Facets 4

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"Ohhh!" Derek's voice bounced off the concrete walls of the parking deck when Mike's bearded mouth finally pushed him to climax. He sagged against the side of the car he was leaning against while the other man sucked each and every last drop from his softening tool. "Mike, that was incredible!" he panted. Derek hadn't meant to involve Mike in his personal vendetta, but that didn't mean he wasn't going to take advantage of the recent turn of events. The sight of Mike's hard cock outlined in his new, tiny, skintight shorts was too much to resist. 

"Did you expect any less?" Mike laughed, thrusting his package into Derek's hand as he stood. 

"No...that was better than I'd imagined," Derek said, squeezing the bulge in his palm. The previously straight Mike had never been shy about his supposed bedroom exploits, and though Derek had always assumed the other man was full of it, he'd quickly gone from dubious to firm believer. There were no longer any doubts in Derek's head about the bulky man's bedroom prowess. "I'll have to try just as har..." Derek managed to get a hand down the front of his scantily clad partner's shorts before the sound of screeching tires echoed through the parking deck. Before either man could react, a car sped around the corner and slid into an open spot directly across from them. "Goddamnit...not Craig," Derek muttered under his breath, averting his eyes. He cursed himself for not finding a more secluded spot. As inconspicuously as possible, he tried to remove his hand from Mike's shorts, but it was too late. 

"Well, look what's goin' on here!" A voice boomed. "Just what are you ladies up to?" The man extricated himself from the expensive car and stood with his arms crossed, a bemused expression on his handsome face. "You two wouldn't be engaged in some illicit parking deck activities, would you? You know the boss doesn't like that sorta thing going on where non-employees could see." Fixing his immaculately styled hair in the reflection of a nearby window, it was impossible not to wonder how the Scandinavian giant fit himself into his tiny car. The man was over six and a half feet of solid, well kept athletic muscle, and years of rugby, basketball, and whatever other sport he could fit in his schedule ensured that he was practically as wide as he was tall. Though he was well into his thirties, Craig looked like he was in his mid-twenties, and he knew it. His insight into his corporate talents and good looks meant he was a jerk to just about everyone, but he had a serious issue with Mike. The rumor around the office was that Mike and Craig had been on opposing teams back in Mike's more athletic days, and the blonde stud never let the now-lycra covered man live down his weight gain. "I still don't know why he lets you get away with that outfit," Craig spat towards Mike, adjusting the tie nestled between his bulging pecs. The irony of the situation was that his own outfit, just as professionally flashy as his car, wasn't much less revealing than the man's he was antagonizing. Part of it was a desire to show off, but it was also practically impossible for his suit pants to not outline every muscle on his toned legs or showcase his solid, perky behind. Likewise, there wasn't a shirt made that didn't struggle to contain his broad shoulders and massive chest. 

"Go to hell, Craig," Mike snapped, stepping towards the giant who stood a whole head taller than him. 

"Let me guess, you're just doing your job? Maybe a necessary strip search?" Craig asked, not backing down. He let his arms drop to the front of his pants, his hands outlining his package while he spoke. "Do you need to do me before I enter the building?" Craig couldn't keep the smile from his face, but Derek winced at inadvertently adding another dimension to Craig's insults as he teased the now-obviously gay Mike. 

"Whenever you're ready," Mike smiled back, briefly tugging down the front of his shorts and exposing his bulging jockstrap before letting them snap back into place. 

"Ugh...never gonna happen man," Craig said disgustedly, averting his eyes. "Even if I was gay I could score a way better guy than you." Uncomfortable with Mike's exposure, Craig shifted his attention to Derek, unwilling to let him escape the verbal jabs. "What's with your girlfriend, Mike? Hey, Derek!" he yelled, even though they were only a few feet apart. Derek was leaning against the side of a van with his back turned, clutching his head. Craig couldn't have known, but Derek was struggling to keep himself in check. The instant the other man had stepped out of his car, Derek had felt the same surge of pressure, and his head felt like it was going to split open if he didn't get a release soon. The crystal was nowhere to be found, but Derek knew it was at work. "Derek! I know that's you over there, you can turn around," Craig laughed, mistaking Derek's pain for embarrassment. 

"Okay," Derek hissed. With Craig, he didn't bother to try and hold back or control anything. His need for release was too great, and if Craig wanted to make himself a target, then so be it. This time he was actually hungry for it as he spun to face his antagonist. "Hi Craig," Derek said, unleashing the crystal's ripple effect as he spoke. 

"Wha..?" was all Craig could get out before he froze. The lights in the parking deck flickered, and the ones directly above them actually shattered, surrounding the trio of men in tiny particles of frozen, floating glass. Craig marveled at the suspended, glittering objects around him, noting that Mike appeared to be just as frozen. The parking deck, usually filled with the sound of passing cars on the busy street outside, was silent as a tomb. If he could have moved, Craig would have jumped at the sound of Derek's approaching feet shattering the silence. 

"I can promise you," Derek spat, "that at least one of us is going to enjoy this very much." Gazing out through his now-fractured vision, Derek found that he was just as much a prisoner as Craig. He could only watch as the thing that was his body shambled forward and circled the other man. 

For his part, Craig tried his best to run. He tensed and strained every one of his ample muscles, but to no avail. There was no escaping the demon pacing in circles around him, and with each passing revolution Craig could see Derek's features change. His right eye was bulging and bloodshot, and the man became more hunched over with each pass. To his dismay, Craig also noticed that Derek wasn't the only one changing. 

"When you think back to this moment, remember to ask yourself if it was worth it." The voice that scraped free of Derek's throat barely sounded human, and the hand pointing at the frozen, well-dressed man was gnarled and wrinkled with age. The thing that had taken over Derek's body uttered a wheezing, raspy laugh, and clapped his hooked, aged hands. 

At the sound of the clap, had they been able, Craig's frozen eyes would have grown wide when his expensive silk tie suddenly slithered up his chest and wrapped around his neck. Craig braced himself for the end, thinking that he was about to be strangled, but the smooth fabric simply settled into place, growing rough against his lotioned skin as it morphed into a thick leather collar. At the other end of his body, his socks disappeared and the seven hundred dollar shoes on his feet softened into a pair of black, shapeless, padded booties, secured in place with studded ankle belts. He was already plenty scared, but his terror managed to grow when his belt vanished and his pants and underwear pulled down of their own accord. The bottoms were drawn upwards from his ankles by the same unseen force, and when the top and bottom were bunched in place at his knees, the fabric split and the two halves formed into thick black kneepads on each leg. Craig couldn't help but blush when the formerly tucked in shirt that had been preserving his modesty pulled upwards and split apart, traveling down each muscled arm and pooling at his fists. The wadded blue cotton followed the example set by the rest of his outfit and morphed into puffy, padded mittens, leaving him completely exposed save for his unwanted new accessories. Craig could feel his scalp itching, and when he caught sight of his reflection in a nearby car window he was shocked to see that his thick, blonde hair had receded to nothing but a short buzz cut. The itching flowed downwards, and in seconds all the neatly trimmed hair south of Craig's scalp had vanished, leaving the astonished stud completely devoid of body hair for the first time in his adult life. The tan lines separating Craig's pale midsection from the rest of his golden skin were becoming less and less obvious, and when the changes to his appearance finally stopped, the smooth, naked man was sun kissed from head to toe. Before Craig could hope that maybe his nightmare was over, he felt the same unseen force that pulled at his clothing push him to his hands and knees. He fought against it, but it was as if gravity itself was suddenly singling him out. Slowly, the Herculean man found himself getting closer and closer to the ground before he finally gave in and landed on all fours with a thud. The padded accessories protected his skin, but the instant his body hit the floor his head was wracked with a jolt of pain unlike anything he'd ever felt before. If he had a voice, he would have screamed, but as it was he could only suffer in silence for agonizing moments before the sensation passed. When the pain finally let up, Craig slumped to the floor in an awkward heap, only dimly aware that an invading object had sprouted from his ass. As he lay panting and exhausted, time lurched back into motion around the prone, naked man. 

"Brutus! What are you doing out here?" Mike asked, surprised. At the sound of Mike's voice, Craig found his attention snapping to the security guard. 

"hhhrrrmmm?" Craig whimpered, confused. He was still in shock over what just happened. One second he was mocking Mike on his way back from a morning meeting, and the next he was naked at the man's feet. And Brutus? Why was Mike calling him that? Of greater concern, why did it feel so familiar? Instinctively, he tried to stand but only made it up a few inches before he fell back to the ground. He tried a second time, and a third, but he couldn't get his knees to straighten out so that he could stand. It took a fifth attempt before his shocked mind pieced together what had happened. He could straighten his limbs while he was lying on the ground, but not to stand. Craig wanted to scream in horror and frustration as he tried again and again, always failing, to fully extend his legs and stand. He shook his muscled arms and found equally limited range of motion in both his elbows and his broad shoulders. His wrists would flex, but inside the thick mittens he could tell that his fingers weren't cooperating. It was as if his brain and body were no longer wired for standard, human movement. At least for the immediate future, Craig realized he was stuck on all fours. "Hrrrmmm....errrmmmm..." he tried to speak, but his mouth and vocal chords were as uncooperative as his limbs. The only sounds he could use to convey his horror were wordless whimpers. He blushed at his exposed vulnerability, feeling the cool air of the parking deck blow against his spread open ass, while his long cock and hefty balls dangled and swung with each experimental movement. 

"What's wrong, boy?" Mike asked, genuinely concerned. He knelt in front of Craig and looked him in his sparkling blue eyes. "Why're you shakin' around so much?" 

Craig wanted desperately to speak, to say anything, but only the same pathetic whimpers came out. His thoughts were unimpeded and he understood speech, he just couldn't produce any of his own. The only thing he could do was give in to a sudden urge and crawl forward, burying his head in Mike's kneeling lap. 

"Hey, it's okay big guy," Mike said gently, sending a shiver through the naked man in front of him. Craig didn't understand why he was suddenly so fascinated by the security guard, but his actions were instinctive. It occurred to him that he should be disgusted by the feel of Mike's package pressing against his head, but the only thing he wanted was to be close to the burly man. "Wow Brutus, somethin's got you worked up," Mike said as he rubbed Craig's broad back comfortingly. He could feel the naked man's tense muscles relax a little at his touch, so he kept it up until Craig finally pulled his head away and sat back on his legs. "There we go...you feelin' better now buddy?" 

Rationally, Craig knew that he should be furious, but instead of anger he felt a swell of excitement when the pitch of Mike's voice rose condescendingly, like the other man was talking to a pet. Instead of screaming that no, he wasn't feeling better, that he needed to go see a doctor, he simply sat naked in front of his former enemy with a contented grin on his face. And when Mike reached forward and started scratching behind his ear, Craig's contented grin gave way to a full-blown smile while he pressed his head against Mike's meaty palm. 

"Whoa...that was...different." Derek staggered out from behind a car, his body back to its normal, youthful self. He didn't know why his clothing was so disheveled or why he felt like he'd just woken up from a nap.

"What happened to you?" Mike asked as Derek stumbled forward, still scratching Craig behind his ear. 

"I...I don't really know," Derek stuttered, coming up behind Mike. The last thing he remembered was sticking his hand down Mike's shorts. 

"Grrrrrrr!" At the sound of Derek's voice, Craig pulled his head away and glared at Derek, growling and baring his teeth. 

"What the...?" Derek paled as Craig's naked body, down on all fours, came into view. The Adonis was bare except for some pads and a collar, and his formerly luscious blonde hair had been reduced to a buzzed stubble. He couldn't tell for sure, but Derek saw what looked like a long dildo protruding from Craig's firm ass. Derek knew the crystal was responsible, but it terrified him that he didn't have any memory of it. 

"Brutus!" Mike yelled firmly. "No! Bad Brutus! Bad!" At the first hint of Mike's tone, Craig's growling stopped. He wanted nothing more than to lunge forward and tear Derek's throat out, but Mike told him to stop growling, so he had to stop. "What's gotten into you? You know Derek. Derek's a friend." Craig looked up at Mike hesitantly, cocking his head. Craig knew what Derek had done to him, but Mike said he was a friend, so whether he wanted it to or not, his anger started to fade. He quit baring his teeth and looked back at Derek. He didn't feel the same rage, but he certainly didn't like him. "That's right, he's a friend. You love it when he rubs your tummy. Go on, roll over." Unbelievably, Craig found himself rolling over onto his back, his stiff limbs sticking into the air while his cock flopped onto his stomach. It was the absolute last thing he wanted to do, but he couldn't stop himself. "Go on Derek, it's okay," Mike motioned for Derek to come over. 

"He better not bite," Derek said, speaking more to Craig than to Mike. Deep down he was terrified at the ramifications of what happened, but that didn't mean he wasn't going to enjoy his handiwork, intentional or otherwise. The snobby, arrogant Craig was now naked and submissive at his feet. There was no way he could pass that up. He knelt down next to the naked man-dog and gently placed a hand on his ripped, washboard stomach, rubbing in a circular motion. Instantly, Craig felt what remained of his animosity towards Derek fading. The man's hand on his stomach felt absolutely fantastic to the prone stud. He was so content under Derek's smooth hand that he didn't even care when he felt his cock stiffen and grown against his stomach. 

"See? That's a good boy!" Mike said encouragingly. A wave of happiness rushed over Craig at Mike's compliment. He'd never felt anything like it before, but he wanted to feel it again. He flipped back over on all fours and bounced excitedly. 

"Woof! Woof!" he barked happily, his rigid cock bouncing around wildly. He was so caught up in the moment that it took him a while to realize that he'd been wiggling his hips in order to wag his makeshift tail. Even when he became aware of his ridiculous actions he still couldn't stop. 

"That's the Brutus I like to see!" Mike leaned over while he spoke and Craig didn't hesitate to eagerly lick the hairy face. "Now go kiss and make up with Derek for growling at him earlier." Just as eagerly, Craig crawled over to the still kneeling Derek and bowled him over in his excitement. He straddled the prone man with his strong arms and licked every inch of his face. 

"Whoa! Easy boy!" Mike laughed, twisting Craig's "tail" to get his attention. The naked man had stopped licking Derek's face and was nuzzling his neck excitedly but shot to attention when he felt the dildo jab his prostate. The increasingly confused Craig felt like he was being pulled in several directions. Part of him was aware of what he was doing and was mortified by it, part of him wanted to listen to his master, but mostly he wanted to give in to the demands of the throbbing organ between his legs. Feeling a mixture of lust and shame, Craig lowered his hips and started grinding the large tool against Derek's stomach. No longer able to use his hands for relief, the humping motion felt perfectly natural to the large stud. 

"Oh! Hey there!" Derek said, trying to wriggle halfheartedly away from the bucking hips. Though he'd often fantasized about being pinned under a naked Craig, this wasn't quite how he'd pictured it. Still, his own cock was quickly tenting in his pants. 

"Brutus..." Mike chided, "...we'll be going to see Derek and Scott tonight after work, you can play with him then." 

"Yipe!" Craig yelped as Mike grabbed his collar and yanked him off the other man. Through his guilty, lustful haze part of Craig's brain was able to register what Mike had just said. He saw images of himself and Mike at a gay bar, Mike acting as a bouncer while he filled the role of guard dog. Craig was struggling with the idea that a bar full of people were going to see him like this when it occurred to him that everyone was going to see him like this from now on. He wasn't a successful accountant anymore; he was Mike's guard dog. No more would there be expensive cars and fancy suits, just a variety of collars and "tails" for him to wear as Mike chose. He didn't live in an upscale neighborhood anymore, he lived with Mike, eating and drinking from dog bowls and sleeping on the floor in his own doggy bed when his new master didn't feel like sharing the bed. Craig hung his head, trying to both reconcile himself to his fate and ignore the organ that was still demanding attention. "Oh, alright," Mike said, unaware of the internal struggle the conflicted hunk was going through. "You're going to be frisky all afternoon if we don't take care of this. Roll over, Brutus." Lamenting his new life didn't prevent Craig from eagerly following Mike's orders. He flipped over onto his back again, his tongue lolling from his mouth. Using one hand to rub Craig's hard pecs, Mike used the other to stroke the stud's dripping tool. Craig whimpered and wriggled ecstatically, the concrete rough on his broad, bare back. At that moment there was no resignation or humiliation at being jacked off by his former enemy, just the pure pleasure he was experiencing. Craig was only too happy to lie there and let Mike bring him the relief he could no longer provide himself. 

"Ruff! Woof!" Craig couldn't hold back the barks as he felt himself nearing climax. He heard Mike and Derek laugh but the embarrassment was held at bay by the rising tide of pleasure. "Woof! Woof! Wo..woo...awwwoooooo!" Craig howled as he exploded, spraying his heavy pecs with a warm, sticky fluid. 

"Good boy!" Mike cheered, coupling Craig's afterglow with a surge of pride at the compliment. The naked man started to roll over, but Mike stopped him. "Don't you want your treat?" At the word treat, Craig started wriggling his ass excitedly while Mike scooped up as much of the cum that had pooled between Craig's chest as he could. Without needing prompting, Craig lifted his head and eagerly licked Mike's digits clean. Never in his life had Craig tasted a man's cum, but he quickly found himself hoping that he'd get more. The flavor was better than anything he'd ever tasted at the five-star restaurants he used to frequent. When Mike's fingers were clean, Craig gave a lazy stretch and righted himself, his softening cock dangling loosely. 

"You certainly know how to make him happy," Derek laughed. 

"He's easy to please, that's for sure. But he's a good dog," Mike said as he stood, his own erection clearly outlined in his tight shorts. Craig hated being talked about as if he wasn't present, but he was increasingly aware of another urge that couldn't be ignored. Without thinking, the hunk crawled over to the nearest column and lifted a toned leg before unleashing a stream of urine against the parking deck. "Maybe I spoke to soon," Mike muttered under his breath. "No! Bad dog! Not in the parking deck!" he yelled. Craig was awash in guilt the instant he heard Mike's voice, but it was too late to stop. All he could do was finish his business and slink over to Mike's feet, his eyes fixed on the ground. The former yuppie accountant's guilt was made worse as it dawned on him that he'd just lifted his leg like a dog and pissed in the middle of a parking deck in front of two people. "Alright, I'd better get this guy back to the office before he makes any more messes. You'll be at the club?" 

"Uh, yeah, I think so," Derek said, still struggling to keep up with the changes that had just occurred. In less than an hour, a straight, average-guy security guard had been changed to a very gay, spandex wearing exhibitionist, while at his feet was a whimpering man-dog that used to be a rich, athletic accountant. And that didn't even include what he'd done to his boss and his boss's young assistant. "I'm gonna go home first and take a nap though...see if I can't shake whatever bug I've got." 

"If you're not feeling up to it, we'll be over afterwards," Mike said, giving Derek a peck on the cheek. "I'm sure Brutus'll be eager to take care of you." Craig looked up sheepishly and smiled before giving Derek's hand a few farewell licks. Derek returned the gesture by scratching the buzzed scalp before Mike grabbed Craig's collar and pulled him away. "We'll see you tonight," he called over his shoulder as the two rounded a corner and sauntered out of sight. 

"Yeah..." Derek, pale and shaking, whispered to himself. A creeping horror ran down his spine as he realized that instead of the smallest shred of remorse, the only thing he felt at the moment was admiration of his work. 



"Alright Brutus," Mike said, locking the door to his office, "lunch time." Craig sat back on his legs, grateful to be out of view in the security office while Mike closed the blinds. They hadn't passed anyone else on their way and Craig was content to put that experience off for as long as possible. "You're probably hungry by now, aren't you fella?" Despite his predicament, Craig actually was starving. He'd been on his way back from a morning meeting and was heading to his office to eat lunch when he'd had his unfortunate run in. He unconsciously wiggled his ass happily at the thought of food. "First things first though..." Momentarily confused, Craig cocked his head from side to side as Mike peeled out of his tiny shorts, his erect organ escaping the confines of his skimpy jockstrap. "You got me all worked up playing with Derek back there." Mike slipped the jock off and tossed it aside, motioning for Craig to come to him. Nothing else needed to be said for Craig to know what to do. He practically scampered over and swallowed as much of Mike's cock as his large, square jaw would allow. Craig was surprised that he felt no revulsion at having another man's dick in his mouth for the first time. Instead it was the opposite. Craig savored everything about his new master's body; the touch, the taste, the smell, everything was as perfect as it could be to him. He wanted nothing more than to run his hands up Mike's meaty thighs and fill his palms with the ample ass cheeks, but instead had to content himself with taking breaks from sucking to lick and rub his face and head all over Mike's hairy ass and thighs. "Ho...holy shit Brutus," the stocky man gasped, "I don't know what's gotten into you today but I'm gla..gla..gaaahhhh!" Mike bucked his hips and shot a sizeable load into Craig's eager mouth. The stud drank deep, sucking out every last bit that he could find. "Okay...okay...you got it all..." Mike said after a moment, having to push Craig's head away from his softening cock. "That was a good boy!" he said cheerfully. Craig smiled from ear to ear while Mike gave his head a rough scratch. "Who's a good boy?" 

"Woof!" Craig barked, suddenly excited. 

"Who's a good boy? Who's a good boy?" Mike asked again. 

"Woof! Woof! Woof!" Craig was bouncing around, so excited that he could barely contain himself. He had no idea why he was so excited, but the feeling couldn't be denied. 

"That's right! You are," Mike gave Craig a quick peck on the head before turning to get the naked man's lunch ready. Before long he returned with a bowl of food and a bowl of water. "Okay, eat up...hey! What do you think you're doing?" Mike laughed. While he was filling Craig's bowl, the man-dog had found his discarded jockstrap on the ground and was chewing happily on it. Craig was fully aware that he currently had another man's underwear in his mouth, but the only thing he cared about was drinking in as much of Mike's masculine taste and aroma as he could get. "You're lucky I've got spares here...now come on, eat your lunch." Craig's cock was once again solid and throbbing between his legs, but it was forgotten once he saw his food. He let the jockstrap drop from his mouth and eagerly buried his face in his food. It didn't escape Craig's notice that Less than 24 hours ago, he'd spent $500 on dinner for himself and a date, but now he was naked on his hands and knees in a coworker's office scarfing down food from a dog bowl. He was so hungry though, that none of that mattered. The only thing he cared about was emptying the bowl and licking it clean. "You really were hungry, weren't you?" Craig looked up and returned Mike's smile. The bits of food that were stuck to his face drove him crazy, but he was helpless to do anything about them. "Let me eat my food real quick and then we'll make the rounds," Mike said, sitting down to eat his own food. Craig shook his head, trying to rid himself of the mess on his face before curling up on the floor with Mike's jockstrap once again in his mouth. The blonde stud's eyes were glued to the other man as Mike ate his lunch and replaced his discarded jock with a bright pink thong that stood out just as much under his little white shorts. "Almost ready to take a few laps of the place," Mike said between mouthfuls of food. Craig didn't like the sound of "take a few laps" and his chewing took on a worried pace. He hoped Mike would take his time eating. "Okay, let's go," the bearded man said after just a few more moments, dashing Craig's hopes. He slinked over slowly and let Mike fasten a leash to his collar. "Sorry Brutus, I know you hate the leash but those are the rules," he said, patting Craig's broad shoulder before tugging him towards the door. Craig dug in when he reached the threshold, locking his large arms in place and shaking his head. "Brutus, what has gotten in to you today? I swear..." Mike muttered, looking down at his uncooperative partner. "Get out here. Now." Mike's tone left no room for argument, and just like that, Craig began his first trip into public in his new capacity. The first thing Mike did was lead him outside, and Craig was mortified when, instead of the back door, Mike led him straight for the busy courtyard between the two buildings. The former executive whimpered loudly when he found himself in full view of a bustling sidewalk. Craig may have been proud of his body, but he didn't want to show it off like this. Being led around on a leash on his hands and knees by a slightly chubby, spandex clad man with his balls dangling freely and his hard cock bouncing between his thighs while a dildo stuck out of his ass was not how he liked to make an impression. Time seemed to drag and Craig kept waiting for the comments to fly, but after a few minutes it became clear that no one but him thought the situation was odd. Pedestrians and traffic passed by as if it was perfectly normal for a queerly dressed man to be leading around another naked man on a leash. A few people even smiled down at him like he was an actual dog and Craig felt himself ease up a little. He knew this was wrong, but if everyone else was okay with it he might as well enjoy the feeling of the fresh air and bright sun on his bare skin. "Okay Brutus, do your business and we'll move on." As he spoke, Mike pulled the dildo from Craig's tight ass with a pop. The naked stud was confused at first, but the growing pressure in his rear made clear what Mike meant. "Come on buddy, we've gotta get goin," Mike said impatiently. Craig whimpered and looked desperately for a secluded spot, but there was nowhere to hide. He crawled anxiously in circles until, unable to hold it any longer, Craig could only push himself back into a squat and do his business. "Good boy!" Mike cheered, scratching his head. Even the rush of excitement at being told he was a good boy wasn't enough to keep Craig from being embarrassed. Not only was he taking a dump in the grass while another man patted and cheered him on, he was doing it in full view of an endless stream of people passing by. Craig could only stare helplessly at traffic while his bowels emptied their contents into the grass. After what felt like an eternity, with more than a few people smiling and laughing in his direction, Craig was finally done. He wanted to scamper from view as quickly as possible, but before he could move Mike grabbed his collar and held him fast. Craig lowered his torso and raised his ass instinctively, yelping at the feel of the damp baby wipes as Mike wiped him clean. Lifting his leg on the column had been one thing, but Craig felt a new layer of defeat when it sunk in that he wouldn't even be wiping his own ass anymore. "Good boy, Brutus," Mike said again, rubbing the side of Craig's ass. The sensation sent bolts of pleasure through the prone man and he hardly noticed when Mike stuck his "tail" back in place. 

"Woof! Woof!" Craig couldn't hold back the excited barking at Mike's touch. He was still humiliated at what he'd just done, but at the same time he felt an odd sense of accomplishment. He'd done what Mike told him and he'd been praised for it, and as much as he told himself it shouldn't matter, Craig was thrilled with himself. 

"What do you say we go check things out inside? Would you like that? Would you?" Mike asked, his tone rising with each question. 

"Woof!" Craig barked, bouncing on his hands. He most certainly did not want to go inside the office and let his former coworkers see him like this, but the tone of Mike's voice made the idea seem perfect. He actually found himself bolting for the door, tugging Mike along behind him. 

"Slow down boy, we'll get there," Mike laughed. Craig shifted his weight and whined impatiently as he waited for Mike to open the door. He could see their boss Kurt with a group of people just returning from their lunch break and knew that once Mike opened the door, he would be crossing a line that he couldn't go back from. 

"Mike! Brutus!" Kurt called cheerfully down the hall as the two entered the building. 

"Woof! Woof!" For some reason, Craig was incredibly excited to see his boss. They'd never really gotten along, but now Craig couldn't seem to move his limbs fast enough towards the handsome young man. 

"Brutus! What's up big guy?" Kurt knelt down and let the man-dog lick his face excitedly while he rubbed the sides of Craig's firm torso. Craig could hear the others laughing and felt a few of them rub his back, but his focus was on licking every inch of his boss's face. 

"Sorry boss," Mike said, pulling Craig away by the collar and forcing him into a sitting position. 

"It's okay, I'm always happy to see the big fella." Kurt stood and left Craig face to face with the sizeable bulge in his slacks while he spoke with Mike. Craig's fascination with Kurt suddenly made more sense, and if his cock weren't already rock hard, it quickly would have been. "You guys heading up?" 

"Yep," Mike ushered Craig into the crowded elevator and as his bare skin brushed up against everyone else's clothes, the kneeling stud was acutely aware of the position he was in. He'd ridden the elevator with some of these people that very morning, but then it was as one of them, or a cut above them, as Craig liked to think. Now, instead of towering above them, he was both literally and figuratively below them. He was used to being at least several inches taller than most of his coworkers, but now he had to stretch his neck in an attempt to see their faces. Craig kept looking for signs of the disgust he wanted to feel, but to his coworkers he was nothing more than someone's animal. His searching gaze was unexpectedly cut short when Kurt began absentmindedly scratching him behind his ear. Instantly, his world narrowed to the soft slacks he nuzzled happily and the feel of his boss's strong fingers rubbing his skin. He could hear Mike and Kurt talking, but the words sounded vague and far away. He wasn't sure how long the fog lasted, but it abruptly ended when the elevator dinged and the doors opened on Craig's former floor. 

"See you later boy," Kurt said, giving Craig's firm behind a final pat. Craig smiled happily despite himself and crawled along behind his lycra-clad owner. The rest of the afternoon was a blur for Craig. He was paraded along behind Mike in a surreal tour of his old surroundings, feeling lost in a labyrinth of cubicles. Craig never realized how much he relied on his ability to see over the tops of the walls until he was forced to see only their bottoms. Likewise, Craig never thought he'd be ashamed of his body until everyone in the office was forced to see every inch of it. He spent the day alternating between excitement and humiliation as person after person stroked and patted his exposed flesh. Not one of his former coworkers treated him as if his situation was the least bit bizarre. To them, it was perfectly normal that he was crawling on all fours with a painful erection bobbing between his legs. Though it eased neither of them, Craig knew that the humiliation and disgrace he felt were his alone. 

"Okay Brutus, quittin' time." Mike unhooked Craig's leash and let the stud roam free in his office while he packed things up. 

"hrrmmm..." Craig whined, confused. It wasn't just that he'd lost track of the time, it was that he was having a hard time remembering what that phrase even meant. As the afternoon had progressed, Craig had an increasingly difficult time staying focused. Whenever he'd heard people talking, the words made less and less sense until eventually only the tone of their voices registered. For the former businessman, conversation had been reduced to a matter of tone and inflection. 

"Come on big guy," Mike said, slinging his briefcase over his shoulder, "I think we've had enough for one day." Craig scampered along behind his master, encouraged by the man's eager tone. When they reached Mike's pickup truck, Craig instinctively headed for the passenger door but was yanked back by Mike's hand on his collar. "Where're you goin' buddy? You know you ride in the back." The burly man opened the rear gate before helping to hoist the naked Craig inside. Still unaccustomed to the limited motion in his legs, the giant of a man struggled ungracefully before sprawling onto the truck bed. Craig was not looking forward to being driven through town in his exposed state, but it occurred to his ever-fogging mind that he'd better get used to it. He wasn't given the opportunity to argue his point as Mike put the truck in gear and sped from the parking deck. It took several tumbles before Craig got his sea legs, and while it occurred to the bruised man that it would probably be safer to lay flat, he was overcome with an irresistible urge to stick his head over the side, giving a friendly bark to the surrounding traffic at each stoplight. By the time they reached Mike's small house, Craig had long ceased to care about his exposed state. It no longer felt unnatural to feel the wind and sun all over his body, and he was actually beginning to enjoy it. When Mike unlatched the gate and helped him down from the truck, Craig couldn't stop himself from prancing over to the grass and happily rolling around on it. He could see that some of Mike's neighbors were outside, and even though he was in clear view, he was far less embarrassed this time when he suddenly lifted his leg and let loose a stream of urine. "Okay buddy, let's get inside," Mike said, waving to his neighbor and holding the door open for Craig. As he crawled inside, Craig felt an odd sense of déjà vu. He'd never been in Mike's small, single story house before, but it all felt strangely familiar. Craig's house was absolutely palatial compared to Mike's little ranch, but it was his master's house and he was thrilled to be inside it. Dense, thick carpeting covered the entire house and the first thing Craig did was to mimic his activities outside by rolling around on it. "Hold still for a second," Mike laughed, pinning Craig on his back in mid-roll. He gave the ripped stomach a hearty rubdown before rolling Craig onto his side. For his part, Craig didn't struggle. He was content to let Mike manhandle him as the other man saw fit. "Let's get these mitts off you." One by one, Mike unhooked and removed the booties, kneepads, mitts, tail, and collar. Craig felt himself blush, feeling naked all over again without his new accessories. Realizing that they were free for the first time since his transformation, he tried to wiggle his fingers and toes but discovered that he could only move them as a single unit, not as individual digits, and that he was unable to completely close his fists. Still, it felt good to be free of the confining mitts and Craig ran his hands over the thick carpet, enjoying the tickling sensation. He looked up happily at Mike but the other man was nowhere to be seen. He'd been so intent on trying to move his fingers and toes that he hadn't even noticed his master's absence. 

"hrrrm....mmmrrrrr..." Craig whined, suddenly afraid at being alone. He paced in an anxious circle, unsure of what to do. 

"Take it easy Brutus, I'm right here," Mike called from down the hall. 

"Ruff!" Craig took off like a shot down the hall, scampering as fast as his four limbs would carry him towards Mike's bedroom. "Ruff!" he barked again, crawling in happy circles around his owner. 

"Silly dog," Mike laughed to himself as he started to disrobe. He peeled out of the skintight shirt and shorts with his thong following shortly thereafter. Craig stopped circling and sat, head cocked, watching his master strip. He'd already had Mike's cock in his mouth, but this was the first time he'd seen his master as naked as himself and the sight filled him with a strange warmth. It wasn't just lust, which was present in massive amounts, but something else entirely. Watching the bulky, hairy man as he sat on the side of his bed, Craig knew that he was hopelessly in love with his former enemy. He crept forward and started sloppily licking the side of Mike's bare thigh while he sat. "My, my, someone's feelin' affectionate," the hairy man said, reaching down to stroke Craig's buzzed head. "Come here," Mike stretched out on his bed and motioned for Craig to hop up. The large man practically bounded up onto the mattress and straddled his prone master. He picked up where he'd left off, bathing every inch of Mike's hairy torso with his tongue. "Hey! That tickles!" Mike wrapped his beefy arms around Craig and rolled, sparking a tumbling match on the bed. Having wrestled in high school and college, Craig squirmed and wriggled as best as his limited limbs would allow. There was no way he'd be coming out on top, but he didn't care. He simply enjoyed the sensation of their bodies writhing together, their hard cocks bouncing off each other as they struggled. 

"rrrrr....rrrr...." Craig growled playfully. Over the years, he'd spent plenty of time pressing flesh with countless women, and had enjoyed every second of it, but this was ecstasy. He'd never felt anything like this before in his life. Mike's stocky, masculine body was sexy and comforting all at the same time, leaving Craig free to focus on the waves of pleasure washing over him. He wasn't in charge this time, so he didn't have anything to do but bask in the joy he was feeling. Eventually, Craig was pinned on his stomach with Mike on his back, kissing his neck hungrily. Craig wished desperately that he could roll over and take the other man in his arms, but he could only lie there and let Mike do as he pleased. After several minutes of moaning while Mike's lips explored various parts of his broad back, Craig felt the other man's hands gently raise his hips up off the bed, lifting him into a kneeling position. Craig knew exactly what was coming, but instead of dreading it, he was eager for it. He wiggled his ass excitedly while Mike positioned himself, gasping loudly when the other man's wide cock finally entered his no-longer virgin hole. Craig expected it to be like his "tail", but the feel of Mike's warm cock inside him was infinitely more intense, and for the first time in his life he felt like he had a genuine connection to someone else. There was no competing or showing off or need to perform, just an encompassing, blissful acceptance. He pushed back against Mike's invading organ, clenching his tight hole on his lover's rod. Mike's loud moans of pleasure goading him on, Craig began working his ample ass muscles in ways he never did before. Somehow, he knew exactly what his master liked and he was eager to give it to him. When Mike wrapped a meaty hand around his own throbbing organ, Craig nearly cried with joy. He knew he was incredibly lucky to have Mike as his master but his new vocal chords left him with no way to express his gratitude, so he resorted to physical measures, letting his body respond in ways it never did with a woman. Craig felt Mike tense up behind him and seconds later felt his ass fill with the other man's seed. The sensation, coupled with the sheer joy of pleasing his master, pushed Craig beyond the breaking point and he shot a huge load of his own into Mike's waiting hand. "Good boy! Good boy!" Mike panted, falling against Craig's back. The larger, kneeling man was only too happy to support his master's weight and he relished the feel of the softening cock inside him. "Don't forget your treat," Mike said, holding his cum filled hand in front of Craig's sweat covered face. While his tongue lapped up every last bit of the sticky fluid, it occurred to Craig that he no longer cared if he was treated like a dog. The lines were blurring more than ever and he didn't even care that the only word he'd understood in Mike's sentence was "treat", or that he was once again eagerly licking up his own cum. The only thing he cared about was the warmth of the man resting against him, and from that point on, Craig knew that he never wanted to be away from his master. If that meant he crawled around naked for the world to see, pissing and shitting in the grass and eating from dog bowls, then so be it. 

"Ruff! Ruff!" Craig barked when Mike's hand was finally clean. The other man reluctantly pulled his cock free and sat on the edge of the bed. Craig licked the side of his face a few times before flopping down next to him, his head in the other man's lap. 

"Okay Brutus...let's eat some dinner then get cleaned up. We're supposed to be at the club in a few hours and we don't want to be late." Craig raised his eyebrows at the sound of Mike's voice but didn't move otherwise. He hadn't understood a single word that the other man had said, and the tone was neither happy nor angry, which meant Craig was content to remain where he was. Their romp had left him drowsy and the only thing he wanted to do was listen to his master's soothing voice and take a nap. "Ha...okay bud...you take a little nap and I'll..." Craig didn't hear the rest. He managed to get out a single yawn before falling into a deep slumber, dreaming of his new life. 

To be continued