A Happy Accident (tt hypno humil nc)

Continued from "Look What Thinking Can Get You"

Chapter 2

When I arrived at school I knew I would have to use my newfound power to rectify some problems. The first person to change would be Jim Wilson, the star of the baseball team. He was always making awful comments about gays, so I thought I would make a change in him. I had Phys. Ed. with Jim so I decided to try out my new ability when he got in the shower. Jim was soaping himself up bragging about screwing the head cheerleader. I looked at him and thought, "You know Jim you are really getting horny."

I looked at his cock and it was beginning to swell. He looked at his cock and ran out of the shower. No one noticed that it was half-hard, but my fun with Jim was only beginning.

I left the shower and followed him into the change area. Jim was trying to conceal his hard-on by putting on his briefs. This only made it more noticeable with his hard cock tenting the front of his briefs. I thought to him "You are not horny anymore," and his cock began to soften. Then I thought to him, "Tonight after school, you are going to go over to Tank's house." Jim had a confused look on then he continued to get dressed. I could not wait until tonight to change some things about Jim.

Jim arrived at around five thirty. He and my brother went up to our room. I went upstairs and sat in Mom's room where I could hear them. They were both talking about sports as usual, but since I had changed Tank, he was thinking about Jim in lewd ways. Jim talked about women and Tank went along with it. I decided it was time to make some changes in Jim. I walked into the room and thought to Tank, "Go outside till I call for you."

Jim looked up and said, "Hey Tank, man, where are you going?"

Tank ignored him and proceeded to leave the room. I thought to Jim, "You will listen to Tank's brother and do everything he tells you to do."

Jim thought for a second then I could feel his mind accepting my direction.

"Jim, I am going to tell you to do some things and you are going to do them without question."

"Yes sir," he replied.

"First I want you to take off all of your clothes for me and put them on the bed."

Jim stood up and proceeded to remove all of his clothing, folding each piece and placing it on the bed. I took out some cameras and began snapping photos, and videotaping his dilemma.

Once he was nude and sitting on the bed I continued, "Jim, take this hair removal cream and rub it all over your body from the neck down. Don't miss any spots, even your asshole."

Jim stood up, uncapped the pail of paste and proceeded to rub it all over his body from the neck down. It was long-term hair remover so it would take months to grow back. Once he had sufficiently covered himself I led him to the shower and turned it on. All of his body hair came off and went right down the drain. Macho Jim looked pretty humorous, like an overgrown adolescent.

"Now Jim, take this cock ring and wear it."

Jim took it from my hand and placed it on. All this was recorded by the camera.

"Tomorrow we will go to the beach. You will wear these." I picked up a tiny pair of white G-string bikini swim trunks.

"Jim, I want you to jack off for me. Rub your tits and balls, and finger your asshole. Look at the camera and smile. Enjoy yourself. When you shoot your load, I want you to eat it."

Jim had a big smile on his face, reached down and began to rub his erect cock, rolling his left nipple in the other. He alternated slow and fast strokes, he rubbed his bare balls, and he even stuck his middle finger up his virgin hole.

After about ten minutes, he arched his back and shot his load all over his chest. He reached down and used his fingers to scoop it up. He sucked the tips of his fingers, moaning like a whore. His whole performance was recorded on video.

"Now Jim, I want you to get on your knees and suck my cock."

I positioned the camera so it would not record my face, but I had a good close-up of Jim's.

Jim the baseball jock who had screwed dozens of girls came over to me and took out my erect cock and devoured it like an expert. He even deep throated me. After a few minutes I pulled out of his mouth and shot all over his face. This would be a good home movie!

I opened the door and had Tank come back in.

"Jim get on the bed and lie on your back."

Jim did as he was told.

"Tank I want you to fuck Jim for me, okay?" I thought to Tank.

"Okay bro," replied Tank.

Tank jumped on the bed and shed his clothes. He grabbed Jim's legs and pushed them to his chest. He lubed his dick with some lotion on the nightstand and entered Jim's virgin ass roughly. Jim yelped in pain the look on his face was priceless.

I thought to him, "You love this Jim. Enjoy yourself. Get into it."

Jim started moaning and saying, "Fuck me, oh yeah fuck my ass." His dick got hard and started leaking on his abdomen.

He started to jack himself off and he was bucking his hips in rhythm with Tank's thrusts. I was videotaping all of this making sure not to get Tank's face in the picture. His big nine-inch dick was tearing Jim's hole apart. Jim was sweating and moaning, and then after about thirty minutes, Tank came inside of Jim. He withdrew and Jim's violated ass laid open, blood and cum dripped from his hole onto the bed sheets. Jim even came while being fucked in the ass like a faggot. Tank put his dick to Jim's mouth and had him clean it off.

"Jim, put your clothes on and go home. You will not remember what you did here tonight but be back here at ten in the morning tomorrow."

Jim responded to my request like a robot. He put on his clothes and left. He would get a surprise when he took his shower tonight.

Jim got home and went to the shower. He had been to Tank's house, but he did not remember what he had done there. All he knew was that his ass hurt like hell. He decided he needed a shower to relax. He went to the bathroom and stripped off his shirt. His back was to the mirror so he had not noticed his bare chest yet. He pulled off his pants, and turned around facing the mirror.

Jim nearly shit seeing the image looking back at him.

His thick carpet of chest hair was gone. His chest was as bare as a baby's butt. He lifted his hand to feel his chest, and when he did, he noticed there was no hair under his arms.

How the hell had that happened? He was embarrassed and pissed off at the same time. He did not remember shaving. He was really confused. He looked down at his crotch, and he did not like how his underwear fit. They seemed to fit awfully flat to his crotch. He pulled his briefs down and his crotch was bare too! He looked like a seven-year-old boy down there. He also had some kind of ring around his dick. It made his cock stick out in front of him.

He tried pulling it off but it would not budge. It was on tight. He was humiliated. How could he shower in front of the rest of the team, and in PE? Girls would laugh at his crotch. He turned around and bent over slightly and spread his ass cheeks. Looking over his shoulder into the mirror, his asshole was smooth as well. His hole also was red, and swollen looking. He had lost all of his body hair from the neck down. He felt like a freak. He took his shower and the water felt weird running down his smooth body. He put on his boxers and a t-shirt and went to bed trying to figure out how he had lost his hair and how that thing got around his cock.

Chapter 3

Jim woke up the next morning around 9:45. He remembered he had to go to the beach today with Tank's little brother. He jumped up and pulled on his swimming trunks and put on a T-shirt so he would not show off his newly shaved chest. He went out the door and made the fifteen-minute drive to Tank's house. He arrived at our house at right at ten.

I met him at the door. He asked, "Where is Tank? Isn't he going to the beach with us?"

I answered, "No, he has other things to do today. You and I will be the only ones going." We got in his car and headed to the beach. Jim was confused. He did not know me at all. Why was he going to the beach with me? Jim found a parking spot near the beach and we got out of the car.

"You want you to do everything Tank's brother says," I thought to Jim. Again, his mind quickly accepted my direction. "Jim I have to put on my trunks, and I think you need to change yours too. I brought a pair you can use."

"Yeah, now that I think about it, I do need to change," said Jim.

We headed down to the changing area. Jim followed me inside. I could tell he was uncomfortable. He did not want any other guys seeing his bare crotch. I pulled off my shorts and underwear and slipped on my trunks. Then I got out the pair for Jim. They were at least three sizes too small and where white.

"Here Jim put these on, and take off your shirt you need to get some sun," I instructed.

Jim was horrified. He would look silly in those trunks. They were obviously too small and his ass would hang out but he knew he had to wear them. He took off his shirt exposing his hairless chest and underarms. Then he slipped off his trunks exposing his bare crotch and cock ring. The other guys in the changing room noticed his appearance and some of them laughed; a few gave him admiring glances. Jim's face glowed red from embarrassment. He took the tiny G-string and pulled it on. They fit extremely tight; his entire ass was out in the open with only a tiny string down the middle. The trunks fit so low on his waist that it was obvious he had no pubic hair. They barely covered his dick.

If he moved too quickly his balls would slip out the side. They fit so tight that they outlined his cut dickhead perfectly. If you looked closely you could even see his cock ring.

"Looks like you shaved yourself, and I really like that cock ring," I exclaimed loudly so everyone would hear.

Jim was humiliated. "I don't know how that got there," he grumbled.

"Well, let's go out and get some sun."

Jim followed me out the door trying to hide his ass and crotch, with his hands and a beach towel.

That would not do at all, so I thought to him, "Jim, do not try and hide your ass, and crotch." He quickly took his hands away from his ass and genitals leaving them exposed.

The beach was not real crowded yet, but I had ways to really humiliate Jim. I headed straight for the gay section of the beach. I thought to Jim telling him to follow me.

Jim was getting uneasy. He thought there was something strange about all of these guys and no girls around. He finally figured out it was a gay beach. He started to get up.

"I am getting out of here. I can't stand fags," hissed Jim.

I entered Jim's mind and thought, "Sit down here and do everything that Tank's brother tells you."

Jim sat back down but he still wanted to get out of there right away. Many of the guys on the beach were giving Jim glances. He was very uncomfortable. I decided to humiliate him. There was a guy about twenty feet away. He was really cute. He had black hair and tan skin. He did not appear to have an ounce of fat on him, and from the front of his speedos, he was also well equipped. I entered the guy's mind, and told him to come over to us. He came over to us and said hi.

"My name is Shawn. What is your and your friend's names?" asked Shawn.

"My name is Steven, and this is my friend Jim."

"Nice to meet you guys. Are you two a couple?" asked Shawn who was eyeing Jim.

"No, we are just good friends," I answered.

I quickly thought to Shawn, "You find Jim very attractive and want to try and seduce him."

Jim was horrified. He was sitting on a gay beach in a skin-tight thong bikini and some fag was hitting on him. I knew this was a perfect time to add to Jim's humiliation. I thought to him, "Jim, why don't you ask Shawn to sit down with us?"

Jim was confused by the words coming out of his mouth. He had just asked Shawn to join them. He was so embarrassed. The guy probably thought he was gay or something.

"So, Jim are you in college?" asked Shawn.

"NO!" replied Jim in a hateful tone.

That would not do at all. I had to make Jim a little more receptive to the situation. I pulled out some suntan lotion, and thought to Jim, "Ask Shawn to put lotion on you. Say it nicely. I want you to do everything that he says also. Flirt with him. You will actually enjoy it, but it will embarrass you greatly since you are not gay."

"Shawn, could you put some lotion on me. I need to get some sun," exclaimed Jim with a confused look in his eyes. Jim had no idea why he would ask something like that he hated fags.

"Sure, stud. Lie down on your stomach for me," said Shawn.

Jim did as he asked he rolled onto his stomach exposing his bubble butt to Shawn for the first time.

Shawn liked what he saw. He straddled Jim's back, and squirted lotion on his back. Jim was confused why was he doing this. There was a queer in speedos sitting on his back pressing his dick and balls onto his bare skin, and somehow it was turning him on.

I decided to add to the humiliation even more. I entered Shawn's mind and thought, "Shawn don't forget to put some lotion on his ass."

Shawn scooted down and did something that stunned Jim. He actually started rubbing lotion on his ass. This was too good to be true. I decided to memorialize the moment as I got out my camera and took some pictures of him putting the lotion on.

"Smile guys," I said snapping away. Jim did as he had been instructed and smiled still doing everything I said.

Adding to his humiliation, Jim felt his dick beginning to swell. He was getting a hard-on from a guy rubbing his ass while I snapped pictures.

"Roll over and I'll do your chest, stud," said Shawn, squeezing on Jim's ass cheek.

Jim rolled over on his chest. His half hard cock was beginning to stretch the front of his trunks to their limit. Jim's face glowed red. I snapped some more pictures making sure to get his swelling fucktube in every frame. Shawn was rubbing lotion onto Jim's chest, and rubbing his nipples. Jim let out a moan, and was brought back to reality for a second. Here was Jim Wilson, the ladies man in school, moaning with a hard on while some fag was rubbing his nipples on a public beach. He was not gay but he was overcome by the intense feelings I had implanted in his mind.

Jim's cock soon had reached its full length. His dick was sticking out the side of his thong. This was not lost on Shawn. He squirted some lotion onto his hand and grabbed Jim's dick. Jim was in ecstasy but he was not gay. Why was this arousing him? He could not deny the feelings he was having. I snapped some pictures of Shawn manipulating Jim's huge mushroom head zooming in to show the precum forming in Jim's piss slit.

Shawn decided to take it further. Since this was a gay beach, it was not patrolled so they did not have to worry about getting arrested. He put his fingers under the waistband of Jim's thong and pulled it off lifting Jim's ass off of the ground. Shawn admired Jim's bare crotch Jim's cock ring had Jim's cock and balls bulge out in front of him. Jim did not remember his session with Tank, so to him it was the first time a guy had touched him in a sexual way.

He was embarrassed and turned on at the same time. Shawn took off his speedos and was standing in Jim's face. The other men on the beach had all stopped what they were doing and were watching the incredibly hot scene unfold.

Shawn reached under Jim's elbows and brought Jim up onto his knees. Shawn stroked his cock, and it started to lengthen, He too had a bare crotch. Jim was disgusted. Shawn had his cock in his face and he apparently wanted him to suck him off. He would not do that, but my programming soon kicked in. I had thought to him earlier to do whatever Shawn asked, and Shawn soon said something that pleased me to no end.

"Suck me off stud, come on suck it you know you want to," said Shawn moaning as he rubbed his balls and stroked his dick. Suddenly Jim realized that he had to suck Shawn off. He was mortified! He was not gay but he kept doing these sick things. Shawn took his cock and rubbed it on Jim's face. Jim surprised himself when he stuck out his tongue and licked Shawn's cut dickhead. He soon found himself opening his mouth as Shawn guided his eight-inch prick into Jim's mouth. I snapped pictures furiously as did several other men on the beach.

Jim felt like he was going to choke. He had forgotten about sucking me off so it was new to him.

I thought to Jim, "Ask him to fuck you."

Jim was surprised when he realized he enjoyed what he was doing. Shawn was soon face-fucking Jim like there was no tomorrow. Jim had even begun to jack himself off. Then he said it.

Jim was dumbfounded by the words coming out of his mouth. "Fuck my ass, man. I want you to fuck me!" said Jim. He definitely did not want Shawn to fuck him but the words had come out of his mouth.

"Sure thing, cowboy," growled Shawn. He roughly pushed Jim onto his back and grabbed his legs pushing them back towards his chest. Jim tried to rise up and stop him but he could not for some reason. Jim was horrified. He, the straight stud, was on a gay beach getting ready to have his ass fucked by a total stranger in broad daylight. He felt like crying.

Shawn grabbed some lotion and put in on his cock and he forcefully entered Jim's tight hole. The look on Jim's face was priceless. I made sure to take as many photos as I could making sure to show Shawn's eight-inch prick jamming into Jim's ass. To top it all off, Jim had gotten a hard-on from Shawn's dick rubbing against his prostrate.

Shawn pounded Jim's ass for a good ten minutes. I thought to Jim, "Jack off and moan while he fucks you." Jim immediately grabbed his cock and started stroking himself. He moaned like a cheap whore. I snapped more pictures of Jim who in the pictures was obviously gay and enjoying getting his ass plowed. After about ten more minutes, Shawn arched his back and shot his load up Jim's ass. Cum poured out of Jim's violated asshole. I took more pictures of his sloppy hole.

Shawn took his slime-covered dick and put it in Jim's face. "Clean it off stud," said Shawn. Jim was sickened there was no way he would do that, but he found himself sticking his tongue out and sucking on Shawn's cock which had been up his ass only seconds before the taste sickened him.

Jim had not came yet so, I thought to Shawn, "Suck Jim off till he cums and hold the cum in your mouth and kiss him and spit it his mouth." Shawn did as I said.

Jim came after only a few minutes of sucking, and Shawn held all of the cum in his mouth and came up and kissed Jim. He stuck his tongue in Jim's mouth and forced the cum into Jim's mouth. Jim was not ready for this so cum emptied out of his mouth and onto his face. All of this had been recorded in my camera.

"That was great Jim, we have to do this again sometime. Give me your number and I'll call you," said Shawn.

Jim again followed his conditioning and gave Shawn his number. Shawn put his speedo back on and said, "I have to get to work guys but I'll definitely see you later." Shawn winked at Jim before turning around and leaving.

Jim's face was burning bright red. His cock had finally come down but he had just let another man fuck him in front of his friends little brother. He was so confused. He pulled the tiny g-string back on. His ass hurt terribly and cum was running down his thighs from his asshole. He felt like dying. I knew I had accomplished a part of my mission.

"Well Jim, I had no idea you were a cocksucker. If I'd known that I would have had you suck mine too," I exclaimed to Jim.

Jim was again humiliated. "I am not a cocksucker. I like women, I don't know why I did that."

"Oh, sure Jim, I believe you," I answered sarcastically.

I decided our day at the beach was through. I implanted a thought in Jim's mind, "You will get up and go home, you will come to my house whenever I call and ask for you."

Jim got up. "I need to go home, before I go crazy," he said.

I could not wait to try my powers on someone else.

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