A New Playbook 6 (hypno humil coll mast)

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John pulled into the parking lot of the dorm. It was eleven o'clock on a Friday night. Most people were either out at parties or date, or they had gone home for the weekend. He made sure no one was around and went into the building as fast as he could. He hoped Steve would have left for the weekend. He unlocked the door and went into the room. Steven was not in the room. John closed the door and locked it. He took the items he had purchased at the store and laid them out on his bed. He could not figure out why he would buy such things. He wasn't gay and had no reason to have them. He started to get ready for bed. He stripped off naked as he had been programmed to do. As soon as his head hit the pillow he had an urge to look at the magazines. He tried to fight it, but he picked up one. The pictures made him sick. They showed men sucking each other off and fucking, stuff he would never think of doing. He did not yet realize it, but the pictures were giving him an erection. He thumbed through the pages and thought how could a guy let himself be photographed like that. He noticed his hard-on, and he put the magazine down.

He was humiliated. How could looking at naked men give him a hard on? He was disgusted, but he felt an urge to beat off. He started stroking his cock when his left arm took on a mind of its own. He reached down and pulled out the butt-plug, which caused some pain, then what he did next shocked him. He picked up the dildo, put some lotion on it, and sat it on the floor. He bent down and sat his ass right on it. He pushed down slowly, all the while still masturbating. He started bouncing up and down on the dildo, and he was surprised that he actually liked it. This embarrassed him even more. He was burying the dildo all the way in his ass; he had been at it for at least ten minutes. He was so caught up in his session that he did not here the keys in the door.

Just as the door came open, John started to shoot his load and in walked Steve. John was speechless, He jumped up; the dildo was still stuck in his ass.

"So, you like fucking yourself up the ass, do you?" asked Steve sternly.

"No, it's not like that! I am straight!" pleaded John.

"Well, how straight can you be with a dildo hanging out of your ass and cum all over the floor where you got off while fucking yourself?"

"I don't know man. I have never done anything like this before, you gotta believe me," said John nearly crying.

"I don't know, I think I'll have to tell everyone what you were doing," said Steve.

"No man, I'll do anything. Just don't tell," pleaded John, looking ridiculous with a large dildo sticking down between his legs and gay mags all over the floor and flaunting his bare crotch at Steve.

"Well, you'll have to do something for me or I'll tell," said Steve.

"Anything. Just don't tell," said John.

"Well, come over here and suck my cock, you faggot cocksucker!" said Steve.

John did not know what to do. He couldn't let anyone else find out or his life would be ruined. He decided he had to do as Steve asked.

"I have never done that before, I wouldn't know how to do it," said John trying to get Steve to change his mind.

"I think from the looks of you that you know your way around cock pretty good. Now come over here and get on your hands and knees," ordered Steve.

As John came over to Steve, Steve got his camera off of his desk. He snapped pictures of the helpless jock, crawling on his hands and knees with the dildo sticking out of his ass.

"Back your faggot ass up against the wall. I want you to buck your ass and fuck yourself while you suck me," said Steve.

Steve pushed John back into the wall lodging the dildo's base firmly against the wall. Steve took off his shorts and boxers, his thick limp cock hung loosely between his legs. John could smell his masculine odor. His face was only an inch or two from the head of his cock. He felt like crying; he was humiliated.

"All right quarterback, let's see some action. Lick my balls you fag," ordered Steve.

John meekly stuck out his tongue and licked Steve's balls. He felt like gagging; however, he continued licking.

"Yeah, suck my balls, you faggot ballsucker!" said Steve.

John took his balls into his mouth and sucked on them as Jennifer once sucked on his. Hair got stuck between his teeth, and adding to his shame, he started to get a hard-on.

"Buck your ass and fuck yourself," said Steve, pushing John back against the dildo. The dildo was rubbing John's prostrate sending waves of pleasure through his body.

"Now, suck on my dick, but watch the teeth or the pictures get out," Steve exclaimed all the while snapping pictures to entrap the fallen stud.

John felt like crying. He hated queers; now he was doing what queers do. It sickened him to think about sucking on another man's dick. He pissed with it for Christ's sake! John looked right at Steve's hard cock and opened his mouth. Steve shoved his dick in his mouth; it made John gag.

"Puke and die fag. You're my own cockslave now," said Steve.

Steve started face-fucking John, slamming his cock all the way in and out of John's mouth. John's mouth strained to accommodate Steve's eight-inch cock. He could taste the precum in his mouth, and he was embarrassed to admit to himself, but he loved the taste thanks to his conditioning. He started sucking harder and using his tongue on Steve's pisshole. His body took a life of its own, and he was bucking hard on the dildo. As he sucked, his own cock was leaking. He took his left hand and began to jack himself.

"Yeah, I knew you liked it, you fag," said Steve noticing John jacking himself.

John was humiliated. He *did* like it, but he had no idea why. It was like someone else had made him do these things. He wasn't gay, but there he was fucking his own ass and sucking his roommate's cock.

Steve let out a loud moan. "Don't spill any of my cum, you cumslut!" shouted Steve as he began to pump a huge load down John's throat. John loved the taste. He sucked as hard as he could to get at the cum. Steve pulled out of his mouth and shot the rest all over John's face. He took a picture of this showing his dick shooting all over the quarterback's tongue and face. John used his left hand and gathered the cum off of his face and took the contents to his mouth savoring every drop. How could he, the straight stud, love to eat cum? He started bucking hard on the dildo to bring himself to orgasm. He shot a huge load of spunk right into his waiting hand, which he sucked into his mouth, rolling the sticky contents on his tongue.

"Well, I see you enjoyed yourself, fag," said Steve.

"I am not gay. I hate fags," pleaded John.

"Well, these pictures and that cum in your mouth say otherwise," said Steve. "From now on, you are to suck my cock whenever I want you too or the pictures get out. As you can see, my face is hidden, but your cumsucking face fucking yourself while you suck cock is prominent and easily recognizable."

"Just don't tell anyone about this," said John as he removed the dildo, and just as he had been conditioned, he replaced it with his butt-plug, which hung between his legs.

"You just do what I say and everything will work out. I'll move out in a week or so. I don't like living with a fruit. I'll give you the pictures then," said Steve as he picked the Polaroids off of the floor. He put them in a box on his shelf. "I came back to get my lab book, but finding you was a bonus. I don't know how I never realized you were gay," exclaimed Steve. "I am going home this weekend, but on Monday you do what I say when I say it or you'll live to regret it. I'll take these with me and put them in my safe at home," said Steve as he picked up the box of photos. "Oh and by the way, take a shower. You stink," laughed Steve as he left the room leaving John in a puddle of cum still on his knees on the floor.

John was devastated. He had sucked his roommate's cock like some fag, and he physically enjoyed it. Yet in his mind, he felt like puking over what he had just done. Would anyone else find out? He lay down on the floor and cried himself to sleep.

To be continued...