A Happy Accident (tt hypno humil nc)

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Chapter 4

My escapades with Jim Wilson at the beach had made me feel like quite the vigilante. Jim was probably sitting at home trying to figure out why he had let himself be fucked. Man, that made me feel great. I was through with Jim for now at least. I bet he would act a little differently at school on Monday. No more sauntering around the locker room until that hair grew back.

My experience with Jim made me want to use my powers on someone else who deserved to be humiliated. I sat in my room the whole afternoon after I got back from the beach. It took some time, but I finally made a decision about who my next victim would be. His name was Michael Jasper, and he was on just about every sports team in school except football. He was a well-known womanizer. He had knocked at least one girl up, and he often made fun of people at school. He picked on everyone and anyone that he felt was inferior to him. Well, he needed to be brought down a notch or two and I would be the one to do it. I had homeroom with Jim so that would be when I made my move.

When I arrived at school Monday, I saw Jim in the hall and he looked at me and turned the other way, He must still be so embarrassed. I walked on down the hall and went straight into my homeroom. Michael was in the back of the room talking it up with his cocky friends. I looked back his way; he looked up at me and said, "What you staring at you fairy?" All of his friends laughed, I just took my seat thinking of all of the ways that I would humiliate Michael.

I decided on something small to begin with I concentrated on entering Michael's mind. Once I had entered it, I was not surprised at the thoughts and images in his head. He was thinking about several of the girls in the room and about sports and jock crap like that. I implanted the thought "Michael, you need to piss very badly. When you are through pissing you will leave your fly open. You will not notice until someone says something about it, that will make you very embarrassed."

Michael started fidgeting in his seat and after a few seconds he went up front and asked Mr. Reynolds if he could go to the restroom, Reynolds said yes and he went out.

I sat there waiting to see if he would do as I had instructed. After a couple of minutes, Michael reentered the room, and as I expected his khaki shorts were undone and his boxers could be seen.

He walked back to his seat several people snickered and Michael wondered why. "Why you guys laughing?" asked Michael, his friend Brian answered, "Your fly's undone man."

Michaels face glowed red with extreme embarrassment. Now I knew I could control him just as I could others. I needed to implant another thought. "Michael tonight when you get home you will have an urge to call Steven and do whatever he says to you on the phone." I implanted my phone number and knew that tonight I would be receiving a call from Michael.

That night around seven o'clock the phone rang. I went over and answered it. "Hello."

"Hi, Steven. This is Michael from your homeroom."

"What are you calling me for?" I asked trying to sound surprised.

"I... uhh... just felt like calling you for some reason. I got your number from our homeroom list," answered Michael.

"Well I am really surprised you would call me. Since you're on the phone maybe you could do something for me. Why don't you me over to my house right now?"

I heard the phone click and knew that Michael would soon be out my house. Tank had gone to football practice to lift weights and my parents where gone on a business trip so I had the entire house for my visitor and myself. About ten minutes later, there was a knock at the door. It was Michael.

"Hey Michael, come in," I said pleasantly as I eyed the very hunky jock who had a very confused look on his face.

"I have no idea why I called you or came here man. I did not even know your name," said Michael.

"Well I guess you had a reason for coming," I said. Now I was going to give Michael that reason. I entered his mind and planted some thoughts, beginning with, "Michael you came here because you wanted to ask me something."

"Oh yeah. I wanted to ask you something," said Michael with an even more confused look on his face.

"Oh? What did you want to ask?" I said, and then I implanted his response. "Say I wanted to ask you too fuck me in the ass and in your mind you find that you really do want Steven to fuck you in the ass and the more you think about it the hornier you become. Just looking at Steve makes you want to get on your back and beg him to fuck you."

Michael at first hesitated and then he opened his mouth. "I wanted to ask you to fuck me in the ass." Michael's jaw dropped. He could not believe what had just come out of his mouth. He was straight! There was no way he wanted anything stuck up his ass but he realized that he really did want me to fuck him. Michael thought he must have been going crazy.

I felt Michael think that he was going to leave so I implanted another thought. "You will do everything that Steven says and you will not leave until Steven says so. And you also realize you have a need to suck Steven's cock and rim his ass. You will beg him to let you do it."

"I don't know about that Michael. I'm not gay, but come inside and close the door," I said.

"I'm not either but I need you to please fuck me up the ass," said Michael who still could not believe that he actually wanted that geek Steven to fuck him. He was straight for Christ's sake! Then he realized he was starting to get a hard on. He found himself wanting to strip off and beg that geek to fuck him. Michael came inside and closed the door. God he felt so embarrassed. His face glowed red. Michael then started looking at my crotch. He started wondering what it would be like to suck him off, and he wondered what it was like to eat out another guy's ass.

"Please Steve... you gotta let me suck you off man. I gotta rim your ass man. I won't tell anybody. Please man. You gotta help me out," begged Michael. He still was confused by what he found himself wanting to do.

"Well... I guess I can let you do it to help out a friend. Let's go upstairs," I said as I laughed to myself. Mr. Michael was in for the most embarrassing time of his young life.

Michael followed me up the steps not understanding what was going on. He did not want to follow him but he went up anyway.

"Michael, since I am helping you out, I need to see what I am getting, so take your clothes off for me," I said as I turned on the video cameras I had hid in the room.

Michael bent down and began removing his clothes. He had a really confused look on his face. He could not believe he was stripping for another guy. I implanted another thought into his mind. "Michael, ask Steven to fuck you again and bend over and show your asshole to him and say, 'I want you to fuck my asspussy.' I want you enjoy saying it.You really want me to fuck you because you love getting fucked up the ass. Then I want you to keep talking dirty like a gay porn star would."

Michael was soon naked, and he was terribly embarrassed. He was standing there with a hard-on in front of me and he wanted me to fuck him. "Steve man... please fuck me man. I want you to fuck my asspussy." Michael could not believe what he had just done. He was standing bent over with his asscheeks spread by his hands showing his asshole to another guy.

"Come on man. Fuck my ass. Make me your bitch, If you do, I'll suck you off like a good boy." Michael was still standing bent over shaking his ass at me.

"Well, if you say so, go lay down on my bed, and pull your knees up against your chest. Spread those cheeks for me," I said as Michael complied with my order. He got up on my bed and pulled his legs back to his chest exposing his pink hole to me once again. It was time to change him a little bit more. I implanted another thought, "Michael this will be the most pleasurable experience in your life. You will enjoy yourself immensely."

I grabbed some lube and lubed up and lined my hard dick at the entrance to his virgin hole. I implanted another thought, "I want you to moan and groan loudly to show your enjoyment." With that last thought implanted, I lunged forward burying my cock all the way in on the first thrust.

"Oh yeah... fuck my ass, yeah, fuck my ass... ohh... feels so good," moaned Michael with a look of ecstasy on his face. He would die if he knew this was being recorded.

I set about fucking him hard in and out all the way with each thrust. Michael would be walking funny tomorrow. He moaned and said stuff the whole time just as I had implanted. He even started jacking himself. After about fifteen minutes, I shot my load inside of his ass and Michael came at the same time. He came from being fucked in the ass!

"Ohh yeah... feels so good. Did you like my asspussy?" asked Michael who was still enjoying my softening dick in his ass.

"Yes, it was great. But now you have to pay me back since I helped you out. I want you to rim my ass, and you had better do a good job of it."

"Oh yeah, let me stick my tongue up your love tunnel," said Michael he was quickly getting another erection. As I got on the bed, he got off and he grabbed my cheeks and spread them apart. He started rimming me like a pro.

I was moaning; it felt so good. "Yeah rim my ass you jock stud," I said. I let him give me a tongue fuck for at least ten minutes then I told him to stop. I had sprung a new boner from his expert tongue work and he knew what I wanted. "Suck my cock like you promised," I said as I rubbed my hard cock on his face.

Michael was still enjoying himself from my last little change. "Yeah, let me make love to your cock, I want it in my throat," said Michael as he opened his mouth and I guided it in.

"Watch your teeth," I added since it was his first time. He gagged a little, but he soon was giving quite the good blowjob, but Tank was still better. I guess I had time to change that. I came pretty quickly and I made sure he swallowed it all.

"Well, you're quite the cocksucker," I said.

Michael was once again looking confused since we were through. He was returning to normal. "What are you talking about? Where the fuck are my clothes?" asked Michael.

I quickly implanted some new things in Michael's mind. "Michael you will stand still and be quiet and you will do everything that Steven says." Michael quit moving and stood there blankly looking my way.

"Michael can you hear me?"


"Michael from now on, you will have a need to get fucked up the ass. You will also need to suck cock. When you don't have a cock up your ass or in your mouth, you will feel empty. You will also only wear a jockstrap when you are at home. You will even answer the door wearing only the jockstrap. It will seem normal to you. I will take care of your parents so they don't mind. You will also shave your body from the neck down. You need to keep it smooth. Do you understand?"


"Good. When I say your name, you will put on your clothes and we will go to your house, Michael."

After Michael dressed up, we walked outside and got into his car and he drove us towards his house. He was still quiet since I had not yet told him otherwise. He walked up to the house and went inside.

"Michael is that you?" asked his mother as she walked into the room. I quickly implanted a thought into her head. "Be quiet and stand still do every thing that Michael's friend says."

She immediately took on a blank look and stood still. "Michael go get your father and bring him into the living room." I then told Mrs. Jasper to follow me into the living room.

Michael brought his father into the room and I entered his mind as well. Once I had control of everyone in the room I had his parents sit down on the couch so I could reprogram their thoughts.

"Mr. Jasper, from now on your son will wear only a jockstrap when he is in the house. This will seem perfectly normal to you. In fact you will be very attracted to your son and will try to find ways to touch him. You will offer to give him backrubs and you will have him suck you off and you will fuck him up the ass at least once a day."

I continued, "Mrs. Jasper. You too will find it normal that your son only wears jockstraps when he is in the house. It will seem perfectly normal to you. You will not find it odd that your husband is attracted to Michael and will find that normal. Do you both understand?"

"Yes," they replied in unison.

"Good. Now both of you go upstairs and go to bed. When you wake up you will not remember my being here but you will do everything I have said." With that, they both turned and went up to their bedroom leaving Michael and me alone.

"Michael, you have a need to be fucked up the ass and suck cocks. You will also find your father attractive and will try to show your body off to him. You will suck him off and let him fuck your ass at least once per day. You will need to invite friends over and try to suck them off or let them fuck you. You will record your encounters with a video camera that is to be hidden in your room. The videos will be given to me. At school you will act normal, still the womanizing jerk. Do you understand?"


"When I say your name, you will get up and go put on a jockstrap and come back downstairs. Michael."

Michael stood up and went up the stairs to his room. I sat waiting for his return. He was back in only a couple of minutes. He was wearing only a white jock that was really tight it really showed off his package.

"Very good Michael. Now, when I snap my fingers, you will awaken and my being here is normal 'cause we are friends." "Snap" went my fingers and Michael blinked his eyes and came to life.

"Hey man I did not here you come in," said Michael as he looked my way.

"How are you doing?" I asked.

"I am doing all right, man."

Michael was acting completely normal standing there in only a very skimpy jock. It was at least two sizes too small. He must not have any of his regular ones at home. They must have been at the school locker room.

"Michael, I guess I'll see you later," I said.

"Oh, don't leave man. Come upstairs with me," said Michael as he jumped up and headed for the stairs.

I followed him upstairs to his room. He closed the door after I came in. "Umm Steven, I... uhh... wanted to ask if I could maybe suck you off before you left?"

"What are you talking about man? I'm not gay," I said.

"Neither am I. Uhh... I just want to help you out, just keep this between us. Okay man? So, can I help you out?" asked Michael.

"Not right now Michael, I have to be getting home," I said.

"Damn, well alright. I have to go to Susan's after a while anyway," said Michael.

Good, I thought. He still felt as though he was straight but his actions would make everyone else feel otherwise.