A New Playbook 8 (hypno humil coll mast)

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John sat down and thought about the things he had done. He was so embarrassed he had done things that made him sick to his stomach, and he had no idea why he was doing it. He looked at the things around his room: the dildo on his bed, the videos, and magazines. He wasn't gay so why was he doing this? He decided he might as well get ready for bed. He stripped off his clothes and lay down on his bed. As soon as his head hit the pillow his conditioning took over, he soon found himself looking at the magazines, then he started to masturbate. Next he lubed up the dildo and sat it on the floor and began fucking himself in the ass just as he had the night before when he was caught. He wanted to cry, but he realized that he actually enjoyed it. This humiliated him even more. He soon shot his load onto the floor. He bent over with the dildo still lodged in his ass and licked the cum off the floor like a dog. He was so confused with his actions. Adding to his humiliation, he felt an urge to watch the videos. He put one in, and he soon sported another erection. He started the horrible ordeal all over again. He fucked himself twice that night, and he went to bed a confused and humiliated man.

John woke the next morning. He had cum again during the night. He remembered having dreams of sucking cocks and getting fucked up the ass. He looked at the clock and realized he had to go meet Dr. Jamison for his treatment at the beach. He quickly put on some clothes, threw the suits he had bought into a gymbag and headed out the door.

John really hoped this new treatment would get his arm in shape soon so he could get back to the one thing which was normal in his life--football. He sped his jeep over to the field house and picked up Dr. Jamison.

"Hey John, did you bring your suits with you?" asked the doctor.

"Yeah, I have them in my gymbag. So Doc, where to?"

"Just head down to the boardwalk. They have changing rooms there so you can suit up." Dr. Jamison was wearing regular swim trunks and a tanktop. He could not wait to humiliate the jock even further.

John sped down to the beach in his jeep. He was still a little uneasy about going to the beach with his trainer, but he thought that the Doc knew what he was doing. They arrived at the boardwalk, and John found a parking space.

"Okay John. Let's head over to the locker rooms so you can change." said Dr. Jamison.

They both made the short trek over to the locker rooms and went inside. John looked around and did not like what he saw. The locker room had no stalls or partitions. He would have to change in front of the men inside.

"John, why don't you put on the white suit?" instructed Dr. Jamison.

John felt a strange compulsion to do as the doctor had asked. He looked around at the other men in the locker room and took off his shirt. Then he removed his shoes and pulled off his shorts and underwear. He could not believe he would take his clothes off and expose his bare body to strangers like that. Some of the men gasped when they saw John, while some others gave admiring glances. John quickly pulled on the tight suit trying to cover at least a little of his body. Dr. Jamison was pleased he could tell that John was very embarrassed to be exposed like this in front of other men.

"Okay John, put your stuff in a locker and come with me," said Dr. Jamison.

John walked over to a locker and put his things inside. He was so embarrassed. He thought that all of those guys must think he was a fag or something. "Okay Doc. Let's get this therapy over with quick so I can get out of here," said John.

"Well, follow me down to the beach, and we will get started."

John followed Jamison out onto the beach and he could feel everyone staring at him. John's suit outlined his dick and balls perfectly, and worst of all, his ass was out in the open. He felt like running back to the changing rooms, but he felt he had to go with the doctor.

They made their way down towards the beach. "Let's start the therapy John. First let me see your arm. It looks like it needs a rubdown."

John went into his suggestive state as soon as Jamison spoke the code word.

"John, you will do everything I tell you without question. When you do as I ask, it will arouse you."

"Yes sir," replied John.

"When I touch your elbow, you will return to normal but will do everything I ask," instructed the doctor.

Dr. Jamison reached out and touched John's elbow. John immediately regained full consciousness.

"First off John, I want you to run to the pier and back for me to loosen up your muscles."

John started to say no, since he would bounce all over the place in the suit, but he felt that he had to do it. He also felt weird sort of like he was horny. He thought he felt his dick twitch a little bit. He started to run towards the pier; his dick and balls bounced with each step he took. The cockring only added to the problem. The running also caused the plug up his ass to rub his prostrate with each step. He soon felt his dick beginning to swell. There was no way the tiny suit would contain his cock. He was terribly embarrassed. People on the beach were stunned to see a jock running down the beach with a half hard cock and balls flopping only barely covered.

He continued running, but soon his dick had risen to full attention, over half of his dick was sticking out the top of his trunks slapping his stomach with each step. Beads of precum were running down the side of his dick making his trunks transparent adding to his embarrassment. It was also obvious to everyone that he had shaved his entire body. He hoped none of his teammates would see him this way. He got to the pier and turned making his way back, ignoring the whistles and obscene comments from men and women alike.

Dr. Jamison was amazed at the sight running towards him. John, the cocky jock, had a hard-on slapping against his stomach running at full speed towards him, and he hoped his ordeal would end soon. The doctor knew that John was wanting to die, but the boy's ordeal had just begun.