Facets 5

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"What're you waitin' for in there?!" An unseen voice boomed and pounded on the mirrored walls, startling the man inside the box.

"What the fuck?!" Adam jolted upright and violently hit his head on the locked lid of the cube. "Ow!" The force of the blow sent him tumbling onto his bare rear end. His eyes darted around the small enclosure while his heart jackhammered in his chest. He had no idea where he was or how he got there. He could hear dance music blaring outside but all he could see were the walls of the cube around him. The edges of the box were lined with lights and the walls were flat and mirrored with a series of holes cut in them. He crawled towards one of the holes, intending to peek out, but fell backwards when a hard cock unexpectedly slapped him in the face. A few others followed suit in the other holes and Adam found himself surrounded on all sides by the rigid organs. The terrified young man desperately thought back to the beginning of the evening, trying to remember what happened.


"How's it goin', Adam?" Mike asked as the younger man entered the club.

"'Sup, Mike?" Adam clapped the hairy man on a bare shoulder. The club hadn't opened yet, but Mike's stocky frame was already clad in nothing but a camouflage printed jockstrap.

"Woof! Woof!" Craig barked happily at Mike's feet, excited to see the young man. The former executive was only dimly aware of his previous life at this point, and he'd since lost any control over his current canine-like actions.

"Brutus! My man!" Adam knelt in front of the smiling Craig and let him lick his face. "Think we'll be busy tonight?" He asked, pulling himself away from the naked man.

"Dunno...it's hard to tell on weeknights." Mike made a show of eyeing Adam up and down. "Why? You finally gonna hit the stage?"

"Ha! You wish," the younger man laughed.

"Hey, I've seen it," Mike squeezed Adam's hard ass through his plastered on jeans. "It's everyone else that wants a peek. You'd make a killing up there."

"So everyone tells me. All the time." Adam said, annoyed. The young stud was hired as a bouncer, but everyone kept trying to get him to work as a dancer. "Sorry dude, it's just not my thing."

"What've you got to hide? Young guy like you is the whole...uh...package," Mike motioned to the large bulge in the front of Adam's jeans.

"You wanna see this, you gotta do a little more than wave a few dollar bills around." The young man flexed his massive biceps for emphasis. "It's bad enough I'm paying three hundred bucks a month in student loans just so I can bounce at a gay bar...I'm not going to resort to stripping." Adam was friendly with his coworkers at the club, but he couldn't help looking down at the guys who stripped. He wasn't shy about his body in the least, but he felt like only desperate, trashy guys got up on stage. Sure, he was a college graduate working the door at a gay bar, but at least he had his clothes on. Though he was straight, it wasn't the fact that he was bouncing at a gay bar that bothered Adam; it was the fact that he was working as a bouncer at all. It had been six months since he'd graduated with a degree in Marketing but he hadn't come close to landing a professional job. At twenty-four, he kept getting the same "we're looking for someone with more experience" speech. He'd met Mike when he applied for a PR position at the man's other job, and sensing the desperation in the young stud the older man had mentioned that the club could use another bouncer. Adam was reluctant at first, but Mike convinced him that he was perfect for the job. With his gym-built physique and experience on the college wrestling team he could handle any rowdy patrons, and his handsome looks might draw in new customers. It wasn't what Adam was looking for, but it was better than nothing. By the end of the young man's first night, Mike knew he was right about Adam drawing in customers. Once word got out the young man quickly became a hit. His youthful frame was large and solid with muscle, and his classic, boy-next-door looks drew people in just as much as the stage show. From day one he had people telling him he should strip, but Adam continually disappointed by showing up to work in jeans and a tshirt. While both articles of clothing looked like they were painted on, they still left the young hunk devastatingly covered. The farthest Adam ever went was to show up in a muscle shirt, giving everyone a peek at the dark, wiry hairs that covered his chiseled frame. Adam further fed into the mystique surrounding him by leaving everyone guessing which team he was interested in. He considered himself straight, but depending on how drunk he was by the time his shift was over the young man was willing to fool around with a guy if he was in the mood. For the most part he was a strict tease, but if someone caught him at the right moment he was more than happy to let them admire his body in a one-on-one setting. The only stipulation was that he was always the one on top or the one getting sucked off, not the other way around. Mike had been one of those lucky men, and the older man still reeled at the memory of Adam's young body.

"Hey, it's not so bad." Mike finished setting up the station at the door just as people started showing up outside. "All I'm sayin' is that you should think about it. If I had a body like that I'd show it off all the time."

"Yeah, but you don't have a body like this, and you still show it off all the time...so I don't think your opinion is valid." Adam gave Mike's stomach a playful squeeze.

"You makin' fun of me?" Mike said in mock seriousness, drawing up and standing chest-to-chest with the other man. He wrapped an arm around Adam's trim waist and pressed the camouflage pouch of his jockstrap against the other man's crotch. "I don't remember you having a problem with my body before." He took one of Adam's hands and guided it to his exposed behind.

"I wouldn't dream of making fun of you," Adam said with a sly smile. He didn't know what the older man was doing after work, but his memories of their last encounter were just as fond, and he was starting to think maybe he'd see if Mike wanted to come back to his place. "Here, does this make you happy?" Adam undid the top of his jeans, letting them hang open and show the top of his bright red briefs. He hiked his shirt up his washboard stomach a little, exposing the trail of hair that disappeared behind the crimson fabric.

"You're such a tease," Mike sighed.

"...and you know you love it," Adam said, opening the doors for the first patrons of the night.

The evening was actually slower than usual, and completely uneventful. Adam engaged in his usual flirty teasing, but since it was a quiet night there wasn't even much of that. The last thing he remembered before finding himself in his current predicament was Scott taking the stage and his boyfriend Derek showing up. He saw Mike and Derek talking then...nothing. At least nothing until he found himself naked in a mirrored box surrounded by rigid cocks. Adam discovered that the box was big enough for him to kneel in and turn all the way around, but, as his aching head could attest, not stand. His first thought was that he'd been drugged, but as the stars cleared from his vision Adam knew there had to be something else at work. He hadn't noticed it in his initial shock, but he finally saw that his naked reflection wasn't quite right.

"Fuck!" Adam's eyes immediately dropped to the impossible organ hardening between his legs, nearly bugging out of his skull at what they saw. The impressive 9-incher he was accustomed to had become a huge, swollen monster. Sitting as he was, the now-bulbous head of the throbbing, 18 inch beast nearly came to his chin, and sandwiched between his strong thighs Adam could feel balls that had to be the size of large oranges. It took both of his sturdy hands to wrap around the appendage that was now as thick as one of Adam's bodybuilding forearms, and more sensitive than ever. Simply wrapping his hands around it caused a shiver of pleasure to rip through his body. Panicking about his freakish new girth, Adam's eyes darted from mirror to mirror, discovering that the changes hadn't been limited to his groin. His face was still largely the same, but his lips had puffed out and were bright, candy apple red. He couldn't tell in the dim light of the box, but it also looked like he had eye makeup on, and his whole face appeared to have been coated in a fine dusting of glitter. Adam was relieved to see that at least he still retained all of his hard earned muscles, but they appeared to have shifted. His already-broad shoulders were much wider than they should have been, and his pecs practically ballooned off his chest. The perpetually erect, enlarged nipples hovered over a significantly smaller waist that had been sucked impossibly inwards. Adam shifted his weight to his knees and righted himself as best he could, gasping at the caricature of a profile reflected back at him. His ass was easily three times as large as the perky bubble he'd had, and it jutted out in a near horizontal line from his back. It was as if all the mass from his waist had squished up towards his chest and down to his now globular ass and trunk-like cock. It took a moment to register in the poor light, but Adam also discovered that he was now completely hairless from the eyebrows down.

"Hey! How long are we going to have to stand here?" Another unseen voice pounded the mirrored walls, interrupting Adam's dazed inspection. The young man could just make out the faint hint of a person outlined beyond the mirror and he blushed as he realized that while all he saw was his own reflection, there could be any number of people standing on the other side of the glass gawking at his naked form. The pounding on the glass continued, and despite his embarrassment, Adam suddenly knew why he was in the box. All he wanted to do was cover himself up, but instead the young stud took the nearest cock in his mouth and started working the other two with his meaty hands. Outside he could hear the men moaning as he took turns sucking and stroking each one. Adam had never had a cock in his mouth before, but he was somehow fully aware of how to deliver expert head. If that wasn't concerning enough, Adam, to his growing horror, found himself making a total show of it, flexing and wiggling his hips while bouncing his mammoth cock around as best he could in the little box. He couldn't prevent his own moans from joining in with the men outside and it wasn't long before the mortified young man was drenched in the strangers' cum.

"Ohhhh!" Adam moaned lustfully while the sticky fluid splashed against his now-smooth skin. "Ohhh...ohhh...yeah...that's the...the...what the...!" Adam came back to his senses in the midst of smearing the sticky fluid all over his altered body. He fell back against the glass in a renewed panic while the men pulled their oozing cocks away. He was completely humiliated at his actions, but couldn't deny that the cum trickling down his torso filled him with satisfaction.

"He's so good at that," he heard one of the unseen men say.

"I know! And that body...it's a shame he's such a whore," one of the other men sighed.

"Ha! Yeah, right, a total shame. If he wasn't such a whore, what would you spend all your money on?" the third man laughed. Adam blushed again at hearing the comments about his promiscuity. He wanted to deny it, but for some reason he knew it was all too true. His days of teasing were long gone. Adam knew that everything he had was now always on display, leaving nothing to the imagination. What was worse was that part of him loved it. Even now he couldn't keep his hands off his altered body and his addled brain was on fire with lust. The part of himself that wasn't craving a cock in his mouth couldn't believe that just a few hours ago he wouldn't so much as strip down to his underwear and get on stage, but now he was naked in a box with a freakishly altered body covered in strangers' cum. Adam's trepidation grew when flashes of new memory showed that he was now the club's star attraction, spending night after night in one compromising position after the other.

"Hey! Gloryboy! How ‘bout a show?" Adam's break was cut short when another man pounded on the glass. Acting on instinct, Adam got up on his knees and started flexing, licking his large biceps seductively before smearing the remaining cum all over his body. He sandwiched his enormous cock between the glass and his inflated pecs, pursing his puffy, ruby lips and moaning loudly as he humped and worked his cock up and down the length of his torso. In his mind he was screaming bloody murder, but his hands wouldn't stop pinching his enlarged nipples. He could hear the sounds of a gathered crowd outside the box and wanted desperately to run and hide, but the knowledge of a crowd only egged him on. He fell back on his new, larger ass and set to work licking the head of his conveniently lengthened rod. He couldn't actually suck himself off, there wasn't a mouth on the planet big enough to swallow his new tool, but he could still lick and suck while his hands traveled up and down the impressive distance of his sensitive shaft. When Adam finally thought his humiliation couldn't grow, the bewildered hunk found himself tossing his legs in the air and exposing his tight hole for the gathered crowd. Without warning, several of his fingers disappeared inside, and he started to groan and moan wildly. He was pleading with himself to stop, but those pleas and the crowd were soon forgotten when wave after wave of pleasure washed over him. Like his new cock, every inch of his formerly virgin hole brought him nothing but pleasure. Adam had never been penetrated by anything before, and he'd never been in a hurry to try it, but now the moaning, made-up hunk craved it. His probing fingers were bringing nothing but a tide of bliss that continued until one of the pleasure waves finally broke. With little warning, the massive cock resting on his torso erupted into a torrent of sticky white fluid. Outside, Adam could hear the crowd cheering as a seemingly endless spray of cum plastered the inside of the cube, leaving him spent and exhausted in a warm puddle. As the applause outside died down Adam could hear that the music had been turned off and thankfully knew the club was closing. He heard conversation trail off and eventually the sound of the club doors clicking and locking shut made it's way to his soggy, sticky ears.

"Hang on Angel, I'll have you out in a jiff," Adam heard Mike say above a jingle of keys. The young man squinted as bright light streamed into the box and gratefully took Mike's extended hand. He stood, stretching his stiff, soaking frame while gratefully sucking down the water bottle Mike offered. Standing for the first time in his new form, Adam was surprised that he didn't feel weighted down by his hardy new package. Finally having softened, his cock still dangled nearly to his knees, swinging wildly with the slightest movement. While his brain struggled to comprehend what was happening, his body seemed used to it.

"Mike? What's going on...? What the hell happened?!" Now that he was out of the box and his head was clearing, the shock of his transformation was really setting in.

"What do you mean?" Mike asked, concerned. "Did someone get too rough?" At the sound of Mike's worried tone, Craig, who'd been sitting obediently by the door, came bounding over.

"Woof!" he barked, gazing up at the naked, dripping Adam. He felt like something was wrong, that Adam was different somehow, but he couldn't get his foggy brain to piece it together. The thought was soon forgotten when his attention focused on licking the drying cum off Adam's leg.

"No...I mean me! What happened to me?" Adam ignored the man-dog for the moment and lifted his heavy arms to show off his caricature of a body.

"You made a shitload of money, for starters," Mike said, taking the young man by the hand. "Come on, let's go get you cleaned up. And not by Brutus," Mike pulled Craig away by the collar, leaving the crawling man with a confused look on his face. "I think you were in there a little too long tonight," Mike said to Adam. "A shower should help clear your head."

"No...this isn't...I..." the feel of Mike's firm hand swallowing his own brought the fog rolling back. He wanted to argue but couldn't find the words. "O...okay..." he finally said, following numbly behind as the jockstrap-clad man led him through a set of double doors. Adam's gaze switched between the globes of Mike's meaty ass and Craig's broad, naked body, and the stirring in his impressive loins confirmed what Adam felt in the pit of his stomach. The young stud knew he'd be spending quite a bit more time fooling around with guys now than he used to. "Okay Angel, she's all yours," Mike said as he hissed the shower to life in the small locker room. Adam shuffled forward under the warm stream and washed himself in a daze, feeling as though his fingers were running over a stranger's body. His proportions were all wrong, making him look like something out of a pulp novel, and if the body wasn't bad enough, Adam was equally distraught over his uncontrollable behavior. Even now he felt himself performing, moaning and squirming seductively while he bathed in front of the other two men. He didn't know why he was doing it, or why the other man kept calling him "Angel," but he could feel Mike and Craig's stares as he hoisted and manhandled his ungainly new equipment, loving every second of it. "Did that help?" Mike asked, shutting off the water and wrapping a towel around Adam's broadened shoulders.

"Uh...yeah?" When he was finally clean and dried off, Adam stood frozen in front of the steamy mirror, inspecting every inch of his surreal new physique, the floating clouds of steam adding a dreamlike quality to the whole scenario. He caught himself pursing his crimson lips unconsciously and saw that, despite the vigorous scrubbing he'd given it during his shower, his face still looked like it was covered in makeup. "Hey...this stuff isn't coming off," he said, rubbing at the blue eye shadow.

"I'd hope not, as much as you spent making that shit permanent." Mike laughed, but Adam paled. He suddenly remembered the money, the plastic surgeon – all of it. He could remember having something close to his former body, but now he could also remember hunting for a plastic surgeon that could change all that and turn him into the lustful creature he'd become.

"Oh..." the former college jock swayed on his feet a little, the shock of this new revelation proving to be too much. The altered stud knew that Adam, with his all-American good looks, was gone, replaced by Angel, who had a body and a look that would make the most garish prostitute jealous.

"Whoa! Easy Angel, I've got you," Mike said as he caught Adam in a bear hug. He guided the shaking man to the bench and held him tight.

"Sorry...I'm okay...I just got a little light headed," Adam hated to admit it, but he was starting to feel better with his face buried in Mike's hairy chest. He wasn't used to the feeling of being naked in another man's arms, but he couldn't deny that he liked it. He heard Craig whimper and felt the collared man rest his head on his leg. "No, really, I'm feeling better." He reluctantly pulled his head away from Mike's chest and gave Craig a quick pat.

"You sure?" Mike was dubious. "Brutus and I were going over to Scott and Derek's tonight...but why don't you come home with us instead? I don't think you should go home by yourself."

"Yeah...sure...that sound's like a good idea." Adam vaguely remembered wanting to go home with Mike earlier in the evening. He'd been halfhearted about it before, but now the thought set his heart racing.

"Alright then, get dressed and we'll head out," the older man said excitedly. He opened a locker and handed Adam a stack of clothes before dressing himself.

"At least these look the sa..." Adam trailed off when the pants in his hands unfolded. They looked like the jeans he'd been wearing earlier, save for the fact they were missing a crotch and a back. He dug through the stack, but his red briefs were nowhere to be found either. "I can't go out in these!" he gasped at the incomplete denim.

"I thought they were boring too," Mike said as he slipped into a tiny pair of skintight trunks, "but you're the one who insists on wearing jeans." He pulled on a spandex tank top and turned to face the still naked Adam. "Let me help, Angel." The older man took the pants and gently guided each of Adam's firm legs inside before forcing them up to his hips. They were just as skintight as when the evening started, the only differences now were the unnaturally large package that dangled in plain view and the gravity-defying ass that bubbled out the back. The stunned Adam let Mike manipulate his arms into his tshirt and the young man found that, with his broadened shoulders and inflated pecs, the shirt stopped several inches above the waist of his pants, looking like a cut-off. Though his larger new nipples poked conspicuously against cotton that was strained to bursting across his chest, the material hung loose above his impossibly skinny new waist. "Ready to go?"

"I guess so," Adam said hesitantly, giving himself one last look in the mirror. Mike once again took him by the hand and Adam let himself be guided along. Something about Mike's hairy paw squeezing his hand made him relax, and he unconsciously leaned in against the other man while they walked.

"Doin' alright?" Mike wrapped an arm around his young companion's broad shoulders reassuringly.

"Yeah, I guess I'm just kinda tired," Adam said, trying to come up with an excuse for why he was so eager to have Mike's arm around him. He was so busy focusing on his growing feelings towards the older man that he didn't even notice when they passed through the club doors to the bustling sidewalk outside. The street was full of people enjoying the balmy evening air and Adam found his new body on display once again. "Shit!" the young man instinctively, and futilely, tried to cover himself, expecting to be arrested at any moment. He couldn't believe that he was walking casually down the street with his enormous new cock and protruding ass totally exposed. He also couldn't believe that in the preceding three blocks, no one had said anything. The eye-catching stud received quite a few stares, both lustful and disgusted, but no one actually said anything or tried to stop him. They'd even passed a police officer who hadn't even bothered to take a second look as the trio passed. Though he couldn't have known, Adam was having the same experience Craig had earlier. He was totally aware of how wrong his current predicament was, but to everyone else, if it wasn't "normal," it was at least acceptable. Even when the swaying motion from his walking and the warm evening breeze caused his rod to harden, no one said anything. Adam was mortified that he practically had to carry his new cock while it jutted out in front of him as they walked, but he was apparently the only one. It wasn't obvious under his permanent makeup, but the young stud's face was beet red with embarrassment by the time they finally reached Mike's pickup. Adam jumped eagerly inside while Mike loaded Craig into the back end.

"Okay, Brutus is all set in the back. I'll call Scott and let him know that we won't be makin' it over." Mike pulled out his cell phone, and after a brief conversation hung up and threw the truck into gear. "I guess Derek's not feelin' so hot either. He was kinda out of it earlier today at work...I hope something's not goin' around." Mike ran the back of his hairy hand up the underside of Adam's still-hard cock, sending a shudder through the other man. "But I can't really complain about how things worked out," he smiled.


"That was Mike...he said Angel wasn't feeling too good so he's taking him back to his place for the night." Scott sauntered into the bedroom, a towel flung over his dripping, naked shoulder. "I told him you weren't feeling a hundred percent either, so it was okay if we skipped it." Scott looked down at Derek's trim frame on the bed, his eyes resting on the little yellow briefs his friend was wearing. He wanted nothing more than to tear them off and go to town, but he knew his lover wasn't up to it.

"Thanks, babe," Derek said, looking up at his hulking friend. "Sorry I'm not much fun tonight." He could see the hunger on Scott's face but he just didn't have the energy.

"That's okay," Scott said, his hardening cock betraying his disappointment. He dropped his giant frame onto the bed next to Derek, wrapping the other man in his strong arms. His cock was pressed temptingly against the smaller man's back, but Scott didn't give in.

"Scott...I..." Derek wanted to tell him what happened during the day but he couldn't bring himself to. Scott had no idea about Mike, or Craig, or their old boss, or even poor Adam. The young bouncer had been another unintended victim of the crystal. Derek had nothing against the young man, but the minute he saw him Derek felt reality start shifting. Even now when he closed his eyes he was greeted with images of Adam in his new body, sprawled on his back with his legs in the air while Mike plowed away. Craig was straddling the young man's head and Derek could see that Adam was sucking away at the former executive's cock. Instead of the lust he should have felt, more than anything the images filled Derek with dread. He was losing control of the crystal and he had no idea what to do about it. What was worse, he was beginning to feel like he was losing control of himself.

"Yeah?" Scott asked, drawing Derek away from the scene in his head. Scott knew Derek was keeping something from him but he couldn't bring himself to push the other man.

"...I'm still really sorry about all this. I really never meant for any of this to happen." Derek really did want to tell Scott, but he felt his energy fading quickly. He could barely hold his eyes open, and Scott's warm body rocking back and forth didn't help.

"I know, I believe you," Scott said, his gentle tone masking the anger he wanted to feel at Derek holding out on him. He knew it had something to do with the crystal, but Derek's gentle snoring told him he'd have to wait for answers.

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