Facets 3

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“You did what?!” Scott was stunned. He didn’t want to believe what he’d just heard but he knew that each horrible detail was true. After all, he was living proof of Derek’s new power, forced to watch himself slipping helplessly into his new life. He could lecture Derek all he wanted, but he knew the other man wouldn’t listen and he was never very convincing because he could never actually bring himself to become angry with him. Instead of the disgust he knew he should be feeling, all Scott wanted to do was keep pounding away at the ass he was helplessly in love with.

“I…told you…they…haAAAA!” Derek gasped. Scott’s enlarged cock filled him to bursting, making it hard for Derek to focus on the conversation. Not so for his hulking lover. With his new libido, Scott didn’t have a problem multitasking; the freshly grown stud got off several times each day, chastising and fucking like it was second nature. “They had it coming,” Derek spat through gritted teeth.

“You didn’t even know them! You turned one into a walking pile of lard and the other into a hairy little troll! What gives you the…right to decide…what’s coming?” Scott grunted through the dim contentment of his ever-present lust.

“I knew enough” Derek panted into the couch cushions. His mammoth lover’s cock drove deeper and deeper with each push, unaware that Derek had shot his load minutes before. “Can we talk about this later? I’m going to be late for work,” he reminded the giant behind him. Scott could last for a long, long time, so if Derek didn’t call things off he’d be here for quite a while.

Scott pulled out of Derek’s aching hole and sat on the couch, his enormous cock sticking straight up between his massive thighs. “That’s what you’ve said since this started, but we never talk about it.” Scott picked up where he’d left off, slowly working his rod and smiling brightly when he wanted to be shouting. “You know damn well I can’t get mad at you…you saw to that.”

“Scott, that’s not…you know I didn’t mean to…” Derek said half-heartedly. It was true that the transformation had been an accident, but he couldn’t lie to himself; he loved what his friend had become.

“You keep saying that, but look at me. Look at what I’m doin’,” Scott’s tone was seductively inviting instead of accusatory. Derek winced internally and tried not to think about the cute, shy nerd Scott had been a few weeks ago as he watched the naked hulk in front of him gleefully pump away on his obscenely large organ. “Do you think I used to do stuff like this? Did you know I used to write computer programs in my spare time? Did you also know that I spent twenty minutes yesterday trying to figure out how to check my email?” Scott’s voice rose, not in anger but in growing pleasure. “Instead of going to the office with you like I should, I’m going to spend the day working out and jerking off. Then tonight when you’re getting home from work I’m going to be getting ready to get up on stage and take my clothes off for a bunch of horny drunk guys. A few weeks ago I’d never imagine something like this in my worst nightmare, but now, no matter what I want to feel, I absolutely love every second of it.”

Derek stood in silence, turning away from the disturbing smile on Scott’s face.

“You say you didn’t do this to me on purpose,” Scott continued, “but what you’re doing to those other guys is… no… accident.” Scott’s sizeable ass bucked off the couch as he came, spraying gobs of sticky fluid across his broad chest. “I don’t care how much of an asshole they are, they don’t deserve this,” he said, hungrily licking the excess fluid from his hand. The couch creaked gratefully as Scott lifted his massive frame and planted a deep kiss on his sullen lover. “Just think about it, that’s all.” He broke off the kiss, smiling broadly as if they’d just been having a pleasant conversation. “Now go get dressed! You’re going to be late.” He gave Derek’s ass a playful swat and pushed him towards the bedroom to get ready. “And don’t forget, I go on at 10 tonight!”


Derek stared numbly at his computer screen. It was almost lunchtime but he hadn’t done any actual work all morning. He couldn’t stop thinking about what Scott said. For the past few weeks he’d hoped that the new Scott would push out memories of the old Scott, but apparently that wasn’t the case. Scott was still very much aware of the way his life had been, and the way it should be. “Maybe he’s right…” Derek sighed. He pulled the crystal out of his pocket and turned it over in his hand. “Maybe I shouldn’t use this thing so much…if Scott’s right…” his lover’s voice was still ringing in his ears.

“What the hell is wrong with you, boy?!” Derek was snapped out of his reverie as another voice rang in his, and the rest of the office’s, ears. He stood and peered over the top of his cubicle to see the familiar sight of the boss tearing into his assistant, humiliating the young man in front of everyone. Derek cringed. Tim Melling was the worst boss, and quite possibly the worst human being, that he’d had the misfortune to meet. The man was rotten inside and out, and his petty cruelness was complemented by a balding, doughy body and a sour look that was permanently cemented on his face. Derek doubted that Melling had ever been happy once in his fifty-four years of life. He treated all of them terribly, but everyone in the office could only wonder at the cruel twist of fate that landed Kurt, Melling’s young assistant, such a terrible position. The soft-spoken young Kurt, only two years out of high school, was trying to save up for college and he needed whatever work he could get. And as impossible to please as Melling was, the position at least paid well. “Even that blonde bimbo on the third floor can get these copies to come out right! And when she screws up, she’s still got those tits! What’ve you got?!” Kurt’s eyes were glued to the floor, as always. “Now get in my goddamn office and convince me why I shouldn’t promote her and send your worthless ass packing!” The resounding slam of Melling’s office door pushed out any second thoughts Derek had been having about using the crystal. It was already throbbing in his palm, searing his hand like never before. If anyone had it coming, surely Melling was that person.

“Here we go…”Derek squeezed the burning gem and focused, bringing the office to a grinding halt. This time he was prepared, and while he didn’t hit the floor like in the gym, he still wobbled on his feet, feeling like he’d just run a marathon. He made a beeline for his boss’s office, entering to find Kurt sitting with his head down while Melling was apparently in mid-bellow. “This pretty much writes itself…” Derek laughed, slapping his frozen boss’s ass. “I think Scott will forgive me for this one.” He manhandled Kurt into a standing position before gently removing the young man’s clothes, trying his best to be discrete. When he was done with Kurt, Derek braced himself for the unpleasant task of doing the same to his boss. A part of him relished the thought of his boss being helpless to stop him, but for the most part Derek wanted nothing to do with his boss’s naked body. More than once he choked down bile when his hand brushed against the stubby cock between his boss’s sagging thighs. “That was…unpleasant,” he practically leapt away from his naked boss when the older man was finally undressed. Standing as close and as naked as they were, the contrast between the two men couldn’t have been more apparent. Kurt had the skinny build of a still-growing nineteen year old with an overactive metabolism, while directly across from him their boss stood in all his aging, dumpy glory. Raising the crystal, Derek focused on what he wanted for Kurt. He wanted this to benefit the young man and he didn’t want him to have to wrestle with two sets of memories like Scott. As he pressed the crystal to his eye, Derek fought against the growing pressure until his mind was precision focused. An endless stream of Kurt variations streamed into view, each one screaming to be birthed into reality. Derek tried his best to ignore their cries. He could feel his nose start to bleed and the crystal felt like a hot coal against his face, but he struggled against it, desperate to master the artifact. When the image he wanted was clearly developed in the crystal, Derek finally let loose. The lights flickered wildly and the throbbing pulse sounded like a jet engine as it screamed free, rattling the windows like a sonic boom. “Jesus…” Derek panted, falling against his boss’s desk.

“Now look, I…” Melling started, but stopped abruptly as he realized both himself and his young assistant were naked. “GOOD LORD!” he shouted, covering himself. He looked around frantically, his eyes filling with fury when he saw Derek. “Derek! What the hell’s going on here?” Derek’s only reply was a silent smile. “Speak up boy! Kurt! For god’s sake put your clothes on!” Melling stopped shouting when he noticed that Kurt appeared to be frozen. He waved a hand in front of his young assistant’s blank stare wildly. “Goddamnit! Someone better start explaining…”

“I don’t want him to remember any of this,” Derek’s icy voice filled the room with a chill. “But you…” Derek broke off in a laugh as Melling doubled over.

“What…” Melling’s voice was a hoarse whisper. His whole body began to quiver and his flesh began to tighten, smoothing out years of wrinkles. All hair south of Melling’s eyebrows quickly receded and disappeared, leaving the stunned man baby smooth for the first time in four decades. “What is…what is thiaAAARGH!” he cried. His body was wracked with another spasm as bones and muscle reformed. Melling’s wide feet and squat toes became narrow and dainty while his legs toned to a set of firm, curvy thighs. His sagging ass pulled upwards into a supple, inviting bottom that offset his widening hips perfectly. The prominent gut and love handles that always poured over his pants sunk inwards, leaving a tight belly and narrow waist while Melling’s chunky arms and chubby fingers melted into a pair of toned, shapely arms with long, slender fingers. His face retained its stunned expression, but his double chin disappeared, the fat seemingly shifting to the lips that puffed out farther than the most botoxed beauty queen. Likewise, Melling’s chubby cheeks were replaced by prominent cheekbones that boxed in his suddenly cute, button nose, and his dull brown eyes became a bright, sparkling blue that shot open as he felt a fountain of hair erupt from his bald scalp and cascade down his back. He frantically tried to clear the blonde locks from his eyes with his slender new hands but found that his arms encountered growing resistance from his chest. Melling’s saggy, shapeless pecs were quickly growing into a set of perky, shapely breasts that sent shivers through his curvy new form as they brushed against his slender forearms. The sensation caused his cock to shoot to attention for the last time before it, along with his low-hanging balls, slowly pulled inwards, leaving an unfamiliar slit in its wake. When the changes were over, the aging, out of shape man had been replaced by a young, blonde, buxom bombshell. “Oh my god! What is this?” Melling shrieked in his new voice. Even though he was terrified, everything he said came out as a seductive purr. Melling stared at his altered body in horror. “Derek…you’ve gotta call someone…get help…I” Melling broke off as he looked at the amused man. “Dammit boy, this isn’t funny!”

“That’s a matter of opinion…why don’t you ask Kurt?” Derek pointed to the still frozen man.

“What do you…?” Melling turned to look at his assistant and saw that the skinny young man was going through something of a growth spurt. He’d gained several inches in height and his lithe frame was becoming thick with ever-growing muscle. His shapeless calves were now hard and rocky, and his skinny legs were large and defined. While his thighs pushed together, Kurt’s balls inflated and his cock snaked out from five inches to a solid eight. Had he been wearing his pants, the flat back would have shot out as Kurt’s ass expanded to form a solid, perky bubble. His torso steadily took on a “V” shape, leaving his formless abdomen covered in a rigid a six pack while his bony chest was buried under a pair of firm, bulging pecs. The skinny arms that used to swim in his sleeves exploded into thick biceps and triceps that would forever strain against whatever shirt tried to contain them. His boyish face remained largely the same as his jaw squared out and his perpetually intimidated look was replaced by one of confident intelligence. The final changes settled into place when a thin layer of dark, wiry hair spread over the newly-made stud, completing the transition from young man to all-man. In a matter of moments, the two had swapped. Kurt went from the nineteen year old assistant to the now thirty-something boss of his own company, while Melling had gone from the fifty four year old cranky boss to the nineteen year old assistant.

“Well, you two have fun,” Derek said, walking for the door.

“What? Wait! What’s going on! You can’t just leave?” Melling called after him. Derek just smiled and waved, locking the door behind him as he left.

“Dang, Tiff…you’re looking extra good today,” Kurt said as time shifted back into motion. The formerly young man had no knowledge of his life from a few minutes ago. “Did you do something to your hair?”

“Kurt?” Melling, nowTiffany, asked in a confused tone as he stared at his former assistant in awe. In particular, his gaze fell to the growing tool between the man’s defined legs. In his mind, Melling wanted desperately to run for help, but his new body wanted nothing more than to leap into Kurt’s suddenly strong arms.

“Yep, that’s me,” he said, flashing a handsome smile that made Melling nauseous but made Tiffany swoon. “You okay babe? You seem a little out of it.” Kurt’s strong hand gently brushed the hair out of Melling’s face, causing his former boss to buckle against the desk. “I think I know what’ll make you feel better.” Kurt stepped in close, pinning Tiffany against the desk that was now his. Melling wanted to break free but his feminine new body melted against Kurt’s hairy chest while the taller man’s tongue explored her neck. She squirmed wildly when her former assistant’s large new hands cupped her equally new breasts.

“Ohhhh…” Tiffany purred quietly. Melling was torn. He knew he should be panicking, or at the very least revolted, but the overwhelming waves of pure pleasure that were rocketing through him blurred the lines between himself and the woman he’d become. He hadn’t had sex with his wife in months, and Tiffany’s youthful hormones made Melling feel like he was being touched for the first time. It started to not matter so much that the handsome stud in front of him was his formerly teenaged assistant, or that the only cock he felt between his legs was Kurt’s rigid member brushing the inside of his thigh. The only things that mattered were Kurt’s strong hands massaging his breasts and the growing hunger deep within him. Melling voluntarily reached out and dug his slender new fingers into the formerly young man’s solid bubble-butt. Feeling like he was sliding down a cliff, the remnants of Melling’s manhood tried to rebel, causing him to see the two of them as they once were. “Wait…Kurt…this isn’t…I’m the boss…” Melling said, trying to avoid Kurt’s probing tongue. In his mind he didn’t see an attractive man and woman, he saw himself as the fifty four year old man moaning and grabbing the ass of his skinny teenaged assistant while the boy eagerly kissed at his double chin and sagging chest.

“The boss, huh?” Kurt smiled. He broke off from Tiffany and sat in the large leather chair behind the desk. “Why don’t you show me what you’re in charge of?”

“It…I…” Melling stuttered. His eyes were glued to the throbbing cock sticking up between Kurt’s thighs.

“Don’t think too hard Tiff,” Kurt laughed, “you know it’s not good for you.” For a split second Melling thought he was going to get his wish. He took a step towards the seated man, wanting nothing more than to throttle the man in front of him, but instead of strangling the now arrogant stud, Melling found himself falling to his knees, his dainty hands planted on Kurt’s firm thighs. In one smooth motion he leaned forward and wrapped Tiffany’s puffy lips around his new boss’s waiting organ, his tongue hungrily seeking the taste of the man’s equipment. Again, Melling was hit with a flash of the former duo. There was no blonde hair anywhere to be seen as Melling visualized his pudgy hands on Kurt’s bony knees while his bald head bobbed up and down between the teen’s skinny thighs. “That’s right baby…you’re the boss…” Kurt moaned, bringing Melling back to the present. The visions of his old life were obscured again as he felt his large new breasts bouncing freely while Kurt’s fingers ran through his hair. Melling tried but couldn’t stop Tiffany; the hunger in her had grown too much and he found her hand slowly start to work the slit between his legs. “Whoa Tiff, a lil’ eager today, aren’t you?” Kurt asked condescendingly. “Why don’t you let me handle that,” he said, pulling Tiffany’s mouth off his rod as he stood. Melling knew what was coming but didn’t resist when Kurt gently led him to the leather sofa in the office. Instead of standing firm and resisting every inch of the way, Melling’s new muscles betrayed him. All he could do was go along for the ride and let Tiffany lie back against the couch and spread her legs invitingly. The former man cringed internally when he felt the newly grown stud position himself against his new female body and then slowly work his way in. Each inch that slid steadily into his new body broke Melling down more and more. By the time Kurt buried his entire eight inches deep into his new organ, Melling was shattered. If he’d been able to, the formerly over the hill man would have screamed a final, defiant cry, but he was too overcome with pleasure. Every inch of his new feminine body was on fire with ecstasy. Melling didn’t care that he was trapped as a teenage girl; the only thing that mattered was making sure the writhing hunk on top of her didn’t stop.

“Oh fuck…” she purred, digging her fingernails into Kurt’s broad back. “Don’t stop…don’t stop…” Tiffany released her talon-like grip on her lover’s back and shifted her hands to his firm behind. Melling found herself losing more and more ground to the hungry young woman she’d become, even starting to refer to herself as a woman in her head.

“Tiff…you’re on fire today…” Kurt said, flexing his ass against the soft fingers. He leaned in for a kiss and found his former boss’s dexterous new tongue voraciously exploring the inside of his mouth. Just as he was giving himself over to Tiffany, Melling was jarred by another fleeting glimpse of his former life. His pale, flabby body was spread eagle on the couch while the adolescent Kurt worked his little cock in and out of the older man’s pudgy asshole.

“Oh!” Melling cried in horror, both at the vision and his current circumstance. Every time he felt himself losing touch with his old life he was tormented by a flash of memory, denying him even the bliss of ignorance. “Oh! Oh!” he heard Tiffany cry again, but this time for entirely different reasons. He felt his new insides suddenly bathed in liquid warmth and his new body responded in kind. Melling arched his curvaceous new back, exploding with his first female orgasm. The once middle-aged man was beside himself; even he had to admit that what he’d just felt was better than anything he’d ever experienced as a man.

“Wow,” Kurt whistled, falling against Tiffany’s ample bosom. “That was incredible babe,” he said, kissing the side of her neck.

“I’m glad you liked it,” Melling heard herself giggle. She gasped as Kurt pulled his softening member free and stood. Despite his efforts, Melling couldn’t keep Tiffany’s eyes from lustfully fixing on his former assistant’s naked new body.

“We’d better get dressed…” Kurt said reluctantly. He reached down into a pile of clothes that had altered just as much as the former teen had and slid on a pair of form-fitting boxer briefs. The rest of his expensive new clothes were just as appealing, showing off Kurt’s new Adonis-like body.

“Okay…” Melling sighed. As he looked down, he realized that, unfortunately, his clothes were going to show off his new body just as much as Kurt’s. This didn’t bother Tiffany nearly as much as Melling, and he found himself casually stepping into a shoestring thong before effortlessly clasping a black lace bra into place. Melling’s disbelief at how much of his shapely new thighs were exposed by his short miniskirt was quickly outmatched by his disbelief at how much of his new cleavage was exposed by his white blouse. It didn’t help that his black bra was clearly visible beneath the white fabric. This, coupled with the makeup he found himself applying and the high heels he was wearing, made him feel like he was going to work on a street corner, not an office. He never would have allowed an employee to dress in a similar fashion, but he knew that in this new world his current outfit was tame compared to some of the other things Tiffany wore to the office.

“I’ve got a meeting in a few minutes, so I’ll need you to get…” Kurt started as he opened the door and walked out to the office floor with Tiffany in two. Melling heard the sound of his new boss’s voice, but he stopped paying attention to what was being said as he looked around at his former underlings. All he saw now was a sea of hungry faces. Melling hadn’t thought of women as capable workers so he’d made sure that those who worked on this floor with him were all men. He suddenly regretted that decision. As Tiffany batted her eyelashes at the men, Melling understood why Tiffany was allowed to wear the clothes she wore. He was slapped with memory after memory of Tiffany’s intimate encounters with each of them. He was horrified to realize that he could recall the size and shape, as well as the taste, of each of his men, and even more horrified at the lustful feelings that stirred in him. “Alright, so I’ll be out of my meeting at three,” Kurt continued. “In the meantime, Larry needs some help with a project he’s working on.” Melling looked over at the potbellied Larry, who didn’t look much different from himself a few hours ago, and wanted to vomit. He knew exactly what “project” Larry needed help with.

“Okay!” Tiffany chirped, bouncing eagerly despite himself. Melling could practically feel Larry’s fat, hairy stomach pressing against him, but Tiffany just smiled her captivating smile and sauntered towards the older man. If he was stuck this way, Melling wanted desperately to at least lose himself in his new life, but as he walked across the office all he could see were visions of his former out of shape, male body stuffed into a miniskirt and bra, awkwardly swaying his love-handle covered hips as he stumbled around in a pair of heels.


In his cubicle, Derek had his head buried in his arms on his desk. He was still exhausted from his latest use of the gem and more than a little surprised that he’d seen the whole sordid tryst between Kurt and Tiffany in his head without needing to look in the crystal.

“Hey, you okay?” Derek raised his head at the feel of an unfamiliar hand on his shoulder and saw his new boss standing above him, a look of genuine concern on his face. “You’re not getting sick are you?”

“Oh, hi Kurt,” Derek said, struggling upright in his chair. “No…I just got light headed for a second there.”

“Hmmm…” Kurt’s strong hand kneaded Derek’s shoulder as he spoke. “Why don’t you take the rest of the afternoon off? You look kinda pale and I don’t want my best worker overdoing it.” He locked eyes with the seated man and flashed his irresistible smile.

“No, really, I’ll be okay,” Derek protested. The handsome smile, coupled with the feel of Kurt’s strong fingers massaging his shoulder made Derek wish that he’d taken a few more liberties with Kurt’s new body before he unfroze the young man.

“Sorry Derek, I’m the boss…you’re taking the afternoon off. Go home and tell Scott that I said he’s supposed to put you to bed.” Kurt’s smile broadened as he spoke. “And not like that either…not until you’re feeling better at least. I know how you two are.”

“Alright,” Derek smiled weakly. Despite his protests, Derek really didn’t mind leaving for the day. His head was swimming longer than usual from this last transformation and he definitely didn’t feel right. He didn’t even bother to clean off his desk; he just clicked off his computer and stumbled towards the elevator. Derek didn’t make it more than a few steps into the parking deck before he had to stop and rest.

“Hey, you okay Derek?” A voice said coming up from behind.

“Oh…uh…yeah,” Derek lied, cringing. He heard Mike, the building security guard, approaching from behind. “Just not feelin’ so hot right now.” Derek prayed Mike would turn and leave him alone, but he knew that wasn’t Mike’s style. Much to the annoyance of everyone in the building, the former cop took his job very seriously. No one came or went without Mike knowing about it, and the burly man used that to his advantage. Show up late? Leave early? Take an extra long lunch? Mike knew all about that and would gladly report it, unless you bought your silence. It wasn’t anything as sinister as money, but the extra coffee or donuts every now and then went a long way. And it showed. Being a former cop, Mike was a burly bear of a man to begin with, but his years as a corporate security guard made him a little soft. His muscled stomach was slowly being buried beneath a growing layer of pudge, and his grey polyester pants grew a little tighter all the time. Everyone in the office knew that the neatly trimmed beard and facial hair that framed the man’s handsome face was simply an attempt to hide a slight double chin. Mike was still very attractive; he just had the body of a formerly athletic man in his late thirties who waged a halfhearted war against his slowing metabolism. Derek had nursed an attraction for Mike since day one, and he personally enjoyed watching the other man go from a tight, lean stud to a stocky, bulky bulldog. He’d seen Mike a few times in the locker room of the company gym and knew full well that beneath the layer of flab was a wall of muscle. Derek could never look long before he inevitably started wondering what it would feel like to run his fingers through the black, wiry, Mediterranean-born hair that covered Mike’s pale, olive skin while listening to the older man’s deep, booming voice. It went without saying that such thoughts led to an awkward experience while he was changing clothes in the locker room.

“Did’ja get worn out listening to Kurt? He really gave it to Tiffany today…I could hear her moaning all the way down in my office!” Mike’s laughter trailed off. “Man…it’s a shame you’re not into that sorta thing bud, you’re missin’ out.” Derek could see Mike adjusting his crotch out of the corner of his eye. It was common knowledge that in this new world Mike and their former boss-turned-bimbo spent quite a bit of “intimate” time together.

“Yeah…” Derek said disinterestedly. As much as he’d like to watch Mike grope his equipment, his right eye was suddenly burning and watering like crazy. He kept his gaze at the ground to try and hide it and wished more than anything that Mike would just go away, but through his blurred vision he could see Mike’s clunky black shoes and grey polyester uniform pants practically standing on top of him. Derek knew that if he looked up he’d see Mike’s trademark blue button down pseudo-cop shirt, puffed out slightly by his stomach, and his perpetually smiling face.

“Hey man, you really don’t look so good,” Mike said, leaning in close.

“I’m fine, really, I just…” Derek drew back instinctively. He felt a familiar pressure growing in his head and panicked. Though the crystal was untouched and tucked safely away in his pocket, he could feel reality preparing to shift around him.

“Hey, take it easy,” Mike said in a suddenly commanding voice, his years in law enforcement shining through. “I don’t think you should be driving anywhere. Should I call Sco…” Mike’s voice dried in his throat as he touched Derek’s shoulder. Both men suddenly became opposing poles and were violently pushed apart.

“No!” Derek yelled, catching sight of Mike in his suddenly faceted vision. The crystal was nowhere near his eye, but still he saw the multiple facets of potential Mikes. What was worse, in his other eye he saw all the changes he’d made. Scott was at home, blissfully jerking off on his weight bench, while Drew plowed his now-diminutive partner Jackie on the shop floor. The two studs from the gym were still being humiliated at their frat house, the former swimmer’s obese frame was squeezed into a tiny speed-o and the all-star wrestler’s short, hairy frame looked even more simian wrapped in nothing but a diaper like a pet chimp. Upstairs, Melling, now Tiffany, was seated on Larry’s lap giggling and tossing her blonde hair while the old man buried his face in her now-ample chest. “Mike…I…I’m sorry…I can’t control…!”

“Derek! What’s going on?!” Mike recovered his footing but his body was frozen. Something was clearly wrong with Derek, but at the moment he was more concerned with what was happening to himself. He could feel his clothing growing tighter and tighter by the moment. His initial fear was that he was growing, but it quickly became apparent that he wasn’t getting bigger, his clothes were getting smaller. His already tight pants were now like a second skin as they drew up his thick, hairy thighs, exposing his rocky calves. While they climbed upwards, the polyester went from a dirty grey to a sheer white as the former pants settled into place as a pair of tiny spandex bike shorts. His blue button up shirt lost its buttons as the front fused together and suctioned to his torso as a seamless blue cut-off lycra top. The tufts of Mike’s still unchanged boxer shorts quickly receded, shrinking to a dark blue jockstrap that was clearly visible beneath the white shorts. The clunky black shoes grew up past Mike’s ankles and fastened onto the surprised man’s large calves as a shiny pair of boots. Mike’s already wide eyes shot open ever further when the shocked stud felt a cold metal ring settle in place around the base of his package, jutting it out to an obscene degree. “Holy…” he gasped, finally able to move again. Catching sight of his reflection in a nearby car window, the former cop couldn’t believe what he was wearing. Not only did the skimpy, skintight outfit show off every one of his plump curves, there was no hiding the attention-grabbing bulge in his crotch. The navy jockstrap pouch was readily visible beneath the sheer material, as were the straps that cut through the meaty globes of Mike’s ass. “Derek…what the hell just happened?” Mike asked, taking an uncertain step forward in his new boots. He blushed as he felt his body squirm against the skintight fabric and couldn’t decide what was worse; the way his privates were on display, or the way his cut off shirt left a six inch span of his gut on display.

“Mike…I don’t know how to ex…explain…” Derek stuttered. The unwanted alteration of reality had left him exhausted, scared, and confused. Not to mention increasingly aroused. “There’s this…I mean…god, where to start,” Derek rambled, trying to conceal the lust in his eyes. Mike may have been ashamed of the extra pounds he’d gained, but as far as Derek was concerned, the stocky, curvy stud looked impossibly sexy in his revealing outfit.

“There’s what?” Mike demanded, his voice raising. “What the fuck are you talking about, man? Look at me! How’d you change my clothes like that? And what am I wearing? I’ve got underwear less revealing than…these…shorts…” Mike trailed off, realizing that statement was no longer true. He didn’t know how he knew it, but he knew that his current outfit was actually rather modest. He knew with absolute certainty that if he opened his closet right now he wouldn’t find his old uniform or baggy pants and oversized tshirts. Gone were the drab colors and mundane boxer shorts he’d worn his whole life. His new wardrobe was a veritable rainbow of tiny, skintight, flesh hugging synthetic materials, and his boxer shorts had shattered into a collection of bright thongs and jocks. “What is this? What’s happening?” he asked in a panic as his head filled with strange images.

“You’re ‘remembering’ the new you,” Derek said solemnly. “Mike, this wasn’t supposed to happen!”

“The new…I…” Mike said, more to himself than Derek. So far, his head was swimming with mostly familiar images. His wardrobe was a little different, but he was still a former cop and still a security guard. “This isn’t so diff…wait…what?” Derek watched Mike go from beet red to deathly white. “No…no…that’s not…” Mike’s new life finally diverged from his old one as he was witnessing his coming out in his head. He saw himself announcing to the force that he was gay, followed by the illicit locker room blow jobs he became so good at that eventually led to him getting kicked off the force. While Mike witnessed his new history, Derek witnessed the dazed stud’s cock become rock hard at the sudden reminiscence. “But I’m not…I’m not…” Mike muttered. He’d been brought up to speed on his new life, including his second job as a bouncer and sometimes-dancer at the same club Scott worked at. He saw himself wearing nothing but his boots and a jock strap working the club’s door, his stocky, hairy body proudly on display. “What did you do to me? What did you do to my life?!” he bellowed at Derek. He lunged forward and slammed the dazed man against a car. “You undo this right now! Do you hear me? Right now!”

“Mike…it’s not like that…” Derek struggled but the larger man had him in a vice grip. “There’s no going back. I’m sorry, but there’s no undoing anything.”

“You better find a way!” Mike screamed, his face inches from Derek. “I swear to god I…I” Mike sputtered. For an instant, Derek thought that the other man was going to snap. He braced himself for the pummeling he was about to receive but instead felt Mike’s beard scratch his face as the other man forcefully inserted his tongue in Derek’s mouth. “…I can’t believe how lucky Scott is,” Mike sighed after several moments of forceful kissing. He exchanged his vice grip for a set of roaming hands that worked over every inch of Derek’s surprised, and grateful, body.

“Mike…Mike wait…” Derek said halfheartedly as Mike ground his obviously outlined erection against him. He couldn’t resist the urge to let his own hands wander over Mike’s suddenly willing form. “This isn’t right,” Derek whispered, both hands full of Mike’s meaty rear end.

“What’re you talkin’ about? Scott’s okay with us foolin’ around at work,” he said, kissing Derek’s neck. “You let me and him mess around at the club, so he lets us do it here.” Mike’s hands were eagerly kneading the front of Derek’s slacks. “I was actually hoping tonight I could come home with Scott after work and the three of us could…” he trailed off, letting the fingers that slipped in through Derek’s fly deliver the message. Derek just closed his eyes and sighed, breathing in the musty parking deck air while Mike’s hand went to work. He didn’t know what was happening, or why Mike had changed, but at the moment he didn’t care. He relaxed against the car and sighed while Mike explored his body, totally unaware that the crystal in his pocket had disappeared.

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