A New Playbook 7 (hypno humil coll mast)

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John woke the next morning still lying nude on the floor. He remembered what he had done the night before, and it sickened him. He picked himself up off the floor and looked at himself in the mirror. He was disgusted at what he saw. Cum was dried on his face and in his hair. His hairless balls hung under his dick, and the chain from the plug up his ass fell down between his muscular legs. He grabbed some underwear and shorts and put them on. He put on a t-shirt to cover his chest. He looked around the room at the magazines, videos, and the dildo lying on the foot of his bed. He was humiliated. He had sucked another guy's dick! At least Steve had left for home. He would not have to endure any more embarrassment this weekend. And to top off a bad week, he couldn't play in the game today. John decided he needed some normalcy and decided to go get some therapy for his arm before he went to watch the game from the sidelines He put on some tennis shoes, cleaned the cum off himself, and got in his jeep and headed for Dr. Jamison's office.

Dr. Jamison was pleased with the way he was humiliating John. People like him had to pay for their bigotry, and what better way to treat a bigot than to make them into what they hate. He heard the locker room door open, and he saw John coming towards his office. He could tell from the look on John's face that he had done as he had been told.

"Doc, can I get some more therapy for my arm? It is still bothering me," asked John.

"Sure, come on in, and have a seat, I'll see what I can do for your arm," said Dr. Jamison, trying to sound as if he was concerned.

"Man, I wish I could play today and maybe get some things back to normal," exclaimed John.

"Oh, I understand perfectly well. Sometimes not getting to play can cause all sorts of problems."

The doctor took John's elbow in hand and moved it through its range of motion. "It seems a little better today John, though I think it could use another... rubdown." As soon as the codeword was said, John took on the look of a blank slate.

"John, I want to see if you have done as I instructed. Please remove all of your clothes for me."

As John began to remove his clothes, the doctor turned on a video-camera to record the jock in his embarrassing state. Soon John was standing naked before the doctor who was working the camera. He got close-ups of his bald crotch.

"John, turn around and bend over for me and spread your ass cheeks apart, okay."

"Yes sir," said John, he turned around bent over and spread his cheeks like a robot. The Doctor loved it, he made sure to get close-ups of the plug and chain connecting it to John's cockring.

"John, has anyone seen you like this yet?" asked Jamison. He wanted to hear if he had been humiliated yet.

"Yes sir, two people have seen me like this: Michael the salesman and my roommate Steve," answered John.

"What did your roommate do?" asked Jamison.

"He came in while I was using the dildo on myself. He threatened to tell everyone so he took pictures of me and forced me to suck his cock while I fucked myself with the dildo."

Dr. Jamison was thrilled the jock had been forced to suck a cock! He had to humiliate John further.

"John, you will do some things I am about to tell you."

"Yes sir," replied John.

"You and I will go to the beach tomorrow, but you will remember that you don't have a suit to wear. You will ask me to help you pick one out. We will go and buy some swimsuits today, and you will try on, model for me, buy and wear the suits that I pick out. Wearing the suits will turn you on."

"Yes sir," said John.

"Tomorrow you will go to the beach with me," said Dr. Jamison.

"Yes sir."

"John put your clothes back on." John proceeded to put his clothes back on. After he had his clothes on Jamison continued his instructions. "You will wake up and do as I have instructed when I touch your forehead." Jamison reached forward and touched John in the middle of his forehead.

John regained full consciousness not noticing the lost time, "So Doc, how long do you think it will be before I can play?"

"Oh I don't know, several weeks probably, but I know of a therapy that might help," said Jamison.

"I'll do anything to get to play again," stammered John.

"Well, the therapy involves swimming in salt water. You would have to go to the beach to do it."

"Sure Doc, let's go tomorrow, but I don't have a suit to wear. Would you pick some out for me?" said John not realizing he was doing what he had been told.

"Oh, well yes, John. You and I will have to go buy some then. We can't have you going to the beach without proper attire," said Jamison.

John was confused for a moment. Why would he go buy swimtrunks with the team trainer, but he shrugged it off.

"Let's go now. We have plenty of time before we have to be back for the game," suggested Jamison. He knew that John could not refuse.

"Okay, let's go," answered John.

The two men walked out to Dr. Jamison's car and got in. Dr. Jamison drove them to a large swimwear shop. They pulled in the parking lot. Dr. Jamison already had a hard-on anticipating the embarrassment that John was about to endure. They went inside. "What type of suit do you normally wear?" asked Jamison.

"I always wear trunks. I would never wear those bikini things; they look faggy," exclaimed John.

This infuriated Dr. Jamison. He had to really humiliate John to make up for that statement.

"Well, for the therapy, you will have to wear a suit I pick out," said Jamison.

You go back to the changing area John, and I'll bring some to you. John walked back to the changing area and sat down in one of the changing rooms. Dr. Jamison went to the racks and picked out the first suit for him to try on. It was a shiny gold micro bikini several sizes too small with a thong back. He carried it back to John. "Here, try this on," said Jamison.

John was shocked. He had never worn a speedo-style suit, and he had definitely never worn a thong, and he wasn't about to wear one now. John started to tell Dr. Jamison no when he felt compelled to put it on. He knew Jamison could then tell he had shaved his body, and he would also be able to see the chain coming from the plug. He tried to resist, but he found himself shedding his clothes and pulling the tiny suit on. The suit was so tight that it did not want to move up his crotch. It came down to less than an inch above the base of his cock. He had to struggle to keep his balls inside the tiny pouch, Luckily the chain was short enough that you could not see it unless he bent over.

"Come on out John and let me see how it fits," said Jamison with an evil tone in his voice.

John opened the door and slowly stepped out into the open. His face burned red with humiliation. Making matters worse, there were other people in the area, and some of them let out gasps when they saw John. Jamison was delighted. The suit was so tight that John's circumcision scar was outlined through the material. They came down so low on his waist that it was obvious to everyone in the area that John had a bald crotch. John hoped none of them recognized him from the sports page.

"That fits perfectly John. Turn around for me and let me see the back of the suit."

John wanted to protest, but something would not let him. He turned around and flaunted his tight milky white butt to Dr. Jamison.

"Bend over and grab your ankles John so we can make sure that they fit well while you move," instructed Jamison.

John was terrified. Dr. Jamison would be able to see the plug up his ass and his shaved hole! He bent over as he was told and grabbed his ankles. His tight butt spread just enough when he bent down to exposing his hole, the tiny thread down the middle did little to hide the chain, or the obvious plug in his ass. Jamison noted the plug and was even more pleased when he noticed several people in the area had seen it too. John was humiliated. Complete strangers had seen him basically naked sticking his plugged asshole up on display.

"That's enough John. Why don't you turn back around and run in place to make sure they fit well during running movements."

John stood up and turned around he started to run in place. Light reflected off of the shiny material leaving little reflections dancing on the walls as he ran in place. The running caused the plug to rub against his prostrate, and he started to get an erection. Wearing the suit made John began to realize that he actually liked wearing the suit. Dr. Jamison could tell by the swelling of John's cock that his conditioning was having its effect. John's cock began leaking precum that made a visible spot on the front of the material.

"That's enough John. I have another suit for you to try on," Jamison handed John a white micro thong suit. The front material was designed to go sheer when it was wet.

John went back into the changing area and put the new suit on. The silky fabric felt wonderful on his bare skin. He was surprised that he liked wearing the suits. He stepped back out of the room. This suit was about the same size as the last one. Dr. Jamison liked both of them, so he decided that John would have to purchase both of them.

"Well, I can't make up my mind John. I guess you'll have to get both of them," smiled Jamison.

"Okay Doc. We'd better hurry we have to get back for the game," said John, who still felt odd wearing such a revealing suit in front of another guy.

"Well, get these two suits, and we will head back for the game," said Jamison. "And don't forget to meet me at ten in the morning so we can go do the therapy at the beach."

John went and put his clothes back on and paid for the suits. He and Jamison went back to the stadium to watch the game. John was terribly disappointed with the outcome. His team did awful with the backup quarterback. He felt as though he let his team down. He left the stadium and went back to his dorm. He took the swimsuits out of his jeep when he got to the dorm, and he brought them inside and laid them down.

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