Sweet Revenge: Tim Chapter 1 (mm+ coll nc)

Chapter 1

Tim Rice had it all. He had the looks, he had the talent, and he had the women. Being the quarterback at State Tim was well known and he loved the attention. But Tim was a major jerk, and he was also a major homophobe. He was always spouting off hateful comments. He didn't know however that two of his fraternity brothers were secretly gay, and they'd had enough of him and his mouth.

"God I can't stand that fucker," said Paul to Mark who was sitting on the foot of his bed.

"I can't believe he just told us that shit," replied Mark.

Paul mocked Tim's voice, "Yeah, I beat that faggot up good."

Tim had participated in a gay bashing the night before. Him and some of his teammates had lured a young gay guy from a club then beat the crap out of and stolen his money and jewelry.

"We gotta do something man," said Mark.

"Well, I think we can do something to Tim that will fuck him up good," said Paul and with those words Mark and Paul began to lay the groundwork for their plan.

Paul was quite wealthy and had many connections. They decided on having Tim get arrested and punked by the convicts.

It took two months of planning but it was finally ready. Paul called his uncle the jailer Mahoney and set the plan in motion for Friday night after the football game.

Paul snuck out into the parking lot by the fieldhouse and put the pot and other items under Tim's passenger seat, he made sure no one saw him as he and Mark went back to their dorm room and waited for the fun to begin.

Tim had an awesome game and he was supposed to head over to a chick's house after the game she was supposed to give him some head.

He was in a hurry so he hopped in his BMW only wearing a pair of thin umbros, and a t-shirt. He was going to run back by his apartment to change clothes before he went out. His dark brown hair was still wet as he started the car.

He headed out of the parking lot and onto the freeway. He was speeding but not too much. Then he saw the blinking lights in his rearview mirror.

"Fucking pig," he said as he pulled over to the shoulder.

Officer Stevens and Officer Callahan were glad to pull the punk over for Mahoney. They needed the money and they'd both always hated cocky jock athletes, their smug attitudes, their bragging and boasting. Well, that was soon to change for Mr. Rice. Stevens approached the driver side window while Callahan approached the passenger side.

"What's the problem officers?" asked Tim smugly. "I got a hot piece of ass waiting on me."

"Turn off the car please," said Stevens.

"Come on guys. Just give me the ticket and let me go, I just won the football game. Cut me some slack," said Tim hoping the guys were state fans.

"Listen buddy. I said turn the car off, now!" said Stevens forcefully surprising Tim. "Get out of the car. Please and put your hands on the hood," ordered Stevens. "Callahan, look inside the car. This guy's acting weird."

"Sure, go ahead officers. I ain't got nothing to hide," said Tim growing more and more concerned.

Callahan crawled into the passenger side seat while Stevens roughly patted him down. He groped Tim's cock giving it a good squeeze.

"Watch it buddy. That hurts," laughed Tim trying to relieve the growing tension.

"Oh, oh, better get those cuffs out," said Callahan

"Huh?" mumbled Tim. There was nothing in his car.

Callahan held up a bag of weed!

"That's not mine officer!" protested Tim.

"That's not all seems our buddy is into some kinky shit," said Callahan as he produced a huge dildo and buttplug along with some gay porn magazines.

"That shit ain't mine, I swear... I� uhhh..." Tim was starting to freak out. "Look officers, I think there's been some kind of mistake," Tim tried to explain.

"Oh really?" the first man said.

He pulled Tim's arms behind his back and quickly cuffed him. His partner went through Tim's pockets and put a CD in labeled "Gay Porn."

"Well lookee here!" he said. "Little pervert even has faggot porn on him!"

"It's not what you think!" Tim said. "I don't know how that got there." Tim was terrified.

"You'll have more explaining to do down at the station!" The cop interrupted him. They dragged him off into the police car.

"I haven't done anything!" he protested a couple of times. Finally he was ushered into the precinct.

"Aren't you Tim Rice?" asked the desk sergeant as Tim was hauled into the examination room.

"Yeah, exactly!" one of the officers said.

"But I."

"We'd better process and question him!"

They entered a cold sterile-looking interrogation room.

"OK boy. We'd better start with the complete body cavity search!" a sergeant by the name of Mahoney said.

Tim shivered at those words. What were they going to do with him?

Another cop by the name of Gilbert approached him and started feeling his shorts. Tim was clad in a white tee and loose white soccer shorts. He felt the other man's fingers pressing against his dick, kneading his balls and pubic region.

"These shorts have lining. Dunno, suppose he could be hiding something here." Gilbert muttered to his colleague.

He took out a sharp blade and made a big slash in the delicate material.

"Hey what do you think you're doing?" Tim demanded.

"Shut up you little pervert." Mahoney grabbed him by the back of the neck.

To Tim's horror, Gilbert started cutting away the hemline of the shorts. At the same time, his hands purposely brushed against Tim's crotch, pressing on his cock and rubbing it roughly. Tim was too embarrassed to mention this and blushed in humiliation as his dick started getting stiff from all the intimate molestation.

When Gilbert stopped cutting, Tim could feel a breeze at the back and was sure at least part of his ass cheeks were exposed. He looked down and was shocked to see that his shorts were now reduced to micro pair. The hemline had been drastically shortened that all of his upper thighs were exposed.

"You shave your legs, boy?" Gilbert asked, running his fingers along Tim's upper thighs.

Tim mumbled a no. He was naturally quite smooth and had always been teased about it throughout college. He couldn't help it if he didn't have much hair on his body and it made him look very young.

Gilbert then put his hands inside Tim's shorts and very roughly pulled the lining down. It easily tore off. They could now see his bright blue bikini briefs through the flimsy material.

"Nice pair, kid!" Gilbert squeezed his cock.

Tim winced. The only thing keeping his cock from being exposed were the tight briefs.

"I think this pervert is getting off on this, Mahoney!" Sergeant Gilbert said to his partner.

Tim blushed even redder with humiliation. Without warning, he felt his shorts being roughly tugged to his ankles, exposing his poorly covered cock.

"Whoooa!" Mahoney exclaimed as he eyed Tim's crotch. The waistband had slipped down such that it was just at the root of his cock. His tiny amount of pubes were exposed. It was the only region on Tim's body where he had hair besides his head and he'd endured teasing throughout his athletic career but the girls liked it smooth.

"Hey Mahoney, these underwear are lined!" Gilbert remarked as he tugged on Tim's briefs. Mahoney took his blade and quickly sliced off the outer layer of the briefs, leaving Tim clad only in a transparent light-blue lining.

The lining material was not very tight and thus, his balls were hanging out of the pouch for all to see. Tim could also feel his ass cheeks exposed. He was so humiliated!

"You must shave your balls, boy. Ain't never seen no balls these hairless!" Mahoney remarked.

Just then the door to the interrogation room opened and a small dirty looking man holding a camera stood in the doorway.

"You asked for a photographer?" he asked, eyeing Tim's state of undress.

"Yeah, we need a couple of shots here for identification." Gilbert replied.

He blushed in shame, wishing that this nightmare would end.

"OK, just a couple of close-ups and some wide-angled shots," Mahoney said to the photographer.

And to Tim's utter horror, he yanked off the blue lining. It made a small ripping sound.

"Jesus Christ!" The photographer exclaimed as Tim's large limp cock was exposed.

"Seems big boy here likes to trim his pubes," Mahoney said. "Get a close-up here."

This could NOT be happening, thought Tim to himself.

The photographer eagerly snapped more shots as he licked his lips hungrily. It wasn't everyday that he got to photograph a reluctant nude model, especially one as good-looking and well built as this kid. Not wanting to miss other shots, he also took whole body full frontal nudity shots of Tim.

"Gilbert, crime lab got the stuff from the car and said the kid had pot and a bunch of faggy shit--a dildo. I guess Mr. Football here likes to take it up the ass," said Mahoney, faking a call from the crime lab.

"We'll be right back kid. Don't try anything fishy." The two cops exited the room and closing the door behind them, leaving Tim with the dirty photographer.

As soon as they were alone, Harry the photographer said to Tim, "What's a good-looking boy like you doing with a dildo?"

"But I wasn't!" Tim protested. "Look it's all a big misunderstanding. It's not mine! I ain't no queer!"

"Oh, really?" The photographer snapped some more shots.

"And can you please stop that?" Tim asked in exasperation.

The photographer walked behind Tim and took some shots of his bubble butt.

"Don't you believe me?" Tim asked.

"Yeah, yeah. I do!" he said.

"Now bend over, please," he told Tim, pointing at the desk.

"What for?" Tim asked.

"I've been asked to photograph you. I suggest you do as you're told! No need to get rude just coz I'm doing my job!" he snapped at Tim.

Reluctantly, Tim bent belly down over the desk. "I don't see what this is for," he whimpered. Suddenly he felt his legs being pushed wide apart as the photographer snapped some shots of his pink hairless assholes and view of his balls from the back.

"Just shut up and stay still, kid! Or I'll tell the cops what a naughty bugger you've been. Your asshole's all puffy and red. You've been fucked today," he said.

Tim froze, confused and ashamed. "I'm not gay!" he pleaded.

This was too good for Harry the photographer! The kid was so easy to convince, he thought, as he snapped more shots of the smooth ass. Then he stopped and told Tim to stand up. The door flung open and the two cops stormed into the room.

"Well it was pot," they said to Tim.

"It wasn't mine. Somebody put it there!" he whined.

Mahoney snapped on a pair of rubber gloves and squirted a tube of lube onto his fingers.

"You're gonna get the full treatment, boy! Bend over!" he ordered.

Before Tim could ask what was wrong, he was shoved belly down onto the table. He squealed in shock as a thick cold finger was shoved into his tight little asshole.

Harry kept snapping more shorts of Tim in this compromising position.

"Officer. Owww. Please," Tim groaned as Mahoney purposely twisted his finger inside Tim's passageway. "Sir... oohhh." Tim groaned, feeling his cock twitch in response, against his wishes.

Mahoney pushed another digit into the boy's asshole.

"No sir. Please take it out," Tim begged.

He could feel his cock really getting hard now.

Mahoney pulled out his fingers and took off the gloves.

"Now, we're gonna book you for indecent exposure kid!" he yanked Tim off the table.

"Looks like the little faggot was getting off on your exam!" Gilbert laughed.

"You're under arrest now, kid." He was led to the main room. "You'll be spending time here until your court appearance. There's a big back up it may be two weeks." Mahoney didn't book him; he didn't want record of the arrest. He wanted Tim's time here to be unknown to everyone but him and Gilbert and the photographer.

Two weeks! Tim was terrified he hadn't done anything. That stuff had been planted!

"I got a phone call," said Tim

"You ain't got shit Mr. Quarterback! You're in my domain now!" laughed Mahoney "You've seen too many cop shows. A phone call..." he laughed.

He was led, totally nude, down a dark corridor and into a small cell. As the door shut, Tim whimpered softly. Then he felt a large hand on his shoulder.

"Welcome to our domain, pretty boy," a husky voice whispered in his ear.

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