Facets 6

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Derek knew right away that things weren't as they should be. He rolled over and found the bed next to him empty, instead of being wrapped in Scott's arms like usual. What's more, the bed was cold, like no one else had been in it. As his probing arm fell over the side he also realized it was much too small. He stared at the thin arm, thinking he knew it from somewhere. His first clue that this was a dream was the lack of panic he felt. The second clue was the strange greenish-yellow light that bled in through the windows, bathing the foreign room in a surreal glow. 

Derek just closed his eyes and sighed. He'd been having strange dreams since discovering the crystal, so by now this was nothing new. Every night he was aware that he was dreaming, but he could never wake himself up. "Look, I just wanna sleep, so all I'm gonna do is stay in bed," he called out to the empty room. Like the arm, the voice echoing back wasn't his, but it was one he knew. He sat up in bed and kicked the blanket free, staring down at his flat, hairless chest and skinny legs that swam in a pair of baggy boxer shorts. Derek hopped out of bed and, after noticing that he was shorter than he should've been, made a bee line across the room to where he somehow knew there would be a mirror. Throwing open the closet door, Derek found himself staring at Scott's reflection. Not the hulking, oversexed beast he'd become, but the cute, tiny nerd he'd been. He felt his stomach flutter. After everything that happened, Derek had almost forgotten what his friend used to look like and the sight brought all of his old feelings rushing back. Derek loved Scott how he was, but this was his original crush. It finally dawned on him that he was in Scott's old bedroom, and had been in Scott's bed. All the times Derek had fantasized about being here came flooding back all at once. The baggy boxers started twitching and it occurred to Derek that he never had the chance to see Scott before his transformation. He no sooner had the thought than his boxers were around his ankles and kicked free, his significantly smaller cock throbbing to attention. Derek ran the tiny hands over Scott's flat, scrawny frame, understanding why his friend had such a hard time adjusting to the mountain of muscle he'd become. The aching cock between his legs was a shadow of what it had become, but that didn't stop Derek from wrapping a hand around the skinny four inches. 

"I thought you were just going to stay in bed?" Derek jumped at the unexpected voice. He spun away from the mirror and saw that the formerly empty bed was occupied by himself. Or at least someone with his body. His lean, naked frame lounged comfortably as it stared. 

"Who…who are you?" Derek asked, feeling the panic that had been missing earlier. He struggled to wrap his brain around what was happening. He was in Scott's old body, staring at someone in his. 

"Who do I look like?" The stranger took his time getting up and sauntering over. Derek had forgotten how much taller than Scott he used to be as the stranger came close. "This was one of your favorite scenarios, right?" Derek shivered at the feel of hands that should have been his gripping the side of his face. Those hands gently pulled him forward into a deep kiss. He was on autopilot in Scott's body as his tiny hands began running all over the body that should have been his. He felt his hard, lean muscles and perky ass through Scott's perspective while his own tongue felt foreign inside his current mouth. They made their way back to the bed and he squirmed underneath his own weight in Scott's tinier frame. He knew where this was going but couldn't stop it. 

"No...wait...you're not me," Derek said in Scott's voice. 

"That's not the way this goes." 

Hearing his voice through Scott's ears, especially the menacing tone, was even more unnerving. But the dream took back over. "Ohhh, Derek," Derek said in Scott's old voice. "I need you inside me." He tried to resist, but all Derek could do was roll his friend's lithe, former frame over. He felt the stranger in his body writhe on top of him, kissing his neck and kneading the tiny cheeks before plunging inside his waiting hole. "OOOHHHH!" Derek screamed ecstatically in Scott's voice while he pushed backwards against the invading organ. He felt his own solid abs against Scott's tiny old ass and wondered if this is really what he felt like inside others. The warm, rigid pole filled him to bursting as it slid in and out. Derek used to fantasize about this all the time, but he was never in Scott's body while something else was inside his. Despite his growing horror, he moaned and grunted wildly. That's the way it went. When he had this fantasy, Scott was a beast in the sheets. He found himself switching positions and lustfully working his ass until Scott's tiny cock sprayed like a fountain. 

When they'd finished he collapsed onto the bed, Scott's thin chest heaving as he caught his breath. "Okay...okay..." he panted, "what is this?" 

"An education." The voice was no longer his own. It was harsh and raspy with an accent he couldn't place. 

Derek rolled over and screamed. He was still looking at his body, but it was old and withered. The skin was pale and stretched thin across his visible bones. "Who are you," he managed to ask as he pushed away from the bed. 

"I am what you will become. I am what they all become." The withered man waved an arm and the room around them vanished, leaving them floating in a void. Off in the distance Derek could see what looked like planets. 

"Where are we?" The planets were growing larger. It didn't feel like they were moving, but the void around them was changing. 

The man didn't answer. "Where did you think the crystal came from? Did you even bother to wonder? Or were you only concerned with your petty, newfound power like everyone else?" 

"I knew the legends…I read the books…" Derek tried his best to avoid the piercing gaze of his twisted doppelganger. 

"Legends? Books? You have no idea the power you hold!" The other Derek's voice echoed through the emptiness around them. "You alter reality itself but you can't even control your base urges!" The emptiness was suddenly filled with images of all the men Derek had changed, in both their current and original states. "You have the power to build a universe at your fingertips and this is what you limit yourself to? Pathetic." The other Derek waved an arm, dissolving the images. 

"It's not my fault! I can't control it!" 

"Of course you can't." The man gave a spare, wheezing laugh. "No human can. The only thing you could control was your decision to pick it up in the first place." Derek felt a surge of guilt thinking about how Scott had begged him not to go after the stone. "You should have listened to your friend," the doppelganger said, reading Derek's thoughts. "The 'legends' you speak of are only about those who have tried to control the power. Did you hear any about where the crystal originally came from?" He waved another decaying arm and they were suddenly floating above what looked like Earth. "Other beings inhabited this planet long before the race of man. They summoned dark and terrible powers. They had knowledge of the universe, of the nature of reality, that no one has had since. The things they had to sacrifice for that knowledge..." The man gave an evil smile, one of his teeth falling out in the process. "They broke rules that should not have been broken. The very planet rose up against them." Derek saw massive waves breaking over enormous buildings whose architecture defied all physical laws. He could see crowds of beings that looked only vaguely human scurrying in vain to avoid the rushing onslaught. Beyond them in the distance, mountains were outlined against a violent, raging sky. Even they seemed to give way to the endless deluge. Derek watched the scene with increasing horror, his brain struggling to comprehend what it was seeing. As impossible as it seemed, the mountains were indeed moving, but not because of the waves. They weren't mountains at all. These weren't piles of rock formed by volcanic upheaval or tectonic shifts. These were monstrous creatures of enormous proportion. Had he not been dreaming, Derek felt like he would've passed out. He wondered if this is what newborns felt like looking at the world for the first time, with no frame of reference for what they were seeing. The gargantuan creatures he saw defied any attempt at description. There was nothing human or humanoid about them, nor did they bear a resemblance to any animals that ever walked on the planet. Their incredible forms were amorphous, constantly shifting and pulsing. Even though he was witnessing a memory, as the waters descended the incomprehensible beings let loose a cry that drew blood from his ears. These events occurred countless millennia ago, but now that he knew what to listen for Derek could still hear their cries ripping through time and space. "Mother nature is very…thorough," his doppelganger continued. The catastrophic scene died down and was replaced by what looked like the bottom of the ocean. The scenery around him appeared to be in time-lapse; the ruined structures decayed and were buried by the shifting sediment, and the massive horrors lay motionless in the murky depths. "When the oceans shifted again there was nothing left of what had been. The cities were dust buried under tons of earth, and with no other choice, their titanic rulers had departed this dimension for the next." The time-lapse continued, taking the water with it until Derek was standing on dry land. His relief must have been evident. "Don't think that's the end of the story. We both know that's not the case." The man's toothless smile chilled the blood in Derek's veins. "Everything was not completely destroyed. You don't tamper with the things they tampered with and expect a little water to wash it all away. No…there are still echoes, pockets of decay that rot the very fabric of this reality. There are pieces of themselves they left behind, and a fortunate few of us are lucky to stumble across them." The surroundings darkened to a dim steam of light and Derek found himself back in the cave where he'd found the crystal. The still-decaying creature picked it up and turned it over gently in his hand. "Every time we use one of these the barriers get a little thinner. Only a little, but they're very patient. They can't come through. Not yet. But some of us can." 

"Oh god…" Derek felt his stomach drop. He'd always known he was messing with something big, but this was beyond anything he could've imagined. 

"You're in good company. The crystal isn't the only artifact left behind," the man said cheerfully while the cave was suddenly crowded with ghostly figures. Derek couldn't make all of them out, but the ones nearest to him were an older man and a younger man standing around an onyx idol surrounded by strange, glowing writing, and next to them were what appeared to be two college students, one constantly changing while the other wrote in an intimidating tome. "Impressed? Don't be. These toys are nothing…they're the dead skin cells and we're but dust mites scavenging what we can find. Compared to the real thing…well…" the room went dark and Derek was floating again. His ghoulish partner was gone, leaving him to tremble in the inky blackness alone. "They're waiting, Derek. And watching." The unseen voice was startling, but Derek was more concerned with the crimson glow expanding before him. "They're always watching!" The unseen voice lost its steady veneer and came as a hysterical shriek. The crimson glow continued to grow larger and Derek felt that he was slowly being pulled towards it. "They're always watching!" The shriek bled into the same monstrous tone that pealed through the millennia, and Derek saw that what he'd come to think of as a crimson sun was actually the giant eye of one of the creatures. His slow descent turned into a plummet towards the unblinking glow until a shriek of his own joined the deafening roar. 

"AAAAAGGGGGHHHHHHH! AAAAAAHHHHHhhhh…" Derek's eyes shot open. He thrashed against the heavy weight holding him in place until Scott's gentle voice pierced the fog of his terror. 

"Shhh…easy babe…it's okay…it's okay…" Scott rocked slowly back and forth, trying desperately to calm the other man. 

"Scott? Where are…" Derek's chest heaved as he struggled to catch his breath. He was slick with sweat from head to toe and his heart only reluctantly slowed when he saw the familiar surroundings of his bedroom around him. "I just had the…I mean…holy shit…" 

"It must've been a hell of a dream. I've never heard a scream like that in my life." Scott continued to rock back and forth, feeling the tension gradually melt from the man in his arms. "You want me to get you some water?" 

"NO!" Derek clutched at the large arms encircling him, terrified at the prospect of being alone, even for a moment. "I mean, I'll, uh, I'll come with you." He followed numbly behind his lumbering, naked friend, not letting go of the other man's giant hand until they reached the kitchen. 

"All this sweat makes you look like you've been workin' out." Scott had wanted to say something else entirely while Derek guzzled down the water, but the sight of his friend's lean body glistening with sweat was making it hard for him to focus on anything else. He rubbed his frightened lover's sweat soaked back, unable to resist as his hands made their way to the clinging briefs. "These are a little damp…" he said, pulling the sopping underwear down. Derek simply stepped out of the briefs in a mechanical fashion, not saying anything. He knew Scott couldn't help himself. He let Scott swallow him in a meaty embrace, the physical contact helping to reassure him that he was no longer dreaming. "So do you wanna talk about it?" 

"Not yet…I need a minute," Derek sighed while Scott rubbed his chest. He relaxed against the other man's muscular frame and let out a quiet moan when he felt Scott's soft lips on his neck. The beginning of the dream was fresh in his mind. Despite the horrific ending, he felt his pulse quicken at the thought of how it began. 

Scott whispered in Derek's ear. "Want me to take your mind off it?" He didn't wait for a response before swallowing the smaller man's modest package with a large hand, relishing the sensation of it hardening against his palm. Scott had been ignoring his own rock hard cock since they'd left the bedroom, but now he pressed it into Derek's lower back while he stroked his friend. "Come on sweety," Scott gripped Derek's rod and gently pulled him back to the bedroom, "I'm all yours." He flopped his massive frame spread-eagle onto the bed, his giant cock standing straight up, and flexed. He loved having his muscles groped as much as Derek loved doing it. 

Derek stayed silent, but he showed a hint of a smile as he climbed up and sat on Scott's solid stomach, eagerly massaging the slab of muscle that was his friend's chest. Scott flexed each of his pecs one at a time under Derek's probing fingers until the hands made their way to one of his thick arms. Scott's arm bulging and softening in his grip caused Derek's cock to throb. 

"Ohhhhh, yeahhhh," Scott pursed his lips and moaned under the other man's touch. He should have been miserable. A part of him still hated the heaviness of his bulky new form just as much as he'd hated the changes to his mind and personality. Scott was mortified the first time he laid there flexing his unwanted muscle while Derek crawled all over him, but he was discovering that he enjoyed it more and more each time. The awkwardness of his new shape was quickly passing and the added growth was going from being a burden to a blessing. It was all happening so fast. Too fast. Scott knew he shouldn't be falling into such a foreign role so quickly, but that didn't stop it. Being a sex object should be new for him. He simply wasn't used to turning people on. In his mind he still saw himself in his skinny, awkward old body. He had never been more humiliated in his life than the first night he'd taken to the stage wearing nothing but a tiny thong. But whether he wanted to or not he soon stopped fighting and started to realize that he enjoyed turning guys on. It became just as much of a turn on for him. More and more he couldn't imagine going back to the short, skinny, bookish nerd he'd been. He was still adjusting to the personality and mental changes, but even those were becoming less worrisome. He still became frustrated sometimes when his brain wouldn't work as fast or as well as it used to, but on the whole this new life wasn't bad. It was definitely different; there was no denying that. But he was far from unhappy, especially with Derek's naked body on top of his own driving him wild. "This helping?" Scott asked, eagerly picking up where he'd left off stroking Derek's oozing cock. 

"You could…say…that…" Derek groaned, his fingers digging into the sides of Scott's huge thighs as he leaned back. He reached around behind and devoted some attention to his friend's aching equipment, kneading Scott's heavy balls while his friend continued stroking. Derek knew he wasn't going to last much longer; he never did when they played this game. He'd felt guilty the first few times because he knew how out of character this was for his friend, but that guilt dissipated as Scott grew to like his role more and more. Now instead of feeling bad when he thought about the old Scott, Derek just felt turned on when he ran his hands over the muscular beast his once-tiny friend had become. "Shit, Scott, I'm gonna…I'm gonna…" Derek let the stream of cum finish his sentence for him, covering his friend's chest in the sticky fluid. 

"Mmmm…" Scott purred and wriggled under the warm cascade. The first time Derek shot a load on him, Scott thought his life couldn't get any worse. He was disgusted at how much he enjoyed the sensation of the warm fluid trickling over his skin. As he was growing into his new role that disgust vanished. He relished the fact that he was the source of his friend's lustful eruption. "My turn already?" In one quick movement Scott rolled and had Derek pinned beneath him, smearing the sticky fluid on his friend's chest. He pumped his hips, working his cock against the wiry hairs on Derek's stomach while his tongue explored the inside of the other man's mouth. Scott had been surprised at how quickly he adjusted to kissing another man. It may have been his relative inexperience with women, or that Derek was just very good at it, but the newly grown hunk had difficulty keeping his mouth to himself. He reluctantly broke off the kiss and sat back on his knees, pinning Derek's legs to the bed. His dripping cock was heavy on his friend's torso while Derek ran his hands over Scott's ripped 8-pack. 

"You're dripping," Derek laughed, finally dropping his hands from Scott's abs to the throbbing rod on his torso. The large cock had gone from a slight drip to oozing like a leaky faucet, covering Derek's stomach in a sticky film. He joked about it now, but Derek knew this had been another adjustment for his altered friend. His new equipment seemed to have an endless supply, and once his girthy new rod was hard it oozed constantly. They saved on lube, but Scott still wasn't quite used to it. 

"Ooohhhhhhh…" Scott's deep groan was his only reply. He was too overcome by the feel of Derek's hands on his cock to say anything else. He bucked his hips, thrusting his cock against his friend's palms and eliciting a series of creaks from the straining bed. "Oh…oh man…" Scott ran his hands through his hair, striking a double bicep pose in the process. He hated how much he'd grown to love flexing his new muscles while Derek got him off, the sensation of tensing and releasing adding to the electric bolts shooting through his body. One of those bolts finally found their mark and Scott arched his expansive back with a yell. The small pool of cum that Derek had left between Scott's meaty pecs was nothing compared to the torrent that sprayed out of his friend's rod, covering Derek's chest and face. "Whew..." Scott sighed with a grin, catching his breath. He leaned forward and planted another long, deep kiss on Derek's cum-covered lips before climbing off the bed. 

"I think you cut off circulation to my legs," Derek laughed. He sat up and felt Scott's sticky residue slide down him. 

"Really? So you don't feel this then?" Scott grabbed one of Derek's feet and held it in a vice grip, tickling the underside. 

"Hey! Come on! Knock it off!" Derek begged between bouts of breathless laughter. He thrashed on the bed but there was no escaping Scott's firm hands. 

"Only if you agree to tell me what's been going on." The large man was unrelenting in torturing his ticklish friend. 

"Okay…okay…fine," Derek panted, collapsing against the bed when Scott released his leg. 

"Good!" Scott said cheerfully. "Come on, you can tell me in the shower." He manhandled Derek upright off the bed and led the other man into the bathroom. 

Scott was quiet while Derek filled him in on the events of the past few days. He cleaned the two of them up without saying a word, letting Derek get his story out. The implications of the dream were just as disturbing to him as they'd been to Derek, especially since Scott had actually read the book that told about the crystal. He couldn't remember much of it now, but what he did remember made him fear for both of them. 

"So…uh…that's it," Derek said sheepishly while Scott toweled him dry. He hadn't been able to say anything about the specifics of his dream. He wanted to, his mouth just wouldn't cooperate. 

"So Mike and Craig were just regular coworkers?" Scott asked as he walked back into the bedroom. 

"Pretty much. Mike was your standard security guard and Craig was your standard douche bag." Derek was surprised that he wasn't getting the lecture he'd expected. 

"And our boss wasn't always Kurt? It used to be Tiffany, but Tiffany was a guy named Tim?" Scott's memories of working with Derek at his old job were dim since they never occurred in this new reality, but as he listened to Derek's story he realized that even those had been altered. His memories weren't of an abusive old man as their boss, but of the friendly, handsome Kurt. "And Adam was just some ordinary kid working as a bouncer?" 

"Yeah…but I didn't mean to change him. Or Mike. Or you." Derek watched Scott methodically strip the dirty sheets off the bed before pulling out one of their many sets of spares. He was beginning to wish Scott would start yelling at him instead of being so nonchalant about the whole ordeal. 

"But you DID mean to change some of them." Scott's calm veneer finally started to slip. "Christ, Derek, what did you think was going to happen?" 

"I didn't…I don't know! I thought…" he stammered. He wanted to yell about the thing trapped in the crystal, about how it was controlling him, but his tongue still refused. 

"You thought what? That it wasn't real? What did you think happened to me? A growth spurt? This should have been enough for you," Scott motioned to his hulking, naked frame, "but you kept going. I was your only real accident. Everything that happened after me was a result of your actions. If you'd stopped after destroying my world then you wouldn't have been in a position to lose control, and those other guys would be the way they should." He wanted to be screaming, but once again Scott found that he could barely raise his voice. 

"What about Kurt?" Derek said defensively, trying to find anything that could justify his actions. 

"What about him? From what you've told me he was a kid that you aged into his thirties as part of a revenge scheme on our boss. So you made him wealthy and good looking…so what? Did you ask him? What if he was happy how he was? What if he had plans of his own?" Scott stretched a skin-tight muscle shirt across his broad torso and stepped into a pair of custom-tailored briefs that still struggled to contain his package. This was actually a modest outfit for the new Scott, but Derek knew that covering himself up was the only way Scott could express how upset he was with him. 

"It wasn't supposed to turn out like this," Derek said quietly, feeling defeated. He followed Scott's lead and stepped into a pair of his own briefs before throwing on a baggy tshirt. He knew his friend was right. There was no excuse for what he'd done no matter how he tried to justify it. And he knew deep down that whether or not the thing in the crystal made him, he couldn't be sure that he wouldn't have done it all anyway. 

"What's done is done," Scott sighed. "Look, Derek, I was your friend before all this and that hasn't changed. I don't just care about you because I have to, I care about you because I still want to. We can't change what's been done but we CAN try and make sure it doesn't happen to anyone else. We found the book and the crystal once. We can find a way to stop all this." 

"I don't think it's…that easy…" Derek said through gritted teeth. His eye felt like it was bulging out of his skull again and he desperately covered it with his hands. "It doesn't WANT to stop. I dont...I don't think it will let me stop." With the crystal growing, Derek finally found the words he'd been searching for. The crystal didn't care at this point; there was nothing he could do to stop it. "There was someone inside the crystal! Some...thing...inside the crystal. It made me...it's trying to..." There was a raspy voice in his head. He couldn't understand what it was saying but the intent was clear. The room started spinning and his head felt like it was splitting open. 

"Derek? What's…" Scott was cut off as Derek darted out of the room "Derek!" He bounded after the other man, the house shaking with the weight of his thunderous footfalls. He found Derek standing in the living room, hunched over the couch. "What is it? What's wrong?" Scott took a tentative step forward and couldn't hold back a gasp when Derek spun around. His friend's right eye was bulging and insect like. His whole body appeared gaunt and frail, his normally tan skin taking on a pale hue. "De…Derek?" Scott tried to move forward but was frozen in place. 

"I can't…I can't control it! It's...fighting me..." Derek spat through gritted teeth. The thing in the crystal wanted out. It finally had the strength to snuff out Derek once and for all. The only thing he had keeping it at bay was the thought of what it would do to Scott once he was gone. He couldn't let that happen. "No! You...can't...have...him!" Derek staggered towards the door and threw it open, falling to his knees on the front porch. His thinning frame shook with strain as he tried to keep his gaze fixed on the ground. "I'm…I'm sorry…" he whimpered, finally losing the struggle. Unseen hands jerked his head upright, letting the crystal's gaze cut a swath through reality. 

"No!" Scott lurched forward, able to move again now that the crystal was focused outside. He rushed to the open door but slammed into an invisible wall. It had already started. 

He arrived just in time to see the world changing before his eyes. Scott saw their neighbor, an older man in his late 60s, standing at his front door talking to a deliveryman. He was helpless to do anything other than watch as they slowly changed. His neighbor's thinning, grey hair started filling out to a shaggy mop that lightened to a bright red while the wrinkles on his face began disappearing. The frail arms that poked out of the older man's tshirt grew toned and smooth, and the man's posture straightened as the years melted away, taking his clothing with them. The man's shirt vanished completely, exposing the sagging skin of his torso that was rapidly tightening and shedding the wiry, white hairs that covered it. His khaki pants drew upwards, revealing firm, lean legs before changing color and texture as they settled into place as a pair of tiny purple running shorts. Scott had never actually witnessed someone other than himself change, and despite his horror he marveled at what he saw. Where once stood an elderly, balding man was now a young, lithe redhead. His neighbor's newly toned skin was a smooth, ruddy pink, and noticeable dimples, along with a smattering of freckles, offset the once wrinkled face. Scott couldn't tell if it was just the change in posture, but their neighbor seemed taller than before, looking at least several inches over the six-foot mark. There was no way the once-elderly man could be much past 20, and his skinny runner's build looked right at home in the little shorts. The bottom of the paper-thin material barely reached the top of the now-youthful thighs, showing off every inch of his supple new legs and leaving his long cock clearly outlined. 

When the older man's changes stopped, they started for the deliveryman. The man looked fairly nondescript, with trimmed brown hair that matched the brown shirt and brown pants of his uniform. He was about the same height as the suddenly youthful man in front of him with a slight belly pressing out against his shirt. He'd probably never been described as anything other than average his entire life, but it was becoming clear that this would never be the case again. The man's brown hair turned to a bright, platinum blonde and the brown shirt pulled upwards and apart until it was nothing but a tiny, cutoff vest that was far too small to ever close. The exposed flab of his torso didn't last long as his belly drew upwards into a firm muscle-gut and his flabby chest ballooned outwards into a set of prominent pecs. His shoulders pushed apart and exploded, sending waves of muscle down his expanding arms and back. Had they not already vanished, the man's pants would have shredded under the expanding tide of flesh. As it was, his once-saggy briefs were suddenly stretched to capacity when his ass inflated to a pair of muscular globes and his thighs became competing tree trunks. His face still showed the same age lines, but his small double chin had been replaced by a firm, square jaw and prominent cheekbones, leaving a ruggedly handsome, middle-aged hunk in place of the formerly dumpy deliveryman. For a moment it appeared that the man's ordeal was over as the last of his new muscles settled into place, but it became apparent that the man's new mass didn't come without a cost as he started rapidly losing inches in height. Where he'd once stood eye-to-eye with the new redhead, now the tips of his spiky blonde hair barely reached the bottom of the skinny man's chest. The straining briefs were the last to change, melting away from behind until settling into place as a brown, elastic pouch that matched his tiny brown vest. The pouch slid over the man's package, thrusting his equipment forward, but covering nothing else. The short, wide cock saw straining against the tiny pouch complemented the man's new look perfectly. 

Scott had a hard time wrapping his brain around what he was seeing. He didn't remember much about the actual experience of his own transformation and no amount of descriptions from Derek could've prepared him for what he witnessed. His brain kept telling him to look for their elderly neighbor and an average looking deliveryman, not a tall, skinny redhead and a short, stocky fireplug. As time lurched back into motion for the men next door, Scott watched the now-short man stand on his tip toes and give the young man a quick peck before pulling him inside the house. 

"Scott…I can't…" Derek's pleading voice snapped Scott's attention away from the situation next door. His friend was still fighting, and failing, to contain the runaway power. 

Scott pounded his fists against the invisible barrier. "Derek! You've gotta fight it! You need to get it out! Whatever it takes! Just break..." He was cut off when Derek's gaunt frame spun around and lifted him off the ground with one skinny arm. Scott struggled for breath as he was held several inches above the ground by his neck before Derek flung him aside. He landed with a loud thud in their garden and struggled back to his feet. The commotion had caused a passing couple to stop in front of their house. The sight of a huge, nearly naked man flying through the air wasn't something you usually saw on the way to get coffee. 

"Jesus!" The thing young man started towards Scott. He looked like one of the students at the University. V-neck band tshirt, skinny jeans, bright canvas sneakers, and a slicked, angular haircut. "Are you okay man?" 

Scott waved them away, yelling. "Run! Run!" 

"Maybe we should just call the cops," the young woman said to her friend. She had on an oversize shirt, leggings, and a similar pair of bright shoes. She started to reach for her phone, but it was too late. Her bobbed, blonde hair, already streaked with bright blue, pulled upwards to form a short blue mohawk running down the middle of her otherwise bald scalp. Her shirt and bra vanished completely, causing her sizeable breasts to spill free momentarily before drawing upwards and settling as a flat, muscular chest. Her abdomen and hips started to lose their curves and her shoulders pushed outwards, shaping her torso into a prominent "V". The leggings she was wearing were stretching to capacity as her legs widened, and a noticeable lump was bulging out at her crotch. While her body was growing and expanding, her face was losing its feminine features. Prominent bones invaded her round cheeks, and her soft chin became squared and firm before sprouting a layer of stubble. The dark hairs on her cheeks spread downward, covering the flat new chest and muscular arms in wiry hairs before trailing down the firm stomach and disappearing beneath the straining leggings. As if the hair was the last straw, the leggings finally reached their breaking point with a loud rip, exposing a pair of sturdy, hairy legs and leaving what was now clearly a male in nothing but a pair of tiny women's underwear. A meaty cock and pair of heavy balls spilled out from the small garment, and where once a pretty young woman stood was now a very masculine man. 

The former girl's boyfriend looked even skinnier than before next to the sudden hunk, but that comparison didn't last long as he started undergoing similar changes. Like his once-girlfriend, the angular haircut on his head vanished, replaced by a shaven scalp and small, hot pink mohawk. The tshirt he was wearing disappeared in a similar fashion, but instead of losing curves like his girlfriend, the rail-thin young man seemed to gain them as his shapeless torso expanded outwards with muscle. His thin face filled out with the exact same cheekbones and lantern jaw as the man next to him, complete with the sprouting stubble that poured down his body. The jeans that were already tight on the young man's stick-like legs practically exploded as his thighs grew, leaving him in a small pair of rapidly tightening boxers with the same meaty cock that his former girlfriend had grown hanging out through the fly. 

At this point, the only remainders of the couple that had been were the straining panties on the one man and the stuffed boxers on the other. They appeared to be the same age as when they'd started, but beyond that there was no recognizing the young couple in the twin studs. Other than the hair color, the two had become mirror images of each other, including the matching tattoos that suddenly draped over them from the sides of their bare scalps to the tops of their feet. As the ink settled on their hairy skin, the underwear they were wearing began to change and morphed into small, terrycloth shorts. The boyfriend's were a bright hot pink to match his hair, while the former girlfriend's were a vibrant blue to match his mohawk. Both of the men's furry, tattoo covered behinds spilled out of the shorts, and their thick packages bulged out obscenely against the soft material. On their feet, the canvas shoes they were each wearing had spread upwards and thickened into clunky work boots: hot pink for the boyfriend, and bright blue for the former girlfriend. When time stuttered back into motion around them, the altered couple resumed holding hands and continued to saunter down the street as if nothing had happened. 

"Scott…" Derek wheezed, "…you've gotta…stop…me…" Derek could feel himself fading as the crystal's power grew. He'd lost hope of freeing himself, but he was determined to minimize the damage that happened before the gem swallowed him whole. 

"How?" Scott asked desperately. He saw a group of people on bicycles heading down the street and knew he didn't have much time. 

"Break the…crys…crystal…" Derek turned his face towards Scott, his crystal eye bulging out ever farther. He hoped his friend's altered muscles would be strong enough to finish the job. "I can...hold it still...but not long. You've gotta....be quick..." 

"What'll happen to you?" Scott didn't want to hurt Derek, but that didn't stop him from grabbing a paving stone from the mulch. 

"Please…" Derek moaned, a pleading look in his remaining eye. Scott was torn. He didn't want anything bad to happen to Derek, but the group of cyclists was drawing close. Not having any other choice he dove at his friend, aiming for the crystal and hoping that he wouldn't hurt Derek too badly. For a split second it looked like Scott would be successful, but Derek's thinning arm shot upwards in a rapid blur, stopping Scott's swing. 

"Derek! You've gotta fight it!" Scott struggled in Derek's grip, his arm feeling like it was about to break. 

"I'm…trying…" Derek fought against his hijacked body but couldn't get his arm to let go of his friend. 

For the first time since his transformation, Scott was able to finally yell at Derek. "Quit trying and do it already," He bellowed. "We can beat this thing!" Scott emphasized the "we" on the last part, still not willing to give up on his friend. 

"I…I…" Even in his current state, Derek was touched by Scott's concern. He thought about what he'd done to his friend, and all the things he'd done to the others, and couldn't believe that Scott was still willing to try and help him. He couldn't let this thing win. The raspy voice in his head was deafening. His body felt like it was ripping apart, but he managed to let go of Scott's arm. "Do it! Now!" Derek saw the stone coming towards his face in slow motion. He braced himself for the impact but there wasn't any pain, just the sound of thunder and a brilliant flash of light before a tide of darkness. 


"G'morning sweetie." Scott's cheerful voice punched through the darkness, causing Derek to stir. 

"mornin'…" he mumbled, opening his eyes to the familiar sight of his hulking lover smiling down at him. "So what is it today?" 

"This one looks like fun," Scott laughed. 

"For you, or for me?" Derek looked down at himself and was surprised to see that he looked relatively like his old self, at least until Scott threw the sheet aside. "Oh. Well, that's different," Derek sighed. His body was more or less untouched, with the exception of the dual packages that vied for space between his legs. Derek just rolled his eyes. He'd long since given up on being surprised at what he found when he awoke, but it would always cause his mind to wander over the events that led him here. 

The two had been successful in their attempt to destroy the crystal, but in the process Derek had become trapped in an ever-changing body. In the months since Scott had broken the gem he'd been a little bit of everything. Sometimes he was a man, other times he was a woman, and on multiple occasions he'd been combinations of the two. He'd been short, skinny, obese, and muscular. He'd been old and he'd been young. He'd been strikingly handsome and stunningly ugly. On some days he'd have extra arms and legs, but on others he'd have none at all. And as with everyone else, the changes weren't just physical. He'd spent time as a genius, but he'd also had days where he was barely smart enough to form a sentence. There didn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to the changes, or how long they'd last. Derek wasn't sure what was worse: the thought that he'd keep changing, or the thought that one of these days it would stop, leaving him in whatever altered state he'd landed on. While he and Scott were always aware of the changes, reality would adjust to accommodate whatever bizarre state he was in as if it was perfectly normal. Throughout all his changes, Derek had come to rely on Scott not just for the occasional physical support, but also as the only constant in his life. Once it became known that the crystal had been in control the whole time, Scott was finally able to forgive Derek completely, and no matter what state the constantly changing man found himself in he knew his lover would be there. 

Unfortunately, breaking the crystal didn't undo anything that had already been done. Scott remained a muscle-bound go-go boy who was fond of working out but wasn't very fond of clothing. The trio from the club were frequent visitors at Derek and Scott's house, and Mike was still a very gay, scantily clad security guard/bouncer and Craig was still his loyal guard dog. Adam was still Angel, and he still showed off his surgically altered body at every chance. Like Scott, the young stud had grown to appreciate that he was no longer bound by the same inhibiting rules as everyone else. He was still very much aware of his previous life, and it had taken some time, but he eventually came to see his situation as a blessing, not a curse. 

On the days that reality said he still had a job, Derek saw that Kurt was still a successful young executive and still had his improved physique. He was as charming and friendly as ever, especially towards his assistant, Tiffany. Tiffany would still get confused, insisting sometimes that her name was really Tim, and that she was really an older man who should have Kurt's job. No one paid any attention. 

On his way home from the office, Derek would pass the mechanic's shop where Jackie worked and he would see the once bear of a man still prancing around in his twinkish new body, decked out in a skimpy, garish outfit in place of his old jumpsuits. He would inevitably be lisping incessantly to his former partner until the beefy man would finally stop what he was doing and silence Jackie with a long, rough kiss. At that point the garage door would usually slide down, but not before Derek could see Jackie's clothing landing in a pile at his feet. 

Derek's gym was also on the way home, and every now and then when he would pass, he'd catch the two frat boys lumbering out in their altered bodies. The ex-jocks were still morbidly obese and shortly misshapen respectively, and their frat brothers still loved tormenting them. On one occasion Derek arrived just in time to see the formerly lean swimmer waddle down the street in nothing but what looked like one of his old speedos. His plump new body was red with embarrassment as it spilled around the edges and nearly concealed the small garment in its rolls. At his side, the once-handsome wrestler practically knuckle walked on the apishly long arms that hung next to his disproportionately short legs. He was clad only in cut off sweatpants, allowing a full view of his now-asymmetrical muscles and the hooked, crooked cock that would occasionally slip out the bottom of his makeshift shorts. They would always be accompanied by one of their athletic, former friends, only instead of laughing WITH the two ex-studs at someone else, the two men would always find themselves the objects of ridicule. 

Back at home, one of the positive changes that resulted from the crystal nightmare was the new friendship Derek and Scott had formed with their neighbor. Before the incident on the front lawn, all Derek or Scott knew about the old man next door was that his name was Mr. Daniels and he was in his late 60s. He'd never been very responsive to attempts at conversation, so the most contact they ever had was an obligatory wave if they saw each other outside. But since his change, they discovered that they actually enjoyed each other's company. The man who had been pushing 70 had now just turned 24 and he was quick to correct Derek and Scott that he went by Teddy, not Mr. Daniels. The now-young man's tall, skinny frame was never covered in anything other than a pair of the revealing running shorts and his new, youthful face was always smiling. Both Scott and Derek found that it was impossible to resist Teddy's dimpled, freckled cheeks and shaggy mop of red hair, especially since the young man was so friendly. 

Their surprise at the change in their neighbor grew when they discovered that Teddy and the deliveryman were now a couple. They didn't know anything about the formerly average man's life before his transformation, other than the tag on his shirt said his name was "Jason." And since his current memories reflected his new reality, there was no way to find anything out about his past. Both Scott and Derek had felt incredibly guilty over this at first, but the altered man seemed happy in his current life. What was most apparent about the man was that even though there was almost a 20 year age difference between them, the now blonde, stocky bulldog was completely devoted to the young Teddy. Wherever Teddy was, Jason would be right next to him, looking overdressed in his tight jeans and bulging tshirt when compared with the young man's seemingly endless supply of running shorts. Having witnessed his transformation, Scott and Derek were surprised when they saw him fully clothed. Sure enough, he was your ordinary jeans-and-tshirt guy. Until it came time to go to work. The first time Scott and Derek saw it happen they'd been having breakfast with the two next door. They were wrapping things up when Jason announced he had to go to work. Without breaking conversation, the buff little man stripped naked. He then donned his shrunken vest and slid his widened feet into his work-issued brown socks and shoes before covering his thick, squat cock and sizeable balls with the elastic pouch. The two men couldn't help but stare at the little stud as he stood in the outfit that, while incredibly revealing to them, was seen as a regular work uniform by everyone else. They especially couldn't keep their eyes off the bouncing pouch that danced around with each step he took. He came over and kissed Teddy goodbye, and all eyes in the room were glued to the muscular globes of his exposed ass when he walked out the door. It wasn't long afterwards that the four of them got to know each other intimately on a regular basis. 

As for the former boyfriend and girlfriend, Derek still didn't know much about the new twins. They saw them all over town, and the identical, masculine bodies were still always on display. What little clothing the two wore was always coordinated, and no matter where they were the two were always touching, whether holding hands while walking or tangling together on a park bench. They'd started coming to the club on leather nights and Scott heard that Mike had gotten to know them, so he knew it was only a matter of time before their path's crossed. 

"Yo…earth to Derek…you okay?" Scott's voice startled Derek back to the here and now. 

"Yeah, sorry, I was just wondering how these are gonna worrrrrrRRRR!" Derek was cut off as Scott grabbed one of his new appendages and started stroking. Both of the sensitive rods hardened rapidly, and he was overcome by the sensation of having his dick stroked, yet still feeling the hungry throbbing from the untouched organ. Scott leaned over and took the other one in his mouth while he continued stroking, sending waves of pure pleasure through the other man. 

Derek didn't know how long he'd remain this way or what shape he'd find himself in tomorrow, but he really couldn't complain. The whole crystal fiasco had started as an excuse to have an adventure with Scott, and that's exactly what the two had on a daily basis. It may not have gone the way either man wanted, but both had learned to take things day by day. Considering how it could have gone, this was close enough to a happy ending.