Sweet Revenge: Tim Chapter 2 (mmm+ nc drugs inter)

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Chapter 2

Tim jumped and turned around, hands covering his cock, which was starting to shrivel in fear.

There were two huge and burly men in his cell, looking at him eagerly.

"Look like we have some fresh meat here," said the younger looking one, a Latino about Tim's age covered in tats and he was much more muscular. He pinched Tim's ass and the poor boy squealed.

"Hel... hellppp," Tim stuttered, struggling to shout but was subdued.

"No point calling out boy. They can't hear you!" the other man said. He was about thirty years old with dark black hair and huge muscles. "What's your name?" he asked menacingly.

When Tim did not answer, he slapped his face. "I asked you your name!"

"T-T-Tim," Tim stuttered in fear.

"I'm Carl. And this is Rico, You ever been fucked by a man before Quarterback Timmy?" Carl asked.

Tim's eyes widened in shock. Holy shit, they knew who he was! What had he gotten into?

"Guess not, hey? Well, well, tonight must be our lucky night. We get a tight little cherry to pop!" Carl laughed out loud.

"Yeah Puta. You gonna suck my cock real good," laughed Rico as he began to pull his prison jumpsuit off. Tim's eyes widened with fear when he saw the size of his cock. It must have been at least ten inches long and thick. His dickhead was beginning to push through his foreskin.

Carl pulled Tim's hands away from his crotch, exposing his now shriveled cock.

"Looks like you're not looking forward to this. I'll change that!" he remarked as the man grabbed a bottle off his bunk and pulled some pills out. He grabbed Tim and forced them into his mouth, Tim tried not to swallow it but he couldn't help it.

"What was that!" said Tim desperately.

"Just a little something to get you in the mood, pussyboy," said Carl. He'd just slipped Tim a Viagra and a pretty small amount GHB too make him more cooperative courtesy of Mahoney. He wouldn't pass out; he'd just be more open to suggestion and direction.

Back in the control room, Mahoney flipped a switch and the camera in the cell came to life. Unknown to Tim, Mahoney put a tape in the VCR and hit record. "Let's see how the ladies man likes this," laughed Mahoney.

Meanwhile to Tim's horror, he began to throw wood. In fact, it was the hardest he'd ever been his eight-incher standing tall. He also began to get light-headed.

Tim shook his head, He watched as Carl tugged down his trousers to expose a 10 inch fat dick. It was at least 3 inches thick and was quite veiny. Thick black hair covered his balls.

"I like my boys smooth," said Carl grabbing an electric razor off the shelf, another gift from Mahoney, as he and Rico held Tim down and shaved off his tiny patch of pubic hair. His face burned red as he struggled but he was beginning to get really dizzy.

"There. That's better. Smooth as a baby's butt," laughed Rico pulling on Tim's hard cock.

"Stop, please... I got money..." he said.

"Shit boy. Money don't do us no good. Now you just better get ready," grunted Carl, pulling his huge cock out and slapping Tim in the face with it.

Tim was in a daze from the drugs...

"Alright boy, you'd better lube me up nice and slow here!" he ordered Tim.

They laid down on Carl's bed, making sure they had him well placed in the camera frame. They then forced Tim to kneel down on all fours. Carl and Rico were both now totally nude and had their massive boners near Tim's mouth.

"Pl-please. I've never done this shit be-before," Tim said his words slurring.

"Just open wide and take my cock in your mouth, Timmy," Carl ordered. "Be a good pussy for us."

The GHB was kicking in now and Tim felt weird he felt like he should do what the nice men wanted.

Tim took the big cock in his mouth.

"Oooeee! He's got a nice and warm mouth!" Carl remarked as Tim wrapped his pink lips around his thick cock. "Now pussyboy: stroke your cock while you suck me," ordered the man.

Tim complied as he began to weakly stroke his cock. "Do it right pussyboy. Stroke that cock, and watch your teeth!" grunted his attacker.

Poor Tim. Rico smiled contentedly moaning as he forced his dick in with Carl's. The GHB made him seem like a willing cocksucker.

"Take it all in, puta!" Rico grabbed Tim's hair and pushed harder.

Soon enough they were pumping their cocks in and out of the boy's mouth as hard as they could, when all of a sudden a hot geyser of salty cum filled his mouth.

"Drink it up, baby. Drink it all up!" Carl ordered. Tim swallowed smiling still sucking on Rico's dick he tried to focus on what was going on but it was all blurry.

Rico kept face-fucking the quarterback. "You got cocksucking lips man! Sure you ain't done this before?" said Rico

Tim was in a haze his own hard cock bouncing with each thrust into his mouth. He moaned sounding like he was enjoying himself.

Carl made Tim swallow every drop of cum and then took out his monstrous cock. It was still hard!

"That's right boy. Haven't been fucking for a week. I think I can go on for hours!" Carl noticed his look. "Now for the main course."

In one powerful move, he flipped Tim onto his stomach and kicked his legs wide apart. Tim's felt the cockhead poking between his tightly clenched cheeks.

"I like my pussyboys tight, Timmy," Carl whispered in his ear as he pressed down on Tim's arms.

Tim fought to keep the cock out but it was no use--he was too messed up! Carl's monstrosity jabbed at his asshole till it finally broke the barrier. As he let out a moan, Tim Rice, who had fucked so many women, was now being turned into a cumdump!

"Can't have you waking the whole building up, boy!" said Rico forcing his dick back into Tim's mouth.

It took him a few minutes till all 10 inches was inside Tim. Poor Tim moaned as his tight asshole stretched to accommodate the gigantic organ while his mouth was full of dick. He started to get pleasure from his prostate being rubbed.

And then the real deal began as Carl started pumping his cock in and out of Tim's ass.

"Ohhhh fuck me," Tim cried into the cock in his mouth. He didn't mean it that way but to the camera it would look mighty incriminating.

"You sure are one tight little pussy, Timmy!" Carl told him.

"Tell me how you like my cock in your pussy Timmy. Beg me to fuck you harder," ordered Carl.

"No," whimpered Tim as Rico pulled out and shot a load right onto Tim's face.

"Do it or you'll have to wear a diaper for the rest of your life," growled Carl.

"Fuck me harder. I love your cock in my pussy," whimpered Tim as the GHB took over.

"Louder pussyboy! Say it like you mean it! I want you to sound like a pornstar for me."

"Fuck my pussy," moaned Tim as he began to push against Carl's cock. "Fuck me harder," said Tim with a goofy smile spreading across his jockboy face.

"The GHB has kicked in," whispered Rico as Tim now did whatever they said contentedly.

It went on for more than half an hour as both Rico and Carl took turns raping his mouth and ass. But they still weren't finished.

Pulling his cock halfway out of Tim's asshole, Rico flipped the boy onto his back and lifted his legs onto his shoulders. Tim gasped as he Rico faced him and started fucking him again. The cock was going much deeper into his asshole and rubbing against his prostate.

"I can see you really like this!" Carl remarked, indicating Tim's cock, which was hard against his belly drooling cum.

Carl forced his cock into Tim's asshole beside Rico's. Tim was being double penetrated, and within minutes, Tim's hard cock erupted.

"See, I told ya so!" Carl said as Tim's cock pumped a small load onto his belly.

Tim felt his cock staying hard, and to the cameras it would appear that he was turned on by man-to-man sex.

Carl took his time working his cock in and out of the once virgin ass. But they still weren't finished yet after an hour of fucking.

"Now I want to try a different position," Carl told Tim.

He pulled out his cock and laid down on his back on the bed. His big cock covered with blood and cum was pointing directly upwards.

"Sit on it, Timmy," he ordered.

Tim smiled. He did it happily the GHB clouding his reasoning. Tim closed his eyes and squatted over Carl's big cock.

"Spread your legs wide apart pussyboy." Carl pulled Tim's legs apart. "And bend your knees. That's it!"

Tim froze, his asshole just an inch away from the cockhead.

"Better spread your assheeks. Wider!" ordered Carl.

Tim pried his buttcheeks apart and rubbed the cockhead against his asshole.

"That's it Timmy. Rub my pre-cum all over your tiny little hole. Get it well lubed first, not that you need any lubing!" Carl laughed. "Now drop yourself on me!" Carl eagerly told him.

Tim felt his leg muscles weaken as he sat on the big cock. It went all the way up his anus.

"Pump yourself on my fuckpole, Timmy!" Carl ordered.

Tim began rising up and down, bouncing his bubble butt on the gigantic cock.

"Now puta. Jack me off while you fuck your pussy." said Rico guiding Tim's hand to his dick.

Tim began jacking Rico in unison with his thrust on Carl's dick. As it rubbed against his prostate, his balls began to rise.

"I see you like this boy. I want you to play with yourself. Pump your cock, boy."

Tim obeyed and started jerking off his erection. This went on for at least twenty minutes and the GHB was beginning to wear off. Tim realized what he was doing, but he was too scared to quit. They might kill him.

"Tell me how much you like it tell me to fuck your pussy."

"Fuck my pussy. Make me your cunt!" said Tim loudly. "Ohhh fuck me....!!!" he moaned.

"Well, well, seems as though they're busy!" the voice of Sergeant Mahoney said.

Then there was a bright flash. Shit! They had a camera!

Tim blinked his eyes, the GHB having completely worn off, to see Mahoney accompanied by two of his frat brothers, peering at him with cocky looks on their faces as Paul began snapping pictures.

Paul and Mark! What they hell were they doing here?

"Fuck," said Tim his mind finally beginning to clear.

"Tim's sitting on that guy's cock!" said Paul amazed that his plan had worked better than he could have ever dreamed both he and Mark had gotten their revenge. It was funny since Tim was such a jerk.

"Guess your buddy is really enjoying himself!" Mahoney commented.

Poor Tim was beyond humiliation. He was quite a sight too: legs obscenely wide apart, pumping himself on a gigantic fuckpole and hand around his swollen organ, jerking it earnestly as he continued to jack Rico's swollen dick bouncing on Carl's huge cock up his ass moaning with each thrust cum running from his chest.

"Your friend been busy. He's been at it like that all evening, the little slut, flashing that pussy around begging guys to fuck him. Hell, he even tried to suck my dick good. Thank god I had the video camera on in their cell!" Mahoney remarked.

"Little faggot begged me to fuck him, came in here and was showing me his pussy like some kind of whore asking me to let him suck my dick, Mahoney. So what was I supposed to do," said Carl sarcastically.

Poor Tim was horrified. It was all a lie! He'd never said or done any of that but he realized that he'd never be able to explain this to anyone. It just dawned on him it. He now saw the camera in the corner of the cell! Everything had been recorded.

Mark and Paul turned their backs and were saying something to Mahoney.

"Why did you stop, boy? Keep fucking yourself on my cock or I'll break your neck. Beg me to do it. Tell them you don't want to leave. Tell them you want to stay," whispered Carl.

Painfully, Tim continued fucking himself. "Fuck my pussy hard," he said again, his face flushing red with the worst embarrassment possible for a ladies man. He was the quarterback for Christ's sake! He started bouncing up and down on Carl's massive tool once again.

Their plan was flawless. Mark overheard Carl on cue saying his lines!

"Please, I don't want to go. I want to stay!" moaned Tim, his will broken. Why resist? It would be over soon. He hadn't done anything. Mark and Paul were here; they'd get him out and they'd let him go, and then he'd kill them for setting him up. However Tim didn't realize the magnitude of what he'd just said to Mahoney.

"What's that you want--to stay. Well boys, you can't force him to go. He'll just stay in here for the next two weeks. He'll have to stay until his court date," said Mahoney

Tim couldn't believe what he'd just heard.

"I'll make sure he has a good time while he's here. He'll be popular. Not everyday that we get a horny quarterback in here," said Mahoney as he and his frat brothers turned and walked towards the door. Tim felt tears in his eyes.

"Looks like you're in for some fun punk. Tomorrow we'll continue your training," said Carl as he twisted and roughly manhandled Tim's cock, forcefully milking him until he too had pumped a couple of loads. When Tim finally fell asleep, it was with Carl's cock in his ass.

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