was the deep tan Dane had earned from his hours spent in the pool. He quickly went from a sun-kissed brown to a pale, ruddy pink that better suited his new girth.

Derek was in a daze. He was more than satisfied with the changes he’d made but fighting to control the crystal had left him weaker than ever. He wasn’t just physically exhausted; he was mentally drained. The crystal was screaming in his head, hammering against his will to alter the other men in the room, and it took all his remaining strength to resist its siren call. Each time he used it Derek discovered some new, hidden power, but the crystal was also becoming harder to control. He’d just discovered that it could apparently stop time, but he was also barely able to keep it out of his hand. He staggered out of the showers and plopped down on the bench where he’d been hiding just as time roared back into motion.

“Whoa! Shit!” The stranger next to him yelled, discovering his exposed erection on display for everyone in the locker room. He flushed a deep shade of red as he searched for his missing towel and clothes but came up empty handed. The man tried to cover himself, but the size of his rigid pole prevented him from imposing any modesty. Derek watched with tired amusement while the embarrassed man’s engorged rod bounced around as he scampered to find his missing clothing. Once the man turned a corner and disappeared from sight, Derek turned his attention towards the two soon-to-be frantic men in the shower.

“…a fag, right?” Bill laughed at the middle-aged man next to him as time lurched back into motion. “Whoa…”unaware of his new form, Bill stumbled as he turned back towards his showerhead, his whole body off balance. He caught himself against the wall but froze when he realized the shower’s controls were above his head. “What the…” he saw the dark hair covering the backs of his now oversized hands and started to panic. “What the fuck?” He staggered backwards and started to fall again but managed to catch himself with his lengthened arms. Drawing himself up to his full new height of just under five feet, Bill saw that his hairy knuckles practically dragged on the ground. Overcome with horror, he nearly passed out as he followed the altered limbs and discovered the rest of his distorted body. He suddenly understood why he was stumbling around when he saw the hairy tops of his now-massive feet at the bottom of his stubby, shortened legs. The pretty cock that he’d always been so proud of had ballooned to an ugly, unwieldy appendage and he could feel his now-lopsided balls slap against his bulky thighs as he moved. Disgustedly, he ran his large hands through the tangled forest of hair on his torso and back. With his Mediterranean heritage, Bill had always worked hard to keep his body hair in check but now it was totally out of control. “No…no no no no no…” he stammered as his hands made their way up his widened neck to his face. He looked down into a pool of water and recoiled at the hideous reflection. His handsome face was gone, replaced by misshapen, Neanderthal features. He tugged at his protruding ears and desperately reached for his friend, unable to pry his eyes away from the crooked nose and sloping forehead. “Da… Dane… something’s…” he stopped, his hand unexpectedly sinking into soft, yielding flesh. “Dane?” Bill gasped as he turned towards the obese blob standing where his friend used to be. “Is that…?” He found himself eye level with the tip of the cock that just barely stuck out from under his friend’s now sagging gut.

“B…Bill?” Dane looked down over his giant gut at the ugly little man in front of him. “What happened?” he cried, his whole body shaking with the effort. “Wha…what…” He panicked as he looked down at the sea of fatty, stretched out flesh that draped over his body. It was a foreign sensation for Dane to look down and not be able to see his cock, or even his feet, over his sagging chest and bulbous gut. He tried to reach behind and feel the sagging monstrosity that was his new ass, but found his range of motion obstructed by the extra weight. He’d become so large that he couldn’t even hold his arms down at his sides; the two doughy appendages were at a constant angle against his fleshy torso. It was small comfort when he finally stuck a chubby hand between the folds of his thighs and discovered that his package hadn’t changed, it had just been hidden in a fatty crevice. “Look at us!” he raised his flabby, jiggling arms and squeezed one of the many folds of fat on his now pale body. “We’re freaks!”

“Can’t argue there,” a familiar voice said from the shower entryway. Bill and Dane looked to see Kyle from their frat standing with a pair of towels. “Now hurry up and stop making a scene.” Kyle gave an apologetic smile to the middle aged man who was slowly inching away from the two misshapen men.

“Oh…okay…” Bill stuttered. Both men wanted to plead for help, but they found themselves silently turning and finishing their showers. Bill’s horror only continued to grow as he soaped himself up and discovered that his dangling tool was incredibly sensitive. Try as he might, he couldn’t prevent the organ from growing to its full, twisted new length. Instead of the straight, rigid pole he was accustomed to, his new obscene length pulled to the right and hooked upwards so much at the end that it almost curled in on itself. Even if there was a way he could get in bed with someone with his new body, there was no way he was getting this new cock inside anyone.

“Come on man, put your monkey tail away,” Kyle laughed. “A dude with a boner just ran by, we don’t need fat ass and small fry making things weirder.” Kyle handed the men their towels as they dazedly stumbled out of the showers. Bill was still unsuccessfully trying to wrangle his twisted erection, and Dane was too shocked to do anything other than lumber along silently. “I gotta be honest, you guys were handling this well up until now,” Kyle said to the shell-shocked pair.

“Kyle…we…” Bill started, looking up at his now much taller friend. He was humiliated to be parading around naked in a body he found so disgusting and he was confused as to why his friend wasn’t helping him, or why he wasn’t as surprised as they were.

“Save it monkeyboy,” Kyle said, tousling the shorter man’s hair. “You’re not getting out of it now. When we get back to the house you guys are in for more.”

“But we don’t know what you’re talking abo…” Dane finally started to speak, but stopped, realizing that he did know what his former friend, now tormentor, was talking about. He looked down at Bill and both men felt like their heads would explode as they were suddenly split into two people. Dane and Bill weren’t the star athletes and campus big shots anymore; they were two freaks and outcasts who’d only been accepted into the frat to fill a needed quota. Their heads swam with new images and their hearts sank in unison when they saw that instead of playing sports and womanizing, their days were filled with catering to the other guys in the house and being tormented for their troubles. The only reason they were at the gym in the first place was because they’d ruined a batch of laundry and were in the midst of being punished for it.

“Keep making excuses and it’s only going to get worse,” Kyle said sternly, swatting Dane’s enormous, jiggling ass. “Now let’s go.” The men stared into their lockers, their minds still reeling. They wanted to turn and run, but deep down they knew there was no escaping this new world. Everything around them was split between the way things should have been and the way things now were. Staring at the open lockers, even the clothes in front of them were both familiar and unfamiliar. Neither of the men had ever seen any of the stuff before, but they somehow knew it was theirs. Bill looked for the boxer-briefs he always wore but grabbed a pair of sweats instead, knowing that this new version of himself couldn’t stuff his hose into any underwear that fit. He clenched the tiny blue sweatpants in his hairy little fists, fighting to wrap his mind around fitting into anything so small. His despair only grew as images of a similar wardrobe filled his head. He knew that the tight fitting jeans he loved were a thing of the past, both because of his short, misshapen legs and because they would be incredibly uncomfortable for his new equipment. Bill’s heart sank further at the thought that his favorite shorts were also out of the question because any pair that was short enough for his compact new legs would let his cock snake out the bottom. Defeated, the new Bill slid into the tiny sweatpants, grimacing at the enormous tent his still-hard cock made. His exaggeratedly long arms pulled on a tight tshirt that only accentuated his bulky, disproportioned frame, and he nearly gagged at the amount of chest and back hair that puffed out through the neck hole. The gigantic sneakers he stepped in to were the perfect finish to the ridiculous picture he’d become.

Beside him, Dane wasn’t having a much better time. The former stud was weeping inside as he awkwardly stuffed his fat thighs into a pair of saggy, overstretched XXL briefs before stepping in to a pair of size 48 jeans that still turned his sagging gut into a protruding muffin-top. Just an hour ago he’d worn tight, medium-sized briefs, jeans with a 32-inch waist that showed off his perky ass, and a skin-tight shirt that outlined each of his ripped muscles. Now, his doughy, rotund body strained with effort as he tried to bend over and pick up his XXXL tshirt. To his disappointment, the shirt didn’t do much to cover his growing shame and left every fatty fold and sagging breast clearly visible beneath the thin fabric. The obese show he was putting on only got worse as his body shook and jiggled with each lumbering step while he stuffed his fat feet into sneakers with Velcro since he couldn’t bend over long enough to tie laces with his fat, stubby new fingers. In addition to being awkward, each motion was now excruciating for the once-athlete. There was nothing he could do to escape his fatty prison and every movement he made caused some part of his flabby body to rub against another part. His entire gelatinous frame felt sore and chafed from the mild workout he’d just completed, something that would have barely been a warm-up before.

“Okay fellas,” Kyle said cheerfully, relishing in his former friends’ discomfort. “The guys are eager to see you back at the house. Let’s go!” Bill and Dane could only exchange desperate glances as they silently trailed out of the gym, dreading the humiliation they knew was to come.

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