A New Playbook 2 (hypno humil coll mast)

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John woke to the sound of his alarm clock buzzing. He glanced at the clock, and it said six o' clock. He started to get out of bed, when he realized, he'd had a wet dream. He had dried cum all over his pubes, chest, and stomach. He hadn't had a wet dream since he was in high school. He got all the pussy he needed so he did not have wet dreams. He glanced over at Steve, who was clad only in his briefs lying on his back asleep. He noticed that Steve had an erection. He laughed to himself and started to get ready when he felt his cock hardening again. His dick swelled to its full eight inches. John was confused. Why would seeing Steve's morning hard-on make him get a boner?

He decided to get ready quick before Steve awoke and saw him in his strange condition. He grabbed his jock and pulled it on. It looked silly with his hard cock tenting the front out. John said to himself, "Man, I need some pussy to calm this thing down." He pulled on his sweat pants and put on a T-shirt and headed for practice. His cock calmed down so at least he did not have a noticeable problem while walking towards the practice field.

He got to the fieldhouse and went into the locker room to suit up for practice. He entered, and most of the team had already arrived. Steve walked to his locker and sat down on the bench. He removed his shirt and sweats and was sitting there only in his jock. His friend Alex walked over, wearing nothing but a smile.

"Hey man, these morning practices are a bitch aren't they?" exclaimed Alex.

Alex's dick was about ten inches from John's face. Normally this would not provoke a reaction from John, but today something was different. John was just staring right at his cock, taking in every detail, from the circumcision scar to his piss slit. He could smell Alex's masculine odor, and his cock started to respond.

"Did you hear me man?" asked Alex, wondering why John was looking at him with that weird look in his eyes.

John realized he was staring and said, "Oh sorry man. I guess I am still asleep." John grabbed his discarded shirt and put it over his crotch to hide his erection.

"Well, you had better wake up cause we play Kent Saturday, and we need you to kick ass," joked Alex.

"Yeah I just need to get some therapy on my elbow. It is still kind of sore. I didn't sleep well," said John trying to come up with an excuse for his strange behavior.

Alex walked off and got ready for practice while John just sat there trying to hide his hard cock. After about ten minutes everyone had went out onto the field, and John decided he had better get ready.

Dr. Jamison was looking out from his office window. He had notice John's strange behavior. He was always the first one on the field. Dr. Jamison peeped through his blinds, and as John stood up dropping his shirt, Jamison was ecstatic. John had an erection, and he had even leaked precum all over the front of his jock, discoloring it.

John had to do something about his cock. He couldn't go out onto the field in this condition. His hard cock would show through there practice shorts. He glanced around from side to side, making sure no one was around. He walked over to the door, leading to the playing field and locked it. He then walked over to his bench and put his fingers under the waistband of his jock and slipped it right off. It caught on his hard cock, and his dick slapped against his chest when he pulled them off. John then did something that made the doctor laugh with glee. He pulled the pouch of his jock up to his nose and was sniffing them.

John had no idea why he did that, and he started to throw his jock down, but his mind stopped him. He put it back up to his nose and breathed in the musky smell again, and he reached down with his other hand and began to jack himself off. He was stroking himself at a very rapid pace, and the doctor was watching every second. I wish I had a camera, thought Jamison. John continued his show. He dropped the jock to the floor and began rubbing his chest and moaning.

John was getting close to orgasm. He reached down with his left and hand and let out a gasp and shot his load right into his waiting hand. Just as he did the night before, he took the contents to his mouth and devoured his cum greedily. He was disgusted, but at the same time he was in awe over the strength of his orgasm. John stood there nude while his cock went limp, savoring the taste of his own jizz in his mouth.

John picked up his jock, inhaling the pouch before putting it back on. He walked over to his locker and put on his shorts. He was reaching for his practice pads when he heard a door open. John was shocked--had someone seen his performance? He was relieved when he saw it was Dr. Jamison cause John saw that his blinds were drawn.

"John," said Dr. Jamison. "How is your elbow? I was just in here catching up on some paperwork. The coach wants me to do some more therapy on it so you'll be in top shape for Kent on Saturday."

John looked up and smiled. The doctor motioned for him to come into his office.

John left his pads on the bench and walked into Dr. Jamison's office. He went inside and sat down on the bench in the center of the office underneath the humming fluorescent lights.

"I think that your elbow needs a..." The doctor paused, and John looked at him right in the eyes. "Rubdown."

John's face immediately went blank. Dr. Jamison was so pleased. He never dreamed those years he had wasted getting that psychology degree before turning to sports medicine would ever pay off like this.

"John, did you do as I instructed yesterday?" quizzed Jamison.

"Yes sir," replied John blankly.

"Good, and how did it make you feel?"

"Uncomfortable... and embarrassed, sir."

"Well, next time you should think before you do such evil things. Now John, I am going to tell you some more things which are true, and you will do just as I say."

"Yes sir."

"After practice, you will go home and do the following things. First, you will start to dislike your body hair, and you will decide to shave your chest."

"Yes sir."

"You will also decide to shave your balls, and I want you to go to the nearest adult store, purchase a metal cock ring and wear it."

"Yes sir."

"Now when I touch your elbow, I want you to wake up and not remember this, but you will do all that you are told."

Dr. Jamison stuck out his hand and touched John's elbow.

John snapped back into reality never realizing what had occurred. The doctor continued to rub on John's elbow, and John began to get an erection. This did not go unnoticed by the good doctor.

John was so embarrassed, he tried to hide his erection be leaning forward, but that did not help. Dr. Jamison continued rubbing on his elbow.

"How does that feel John?" asked the doctor.

"Much better, I had better get out onto the field," John jumped off the table, and his erection was quite obvious through the thin mesh fabric. There was even a damp spot where he had leaked through his shorts. John blushed and walked out of the room, hoping the doctor did not notice.

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