A New Playbook 1 (hypno humil coll mast)

John Stevens was the star of the Oneida College football team. He was the quarterback, a junior. He was a born athlete. At twenty-one, he was six foot five and around 225 pounds of pure muscle. He had dark black hair and brown eyes that made all of the girls on campus swoon. He was also a jackass to anybody who he felt was inferior. He usually kept his rants and putdowns to freshmen and the computer geeks on campus, but one day he went too far, and his life would change forever as a result.

"We fucking rocked tonight!" yelled John. They had just won their fifth game in a row against their biggest rival, Cumberland.

"Yeah! We can't be stopped!" said Mike Roberts, the team's center, and the glue that held the team together.

The coach came in and gave a speech telling how "proud" he was of everyone. It was a standard speech that all coaches gave to their teams after a big win. After the coach left, the team started to get ready to leave--and party. John stripped off his uniform, standing clad only in his jock. He loved to walk around clad only in his jock; it made him feel superior to the other junior players. He had a thick dick and a good set of balls, which made the pouch of his jock bulge out. He looked at himself in a mirror and thought to himself, "The pussy can't resist shit like this." He stripped off his jock and hit the showers. His elbow was quite sore, so he decided to see the trainer for some ice. After his shower, John needed some therapy for his elbow. He put on some tight white briefs and went into Dr. Jamison's office.

"Hi there, John. What can I do for you?" asked the doctor. Dr. Jamison was gay, but no one on the team or the coaching staff knew. He looked at John and thought he could eat him up. He would make some girl really happy.

"My left elbow is hurting like a motherfucker," exclaimed John. "I think that I fell on one of the other team's helmets."

"Well, at least it is not your throwing arm. Come over here and let me put some ice on it," said the doctor. He looked at John's elbow closely and decided it was only a bruise.

"How does it look, Doc?"

"Nothing serious John, it's just a bruise. We'll ice it down so it won't swell," replied Dr. Jamison. "So how are things going John?" inquired Dr. Jamison

"Well Doc, something crazy happened yesterday. I was in the shower after practice when some fucking faggot was staring at me. He must have been a student worker or something. I got so pissed that I wrapped a towel around myself and went out into the locker room. I acted like I wasn't paying attention to him while he was sweeping. When he wasn't looking, I ran up behind him and grabbed the broom out of his hand," said John.

"What did you do to him John?" asked the doctor.

"I beat the shit out of him with his broom. The fucking faggot begged me not to keep hitting him, but he deserved it--fucking faggot," said John.

"I guess he won't do that again," said the doctor.

"After the beating I gave him, I know he'll never be around this locker room again. Man, I cannot *stand* fairies. How could a guy like another guy?" said John.

The doctor was furious inside, yet he did not show his emotions outwardly. If the guy was only looking, what harm was done? John needed to be taught a hard lesson.

"John, I have something the coach wants you to try if you would. It's a meditation tape that I have. It will greatly improve your performance. I used the tape, and I am doing ten times better in my basketball league," said Dr. Jamison.

"If it will improve my performance, I'll try anything."

Dr. Jamison walked to the windows of his office and pulled the blinds down so no one could see inside. He pulled the VCR and the TV stand in front of John.

"John, when I turn on this tape, just look at the images on the screen and follow the directions of my voice, okay?"

"Sure thing Doc, but will this take long? I have a date with Jennifer tonight, and I can't wait to get some pussy. You know how that is Doc, don't ya?" said John, slightly adjusting his briefs.

"Oh yeah John. I know exactly what you are talking about."

The doctor walked to the door and locked it, and he turned the lights off. He hit play and the screen sprung to life.

"Just watch the images John and relax. Just sit down and relax, focus on the screen. That's it. Listen to my voice and relax. You just want to listen to my voice and relax. Feel your feet get all tingly. Now your calves and up to your thighs. It feels so good to relax... " Dr. Jamison could see John was relaxing. His eyes were getting somewhat glassy.

"Now, feel your whole body start to relax starting with your legs, now your stomach, that's it, let it all go. Now feel your upper body and your arms, and fingers. It feels so good. Listen to me, John. As you hear my voice, you will relax. See the screen, how interesting it is. You can't take your eyes off of it as you feel your neck relax. Now your face--relax. You want to listen to me John, don't you?" The screen was showing all sorts of weird colors and shapes, and then it changed to a large black spiral, like a whirlpool.

"Your eyes are closed now John, and the only thing in the world that matters is my voice. Focus only on my voice. I am going to tell you some things, and you will do whatever I say because my voice is infallible. It cannot tell you anything which is not the truth." John's entire body was slumped on the chair. Everything about the 6'5" stud was relaxed, but no more so than his face. This was it, thought Dr. Jamison. John was primed for some subliminal suggestions.

"John, tonight with your date with Jennifer, you will not be able to get an erection, and it will bother you greatly because you will be horny and frustrated," said Dr. Jamison.

"Yes sir," said John.

"From now on women will not arouse you physically, but in your mind you will still like women."

"Yes sir."

"Men will excite you physically now. You will become aroused only by men, but you will not understand why because in your mind you still like women. All of your dreams and fantasies will be about men."

"Yes sir," said John

"You will start sleeping in the nude on top of the sheets. This will make you aroused, and you will have to masturbate. When you ejaculate, you will lick up your cum to clean yourself off. The cum will be the best the thing you have ever tasted--you will crave it--but you will only like women."

"Yes sir," said John.

"When I turn on the lights you will wake up and not remember anything but you will do as I have instructed you. Whenever I say 'rubdown' you will resume this state, but go three times deeper."

"Yes sir."

The doctor stopped the tape and turned the lights on.

"How about and ice pack for my elbow?" asked John.

Dr. Jamison smiled. John did not remember anything. It had worked.


Steve Hogan was sitting in his dorm room studying for a history exam when the door flew open.

"Shit, that bitch Jennifer fucking pisses me off!" exclaimed John.

"What happened?" questioned Steve.

"Well, she was trying to give me a blowjob, but I couldn't get it up, and the bitch laughed at me," shouted John.

"That happens to the best of us John, don't worry about it," said Steve reassuringly.

"Well it doesn't happen to me," said John. "I am going to bed. I have an early practice tomorrow, and I need the rest."

"I won't bother you if I leave the light on while I study, will I?" asked Steve.

"No, I'll be fine. I just need a shower then some rest," said John.

John stripped down to his briefs and took his towel and shaving kit to the shower room with him. There weren't many people around, and John went to the first showerhead and began to rinse himself off trying to forget about his embarrassing performance with Jennifer. He was soaping himself up when another student entered the shower area. This was a common occurrence so John just glanced to see who it was. It was a Hispanic guy with mocha brown skin, and dark black hair. He took the showerhead two down from John and began to soap his body up. He reached down and soaped up his ample cock and large balls, John was looking at the guy when he realized he was staring. That freaked him out. He turned his head and tried to concentrate on his shower, but he kept wanting to look at the guy. He turned his head and stared at him again. The man was washing under his arms with his eyes closed, and his cock was facing John.

Unwittingly John's cock began to harden, and it quickly sprung to a full erection. He began to stroke his cock, suddenly John realized what he was doing, and he was stunned, at the same time the other guy looked his way and saw John's hard cock. John had never been so embarrassed. He turned around and tried to will his cock down. It worked, and it softened. The other guy continued his shower and left giving John a funny look. John was humiliated. He had no idea why he had gotten a boner in the shower. He wasn't gay so he was confused.

He finished his shower and headed back to the room. Steve was busy studying and did not look up when John came in. John turned down his bed and started to put on his boxers and climbed into the bed. He lay down for a few minutes and began to feel very uncomfortable, kinda hot. He decided to lie on top of the bed covers to cool off. This still did not make him comfortable so he took off his boxers and lay down nude on top of the covers.

Steve heard all of his commotion and glanced over. John was lying nude on top of the sheets. He never did that.

"Why are you lying there like that?" asked Steve.

"I am burning up man. I had to cool off," said John in a forced smile.

"Well, you'll cool off like that," laughed Steve. He turned around, shaking his head. John was acting really weird, he thought. It had to be because of his problems with Jennifer earlier. Steve returned to his studying.

John felt much more comfortable in his new condition. Steve got up a few hours later and went to sleep. John was still awake, but he was lying on his side, so Steve thought he was asleep. Soon after Steve lay on his bed John's dick began to come to life, and he began to feel very horny. His cock soon sprung up to its full eight inches and was leaking precum all over his sheets. John was terrified that Steve would see him like this, but he had to get some relief. He rolled onto his back and began to stroke his cock--it felt great.

Steve heard the creaking of John's bed and peeked out of his half-closed eyes and was shocked. John was lying on his back with his knees to his chest, stroking his cock and rubbing his balls with the other hand. In their three years of rooming together, he had never seen or heard of John doing anything like this. He continued to watch. John's breathing began to get faster, and he arched his back, and his cock began spurting cum all over his chest.

John was in ecstasy; he had never had such an orgasm. Then he felt that what he had done was wrong; he had to clean himself up so Steve would not know. His hands seemed to take a life of their own, and he reached down and scooped the cum up into his hands. Then he brought his hands to his mouth and licked up the contents sucking the last drops from his fingertips. He was disgusted by what he had just done, but he could not believe how good it tasted. He lay there confused and humiliated by the day's experiences.

Steve was amazed by what he had just seen. Why on earth had he eaten his own cum? He was having a hard time to keep from laughing; he could not believe what he had witnessed. He lay there trying to digest what he had just seen, and eventually, they both fell asleep.

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