A New Playbook 5 (hypno humil coll mast)

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John left the doctor's office, and his arm felt much better. He was still pissed that he would not be able to play in the game on Saturday. He walked back to his dorm room. Steve had gone to work so he had the room to himself. He decided he needed a shave so he stripped to his underwear so he would not get any shaving cream on his clothes. He lathered his face, and he shaved there first. Next, he lathered his chest, and he shaved his chest. He took of his underwear to shave his balls. He still was confused why he did this. He took great care in shaving his balls and asshole. He started to put his things away when his conditioning came alive.

"I think I'll shave under my arms," said John to himself. Why would he do that, he thought, but the conditioning was too strong, and he did it anyway. In a few short minutes his underarms were bare as his chest. "I might as well shave my pubes too, I think I'll look better without them. A bare crotch is really sexy." Why on earth would I think a bare crotch would be sexy, protested a part of his mind. However, the doctor's orders won out again, and John proceeded to take away the last evidence of his masculinity. Part of him felt like crying with each stroke of the razor. After a few minutes, he was as bare as the day he was born.

He turned on the sink and used a washcloth to clean off the residue of the shaving cream. He felt humiliated as he watched his manly bush wash down the drain. He sat there for several minutes wondering why he was doing all of these things. Was he turning queer? No, he thought, he still loved women, and thinking of doing something with a guy made him sick. He had to find out what was making him do all of these weird things.

He put on some white umbros without any underwear or lining, and a tank top. He decided to lay down and take a nap. Maybe sleeping would get him back to normal. He lay down on the couch in the room and fell asleep. He had strange dreams while he was asleep. He was naked on campus and everyone was laughing at his cockring and shaved crotch. Also he was forced to suck the rest of his team's cocks. He even had a dream about sucking off his roommate Steve, and then letting Steve fuck him.

He was still asleep when Steve came in from work. He walked in and noticed John was asleep on the couch. He walked over to wake him up when he noticed that John had shaved his armpits. He also noticed that John had a hard-on tenting his umbros. Steve thought that John must have been having a hot dream. John was moaning softly, and Steve decided not to wake him. He went and sat his backpack and nametag down on his desk. John continued moaning, and Steve sat down to enjoy the show after a few minutes John shuddered on the couch and Steve noticed a large damp spot appearing on the front of his umbros which made them transparent. Steve was floored. The damp spot made it obvious that he had also shaved his crotch. Steve decided to have a little fun with this.

Steve went to his closet and got his Polaroid camera and took a few pics of John lying there in his vulnerable position. He made sure he got shots where his spunk had made the shorts transparent and his bald crotch and cockring were easily seen. He put his camera away and woke him up.

Steve went to the door to the room and slammed it. John woke up and nearly fell out onto the floor. He did not notice the front of his shorts.

"Hey Steve, you just get in from work?" asked John.

"Yeah man, I had a rough night. Well, you look like you've kept busy," said Steve pointing at the front of John's shorts.

John's face turned bright red. He must have had another wet dream! He had flaunted his spunky crotch right at Steve. "I spilled some water on my self a few minutes ago," said John trying to come up with an excuse.

"Ohh, was *that* what you did? You should be more careful next time," laughed Steve sarcastically.

"I am going to go out for a while I have some errands to run," said John. He had to get out of there; he had never been so humiliated. John went to his closet and got some tight white bikini underwear. He kept his back to Steve so he could not see his bare crotch. However, Steve was looking in his mirror, and he could see the reflection coming from John's mirror. He was right. John was as smooth as a five-year-old boy from the neck down. He had cum all over his crotch, which he wiped off with an old sock. Steve continued to act like he was studying. John put on the underwear and turned around.

"Do you need anything Steve since I am going out?" asked John.

Steve turned and looked at John standing in his underwear, they were so tight it was obvious he had no pubic hair.

"No John, I am fine," said Steve he wanted to laugh out loud.

John was wondering why Steve had that weird look on his face. He reached down to pull on his jean shorts when he realized why Steve was laughing. He had forgotten about how the underwear fit. It made it obvious that he had no hair on his crotch. John felt like dying. He pulled on his shorts and put on a tank top and put on some sandals and got out of there before he did anything else he would regret.

He got into his jeep and drove off. He thought about going to see Jennifer, but when he got to her apartment, she was not home. So he decided to go to a bar. He drove to the section of town where all of the bars were located. He passed by the shop he had been into the day before. He slammed on his brakes and pulled to the side and parked his jeep. Yeah, he remembered, now he had to go to the shop again. He walked inside. The same man was in the store again. He looked up and noticed John.

"Well, hello there John," said the salesman.

"Hi," said John. He felt uncomfortable around the salesman.

"What can I help you with tonight? Is your cockring okay?"

"Yeah, the ring is great. I need a couple of more things."

"Just name what you need, and I'll help you find them," said the salesman.

"I need a butt-plug, one that will attach to my cockring," said John. He was confused. He had no idea what a butt-plug was, and it did not sound very appealing to him.

"Oh, I thought you said you were straight," asked the salesman.

"I am. Why do you ask?" said John.

"Well, usually gay men use butt-plugs to loosen themselves up if you know what I mean," laughed the salesman.

"No, I just have to have one, that's all," said John.

"Well, I have one which I think will fit onto your ring. Have you used one before?" asked the salesman.

"No, I don't have a clue about them. I guess I need your help," said John.

"Well my name is Michael, so call me that okay?" said the salesman.

Michael walked to the door and locked it again. He motioned for John to go behind the curtain again. John went back to the chair. Michael went and got the plug. It was medium sized. It would certainly cause some discomfort initially, but he would get used to it pretty quick. Michael came behind the curtain, and he noticed that John had shaved his underarms since his last visit. Maybe the jock wasn't so straight after all.

"Do you want to wear it out of the store, John?"

"Yes Michael, I do," said John.

"Well, take off your shorts and underwear and lean over the chair," said Michael.

John did not like how that last part sounded, but he had to have that plug. He did as Michael said and leaned over the chair. Michael took notice of his now bald crotch, Man, he was one hot kid, he thought. John was so embarrassed to have another guy see his bare hole and absence of pubes.

Michael put some lube on the plug. He knelt down behind, John. "First, I'll attach it to the ring," said Michael. John was humiliated. How could he let a guy do these things to him? He could feel Michael's breath on his balls and ass. Adding to his embarrassment, his cock began to swell. Michael grabbed John's balls and gave them a squeeze. John let out a moan. Why was he moaning, he thought to himself, only chicks moan. Then he heard a click. The plug was attached to the ring.

"Is that it?" asked John.

"You must be naive kid. Now I have to put that plug up your ass," said Michael laughing.

No other man had ever touched his asshole, and he was powerless to stop it. Michael took some more lube and put on his finger.

"I am going to put some lube in you so it will not hurt so much when I put it in. Just push out on my finger kid, and it won't hurt that bad," Michael explained.

John felt Michael's cold slimy finger at his rosebud. He tensed his ass muscles, and then he felt him entering. He pushed out like Michael said, and the finger slipped inside. John was embarrassed even more because it actually felt good.

"Now that I have some lube in you, I am going to insert the plug. It is a lot bigger so it will hurt pretty bad," said Michael.

John looked down between his legs and nearly fainted. That plug was huge. It was bigger around than his dick, and it was several inches long. He felt Michael put it up to his hole. Michael started pushing and John pushed out. He felt his ass straining to accept the plug. He yelped in pain; tears came to his eyes.

"God! You are tearing me apart!" he yelled.

"It is just about in place. Keep pushing out," said Michael.

John heard an audible pop, and the pain subsided somewhat though he was still in considerable pain.

"It's in place John. How it is designed, it is basically locked in place. You'll have to pull on the chain and use your hands to get it out. You should also keep it very clean so you don't get any diseases, okay stud," said Michael.

"Okay... I hope it doesn't hurt for long," said John as he stood up very slowly. The plug in his ass was rubbing his prostrate, and it was causing his dick to stay hard. "Will that thing keep my dick up like this?"

"Only for a while. You'll get used to it soon enough," said Michael.

John tried to put his briefs back on, but his dick stuck out the top, so he just put on his jeans. He put the briefs in his pocket.

John was so embarrassed. He, the big jock, had just stuck something up his ass like some kind of queer. He even let a stranger stick his finger up his virgin hole. What was the matter with him?!

"Do you need anything else?"

"Yeah I think I'll take a dildo and some videos and magazines," said John with a confused look on his face.

"Is the dildo for your girlfriend?" asked Michael.

"No... it's for... um... me," said John, his face glowing red with embarrassment.

"Well, you pick out the one you want from the display over there and the magazines and videos are in the back."

John went to the display case, and he felt queasy. Why did he, the straight jock, want a dildo? There were tons of dildos in the case, and he had no idea what the differences where so he just grabbed one. It was about seven inches long and a medium girth. It even had a set of fake balls on it. He picked it up and was surprised that it felt almost real. He hurriedly took it over to the counter and laid it down so no one would see him carrying it even though no one else was in the store. Then he went back and got some videos. The videos were all gay porn. John had never watched gay porn before, but for some reason, he had to buy it. He also got some magazines like Inches and Playgirl and some more hardcore fare. He carried his items to the front and paid for them. His bill was quite high. Michael told him how to care for his plug and dildo. While Michael was talking, another guy had come in to buy a Playboy magazine. John was humiliated when the man overheard Michael telling him how to care for his dildo, and he had seen the videos and magazines. The guy must have thought John was queer. He quickly took his purchases out of the store and got into his jeep making sure no one he knew was nearby. Once the coast was clear he drove for his dorm room.

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